Capitani (2019) s02e02 Episode Script

There's Someone on the Corner

Luc Capitani?
What's your name?
Valentina Draga.
Mmm-hmm. Why have you come?
Firstly, so we could meet each other.
And secondly,
to beg a few minutes of your time.
But not here.
Not that nice, is it?
I can help you
out of this dump if you want.
I'll be waiting in my car for you.
It's nice.
- Hard work over many years.
- What is it you want to say then?
I wanted to personally give you my thanks
for finding Andreea's whereabouts.
Bianca's told me everything.
I have a job for you.
I don't work in your industry.
Nothing personal though.
Everybody has their independence.
Even I know they come
hoping to find a better life to live here.
And I'm the one who gives that to them.
I take care of everything for my girls.
Travel, housing, doctors.
The only thing I demand of them is
that they pay me their rent when it's due.
So you're the proprietor?
A woman in business.
Believe me,
it's better that I am their boss
and in charge of this
than the usual arseholes
who take advantage of them.
I'm looking for someone
to protect my girls for me.
To make sure that what happened
to Andreea doesn't happen again.
Anyone can do that. Why me?
Since Andreea's death,
the police are sticking their nose
deeper into my affairs.
I'm looking for someone
who thinks like them.
You were a police officer.
So it's not only
about protecting your girls?
So what's the deal with you, Capitani?
Come on, stop beating around the bush.
I need cash.
I must leave here.
Cash is not a problem.
Answer me this one question.
Who came to visit you in prison?
My sister for a while.
Family is above all else.
My girls are my family.
Andreea was like a daughter to me.
I beg you.
Something is about to happen
and I need to protect my family.
Yeah, you'll hear from me.
Come on.
- Give me two.
- Two?
- What are you doing? Too much.
- What? That's not too much.
It's too much.
Start over. Start over!
She's gonna be mad.
It has to be perfectly closed.
Otherwise it will kill you.
- I'm I'm sorry.
- Look.
Yeah! Yeah!
- You want something?
- One gram.
One ball.
- One?
- Yeah. For this, my friend.
- That's fifty.
- That's all I've got.
- No, man. That's not enough.
- That's all I have. Please.
I'm fucking hanging. Come on.
I'll bring you 20 tomorrow. I swear.
I beg. I'm sorry.
- You're no charity.
- No wahala.
Fifty. You understand? Fifty.
What didn't I do you?
You came here, all this way on your own.
You're a man. Act like one.
That's Monday Balugum.
Who's the other guy?
Some new guy.
He got scolded by his boss.
Must have also made typos in his report.
You're a prick. I'll be doing the reports.
But I am a charming prick,
wouldn't you say?
Come on.
You're a completely normal prick, I'd say.
Oh. That hurts, you know?
Who the fuck was that?
- Fucking arsehole.
- Relax, relax, relax.
Let's not do anything stupid.
Calm down, yeah?
Right in the nuts.
He's not coming back to The Carat. Ah!
Hey, hey, hey. It's all right, Ludo.
He's with me.
I've got something for you.
With information.
One after the other.
- You've never been here, have you?
- No.
Weekends blow up. I guess that's normal.
We've got the prettiest girls
working here.
Come on. I'll show you around.
Come on, don't be shy.
These are all the separate rooms
for a private dance.
Or anything else.
- Isn't it early?
- There's a lunch special.
Some go to the restaurants,
the others come here.
Let's go to the first floor.
The girls' dorms are up there.
And in here Oh, hi.
The long-timers here, though,
get their own room as well.
And, er
the office.
Come in, sit down.
My mum wants me
to attend the meeting with Gibbes, yeah?
She wants me to observe her.
To learn. But what is there to learn?
It's not exactly quantum physics.
Learning by doing.
This, er, Gibbes, er,
is that the King of the Night?
Gilbert Koenig?
Come on, king, yeah?
That was years ago.
Now he's just a normal old man.
A normal old man who's caused
countless life-threatening injuries
and spent time in prison,
where he's respected.
Sure, I've done prison.
The overnight cell isn't prison.
How about we move on
to what you've brought to us?
The first document's
the intermediate police report.
And the photos?
Taken at the crime scene of Andreea.
I wouldn't open them if I were you.
Over there.
- Where the fuck is she?
- Is that Maria?
Don't just stand there!
Kick him out!
Get the fuck out, you piece of shit!
Putain, Ludo! What are we paying you for?
Putain, I'm sorry, man.
- Ahh!
- Don't fucking come back again!
You good?
So you have decided then?
Not yet.
Dominik might wanna make use of this.
Might be worth asking if he'd come.
He was the one there, remember?
Not as long as he hasn't said yes yet.
That wasn't for gratis.
I'll be back.
Give me a half an hour, would you?
I'll get you a beer.
Yeah, I'm coming.
Léa, two beers, yeah?
You will not talk
until I give you a sign.
Yeah, yeah, I I get it.
Feel like I'm back at school.
We're here to see Gibbes.
He's waiting for us.
Yeah, I know you. In you go.
Where were you yesterday?
Five men asked for Pink Panther.
I only had two guys all night.
Are you going somewhere?
Please. You cannot tell anyone.
So can I use that?
Take it.
To them, we all look alike anyway.
- It does not match with your necklace.
- It's my grandmother's. It's a gris-gris.
- What?
- Let me see.
Just stick to the character.
It's what the customers want.
Thank you.
Yeah, exactly.
After a week-long observation by
the Snow White Special Intervention Unit,
we've got a better idea
how the African dealers are organised.
In addition, we need evidence
concerning who's in charge
and where they come from.
Where they prepare the cocaine,
who their supplier is, et cetera.
A whole list of questions remain.
Yesterday a body of a prostitute
was discovered.
- What's that to do with us?
- The cocaine found on the victim.
But that's nothing unusual.
It's often consumed with their clients.
But it could've also involved
a fight with her dealer.
Dealers are not usually killers.
- Ooh!
- They just want money.
We've no concrete information right now.
We're sharing the information
so you know what's going on.
The obvious brutality of this murder
makes it difficult
to identify potential suspects.
The crime unit thinks
the murder was committed
by someone who's connected
to Valentina Draga.
Valentina Draga and Gilbert Koenig
are the main players
running the Luxembourgish nightlife.
We have photos of them.
These were taken by Salvatore
this morning and, er
Ley, what is this?
Capitani met Draga
and it's not in your report?
I couldn't confirm if it was him.
Listen, everyone. This is Luc Capitani,
an ex-police detective.
He murdered a drug boss a few years ago.
- Guy's gone for good.
- He spent some time in jail.
Elsa worked with him on the Engel case
in the north of the country.
But on this case,
that shouldn't have any bearing.
You owe him nothing, Elsa. You understand?
I understand.
Capitani's duties were suspended
and his presence here
doesn't bode well for anyone.
So keep your heads up.
That's everything. You can go.
Come on, please, Val, sit down.
Make yourself at home.
Thank you, Arthur.
Oh, you have to excuse his bad manners.
He didn't get 'em from me.
I hope you haven't had to wait too long.
Not yet.
I'm introducing Dominik into the business.
I hope it's okay he be here.
Makes no difference to me.
- How's it going with your bachelor?
- Hmm?
- Bachelor.
- Yeah, exactly.
University isn't for me.
For me, even secondary school was enough.
I'll give you some valuable advice
while your mum's here.
Follow her instructions.
She definitely knows what's best for you.
You'll make more money than you can waste.
Valentina, what is it exactly
you want from me while you're here?
You have helped me now and then.
Without which,
I couldn't sit here in front of you today.
If I inadvertently
offended you in some way,
then I'm truly sorry.
Our arrangement
shouldn't have been questioned.
I'm happy to hear that.
But my girls have nothing do to with that.
I've known Andreea a while,
and she meant something to me.
You believe Papa had something
to do with this?
Not possible.
Maybe you don't know your father
as well as you think.
Why would I, tell me?
Because of the 15%
you're supposed to pay us?
We are all in pain, Gilbert.
All I'm asking is for a little more time.
I'm not involved.
But I appreciate
your respect nevertheless.
You know how much I despise conflicts.
- Papa, I'm just going out for a while.
- Hmm.
Oh, shit! That's fucking unbelievable.
That's not even something
I did in my youth.
I had a horrible feeling
you weren't involved.
We're the last of the old ones.
You realise that?
New ones are coming in and taking over.
The streets are already
rammed with their dealers.
We need to band together
and get into the drugs business.
With the money we'd get from that,
we could protect our clubs
and clean up the streets at the same time.
And be able to protect
what is ours always.
I've no involvement with drugs.
It's not something I know about.
I'm afraid we have
no choice in the matter.
I swear to you, I can feel it deep within.
The Nigerians killed Andreea.
It's obvious.
I'm sorry for what happened to Andreea,
but I won't be dealing drugs for her.
Is that clear?
You still have to do as I say.
I hope you won't regret that decision.
I'm gonna get that cash for you.
- That was great.
- It's a pleasure.
See you.
Oh. Damn it.
The previous client
had to pay to see that.
Pay you or pay your boss?
The clients pay for the champagne.
We just get the commission.
Is that all you're after?
Was Andreea a good friend?
Just a colleague.
It sounded like you and Andreea
were friends as well.
It was Valentina
who asked me to approach you.
She was worried about Andreea.
So how's the job here?
Well, we get paid pretty well.
The clients don't buy
cheap champagne here.
And how about who decides
who you get intimate with?
Valentina doesn't force anybody
to do anything for her.
Not everywhere is the same though.
For example?
I have worked for brutes.
Albanian brothers.
I was too young.
But Valentina and Dom helped me a lot.
- Oh, really?
- Mmm-hmm.
Yep, really.
How did you get on?
He doesn't want to listen.
We need to prove to him
the Nigerians are responsible.
And so, that's where you come in.
The envelope is this big
for a good reason.
We expect an answer.
In or out?
Bianca approached me for Valentina,
to look for Andreea.
My mother's led a proud life.
She begs for nothing.
And I don't like getting manipulated.
Then, er, I suppose
you'd better deliver post,
where you'd earn
this amount in three months.
- You'll do it?
- Hmm.
Nice. Valentina's gonna be happy.
I'll get champagne.
Can I get my USB stick?
Yeah, of course.
It's done what was needed.
Only one kilogram.
I'm sure these Nigerians
are ripping us off.
If we went direct,
we'd get it for half the price.
One kilogram is ridiculous.
It's a moment to show strength here.
- Your father is so stubborn, you know?
- Mmm-hmm.
That's why he got where he is.
How long will he last there?
Yeah, don't start with me again.
I cannot betray my father. Here.
You really are a good son.
But this is about fighting
to keep our patch.
You should see to it that he agrees.
I don't know how much longer I can wait.
You'll wait as long as I tell you to.
You'd better be thankful
for everything he did for you.
Turning me into a prostitute, you mean?
And you became rich.
Forget nothing, little prince.
Others also have big dreams, remember.
You have to leave. The police are coming.
Are you insane or what?
Hi, it's Luc. I wanted to ask
if Elsa can come and play with me.
Just for a moment.
You became a detective?
Mmm-hmm. For a year or more.
And? Do you like it?
Yeah. It's what I wanted.
And you?
How long have you been out of jail?
A month.
I messaged you.
But how do you think
I should've responded?
I don't know.
I guess just how you were coping, yeah?
Or just talk about it.
You could have felt less lonely I suppose.
You're working for Draga?
It's just business.
With sex workers. She's a pimp
Seems we've changed
over the last few years, then?
About the prostitute who was murdered,
it looks like the Nigerians were involved.
You find out things which I don't know
and I can find information
which you don't know.
Those days when you were police are over.
To the police.
I have been working
in Luxembourg for five years.
But today I must leave
because the balance of power
has been broken.
The evil spirits are too numerous,
and I fear for my life.
I'm writing to tell you
that I saw two men with Andreea
in the forest that night.
One of them was Dominik Draga.
The other, I don't know.
I did not understand
the tragedy that was coming.
I did not understand
the wind in the branches
and the animals becoming silent.
I'm sorry.
Please save us from the dark spirits.
Grace Onu.
The conversation between
Draga and Koenig is on the stick.
It's got a built-in microphone.
Have you taken the job on?
Did I have a choice?
There you go.
Starting at 200.
So, yeah, what do you want?
Don't you want to go to my place?
You don't talk much, do you?
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