Capitani (2019) s02e10 Episode Script

You Are Alone

This is RTL News
with Alex Schultz.
Good morning.
A major police operation
was carried out yesterday in Esch.
Following police surveillance,
a drug dealer's
organisational headquarters was raided
uncovering an operation
which has been gaining traction
in the capital city's train station area
over the last few months.
The special intervention unit
of the police force
ended up arresting 20 men and one woman
all of whom are alleged to have been
living together above an empty café.
This café appears to have been the hub and
distribution point of this organization
which has connections
to Italy and Nigeria.
The directorate of the police has hailed
the operation a great success
and the mayor's office
Excuse me, where's Valentina?
- What?
- I'm looking for Valentina.
- She's over there in the VIP room.
- Okay. Thank you.
Gibbes had this club
renovated six months ago.
Everything had to be just as he wanted it.
This was the only room
he left for Arthur to have.
Oh, well.
He had taste in the choices he made.
He did.
To Arthur.
We beat the Nigerians.
Where would I be
if I didn't have you? Hmm?
You knew of their whereabouts.
Yeah, but you arrested them.
Was that revenge?
For Arthur?
What's your theory regarding the raid?
Must have been your ex. Who else?
Why did she give us
the "Grand Eight" then?
To avoid anything untoward happening.
She could've just
given back the 20% advance.
If she hasn't already spent
the money she was given, you know?
Invested it into the next delivery.
Go and amuse yourself a bit.
We all still have a great deal to process.
Welcome back home.
Did I scare you?
What is this, a soirée?
Valentina was thinking about you.
Go. I'm not interested.
Can I change how you feel?
I can be whoever you want.
There isn't anything anywhere.
- Nothing here.
- Fuck!
- What do you want me to do?
- Don't fuck with me.
Look over there. Try down the lane.
And don't say thank you, either.
Yeah. Fuck you!
Hey. You have a cigarette?
A cigarette, yeah?
Come on. Give him one, mate.
There you go.
Cheers, yeah?
What? Are you mad?
Fuck! Are you fucking with me?
What the fuck's that?
It's 100 euros.
- Okay. I'll be back.
- Okay.
- It's not your job to do that.
- I know.
I'm so bored.
No. Don't worry.
In an hour, we'll be opening up.
You can welcome the girls back.
Can I help you?
I just need a minute.
- See you later.
- Hi, girls.
Thank you.
- Hiya.
- That's good.
- Well, it was a very good night.
- Oh. Good. Thanks.
Thank you.
- How was it?
- Not bad.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
Thank you.
- Are you able to speak to me for a second?
- Yeah, what is it?
How long have you been
paying the rent directly to Dominik?
Oh, wow, Madam's already
lost touch with the day-to-day, huh?
Seriously? You really want to fuck me off?
You're fucking me off. Discuss it
with your boyfriend and leave me alone.
You know, if I ask,
I can make him fire you, okay?
Try it, why don't you?
Did you see how much I gave him?
Do you fancy eating? I'm really hungry.
No. I'm just about to open the doors.
We don't need to.
We've earned enough today.
And how come?
Explain it to me.
It's a surprise.
It's my first day,
and already I'm not taken seriously.
Honestly, nobody pays me any respect.
Bianca. Hey.
- Let's go and eat.
- Let me work here.
Cheers. Come on.
Take a break for three minutes.
All right, everyone,
gather around a minute.
"2.5 kilos of cocaine,
15 kilos of marijuana,
89 phones, 12 laptops,
57,000 euros in cash,
and 21 arrests, including Queen Obaseki,
one of the gang's leaders."
I would like to
especially thank one person
without whom none of this
would've been able to happen.
Come over here.
Nice one.
Elsa had the right contacts
on the streets,
which meant
vital information was delivered.
Bravo, Elsa.
- Yeah! Elsa!
- To Elsa.
That was excellent work.
That compliment comes from the top.
- You deserve it.
- Mm.
But Queen isn't the ultimate boss.
These guys are dealing
to send money home to their families.
We were supposed to stop them, and we did.
Take a break for once.
Workaholics aren't so popular.
Elsa. Elsa, wait.
What did he want?
- Nothing.
- You tell him something?
About what?
About what happened yesterday.
- I probably should have.
- Then I'd be facing the inspectorate
If Lucky'd been killed,
you'd be in front of a judge.
I was full of adrenaline.
I didn't know what I was doing.
Sometimes I get carried away, that's all.
But I'm not apologizing for it.
He was an important witness
and that witness has fled.
Okay. Chill.
Hey. Hey.
Can I come over?
Probably need to relax,
you know?
I think it's best
we don't do that anymore.
Look, if you're such an idealist,
maybe just turn me in.
I don't want to harm the Special Unit.
But don't do this again.
Elsa, come on, please.
Are you insane?
I've been trying
to reach you all morning.
How dare you tell the Special Unit
about the "Grand Eight"?
- Information only I should have.
- Information you'll do nothing with.
Would've been more useful to have the café
under surveillance and to get more intel.
- It was time to give Elsa something.
- What did you get from her?
Vengeance against the Nigerians.
For Arthur's death.
Valentina said that she wanted it so.
It's definitely better for both of us.
You can't make that call without
a discussion. There are procedures.
There was no other option.
Gone is the confidence we established.
I never had any.
What do you want out of this actually?
And don't go on about your weapon again.
Not worth it.
You're not able to help with that.
I can't give it to you,
but I did look for it.
It's not among the material processed.
Otherwise you wouldn't be here helping.
No mention of it being found in Carla's
apartment in 2019 following the search.
What does that mean?
You don't know were it is?
Or you don't believe
I'm being blackmailed by your boss?
In that case, I'm done.
Be reasonable. I'll keep searching.
- I'm sorry. I didn't have any choice.
- Don't worry.
What is this, Ley?
What's going on?
- Hmm?
- What are you doing?
My team is partying,
I'm here feeling like shit.
That's your doing.
Defend yourself!
Didn't you learn anything in prison
aside from manipulating and lying?
Come on, Elsa.
We all good now?
Now we're all good.
Thirty Nigerians
were living in the "Grand Eight".
Less than 100 square metres, one toilet.
There are 100 good reasons
why the café should've closed.
And who's helping them after that?
The system is only interested
in people who are there,
not those who fall out.
The system.
I get commended
for locking up poor people,
but actually all that happens,
space opens for the next ones.
What about Lucky?
He got away.
You have an amazing right hook.
I decided to take up boxing
when I left the clinic
and had to stay home for months.
I literally lost it.
I was ready to move on.
And so?
I haven't moved.
You're usually good at moving on, though.
Starting on me again already, huh?
I kept thinking at the funeral
that you'd be coming.
It was horrible.
The entire village was there.
Some cried as if it were their own family,
the others just there
to stare at everyone.
Her mother was completely inconsolable.
Wait, the mother of who was there?
Jenny Engel's.
Jenny is dead? What
Since when?
A year or more.
Why did she die?
She lived a couple more years,
I guess, as Tanja.
Couldn't take any more.
That's when, against the will
of her mother, she came out as Jenny.
And admitted that Tanja was pushed by her.
The entire village was completely shocked.
Her friends didn't want
anything to do with her.
Her mother was struggling psychologically
and was sectioned soon after.
You really didn't know about it?
It was all over the newspapers, Luc.
And in my letters.
I thought I was helping her
by not exposing her.
She was suddenly all alone,
with an investigation targeting her.
On her birthday,
she drowned herself in the lake.
A goodbye letter was found,
but nothing more.
Except her shoes.
That was last year in May.
I wanted her to stay.
Tanja couldn't leave.
Not forever.
But Jenny doesn't deserve any better.
Tanja couldn't leave.
Not forever.
But Jenny doesn't deserve any better.
Come back!
Come home!
Everybody thinks that.
Jenny, no!
- Thanks for coming.
- Of course.
I'd understand if you didn't believe me.
I don't wanna talk about it, okay?
So why are we here?
My brother is in danger.
He's been locked up
or kidnapped or both of them.
But when he called the other day,
he was completely desperate.
He travelled to this country for me.
I can't abandon him now.
But I'm not able to find him.
You mustn't stay here. It's dangerous.
I'll be able to find him, don't worry.
You mean it?
That's providing you
You're prepared to leave together,
away from here, okay?
Give him a message from me.
Tell him that
he'll know where to find me.
Write it for me.
I will look for him and find him.
I promise.
I assure you, Dominik wasn't involved.
Make sure you keep safe, Bianca.
I love you.
Same to you, Grace.
I will miss you even more.
Your sofa's shit.
Says the person who sits
for 12 hours a day in the back of a van.
Giving me the "Grand Eight"
was to help Valentina, wasn't it?
I, er
It was helpful for everyone.
Why are you doing that?
You can't dance
at two weddings at the same time.
It's imperative I leave.
You're never gonna get out.
And the dead prostitutes?
You never finish what you start.
You just abandon people every time.
- Oh, yeah. Putain.
- It's fine.
- Hi.
- I saw Grace.
She's desperate for Lucky.
She assumes he's in danger.
- We have to find him and take him to her.
- Yeah, and where is that?
Didn't tell me. It's a secret.
And I don't know where Lucky is.
He wasn't arrested with the others.
So what can we do then?
I'll listen to the police radio.
Maybe they will find him.
Nobody's seen him again on the streets.
Are there drugs back on the street?
Search me.
The Italian truck
never arrived at its destination?
Nobody's seen it since.
You're sure?
Unless there's another.
A third party aware of
what's going on, deceiving us all.
Us, the Nigerians and Carla.
Who's Carla?
She organized the transport
for the Nigerians.
But if it's the Nigerians
who were double-crossed,
they're gonna think
that Carla was behind it.
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