Capitani (2019) s02e03 Episode Script

Hit or Run

You've always had a choice.
You could've stayed locked up in prison.
That's what I've missed all these years.
A cop who's funny.
Over the years,
I've heard it all, but never that.
That you're amusing?
That I'm a cop.
Cojocaru Pascale.
To you "Cousin Paulette".
I'm the link to the prosecutor.
The two of us are the only ones
who know about your mission.
What did Draga and Koenig discuss?
Valentina wants to enter
into the drug business together.
She suffered badly
because of the COVID crisis.
She's looking for other ways
to get cash to survive.
Koenig has fared better. He doesn't
want to be involved in drug trafficking.
Would Valentina dare to go alone?
He said that's forbidden.
He can do that?
Valentina used to work for him.
She still owes him.
I've seen photos of the dead prostitute.
Andreea Popescu.
Valentina's convinced
the Nigerians are involved.
- Could it be true?
- It certainly could be possible.
Hmm. Any progress with the Blue Diamond?
There is definitely no doubt
that something is going on.
Maybe some kind of parallel brothel.
Minors could be involved.
But I haven't confirmed that yet.
We need a warrant to force our way in.
We need evidence for that.
One of Valentina's girls
has had this experience.
She's already told me.
I'll keep digging.
You're good at getting people talking.
The prison psychologist said
that I'm a "pathological manipulator".
You can't deny that.
For 15 years you hid a murder, didn't you?
[exhales sharply]
[tense music playing]
[inhales deeply]
The prosecutor is specifically concerned
with King Gibbes, you understand.
Are you directly in touch with him?
Not yet.
The prosecutor's office
has 20 years of frustration built up.
There are at least
half a dozen deaths that we know about.
[scoffs] But it's never by his own touch.
His hands are clean.
Elsa Ley is part
of the special unit around here.
Is that a coincidence?
No idea who that is.
But, erm, that's an advantage
to have someone in the Snow White Unit
that you've worked with.
You can get information
that I can't help with.
I want to be absolutely clear, Capitani.
You belong in prison and nowhere else.
[opening theme music playing]
[suspenseful music playing]
[tyres squeal]
- [Elsa exhales]
- Hey.
[Elsa gasps] Hmm.
Oh, fuck!
[sighs] How long have I slept for?
It's morning.
[rain pattering]
So why was I just left?
Why would I wake you?
Nothing's happened until ten minutes ago.
Another prostitute has been found dead.
[Elsa sighs]
The Crimes Unit is already on the scene.
There was no point in waking you.
Oh, shit. My head hurts like hell.
Take this. Coffee without sugar.
Black, just the way you like it.
Mmm. That will definitely help out.
[engine starts]
[siren wailing]
[tense music playing]
- [police radio chirps]
- [indistinct chatter]
[woman 1] Excuse me. What's happened?
[woman 2] Excuse me. What's happened?
[man 1] I don't know.
[man 2] I didn't hear anything. Terrible.
[chatter continues indistinctly]
[officer 1 over radio] Lima 2-0
I'm at the site now.
[woman 2] I can't believe it.
[officer 1] In position,
I'll await further instructions, over.
[Toni] Mmm-hmm.
[Elsa] Thanks.
[sombre music playing]
[officer 2 over radio]
Lima 1, this is Lima 2.
Erm, on my way.
ETA, five minutes.
[officer 3 over radio] Lima 1 to Lima 2-0
[chatter continues over radio]
[Capitani] Thanks.
- Have you found something?
- You've got some nerve.
Is there anything unusual?
Luc, it doesn't work like that.
How does your unit work
without informants?
Don't make out you're a professional.
You're a murderer.
- [Elsa] He didn't get sentenced.
- Yeah.
Is that one of Draga's girls?
Pink wig? I think she worked for Koenig.
So first, it was one of Draga's
and now one of Koenig's?
Is that Valentina's revenge?
I'm asking you.
It's a two-way deal. I won't say it again.
Have your turn then.
What do you mean by "anything unusual"?
Bones of a chicken and some feathers,
placed like in a ritual by some cult.
- What're you talking about?
- There are rituals in Africa.
Many Nigerians are in this neighbourhood.
They don't care if they leave a trail.
Nigerian mafia has been spotted in Metz.
That's classified information.
If you also find this stuff by this woman,
then these are the potential murderers.
And you won't get close to them.
Says who?
These guys don't talk.
They're like a clan.
You won't get them apart.
So tell us your plan?
I'm taking different approaches.
But you need to loosen up
for them to succeed.
This Capitani should speak
to the old Capitani
and save us some trouble.
[mysterious music playing]
[door opens]
- Tell me you've spoken to the police.
- I haven't. I couldn't tell them anything.
I haven't seen anything.
[Bianca] Not tell them, but ask them.
You don't know who it was or what.
- [Ludovic] I have no idea.
- But you were there!
No, I wasn't there, I swear.
Luc, has another girl been murdered?
Yeah, that's right.
Who is she?
I'm not sure of her real name.
She was wearing a pink wig.
[door opens]
[breath trembling]
[tense music playing]
[mobile beeps]
[line ringing]
Answer. Please answer.
Come on, come on.
[over voicemail] Pink Panther speaking.
Leave me a message and I'll call you
You knew her?
[crying] It's Grace,
a best friend of mine.
I'm truly sorry.
[sobbing] Grace hadn't been
doing so well these last few days.
She didn't speak to you?
- No.
- Oh.
- Do you know what she wanted me for?
- [sobbing] She'd seen Andreea.
The night she was murdered.
She found that strange because Andreea,
she was the new girl,
that meant she hardly left the cabaret.
But I think she saw something else.
- What?
- She didn't tell me.
I have absolutely no idea. [sighs]
I told you that Valentina
and Dom were always there.
But above all,
it was Grace who was my saviour.
Through it all.
Your time with the Albanians?
The brothers from Albania
had taken over the Blue Diamond
to organise special nights.
That's how I ended up in Luxembourg.
And when was that?
[hesitates, sniffles]
I was 16.
We were living in a maisonette in France.
We'd get transported to different places.
The soirees took place
however at the Blue Diamond,
every last Tuesday of the month.
They have a secret cellar there.
And Grace also took part?
I got to know her at a very grand soiree
with different girls on offer.
We had an opportunity
to have a break together,
and we liked each other straight away.
After that,
she convinced Koenig to pay me off.
He already knew the Albanians
because he had sold them the Blue Diamond.
And that's easy, to pay someone off?
When you arrive here,
you have a huge debt that you owe.
I guess it's like a bank
buying your loan from another bank.
Koenig gave me to Valentina.
Valentina waited till I was 18
to make me work for her.
And these soirees at the Blue Diamond,
are they still on?
Always the last Tuesday of the month.
You need to ask for a special cocktail.
[tense music playing]
Without alcohol?
A Virgin Mary.
The Albanians organise
soirees with underage girls
at the Blue Diamond
every last Tuesday of the month.
[Pascale] That's tonight.
A girl from Valentina's will testify.
She's talked to me.
Inform the prosecutor immediately.
[Pascale sighs] I need
more time, Capitani.
Knowing of these soirees and doing nothing
makes you as bad as they are.
[Pascale] How reliable is your source?
I'd be risking a lot with this.
Come on. I'm the one inside The Carat.
Nobody is risking as much as me!
[Pascale] That's not good enough.
[Capitani sighs]
And if I went in there
- and gave you a
- [door opens]
[softly] And gave you
a green light from inside?
[Pascale] Then we can bust them.
[mobile beeps]
[suspenseful music playing]
[toilet flushes]
Am I in the wrong toilet?
Oh, please. Don't be so prudish.
I've seen more pricks in my life
than a retired urologist, so don't worry.
[Capitani chuckles softly]
- [tap running]
- They found another girl.
Grace. I knew of her.
First Andreea and now one of Koenig's.
What does he say about it?
Oh, there's no point
asking what he thinks.
Not until we have something concrete.
Who was that on the telephone?
[tense music playing]
My contact at the police.
There's a special intervention unit
watching the dealers.
They think there's
an entire mafia behind them.
So I was right?
[exhales] Why would the Nigerians
kill one of their own?
They could have killed anybody else.
Because it was with us
she had been working.
That makes her a traitor.
So tell me, do you often phone the police?
Every now and then.
[Valentina sighs]
Oh, by the way,
the Blue Diamond's
gonna need a new proprietor.
Keep your ears open.
[door opens and closes]
[mysterious music playing]
[dance music playing over speakers]
[Gibbes] Don't worry, she'll never be
as good as you. [chuckles]
Oh, look, here comes daddy's boy.
The new one has
a pretty solid arse, right? [laughs]
Go and sit elsewhere.
- Get dressed.
- Okay.
What is going on?
Why did she have to leave?
Grace is dead. She was murdered.
- What?
- Our Grace.
Pink Panther?
[Arthur] Hmm.
Oh, she was one of my favourites.
I don't know who's running this show!
And if the Nigerians are involved?
As Valentina believes?
But why? To sell their drugs everywhere?
To test us. To see how far they can go.
To push us out?
Well, I'd like to see them attempt it.
Clients haven't been
storming our door for a long time.
With a couple of new arses,
that won't happen.
We're drowning, Papa. We have to react.
By selling snow ourselves or what?
If we can make enough money
to keep what is ours, then yes.
- What's mine, that is.
- Naturally, what's yours.
Everything's yours.
That's why I'm working 18 hours a day.
You're being a good prince, my son.
If you're right about the Nigerians
Then we'll crush those fuckers.
Do you have something for me?
What can you tell me about these two?
[Capitani] Dominik Draga, Valentina's son.
A spoiled brat. Not particularly talented.
Arthur Koenig, though, has potential,
but his papa Gibbes doesn't
embrace that. Well, not yet.
And the link between
the Nigerians and the Koenigs?
They both use African women, yeah?
I mean, concerning drugs.
Wouldn't have thought so.
Gibbes is relatively old school
and he hates junkies.
[Elsa] Hmm.
Bones of a chicken and a plume of feathers
at the crime scene in the girl's hands.
How did you know that?
[Capitani breathes deeply]
[Elsa sighs]
I had been to the crime scene
before any of the police.
How is that possible?
Colleagues of Andreea
were worried about her
and approached me to look for her.
I just tuned into the police radio.
Who gave you this job then?
Indirectly, Valentina.
She was her boss after all.
My only desire is to find out who did this
so it doesn't happen to anyone else.
These women have to
fend for themselves, you know.
And these objects
have something to do with the Nigerians?
It's possible that some of them came
from a region where voodoo is practised.
The feathers and bones
are some sort of message.
For who?
For everybody.
The Albanians and the Luxembourgers.
Gibbes and Valentina are afraid of war.
Yeah, well, with internal warfare,
criminals can get on with it.
[scoffs] And the dead women, yeah?
[sombre music playing]
Want something?
[speaking French]
[in English] Piss off.
Or I'll kick the shit out of you.
Idiots like you, I eat for breakfast,
do you understand?
Why are you laughing, you moron?
Not bad, huh?
Yeah, fuck off.
- [lighter flicks]
- [Elsa] You smoke?
I'd given up for 12 years.
Until I went to prison.
And you don't eat crisps
all day long any more.
[both chuckle]
No. Now, I'm just a caffeine addict.
[skateboards rattling]
[solemn music playing]
I'm sorry for never answering
the letters you sent.
Did you even read them?
I didn't want pity.
And you?
I still often see my mum and
Yeah, I moved in with my partner.
I mean, I'm okay.
I'll contact you as soon as I know more.
I presume I can rely on you
to keep Valentina's business out of this?
[Elsa] Hmm.
[sombre music playing]
[softly] Elsa, how did it go?
Seems like the Nigerians are responsible.
Oh, shit! Okay. Anything else?
Isn't that enough for now?
It's a long time you were together.
[Elsa sighs]
Putain! Don't walk away from me.
[tense music playing]
[both breathing heavily]
That hurts. Back off.
Capitani managed to save my life.
That kind of thing is unforgettable.
You can't have blind faith in him.
Just to be clear, Toni,
you better not try to boss me around.
[dance music playing over speakers]
[indistinct chatter]
[whispering] I have
something special for you.
My girl will follow you.
[woman] Do you want a private dance?
[man] Would you like another one of those?
I'll buy you one.
[in normal voice] My darlings, come on.
- [snaps fingers]
- [music stops]
[indistinct chatter]
Hello, gentlemen.
I have a private show for you
that I've organised next door.
- On the house.
- [man laughs]
That's an offer I can't refuse.
Ah, you're welcome.
Andreea was like a daughter to me.
No one will be able to replace her.
[Valentina inhales deeply]
As you know [sighs]
Grace Onu was found dead today.
Although she wasn't
part of our family here,
many of you knew her very well.
[inhales deeply]
The loss of her and that of Andreea
creates a rift
and a deep hole in our community.
Most important thing now
is that we all stay united
and take care of each other.
You must not
just get involved with anybody.
If they seem at all strange,
you must stop, yeah?
Immediately tell someone.
Report it to me or to Ludovic.
You can talk to me about anything.
My door is always open for you.
At the same time,
I have an ex-policeman investigating
to find out who killed Grace and Andreea.
Now try to take your minds off
what's happening, yeah?
Enjoy yourselves,
drink and laugh with the men.
Merci beaucoup.
[dance music resumes]
[Dominik] Nice speech.
[Valentina sighs]
[Valentina] Can you leave us please?
[Bianca] Yeah.
Bianca told me that the cop asked her
questions about Grace earlier.
What gives him the right to do that?
Bianca works for us, just like Luc.
I'll explain it to you once more,
simply and clearly,
so that even you will understand.
Stop putting your dick in our girls.
She is not just one of them.
I love her and I want Bianca
to stop with the clients.
She can work behind the bar.
And is that what she wants to do? Merci.
I haven't talked about it with her yet.
Bianca earns in a week
more than you do in a month.
Why should she give that up? For love?
Then pay me more.
With me, everyone gets
exactly what they deserve.
[door opens]
How are you?
Please, I made a reservation for you.
[door opens]
[door closes]
[coins clattering]
You have to do better than this.
I will. I'm sorry.
Lucky? Do you have a sister here?
You know you cannot lie to me, huh?
Yeah, er, I have a sister here.
[sombre music playing]
[club music playing over speakers]
[suspenseful music playing]
[mobile vibrating]
I've got the perfect girl for you. Okay?
Can you please take care of the client?
[suspenseful music continues]
[punches thudding]
[dramatic music playing]
[music fades]
[rap song playing]
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