Captains of the World (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

The Harder They Fall

[siren wailing]
[commentator 1] It's the all-European
contest between Portugal and Switzerland.
And a place in the World Cup quarter-final
is at stake.
[speaking Portuguese]
Football is unpredictable.
Anything can happen.
It's another competition I'm prepared for.
Every player here feels pressure!
[commentator 1] Portugal have dropped
Cristiano Ronaldo to the bench.
[in Portuguese] Breaking news
- [man 1 in English] Sounds so crazy.
- [man 2] It was a shock.
[commentator 1] Those boots he wears
are pretty big ones to fill.
[Ronaldo in Portuguese] I'm not perfect,
but everything related
to Cristiano will always
spark criticism and debate.
[narrator] From London,
this is Piers Morgan Uncensored.
Coming up revelations from Ronaldo,
football's biggest superstar,
gives his blistering verdict
on life at Manchester United.
Let me start just by asking you,
why are you doing this interview with me?
I think it's the time.
One of the greatest football players
the world has seen.
[in Portuguese] He is a born striker,
who at any moment can decide the match.
[in English] His stats
speak for themselves,
how good of a player he is.
[commentator 1] Absolutely incredible!
[Bale] Him doing what he's done,
you see how many trophies, how many goals.
It's just a joy to watch.
[both] Siu!
[in Portuguese]
It will be my fifth World Cup. Amen.
[crowd cheering]
A very important player
for our national team.
[commentator 1] Ronaldo!
[Sepulveda] In Portugal,
Cristiano Ronaldo is an icon.
The first name
when you see the lineup of Portugal
[commentator 1] In by Ronaldo!
He is a sensation!
[Sepulveda] He won five Ballon d'Ors.
Cristiano Ronaldo.
[commentator 2] Goal! Goal!
[Sepulveda] He is the most followed person
on Instagram.
I think to be good looking helps too.
[Morgan] You broke the all-time record
for shirt sales in 24 hours.
You actually beat
a guy called Messi at PSG.
- You must have been happy about that.
- Of course I was.
The Manchester United tweet
announcing that
you were rejoining the club
was the most liked tweet
I think in Twitter history.
When I arrived,
I thought everything will be different.
You end the season with 24 goals
for Manchester United
[commentator] It's a Ronaldo!
[Morgan]by any normal yardstick,
it's an incredible performance,
and yet you were still getting criticized.
Everyone knows that press,
they want to put me on the first page
because they know they will sell more.
[Morgan] Ten Hag wanted
to show you who the boss was.
He dropped you, he benched you.
Is a Manchester United manager not allowed
to put Cristiano Ronaldo on the bench?
You think he respects you?
He don't respect the way
I should deserve.
His stats since he's come back
to Man United are good.
Goal scoring wise, yeah.
[crowd cheering]
The game's about goals.
It's hard when you are
a little bit down.
- What's he here for?
- To help them win a trophy.
Do you read newspapers?
Do you read social media?
The press are garbage.
And they lie. They constantly lie
and they constantly attack me.
[man] Ronaldo is going
to have to go somewhere else
if he can't accept being on the bench.
[Ronaldo] I think it was
a strategy from the club.
[Morgan] They wanted you to leave?
[Ronaldo] Probably, yes.
- They're trying to force you out?
- Yes.
Then I felt betrayed.
[reporter] Breaking news,
Cristiano Ronaldo leaves Manchester United
with immediate effect
after his damning TV interview.
[reporter 1] Cristiano Ronaldo's
controversial interview
is making headlines around the world,
so how will that affect
Portugal's preparation?
[Portuguese reporter]
Good morning, Cristiano.
Is this the most important tournament
in your career
to prove to the world,
and especially those in Manchester,
that you don't deserve
to be on the bench in this team?
Another controversy, but I'm used to it.
If I had to prove myself
at 37 years and eight months,
I would be worried.
In 2016, we weren't contenders
but we reached the final.
[crowd cheering]
It was complicated. I started the game,
but I didn't finish it.
[commentator 1 in English]
That is not good news, is it?
I think that's the end of his night
by the looks of him.
[commentator 2] Tears from those eyes.
It looks as though Fernando Santos
has to go for a plan B.
[Sepulveda] The media
always tried to bring
an image of arrogant
from Cristiano Ronaldo,
which I don't think it's true.
[Ronaldo in Portuguese] I remember
I was in the dressing room.
Then I came back out.
[Sepulveda in English] In that final,
we saw another side.
How Ronaldo loves the country
and not just himself.
[commentator 1] Cristiano Ronaldo's
pulling all the strings.
He can hardly walk himself.
[Ronaldo in Portuguese] People could see
how nervous I was.
I was so nervous.
The images speak for themselves.
[shouting indistinctly]
[commentator 2 in English]
Here comes Eder. Not got much help.
- [crowd cheering]
- He doesn't need any help! How about that!
[referee blows whistle]
[Ronaldo in Portuguese]
It was a glorious day for Portugal.
I think it was the highlight
of my career.
It was the first trophy
in Portugal's history.
[commentator 2 in English]
Portugal, champions of Europe 2016.
In that final, Ronaldo showed
that he's the heartbeat of the team.
[all cheering]
[upbeat music playing]
[Ronaldo in Portuguese] Thank you.
This victory,
this Euro, belongs to all of you.
Those here in Portugal,
all the immigrants,
the players here,
and the coach deserve it.
You were spectacular from start to finish
and always believed in us.
Thank you all very much. [whoops]
[commentator in English]
The big breaking news this evening
is that Cristiano Ronaldo will not start.
[indistinct chatter]
[Sepulveda] We thought this could be
a mistake. It's impossible. Why?
Is he injured?
It's a technical option?
[commentator 2] Coaches are paid
to make the big calls
and hopefully get those big calls right.
[Fàbregas] It was a shock to see Cristiano
being dropped to the bench.
[Ronaldo in Portuguese]
All selected players feel pressure
because they want
to do their best for Portugal.
They want to be ready in case
they have an opportunity to play.
[commentator 1 in English] Up top,
Gonçalo Ramos
makes his first international start,
filling the boots of Cristiano Ronaldo.
João Félix
- And Ramos!
- [crowd roaring]
He has thundered that in!
What a dream night for the kid!
The granddaddy of them all!
In by Diogo Dalot,
and touched home
at the near post by Ramos again!
[crowd roaring]
Delicious hat-trick!
Dream the dream, why don't you!
A Portuguese change,
but only really one headline change.
Coming off, Gonçalo Ramos.
Go on then, what have you still got?
Ronaldo would love to grab himself
the crowning moment
and Carvalho has sought him out.
Seemed to be offside,
Ronaldo's kept on going
and has thrust it home,
but the flag is up.
He knew. He knew.
Flicks it in for Leão
[crowd roaring]
Consider the cake iced.
Portugal mean this as well, you know.
Portugal really mean this.
Into a World Cup quarter-final
for the first time since 2006.
[man] You have to fear us.
Fear Ramos, fear Fernandes,
fear Bernardo.
[in Portuguese] The guy didn't score goals
or anything!
[in English]
Our creative force is to the limit now.
[woman] There's new blood,
so maybe it's time to give space
for new players as well.
[Ramos in Portuguese]
Not even in my wildest dreams
did I think that
I would be in the starting line-up
of a knockout stage in the World Cup
and score a hat-trick.
[man in English] Gonçalo Ramos
gave an amazing performance tonight
and he showed he has
to be the one playing number 9.
[Sepulveda] Portugal have huge talent,
but I think that Ronaldo can help players
like Gonçalo Ramos
even if he's not playing.
[Fàbregas] Getting to a quarter-final
is already a big step.
As a player in that moment
you think that there's a long way to go.
[Félix in Portuguese]
Portugal is in a huge competition.
We haven't been
in the quarter-finals for a long time.
[crowd cheering]
[commentator in English]
Oh, what a finish!
- Moroccan mayhem!
- [singing in Arabic]
[in French] Yeah, it's great to get
to this stage of the competition.
[commentators shouting indistinctly]
[crowd cheering]
[in English]
It's about making sure we deliver.
[commentator] Messi!
[Virgil in Dutch]
We're going to give it our all.
We'll do everything we can to win.
[commentator in English]
The Dutch have it!
[Modrić in Croatian] We have to stay
united as we did in the last few games.
We believe in our chances.
[commentator in English]
A sea of Croatian celebration!
[commentator 2 in Portuguese]
Goal for Brazil!
[in English] You have to be at your best.
This is the moment that matters the most.
Anything can happen.
[Laurens] And your superstars
have to shine.
If they don't shine
this is where you go.
[reporter] Okay, Thiago, are you ready?
[in Portuguese] Brazil have always been
one of the favorites.
What does that mean to you?
It means nothing.
Based on my 20 years
of experience in football
How about it? We made it! ♪
being favorites
doesn't matter on the pitch.
You have to earn it.
[Bale in English] Incredible player.
Had a great career and to still be doing
what he's doing now at his age
is a testament to him.
[Silva in Portuguese] I'm 38 years old.
People say I'm old,
now I'm at the end of my career.
Yet still
[Bueno] This is his fourth World Cup,
and his third as captain.
[Silva] For the love of God,
it's the last one.
It's my last one as a player!
[producer] Why do you think Brazil haven't
won the World Cup in 20 years?
[crowd roaring]
In 2010 something happened
at half-time against the Netherlands.
An argument broke out between
Lúcio and Júlio César
in the dressing room.
Second half
we conceded two goals very quickly,
one after the other.
Then in 2014,
we didn't underestimate Germany.
I was suspended for the semi-final
against Germany.
[commentator in English]
Germany, they have got seven.
[Silva in Portuguese] A huge loss.
The passion is immense.
No! Go!
[Bueno] At certain moments,
the fans love to hate.
[indistinct shouting]
In 2018, man,
there was a lack of concentration
at that moment
that could have been prevented.
Go fuck yourself!
[in English] They're under
enormous pressure,
particularly when
you're playing for Brazil.
[Isabelle in Portuguese] He has had some
ups and downs in his career.
Still what he overcame made him
who he is today.
[Silva] I continue playing,
helping my team,
helping the Brazilian national team.
But I'm way more prepared
than in 2014 or 2018.
[in English] You've got to realize that
players are human beings as well
and we're fragile.
[Modrić in Croatian] Pressure
always exists if you play for Croatia.
[Aluko in English]
So during World Cup qualifying,
Livaković was having a run of bad form
and lost his place in the team.
And Luka Modrić took Livaković aside,
had a chat with him,
showed brilliant leadership
in terms of being honest.
[in Croatian] I wouldn't be telling
you this if I didn't care about you.
I like you,
and that's why I'm telling you.
But I don't see you making progress
in the national team.
Maybe it's the pressure on you?
[announcer in English] After extra time,
it has finished Japan one, Croatia one.
[commentator] It is a penalty competition.
[in Croatian] It's because
you're radiating uncertainty,
and it rubs off onto the team.
That was a really difficult time.
Every football player might face a time
when they are not in form.
Everyone makes mistakes.
That's your problem. I have a feeling
you are afraid to make a mistake.
You're afraid of making mistakes.
But who doesn't? Please name one person.
Because I didn't get to where I am
being afraid to make mistakes.
I'm afraid I might make a mistake.
It just makes things worse.
[Modrić] If I think
something needs to be said,
I say it.
Look, you're a great goalkeeper.
You have to know that. Do you know that?
[referee blows whistle]
[commentator 1] Livaković!
[in English] Livaković saves again!
[commentator 2] The captain steps up
[commentator 1] And he's denied!
[commentator 2] Livaković!
[Modrić in Croatian]
He proved to be a great goalkeeper.
[Livaković] Luka is always there for us
to give good advice.
He's always been there for me
and everyone else.
He's a true captain.
[boy in English] Vinícius
I'm your biggest fan.
[crowd cheering]
[producer in Croatian]
Were you afraid of Brazil?
No, there was no fear.
[journalist in Portuguese]
When it comes to this stage
of playing against European teams
in the quarter-finals,
Brazil have lost to France,
the Netherlands,
Germany and Belgium.
And now there is Croatia.
[commentator] Kramarić!
[Júnior] We are conscious that
we have to go in there
and change what has happened
in previous years.
Playing against Croatia who have Modrić
[commentator in English] Sensational goal!
[in Portuguese]
who recently won the Ballon d'Or,
is very difficult.
There are no easy games anymore.
A 37-year-old playing at his level
it's something quite rare.
But then, Thiago Silva
Go get it, bro.
Cristiano Ronaldo,
have proved that
playing at the top level at this age
is becoming the norm.
[in Portuguese] Is everyone ready?
Is everyone in the car?
[Silva] We have a beautiful family.
Isabelle takes care of everything.
She's one of the most important
people in my life.
Our captain's wife.
The First Lady of Qatar 2022.
The First Lady of Brazil's World Cup.
[Silva] So, if she's not aware of it,
she is now.
We're heading off to the match.
I'm relying on you to support Brazil
because the sixth title is coming!
I'll only fly home if I've got
the World Cup in my lap.
I won't come back empty-handed.
That's it.
It's done!
[Silva] When you have
a person like that by your side,
everything is easier
when you step on the pitch.
I'm feeling optimistic about it
but we may still go home in tears.
[woman] For the love of God.
Don't say that.
I mean, I don't believe it,
but anything can happen.
[sniffles] Guys
That's it, there is no other trophy!
There will be frustration if he retires
and doesn't win the World Cup.
He deserves it.
Thiago doesn't deserve to retire
without a World Cup title.
[Silva] Man, your life flashes
before your eyes.
Several thoughts go through your mind
the difficult times,
the people beside you on your journey.
[all cheering]
Even those who criticized you,
like it or not, it makes you strong.
And I'm stronger.
[commentator in English] It's 20 years
since Brazil won a World Cup quarter-final
on foreign soil
but are they starting to warm up
and throw off the shackles
as the tournament wears on?
[Silva in Portuguese]
The Croatian team had a great first half.
They had a great chance.
[commentator in English] Juranović!
Almost there! And also Perišić too!
[Silva in Portuguese] In the second half,
they slowed down a bit.
And we grew into the game.
[commentator in English] Paquetá
Support arriving It's Éder Militão!
Good block from Livaković!
Blocked by Livaković again!
[Silva in Portuguese]
We had to seize every opportunity.
[commentator in English]
Looking for Lucas Paquetá,
doesn't quite fall Or does it!
Paquetá! Saved by Livaković!
[all cheering]
[commentator 2 in Portuguese]
Into the path of Neymar! Left foot!
He shoots!
A clear cut chance
- against the keeper Livaković!
- [referee blows whistle]
[commentator 1]
At the end of the second half
we will face another 30 minutes.
Can Croatia hang on
or will Brazil have the final say?
Petković comes forward
Not much available in support.
He's still going here,
Petković! And still!
Now it's with some support from Brozović,
who blasts it!
[Silva in Portuguese] If they had scored,
it would've been difficult to come back.
[commentator 1 in English] Into Neymar
[commentator 2 in Portuguese]
Hit it, Neymar!
[commentator 1 in English] It's Neymar!
[commentator 2 in Portuguese]
Neymar is his name!
[commentator 1 in English] One-nil Brazil!
[Silva in Portuguese]
Having scored, we had to make sure
we didn't concede.
[commentator 1 in English]
A moment of Brazilian brilliance
and now just 15 minutes away
from the semi-finals.
[Livaković in Croatian]
I believed we could draw level.
As a team, we're used to such moments.
So I had faith.
[in Portuguese] I don't know
how we became so exposed.
Fred went for a challenge and lost it.
That caught me by surprise.
[commentator 1 in English]
Maybe a chance to break
Here's Oršić now
[in Portuguese] It happened so quickly.
[commentator 1 in English]
Plenty of Croatian players up there,
and the shot finds the back of the net!
What a moment for Croatia!
[in Portuguese] Only four minutes left
and my mind keeps repeating,
"Why, why, why?"
[referee blows whistle]
[commentator 1 in English]
Penalties it will be.
[Livaković in Croatian]
I wanted penalties.
[Silva in Portuguese]
That's where they wanted to be.
It is exactly where they wanted to be.
[commentator 2 in English]
Croatia will be believing right now
that this is gonna happen for them.
They've been through this.
And that has to be an advantage for them.
It has to be.
[crowd whistling]
[commentator 1] Nikola Vlašić
decisively dispatched.
[Livaković in Croatian]
No, there was no fear.
These are psychological games
between me and the striker.
[Silva in Portuguese]
Rodrygo asked to take the first one.
[Livaković in Croatian]
I looked to the middle of the pitch.
It wasn't pre-arranged,
but Luka showed me where he'd shoot.
[Brazilian commentator]
Rodrygo takes a deep breath.
It's Rodrygo
Here he goes.
against Livaković.
- [crowd roaring]
- And it's saved!
Livaković is at it again!
[Livaković in Croatian]
Luka never gets it wrong.
[commentator 1 in English]
Never any doubt.
- Casemiro
- [whistle blows]
Luka Modrić
Cool as you like.
And he's put it away!
[commentator 2] What a penalty that is!
[Brazilian commentator]
Marquinhos can't miss!
[Silva] Marquinhos has a solid shot.
He scores every penalty in training.
Marquinhos puts all his penalties
in the same spot.
Every single penalty
into that little corner.
[commentator 1 in English]
It's 4-2 to Croatia.
He needs to score this.
Oh, he's missed!
[smacks lips]
[crowd roaring]
[Silva in Portuguese] Man,
there's not much to say.
[commentator 1 in English]
A shock has happened!
Croatia win!
[Livaković in Croatian]
The feeling is just perfect.
[commentator 1 in English]
Brazil are left heartbroken.
[Silva in Portuguese]
Why did Neymar not take the first one?
We have excellent penalty takers.
Is he the best one?
For me, he's the best in the world.
If he wants to be
the last in line, so be it.
He didn't even get to take one.
But these are choices we make.
Life must go on, man.
We suffered a lot, me even more
because it was my last chance.
I feared it.
I feared
having the career I've had,
and to not achieve my main goal.
[Modrić in Spanish] Don't worry.
You'll come back stronger.
I love you. Cheer up and be strong.
[Silva in Portuguese] I never got
the chance to make it to the final.
It still hurts.
And it will hurt for a long time.
As players, we suffer.
But it's part of the game
for a player to suffer.
But for our families
it hurts.
[in Italian] How are your kids?
They came with you, right?
Yes, in that building.
They understand how games work, right?
They understand everything,
that's the problem,
so they're sad we lost.
But my wife is the one
who suffers the most.
Our wives are the ones who feel the most.
- Your wife was here too?
- Yes, she was at the game.
As players, we are more used to losing.
If you lose in Brazil,
they kill you. So for our wives
it's much harder than it is for us.
We're used to living these moments.
I don't know what I'll do.
I have so much going on in my mind.
Are you going to Brazil now?
No, I'm not.
So from here you're going somewhere else?
If we won,
I would have gone to Brazil, sure.
Yes, yes.
Now it's impossible.
It's the last year for me.
Good luck, mate.
We keep in touch.
Yes. All the best to you too.
[man in English] Good luck for the season.
Thank you.
[woman] We are happy to be here
with the head coach, Fernando Santos.
So let's go straight
to the press conference, okay?
[reporter in Portuguese] In these last
few days, much has been said and written
about a conversation
between yourself and Cristiano Ronaldo.
Of course that conversation happened.
It would have been odd if it hadn't.
Obviously Cristiano
was not happy with my decision.
He has never told me
or anyone else on our staff
that he wanted to quit our national team.
In my opinion, people tend to overanalyze
every little thing about Cristiano.
The most important thing is to win.
If I don't score and the team wins,
then that's okay with me.
I'm very calm about it.
[Fàbregas in English]
His replacement scored three goals
and that proves that the coach
was right to take that decision.
[reporter in Portuguese]
Will the starting 11 be the same,
with Gonçalo Ramos, for example?
The idea that you shouldn't change
a winning team just isn't true.
Is our next opponent similar to the Swiss?
They are a completely different team.
[speaking indistinctly]
[in English]
Everybody loves an underdog.
[commentator] Morocco,
with the chance to win it.
[Laurens] You're rooting
for the smaller guy
who you didn't even know
two weeks earlier.
[commentator 1] Hakimi gets it done!
Morocco, into the quarter-finals
for the first time ever!
Now you're in love with him.
You want him to do well.
You want him to win
because they've never done it before.
[reporter 1] It was the World Cup stunner
that sent Morocco into a frenzy.
Wow. You would not believe it.
[Arabic commentator] Bravo, Lions!
[Saïss in French] In Qatar, each game
was like we were playing in Morocco.
For us it was a huge pleasure
to have been able to make
all these people happy.
[in Portuguese]
Our next opponent is a very strong team.
[Walid in French]
We've been a surprise package,
as people didn't expect us
to be in the knockout stages.
[in Portuguese]
They're a really well organized team
with great quality.
[Walid] We're lucky to work with players
like Achraf Hakimi, who plays for PSG,
Noussair Mazraoui of Bayern Munich,
Hakim Ziyech, who plays for Chelsea.
[in Portuguese] If we think
this game will be easy,
it won't.
I believe Portugal will win,
but I'm sure the Morocco coach
thinks the exact opposite.
[in French] We're talking about
the World Cup quarter-finals.
We'll be up against
one of the best teams in the world,
so we'll have to give it
absolutely everything.
Don't think we're satisfied
by reaching the quarter-finals.
[Saïss] When the coach arrived,
he only had two and a half months
to prepare for the competition,
including only ten days of training
with the team before going
to the World Cup.
[indistinct chatter]
He came in with a clear speech.
[players yelling]
[Walid] The exact words were,
"Whoever's here
just to play in three matches
has no place in my team."
We had to have this ambition
to get through to the next round.
[Saïss] He wanted to change
the mentality.
[singing indistinctly]
[Walid] We have
a very strong relationship.
I'm very close to them,
like a big brother, a father,
and sometimes a teammate too.
We're a group and family first
and foremost.
It's important to have family
by your side for us Moroccans.
[in English] It was a great decision
to bring all the families
because they need this energy
coming from the stands.
[in French] Everything we do
is also for them.
It's a strength for us.
To make them smile, to see them happy
and to see them cry with happiness.
[Walid] Now we have another important game
to enter even further into history.
We feel very motivated to step up
to meet this challenge.
[in English] Hello.
[Saïss in French] Despite the fact that
we were born and grew up abroad,
some in France, some in Spain,
in Holland, in Belgium
[in Arabic] Everyone appreciates
what you're doing.
Thank you.
I mean everyone.
All of Africa, all Arabs.
[in French] What brings us together
in the end is Morocco.
[in English] Go Morocco! Come on!
[Walid] We have an immigration background.
We are all gathered to defend
the colors of our parents and grandparents
and I think it's something extraordinary,
to be able to bring together
so many people from the diaspora.
[in Arabic] Eight planes are coming today.
From Morocco?
Yes, from Morocco.
This is insane!
[man] Arrived today?
Just arrived,
and we haven't slept at all.
Twenty-four hours now with no sleep.
You are warriors!
- Not even a minute of sleep.
- [all laughing]
And I'm certain
we'll win today with a good result.
Morocco will be the first Arab country
to achieve this.
[in French] We knew we could make history
by becoming the first African team
and the first Arab team
to reach the semi-finals.
To enter the history of a continent,
not everyone has that opportunity.
There were three teams that failed.
[crowd cheering]
and Ghana.
People forget that Africa
is very important for the Moroccans.
- [drums beating]
- [crowd cheering]
We feel there's a positive wind,
that a whole continent is behind us.
[man in Arabic] Are you nervous, guys?
[Moussa] Yes, the closer
you get to the stadium
you start to feel more stressed.
[Saïss in French]
Of course there's a lot of pride
because we see
all the people supporting us.
It gives you extra strength.
[horns honking]
That's why we are putting
our heart and soul
into achieving this goal.
It really is an incredible group,
so I'm very proud to be their captain.
[in Arabic] Like a dream
This is the Arab dream.
[Saïss in French] We know that
all over the world, we are being watched.
We can easily miss out
and disappoint lots of people.
[indistinct chatter]
And as for what's coming, we shall see.
Only God knows what's going to happen.
[all cheering]
[commentator 1 in English]
Cristiano Ronaldo, left out of the side.
This time it wasn't even a question.
Morocco, intending to be
the first from their continent
into the final four.
[shouting indistinctly]
Separated from them
only by the Strait of Gibraltar,
Portugal, semi-finalists twice before,
and believing.
[referee blows whistle]
Whipped in towards João Félix
who hurled his frame at it.
- Ziyech whips it in, En-Nesyri highest!
- [all exclaiming]
Couldn't keep his header down.
[Saïss in French] We knew that
if we were at 99%, it wouldn't be enough.
[commentator 2 in English]
Came back to João Félix!
Shot is deflected just off-target.
[commentator 2] How close is that?
[Saïss in French] We had to stand together
and give everything we'd got.
[commentator 1 in English] Ounahi
And still
Attiyat Allah.
[Saïss in French]
We really gave it our all.
- [commentator 1] En-Nesyri!
- [crowd roaring]
[commentator 2] Goal!
Goal, goal, goal!
[commentator 1]
The Morocco miracle is still on!
[Saïss in French]
It was an exceptional moment.
[commentator 1 in English]
See what he thinks. See what they think.
Lashed across goal
and against the crossbar!
leave it, Walid!
[commentator 1] They've got something
to cling to now.
En-Nesyri is with him.
They've got a spare man here
Attiyat Allah!
[crowd exclaiming]
[commentator 2] What an opportunity
on the stroke of half time.
This could get tasty in the second half.
[in Arabic] He was playing
we should play more in the middle,
two passes through the middle.
Come here, come here.
It's nothing. Move on.
[drums beating]
[commentator 1 in English]
Potential history
for a country, for a continent,
for the Arab people.
[crowd singing]
[Saïss in French]
There are 45 minutes left.
We knew that we were going to suffer.
[commentator 1 in English]
Ronaldo is getting loose.
The man perhaps for the crisis.
[Saïss in French]
I felt a pain in my thigh.
[commentator 1 in English] Here he is.
Donning the cape, Cristiano Ronaldo.
A nation weighing on his shoulders,
steps up for Portugal.
Boy, this place is on edge.
It is effervescent.
Oh, Romain Saïss,
the Moroccan captain has gone down here.
[Saïss in French] I was disappointed.
I wanted to go all the way,
and suffer alongside my teammates,
especially as the captain.
[commentator 1] This is cruel
because players they're losing
are their senior players.
[Saïss in French]
I wanted to be there for them.
[commentator 1 in English] This is
a substantial part of the Moroccan core.
[Saïss in French] I look up,
I see my son crying, my whole family.
I was able to reassure them
with a gesture and a smile,
telling them that it's okay, don't worry.
[Walid] We've played Croatia, Belgium,
Canada, Spain.
[commentator 1 in English]
Set for Bruno Fernandes!
[Walid in French]
In terms of intensity and rhythm
I think it's very, very hard for any team.
[commentator 1 in English]
Ronaldo João Félix!
[Saïss in French] In the match,
you can watch the clock ticking down.
It was unbearable.
[commentator 2 in English]
It seems like there'll be
only one ending to this pressure.
[commentator 1] Ronaldo!
Bono got down, and Bono wrapped it up.
[commentator 2] He couldn't have done
too much more with this, Ronaldo.
[Saïss in French]
We suffered three quarters of the match,
and now we're going to ruin everything?
[referee blows whistle]
[commentator 1 in English] Cheddira has
just been shown a second yellow
and Morocco will finish with ten.
Famous song from Casablanca,
"As Time Goes By,"
and time is ticking by.
[Saïss in French] No
We had to stand firm.
We had to stay mentally strong.
- [yelling]
- [crowd roaring]
[commentator 1 in English]
Consider how it must be in Morocco.
They're down to ten men.
They're seconds away.
[commentator 2] Surely is it now?
[crowd whistling]
[commentator 1] In by Leão!
- Wide by Pepe!
- [crowd exclaiming]
Morocco held its breath!
[Walid in French]
You can have less talent,
less quality, and less money,
but if you want it enough,
if you work hard enough,
if you fight and believe
you'll be able to do anything.
- [whistle blows]
- [crowd roaring]
[commentator 1 in English]
It is a Moroccan marvel!
The Arab world unites!
[Saïss in French] We knew we were writing
one of the most beautiful pages
in Moroccan and African football.
[commentator 1 in English]
For the first time,
there will be an African nation
in the semi-finals.
[Walid in French] It's especially
important for future generations.
From now on, they know it's possible
for an African team
to get to the semi-finals.
And why not the final?
[Saïss] It went beyond football.
We were able to convey the values
of family, solidarity, and faith.
[commentator 1 in English]
And Cristiano Ronaldo is out!
Stellar tears.
Defeated without the crown and glory
he craved for his sparkling career.
[Ronaldo in Portuguese] Dreaming
is something I have always enjoyed.
If you asked me,
if I finished my career today,
would I be happy?
Yes, of course!
[commentator 1] Two entrenched
intercontinental rivals
[man in Spanish] They talked a lot.
As we always say, if you upset Leo
or if you make him angry,
it's even worse.
[Southgate] Well, in this game.
Go and win this fucking game. Come on!
[Laurens] R elationship between Harry Kane
and Hugo Lloris is a very strong one.
[Kane] In a game like this,
we're not friends.
The semi-final is that moment where
you can feel it, you can touch it.
[in Croatian] Be ready to fight
in every moment of the game.
[Laurens] Next two games
will make or break your dream
of winning the biggest prize in football.
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