Capitani (2019) s02e12 Episode Script

You Should Know What's Best

- I'm glad you know about this at last.
- Could you take the time to explain it?
Come on, don't make
a big deal of it, yeah?
I too only found out recently
what had happened.
You're saying that he planned this?
With Ludovic.
So there was never a plan
for the Nigerian mafia?
It's a little crazy, yeah, but
I'm actually surprisingly proud of him.
I really underestimated him.
You sure about that?
"Proud"? That he's a murderer?
And why would you say that?
He ruined the plan that was made by us.
A truck was stolen from us.
Four people were shot because of him.
Ah, but it was all for us he did it.
You really must see
the grand scheme of things.
We've never been
in a better position than right now.
And Carla?
Come on, please,
enough of this Carla, yeah?
She could have put you
behind bars at any moment.
I can't always control my son.
He is
- He is unpredictable, I admit.
- And you don't bother to do anything?
It was for me he did it.
For his mother.
Where are you going?
It's time.
Let's go.
Don't freak out.
I'm on my way.
Just get here.
I'm not doing this on my own.
- Toni.
- I'm in a hurry.
Toni, where are you going?
- Please, hang on.
- What is it?
I just wanted to tell you,
about yesterday, I'm sorry
I'm not myself at the moment.
And I'm sorry.
It's not your fault.
Okay, cool. Merci.
Where are you going?
I'll tell you later on.
Are you fucking with me?
We're a team.
I'm coming.
You're bleeding.
Why are you bleeding?
You wanted to make me believe that
it was Dominik who'd planned everything.
I allowed you to believe
what you wanted to believe.
You had it all planned.
All along.
Everybody's none the wiser.
Thanks to you.
Such a lot of death, Valentina.
For what?
It's because sometimes you must destroy
in order to build something new.
Putain, Bianca.
Where the fuck are you going?
"To build"?
I think it's more like stealing,
don't you?
I know what it takes
to make things happen.
For fuck's sake.
What are you doing here?
How many more people will you kill?
- Gonna kill me as well?
- Hey!
Buy why? Why did you kill the girls?
For ten kilos of coke?
I didn't do it!
Who did then?
- What's the problem here?
- What the bloody hell is she doing here?
I swear to you, I didn't do it.
You have to believe me, Bianca.
What's the matter?
Who's in the car?
They need to get out. He needs to go!
- Stay behind me. I'm your protection.
- From who?
Get out! Now!
Do you not find it difficult?
Oh, I never said it was easy.
Your whole life ends up in peril.
You never dirty your hands, do you?
I don't force anyone to do anything.
And not even Dominik?
I love my son.
Exactly the way he is.
Are you mad?
Who did you think you were shooting?
Where is Lucky?
He's safe.
Luc, what are you doing?
We wanted to know
who's chasing after Lucky.
And it's slowly becoming clearer.
I helped him track down Grace.
He's en route.
What the hell have you done?
Bianca, we're in a right fucking mess!
I assure you I'm no murderer.
- Bianca, you must believe that.
- Get off me!
It's him!
Toni, what's left?
He's scared!
Toni is the murderer!
You have to stay calm, Elsa.
Toni, what's left to tell me?
Oh, merde.
Elsa, I need you now.
Don't tell me you're gonna
help this murderer, Elsa?
Toni, why don't you explain
what's happening here, huh?
Dominik, move away.
Just move and we'll speak later.
Come on.
- But we're a team, Elsa.
- Drop your weapon and then you can talk.
There's nothing to talk about.
You're on my side. Mine!
Where's Grace?
Ah, putain! That's enough of that!
I can't have her talking to anybody.
But why? Why can't she talk
if you weren't responsible for Andreea?
It should've been me doing it,
but I couldn't manage it.
I couldn't do it, Bianca.
And then I called the officer.
- And you got help from this officer?
- Yeah.
And Grace saw you?
Yeah. Putain.
That policeman is a a beast.
And what was it to do with Andreea?
Nothing. She
was murdered as motivation.
To convince Gibbes to take action.
There aren't any
Nigerian killers, are there?
Valentina made it all up.
And the two victims?
Toni was responsible for both.
That can't be right, we were on a shift.
We spent the whole night in the submarine.
I even slept for a bit.
I dozed off.
You sick bastard.
You spiked the coffee you gave me.
My God, you're completely sick.
And now?
Lucky has fled.
What are you gonna do from here?
You can't prove anything.
So what are you gonna do from here?
Simply shoot me?
This asshole's been working for Valentina
all along and you didn't even notice.
Hands up! Do as you're told!
Put it down and get rid of it!
You butchered that woman.
She was viciously cut,
how could you do it?
Knives come easy to me.
You know how it is, Capitani.
To kill someone.
You know that there is nothing better.
And what about Dominik's role?
Dominik is weak,
and he always has been.
Valentina needs me.
Dominik isn't weak.
He's just not as full of hate as you.
He's normal.
Well, if Bianca hadn't seduced him,
he would've become even stronger.
See, the people I need are broken.
The abnormal.
But there's still hope for you.
You've become free and rich.
That was always the plan,
so what are you going to do?
If you tell them everything,
just confess it all, you're okay.
We're so involved
in this bullshit, Bianca.
- I expect Luc will eliminate that bastard.
- And then?
It'll end there.
All that's left is for you
to kill Grace and Lucky, am I right?
Is that all, huh? You fucker.
What about me? Would you have killed me?
Weaklings must die, yeah?
All of them.
You're completely insane.
Elsa, rise above what he's saying.
Cuff him!
I won't be making it
that easy for you, Elsa.
What was I doing?
Putain! How could I?
I can already smell you, Elsa.
You're not angry at me, are you?
You don't deal with emotion.
You just ignore it.
You just ignore it as ever.
You choke yourself. There's nothing left.
That's right, yeah?
I'm the only one who understands you.
The only one who sees your pain.
Because I feel it, you know.
We're the same.
You sick bastard!
Elsa, come here.
Elsa, leave it.
Elsa, you're not a murderer.
He's manipulating you.
And thus
all evidence has been destroyed.
Thank you.
Why didn't you tell me about everything?
You know how much I think of you.
But I couldn't tell you all this.
You had to be undercover for me,
you could say.
And people are more believable
when they don't know the truth.
You convinced them all.
Gibbes, Arthur, even Bianca.
It's important you're aware of this.
There's nothing else
I lied to you about what happened.
And I didn't do this
out of greed or some bloodlust.
It was only to be free, you know.
What you don't get, you have to take.
When will it all stop, Valentina?
You have too much
blood on your hands to really be free.
What is this?
You're not going to change sides, are you?
There's no turning back, Valentina.
Don't do this.
The suffering you've caused everyone.
You're talking to me about suffering
when you have no comprehension of it.
Your time is up.
I am not finished yet.
You won't destroy me.
Oh, no.
And what now?
We get on with it.
With what?
Rebuilding a life.
Only better.
It's easier than it should be.
There's no need to be hard on yourself.
Hmph, there is.
Toni isn't Steve.
Steve loved you in a twisted
and selfish manner, whatever.
Toni was a psychopath, totally different.
It's true that I wasn't wrong about you.
Message, yeah?
And you?
At the moment I saw the knife
for a short moment,
I thought that was it.
I really felt that it was over.
And I felt okay.
Come here.
Thank you.
- Any news regarding Lucky Onu?
- Mores dropped him off.
Whereabouts will they go?
Mmm. No idea.
So Toni Scholtes
was a childhood friend of Dominik.
I thought Valentina
must've found him on the darknet.
Hmm. It's even worse.
Toni is the son of
one of Valentina's colleagues,
back when she was also a prostitute.
But she died from an overdose
when she was 21.
Valentina took Toni under her wing.
She was still working
for Gibbes back then.
He wasn't happy about that at all
and didn't treat the boy well.
Hmm. I'm sure.
Gradually, Toni became
more and more erratic.
Panic attacks, hyperaggressive as well.
Valentina couldn't control him any more.
- That's when he was sent to the home?
- Yeah, that's it.
At what point they met again
we're not sure about.
Whenever it happened,
he became her marionette.
There are two sides, though.
Toni had his own history with Gibbes,
nobody was a puppet.
And Toni was also the one who
warned off the French customs officers.
The prosecutor's closing the case.
The image of the customs office
can't be tainted.
And Carla?
That wasn't Toni, was it?
The Belgian police
arrested Albuquerque a few days ago.
He confessed to the murder.
He was working
for the Italians, it turns out.
And they felt betrayed by that.
Not great, I'm afraid.
Léa, we're not on holiday here.
Léa, come on, take the bottle, will you?
Why is that with you?
- You coming with me?
- Where?
Come on.
Valentina has suggested
a deal with the public prosecutor's office
for herself and for her son.
She's handed over the drugs recovered,
and is now working for us as an informer.
In return, there won't be prosecutions.
Valentina can continue with her business.
It's disgusting, but it is so.
You'll get over it.
A colleague showed me
what's written in your file.
Your confession.
It's looking good for you.
For your belief, that is.
It's the complicated ones I like.
We'll work together again, maybe.
Hopefully not.
You know you don't have to move on.
I'm not being forced to stay, though.
The final closure of the Blue Diamond,
that was you.
You're a complete stranger to me,
but you're the one
who lied to me the least.
And what are you planning to do?
No plans yet.
This belonged to Andreea Popescu.
Saint Nicholas?
Mm. He's also the patron
of voyagers and navigators.
Maybe it's more suitable for you.
Not anymore.
You know, you deserve a break.
What was I
supposed to say to that?
They just looked at each other.
- I'll be back in a minute.
- Okay. I'll see you later.
Are you gonna have one?
You're still so weird.
You caught anything?
Hey, how are you?
I'm all good.
What do you reckon?
Think you'll catch anything?
I'm sorry.
I would have preferred better justice.
There are many definitions
of justice, though.
And each person is
willing to pay a different price for it.
Their freedom.
Their honour.
Even though that price
is often way too high.
This is from Monsieur Koenig.
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