Captains of the World (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Against All Odds

[intense music playing]
[commentator] A night of World Cup
football that is very likely
to produce high drama
as all four teams in Group E
go in search of the result which would
take them through to the Round of 16.
Hopefuls Japan,
group leaders Spain lie in wait.
While in the Al Bayt Stadium,
Costa Rica play Germany
in the other Group E match.
All sorts of scenarios
could affect the outcome
- on who goes forward to the last 16.
- [whistle blows]
[commentator] Japan nil, Spain 1
at the start of this second period.
[crowd cheering]
[commentator] Well, they're going
to have to be bold here, Japan.
- Here come Japan! Oh, yes!
- [crowd roaring]
What an impact for Ritsu!
A few Japanese fans,
I don't think can believe it.
Luis Enrique wasn't expecting that.
[Spanish commentator] Japan are coming.
The ball goes to Dōan inside the area!
[commentator 1 in English]
Oh, it's in! Remarkable!
[in Spanish] I'm not sure if it went
across the line. The referee whistles.
[commentator 1 in English] VAR checking.
Was the ball out of play
leading up to the goal?
It is very, very close.
Spain sweat. Japan must wait.
They're looking. They're looking.
[commentator 2] Forensic scrutiny,
isn't it?
[commentator 3] To crank it up a little,
Japan have had the ball in the net again.
We're still waiting to see
whether that goal will be allowed.
VAR check in progress.
[commentator 1] The whole of the ball
has to be over the whole of the line.
Hands in prayer.
At the moment they don't know
[blows whistle]
- They do now!
- [crowd roaring]
[Spanish commentator] The story changes.
Disaster for the Spanish national team.
[commentator 1 in English]
VAR has proved its worth.
How about it, Japan, on top in Group E.
[commentator 2] Extraordinary
World Cup for Japan,
ahead against
the 2010 world champions Spain.
[commentator 3] Waston a threat here,
and he's up really well!
[German commentator] No!
Neuer is out and the ball is in the net.
[commentator 3 in English]
The impossible is happening here!
This group is upside down!
Germany on the brink of elimination,
Spain on the brink of elimination!
The story of the tournament
is being written here!
To confirm, Japan and Costa Rica
are going through
from a group
that contains Spain and Germany.
[commentator 1] I don't believe this now.
Juan Pablo Vargas has given Costa Rica
a 2-1 lead against Germany.
Spain with the work to do here,
and if it stays this way,
I can't recall
a more momentous evening
in World Cup history.
[crowd cheering]
[commentator 3] And an opportunity
Taken! By Havertz!
- [crowd roaring]
- And the picture changes.
[commentator 2] Well, it's a goal that
will bring considerable Spanish relief.
[commentator 3] Gnabry, with a teaser
It's a great ball!
- [crowd roaring]
- And finished off by Kai Havertz!
They need a Spanish goal now!
[commentator 2] Well, Hansi Flick
has to hope that it isn't all for nothing.
[commentator 1] Germany's progression
to the last 16 is hanging by a thread.
- They need Spain to score.
- Come on!
Difficult for Gonda!
Great challenge from Yoshida!
The captain with a perfect interception.
- [referee blows whistle]
- Japan win Group E.
[crowd roaring]
Amazing scenes here.
Spain progress as runners-up.
[commentator 3] Germany fall at the first
hurdle, despite winning.
[German commentator]
Germany are eliminated.
[commentator 1 in English] It's truly
[in Japanese] Here we go!
dramatic night.
[woman] Welcome
to the press conference of Iran
ahead of the match against
United States of America.
The World Cup is an opportunity
to address issues that face nations.
[reporter 1] You mentioned
about the difficulties
for the situation back home in Iran.
Could you talk about that
and how you and the Iran players feel?
[Aluko] Given the issues in Iran,
the Iranian players
had to make a statement.
[shutter clicks]
[in Persian] In the name
of the God of rainbows
First, let me express my condolences
to the bereaved families in Iran.
We have to accept the fact that
the situation in our country
is not great, and our people
[in English] Be there for Iran!
[reporter 2] The demonstrations
began more than four weeks ago
following the death in custody
of Mahsa Amini.
Mahsa Amini!
[woman] Say her name!
Mahsa Amini!
[in Persian] Our people are not happy.
All upset.
[reporter 3 in English]
The Iranian crackdown
on anti-government protests,
at least 185 people have been killed
over the past few weeks.
[Aluko] That is courage,
to see women sacrificing
their life.
[indistinct chatter]
[reporter 4 in Persian]
Has your squad been punished
for not singing
the Iranian national anthem?
Are you concerned by
the consequences of not singing it?
[announcer] And now, the national anthem
of Islamic Republic of Iran.
[anthem playing]
[Aluko] In the world we live in now,
we see a lot of performative action
that are important,
but it's without consequence.
[Rasmus] When we saw
what the Iranian team did
during the national anthem,
they didn't sing at all.
[Aluko] What separated the Iranian team
is there's genuine consequence.
Being imprisoned,
threat of death sentence.
There was nothing performative about it.
If people are dying in your country,
you are of course willing
to risk more to send a signal.
[Ehsan in Persian] We are here,
so there is no reason
we can't be their voice.
[crowd chanting] Iran! Iran!
[commentator 1] The Islamic Republic
of Iran are looking for a reaction
from their 6-2 defeat to England.
Iran will be out
if they are beaten today by Wales.
[crowd cheering]
Woman, life, freedom.
[Rasmus] After what they did,
not singing the national anthem,
I think a lot of Iranians thought,
"Wow, they are actually representing us."
[crowd cheering]
[commentator 1] Wales,
desperately backpedaling.
[crowd exclaiming]
Azmoun against the post!
Iran looking to break,
Hennessey's come out a long way!
Hennessey with
the challenge there on Taremi!
A red card will be shown.
And Iran, can they find a winner?
So close.
Tense final few minutes.
Iran will press again
Allen with the clearance.
[crowd roaring]
Iran have won it!
With virtually
the final kick of the match!
And here come Iran again
Ward comes out And can't make the save!
And Iran have scored again!
[referee blows whistle]
[Ehsan] What we want to do is to give
this gift to Iranian fans.
This game was a gift to them.
[Morteza] Any game we go inside the field,
one minute or 90 minutes,
we will fight for their heart
and we'll fight for their happiness.
[all cheering]
Saying that sport and politics
has to be divided,
it's easy to say,
but it's very difficult in practice.
[commentator 1]
A day to treasure for Iran,
who go into their final match
against the USA
knowing that if they win that,
they'd be going through.
Iran versus USA
will always make headlines.
[man] Let's do it.
When you're captain,
you're in the spotlight.
As soon as I walked into,
into that press conference,
you could just tell immediately
how hostile it was about to be.
[reporter 1] A question for Tyler.
What's your view when the US federation
put out this flag
to support the regime critics in Iran?
Listen, we support Iran's people
and Iran's team
[reporter 2] Hello, hi. You're pronouncing
our country's name wrong.
Our country is named Iran, not "eye-ran."
Please once and for all,
let's get this clear.
My apologies on the mispronunciation
of your country.
[reporter 2] Are you okay to be
representing the US
meanwhile there's so much discrimination
happening against Black people in America?
You know, there's discrimination
everywhere you go.
Growing up, for me,
I grew up in a white family
with obviously an African American
heritage and background as well,
so I had a little bit
of different cultures
and I was very easily able
to assimilate in different cultures.
So, not everyone has that ease
and, uh, the ability to do that
and it takes longer to understand,
and through education,
I think it's super important.
Like you just educated me now
on the pronunciation of your country,
so, um, yeah, it's a process.
I think as long as you see progress,
that's the most important thing.
When he asked me that,
it wasn't him attacking me,
me attacking him
or going at him in any sense.
We knew we were going to deal
with a lot of things
that had nothing to do
with our performance.
[indistinct chatter]
[coach] As we attack, you're ready.
You're smelling, you're hunting.
You're hunting to win the ball back.
High emotions, high stakes.
This is that on steroids,
to another level.
Twenty-six brothers
doing anything it takes,
whatever it takes,
refusing to leave the [bleep] field
until we extend our [bleep] journey
tonight and we get to earn another game.
[all] USA!
[Adams] So, going into this game,
it was do or die.
[Ehsan in Persian] We are here to fight
[crowd cheering]
and I hope we achieve the result
the Iranian people want.
[referee blows whistle]
And make them happy.
[commentator 1] These two nations have
knockout football on their mind
and are ready to do the necessary.
So noisy in here tonight.
[commentator 2] Such a tense atmosphere.
[crowd beating drums
and chanting indistinctly]
[commentator 1] Adams
McKennie Saw the run of Dest.
And there he is, and Pulisic's in there!
Who from this game is going through?
And it might be Iran!
- And that was so, so close.
- [crowd exclaiming]
- [referee blows whistle]
- The final whistle.
[crowd cheering]
Smiles aplenty from those in blue.
The contrast of emotion
is there for all to see.
[yelling indistinctly]
Come on! Let's [bleep] go!
[Adams] I was happy.
I was very, very proud of the team.
They just put so much
into those first three games
to reach our first goal of
making it to the Round of 16.
[commentator 1] After a uniquely
thrilling group stage,
the 2022 FIFA World Cup moves
into the phase where
traditionally the greatest drama lies.
[in Dutch] The group stage is completely
different from the knockout stage.
[Adams in English]
Win or go home.
[commentator 1]
Football at its most unforgiving.
[Kane] Now it's almost a second
competition of knockout football.
[in French] Anything is possible now.
It could all rest on one match.
[in English] Fine margins
can make the difference.
[Spanish commentator] Goal!
I love you, Argentina! We're through!
I love you, Argentina!
We're through.
[in Portuguese] It's not
a "win or go home" match for us.
Winning is the only option.
- [commentator 1] Casemiro!
- [crowd cheering]
Brazil's place in the Round of 16
has been confirmed.
Celebrations for Croatia!
Captain Fantastic!
- Absolutely magnificent.
- [cheering]
[commentator 2] Son still going,
support arriving
Oh, they've scored!
But they've got to wait.
[commentator 3] This is awful.
As a player, now you're hoping
that the result in the other game
goes your way.
[commentator 2] Any moment now!
They know they're through!
That was the longest six minutes
of my life.
[commentator 2] Knockout football
for Korea Republic!
[Son] We beat one of the best teams
and stayed longer in Qatar.
[commentator 4 in Arabic]
What a goal! Allah is great.
- [crowd cheering]
- [commentator 1] Mbappé!
[in English] And the Round of 16
looms large for the French!
Bruno Fernandes does the business!
[commentator 2] What legacy
will be left here in Qatar?
[commentator 3] Mathew Leckie embraces
the moment for the Socceroos!
[man 1] Can you believe it?
[commentator 4] It's qualification
to the Round of 16.
[man 2] The show goes on.
[news anchor] Well, no rest
for our winning Socceroos
as the side begins to recover and reset,
ready to face Argentina.
This was touted
as one of the weakest squads
we've ever sent to a World Cup.
Is this a team seriously
that could beat Argentina?
I think to put limits on this team now
would be incredibly foolish,
even with a team that includes Leo Messi.
Just imagine if the Socceroos ended
one of the great international careers.
[commentator 1] Another landmark.
1,000 games for club and country.
It's very difficult
to be the best player
for 15, 16, 17 years.
[crowd cheering]
[in Spanish] He's amazing.
They'll do anything to block him,
to keep him from playing,
to get under his skin.
[commentator 1 in English]
An explosion of the exceptional!
[in Spanish] We see him as a superhero,
as our god.
I would give my life to help him win
a title with his beloved team,
his beloved country.
[producer] It's inevitable that Messi
is the brains and the heart of this team,
the backbone
of what you need on the pitch.
Having him, it would be crazy
not to have him as the brain of this team.
They'd have to destroy
my manager's licence.
Since the beginning
he bet on a united and strong group.
He's the reason why the group
is the way it is today.
Obviously, he is also a great coach
and shows it match after match.
[Martinez] To me, the thing about Scaloni
is the identity of this team
is clear to him.
Sometimes he changes players,
even those you think are
the most important in this team,
but the concept, the identity
is not compromised.
I honestly have huge respect for Scaloni.
Not just as a coach but as a person.
He's a workaholic. Always working.
I think his greatest quality is
creating a group of players
who would die for the team.
[Degenek in English] Leave nothing in
the tank after this game. Come out here.
If we have to [bleep] drag you
off that pitch, we will,
but leave everything out there.
They probably think it's their god-given
right that they have to go through.
We want self-confidence out there.
What a stage to [bleep] make our mark
out there, huh?
These [bleep] don't know
who Australian players are.
Go and show these [bleep] who we are!
And at the end, offer 'em
your [bleep] shirt when you beat 'em.
- Get out there and get into these [bleep].
- [players] Come on!
[referee blows whistle]
[commentator 1]
Messi, switching on again.
Running into big Souttar.
Getting from Baccus a bruised shin.
[in Spanish] The game was tough,
very physical
[commentator 2 in English]
Australia, competing ferociously.
[Messi in Spanish]
as we knew it would be.
[commentator 2 in English]
It's early days,
but Australia are managing to keep
Argentina out of their box.
[commentator 1] Hefty challenge by Behich.
[commentator 2] A really silly challenge.
Gifting a free kick now
in a dangerous position.
[commentator 1] Dinked in by Messi
And away by Souttar.
Mac Allister
[Spanish commentator] Goal! Goal by Leo!
[crowd roaring]
[commentator 1 in English]
A thousand games, and still he excels.
There'll never be another like him.
That is his first World Cup goal
in the knockout stage.
[referee blows whistle]
And the whistle goes
and don't you just know it,
Messi is the man again.
More World Cup goals than Diego Maradona.
He just wants the medal to go with them.
Come on!
- [bleep]
- [chatter]
We will. When we press,
you've got to squeeze up,
otherwise it makes the space too big
for Jacko and Aaron to cover.
Keep our shape. We'll catch him.
We want to send these [bleep] home.
Come on!
Leave it all out there, come on! [bleep]
Leave it all out there, come on!
[indistinct chatter]
[crowd cheering]
[commentator 1]
Oh, Ryan's got into trouble!
And it's cost him!
Julián Álvarez with the steal!
[commentator 2]
That's a horror moment for Australia.
[commentator 1] Behich
And Goodwin, deflection! Goal!
Now then! Now then
They needed a lucky twist
and their hope is reinvested.
Scaloni is agitated, there's no question.
[commentator 2] There's still time.
There's still time for the Socceroos.
[commentator 1] Behich
Driving off Palacios.
He's still going, Behich! What about this!
[commentator 2] Whoa! What a run!
[crowd exclaiming]
[commentator 1] A minute and a half left.
In by Goodwin
[commentator 2]
And that was the opportunity
for a young man looking to make his mark.
And what a chance for Australia.
[commentator 1] Martínez wins the game.
[in Spanish] We couldn't wrap up
and they had one two chances at the end.
We cheered all the saves
as if they were goals.
[commentator 1 in English]
Argentina, quarterfinalists again,
but, boy,
were they made to sweat in the end.
[crowd singing and cheering]
[Schmeichel] The world of football
is tightening in.
Teams everywhere now
are getting better and better.
The competition between the teams
has narrowed. I think it's more difficult
to play against the teams you thought
you were going to win against.
I think being an underdog
is honestly one of the best feelings.
Everyone roots for them.
[in Japanese] Before the Spain game,
I felt like my heart was being squeezed.
I was calm before
the game against Germany,
but it's definitely better
to have positive tension.
Excessive tension is not good,
but neither is being too relaxed.
[commentator 1 in English] Forty seconds
of stoppage time remaining.
Japan, desperate to cover the spaces,
they can't do so for the moment!
Lukaku, and here's a winner!
Can you believe it?
[Maya in Japanese]
That match revealed a lot of things.
For the past four years,
I have been preparing with the thought of
how I would prepare for a knockout game
like the match we played against Belgium.
[commentator 1 in English]
Japan, down and out.
[in Japanese] When we lost,
my mind went blank. So blank, I felt numb.
I couldn't think,
I didn't want to do anything.
I realized once again
that the World Cup is really a stage
where one mistake
can make all the difference.
- [man] Maya, Maya, Maya! [claps]
- [in English] Thank you.
[fans chanting] Maya, Maya, Maya!
Maya, Maya, Maya!
Maya, Maya, Maya!
[in Japanese] Our history tells you that.
It might sound
over the top, but it's true.
For example, in manufacturing
things like Japanese cars.
The idea of copying various things
and making them even better
is also true in football,
where we go overseas
and absorb different ideas.
[women shrieking]
[Lineker in English] I went there
when J.League started.
I didn't really know what to expect,
and I was asked to go there
not really just to play football,
but it was more to promote the game
and push the new J.League,
this new idea,
this "saka" as they called it.
And it was amazing.
But the players themselves,
everyone was incredibly polite,
really technically sound,
but obviously, at this stage,
they weren't anything
like the level that they are now.
Japan have a style of play, but I think
it's a style of play that's evolved.
[in Japanese] Many of our players
have moved to Europe to play football
and have been able to play against players
from countries that regularly
qualify for the World Cup.
We've been waiting for this day
for 1,617 days.
It's four and a half years
since the match we lost against Belgium.
It's up to us now.
Let's win with all our players. Okay.
- Let's do this!
- Yeah!
[indistinct chatter]
[in English] There is enormous importance
in Japan on not losing face.
As long as they can come out of it
with heads held high,
they'll be treated as heroes.
[commentator 1] Japan have stunned
the big names and now the big prize,
a first-ever World Cup quarterfinal,
is tantalizingly close.
[in Japanese] I told them to be brave
and compete.
That's a given, but every match
we're representing Japan,
so we have to win.
Croatia! Croatia!
[commentator 1 in English] They face
the considerable challenge of Croatia.
The Japan side have come here
to play with courage
and shock a few once again.
- [crowd cheering]
- [horns blowing]
That's another threatening ball And in!
- [crowd roaring]
- Maeda pounces!
And is it going to be
another dream day for Japan?
[commentator 2] Germany, beaten.
Spain, beaten.
Are Croatia going to be next?
The early signs are good for them.
At halftime it's Japan 1, Croatia 0.
[in Japanese] Follow Daichi
and others about that.
Okay, okay, okay.
[in Japanese] Never give the opportunity
away. Missed this chance four years ago.
Form a circle
and unify your will once more.
We're going for another run!
We're going to fight again!
Let's win for sure!
[players] Yeah!
Hang in there!
[commentator 2 in English]
Japan are halfway there.
[commentator 1] Can they pick
the tempo up?
It's going to have to come for Croatia
from that midfield trio,
as it so often does.
[commentator 2]
Lovren will play it in there
- And a wonderful equalizer!
- [crowd cheering]
An absolutely stunning header
from Ivan Perišić.
[all exclaiming]
[commentator 2] Another moment
of Modrić magic.
[commentator 1] This is an interesting
one, Luka Modrić is being withdrawn.
[commentator 2] He most certainly would
have stepped up and taken a penalty.
[commentator 1] You hate to say this,
but could this be the moment he walks away
from the World Cup stage
for the very last time?
[commentator 2] A tremendous run
by Mitoma!
[referee blows whistle]
It is the incomparable football theatre
that is a penalty competition.
[commentator 2] Minamino then
against Livaković,
hoping to give Japan the perfect start
- No!
- [yells indistinctly]
It's a perfect start for Croatia!
Livaković saves again.
And Japan's dream
is beginning to fade here.
[referee blows whistle]
The veteran Yoshida will take.
[referee blows whistle]
Yoshida the captain steps up
And he's denied!
And Livaković has left his nation
one kick away
from a place in the quarterfinals.
[Croatian commentator] Pašalić! Pašalić!
We're going to the quarterfinal!
[commentator 2 in English] For Japan,
it's the old familiar tale.
The last 16 proves the limit once again.
Absolute heartbreak tonight for Japan.
Sum up your feelings.
We did everything what we could do.
A great team.
We showed great spirit, performance
throughout the tournament.
We beat Germany, Spain.
I'm very proud of my team,
I'm proud of my teammates.
I really enjoyed this tournament.
[crowd cheering and applauding]
[Lyes] When you get to these knockout
games where you have David and Goliath
and, really, David cannot compete
on a level playing field over 90 minutes,
over 120 minutes and beat that Goliath,
penalty kicks is really something
that levels the draws for them.
It puts them on an even playing field.
[in Spanish] For me to be able to play
another World Cup was very exciting.
I know it was my last World Cup.
- [man in Spanish] Busi, the avenger one.
- Not Busi.
Is he going to kill him?
Is Busi going to kick him out?
He kicks him out!
We have kicked out a cannonballer.
[indistinct chatter]
Cannonballer out!
[in English] You have to be prepared
to be good in penalty shootouts.
You have to be confident, to know
what you're doing, to have a routine.
[Lyes] It's mostly about mentality.
So, for a team that
doesn't really expect to be there,
they have less pressure
taking that penalty kick
than a team that may have just
dominated the whole game.
[in French] The mental side
has also been this squad's strength
since the beginning of the competition.
As for the penalty shootout,
teams often prepare beforehand,
including us.
[Enrique in Spanish]
Many players practiced penalties
after the training sessions.
I already warned the players,
"You have homework to do."
"Take at least 1,000 penalties
before the World Cup."
[Busquets in Spanish] When you reach
the final minutes,
it's better to go to extra time
than to risk it all.
[Koke] They were talking about changing
the order of the penalty takers.
They tried different things.
Two consecutive penalties per team.
The next player up shoots
with more pressure.
Of course.
They always shoot
aiming to tie the shootout.
And then the fifth person up
must score to win.
When you take the last penalty to tie,
it's nerve-wracking.
[Busquets] With penalties, it's hard.
I don't know if Spain have a mental block.
[English commentator 1] He's saved it!
[in Spanish] Spain
always lose on penalties.
They're the curse of Spain.
[Fàbregas in English]
Going into a penalty shootout,
it's one of the most
difficult experiences you can have.
[commentator 1]
If Spain miss the next one,
Russia win.
[referee blows whistle]
Akinfeev saves!
For Spain, it is the plane.
[Fàbregas] Seeing some of my friends
missing penalties and going out that way
was tough to take.
[commentator 1]
Spain, they are out of here!
This was not meant to happen.
[Saïss in French] No matter the opponent,
the most important thing
was to believe in ourselves.
In football, anything is possible,
regardless of who the opponent is.
[in Spanish] They're gonna come out strong
from kickoff, let's not get caught.
Match them in the one-on-ones,
second plays, 50/50 balls.
We have to keep all that in mind
from the start.
We knew it would be a tough game
and we had the utmost respect for them.
- One, two, three.
- [all] Come on!
[players] Come on!
[man] Come on!
[indistinct chatter]
[commentator 1 in English]
Near neighbors Spain
haven't progressed past the Round of 16
since winning the World Cup 12 years ago.
And they know this one has
potential banana skin written all over it.
[referee blows whistle]
Well, the color and the atmosphere
just goes up a notch or two.
[Busquets in Spanish] The Moroccan fans
practically filled the stadium.
So we knew we had to play
with that disadvantage.
[producer] Saïss has said that
his hero is Sergio Busquets.
Did you know that?
No, I didn't.
Anyway, I don't know if it's true or not,
but if it is true, it's very nice that
your opponents say things like that.
[Saïss in French] The way he plays
is incredible, in my opinion.
[Busquets in Spanish] I knew Saïss too
from Premier League.
He encouraged his teammates
in every action.
[Saïss in French] His intelligence,
the way he moves,
all of these things are impressive to me.
[Busquets in Spanish] He was a player
who was always giving commands,
especially to the defense,
asking them to work together.
The game gets decided by small details,
something you do or don't do.
[crowd chanting indistinctly]
[commentator 1 in English] Spain need to
get it into the penalty area sharpish
if they're to create something.
Spain still move the ball around as if
they've got all the time in the world.
[kids chattering]
[commentator 1] Morocco, hanging on
by their fingernails here
at the end of extra time.
The ball comes in!
He almost wins it
with the last kick of extra time!
It's goalless,
and somehow Morocco survive.
[referee blows whistle]
And now spot kicks to determine
who goes on to a quarterfinal
and who goes home in the cruelest manner.
Morocco in a shootout
at the World Cup for the first time.
Spain have been in this situation before.
It is the captain Busquets
with a few final words.
The Moroccan fans, vastly outnumbering
their Spanish counterparts.
These two sets of players now,
they just need to keep a cool head
and hope that
luck is perhaps on their side.
Sabiri has made the long walk first.
We are ready.
Sabiri against Unai Simón.
Penalty number one.
[Arabic commentator] Sabiri scores!
[commentator 1 in English]
Cool as a cucumber.
[crowd roaring]
Pablo Sarabia.
It's Sarabia
He's missed!
He hit the post
in the last kick of extra time
and he's hit the post
with his penalty kick!
Early advantage, Morocco.
[Arabic commentator] Hakim Ziyech
- Ziyech scores a goal!
- [crowd roaring]
[commentator 1 in English]
Two out of two for Morocco.
Carlos Soler for Spain.
[crowd whistling]
Whistles loud enough
to make your ears ring in the stadium.
It's saved!
[Arabic commentator]
Bono! Well done, Bono!
[commentator 1 in English]
Spain in big trouble.
[Arabic commentator speaking]
[chanting in Spanish] Spain! Spain!
[commentator 2 in English]
Hope for Luis Enrique and Spain.
[commentator 1] Here comes their captain,
Sergio Busquets.
[in Spanish] When that time comes,
it's a difficult moment.
When you go towards the ball,
you have to walk a long way.
There's a lot going on in your head.
[Arabic commentator] Here we go,
Busquets. And Bono! Bono! Bono!
[commentator 1 in English]
Morocco in the driving seat!
And Spain on the precipice.
Achraf Hakimi, born in Madrid,
born and raised in Spain
can send them home.
- [referee blows whistle]
- Morocco with a chance
to win it and go through
- [Arabic commentator] Goal! Goal! Goal!
- [crowd cheering]
[commentator 1] What a moment for Morocco!
Achraf Hakimi!
Morocco, into the quarterfinals
for the first time ever!
[commentator 2] Heartbreak for Spain.
They'll feel plenty of sympathy for them.
[commentator 1] They're heading home,
Morocco are marching on,
and three quarters of this stadium
dancing in delight.
[Arabic commentator]
History has been written.
What an epic battle from these heroes!
[commentator 2 in English]
They have put everything into this.
[whooping triumphantly]
[singing in Arabic]
[commentator 1] Moroccan celebrations
will go on long into the night.
[cheering and singing]
[reporter 1] Let's go across
to my colleague Osama
for the latest news coming in
from the world of sport.
It's saddening news
of the Brazilian football legend Pelé.
[reporter 2] Brazil football legend Pelé
has been readmitted to hospital
[reporter 3] The 82-year-old
had been moved to the end of life care.
Ladies and gentlemen,
- [in Portuguese] Friends Okay?
- [man] Yes.
He's our king.
Thiago Silva and I
talked about Pelé.
We said that it was our dream
to have a picture taken with him.
And that got me emotional.
I said, "Damn it."
[Izidro in English]
Pelé was the first global icon.
He transcended sport.
[in Portuguese] The way he played,
the magical way he handled the ball.
The green and yellow of Brazil
and the Brazilian national team
started to become a reference
in every country around the world.
[in English] He left such a legacy
that football was something before Pelé
and then it was something else after Pelé.
Would you welcome warmly please, Pelé.
[audience exclaiming]
You are incredible.
[Izidro] Every Brazilian player since Pelé
has embodied his spirit.
From Sócrates to Zico.
[commentator 1] Goal!
[Izidro] Romário to Ronaldo.
[commentator 1] Goal!
[Izidro] Kakáto Neymar.
[crowd cheering]
You always think of Brazil
as one of your teams
because of the history of the country.
[in Portuguese] He's left an incredible
legacy for all generations.
[Guardiola in English] Before,
number 10 was just a number.
And after him, it became something
like a something special.
Every top player
want to wear the number ten.
[commentator 2] Diego Armando Maradona!
[commentator 3] Number 10 Neymar returns
after two games out with an ankle problem.
Brazil, they will
be put to the test tonight
by Korea Republic.
[in Portuguese] It's not about
drumming up motivation
so that we play well.
It's about playing well,
then paying tribute to him.
The only moment he was fully conscious
was during our matches.
[Silva] The news about Pelé
meant we arrived emotionally shaken
against South Korea.
One single mistake in the match,
and we're out.
[reporter in English]
The update as of now is that
Pelé's condition has worsened further.
[commentator 1] Thoughts are sent the way
of a national hero.
A pressure game calling for big players,
and they don't come much bigger
in impact than Neymar.
Brazil, fascinating,
fancied and fed on history.
Korea Republic, bold, bright and brave.
They are dancing to the same beats.
We must have a winner.
[commentator 2] Brazil leads!
With just moments on the clock.
A goal scored with a swagger.
Korea Republic have it all to do already.
[commentator 1] Now,
that's an interesting one. Penalty!
[crowd cheering]
[commentator 2] Neymar,
makes it look so simple
as Brazil have the game.
[Silva in Portuguese] This was
our demonstration of care and affection,
of pride in being Brazilian,
of having him as our eternal king.
[commentator 2 in English] Nicely done
He might get it back He does! Oh!
It is a blockbuster Brazil start.
And even the head coach
is more than happy to join in.
Four-nil Brazil.
Lucas Paquetá.
That is Brazil in a nutshell.
An emphatic victory.
Quality and quantity.
The Brazilians are favorites.
Look at their players,
if you give one of them space, they score.
I don't wanna blame any of our players
because they gave everything.
[commentator 1] Korea Republic, outfought,
outplayed and sadly for them, out.
Brazil, though, stride on.
[in Portuguese] He's going to continue
in our lives.
Pelé will never be forgotten.
[man 1 in English] Portugal have dropped
Cristiano Ronaldo to the bench.
It's a very, very big moment
in this World Cup.
[in Portuguese] Talk about
the competition. Don't ask them about me.
[Laurens in English] This the moment
that matters most.
Anything can happen.
[in Croatian] Everyone makes mistakes.
Your problem is
I think that you're frightened
of making a mistake.
[crowd cheering]
[in English]
It's important you control your emotions.
[commentator 1] It's Neymar!
[commentator 2] Goal, goal, goal!
We're fragile. We're all fragile.
[in French] We know we can do something
historic for African football.
[in English] Your superstars
have to shine. If they don't shine
[commentator] Penalties it will be.
[Laurens]this is where you go home.
[indistinct chatter]
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