Captains of the World (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Great Expectations

[wind howling]
[commentator 1] Across every
continent on the face of the globe,
to every lover of the game
wherever you are
[commentator 2 in French] 133rd game
[commentator 1 in English]
whatever time of day or night
It is now that we establish
which, of Argentina and France,
will become the owners, for four years,
of that most famous piece of gold.
[coach in French]
Nothing is going to stop us today.
Let's play our game!
Give everything you've got!
Let's get that third star!
[indistinct chatter]
[loud cheering]
[commentator 1 in English]
That is the World Cup.
Lionel Messi stares up at his final peak.
Kylian Mbappé prowls
in the foothills of greatness.
From the Andes to the Alps,
from River Plate
to the banks of the Seine,
our planet unites
around its ultimate game.
The time is nigh.
[whistle blows]
[muezzin calling to prayer]
- [loud drum music]
- [audience chanting]
[in Spanish] The World Cup
has that special something.
It hits you deeply
and it stirs up deep emotions.
[Laurens in English] The World Cup
is always amazing.
Every country has their own stories,
every player has their own narrative.
[airplane engine roaring]
- [cameras clicking]
- [people clamoring]
[in French] The World Cup is simply
the greatest competition.
Now, all behind the Blues.
[Mbappé] Messi and Cristiano,
they're better players than me.
But I tell myself I'm the best.
[commentator] Kylian Mbappé!
[Messi in Spanish] It's my last chance
to achieve my greatest dream.
But this is a World Cup
and it's really tough.
We destroyed you, loser! [bleep]
[Ronaldo in Portuguese]
Some people like me, some people don't.
But I'm proud of everything I've done.
It wouldn't be fair to ask for more.
[loud cheering]
[Busquets in Spanish] Spain are
at a point of generational change
with a very young team.
[indistinct chatter]
Nice one!
- One, two, three!
- [all] Win, win, win!
Let's go!
[Silva in Portuguese]
We're the Brazilian squad.
We're important.
Whether you like it or not,
it brings a lot of pressure.
If you lose in Brazil, they kill you.
[commentator exclaiming]
[Kane in English] The World Cup is the
highest pressure tournament you'll play.
The hype around the game
Go and win this fucking game. Come on!
[Kane] The rivalries amongst the teams.
[Bale] You have the best team
from South America, North America,
Asia, Africa.
[singing in native language]
[Martinez in Spanish]
The World Cup is madness.
It's madness, it's irrational.
This passion is very hard to explain.
[in French] We know we can do
something historic.
We want to keep making people dream.
[Yoshida in Japanese] It was a reminder
that one mistake
can make a big difference
at the World Cup.
[Adams in English] Going into a World Cup,
you know that
one team leaves the World Cup happy.
If we have to drag you off that pitch,
we will.
[in Japanese] We're going to fight again!
Let's win, come on!
[players shouting]
[Adams in English]
Four teams in a group.
The top two teams
make it out of the group.
[all chanting]
- Get over here!
- We ain't going, skip!
- [in Croatian] Above all
- Croatia!
[Adams in English] You don't wanna be
stuck in the bottom two
or else your journey's over.
Every game from that point
to the final is win or go home.
[in Portuguese] Everybody wants to win.
But there can only be one winner.
[in English] This World Cup
is the end of an era.
For so many players, it's their last
chance to win the ultimate prize.
[in Portuguese] It's life or death.
[players singing in Portuguese]
In '94, Romário ♪
In 2002, Fenomeno ♪
First to be five-time champion ♪
[Silva in Portuguese] The atmosphere
is extremely good.
The mix of young and experienced players
makes for better relationships.
We try to have fun. We try to be happy.
I want them to be happy.
I am proud to be part
of the Brazilian team.
[Bueno] Thiago Silva is a great player.
He's a leader. He displays
the right conduct on and off the pitch.
Thiago Silva
[in French] I think he's one of the most
professional players
I've seen in my career.
[in Danish] He's one of
the most complete defenders around.
[in Portuguese] Nice, bro!
[Bueno] He's had a distinguished career.
[Silva] I'm one of the most
successful players in world football.
the World Cup is the one I want to win.
Man, it's one of my biggest dreams.
[commentator in English] Neymar's corner
Brilliant header, Thiago Silva!
Brazil is Brazil,
and if you speak about the World Cup,
the first team that will come
to everyone's mind is Brazil,
because they always bring
talent and special qualities
to a World Cup that everyone wants to see.
[Adams] Neymar is one of the best ever.
[in Portuguese] It's wrong!
[in English] Lot of Brazil's performances
are judged off of how he performs.
People say if he plays bad,
then they won't win,
and if he plays good then they obviously
have a greater chance of winning.
[Silva in Portuguese]
Neymar is such good fun, man.
Who's after you?
We talk to each other every day.
All good?
And we started to create
a nice relationship, you know?
Mutual respect, recognition and affection.
He's also older like me
At least I'm not the only one.
[Adams in English] Brazil,
the expectation of going into World Cup
is that you have to win.
Everything you do will be a failure unless
you're holding the trophy at the end.
[indistinct chatter]
[journalist in Portuguese]
Are you anxious?
[chuckling] No, not at all!
Being anxious, it's normal.
I always get a bit anxious
when things are fast approaching.
Today, at the press conference,
the first guy
The question was almost like an attack.
Trying to bring me down
at a critical time for Brazil.
[indistinct chatter]
[journalist] Thiago first.
Thiago, what does it mean for you to be
captain of the national team again?
Do you feel emotionally ready?
[Silva] People say that, "Thiago is weak
for having emotions."
I wouldn't have got to where I am today
by being mentally weak.
Man, I had to be strong
in one of the biggest battles of my life.
I left Brazil when I was really young.
And from there, I had the opportunity
to transfer to Dynamo Moscow.
I trained and trained
with a really painful chest.
I didn't know what was really going on.
I was almost dying, man.
The doctor held the X-ray up to the light
and you could see that there was
a huge hole in my lung.
If we had waited any longer
for the diagnosis, there would be no cure.
[Isabelle] The thoughts that he had
"I'll probably need surgery."
"I might not play again."
It was his whole career.
Everything he ever dreamt of.
I spent six months
in the hospital, you know?
I was alone.
It's awful being away from home
when your family is in Brazil.
Going through tuberculosis
left me with scars that will never heal.
When people say
that I won a lot of trophies,
the biggest achievement of my life
that I'm most proud of
was overcoming tuberculosis.
Man, I think all this
comes from the press.
I'm always prepared for every situation.
It's a special moment.
I appreciate the trust from the coach
to be given the captaincy.
To beat me,
you have to be stronger than me.
And that's tough.
[Brazilian fans singing]
[commentator in English] Planet football
invites seduction by Brazil.
[loud cheering]
No group of players
carries a greater burden.
No group is fueled by a greater privilege
than those in the shimmering shirts
of canary yellow.
[Silva in Portuguese]
You are representing an entire country
when you wear the captain's armband,
which might not sound like much.
But the whole country is here.
They're well-represented.
- [loud cheering]
- [upbeat music playing]
[commentator in English] Now Neymar
Instantly surrounded and bruised.
Here's Brazil's corner, which is
punched up over his own crossbar.
[commentator] Alex Sandro!
It's not happened for him, has it?
Been a bit off.
Neymar turning on.
Bundled in, Richarlison!
[commentator 2 in Portuguese] Goal!
For Brazil!
[commentator 1 in English] Trying to hold
onto this lead Vinícius Júnior.
And finding Richarlison!
[commentator 2 in Spanish]
He spins! Look at that goal!
[commentator 1 in English]
Now that, that is Brazil!
[Richarlison in Portuguese]
I watched all the videos.
It's insane, right? [chuckles]
I spent days thinking about it,
and I can't believe it.
Man, that was me!
[commentator 1 in English]
Neymar has taken another heavy hit.
[Silva in Portuguese] We looked and said,
"What is happening?"
Another injury.
[commentator 1 in English]
And he has been here before.
[in Portuguese] In 2014
[commentator in English]
Neymar shoved over.
The medical staff for Brazil are signaling
frantically towards the technical area.
[in Portuguese] We lost Neymar.
It was a major blow in terms of mentality
when you've lost your star player,
the guy who solves all the problems
for you in games.
The guy who causes
all the problems for the opposition.
It took its toll on the team.
[in Spanish] There's a lot of concern
with Neymar's situation.
Is it all over for him?
The Brazilian Football Confederation
has been silent on the subject.
We're still waiting to see
what happens next with Neymar.
[reporter in Portuguese]
Who's the favorite to replace him?
All moments like this are of huge
importance during a campaign.
He came to the tournament with injuries.
Now he's twisted his ankle.
[Lineker in English]
The thing about World Cups
is that it's very easy
for things to go wrong.
You need your best players to stay fit.
If Wales lose Bale, England lost Kane
If Argentina lost Messi,
it could kill you.
- [producer] Ready? Okay.
- Sí.
[Messi in Spanish] World Cups
are so difficult. Anything can happen.
When we talk about World Cup favorites,
I think Brazil, France and England
are a bit stronger
than the rest right now.
[in French] Which team keeps me
up at night? All three of them.
[in Portuguese] I worry about all of them.
[Fàbregas in English] France will have
a lot to say in this World Cup.
They have the experience
of winning it already.
[Deschamps in French] It's a fact.
We are the world champions.
[in French] We're still a competitive team
with lots of young, talented players.
[in English] I really like England's team.
They have a very young,
exciting generation.
[cameras clicking]
[Kane] A lot of us here are used to
the hype around the national team.
Gotta want this, boys. [bleep]
Come on then! Come on!
- Come on!
- Come on!
We're level-headed,
we know what we need to do
to go far in this tournament.
[in Danish] Argentina I see as
Perhaps favorites.
[Laurens in English] Argentina haven't won
the World Cup since 1986,
and in that tournament,
it was lit up
by the genius of Diego Maradona.
[crowd cheering]
[commentator in Spanish]
The most extraordinary goal
in the history of the World Cup!
Diego Armando Maradona!
[Laurens in English]
In 2020, tragedy struck
[all chanting] Argentina! Argentina!
[in Spanish] Diego has passed
due to a cardiac arrest.
[man clears throat]
It's shocking. Truly shocking.
- To be honest
- [sighs]
It's really weird not having him here,
not seeing him in the stands,
not seeing people going crazy
when he shows up.
He made everyone feel something special.
[siren blaring]
It will be strange not to see him
at such an important tournament.
People have always compared
Messi with Maradona.
[instrumental music playing]
Maradona had a very strong
personality on and off the pitch.
Messi was more shy.
[commentator] Götze!
[in English]
Germany are the champions of the world!
For Argentina, the wait goes painfully on.
[man in Spanish]
He doesn't have the balls. He is soulless.
I've always supported him,
but it's enough.
Enough already! He's a fraud, a lie.
He has no passion, he walks on the pitch.
You can't compare him to Maradona.
It's true that there
was a lot of criticism.
Many people didn't support Messi.
Argentina is a very passionate country.
We know all the baggage he had to carry.
When you don't win,
everyone may blame you.
[whistle blows]
[commentator in English] Lionel Messi
- And he's missed it!
- [crowd cheering]
More shoot-out agony for Argentina.
[Martinez in Spanish]
Messi fought really hard.
The results didn't go his way.
How many finals
have Argentina lost lately?
How difficult was it for him?
[Messi] It's the end for me
in the national team.
As I just said, it's been four finals,
it's not for me.
Messi felt that the Argentina team
wasn't for him, that's incredible.
That's what he once said,
"It's not for me."
I couldn't make it. I think I'm done.
Is that your final decision?
I think so. I don't know.
Then he tried again.
And again. And again.
[commentator in English] Pavard
Oh, how about that!
Mbappé He's got another one!
Messi's out of the World Cup.
[in Spanish] There's no doubt
Messi is not the same
as he was in his first World Cup.
His manner of leadership has changed.
That's why we'll go out to the pitch,
raise the cup,
and take it to Argentina
to enjoy it with family and friends
There was a turning point
in his relationship with the fans
after the Copa América
that Argentina won, obviously.
[commentator in English] Lionel Messi
finally has a title with his country.
[Fàbregas] It's Leo's last chance
and I believe that Argentina
has something special surrounding them.
[in Spanish] When Messi made his debut
in the national team,
this new generation, today's players,
were six, eight, ten years old.
So when they were kids
and dreamed of being footballers,
they saw Messi as a role model.
[Allister] As his teammates,
we see that both on and off the pitch,
he is happy, he feels good,
and that is very important to us.
They want Messi to be champion
more than they want it for themselves.
We are up against great players
who know exactly what they're doing.
[producer in English] How are you doing?
Sí. Yeah.
[upbeat music playing]
[Ronaldo in Portuguese] If you asked me,
if I finished my career today,
would I be happy?
Yes, of course!
[commentator] Ronaldo!
But a World Cup win would be fun.
I don't chase records.
Records chase me.
Every player here feels pressure.
[commentator] Ronaldo!
There's always been pressure
ever since I left Madeira, aged 11.
[in English] You get to the final.
Portugal v. Argentina.
You score two, Messi scores two.
The last minute you score
a third for your hat-trick
and you win the World Cup.
Is that Be honest
- It's too good, come on.
- is that the dream?
Yeah, I'd retire. 100%.
[children yelling indistinctly]
[Ronaldo in Portuguese] The goals
will come naturally, as usual.
Dreaming is something
I have always enjoyed.
Everybody wants to win,
but there can only be one winner.
[dramatic music playing]
[commentator in English]
The stage is well and truly set.
[fans] Messi!
[commentator] This tournament
has given such joy
to the country of Argentina at times.
[fans] Messi!
[commentator] This trophy
has not been theirs
since it was lifted high
by Maradona in Mexico.
Most eyes will be
on Argentina's number 10, Lionel Messi.
A real sense of expectation
inside the stadium this evening.
[whistle blows]
Away we go then.
It's a snappy turn and it's Messi!
Argentina knocking on the door
within the first couple of minutes.
[player] Yes, yes!
[commentator 2] Ghana lose out, and
a great chance here for Cristiano Ronaldo!
[commentator 1] There is an issue
which has halted play here.
What's the decision?
[commentator 3 in Spanish]
What's the decision?
[commentator 1 in English] It is penalty!
[commentator 3 in Spanish]
Penalty for Argentina!
[commentator 1 in English]
Argentina, handed an opportunity
to grab an early lead.
[commentator 3 in Spanish]
Here comes the captain of Argentina.
[whistle blows]
Here comes Messi!
Messi scores!
[commentator 1 in English] Lionel Messi,
always center stage,
often seen with silverware,
but this is the trophy
he really wants to win.
[commentator 2] Ronaldo
[whistle blowing]
[commentator 1] That is the end
of the first 45 minutes.
[commentator 2] The look on his face
tells you all you need to know
about Portugal's first half.
[commentator 1] It's Argentina
who have the lead by a goal to nil.
What are we doing here?
Messi, at the middle of the pitch.
He has the ball,
you stay in front of the defense.
Take your phone,
you can make a picture with him!
You are in front of the defense!
You have nobody, he's got it, you follow!
[in Arabic] You're in front of
the defense! Follow and block him!
[in English] Come on,
this is the World Cup!
You don't feel we are able to come back?
You don't feel it?
Give everything!
Be like this! Concentrate!
[in Arabic] Stay ready! Come on!
[commentator 1 in English] Well,
Saudi Arabia are collecting their thoughts
ahead of coming back out to the pitch
and looking to try and do a job
in the second half.
They have managed
to get a goal on the board
thanks to their main man.
Argentina ahead,
but not entirely comfortable.
[commentator 2] Saudi Arabia
are throwing bodies in the way,
working so hard.
[commentator 1] Messi.
[commentator 2] Giving it away
because of the pressure.
[commentator 3 in Arabic]
An opportunity to score! This is it!
[commentator 1 in English] A blockbuster
start to the second half for Saudi Arabia!
The slender Argentina lead
evaporates in an instant.
Little flick from João Félix.
[whistle blows]
Ronaldo, who will create
World Cup history if he scores
by becoming the first man to score
at five FIFA World Cups.
- It's 1-0 Portugal
- [commentator 2] Goal!
[commentator 1] and it's a moment
of World Cup history.
[commentator 2 in Portuguese]
The father of Portugal!
[commentator 1 in English]
Messi goes down
and belatedly a free-kick
is given Argentina's way.
You feel the tension here.
Lionel Messi has the focus.
It is Messi
[crowd cheering]
And it's over, and considerably so.
Kudus to pull it back across Ayew!
Ghana are back level!
André Ayew with the equalizer!
They weren't behind for long.
He's played it through.
Chance for Portugal
2-1 Portugal.
And the strike is decent.
[commentator 2 in Arabic]
Saudi Arabia are still pressing! Shot!
Oh, my God!
Nothing is impossible for Saudi Arabia!
Yes! Against Argentina!
[commentator 1 in English]
He's got options here.
[commentator 2 in Portuguese]
Portuguese attack
Goal for Leão!
[whistle blows]
[commentator 1 in English]
It's victory for Portugal,
five goals in the second half.
Cristiano Ronaldo's penalty
started it all off.
[whistle blowing]
[commentator 2 in Arabic]
They've rewritten history!
Here from Lusail Stadium!
Yes! You've made history!
[commentator 3 in Spanish]
Shocking! Shocking result!
[commentator 1 in English]
The FIFA World Cup 2022 has its first
jaw-dropping, eye-catching shock result.
[journalist in Portuguese] This week
a photo was published by Louis Vuitton
of you and Messi,
a photo that symbolizes intelligence
and time passing by.
Messi recently stated
that this would be his last World Cup.
I ask you, is this your last World Cup?
And who will checkmate whom?
You checkmate in life, not only in chess.
You can checkmate in life,
I often checkmate.
I want to be the one to checkmate him.
[cameras clicking]
[all cheering]
[Laurens in English] Argentina,
losing to Saudi Arabia,
one of the biggest upsets in the history
of the World Cup,
in the history of football.
Olé, olé, olé!
Each team have got different
ambitions and objectives
depending if you are
a big or a small country.
Here we go, guys.
Showtime, guys. You ready?
[Laurens] There's a feeling
that everybody is behind you.
You play for the people back home
who want you to win.
[woman] Sir, you have
the US Men's National Soccer Team.
Coach, put me in, I'm ready to play.
Tell you what, you've got some of the best
players in the world on your team
and you're representing this country
and I know you're gonna play your
hearts out, so let's go shock 'em all.
Keep trusting in one another,
play as hard as you can,
and the whole country's rooting for you.
That's a very nice message, Mr. President.
The whole team is here.
We really appreciate your support
and we're ready to go.
I really wish I were there to see you.
Go get 'em, guys,
just play your hearts out.
- We've got this.
- I know you will.
Our mission is to change
the way the world views American soccer.
US soccer, in general, has always been
perceived that we're kind of pushovers.
O say can you see ♪
[Adams] In the past, we had not too
many players that were playing in Europe.
[man] What so proud ♪
Now a lot of guys
are playing Champions League,
at some of the best clubs
around the world.
[commentator] Here is Christian Pulisic.
Scores it well.
We have a lot of confidence,
youth, and agility.
[commentator] And it's Weah!
[chanting] USA! USA!
Come on!
[Adams] Our first game of the World Cup
is against Wales.
It's tough.
When you face Gareth Bale,
where do you begin?
You know, what a career.
He plays for something even more
than just himself or for his club.
[producer] You've had a stellar career.
- You've won four Champions Leagues?
- Five.
[loud cheering]
[commentator] It's the spectacular,
it's Gareth Bale!
[in Portuguese] I thought,
"Man, this guy is a phenomenon."
[commentator in English]
Bale, eyes it up, lines it up.
Big players turn up for big games,
and he falls into that category.
[commentator] The dragon has roared!
Wales are going to the World Cup!
I wouldn't say
I've completely neglected my clubs.
The proudest thing
you can do as an athlete,
never mind a footballer,
is to represent your country.
[commentator] Qatar, here they come!
The thing with Bale is,
he started very young,
he played lots of games.
It's tough because he's had
also a lot of injuries.
- [Bale groans]
- And again, lift.
This is likely to be a last hurrah.
We know he's been past
his best for a few years now.
But has he got anything left in him?
[producer] It looks like his fingers
are inside your body.
Well they're not
'cause they're outside my body.
If they were inside I'd be very worried.
- [producer] It looks deep inside.
- I don't think you can do that in Qatar.
To be playing for Wales
and taking them to the World Cup,
for it to become a reality is surreal.
It's not a good sight, that one, for me.
It really isn't a good sight.
It's not too bad.
[player] Oh!
[Bale] Whenever I meet up with Wales,
it just feels like home.
The players, we've grown up together
and played with each other a long time.
I know everybody sees I'm quite quiet,
but I like to joke around
and get people going.
[man laughing]
Man, that hurt.
Like, you done that too hard.
[all laughing]
[Bale] It's about us as a team
trying to do as best as we can.
I don't get it.
It's been 64 years since we've qualified
for a World Cup, since 1958.
My generation,
even my parents' generation.
We've never had our team playing there.
[Jones] To put that Welsh shirt on for me
was one of the big honors
of my footballing career.
[Bale] Cliff Jones,
I've met him a lot of times.
He's a role model.
Cliff, you okay?
Gareth, how are you, son?
One big difference
between me and Gareth Bale
- How are you?
- I'm good, you?
I think I'm better-looking.
[crowd cheering]
[commentator] Wales, driving forward.
Oh, what a goal!
The crowd are delighted!
We got to the quarter-finals
and played Brazil.
[Jones] Nobody had heard about Pelé.
"Who's this kid, 17 years of age?"
[Bale] Pelé had scored the winner.
[commentator] And the ball falls to Pelé!
And he scores!
[Jones] To represent Wales
in the World Cup,
doesn't get much better than that.
[Bale] Hopefully we can go
as far as them, if not further.
[man] We've had so many near misses,
so many disappointments.
It's one of those things you get,
following Wales.
[man] We've always had very good players,
but we've found difficulty
meshing them into a team.
[Driscoll] Ian Rush.
Neville Southall.
Ryan Giggs.
Mark Hughes.
Gary Speed.
[Blanche] Wales were in the doldrums
when he took over.
They were ranked 117th in the world.
They couldn't get any lower.
[Bale] Gary Speed came in and really
changed the mentality of everybody.
The face of Wales, of the national team,
not just the football,
but the infrastructure
and that club kind of environment.
[crowd singing]
It is a big task, but I'm just thankful
I've got the opportunity
to try and make Wales successful
and it's an opportunity I look forward to.
[Bale] Before Speed, it was more
we just turned up for Wales.
We played, we didn't do so well
and it was kind of just stuck in a rut.
[Blanche] Players who
hadn't turned up before
were suddenly wanting to be part of Wales.
It was far more professional.
He laid the foundations, really, uh,
of the success we're seeing today.
[crowd cheering]
It's fabulous to see Wales
playing in the World Cup.
Particular in the recent history
of what's happened to them.
The Welsh football manager
Gary Speed has died at the age of 42.
The Football Association of Wales
has told the BBC
that it appears he had taken his own life.
The next time I sent him a message,
was yesterday morning.
It said, "Sick rumor doing the rounds,
mate, please give me a call."
There was no call.
Oh, Bryn.
[Bale] We still speak about him
to this day.
Everyone involved will tell you
how grateful the whole nation is.
If he didn't come in at that moment,
we might not be where we are now.
We might not have had that foundation
to achieve what we've achieved.
[Lineker] If he's watching somewhere,
I think he'd be proud of what's happened.
[indistinct chatter]
Obviously it's fantastic this morning
that we have
one of the great Welsh actors,
More than Welsh, British,
international actors.
Who's the actor?
Michael Sheen.
Oh, wow.
You can't do better than that, can you?
I mean, play that before every game.
I'll try and give you something
to take with you.
Okay [groans]
All right.
[commentator] Wales return to
the World Cup after a 64-year absence.
[in Welsh] Still here!
[singing indistinctly]
[fans singing Wales national anthem]
[in English] I hear the voices singing.
Speed your journey, boys.
[crowd continues singing]
[Bale] I've been thinking about this
moment and preparing for this moment.
To lead your country out
for the first time in 64 years
Come on, Wales!
[Sheen in Welsh] Still here.
Still here!
[national anthem continues]
[Sheen in English] A red storm is coming!
[Bale] it just means that a little more.
You were born it. You were raised it.
It's in your blood.
[crowd in Welsh]
We are still here! ♪
[commentator in English]
Wales are back after 64 years,
the longest gap between qualifications
in World Cup history.
Come on!
They're not actually that good, are they?
[fans chanting] USA! USA! USA!
[commentator] Weah is in behind
Neco Williams, plays it into the middle!
It's almost an own-goal by Rodon!
Hennessey didn't know much about it,
but he got his body in behind it.
Danger not passed yet.
Very hairy moments there for Wales.
[Bale] We were in complete control.
One of the better halves we've played.
Our performance was dominant.
[commentator] Really seeing very little
of Gareth Bale up front so far for Wales.
Musah. Bale.
And the Wales captain is in the book
for protesting.
Come on, Bale, fucking hell.
Switch on, mate.
[commentator] Hennessey's clearance.
He's looking for Bale.
Ream was right there with him.
If you're a USA fan,
you must be feeling rather optimistic.
[fans chanting] USA! USA!
[commentator] Pulisic
Plays it through. It's Weah!
And Weah scores for the USA!
And it's been coming, you have to say.
Wales have it all to do now.
It's been an excellent first half
for the United States of America.
Frankly, they've been cut apart so often
in that opening 45 minutes.
[fans] USA!
[Adams] I honestly don't recall
Wales even being in our half of the field.
We dominated.
We came in at half time and we said,
"If we can get another 45-minute
performance like that,
we win the game."
Serge. Be smart.
But everyone else get [bleep] stuck in.
- Bale's looking cut off.
- [indistinct chatter]
[Berhalter] Forty-five minutes,
we see it out. Let's go!
Let's go!
[Sheen] A song of hope.
A song of defiance.
A victory song!
[singing in Welsh]
[Bale] Probably one of the most
difficult things is to play a game
when you have a slight injury.
I know the risks.
But if there's a chance you can affect
the game then it's worth taking that risk.
The pages of the history books,
waiting to be written.
Open to you right there.
[whistle blows]
[Bale] So we keep fighting till the end.
They don't know what's coming.
[commentator] Up in the air
from Tyler Adams.
Header towards goal!
And it's pushed over by Turner!
- [man] What a save!
- [woman] Wow.
Good start! Well done!
Come on! Come on!
[Adams] When you see your star player
running and battling like that,
it sends a message
to every player on that field.
I think he set the standard
and set the expectation
for the rest of his team
to just continue battling.
[mouthing] Just keep breathing.
I know you're tired,
but you just gotta do it.
[Sheen] They'll always say
we're too small
[commentator] Headed over the top!
[Sheen] too weak
[commentator] So close.
[Sheen] too full of fear.
[commentator] Two excellent chances
for Wales.
Yes, yes!
[Sheen] Sixty-four years,
and far from home.
[commentator] Penalty, Wales!
Bale is brought down!
It's a penalty to Wales!
Close your eyes
and feel the breath
on the back of your necks,
because that's every man, woman and child
in this old land, standing there with you
at your back.
[commentator] All around Wales
In the cities and in the valleys,
a nation holds its breath.
[Sheen in Welsh] Still here!
[loud cheering]
[commentator] Did anyone have any doubt?
Gareth Bale!
With his most important goal
for his country.
[coach] These [bleep] don't know
who Australian players are.
Go and show these [bleep] who we are!
- Get out there and get into them!
- Come on, let's go!
[reporter] Do you feel that you and the
Danish FA can speak out about other issues
when it comes to this tournament?
[in Danish] My job is playing football.
I'm not good with politics.
Where is Messi?
[Messi in Spanish]
There are moments of tension, of friction.
[commentator in English]
This is a mind game to end them all.
[all cheering]
The story of the tournament
is being written here!
Oh, it's in! Remarkable!
[in Portuguese]
Talk about the competition.
Stop asking questions about me.
- [in French] It's for Netflix?
- Yep.
I'm going to be on Netflix?
Yes, you'll be on Netflix.
No, you should have told me!
I'd have dressed better.
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