Capitani (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

These Wonderful Golden Dreams

JULY 12TH - DAY 6 - 7:01 A.M.
Sergeant Major, yesterday was
Just tell me, was it for drinking
or for the girlfriend?
I don't have a girlfriend, Major.
Your weekends are not your own
until I say they are.
Give Goedert the USB stick.
From now on, you're not in charge
of logistics.
Major, I'm really sorry,
but I have everything restructured,
- but we seem to be
- Ferrone, I will not repeat myself.
[Frank breathing heavily]
- Give me a cig.
- What did they say?
F-F-F-Fuck, man!
Calm down. We're not alone.
- [sighs]
- What're you looking at?
- He took the USB stick away, too.
- Shit!
Yeah. Now someone else'll
take over logistics.
What about the suitcase?
Fuck knows.
But if someone else opens it, then
- We're in a mess. A fucking awful mess.
- Fuck.
So you're not worried
that the wolves will want that?
We're going into his forest,
so he can come into our village,
that's how I feel.
A family business like yours
isn't so common anymore.
You must be proud of your daughter
for working with you.
When you get thrown out of school,
you don't have much of a choice.
But I also needed her about, helping me.
After her mother died.
I'm sorry about that.
No need to be.
Is it normal
for Manon to drive so far afield?
That school is quite far away.
More customers means more business.
I hope you soon find the murderer
and that you can leave.
Although I'm always thankful
for customers.
Well, I ordered something
from Manon, in fact.
Could you please remind her of it?
Tell her I'm at the office.
- [Mick grunting]
- [Manon moaning]
[both panting]
Go on, then, get dressed.
I have to work.
All right.
You're such an arsehole. Ugh.
I bet your Nadine doesn't let you do
half the stuff you do with me.
- Don't dare say her name.
- Or what?
I'm the one who's here,
which is more than I can say for her.
Just don't compare yourself with her.
This is all just play.
If you don't want to anymore, you can go.
What now?
That cop knows that I'm selling whatever.
He's pressing me to tell him
something about Jenny.
What do you know about Jenny?
Nothing, but he doesn't know that.
Can't you help me to get rid of him?
You know people.
I think it's time
you looked after yourself for once.
I'm not your father.
Just 'cause I don't know about Jenny,
I do know other stuff.
About nights in the woods
and all that stuff?
You know nothing.
You're nothing.
I suppose I'll tell Nadine
about that "nothing," shall I?
If you dare say anything, I will kill you.
[pop music playing softly over speakers]
[girl] Hi.
Is the boss not here? Her car isn't there.
Thursday's her day off,
so she's never here.
Is every summer this quiet?
Everyone else
would have long since given up,
but she's a fighter.
I hope you'll catch him soon.
The murderer.
[Luc sighs]
[soldiers chattering indistinctly]
Wagner, I need your help.
- Yeah, one second, I have to
- Right now.
The tent should never be empty.
Someone should always stay inside.
We have a problem.
We cannot take the delivery.
Delivery on its way.
Fuck. Fuck!
Pick up and sell,
otherwise it's Game Over!
[reading aloud]
Gérard Gaspard's DNA samples don't match
the sperm on Jenny's underwear.
Mores, how are they getting on
in Dudelange with the autopsy?
We absolutely need a final opinion
on this rape.
And a cause of death.
They're not finished yet.
But Rob Berens, that one has come back.
TO STEVE: The property developer
wants his advance on the plot
- It was definitely suicide.
- I need new evidence on Jenny Engel.
[mobile vibrates]
This means we're looking
in every direction again.
FROM STEVE: No problem. Manoeuvres
starting. Will call soon. Love you 2.
[Elsa sighs]
Uh, Ley, are we boring you?
Okay, well, the drugs.
Uh, yeah. These pills have shown up
a few times around here.
And they're always being taken
by the younger ones.
The last times were at the Harvester Dance
and at the drinking dance.
With parties with names like that,
I'd take drugs, too.
The pills are made on a gamma
hydroxybutyric basis formula,
often known as "Liquid X" or just "G,"
if it's in pill form.
Isn't that also used for Rohypnol?
Well, it depends on the dose that's used.
A small dose stimulates,
a bigger dose
makes you become extremely tired
and can invoke hallucinations.
In any case,
there's a high risk of addiction.
That's why it's so popular with dealers.
No one knows how it enters the country,
but because it's not a big drug
in the city yet,
it's not the Albanians or the Nigerians.
The drug squad believes it
to be a small dealer
who focuses on the northern part
of the country.
And all the seized bags
share this unicorn symbol on them?
[Elsa] Yeah.
Okay, so drugs were found on Jenny Engel,
in Rob's car,
and the school is completely swamped,
which the headmaster tries to play down.
Looking after the reputation
of the school.
If Jenny was dealing,
that could have been why she was killed.
By the competition.
And we do know
that Manon Boever is dealing.
She decorates the muffins with pills and
sells them through her father's company.
How did you get the muffin?
Um, I helped myself to a muffin
that time, just left the cash.
- [Luc] She'd never have sold you one.
- [Elsa] Mm-hm.
Someone should tell the drug squad.
No, I've already put some pressure on
about that.
If she's a little bit clever,
she'll come today to help us.
- Hmm.
- [Luc] These unicorns are painted
all over the forest.
It's an unofficial hiking trail
and it leads here,
which is something like a chalet.
What is that?
It's called Cloister House.
As it… It was a cloister.
Yeah, deep in the forest.
To get closer to God.
- That's what Glodt said.
- It was already empty when we were kids.
Back then we'd always play dares
on each other.
- Like, who dares to go in there alone.
- But now it's completely protected.
And yet in the car park, here,
there are fresh tyre tracks.
At least a dozen.
[Elsa] It's still
far from the crime scene.
It's at least
two or three kilometres away.
[Manon] No?
That makes 5.20 euros.
Is that all you got?
I've also got wholegrain bread in the van,
if you want it.
If I were you,
I'd give it some thought, Manon.
- [doorbell rings]
- [Nadine] Tanja?
What are you doing here?
Tanja told me I should come by.
- [Tanja] Have they added extra chips?
- Yeah, I think so.
Do you have something to say to us?
I just wanted us to be together.
Come with me, if you would.
What on earth do you think you're doing?
I'm playing families.
Like you play mama and papa.
Listen to me now.
That thing with Papa wasn't planned,
it just happened.
Because of how lonely I felt.
Don't think that it's just you.
I'm hungry.
- You think so? Good luck with that.
- Yeah.
I'm sure someone will help you
if you ask them. Nicely, that is.
[Tanja] Might as well.
I was in agony.
[Mick] Yeah,
I remember you were a nightmare.
[Tanja laughs]
I almost couldn't climb the stairs.
[both chuckle]
[Tanja] Mmm, this food is so delicious.
[Mick] Mmm. It isn't bad, is it?
Messy, though.
[Steve] You ready, boys?
- This idea isn't great.
- You've got one better?
'Cause I'm not going to prison.
[Steve] We're going to
the manoeuvres, as always.
I'll see if we can slip away
without anyone noticing.
I wanted to rob a stagecoach
when I was a kid.
Hey, pack it in, Frank.
This is fucking serious.
We'll be back without anyone
noticing we're missing, okay?
- You know that I leave no man behind.
- Yeah.
[soldiers chattering indistinctly]
- Let's go.
- [Frank] All right.
[Boever] Good day, officers.
What can I get you?
Mr Boever, I'm sorry,
we're not here to buy anything.
We must ask you to come with us
to the office.
- What's that for?
- Where's your daughter?
In the bakery.
Mores, would you take Boever under arrest?
What do you want from us?
This is a mistake.
Pop, what's going on?
- What are you doing with him?
- [Elsa] I'm sorry, Manon.
- Elsa!
- [Luc] No!
- Only the big fish.
- [door opens]
[Boever] Manon, please don't worry.
[Elsa] Go easy on him.
Boever has nothing for us.
- I'm aware.
- So why not arrest Manon, then?
Ley, it's her reaction
we're provoking here.
She already feels bad enough.
[loud music playing over van speakers]
Then maybe she'll decide to speak.
And spare me your moral prejudice.
[mobile vibrating]
- Diane?
- Luc.
- Have you found the firearm?
- No, we haven't.
Listen, I've stumbled on something here.
Did you know Da Costa personally?
- Or through somebody else?
- No, of course not.
I looked at the list
of his little salesgirls from that time,
and there's a certain Carla Pereira.
I seem to remember that name.
You remember well.
We were in a relationship together.
But I didn't know anything about this.
Don't say another word.
I'm coming now.
Everything all right?
You were quiet.
It's too fast for me to take, Mick.
I can't just carry on like this.
What did you do to Gaspard?
His perversion disgusts me
but it's got nothing
to do with Jenny's death.
The police are sure of it.
You must find the culprit,
you made a promise to me.
He must not have another peaceful night.
I want to be there for Tanja as well.
She needs us.
I've noticed
she's still not her old self.
I just wish that she'd finally tell us
what she knows.
- This uncertainty's much too hard.
- Hey.
Give her a bit of time. Huh?
She's always the serious one.
When she knows that we're here for her,
that's when she'll talk to us.
I have always been there for those two.
You have.
Rob was too easy on them
right at the moment
their father should have been around.
Jenny lost all control. All those drugs.
We can do better with Tanja, though.
[Nadine sighs]
Somehow, I'm grateful.
I'm glad she's the one
that's still with us.
- My God, don't say that. How can you?
- Oh, but I just…
I'm sorry, my angel.
I didn't… I didn't mean it like that.
I love your sister very much.
I'm so sorry.
[woman] Thank you.
I hope you enjoyed your stay here.
Can I help you?
[man] Ah, hello there.
I was wondering if you knew
where I could find a decent mechanic.
[woman speaking indistinctly]
- Where is he?
- I don't know.
And Boever? What are we doing with him?
Maybe make a coffee.
Thank you, Elsa.
Many thanks.
I don't understand.
Someone please tell me what this is about.
Some drugs were found
on one of your muffins, I'm afraid.
- No.
- I bought it from Manon myself.
[sighs] It's not possible.
Hello, you.
- Everything okay?
- Hmm.
- Isn't it your day off?
- I just dropped by to pick something up.
- Shame.
- [chuckles]
Tonight, I've got
a little something for you.
- Black. Silk.
- Ah.
[footsteps receding]
We were in the Girl Scouts together
when we were little.
Her mother
took care of all of that, because…
I was always too busy.
In secondary,
we lost sight of each other.
Sometimes on the bus,
we'd speak, but… Mmm…
You were certainly
a better student than her.
[both chuckle]
I wasn't a big help with her.
She is good.
I want to help her get out of this mess.
Is that policeman after Manon, then?
What does he want from her?
The truth.
We want to know
what Manon's really doing out there.
I've got an app downloaded that tracks
locations, telling me where the van is,
how many kilometres it drives
and whatever.
Manon doesn't know about it.
Normally, there's a red dot
where the van is located.
Her driving makes no sense.
Every day a different route,
and multiple places.
Can you tell me where she is now?
This happens from time to time.
I guess the system freezes.
As if… Why would she be parked
in the forest for hours?
That's not the system, I'm afraid.
She's really there.
- [handcuffs rattle]
- I'll go and get her.
[door opens]
What's going on here?
- Why isn't he handcuffed?
- [Elsa] I'm taking a lunch break.
[Luc] Have you heard from
I know where she is.
I'm going to get her.
Ley! You're making it
worse for her, you know.
If she comes by her own account,
that'll work in her favour.
Then I'll get her as Elsa,
and not as a policewoman.
[metal music playing over van speakers]
[mobile vibrates]
Was it urgent?
Not one bit.
[pre-recorded message]
Mick Engel, Holzengel Constructions.
[tone beeps]
I've arranged for us all
to be in the same group.
[officer] Listen up, everyone.
Team Alpha, in two minutes
you need to be ready.
Load your weapons
with the blanks you've been given now.
You have a one-hour head start.
After that, Team Beta will come after you.
- Weis?
- Yes.
You have command of Team C.
You're the guerrilla commandos
and must sabotage the progression
of both teams.
Any questions?
As guerrillas, it means we get half a day
before anybody will notice us missing.
[officer] I want no radio contact
for 48 hours.
Alpha, your one-hour head start
begins now. Go.
Your daughter… deals drugs.
And the exact same pills
that Jenny was found with.
It's my fault.
I've got no idea about how she's doing,
her worries.
I was never there for her.
I always used my work as an excuse.
Do you have any idea
who she could be getting them from?
Absolutely no chance.
I… I just notice she's not around.
- What about a boyfriend?
- [scoffs]
"A boyfriend."
Take everything off that gives us away.
[Frank] This is live ammunition.
Don't lose your shit.
It's just as a fail-safe, yeah?
- You hear me, Frank?
- Yeah, come on, I ain't deaf.
Come on, let's get 'em.
The road's up there.
[metal music playing over speakers]
Manon. Manon.
It's Elsa. Can you hear me?
Come on, now. We can do this.
Come on, Manon.
Yeah. This is Ley,
a brigadier from Blasweiler.
I'm on my way to you with a young woman
who has taken an overdose.
Yes, Ley?
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