Capitani (2019) s01e12 Episode Script

It Happened One Beautiful Summer's Day

JULY 14TH - DAY 8 - 7:58 A.M.
Good morning.
- Yeah, I'm checking out.
- Oh, okay.
I'll do that then.
There's a message for you
from the manager.
You don't know, do you? Where Sofia is?
I'm sorry?
She disappeared.
- How do you mean, disappeared?
- Yes, she does that from time to time.
A few weeks, a few years.
And the café here?
In fact, she's not even called Sofia,
she's Carla. Carla Pereira.
Sofia grew up around here.
Most of the time,
we hung out together at school.
Yesterday, Mick Engel,
the father of the 15-year-old victim…
…was taken into custody.
He has been accused of shooting…
…his daughter's alleged killer,
a young soldier
Will he go to prison?
- That's tough.
- Hmm.
It doesn't help Nadine.
- Are they back together?
- Oh, no, that's not what I meant.
I'm sorry for all the things
she had to put up with.
What, like?
I mean, he's always having affairs.
His charm deceives people
and manipulates them.
- I see you're packing.
- We're going to Germany.
I got her a place in a rehab clinic there.
We want to get there early.
Of course.
I just want a little moment
with Manon before you go, if that's okay.
You said the soldiers
were in the forest to deal?
That there were soirées.
And you were there. Hmm?
For what?
Why were you there and who took you?
I was alone there.
Er, now, come to think of it,
Elsa told me there was one more number
that pops up more than most.
A certain "babes"?
I bet that's your mysterious Belgian guy.
Shall I call him?
A friend, is it?
A friend, is it?
That's Mick. It's Mick Engel.
And you chose to protect him?
Just like the woman
who gave him an alibi for the other night?
And how many of these women
do you think there are, huh?
I don't know that.
Tell me about these soirées.
Mick organizes these soirées
two times a year.
He invites contacts from all over,
people he needs for his wood industry.
Because he's expanding constantly
and buying more woods.
Yeah, and the drugs, though?
There are those there taking drugs.
Mick had told me that I should be careful,
but I chose to mess with them…
to prove I could do it.
And now I'm addicted to them.
That evening,
was there anything different than usual?
Just Mick was gone for a while.
An hour later, he came back,
but he didn't join in anymore.
- And where was he?
- No idea.
But he was quiet, afterwards,
all lost in his thoughts.
And since then,
we've only seen each other twice.
And only fought.
Over what?
I'm not enough for him.
Nobody is enough.
Can I please have a glass of water?
Sparkling, if they have it.
Mr Engel, I assure you this will be quick.
You avenged your daughter's death.
You saved the taxpayers
for paying for two prisoners.
And the whole village is behind you.
Your sentence will be a good deal,
I guarantee a maximum of eight years.
And that'll shrink down to four
with good behaviour.
That's good news, then, yeah?
It's good to think
of your daughter's well-being.
She's bound to take a few days
to get better.
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
Manon, we had a deal,
no texting without me being here.
I thought
you were smarter than that.
"The cop now knows
about the soirées in the forest."
"Please forgive me."
- Three hearts.
- Manon…
Who is that?
Just tell me who you're writing to.
You must tell your papa yourself.
Come here.
Thank you, sir.
Mr Engel, it's yours.
The cop now know about the soirées
in the forest. Please forgive me.
You can go in,
but she's still not responsive.
What else?
She's alive
and that's not bad, considering.
The baby?
She can't have them any longer.
You shouldn't be free.
I'm not the one to blame.
I could put a bullet
through your heart right here
and nobody would shed a tear.
I hope you're aware of that.
It was Jerry and Frank.
That's not what Manon said.
She doesn't know anything.
You're nothing
but an arsehole thief and a liar
who uses people for his dirty business.
I never forced them to do it,
they signed up for it on their own.
I mean, girls like Manon
are just too dumb to do anything else.
I wanted to be someone.
I did everything to protect Elsa.
Not like you.
Elsa is a policewoman,
that's not my problem.
But she was alone because you hadn't gone.
- With those two maniacs.
- Yeah.
And I shan't forgive myself for any of it.
But you… You wanna find excuses
to get yourself out of this.
Elsa is the only one that means anything.
- Hey, can you hear me?
- Nurse!
Elsa… I'm so happy.
Hey, baby.
How could you do that?
You betrayed me and your men.
No… Elsa…
You had something to do with Jenny too.
- Bastard.
- Elsa, how do you know that?
From Frank.
Frank told me.
- Get away from her. Get away!
- You stay back.
Open the door.
Open the door!
Elsa, no!
Let me go. She'll die otherwise.
It's over, Steve.
- Don't do anything stupid.
- Go.
You might as well be dead.
Hands up.
Prepare everything for the interrogation.
- Are you okay?
- Yes, thank you.
It doesn't change anything.
Elsa said you shouldn't waste
any more time.
But you should end this.
- I bet it was something like that.
- Okay.
You get the idea, get on with it.
I'll come back.
Jenny had hung out with us
for weeks, on and off,
and realised we'd begun dealing.
Then Jerry started having a crush on her.
He told her that we were going to have
a big customer that evening
at the Cloister House.
Of course, she wanted to come, too.
So I did my best to keep her out of there.
It's not funny, Jenny.
You're not going there.
Jerry shouldn't have told you
what we're doing.
What's going on there?
Are they pervy parties?
Where'd you hear that?
I heard it's something
my papa's got to do with.
Hey, Jenny, if Steve says you can't come
Whatever, Jerry.
- What's going on here?
- You're not going to be there,
you should try to accept that.
It's all good. You're worse than my mum.
Come on, then, we're going.
And… she came anyway.
Mick said we should be tougher
with the young people.
And while the party was going on,
we heard a noise,
somebody running away,
and we ran after them.
Come out, you little bastard!
Show yourself! Come on!
We'll get you anyway!
We were really going for it…
Stupid motherfucker!
We'll cut you!
…shouting stupid things.
We didn't recognise her.
Yeah, you bastard, I'll get you!
You won't get away!
- Did you hear that, too?
- Yeah.
- Fuck, I lost him!
- What's going on?
We were running after someone.
Somebody screamed, like a girl.
They suck, those motherfuckers.
I really don't want any trouble tonight.
They're rich guests.
The scream came from that way.
Oh, my God.
And then?
I made sure Mick didn't call anyone,
he wanted to call 112.
I mean, it was just an accident.
She was dead.
It was a fall of ten metres.
Forget it.
- Mick was in agreement with that?
- How else should he have been?
With everything else
that was going on that night.
He repositioned the body.
Further away from the House, at least.
And Tanja?
Tanja was missing for 24 hours afterwards.
No idea.
Is Mick Engel also involved
with the Unicorn deal?
The unicorn track
basically leads directly to his soirées.
No. That was our idea.
As a sponsor.
Mick only bought.
That alone
puts you in front of a judge.
No assistance to a person in danger.
Who benefits from that? You tell me.
I had always felt
Mick had something to with this.
Mick has confessed.
Pardon, what?
He called the police judiciaire
and made a full confession.
He pushed his daughter off the rock
during a fight.
That can't be. Why now?
That makes no sense.
He described it all, gave full details.
I guess… that you were closer to truth
than we were aware of.
What do I know now that I didn't before?
PJ sent over his confession a minute ago.
Here it says she fell from Stoner's Hill,
where we found her.
Steve Weis says it was from another rock
that she fell from,
but close to the House,
and then they moved her afterwards.
It's just yet more lies.
To hide something else!
What does she want again?
You must come now.
Luc, I have a warrant.
- You should have been there this morning.
- I cannot lie, Diane.
We're supposed to arrest you.
Your career hangs in the balance.
I have a promise to keep
and questions to answer.
Erm, thank you.
Feel like arresting me, do you?
- Did Mick really confess?
- Nadine, what do you know?
- Tell me that's not the case.
- Yeah, it's not true, however.
Where's Tanja?
That's enough, she doesn't know anything,
I've said that to you.
She's protecting someone, though, you see?
Her papa? Or is it Usch?
You won't get away!
They suck, those motherfuckers.
I really don't want
any trouble tonight. They're rich guests.
It's back there.
The scream came from that way.
- Who is that?
- It's Jenny.
Fuck, fucking shit!
What the fuck went on?
- Thought we were after somebody
- She knew we'd be there.
Oh, God, no, Jenny.
- Why did that idiot have to come here?
- Shut the fuck up!
Mick, please calm down!
We have to think clearly, now.
I can't think clearly! Are you crazy?
- Oh, shit, we have to do something.
- We must do nothing.
Are you mad?
Sorry, Mick, but look,
this was an accident.
- Hmm?
- Jenny has always been a daredevil.
She was always getting into trouble.
There was nothing
we could have done about it.
Huh? What's the point
in getting the police here?
Or the firemen?
That'll just scare away your rich guests.
Are you serious? Huh?
How will you explain this to Nadine,
you reckon?
I just…
- Fuck.
- Tanja is still there.
Lovely, sweet Tanja. She needs you.
Not the cops.
Mick, we'll help you.
We're too close to the Cloister House.
We'll carry her closer to the village,
they'll find her more quickly.
- Frank can
- He won't touch my girl!
I'll do it.
Goodbye, Jenny.
He left me there.
He just left me there.
I saw everything.
And heard everything.
Come out, you little bastard!
Show yourself! Come on!
We'll get you anyway!
Stupid motherfucker! We'll cut you!
Yeah, you bastard, I'll get you!
Tanja! Fuck, you scared me.
- What are you doing here?
- Looking for you.
- And you?
- Get down, they're after me.
Who? And what for?
I went to the Cloister House.
And did you see what was going on?
- I wish I hadn't gone there.
- Why?
- I saw somebody there.
- Shh. Keep quiet.
Jerry, go right! I'll go left!
Are you spying on me now?
No, not at all.
I just wanted to be with you again.
We never do anything together anymore.
That tattoo's mine.
Now it's ours, though.
I miss you.
- I heard it a few times.
- You have to live your own life, Tanja.
- I'm not always there to
- I'm all good, thanks, mind you.
And the dirty G you're taking?
I know you take it every day,
and that's not "all good."
- You have no idea.
- I have no idea?
Fuck, are you for real?
You let me down, I don't let you down.
You can't just come crying to me
every time you feel like it
and the rest of the time,
just not be there.
That isn't what happens.
It is. You're so out of your mind.
Rob and me, it's just about all we can do
to keep it from Mum and Dad,
but you don't see that.
I've had enough.
I'll just move away, then,
if that's the way it is.
I'm no burden for Papa,
he understands me, at least.
Well, just go then.
He's at the Cloister House now,
go see what he's doing.
- You won't get away!
- What?
Just go, why don't you?
To your fucking G and tell Dad
It was me. It was my fault.
Nobody called for help.
He left me there.
He just left me there.
I wanted her to keep on living.
Because I'm afraid
to live with what I've done.
I'm afraid…
to be without her.
Tanja shouldn't have gone away.
Not forever.
But Jenny…
she didn't deserve anything else.
Everybody thinks that.
It couldn't be that difficult
to replace one half with the other one.
All I have to do is endure.
Have you finished here?
What did you find out?
Luc, it's in your hands.
- You just give us Carla, that's enough.
- You keep your deal, you hear?
Then you, too, should be with her.
You would have saved yourself
so much of this embarrassment.
The judge is waiting for you.
You went too far this time.
We managed to solve this case.
You, Elsa and I.
You should go and tell Elsa.
Yes, today is finally the day.
For more than 40,000
secondary school students,
the summer holidays begin.
And even though the tropical temperatures
are finally going down,
there's still
plenty of sunshine out there,
perfect for spending time outdoors
and celebrating.
Enjoy it, every one of you out there,
take advantage
of this wonderful summertime,
to unwind, relax and free your mind.
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