Capitani (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

And I Know Misfortune and Sorrow

JULY 11TH - DAY 5 - 4:31 P.M.
Canis lupus, the local wolf.
These traces are fresh.
This wolf can't just be
hunted down and shot as you please.
This wolf's as dangerous to our people
as the murderer you're searching for.
Does this forest belong to Mick
Engel? How do things work round here?
He earns much less than he would want to,
hence becoming a politician
for the relationships involved.
He's clever.
Isn't that a good thing?
For the local economy,
for the people here?
This little thing is a form of caterpillar
which gets eaten by birds.
Now, in nature, there's a small worm
that gets eaten by snails.
It grows in the snail's stomach,
and then wanders until
it gets behind the snail's eye
where it continues to grow
until it becomes so big
that it looks exactly
like this caterpillar.
Then the snail is attacked by birds
which pick out its eyes
because they think it's a caterpillar.
And so, the worm gets into
the bird's stomach, lays eggs
which are excreted later,
they end up on a forest floor once more
where, once again,
they are eaten by snails.
Is that good, would you say?
Not for the snail.
And for the worm?
We received the forensic report on Jenny.
Traces of sexual assault. Possible rape.
We're waiting for the autopsy report,
but Gérard Gaspard is a suspect.
ELSA LEY: Gaspard's alibi doesn't hold up
What happened?
For rape?
When the girls were little,
I read fairy tales to them at bedtime.
And sometimes,
they'd have trouble sleeping.
So I'd whisper to them, "Papa is here."
"Papa is a knight."
"A knight won't allow anything bad
to happen to his daughters."
"A knight protects his family,
because he has the courage."
"The courage to do the right thing."
"The courage to kill the monster."
You have the courage,
and you know what you should do.
For Jenny.
Ley, maybe turn the siren off.
Maybe I'm nervous
because I've not raided before.
It's not raiding a house.
What's Mick Engel here for?
Oh, merde.
Check the car.
It's empty.
Mr Gaspard?
- Help!
- Mick!
Fuck off!
Police, get away from him!
Get off me!
He's just getting what he deserves!
Get up.
It was nothing to do with me.
Don't you dare think I'm finished
with you, you fucking child rapist!
Police Mënscht, we've an injured person.
I have nothing to do with it.
Then why are you burning that stuff,
- you fucking arsehole?
- Whoa!
That has nothing to do with it.
Careful with that.
How you feeling?
You able to stand?
Someone like that lives in our village.
Many people like this
live in villages unnoticed by anybody,
but it doesn't make him a murderer.
You're not bothered, though?
I don't give a shit if it was
definitely him or not.
What's all this he's burning?
He got what he deserved.
How does he even know
that Gaspard has a previous record?
As everybody knows everybody.
Okay, let him go.
We will contact you
if Mr Gaspard presses charges.
What did you let him go for?
We can't arrest Jenny's father
only to end up with the entire village
turning against me and you.
And Gaspard won't press charges anyway.
How can you be so sure
that Gaspard didn't do it?
Salvacyl, a medication
that blocks the libido.
Sexual criminals are prescribed it.
That shows nothing.
It could just be his alibi.
We'll check his DNA against
the sperm stain, then we'll know more.
If it wasn't him, what did he lie for?
If he had no alibi, he would've been here
taking this house apart immediately.
He needed some time to, er… to tidy up.
Unofficial. Diane Bonifas
from the GPI is here for you.
Bonifas, from the inspectorate?
The police's police?
What are they doing here?
Mores, what have you done now?
You're causing quite a lot of interest
about this affair.
That so?
Don't make out
you don't have the radio turned on.
The radio doesn't work this high up.
You can work here, can you?
I have good people.
Luc is the criminal department's
number one.
You can learn a lot from him.
She's just saying that
'cause it was her I learnt it from.
She was my training supervisor.
And recently, she switched
to the inspectorate.
I must talk to you alone now.
Mores, go and get Mick Engel's deposition,
and, er, Ley, you can go home.
I found the person I want to check on.
Do what you want, but not here.
Thank you.
I'm here
because of the body we found.
Down in the quarry.
Don't worry.
It's just procedure.
You got a warrant?
I'm not here for that.
I have something to ask them.
I'm Elsa.
What is it?
Frank, I must go back in there.
It's just yesterday,
- I forgot to ask something
- Listen.
Please stay where you are, okay?
I'm serious.
Hold it!
You have to wait a minute.
Ferrone for Weis.
Elsa, what are you doing here?
Trying to get me fired?
No, of course not.
- I'm just talking to people.
- Not here, you're not.
I need to find one person here.
What person?
When we found Jenny in the woods,
there was a person watching us.
With a Luxembourgish army uniform,
so he must be stationed here.
Why didn't you say that this morning?
Because this morning, I wasn't sure…
Elsa, that cop from the city
is starting to completely wind you up.
- You're not an inspector.
- I know what I am,
and I will help track this murderer down
because he murdered a child
from our village. Isn't that enough?
What's the problem?
No, it's…
I'm just worried, that's all.
It's not just you who's of concern here.
But there's two now.
That's just too dangerous for me.
You're worried, then?
The murderer has no chance against us two.
I apologise for this morning.
And sorry for right now.
- I'm going.
- Hey.
You're missing a button.
Oh, shit.
My God.
Saves me some punishment from the major.
he was a dealer.
A certain Vincent Da Costa,
known as "Doninha".
A big fish with connections to Antwerp,
Liège and here in our country.
When, 15 years ago,
he simply went off the radar.
We were considering it
a settling of accounts.
Till now.
And what does the GPI have to do with it?
The bullet pulled from Da Costa…
is police ammunition.
So there are two possibilities,
either it's one of our men,
or someone else who had a police firearm.
How do you find out something like that?
Between 1997 and 2002,
there were three police firearms
reported as lost.
I understand.
I'm one of the three.
It was during 2002 you lost it,
within the timespan
after Costa's disappearance.
So, what can I tell you?
I presume you've read my report.
It says that…
That your firearm
was stolen from your car.
Not much else.
Give me details.
I was really tired
after a week of early shifts
and I, erm, left my firearm in the car
just that once in the glove box.
You took your firearm home?
I had two more days on duty.
And then?
The front window was broken into,
the CDs were gone along with the firearm.
I can assure you,
I was not proud of myself.
But you really think that
someone shot Da Costa with my firearm?
I don't know.
And now?
Now, I'll go and see the others
and I'll listen to their stories as well.
When I've no more questions,
I'll be back here.
But believe me, where we found the body,
every cubic metre was being searched,
but I have little hope
that the firearm will be found, hmm?
The murderer would've got rid of it.
Or would still have it as life insurance.
You can always accuse a policeman.
I'll leave you to it.
Aren't there enough police in the village?
I tried those muffins that you make.
The coloured ones.
Yeah, and?
You're delivering to the school as well?
Papa bakes, and you decorate and deliver.
It's a clever plan.
I've no idea what plan
you're talking about.
Drugs were found by Jenny, and they were
the same ones in your muffins.
I sell pastry and bread, nothing else.
Is that it?
What can you tell me about Jenny?
Did she hang out with the wrong people?
As I said, I have no idea.
Do you think I can't put
two and two together?
When I'm done here,
you can close your little boutique
once and for all, understand?
You have until tomorrow
to get me some information
that might help lift a lid on this.
Aren't you hungry?
I don't feel good.
You have to eat something.
You're pregnant, don't forget.
I know what I am, Mum.
Is something up with Steve?
Why does it have to be Steve?
What's your problem with him anyway, huh?
I just had a bad day, that's all.
I won't say any more.
It's… this village.
Everybody smiles, but they're all lying.
You know,
with a child, a smile is just a smile,
something innocent,
but with adults, it's something different.
Often, a facade of good behaviour,
and behind it,
many things are hidden.
I don't want to be like that.
It's just what we do.
I have your button!
Hi, it's me.
What did you do in the forest?
I am sorry. I didn't want
to hurt you. It was really
What were you doing in the forest?
Two of my men
went over the wall that evening.
I caught them when they got home.
They'd gone partying.
When was that?
About 1:30.
The next day, we heard that
something had happened in the forest.
So I went there to see what was going on.
And there you saw me.
Who were the two?
My men assure me that
they weren't involved with it.
They were all too drunk,
they didn't see anything.
I must know their names.
They must be interrogated.
They are witnesses.
I am responsible for them.
The major would demote them.
If you don't give me their names,
I'm telling my boss
and we'll come back
with a warrant this time.
Elsa, our company is like a family.
We don't lie to each other.
Look, you just need to trust me.
I'm supposed to lie for your men?
I want that same trust between us.
Just like I trust you.
Because it's me and you.
Do you trust me?
I'm going now.
I really love you.
I love you, too.
You're late.
He totally knows. He ate the muffin
himself. He could've overdosed.
One muffin won't send you to prison.
Just lay low while that cop is there.
It's not that simple.
I told you
to stay away from that shit.
That's to last for a week.
What do I tell him
tomorrow, the cop?
Who's there?
Come out.
We're armed!
We saw you!
What are you doing here?
- Are you alone?
- Yeah, I, erm…
Jenny told me at night
she would often come here.
I wanted to know why.
- What did you see?
- Nothing.
We're supposed to believe that?
You didn't see us here. Is that clear?
Go home.
Go away.
You're letting her go?
Go back.
The current balmy
temperatures show no sign of cooling.
Highs of 27 degrees tonight will continue
throughout the next couple of days,
after which the forecast shows
we're to expect a few thunderstorms
to finally clear the air.
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