Capitani (2019) s02e04 Episode Script

Until the First Approaches You

I'm really impressed.
I knew you'd prove to be useful.
It's all just part of my job.
Here you are, my darling.
You definitely deserve it.
your establishment in Messancy
isn't going very well either.
If we don't start seeing profits,
and quickly, that is,
- er, we will have to close down.
- What is this shit?
We should start keeping parallel accounts
for your new business ventures.
With the new trafficking, we might
- New trafficking?
- Merci, enough.
- But
- We'll be in touch.
- Hmm.
- Why are you getting rid of him?
I'll explain everything.
You better.
But that's not short-scale trafficking
any more, is it?
That's trafficking
that can save your business.
My business is all good.
That moron has no idea.
Haven't you seen what he's saying?
We'll be under.
Since COVID, the consumption of drugs
has immeasurably gone up.
Everything with the girls
- has slipped away.
- Yeah.
My accounts from
drug trafficking from the last months.
Pap, please, take a look.
We've only been dealing a little,
and only outside of the country,
but look at these sums.
Without that money,
your villa in Majorca
would have to be sold.
Where would you spend your retirement?
- How are you doing?
- Fine.
Do you have a spare minute?
Er, sure.
I wanted to thank you
for what you did for me.
Er, it's nothing.
I wouldn't say that.
Well, it's my job.
Is there anything I can do
to show you I'm grateful?
I could give you a
a special blow job if you want.
Or something else.
- It's free.
- No, thank you. I was doing my job.
It's, er, fine.
I don't need anything in return.
Or I can also ask another girl
if you prefer?
No, no, I It's not about that.
You're very lovely.
But it's okay, that's all.
Okay. If you change your mind,
you know I'm here.
Er, wait, wait.
Was this your idea
or were you told to do it?
Dominik told me I should offer.
But it's not a problem.
Yeah. That's okay then.
A raid was carried out last night
in the train station district of the city.
The raid was carried out
following a tip-off
that secret and illegal soirées
were being organised there.
These soirées, which mainly consisted
of adults and swingers,
were deemed to be illegal due to the fact
that they included prostitutes
- and also minors.
- The police raid was executed
- Bianca.
- by order of the prosecutor's office.
At the time of the raid,
half a dozen underage
One of the owners, a 45-year-old man
They finally
shut that fucking place down.
was arrested.
Following his arrest,
he is due to appear before
the investigating judge today.
At the same time,
the alleged clients in attendance
- will also appear in court.
- My
According to our sources
My mother thinks the Blue Diamond
needs a new owner.
What? Are you serious?
The authorities
are applying a zero-tolerance policy
You must be joking.
That place has to disappear.
I'll take care of it.
Bianca, I'm here for you.
We are doing all we can to
help them access the support they need
at this difficult time.
Man, you saved my life.
It's a nightmare
with all these cops around.
Hear anything about the dead prostitute?
Man, I know nothing.
I know nothing. Nada.
You know nothing?
- Okay, I heard things.
- What things?
They talk about
a Black prostitute, Pink Panther.
An African girl with a pink wig, you know?
I don't know her name,
but she's very beautiful.
My friend Tiago, he fucked her.
Maybe not. He don't have money for drugs,
how can he pay a Black prostitute?
- Okay, okay, okay. Take it.
- That's all I know, you know.
Thanks, man. Chill.
The investigation points
to a ritual murder of African origins.
I don't understand the world any more.
Prince and I talked about it.
It's time to give
the entire business over to him.
If we're getting into the drugs business,
I mean, it'll be better
if he deals with that.
What'll happen to the Blue Diamond?
What? They're barely in prison,
you already want to take it over?
If it's not me, there will come another.
You shouldn't have sold the club.
You learned a lot from me, huh?
Okay, but with the same conditions.
Fifteen percent.
I have a job for you.
Good payout.
I'm listening.
The king has finally taken the bait.
- And what's the plan?
- Oh.
You must make that decision.
You know, you and the, er, prince.
The prince?
Not over the phone.
Come over tomorrow.
And me?
My God!
Are you completely fucked?
Koenig and Draga it should be,
not Koenig and Capitani.
Arthur knows it all. And he's not afraid
to get his hands dirty for me.
I need someone on his level,
you understand?
If you're expecting me to prove something,
why don't you let me do anything?
You serious? Every day you prove
how much you still have to learn.
And that begins with
your behaviour with the women.
Not everyone wants to stay alone like you.
That isn't normal.
Your life, let me tell you, is not normal.
It's cruel.
And dangerous.
Much more dangerous than you think.
Are you worried about me?
I'm most concerned
that the plan won't even be achieved.
And for that to happen, I need the best.
Luc will handle it.
- And? Do you want a beer?
- Not at the moment. Valentina needs me.
And Arthur, right?
- Counter-attack against the Nigerians?
- I guess.
Don't you think that should be my role?
Discuss that with your mum.
Who's a good little puppy dog?
You think you're
better than me, don't you?
Hey, let me know how you get on.
Give me some space.
Come on, get in.
I hope you're hungry.
You like an early party.
I know what you're thinking.
"This guy's another spoiled brat."
But I never party.
Coke helps me with my thinking.
I'm perfectly aware
of my responsibilities.
We're a company that gives
a lot of people a good deal of work.
We keep the night economy running.
It's lovely here.
It's my little castle.
My pap finds all of this too snobby.
I find it perfect.
- Do you like it?
- Hmm? Yeah.
It's a Grand Cru. Classic.
You were in prison, I've been told.
- That must've been tough for a cop, huh?
- Ex-cop.
Yeah. It's what I deserved.
Whatever. Forget that.
What do you want done?
You don't mess around, huh?
A true Minett trait.
We have to identify
who's supplying the Nigerians, however.
Then we'll make him a better offer.
If he should refuse it
What do you think?
That's a war you'd be starting.
A war you'd risk losing.
If they found out it was us that did it.
Okay, let's imagine that
we get into business with their supplier.
How do you propose we get 'em out there?
Secrets of a professional.
I'll take care of that.
You take care of the supplier.
I already have a plan.
Secrets of a professional.
We don't want to
import more crime.
That's what I told him.
Easiest if the Nigerians' product
fell into the hands
of a police investigation.
It'd mean their losses would be huge.
And save Gibbes and Valentina
from being exposed.
That would mean they're in charge
of the drug trafficking.
With them we'd know
what's going on at least.
The Nigerians will never be infiltrated.
How's it going with Valentina?
She's happy enough. For now.
The prosecutor's office is happy.
The prosecutor congratulates you
for the Blue Diamond.
These spontaneous decisions raise
questions among various departments
like the police and justice.
Your cover can't be blown.
I understand.
We'll be in touch
regarding the Nigerian truck.
If that works out,
I want you to let me go free.
Actually free.
You're tired, you mean?
I'm reminding you of
your side of the arrangement.
You might be a hero to policemen,
but not to me.
I decide when your mission's over.
Not you.
You are in employment.
What's the problem?
Or would you rather be in prison?
You have no understanding of what
this infiltration is like, do you?
I'm still myself and I keep running into
people I know. Your plan's not good.
For you, it may just be a mission.
It's my life.
How much can I buy?
Two grams.
Listen, I have a party
with friends and, er,
I need more.
- A party with your friends?
- Yeah.
With some drugs, girls, and alcohol?
Fuck off.
Fuck off.
Yeah, okay.
It's time, let's go. Lucky.
Let's go.
Faster, faster.
Let's go. Let's go.
Guys, we're being followed.
Let's split, guys. Let's split.
Come on, let's go. Hey!
Yeah, it's me.
We need to meet up.
Of course we're trying to
find out where they live.
But it's a question
of priorities and means.
Most have a right to be here. Or waiting
for their asylum request to be approved.
They can live wherever they want,
but drug-dealing is another matter.
I'm talking about finding out
who their supplier is.
And I'm talking about
an island in the Caribbean.
I suggest that together
we can find what I'm after.
And then with that information
we can do whatever.
- If anyone found out, I'd lose my job.
- Come on.
It's more fun with me than the new guy,
I'd put money on that.
He also brings me coffee.
Just better.
For a freshly defrosted croissant,
what is the theory of your unit?
We basically don't know much.
We're mainly collecting data.
A wire is too complicated.
They have three or four phones each
and none of them are permanent.
They use different dialects
to communicate.
- It's awful for the translators.
- Isn't it possible to track their phones?
I've been doing that.
Or simply follow
I thought it was the prostitutes
you're investigating.
Now you're asking me about drug dealers?
- Trying to imagine who the murderer is.
- You think that's enough?
It's enough
that you're Draga's staff.
It's different, you protecting the girls,
to actively starting a drug war.
If we discover the meeting place of
the Africans, we'll find the murderer.
How should I explain this to Diederich?
To Marc Diederich?
- Is that your chief?
- You know each other?
My dad and him worked together.
- Your father was a policeman?
- Mmm.
He passed away a long time ago.
Diederich isn't stupid.
It's perfectly normal
that you have informants.
Sorry, Luc.
Come in.
What's happening?
Your new friend, Luc Capitani.
That's enough. I'm in no mood
for your jealous outbreaks.
Guess what I've just seen.
A detective from the Special Unit
and him, together in a car.
He has the right to look around
for his own sources.
Instead, tell me where we are
with the Blue Diamond again.
I think we should get rid of him.
Excuse me?
And why is that?
We have to expand.
Someday, you'll want
your own club you'll be in charge of.
Or will you not?
Yeah, of course.
- Fell out of bed, did you?
- Hmm.
"Grace Onu"?
It's not our case.
I know that.
For a moment, I considered there could be
a link between our case and Grace.
Look. One of the dealers' numbers
regularly calls Grace, aka "Pink Panther".
The number's only been activated
a few days ago.
- And it's still active?
- Mmm-hmm.
So, come on then.
Better tell crime?
Maybe it's a false lead.
The Nigerian mafia
has been spotted in Metz.
Maybe we should check ourselves,
before we do that.
Mmm. If there turns out to be
something behind this, that's good.
In the meantime, I'll get the car.
Fuck. You've already kicked off.
You were right. We found a recurring
number in Pink Panther's phone records
which belongs to a dealer.
We're trying to find out whose it is.
Wait, Elsa, wait. What'll you do
when you find who it belongs to?
We'll interrogate him.
You mustn't do that.
He won't talk anyway.
After 24 hours, you'll have to let him go.
And he'll disappear.
That's a risk worth taking.
Elsa, that's bullshit!
I'm hanging up.
Observe and do not arrest.
Putain! Where the fuck is he?
We should try one last time.
There are a lot of them here.
I'm going over there.
Hi. I'm Luc.
I know you.
No. You don't.
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