Capitani (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

I Knew Nothing of Tears and Pain

[muffled screaming]
[opening theme music playing]
JULY 13TH - DAY 7 - 8:17 A.M.
[door opens]
- Explain this to me in two sentences.
- [sighs]
Alex Kowalska, a Luxembourgish soldier,
gets drugs in the Czech Republic.
There are some labs there.
He hides the drugs in a military transport
that brings them right here
to the training base.
His brother, Jerry Kowalska,
and Frank Ferrone
then distribute them to dealers,
among others, to Manon Boever.
- The baker's daughter.
- And the third one here, Steve Weis?
[Capitani] Apart from
also being missing, I'm not sure.
But I'd say he's the head
of this gang of boys.
And more clever than the others,
meaning he leaves fewer traces.
You feel one of them
was involved with Jenny's death?
Many clues point to Jerry Kowalska.
Unhappy in love, jealousy.
The other two might've helped him
with the cover-up.
You don't seem too convinced, though.
I'm not convinced at all.
I spent the night
where I believe you're staying.
what game are you playing?
I know you don't think that I'm dumb.
Did you speak to her, then?
She has no idea that I know. Yet.
Forget that.
She would have smelled you're a cop
before you'd know it.
I just wanted to find out
if she still had the firearm.
- And?
- She hasn't got it
and she has
nothing to do with Da Costa's murder.
If you're so sure of that,
then why didn't you tell me she was here?
[gunshot in distance]
- It's Rommes.
- [gunshot]
[Joe] The wolf killed
half a dozen sheep last night.
Bloody idiot. That's three days
he's been hunting that wolf now.
Besides, I've already forbidden him.
The racket up here
functions in a similar way to Da Costa's.
And now it turns out that his right hand,
from years before,
is here in the village.
People can change.
- Carla is a different person now.
- You mean Sofia.
People who change,
who have nothing to hide,
don't need false names.
Let's be realistic.
Who cares about Da Costa, huh?
A drug lord who destroyed countless lives.
- And you're defending him.
- I'm defending you.
It's up to you, you know.
It's your career.
Do you not understand that?
What concern of yours is that?
I wanna help you.
I'm here to solve the murder
of a 15-year-old girl.
That's what I'm here to do,
if you wanna know.
I hope you know what you're doing.
Being a policeman.
[gunshot in distance]
- What're you doing?
- Just getting what I'm owed.
Why don't you
get that gun out of my face?
Jerry, just go if you're losing your shit.
That's a hunter around here.
It's fucking miles away.
What's going on? Were you gonna tell me?
Maybe I'm not as clever as you,
but I'm not dumb.
The truck didn't come yesterday,
that's not good, is it?
Can you hear that?
Nothing. The whole morning.
- At any frequency.
- I don't like how this feels.
- My brother's all alone down there.
- Alex knows what's involved. You as well.
- Fuck, just tell him.
- I wanna go back.
Jerry. Stay here.
I'll think of something.
[reporter on radio]
The search for the so-called
deserters of Mënscht continues.
This is in the context of the death
of the 15-year-old Jenny Engel,
but also of a possible drug network
- in the north.
- [knock on door]
It is not yet clear if the three men
have not already gone abroad.
I have some new information
that I wanted to personally tell you.
Forensics now tell us
that Jenny remained alive for some time.
It turns out, unfortunately,
that she died where we found her
from serious lung injuries,
having been there for a number of hours.
I'm so sorry.
That doesn't mean our investigations
have altered, but, erm…
[inhales deeply]
It seems that the murderer or someone else
just left her to die on her own.
But I'm gonna find them,
I can assure you of it.
We now have direct leads
that point us to the army base.
And, er…
What about Usch?
I didn't want to say anything, but, er…
Usch often spends evenings in the forest.
Who knows what he did.
If you really think that,
we can take a DNA sample from him.
Thank you.
Oh, erm…
Don't mention it…
to Nadine, mind you.
Don't mention that Jenny, that she…
It would be too much.
It's a shit idea.
Mick is the one who should offer us help.
It's in his best interest.
We should just leave
and be done with it all.
I've had enough here.
Leaving's not an option for me.
You're doing this to protect your girl,
you don't give a shit about us.
- I'm doing this to protect my family.
- [grunts]
The cash stays with me.
In a couple of hours, I'll be back.
Keep an eye on him.
You're not allowed to be here.
Manon's getting better.
The clinic called to let me know.
Can I collect my belongings?
[Capitani] Jerry Kowalska
was in love with Jenny.
And we found a jacket
with a button missing
in Steve's locker.
The man we saw that day in the woods,
that was him.
I know.
I'm expecting.
Tanja Engel is actually Jenny.
I found out yesterday evening.
She told me herself, so…
But… we saw the tattoo.
Tanja wanted a better relationship
with her sister again,
so she decided to get
the same tattoo on her back.
It was brand-new and nobody knew about it.
That's why Jenny's hiding her tattoo,
so people think she's Tanja.
The drugs in the blood that were detected…
That was Tanja
because Jenny never took anything.
And Tanja got the drugs from Manon.
Rob Berens found out
and bought a few bags from Manon,
to slow down her distribution.
- Hence the drugs in Rob's car.
- Hmm.
In the beginning,
he must have hid them well,
but then Tanja somehow found them
and took them for herself.
And Rob was in over his head.
But the sperm, er… The assault.
There was no assault.
Tanja had a new partner.
And they'd seen each other
earlier that day.
But… But why?
I thought out of fear.
Or else love.
For the sister. Well, for Tanja.
Jenny believes Tanja had more right
than she did to live.
Because Tanja's her better half,
she would say.
Yeah. At least where others
were concerned.
For the parents, the village.
And here, that means everything.
what happened to the real Jenny, then?
Why was she gone for two days?
I do not know, she won't tell anyone.
I might need your help to solve the case.
I've little time left.
That has something to do
with Diane Bonifas?
It has something to do with me
not having been honest with her.
I'm not here by fortune alone.
[door opens]
I've brought you something.
[grunts] Thanks.
I missed you yesterday evening.
Ah, did you sleep better after all?
Not especially.
I made pancakes.
And blueberries with them.
Your favourites.
Those are Tanja's favourite pancakes.
Hmm, yeah.
We must find a new high school
for you straight away.
Your father will go with you.
You'll see, everything will be
just like before.
[Capitani] Did you hear
about the three soldiers?
That they fled from here? Yeah.
Do you know them?
Why are you asking?
They're running a drug network
here in the north.
Are you serious?
Carla, you have a past, don't forget.
I thought we trusted each other.
That what we have meant something.
When I last saw you, you had 50 litres
of hydrochloric acid in your bathroom
to dissolve your drug-dealer boss in.
It was crazy what I did,
I was blinded by all the money.
But I paid a high price.
[Capitani sighs]
They found me after six months.
Does it still hurt?
In the summer, when it's hot,
I could crawl out of my skin.
If they heard I was selling again,
they'd find me
and they'd do something to sort it,
and this time, for real.
[Capitani breathing heavily]
[Carla] You also deserve a second chance.
What are you doing here?
I thought you'd long since left.
I can't just leave like that.
You can't tell me
you'll face the bullshit.
Mick, I need your help, you know?
The police should be told.
Listen, Frank was in charge of logistics.
Jerry, along with his brother,
took care of everything
in the Czech Republic.
Even the telephone was all Frank's thing.
I was always in the background.
Are you serious?
You're ducking off, betraying your men?
They'll get at least
ten to fifteen years in prison.
You think they'll keep their mouths shut?
Not drag you down with them?
It's our word against theirs.
Who would you believe?
Jenny's own father
and a decorated army officer?
Or a gun fanatic and his stupid sidekick?
Jerry's long obsession with Jenny
is enough.
He has photos of her in his locker,
which I'm sure they found.
That's already a lead.
Where are they?
You take care of Manon, for now.
Where are they?
At the Cloister House.
Go out of there.
I'm right behind you.
[door opens]
[suspenseful music playing]
What's going to happen to me?
The more that I'm told now,
the better it works for you.
I sold what they gave.
The three soldiers.
Who's in charge of the network?
I dealt only with Steve and his guys.
Do you know Sofia Santos?
- Do you mean the inn owner?
- Hmm.
Not really.
Why were the three soldiers
in the forest that evening?
I don't know anything about Jenny.
That wasn't my question.
The forest is where they deal.
They always cover
the extra deals themselves.
And who was the extra client?
A Belgian. He organises the parties there.
I don't know what he's called.
Where are they held?
The Cloister House.
[door closes]
- Please don't look at that.
- I want to help you.
- Capitani should be here soon.
- They're at the Cloister House.
It's where they store their money.
I saw Steve there, with Frank and Manon.
[suspenseful music playing]
Are you going alone?
If anyone arrives,
that's Joe or Capitani, send them.
[Carla] I'll be right there.
How can I help you?
How about telling me the truth?
Excuse me?
So Carla becomes Sofia
after her boyfriend Vincent Da Costa
vanishes without trace.
Fifteen years later,
Da Costa is found dead,
in a hole,
shot with a police weapon, of course.
Carla's other boyfriend
during that time was Luc,
a policeman wrapped around her finger.
And who was trying to protect her
and always shall.
What do you want from me?
Give me Luc.
I'm not regular police.
I investigate the police force,
and in this case, I have a feeling
that Luc Capitani
somehow had involvement with it.
Without proof,
it's his word against yours.
And that has more weight.
I've started a new life here.
We can easily
find drugs here in the village.
With one or two phone calls,
you'd be caught in the middle of it.
And everyone will know.
No, you don't have to do it.
Which one of you is involved?
It was Luc.
You can prove that?
Yeah, sure.
Then bring me his firearm.
Then I'm able to help you.
[line ringing]
- Eric?
- [Eric] Hi, Diane.
I need you up here.
But put me through to the judge.
- I need a warrant.
- [Eric] Okay.
The Cloister House has always been
a meeting place for special parties.
The youngsters would go there
for a laugh, to see them,
the Belgian didn't like it at all.
So he asked the soldiers for protection.
Which was also good for them,
because they'd sell at the parties.
What kind of parties were they?
Sex parties.
And who would go there?
Erm, people of all sorts.
From abroad, but also from Luxembourg.
Not from the village?
[scoffs] No. They're not special enough.
Other than when Rommes…
He misunderstood, I think.
He came once with his wife.
Immediately turned his back,
but she wanted to be there
for a bit longer.
And Jenny? Her, too?
No. The last time I saw her
would have been at school.
Were you paid for any involvement?
God, no.
I'm no prostitute.
Just a stupid cow.
[mobile phone ringing]
Hi, Carla, I can't right now.
I wanted to tell you I was serious
and meant what I said.
I wanted you to know that.
They know that you're here, Carla.
That we've been in touch
and even that we're together.
You mean the cop
who spent the night at my inn?
A cop is a cop,
whatever perfume you try to put on it.
We had a nice little chat earlier.
I'm in a mess, Carla.
Me, too.
Let's make a move.
Right now.
And go where?
We'll just work on that.
I can't.
Not yet.
I gave my word.
What does she want?
Your firearm, from that time.
Do you have it?
Can we meet later on?
- [mobile phone ringing]
- Wait one second.
- Yeah, Mores?
- The soldiers are at the Cloister House.
Elsa went there all alone.
What does she think she can do
Call for reinforcements
and then go straight there.
Yeah. Yeah, okay.
Hi, Carla, I'll call you back, I promise.
I have to go.
[police siren wails over phone]
- What are we expecting?
- The firearm.
What if it was him, though?
Don't give a shit.
I'm not prepared to sacrifice
a good policeman for such a slut.
- [Frank] Are you here for the money?
- Frank?
Everything's okay.
Put it down, then, Elsa.
- [grunts]
- [gasps]
- Room clear.
- Room clear.
Stupid bitch has already beat us.
Find that bloody firearm.
- Fuck.
- [Diane] I want that gun.
[suspenseful music playing]
- Frank
- Fuckin' put it down, Elsa!
- Put the gun on the ground, Elsa!
- [Elsa] All right.
- [Elsa grunts]
- [gunshot]
[closing theme music playing]
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