Capitani (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

My Heart Was Full of Trust

JULY 12TH - DAY 6 - 2:02 P.M.
I found her in the forest.
I hope I wasn't too late.
We know that she takes G pill.
It's a synthetic drug of
gamma-hydroxybutyrate base.
I have no idea how many she took.
Please don't worry.
You did everything right, trust me.
Who should we contact now?
Is there family?
- I'll make that call.
- Many thanks.
- Keep me informed, okay?
- Yes.
Mr Boever, your daughter's
at the clinic. She took an overdose.
- I have to go.
- No, no.
She's in good hands.
If you really want to help Manon,
you have to tell me
everything that you know.
Is she under some sort of influence?
Oh, most certainly.
There's Rob Berens.
How so?
One time, she talked about somebody.
Not really a friend, though.
I thought it was some young person.
- Till I saw them together, once.
- When, exactly, and where?
One or two months ago.
In the park.
Elsa, how is she?
She had to be revived.
- Okay.
- He must be with his daughter.
- I'm not yet finished with him.
- This is enough.
- I have to go
- Elsa, get out.
Do you hear?
- Don't touch me!
- Now!
Ley, pack it in. I have no choice,
he is finally starting to talk.
- These people are not your chess pieces.
- I know what I'm doing.
Yeah. If you say so.
Look at me when I'm talking to you.
Since Boever's wife died,
he's hardly even shared a sentence
with his daughter.
And Manon, she takes drugs
and deals in drugs,
opens the window and throws her life out.
The fact that she overdosed
is nothing but a logical consequence.
Her family,
from the inside out, is failing,
and nobody does anything.
Just like this whole village
is rotten from the inside.
Ley, I didn't invent this situation.
But I must stick my finger
in this wound, Elsa.
Otherwise, change will never happen.
She almost died.
That's not your fault.
Tell me everything about Berens,
and I'll take you to your daughter.
Once, when Manon went off
in the van, I followed.
I wanted to know why she'd left.
What was going on.
I saw Berens get in the van.
Half an hour later, maybe, he left.
I guess that Berens didn't see me.
And you believe that they, er…
Why else, do you suppose,
they'd been in the back?
Manon and Berens.
What's the village gossip?
My latest news
is that Mick is back with Nadine.
Who says?
My mum. The specialist.
Let's suppose Rob was there
for another reason.
- Drugs, you mean?
- They might not have been for him,
maybe for Jenny?
Yeah, but who buys their daughter drugs?
I don't know anything anymore.
Drive him to Manon at the clinic,
but stay there.
When Manon comes to,
question her about Berens then, hmm?
- I'm going to see Nadine Kinsch.
- Mmm-hmm.
Mum, what's going on?
What does this all mean?
Why didn't I see all of this going on?
Mum… I didn't want that.
You know how I was fond of Rob.
You brought this into our household.
You also gave Tanja drugs.
Tell me where you've been hiding them.
- Why us?
- She wouldn't have done it
if it wasn't for you and Rob.
- Same old story, my heavenly sister.
- You were the one who had to experiment.
- How could you make her do that?
- I didn't take drugs.
You've been lying since day one!
Just tell me the truth for once!
You want the truth, do you?
I've never taken drugs.
Tanja got them herself
and then she took them alone.
She had changed, Mum.
She either imitated me
or wanted to be left to herself.
I mean, when I saw the pills
she was taking,
I didn't know what to do anymore.
We always used to make fun of the people
who took these.
Who was Carla Pereira to you?
An acquaintance.
We were young, carefree.
For how long?
A few months.
Six, maybe.
Turns out she and Vincent Da Costa
were also an item.
She worked for him.
I was aware she used to sell grass
sometimes, but, erm…
- not for who.
- She was his number two.
All dealers went through her
when they wanted something from Da Costa.
I didn't know.
At first, your firearm gets stolen,
the same period as Da Costa was murdered.
And now, your ex was his number two.
You know how that looks, right?
I gave a false description…
to how my firearm disappeared.
I was with friends in the forest,
shooting cans.
And we drank and we smoked and…Well, er…
The next day, I woke up in my car.
The firearm was lost.
You're even worse
than I remember.
I asked everybody
and it just couldn't be found.
- And they weren't crooks.
- Carla was there, I bet?
That was… a little before we broke up.
So tell me more.
And then she disappeared,
and I never saw her again.
That sounds like a serious problem, Luc.
What you mean
is that Carla had the firearm
and Da Costa was murdered with it.
I mean that we need to find out
what happened to her.
She was in Portugal for a while.
Her parents didn't hear from her anymore,
and if it was her,
then no doubt Da Costa's men
would have tracked her down.
- You're informed well.
- I did my due diligence.
Why didn't you tell any of that
to the police at the time? Or even
Cos I was ashamed!
I wanted to be in crime division,
if something flagged up on file,
it would never happen.
It's not my priority
to find Carla Pereira,
but if it means
you can get out of this mess
that you've found yourself in
once and for all, then…
- Who shall I call for you? Interpol?
- Mmm-mmm.
I already contacted
the local police force.
Interpol was of no use.
Many thanks.
- Hello?
- Ah, Eric. Hi, it's me.
Listen, could you perform
an Interpol background check for me?
- Right now?
- Uh-huh.
- One moment.
- That's for, erm…
- Carla Pereira.
- Pereira? Okay.
- Mmm-hmm.
- And where?
Portugal, Spain, Morocco,
whatever you can find.
Carla Pereira.
There's already a live request.
- What?
- Yeah, it says here.
Somebody's already asked for this?
You're sure? The same name?
Yes, from the criminal police.
Could be an alias.
- Alias? What?
- Sofia Santos.
- Sofia Santos?
- Yes, current address in Mënscht.
- An address in Mënscht?
- Hang on, I can't quite read it…
- Pardon?
- Sorry, it says "Auberge," an inn.
- An auberge?
- Yes, Auberge des Amis in Manscheid.
- Everybody always thought it was you who
- I know that. Always Jenny.
Drugs, boys, Jenny.
I didn't, though, it wasn't me.
I just liked to have fun
and party now and then.
What's so bad about the odd time?
Just tell me what happened to your sister.
Listen, I have always protected you
since day one, without fail.
You must tell me now, what you're doing.
Mrs Kinsch, it's Capitani.
Tell the inspector
what you were about to tell me.
How is Tanja?
I've no idea.
I don't know if I've ever
really known my girls that well.
What was the relationship
between your husband Rob
and Manon Boever?
Manon Boever is drug dealer.
A large amount of drugs
were found in the car owned by him.
They were seen together and met alone
on at least one occasion.
Jim Boever believed
something was going on.
That is ridiculous.
I'm afraid that
Rob brought drugs into my house.
What do you mean?
I must ask for your help.
"Nadine, what happened
breaks my heart and my mind.
And I'm all alone with it.
There's nothing I loved more
than our life, you and me…
together with the girls."
"I wanted to be there for you.
For you and the twins.
But this life has been taken away
by that poison, those pills
that came into the school.
Maybe I was a coward."
30 minutes, my place?
Need you now.
"But things aren't always what they seem."
Just what I needed
MANON: I want to see you more often
I'll get back to you.
Did Manon have a second phone,
do you know?
Not that I was aware of.
- Hey.
- Manon?
It's Elsa.
Your father's here, you're not alone.
Why do it, Manon?
Why do it?
Out of love.
Manon, what did Rob Berens want from you?
Pills taken off her…
for Tanja's protection.
"Whatever I tried,
it only made things worse."
You mean Jenny?
Mmm-mmm, Tanja. Jenny wouldn't take them.
"Tanja, Jenny, forgive me."
"I've failed."
You've changed
a few things around.
The bed's in a different spot.
"A fatal failure.
Tanja was not well.
And then neither was Jenny.
Both girls with that poison.
And you, in your head,
you'd been gone for a long time,
back to your old demons.
I have no strength left and no power.
If I cannot be there
for any of you three,
then nothing makes sense anymore.
Did you read the letter?
Can you explain this to me?
What did Rob have to do with the drugs?
The odd time, now and then,
he would buy
a huge quantity of pills from Manon.
So that she didn't have any left
to get rid of.
And give them to you and Jenny?
I didn't take drugs, you know.
Well, then why does he say here
Yeah, Elsa?
I talked to Manon,
she said that Jenny was clean.
Rob was trying to protect Tanja.
I don't understand any of this.
Their blood analysis
shows the exact opposite.
Luc? Luc?
Manon says that she only sold to Tanja.
What are you looking for?
What do Jenny and Tanja
have in common?
And what separates them?
The furniture's
arranged differently.
Different atmosphere.
Jenny loves liquorice.
Your furniture
is arranged differently…
because you're not Tanja.
Jenny had a tattoo.
I want my mum.
So we found Tanja.
The body in the forest was Tanja.
Hence the drugs in the blood.
You cut your hair so that people
wouldn't recognise you so easily.
Did your mother notice
from the first minute?
Only when I came back home.
You can mistake a dead body,
but not a living person.
And your papa?
He always got us mixed up anyway.
What's the point in hiding that tattoo?
Tanja had exactly the same one.
Hers was so new, nobody had seen it.
I hadn't, even.
Your plan worked well.
Thanks to the identification card
and the tattoo,
even your mum and Rob
thought it was you we found that day.
You, Jenny.
But for what?
Jenny, for what did you do all this?
You can't give your own life up, you know.
For your sister.
- Yeah, and if my life has no worth?
- Who says that?
Just everyone says Tanja
was the favourite.
The only luck I ever brought was bad.
And if…
And if he doesn't love me?
- Who?
- My pap.
Since that night,
there's been nothing
but lies in the village. And violence.
What happened to Rob, for example.
I'm so sorry about that.
You can make that stop, Jenny.
I'll help you do that.
And I promise you
that you'll get out of this lie.
I cannot.
- This is for you.
- Thank you.
One of the nurses found
that she did have a second phone.
Took a couple of guys to unlock it.
The code is 0604.
- Her mother's birthday.
- Many thanks. That will help.
What's new?
The cop knows.
9:00 p.m. on the dot.
Speak after the beep or fuck you.
I know who's in charge of this.
The soldiers.
What do we do?
I'm going back to the military base
in the forest.
We were not even vaguely persistent
enough with that major.
Elsa, I have to
take you off the investigation.
You think Steve has something to do
with the murder of Jenny, is that it?
Honestly, I have no idea.
Manon's personal phone.
There are messages from the guy
she was having an affair with.
A certain "babes".
This will soon be over.
They're 30 minutes late already.
Shit. Fuck, this can't happen.
Come on.
There, there, there. Go. Go!
- Frank, stop
- Stop the truck!
- Stop fucking driving!
- It's the wrong one!
- It's the wrong one. Off the fucking road!
- Fuck!
I've got a warrant.
We've interrupted the manoeuvre,
but the three of them can't be found.
- Move!
- Yeah, okay.
Yeah, thank you. Keep you posted, okay.
A truck was held up. It was on the CR333.
Our truck was supposed to
drive in on that road.
Three men dressed in black, heavily armed.
They didn't take anything
and just simply ran away.
Good that we could
change the route in time.
Ah, no, no, wait.
This one, not that one.
Can you open it?
Open it.
First they were
supposed to be murderers,
now they're drug-traffickers.
It's the first network for party drugs
here in Luxembourg to take root.
They come from Central Europe.
The Luxembourgish army has a few men
in Prague as part of a NATO mission.
Well, all they need is one person
over there who is up for it,
and someone here
at the base who accepts the goods.
Ferrone, until recently,
was the logistical chief.
He catalogued everything that came in.
Who are the men in Prague?
Kowalska's brother is in the Czech
Republic. He talks of him often.
I made a mistake when I was trying
to protect Kowalska.
- Are these Kowalska's things?
- Yeah. There must be an explanation.
I suppose this has an explanation?
We have three dangerous deserters
on the loose, one could be a murderer.
Okay, I can immediately issue a notice
to border control.
Yeah, obviously, Mores, do that.
Er, and the official medical report
for Jenny has finally arrived.
- And?
- It must be here…
Do they have a cause of death?
They found something…
Something with the lungs.
All right, come on, stop pissin' about.
Yeah, sure. Here it is.
So, er, the cause of death is, er,
"Perforation and crushing of the lungs,
followed by slow
and persistent suffocation,
ultimately resulting in her death
after several hours."
and crushing of the lungs…"
"Death after several hours…"
So for a few hours, she lived.
In the murder case of Jenny Engel,
there now seems to be a serious lead.
The police are looking for three soldiers
who, until recently,
were on duty at the training base
between Kelling and Mënscht.
The three men are wanted primarily
under suspicion of drug trafficking,
but also in relation to the murder
of the 15-year-old girl.
One of them is believed to have had
a relationship with the victim.
The Army's chief of staff confirmed
that the three men failed to report back
following a training exercise,
and are now wanted for desertion.
Police are warning they are armed
and considered dangerous.
The public
are therefore advised
to avoid coming into contact
with strangers
when out in their cars or in their homes.
- Do you have a room here?
- Yeah.
Thank you.
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