Capitani (2019) s01e11 Episode Script

My Breast Full of Darkest Night

[liquid trickling]
[twig snaps]
- Are you here for the money?
- Frank?
Everything's okay.
Fuckin' put it down, Elsa!
Do what I tell you!
[Steve] We'll lure them out of the forest,
far away from the Abbey.
Then we spread out
and give the location
with an anonymous call.
- What about if they don't wanna come?
- Let me deal with that.
Is Steve here?
Yeah, that's good.
He's the one that sent you.
- Why would he do that?
- So your shit little house can get built.
That little fucker
wants to screw us over.
Not with me.
Fuckin' put it down, Elsa!
Put the gun on the ground, Elsa!
[Elsa grunts]
[Mick exclaims]
Bloody Rommes!
That was a pistol.
Get up, on your knees.
Get your hands up.
Put your hands on your head.
- The cash is in the house, in a basket.
- I couldn't give a shit about that.
It's about Jenny's death.
Did you have something to do with it?
What about the money?
- Answer me! I swear I will
- Whoa, Elsa, no, stop, stop, don't do it!
- Do you have something to do with it?
- Yes, yes. Well, no.
We… We were going after her, yeah,
- but we were behind her and
- [Jerry] Elsa.
- Drop it.
- Jerry, just shoot her.
What are you waiting for?
Jerry, don't be stupid.
I can't go on, everything's gone.
They took everything from me.
Jenny. My brother…
Jerry, you still have your honour,
your soldier's honour.
It's gone now, too.
Fuck, Jerry, shoot the bitch!
I have nothing left to lose.
Jenny's alive.
She is not dead. It was a mistake.
Jerry, you idiot, don't listen to her.
You must know that.
You must feel that. Jenny's still alive.
Are you fucking with me?
[Jenny] It's true.
As you see.
[exhales sharply]
Jenny, stay there.
What the bloody hell is going on?
- Who are you?
- Jerry, don't be so dumb.
Don't believe her.
It's Jenny! Your Jenny. Look.
You can't be.
- Stay there, Jerry.
- They told me that you were…
Jerry, for once be a man
and shoot her, you fuckin' idiot!
- [Jenny screams]
- [Elsa grunts]
- Elsa!
- [moaning]
[Jenny] Jerry, no!
Elsa. Elsa, it's me.
Elsa, what happened?
Jerry… Jerry just shot me, he's…
- He's with Tanja. I have to
- No, no, no, that's all right.
- Stay calm, stay calm, calm down.
- [gasping]
Elsa… Hey, hey, hey.
Keep your eyes open.
Stay with me, Elsa, stay with me.
- That's it, that's good, that's good.
- [Steve] Elsa?
Elsa, what are you doing here?
- What did you do? Get back!
- It was your buddy Jerry.
- He's completely lost it.
- Where is he?
[Steve] Elsa…
He's in the house. With Tanja.
- With who?
- [Steve] Elsa…
Reinforcement's on its way.
Mores will be here soon.
[Steve] It's okay. It's okay.
[Steve grunting]
- Why is Tanja here?
- [Luc] Just stay with me now.
[hesitating] I don't know
what could have happened.
- Please let me help Elsa.
- [Luc] Call an ambulance!
- Get up on that road!
- Let me…
[Mick] All right, go.
[Elsa groaning and coughing]
[Luc gasping]
Mick, you must let us deal with them.
- [Elsa gasping]
- [gunshot]
- [gunshot]
- Help, someone!
Please! She's losing her life!
- Go.
- Elsa, I'll be back.
[Elsa gasping]
Mick, what have you done? Tell me.
Nobody gets away with that, you hear?
Come on, Tanja, my angel.
Mick. Mick.
Mick, be rational.
- Nothing?
- No.
No firearm or anything else suspicious.
[objects clatter]
[Diane sighs]
- What have you done?
- [Mick] What I had to do.
Jerry had Tanja in there.
It was as if he had Jenny again.
[ambulance siren wails]
Elsa, stay with me. Yeah, that's it.
- We've almost made it.
- [Steve] Quickly!
[Luc] Yeah, that's it, that's good, Elsa.
Look at me.
[Steve] It's okay.
Look, everything will be all right.
It's a bullet wound,
there's one bullet still in there.
There's a loss of blood
and she's pregnant.
[Steve] I promise you,
it's not the way it looks.
Look, Jerry planned all of this,
he was gonna
- Hey!
- She can't hear you.
[Steve grunting]
Jerry was obsessed with Jenny, yeah?
She ignored him.
He was out of control!
[Luc] They were your loyal men.
Think hard
about what you're going to say, Steve.
You should give it some real thought.
[Steve breathing heavily]
[Luc] Mores!
Take him away, will you.
[Steve muttering indistinctly]
- Morning, Madame Kons.
- Good morning, Nadine.
- Hunters?
- Rommes?
- That sounded different to last time.
- [ambulance approaching]
There's a second one heading out.
- [Nadine] What's going on?
- I don't know.
[Usch stammering]
In the bushes, yeah.
Je… Je… Yeah, yeah, yeah!
[Claude] Usch, calm down.
Everything is all right. It's Tanja.
[gasping] Tanja, what's happened?
Is that blood?
It's not hers. The soldiers
had taken her to the Cloister House.
- Oh, shh, shh…
- [Mick] I got her out.
Don't worry. They didn't harm her.
I'm sorry, Usch.
Shut up, shut up, shut up!
Again, in bush, in bush… Woods…
- Not today!
- Shh. Please, Usch.
The soldiers have my Jenny
on their conscience.
I saved Tanja from them.
God knows what they would have done.
But now it's over.
I've made sure of it.
Just talk to me.
[sobbing] I'm sorry, Mum.
- I'm so sorry.
- Everything will be all right again.
- [stammering] Not good!
- Shh.
- I know.
- Not good, not good!
- I know, come. Come on.
- Not good, not good!
Not good. Not good.
No, no, not good!
[reporter over radio] The search
for the three army deserters
in connection with the murder
of Jenny Engel
came to an end with a shooting
in the Dürer forest near Mënscht.
Two of the soldiers who had escaped
were killed.
A young police officer
was injured in the shooting
and is in a critical condition.
At this moment,
what exactly happened is still unclear.
According to our information,
Jenny Engel's father and sister
were on the scene,
as well as an army sergeant,
who was also among the deserters.
It has been reported
that the father of Jenny
shot at the two men.
One of the two soldiers
is said to have had an affair
with the 15-year-old girl.
According to our information,
the father was convinced that the soldier
had pushed the young girl from a hill
during a quarrel on the night of July 6th,
when the victim had refused
to continue their relationship.
Following these latest developments,
it now looks as if things in Mënscht
can finally start to calm down again.
- [door closes]
- [Diane] Ah, hi.
Remind me of your name?
- Mores, Joe.
- Joe. Joe.
Joe, would you mind
going outside with Meyer?
We'd like to ask you a few questions.
Many thanks.
[door closes]
[Luc] Excuse me.
How is the policewoman
that was brought in? Elsa Ley?
She's in the operating theatre.
But once I know,
I'll be sure to update you. Yeah?
Madam Ley.
I shall never forgive you
for what you've done up here.
Excuse me. Excuse me,
I'm the mother of Elsa Ley.
I need to speak to the doctor in charge.
[nurse] Straight down the corridor
on the left.
[Mrs Ley] Thank you.
[church bell tolling]
I thought it was good that you two
be alone for a minute or two more.
Do you think He heard me swearing then?
Eh, He should hear that language
now and then.
What about Elsa?
No idea.
She lost a lot of blood.
- [sighs]
- [Usch] Happy.
[stammering] It's fun… Big… Fun.
He always speaks about himself
in the third person.
I noticed him do that.
He was called in
for a DNA test just recently.
But it'll be no easy feat
to take blood from him.
No blood, no blood!
- No blood, no blood, no blood!
- Hey.
- Just saliva from your mouth.
- No blood.
No blood, forget it.
I now know whose DNA was found on Jenny.
It wasn't his.
Mick Engel led us down
the wrong path, though.
Mick mentioned something about Usch?
[Claude] He told me
not to tell you anything about Usch.
[Usch] Thi… Thin…
Thin… Thin… Thin… In bush.
- Where did he get the name "Big Guy" then?
- [Claude sighs]
The Big Guy and Thin.
That was just Usch and Mick.
When they were children,
they were inseparable.
Well, Mick, he was tall and thin,
and Usch was short and big.
Today, it's the other way around.
But Usch kept the name.
[chuckles] Maybe it's because
he's still a child, somehow.
The Big One and the Thin One.
Big, Thin. Big, Thin. Big…
Thin. Big, Thin.
He always says people's names
with one syllable.
He says GloGlo.
So you're saying that "Thi-Thi,"
that means "Thin One".
And the Thin One, that's Mick?
[Usch] In bush.
In bush.
Thi, Thi, Je…
We just saw Mick and Tanja
and they were heading back home together.
I remember something like that
at the crime scene.
He would have seen it in a book.
They'd be placed on Jewish gravestones.
"Thi, Thi, in bush."
Not today, in the night! In bush!
I hoped to be able to work out
what he was saying to me.
But it's impossible.
"Thi, Thi, in bush, in the night."
[Usch] In the night. In bush.
[breathing heavily]
I'm beginning to understand.
Hey, I need to talk to you.
How's your colleague, then?
She should never have been here.
I told her things that I shouldn't have.
I should have sent her home right away.
You believe that they were
the right decisions?
And rid the world of two scumbags?
What about the judgement
concerning Da Costa?
[sighs] It depends on
that statement of yours.
Carla Pereira has disappeared.
Speaking of which…
I found this in her apartment.
You know what that means.
She was and remains a dealer,
and dealers lie.
- Was my firearm found?
- She had promised to bring it to me,
but naturally, that didn't happen.
She left and took it with her,
her life insurance.
- There's a wanted notice out.
- [sighs]
Vanishing's what she does well.
Luc, I want us
to put our stories straight.
Carla first stole your firearm
and then proceeded to murder Da Costa,
her boss.
You weren't aware, then you happened
to meet here again by chance.
Why would you do that?
- You don't know what happened between us.
- I don't need to, Luc.
I'm offering you a simple way out.
- I'm not finished here yet.
- The case is closed, though.
Tell me you're not buying
that ridiculous theory
about Jerry Kowalska killing Jenny,
are you?
And why ever not?
Shows instability, he has a motive,
and he was in the woods that night.
And why do you think Steve Weis
and Mick show up
- and shoot all possible witnesses?
- Witnesses of what?
'Cause Jerry didn't
abuse Jenny, first off.
- Why do you say that?
- Because!
Because Jenny's not Jenny, yeah?
The girl who is dead is Tanja.
Jenny's the living girl.
And she's keeping something hidden.
Something serious.
And some people are benefitting from that.
What has given you that theory?
Usch saw it all, you see?
I must get him to tell me
exactly what it was.
The village idiot? Are you serious?
Ah, if you don't believe me,
I'll prove it.
[Diane scoffs]
As long as Jenny is a prisoner
of these lies in this village here,
then I shall be staying here.
You're taking this affair
much too personally.
You're in no position to be saying that.
Carla Pereira stole your firearm
to shoot Vincent Da Costa
in order to take his place.
Therefore, if you are not in my office
by 8:00 tomorrow morning
to make that statement,
we'll search for you.
I'm still on your side, Luc.
Be careful not to change that.
Hey, Tanja, my angel.
Shall we talk, then?
[whispering] Who else knows about it?
Of course.
And your friends?
What's your plan?
I haven't got one.
[Jenny sniffs]
When you're Jenny again…
you must tell them eventually.
Do you want that?
To say everything?
To tell what happened?
Soon you can start to learn how to drive.
Shall we do that together?
We'll think about getting a car, too.
Were you there?
That evening?
And saw something?
[Jenny] Yes.
- I can't take anymore.
- [Nadine shushes]
You did everything in your power.
You'll continue to fight
and be courageous.
Our protector.
[sirens approaching]
[car doors open and close]
[engine turns over]
[engine turns over]
"Thi, Thi, Je, Je, in bush.
In the night."
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