Captains of the World (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Where Is Messi?

[in Korean] Saudi Arabia
snatched a dramatic victory,
all the fans were excited after the match.
[in English] Excuse me, where is Messi?
- Where is Messi?
- Where is Messi?
- [man 1] Messi ciao, Messi ciao
- Where is Messi?
Messi ciao, ciao, ciao!
- Anybody see Messi?
- Where is Messi?
Where is Messi?
[Messi in Spanish]
After that result, we were very angry.
[crowd cheering]
[Martinez] The defeat was a huge blow.
[crowd roaring]
[Martinez] Huge.
This is a World Cup
and it's very difficult.
[in Arabic] Messi, where are you?
[in English] All that pressure,
all that noise
for the four days between
the Saudi game and the Mexico game.
Where is Messi?
[pensive music playing]
[man] Before the World Cup,
everyone was saying they're favorites.
And now? They still favorites?
I have one question. Where is Messi?
[Messi in Spanish] We did not expect
to start the World Cup with a defeat.
[Lisandro] To be honest,
no other player is scrutinized
as much as Leo.
[Martinez in Spanish] We didn't expect
any Argentinian player to speak
after the defeat.
Until Leo Messi came up, willing to talk.
He said, "We're not gonna let you down."
[Messi] We have to take it step by step
and that's what we're going to do.
We're going to fight.
[crowd cheering]
[commentator in English] And so
we reassemble at the Lusail Stadium,
four nights since Argentina suffered
the most extraordinary false start.
[in Spanish] The Mexico game is a final.
[in English] One of the most anticipated
games of the whole World Cup.
[commentator] Imagine how it is to be him.
[Laurens] Everybody wanted to watch,
to see the reaction
from Messi and Argentina.
Or to see the end of Argentina and Messi.
[man 1] Lionel! Messi!
[commentator] Everybody who watches
demands that he delivers.
[man 2] Lionel Messi
[man 3 in French] The Argentinians,
who, thanks to Lionel Messi
[man 4 in Spanish] Leo is already alone.
[man 5 in German]
and the big moment to come
[man 6 in Arabic] Everyone is watching
this World Cup.
[in Spanish]
Because if Argentina lose this,
many Argentinian journalists
are already calling it,
"The worst defeat
in World Cup history for Argentina."
[bell clanging]
[in Danish] We stand here often.
[Elina] It's so pretty here.
[Kjær] I'm a father and a husband
and then a football player.
Too much time spent on football,
if you ask my children.
Luckily, my wife understands.
Most of the time.
[Elina chuckling]
This is a perfect frame for you
for a Netflix documentary.
[in English] He's very caring,
a fantastic dad,
and a very good husband.
[boy speaking Danish indistinctly]
[Schmeichel in English]
Simon Kjær's quality as a footballer
is he shows players his commitment
and it transmits to others.
[in Danish] Pass it,
don't try to shoot for goal.
[boy speaking indistinctly]
Easy now.
[Schmeichel in English]
He will always go from the front line
[in Danish] Goal! Yep, I won!
Leadership has always come naturally
but I've spent a lot of time on how
I want to be perceived as captain,
and how I act as a captain.
[in English] I want to salute a man
that really made a difference this year.
This man is a hero.
This is bigger than football.
This is bigger than us.
Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause
for the Danish captain with us tonight,
Mr. Simon Kjær.
[Kjær in Danish]
It's nice to receive acknowledgement
and be told that
you have done some things right.
But what happened at Euro 2020
was something we did as a team.
I couldn't have done it without them, so
[producer] That's it. Yeah.
[Eriksen] Wait. No.
[producer] And you guys ready?
- [man 1] Yes.
- Good.
[producer in Danish]
This will be in Danish.
Lucky me.
[producer] Should Christian clap?
[crowd cheering]
[commentator 1 in English]
Højbjerg have read it to Denmark,
and there's Arajuuri across
to cover against Eriksen.
[commentator 2] He read the ball,
didn't he, into the channel.
Eriksen just trying to get
Down goes Christian Eriksen.
[referee blowing whistle]
[commentator 1]
And a sense of urgency here
with Christian Eriksen,
who does seem to have glazed over.
[in Danish] I don't know
if I would still be playing today
if Christian had
If it had turned out differently.
It changed me.
[in English] The fast reaction
of his teammate Simon Kjær,
who made sure
that he didn't swallow his tongue
made that very lucky that happened
at that point and not when he was alone.
Immediate concern is
for Denmark's playmaker-in-chief.
[Kjær in Danish] I remember
that day, but only because
I've heard each person's story
from that day.
I have an idea about what happened
but I don't know which memories are mine.
[in English] I was at the game
doing it for, for Danish TV.
We did not know what happened,
and then, when they shielded him,
you understood
that something was very, very wrong.
[commentator 1] The players surrounding
Christian Eriksen here.
[in Danish] What we did that day,
we did as a team.
[Schmeichel in English]
Weird thing to say,
but that could have been my son,
so I'm relating to the family as well.
And then, of course,
you saw Sabrina coming down,
you saw Simon and Kasper went to her,
you saw their reaction.
You knew this is something [exhales] bad.
It really is bad.
[Kjær in Danish] When Christian
starts to breathe again,
I was told this and went to tell his wife.
But I don't know how I was told.
I have no memory of how I got there.
[Schmeichel in English] You think about
him being here, being alive
I mean, it's a bloody miracle he is alive.
[crowd applauding]
[crowd] Christian Eriksen!
[in Danish] The goal was to come back,
get healthy and have a life.
Everything else has been a bonus.
So being able to play
in the World Cup is huge.
Christian's incident has affected
me as a human being, 100%.
Since that day,
there has been no doubt about
what football is to me.
[Elina] Milas
What do you think of Daddy leaving?
I don't know.
[Kjær] Would I like to have
my wife and children in Qatar
to see what is possibly my last World Cup?
Of course I would.
[boy 1 in English] Which way?
[in Danish] That way!
Or something like that,
whichever sounds best!
[in English] I know that would mean
a lot for Simon
to have his family there and support him.
[Kjær] With it being in Qatar,
it comes with extra challenges.
Denmark has arguably been
the most critical nation of all.
[man chanting in Arabic on speakers]
[reporter] World Cup organizers in Qatar
hit back at kit manufacturers, Hummel,
after the company announced
their design of Denmark's kits
were a protest against
the human rights record.
[Rasmus] In Denmark, we have
a strong opinion about human rights.
[in Danish] I guess it's Denmark
that is leading the way.
And we've always backed up the Danish FA.
[Rasmus in English] The Danish Football
Association, they decided
we're not sending our families
to come and watch it.
If you are away from your family,
cabin fever sets in quite quickly.
[Kjær in Danish] Cabin fever
I don't think it will be an issue.
Missing my family though
[in English] I think it's very difficult
to stay 100% focused on football
when you have all this around them.
[camera shutter clicking]
[Rasmus] Denmark expect the captains
to send a signal.
[Kjær in Danish] This has also put us
in a situation
where we have to provide
a political opinion.
I'm not good with politics.
[man] Welcome to the pre-match
press conference for team Denmark.
[Lineker] I think the political side
in tournaments is,
it's tough for everyone
involved in the sport,
but particularly the players.
And that seems to me unfair.
I do feel for them sometimes.
They are there to play football.
That's why they were there.
Some of them are comfortable
speaking about issues,
but I do think it leave it to us old
boys to get ourselves into trouble.
[sighs, in Danish] There comes a time
where you have to think
who you're directing these questions to.
It's fine that you keep asking
us players about
our opinions.
But we think the same as you do.
[Kjær] My job is playing football
and that's what I'm good at.
[crowd cheering]
[commentator] Eriksen Oh!
Tunisia are starting with aggression.
[crowd cheering]
Denmark are just not looking themselves.
- Jebali's in here!
- [crowd gasping]
Oh, wonderful save, Schmeichel!
[Kjær in Danish] I felt something.
[Schmeichel in English]
If Simon Kjær is not playing,
it has a massive impact.
[commentator] This is a real setback.
The Danish captain Simon Kjær
has picked up an injury here.
He's passing on the armband
to Christian Eriksen.
That in itself is poignant.
Who would've thought
that possible even a year ago?
Tunisia are frustrating the Danes here.
Denmark trying to get some
sort of rhythm into the game.
Here is Eriksen
It is Christian Eriksen!
[fans exclaiming]
[commentator] Oh!
How much that might have meant?
[Kjær in Danish] It's those little moments
in the match
which decide whether you believe or not.
- [referee blows whistle]
- [crowd cheering]
[commentator in English]
And Tunisia hold on.
Denmark, a live outsider
for the tournament
must now get something
against the world champions France
or they are in strife.
[indistinct chatter]
[reporter 1] I wonder
what it felt as captain
to walk on the pitch
with the black T-shirts?
And be the first team
to really make a statement in Qatar.
[indistinct chatter]
I think we have said enough about this.
It's frustrating sometimes
that we have to talk
about this at this moment.
- [reporter 2] Okay.
- Thanks a lot.
[commentator] Once every four years,
the pursuit of football's grandest prize
for its grandest players
- across its every continent.
- [crowd cheering]
The start here of what each intends to be
his journey of a lifetime.
Bellingham's in there!
- [crowd cheering]
- [commentators speaking indistinctly]
- [commentator 1] Lovely touch from Asano!
- [crowd roaring]
The shock is very much on the cards!
[commentator 2] And Gavi arriving!
[commentator 1] There ain't
no stopping 'em now.
[commentators speaking indistinctly]
[commentator 3] A statement Spanish win.
[commentator 4] Another big shock
in Qatar 2022!
It may only be
their first game of the tournament,
but they look to be
in the groove already.
[upbeat music playing]
[man in French] Hi, Captain,
how are you?
[in French] All good, thank you. All good.
My name is Kalidou Koulibaly.
I'm a center-back at Chelsea FC
and the captain
of the Senegalese national team.
Where is Cheikhou's room?
Camaraderie is very, very important.
I think we're brothers.
A group of Senegalese brothers.
There he is.
Oh, my God.
[in French] I'm not dressed
for this at all.
Where are you from?
Canal+, an Italian channel or what?
It's Netflix, for the Captains series.
- It's Netflix?
- Yes.
- I am going to be on Netflix?
- You'll be on Netflix.
You should have told me.
I'd have dressed better.
I would have put cream
and perfume on to be on TV.
Even those with dual nationality
were raised in that Senegalese culture.
He's the one
who welcomed me when I arrived.
That's our general here.
Our leader, our captain.
[Koulibaly] I grew up in France.
Sorry for the mess.
I was in between two cultures.
French culture and Senegalese culture.
[crowd cheering]
[Koulibaly] We watched the 1998 World Cup
[commentator 1] Petit.
[commentator 2] Zidane!
Liftoff for France!
[Koulibaly] We were big fans of France
at that time.
So, yeah, in 2002,
when there was France vs. Senegal,
France were in our hearts.
[men cheering]
Go Blues! Go Blues!
[in English] France go into the 2002
World Cup as the European champions,
the world champions.
Everywhere you had a superstar.
[Koulibaly in French]
It was something huge.
At home, my mother
was pushing me toward Senegal.
"France is playing Senegal, support them."
[Laurens in English] Senegal being
a former French colony,
the two countries are linked
with each other, so strongly.
But there was a sense that
"We can't lose to Senegal."
[Koulibaly in French] I remember,
I was in school.
[indistinct chatter]
The teacher tells us to turn around.
And he's put on the television,
France vs. Senegal.
[crowd cheering]
[Diao in English] In 2002,
no one knew about Senegal.
For us, it was,
"Okay, it's gonna be hard."
First World Cup.
First game of the World Cup,
playing against France.
That's too beautiful for us
to come and lose this game.
[commentator 1 in French] Leboeuf
[commentator 2] Senegal scores!
Senegal opens the score!
Papa Bouba Diop!
When Papa Bouba Diop scored
Well, we all went crazy.
God rest his soul.
[commentator 1] The dance moves!
The winning dance moves for Senegal!
Before the game I was neutral.
But as the match went on,
I was more Senegalese.
We're winning! We have to beat them!
It pushed me to play for Senegal.
[Koulibaly] The debate
exists in our country
when people compare
the 2002 and 2022 teams.
But we already managed to win the AFCON.
[crowd cheering]
[Diao in English] Even that they won
the African Cup of Nations,
still we go on the street,
people go, "Well done, Salif, well done!"
"We won the cup, but you are the guys."
"You need to do something more
and better in the World Cup."
[crowd cheering]
[in French] Most veterans of the 2002
generation are now part of our staff,
like Coach Aliou Cissé.
How are you?
[indistinct chatter]
It's the coach. The original captain.
He gave me the armband,
but he's the original.
He reached the quarterfinals
of the World Cup.
I have to beat his record.
That's it. That's his challenge.
In any case,
it's all I really wish for him
because they all deserve it.
I hope that he'll do it. He's capable.
With your help, of course.
That's for sure.
[upbeat music playing]
[Koulibaly] We played well
against the Netherlands.
But the World Cup
is all about the small details.
[commentator 1 in English] De Jong
Goalkeeper's come! And Holland lead!
[Koulibaly in French] And we have
to continue to believe in ourselves,
believe in the things we did well
[commentator 1] Boulaye Dia!
[Koulibaly] and move on
to the next game.
- [fireworks exploding]
- [crowd cheering]
[commentator 1 in English] Fired in
Boulaye Dia!
[crowd cheering]
[Koulibaly in French]
We really had to prove our worth
and win the game against Qatar.
[commentator 1 in English]
Trying to break free
There's the header! It's in!
[Koulibaly in French]
It was either win and move forward
or lose and go home.
That's why we showed
the true colors of Senegal.
The match against Ecuador
will be the turning point.
During this World Cup,
we wanted to show that the African nations
were all together and united.
That's why every time
an African team played,
all Africa was rooting for them.
Have you heard what people are saying?
About African teams?
[singing in native language]
[commentator in English]
The must-win game for Ghana.
It's the Ghanaians wreathed in smiles!
It's absolutely brilliant!
Lee has Another dangerous ball!
The comeback is on!
There's a goal!
Goal! And suddenly the Ghanaians bereft.
The Korean joy did not last for long!
The thrill of victory belongs to Ghana.
[in French]
Let's see what Cameroon does now.
[commentator in English] Cameroon have
very important points at stake.
That's 2-1 Serbia!
[crowd cheering]
Aleksandar Mitrović puts distance
between Serbia and Cameroon.
Cameroon are right back in business.
Aboubakar And it's Choupo-Moting!
Cameroon are level!
[in French] Indeed.
Morocco played very well.
[crowd chanting]
[commentator in English]
Whipped in! All the way in!
Abdelhamid Sabiri!
Morocco ahead!
Ziyech Oh! What a finish!
And it is finished!
A night Morocco will never forget.
[Hjulmand in Danish]
Yesterday was the final test.
But it was clear he was feeling some pain.
We'll wait and see
before the match against France.
[Kjær] I'm frustrated
with my own personal situation.
I'm mostly upset on behalf of the team.
But we've beaten France twice in 2022,
so we know it's possible.
[crowd cheering]
But Mbappé is just something else.
[crowd cheering]
He has some kind of genetic advantage.
[crowd cheering]
I mean, it's not the only thing he's got.
He's the complete package.
[Fàbregas in English] Mbappé is definitely
a generational talent.
What he's done already
at a young age is incredible.
[Laurens] Messi is gonna retire
and Kylian will become
the best player in the world,
if he isn't already.
[Kjær in Danish] Mbappé has already
won a World Cup,
and it probably won't be long
before he wins a Ballon d'Or.
[in English] I love him, to be honest.
[in Spanish] I'm in love with him.
Mbappé is a revelation.
[in French] Incredible.
He's a superstar,
and I'm glad he's French.
[Mbappé in French]
The World Cup is an obsession.
It's my dream tournament,
I'm lucky to play in it.
But we're yet to achieve our objective
and my personal objective,
which is to win it.
[upbeat music playing]
No one can limit you
if you have enough determination
to achieve great things.
[commentator in French]
Almost offside. Hernández passes.
Yes! Is it offside? Maybe not!
The flag hasn't gone up, for now.
Who scored the first goal? It's Mbappé!
[Kjær in Danish] He has so much
quality and speed.
If the ball is right,
you can't do anything.
But you don't beat France twice
in the Nations League just for fun.
[commentator in English]
Here comes the corner,
plenty in there, and in it goes!
Denmark show their powers of recovery.
[Mbappé in French] That's how it is.
But even when
you're under pressure for results,
you should never forget
the concept of enjoyment.
You pay to watch a spectacle
and there are some players
worth the price of the ticket.
[commentator 2 in French]
Kylian Mbappé! Second goal!
Eighty-sixth minute!
And the decisive pass
by Antoine Griezmann! Amazing!
2-1 to the Blues!
[commentator 1 in English]
France progress.
Kylian Mbappé the match winner.
[Mbappé in French]
No one else will push you
[crowd chanting] Kylian Mbappé!
[Mbappé] and you must convince yourself
you can move mountains.
[commentator in English]
Argentina and Messi the great,
marching here to stay alive.
[crowd cheering]
Lose, and Argentina are out.
[referee blows whistle]
[Messi in Spanish]
It's all I've done in my life.
Playing football
Go Argentina!
Give your best and we'll win ♪
[Messi] has always come naturally to me.
Nobody taught me how to control the ball,
play the third man, look for spaces.
[crowd chanting] Messi! Messi! Messi!
[Messi] When I was four or five,
I played the same way.
I had the same style as when I grew up.
My connection with the ball
has been there forever.
Perhaps now
I'm not the same as I was ten years ago.
I don't know. I try to do my best.
[crowd chanting] Messi! Messi! Messi!
[Messi] It was a tough first half.
But that's normal given what was at stake.
It was difficult for everyone.
[referee blows whistle]
[commentator in English]
It is a game that can barely breathe.
Argentina need something.
It is about somehow
getting it done and staying alive.
[Messi in Spanish] We wanted to have
another chance to change the situation.
[commentator in English]
They have a task to carry out
over the next three quarters of an hour.
They cannot lose. He must not lose.
[Messi in Spanish] We changed
our playing style a little bit
and we looked for different things.
To play fast, one touch,
to move the ball fast.
- [crowd roaring]
- [referee blows whistle]
[crowd exclaiming]
I know who I am, what I've done,
how hard I've fought
and how much I've suffered.
[commentator] Lionel Messi
[all cheering]
One more Messi moment!
And Argentina are alive!
[commentator 2 in Spanish]
That's how I want to see you, Argentina.
You have to be here till the end, Leo.
[commentator 1 in English]
And they bow down before him.
[commentator 3] De Paul. Messi.
[commentator 2] Here comes Enzo!
There's Enzo, he shoots! Goal!
Enzo scores!
[commentator 1 in English]
Enzo Fernández with a pitch!
[commentator 2 in Spanish] Come on,
celebrate! Stand up, celebrate with me!
Goal! Argentina!
- [referee blows whistle]
- [crowd cheering]
[commentator 1] Well, Argentina
stared momentarily into the abyss
only for Lionel Messi
to pull them clear of it.
Messi delivers on the stage
where legacies are made.
[Koulibaly in French] Everyone
speaks about the 2002 generation.
Aliou Cissé, El Hadji Diouf,
Papa Bouba Diop, God rest his soul.
Today is November 29th, 2022
[indistinct chatter]
the anniversary
of Papa Bouba Diop's passing
[crowd cheering]
one of the most influential players
in Senegalese football.
[crowd cheering]
[indistinct chatter]
- [Koulibaly] This left a mark on us.
- [indistinct chatter]
This is a very special day.
We're playing a decisive game
against Ecuador.
So it's twice as special.
I hope we will win this game
in Papa Bouba Diop's honor.
During the warm-up,
I saw the number 19 everywhere.
So I asked for a marker.
I wrote number 19 on my armband.
I wanted to mark that game
and show that we hadn't forgot him.
[rhythmic clapping]
[in Danish] Denmark!
[Kjær] My father has always been
my biggest supporter.
It says a lot about his character
that he chose to come to Qatar alone.
[Jørn] I'm insanely proud
to be Simon's father.
I've seen almost all
of his national team matches.
I am always there.
[Kjær] It's horrible to sit on the bench.
But my dad has always taught me
to be dedicated at what you do.
Always put the team first.
I couldn't help on the field the same way
so I had to find other ways.
Give all you've got.
This group
has the best team spirit we've ever had.
So let's go out there and use it.
- [man 1] Come on, guys!
- Come on.
[indistinct chatter]
[Koulibaly in French]
It's a different kind of competition now.
It's win or go home.
[in Danish] We're ready!
- [reporter 1] You need to win Australia.
- [Hjulmand] Yes.
- You have to beat the Australians.
- Yeah.
[reporter 1] It's the
Yeah, so we need to beat Australia.
We know that
and that's what we are aiming for.
[referee blows whistle]
- [commentator 1] Lindstrøm. Mæhle.
- [shouts indistinctly]
He loves to raid.
[crowd exclaiming]
[Kjær in Danish] Lot of times,
it's such small details
that determine whether
you get momentum or not.
[commentator 2 in English]
Forward by Koulibaly.
[in French] Well played, my boy.
Well done.
[commentator 2 in English]
Good work by Sabaly!
And the shot's wide.
[Koulibaly in French] Senegal
always been a collective nation,
a band of brothers, a family.
[in Danish] Get it down there.
[Kjær] For the first 35 minutes
in the game
Now, run!
[commentator 1 in English]
Finding holes again.
Jensen fed by Braithwaite!
[Kjær in Danish] we were in full control.
[Koulibaly in French] We don't want to
leave this World Cup with any regrets.
[referee blows whistle]
[commentator 2 in English]
The referee's given a penalty here.
[shouting indistinctly]
[in French] Yes. Let's go.
[commentator 2 in English] A huge moment
on a night where Senegal will have to win
to progress to the round of 16.
- No problem.
- [cheering]
[Koulibaly in French] The penalty arrived
at the right time,
but I think we would have scored anyway.
[Kjær in Danish] And then
our passing starts to get scrappy.
We're getting tired
as we're running too much.
[referee blows whistle]
Then we reach half time.
A good chance to talk things through.
[Koulibaly in French]
I knew even after this first goal
we had to keep our eyes open
because Ecuador would come
back at us even stronger.
[in English] Yes! Yes! Yes!
[drums beating]
[Kjær in Danish] Second half, the mental
side really started to affect things.
[commentator 1 in English]
Dolberg losing his footing.
Here's a break led by Leckie,
all on his own
- [in Danish] No!
- No, no, no!
[commentator 1 in English]
No help whatsoever.
Mathew Leckie!
[all groaning]
He didn't need the support!
He did it all on his own!
[Kjær in Danish] When they scored,
I was still calm.
I thought,
"We just need to double our effort."
Run through!
[commentator 1] Cornelius!
[referee blows whistle]
[commentator 2] Corner for Ecuador.
Ecuador, they get something
from the set piece, and they do!
[commentator 2] Moisés Caicedo!
[Koulibaly in French] It was another game
where we let a goal in.
As a defender, this makes me really upset.
[Kjær in Danish] I'd rather be
on the pitch and lose
than sitting on the bench.
I have to be where it hurts.
Where you can fly high or fall deeply.
[commentator 2 in English]
Free kick for Senegal now
[Koulibaly in French]
Yes, I was really frustrated,
but I needed to get rid of it
very quickly.
[commentator 2 in English] Koulibaly's up.
[Koulibaly in French]
I thought about Papa Bouba Diop.
He made us dream.
He was a legend
and a role model for all of us.
I only had one thought,
"Attack, attack the ball."
[commentator 2 in English]
Looking for their first attempt
of the second half, Senegal
And they have!
[all cheering]
Captain Fantastic!
[in French] That was nice!
[commentator 2] Kalidou Koulibaly.
[Koulibaly] Papa Bouba Diop gave me
strength to score.
[commentator 2 in English]
Senegal are through to the last 16.
What the fuck!
[in French] Koulibaly, you're great.
Thanks, my boy.
[horns honking]
[Koulibaly in French] We succeeded,
and we wanted to give this gift back
to the people of Senegal.
So it was essential
for us to make our nation,
our families and Papa's family proud.
And we're delighted with the result.
[players chanting]
Bouba, Bouba, Bouba, Bouba!
[Kjær in Danish] When we reached
the last few minutes of the game,
I'm starting to think,
"Okay, time is running out."
[crowd exclaiming]
[commentator 1 in English]
Mat Ryan equal to the challenge.
[referee blows whistle]
And it's a corner for Denmark.
Schmeichel's gone up there.
[woman in Danish] That's good.
[commentator 1 in English]
They've gotta come up with a miracle here.
Cornelius is free!
[referee blows whistle]
It's Australia Day
at the World Cup finals!
Desolation for Denmark.
They just could not finish,
and they are finished.
[in Danish] It's all right, sweetie.
[Kjær] And the little one is crying,
devastated because Denmark lost the match.
But it's always great
to be able call home after the matches
whether it goes well or not.
Are you okay?
Milas picks up the phone
I love you, Dad.
and he tells me, "Dad,
there's always
something positive in this."
And I say, "What's that?"
"You're coming home."
"We'll see we each other soon."
With a smile on his face.
And I think to myself,
"Yes, you're right about that."
[commentator 1] The impossible
is happening here!
Everyone roots for the underdog.
[commentator 1] This group is upside down!
[in Japanese] Come on! Let's go!
[commentator 2 in English]
The knockout stages are upon us.
Don't leave nothing
in the tank after this.
- [in Spanish] One, two, three!
- [all] Win, win, and win!
[commentator 1 in English]
What about this?
[Adams] Win or go home.
[Southgate] Fine margins
can make the difference.
[commentator 3]
Virtually, last kick of extra time!
[in French] Anything is possible now.
[referee blows whistle]
[commentator 1 in English] And now
spot kicks to determine who goes home.
[Silva in Portuguese]
We arrived in a difficult situation.
[reporter 1 in English] Brazil football
legend Pelé readmitted to hospital
[reporter 2] The 82-year-old
had been moved to end of life care.
[in Portuguese] Got me emotional.
I said, "Damn it."
One single mistake in the match
and we're out.
[commentator 1 in English]
Here comes their captain, Sergio Busquets.
[commentator 2] Veteran Yoshida will take.
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