Cardinal (2017) s02e01 Episode Script


1 (ETHEREAL INSTRUMENTAL) (CLICKING) (ENGINE TURNING OVER) (DRAMATIC MUSIC) (OMINOUS INSTRUMENTAL) - (CROWS CAWING) - (INSECTS CHIRPING) (ACCELERATING ENGINE) (BRAKES SQUEAKING) (CAR DOOR CLOSING) (PANTING) (GUN SHOT) (HEAVY BREATHING) (GUN SHOT) (SPLASH) ("FAMILIAR" AGNES OBEL) Took a walk to the summit at night, you and I To burn a hole in the old grip of the familiar, you and I And the dark was opening wide, do or die (ETHEREAL INSTRUMENTAL) - I forgot to tell you.
- Mm.
Kelly got a job today at a coffee shop.
I thought she was coming home for the summer.
CATHERINE: Well she changed her mind.
She's moving in with some friends.
It's not about that, John.
She had a gun to her head.
She doesn't blame you.
I want to show you something.
(WHIRRING) (DREAMLIKE INSTRUMENTAL) (BAR CHATTER) And Black flies? Brutal little mothers.
You gotta stop eating candy, bro.
They like the sweet stuff.
Yeah? Why aren't they all over you, Mr.
Nice Guy? They can smell my bitterness from a mile away.
LUKE: She's totally out of it! (CHUCKLING) LUKE: Wow.
We're going to have a good time, huh.
Can we get a tequila? Double shot? COMMANDA: Blaine.
The redhead.
What's she drinking? The guy over there bought her a beer.
She didn't drink it.
COMMANDA: Leave her alone.
Back off, buddy.
COMMANDA: Shut up.
Miss, are you okay? I don't know.
Do you know what day is it? LUKE: I said back off.
Um COMMANDA: Do you know where you are? LUKE: Hey, Chief.
Why don't you get out of here before I kick your ass.
Oh, yeah? Miss.
Do you have a purse on you? A phone? I don't think so.
Hey! Does anyone in here know who this lady is? I thought she was just being nice.
I'm gonna take you to some place safe.
If that's okay with you.
(SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) I don't want to sell our house.
We've been talking about a place on the water ever since we came up.
Some day.
My thirty's coming up in September.
Sure and then it'll be your thirty-five, and then your forty.
CARDINAL: Catherine.
I was thinking that I might actually I don't think we should look too far ahead.
I was on a date.
He spent the whole time explaining how prosecution works.
He was probably nervous.
These are detectives Cardinal and Delorme from the Algonquin Bay Police Department.
They'll be taking over the case from here.
ER DOCTOR: Okay, well, the bullet entered the victim's left temporal lobe.
Lodged near the hippocampus.
So lobotomy by gunshot.
That would explain her placid mood.
What's her condition? The bullet's close to a cerebral artery.
Based on her EEG one or two strong seizures and she's dead.
They're assembling a trauma team in Toronto.
- Can we see her? - Mmm hmm.
- CARDINAL: Thanks.
- Thanks.
COMMANDA: All right, thank you.
So, I've been calling her "Red" because I don't think that Jane Doe is appropriate for a living victim.
Is she local? Nobody recognized her in the bar and I ran her picture against our missing persons and no hits.
No, ah, cell phone? Purse? Just the clothes on her back and judging by the leaves and the dirt and everything, she had to be out in the bush for a while before she went into the bar.
I'm Detective Cardinal.
This is Detective Delorme.
How are you feeling? Great.
How are you? CARDINAL: Um There's a helicopter that's going to take you to a hospital in Toronto.
Why? I feel fine.
Ah Well, because you have a bullet lodged in your brain and the doctors want to take it out.
Ah, can you help us with something.
We'd like to go through your clothing, see if there's any identification.
RED: Sure.
Ah, do you mind if I take your photo? Is my hair crazy? No.
Do you have any idea who might have done this to you? Done what? Looks like you're ready to go.
Come on.
And I will meet you in Toronto.
- Bye.
- Bye.
SCHAFF: Bone lifter.
Coming up on the hippocampus now.
Go tell my baby sister; Never do like I have done DR.
SCHAFF: Looks like we're there now.
(SUCKING NOISES) Shun that house in New Orleans; They call the Rising Sun.
(SUCKING NOISES) The clouds are amazing.
Oh god.
So many flies.
NURSE: It's all right.
We need you to stay very still now.
Is this a dream or a memory? DR.
SCHAFF: Could be either.
But she'll have no context for any of it.
What do you see? RED: There.
Over there.
SCHAFF: Almost there.
Is there anyone with you? I can't hear.
The hissing.
You have such beautiful eyes.
SCHAFF: Got it.
SCHAFF: Sponge.
Yeah, I was here last night, too.
Where were you? Work.
RACHEL: Are you leading the class tonight? Depends on work, but yeah.
Can I show you something? Do you know her? Maybe from school? I don't think so.
What about hanging around the Northern Raiders? Your biker friends.
I haven't been around them in six months.
But I don't know her.
Hey, if you're walking alone, just beware of your surroundings, okay? No headphones.
You don't think I can handle myself? I know you can.
Just be careful.
(SIRENS) Plain, unjacketed, lead, thirty-two caliber bullet.
And it looks to me like a thirty-two long.
See normally with a head shot, you'd expect the bullet to mushroom and look here, it's almost intact.
Now old or waterlogged maybe.
That's why it didn't kill her.
Six right-hand grooves, with a land groove ratio of one-to-one-plus.
Grooves are zero point five-six; lands are zero point six-oh.
The rifling on the weapon has a left-hand twist.
That narrows it down to two possibilities: a J.
Higgins model 80, or a Colt Police Positive.
That helps.
There are hundreds of these in Ontario.
(OFFICE CHATTER) DYSON: Our redhead have a name yet? No prints in the system.
In Canada.
We're working our way through the individual state databases.
No one's reported her missing? Not yet.
KULAR: We still have hours of bus station and airport footage to go through.
You don't think she's local? We don't know.
DELORME: Healthy, perfect teeth.
She wasn't living on the streets.
If she's local, someone would have reported her missing by now.
(ETHEREAL INSTRUMENTAL) How ya feeling? Sorry, do I know you? I'm Detective Cardinal.
We met in Algonquin Bay.
They're gonna transfer you back up there tomorrow.
Then I can go home? CARDINAL: Any idea where that might be? I was hoping that you knew.
Get some rest.
Okay, thank you.
Yeah, thank you.
I found a witness.
Says he saw a truck drop off Red at the World Tavern last night.
And he remembers the make, model and plate number? He remembered it was a grocery truck.
Fruit painted all over it.
I tracked down the driver.
He's local? Mmm-hmm.
He's on his way in.
You picked her up southbound Highway 11? Yeah.
She was wandering.
I thought maybe she was drunk.
She didn't flag you for a ride? You saw her and you pulled over.
TRUCK DRIVER: I don't usually pick up hitchhikers.
But she caught your eye.
I have three daughters.
I'd like to think that if one of them was lost out there DELORME: What made you think she was lost? TRUCK DRIVER: She didn't know her name.
Didn't know where she'd been, where she was going.
So you dropped her off at a roadside bar.
Instead of here or the hospital.
She saw the World Tavern, said to drop her off there.
What am I gonna do? Keep her prisoner in my cab? So you were worried enough to pick her up, but not enough to take her somewhere safe? It's not I started thinking it was a scam.
Ah, maybe I do want to call a lawyer.
( ) Is she a lumberjack? Okay, how old is she? Twenties.
Five four, a hundred and twenty pounds.
Hey Dad, we're not shopping for your girlfriend here are we? Who is she? Just tell me.
I-I won't say anything.
She's someone who needs my help.
I'm staying here 'cause I like it.
Not because of what happened.
(PHONE BUZZING) She needs pants.
- We have a suspect yet? - Got it.
Forensics is going through the truck.
Nothing yet.
And his story checks out.
I don't think he's our guy.
I sent you Venn's, uh, preliminary firearms report.
Have you DELORME: Yeah, I pulled a list of registered owners matching the two gun types.
We've got six in town.
I thought I'd start with these before working my way further out.
How's Red? Ah, she forgets who I am every time I leave the room.
I'm shopping for clothing for her now.
As if she hasn't been through enough.
Hey, is that Mom? I gotta call ya back.
(AIRY INSTRUMENTAL) (KNOCKING) Do you have a minute? What's up? I want to apply for training with the National Intelligence Service.
I need your letter of recommendation.
You're not happy here? I want to keep my options open.
Well, the timing couldn't be worse.
The interviews start in a few days.
Mmm hmm.
You've only been here for six months.
Why should I pick you over anyone else? You need detectives committed to being the best.
Have you talked to Cardinal? He won't mind.
(REFLECTIVE INSTRUMENTAL) It's summer, isn't it? Yeah.
Anything coming back to you? Where are we going? Algonquin Bay.
Am I coming home with you? CARDINAL: No.
No, we have a private room for you at a hospital.
And a neuropsychologist who will help you get your memory back.
Do I like him? I don't think you've met him.
We'll have fun.
(DRAMATIC INSTRUMENTAL) RED: What do you think I did? I mean, to get shot in the head? What makes you think it was something you did? (MUTED UNDERWATER SOUNDS) (OMINOUS MUSIC) What're you doing? Yeah, I thought you were drowning.
Drowning? I'll drown you! You're such a jerk! Oh, I'm so sorry.
Hey! I'm going into town.
Come on.
All right.
KEVIN: Shotgun! TOOF: Aw, you suck! You can pick the music Toof.
KEVIN: What? No, no! I'll-I'll let him take the front.
Kev, I love ya man.
But your music is shit.
Yeah, it brings me down.
You guys have no taste.
LEON: Here.
I don't want your wet asses on my seats.
I think you'll like this place.
Come on in.
Lise Delorme.
DELORME: You're next.
Jordan Akiwenzie.
He's got way too many schemes going on in his head.
Needs a place to channel that energy.
Can I talk to you? I don't mind helping out, but I can't commit to being here all the time.
- Of course not.
- No.
But when you are here, you're a rock star.
I'm leaving Jordan here.
REFEREE: And time.
Ever boxed before? I know how to fight.
MCLEOD: So, uh, I'm just wondering if you've made your decision about NIS.
The interviews start on Thursday.
I've decided to go with someone else.
Oh yeah? Who? DELORME: I've managed to eliminate two owners of the gun types we're looking at.
How many province wide? Two hundred ninety-seven.
That's only the registered ones.
Well let's hope it's registered.
And local.
Dyson recommended you for NIS training, didn't she? I've been here six years.
You've been here what? Why'd she pick you? I'm sleeping with her.
Intelligence and analysis.
- Is that what you - That's what came up.
DELORME: Six months away.
Seems like a good idea.
It's a good career move.
I knew you wouldn't have time to come home and change.
Oh, thanks.
- Hi Lise.
- Hi.
Uh, I won't keep you but, ah, guess who has 12 students signed up for Toronto.
- When do you leave? - Friday.
And I got a million things to do before then so, I better run.
- See you for dinner? - Yeah.
(AIRY INSTRUMENTAL) You know what a long shot this is.
The shooter and the gun could be in Calgary by now.
Where to next? 3675 Spencer Road.
Catherine looked happy.
She is.
- CHRIS: Come on in.
- DELORME: Thank you.
I, uh, inherited it from my grandfather.
He died, uh, ten years ago.
No idea why he left it to me (CHUCKLES).
DELORME: Have you ever fired it? CHRIS: No.
I'm not a gun guy.
I just tossed it into the safe, with the rest of the ammo.
I thought about selling it, but I figured I'd hold onto it for my nephew.
You know, leave it to him when I die.
That's really weird.
I never open this thing.
Who knew you had this gun? Um, well my-my grandfather's lawyer, ah, my sister.
Um, nobody would steal it.
When was the last time you saw it? CHRIS: Ah, I don't know, um- And no one else knew it was here? My friend Dave.
Um, he came over for a beer about a month ago, but he wouldn't steal it.
You showed him where you kept it? Yeah, but I don't DELORME: How well do you know this Dave? CHRIS: Well I-I just keep my boat at his marina and, um, well we go fishing sometimes.
Ah- I haven't seen him in a couple weeks.
You know, he was acting jittery.
Um, talking about fresh starts and moving away.
We'll need Dave's last name.
Haven't seen Dave in almost two weeks.
Took off on his boat.
He say where he was going? No.
Never does.
He does this a lot? MARCI: Yeah.
He takes off a couple times a year.
Says the stress gets too much.
Does he have any family in town or? MARCI: Um, I think he's from the Maritimes somewhere.
He's kind of a loner.
CARDINAL: And you're his only employee? MARCI: Yup.
And we've got a charter for a bachelor party that's supposed to be here in 15 minutes.
CARDINAL: Dave's left you with a, a lot on your plate.
He hasn't checked in at all? MARCI: You know, it's uh It's actually easier when he's not here.
DELORME: Marci, is this the boat he's out on? MARCI: Yeah.
The "Muskee-Doe".
Have you seen this woman? She's really pretty.
Who's she? We were wondering if Dave might know her.
Dave? You've seen Dave right? He'd never get a girl like that.
CARDINAL: Listen, if you hear from Dave, or find out where he is, give us a call.
Maybe Marci isn't the only young woman Dave's into.
What if Dave developed an obsession with Red, didn't like hearing "no"? Stole his buddy's gun, took off on his boat after he shot her? Not impossible.
Let's get a BOLO out on Dave and his boat.
We should run this by Red.
She's highly open to suggestion.
She might "remember" this is the man who shot her, even if he isn't.
Someone out there tried to kill her.
And the sooner she remembers who she is She hasn't forgotten who she is.
She just can't retrieve the information right now.
So what are you doing to help her? Art therapy has proven to be very successful in some cases.
Tomorrow I'm going to introduce various stimuli music, images, smells Okay.
So just add this picture to the other ones.
One of many, it's not suggestive.
You seen anyone outside this door? Anyone called her phone? Sent her flowers? Nothing.
Alright, she so much as talks in her sleep, Fox, I want a full transcript and make sure the night shift knows that too.
Yeah, I won't let anyone get near her, Detective.
Don't worry.
(ETHEREAL INSTRUMENTAL) CARDINAL: How long you be gone? We leave Friday morning, back Sunday night.
CARDINAL: Good group? I think so.
A few of my past students, a bunch of new faces.
Probably sneak in a visit with Kelly while I'm there.
What is it? No, it sounds great.
CATHERINE: I'd ask you to come.
This case.
I won't have any time for you anyway.
You sure about this? It's only two days.
I shouldn't have asked.
You don't need to worry.
DELORME: Sergeant.
Summer's finally here.
Heard you nailed your interview this morning.
I'll be happy to put in a good word with my buddy Richard.
He's on the ah selection committee.
That won't be necessary.
Well I just I'd hate to see you lose this.
And you're putting National Intelligence Service on the resume.
Sky's the limit.
You need a hobby.
MUSGRAVE: You're going to tank your career for Cardinal? He's not going to leave his wife.
How did you feel when John questioned your decision to take your students to Toronto? I wanted to slap him.
But this will be the first time I've been away since I got out of the hospital, so.
BELL: Are you worried? I'm excited.
When I try to share that with John I I can see him gauging me.
But John is your partner.
He knows you're going to have highs and lows, just as everyone does.
I have to prove I'm okay.
He's trying to pretend he isn't looking for that proof and Ugh! That sounds exhausting.
We both want to believe we can prevent the next time.
That's very common.
When we were in Toronto, years ago, John was working undercover.
He'd be gone for weeks at a time.
One day, he came home, just for a few hours.
I was manic.
Apparently, he tried to get through to me, but it was too late.
You say 'apparently'.
I don't remember.
Now this is the episode that led to your suicide attempt.
John's always felt it wouldn't have happened if he'd been home.
BELL: Is he right? I don't know.
PALEY: Good morning.
Are you up for a short slide show? Do I know what to do? DR.
PALEY: I'm going to show you some random slides.
Don't look for anything specific.
Just let the images wash over you.
CARDINAL: You know it? No.
What do you remember about that? I don't know.
Where was that photo taken? Beaufort Hill.
Near the trailhead.
DELORME: The back side of Beaufort Hill dumps out just off Highway 11, right where the truck driver picked her up.
Let's go hiking.
(BIRDS CHIRPING) DELORME: Okay, hold still.
(SQUIRTING) That stuff doesn't work.
The only thing that works is staying inside.
Trust me.
They hate lemon eucalyptus.
You've been here before? No.
You? With my dad when I was a kid.
All right, two main trails.
Switch back up the mountain from here and meet at the top.
I'll take that one.
(AIRY INSTRUMENTAL) (GRUNTING) Made it to the end of the Beaufort Trail.
I'm heading for the creek.
How's the eucalyptus working? Just great.
(LOUD RUSHING WATER) (LOUD RUSHING WATER) I'm on the old Nishinabe Creek Trail.
I'm halfway up.
I got something.
A cave by the waterfall.
I'm on my way over.