Cardinal (2017) s02e02 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Cardinal".
The bullet entered the victim's left temporal lobe.
So lobotomy by gunshot.
What do you see? Over there.
Got it.
Do you know her? I don't think so.
What about hanging around the Northern Raiders? Your biker friends.
I haven't been around them in six months.
We leave Friday morning, back Sunday night.
You sure about this? You don't need to worry.
I want to apply for training with the National Intelligence Service.
You put National Intelligence Service on the resume and sky's the limit.
You gonna tank your career for Cardinal? Who knew you had this gun? My friend Dave.
I haven't seen Dave in almost two weeks.
Is this the boat he's out on? Yeah.
The "Muskee-Doe".
The sooner she remembers who she is- She hasn't forgotten who she is.
She just can't retrieve the information right now.
Where was that photo taken? Beaufort Hill.
I got something.
A cave by the waterfall.
There's way fewer maggots than I'd expect.
Found another one of these in the bush.
Looks like blood.
We'll test it against the victim's.
Not much blood on the ground.
This might not be the kill site.
Ah, this is some sort of sacrifice.
A ritual.
You guys could come on over and take a closer look now.
Genitalia's been removed.
Compass rose.
Same as the one in the photo at the marina.
You know who it is? Dave Elhurst.
Our only suspect in a shooting three days ago.
When Red was in surgery, she said, "Over there.
" I found this.
The nearest train tracks are at least six kilometres away.
Not exactly sharp enough to be a murder weapon.
Doesn't mean the killer didn't bring it.
Ugh, you called? Yeah, I uh, I wanted you to have a look at this.
Good thing you called me, man.
See? I knew it had to be a Native thing.
Oh yeah, definitely.
So, what do the markings mean? Well, they refer to time and space.
Roughly translates to "I'll meet you at Tim Hortons, three p.
on Saturday.
" I don't know, I'm not an expert on cave drawings, Ian.
You know, believe it or not, with all those bows and arrows and stuff, you might want to talk to somebody in Behavioural Sciences.
We've got a guy at OPD.
I'll hook you up.
So, you really think Red was in that cave.
I hope not.
For Catherine.
How'd your interview go? I won't get it.
Beautiful morning.
Chin, Detective Lise Delorme.
You looked at the bugs we found on our victim? Mainly Phormia Regina.
A blowfly, common everywhere.
Then there was Calliphora Vicina, which is rarer.
They mostly go places that are shady and cool.
I assume that fits with the crime scene? Your body also contained maggots of Cynomoyopsis Cadavarina, or the shiny bluebottle.
You only get that fly in the advanced stages of decay.
But those were the only three species we found.
You're surprised.
Well, normally, you'd expect a lot more species at an outdoor site.
Especially in the late stages.
The body was found in a-a cave.
Near water? Yeah.
The flies didn't smell the body.
Didn't even know it was there.
The bugs you did find.
Can they give us time of death? Yes, thanks to the bluebottle.
Your victim was killed approximately twelve days ago.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
Dave was already missing his head when Red was shot.
So he didn't shoot her.
But he crossed paths with whoever did.
You were gone early.
Yeah, I went up Beaufort Hill.
Cops have been there.
Yeah, I heard.
They only found one body.
Told you that girl was still alive.
But you said she was dead.
She is, Ray.
She's halfway down the hillside.
In the trees.
Surprised that the, uh, cops didn't find her.
Ah, anyways, I buried her deep.
I know you've been wanting to ask.
Go ahead.
Must've hurt like a mother! Every crack of my whip brought me into my power.
You did that to yourself? Discipline, Leon.
Mind, body and spirit.
We have appetites, you and me.
How's her memory coming? Short term's improving.
Nothing before her trauma.
Will it all come back at once? Every case is unique.
Memories are stored in many traces in the brain.
Some more accessible than others.
How ya feeling? Well, someone tried to kill me.
I don't know if it was some rando, or my boyfriend, or if I even have a boyfriend.
We're working on that.
Just try to relax.
Do they think that I'm dead? Or are they going to try again? You're going in early.
I was trying not to wake you.
Birds beat you to it.
You need anything for your trip? I'm all set.
I-I'm thinking about taking a break from therapy.
Don't look at me like that.
I mean, you've said that in the past.
God, John.
I'm not saying I won't go back.
Well then what's the problem, then? Is it- Is it Dr.
Bell? No.
I-I feel like I'm going over the same things, again and again.
I'm-I'm so sick of hearing myself talk.
I just need a break.
I think it's a bad idea.
All right, remember to keep your skin covered, Black flies.
Have fun! Hey Marci.
Where's Dave? I don't-I don't know.
Come here! Look, I swear that I don't know where he is.
He just took off- He just took off on his boat.
Tell him the Northern Raiders are looking for him.
All right.
Two victims: one dead marina owner, and one living Jane Doe.
Are you thinking it's one case? Two completely different M.
Dave Elhurst stole the make and model of gun that put a bullet in Red.
And we only found him because of her.
We're still working on how and when Red came to town.
Ah, there's no record of her coming by bus or train and there's no overdue rental cars.
We need to cast a wider net.
Gas stations between Pearson Airport and Algonquin Bay.
That's a huge net.
I'll get started.
Where are we with Dave Elhurst? Ah, search of his house turned up nothing.
We don't see Marci cutting him up, but we've asked her and Dave's friends to account for their whereabouts.
And still no sign of his boat? Not yet.
But Jerry Commanda offered us an OPD boat.
We'll cover more territory.
What about VICLAS? I searched bodies with missing parts, plus the pictographs.
No hits.
But when I searched just missing body parts, I found a few unsolved cases from Toronto.
Keep us posted.
That's it.
Let's get to work.
Dave's autopsy? I'll stay on his financials.
Detective Delorme.
Marci? Any preliminaries you can share? Well, the torso's got, uh, two puncture wounds from when he was suspended in the cave.
What about these? Ah, they're smaller, about one inch in diameter.
Ah, the sharpened sticks we found at the scene.
Very possibly.
Genitals were removed by a serrated blade.
Pre mortem.
Including draining the body of any blood.
Like you'd string up a deer? Ideally, the deer would be dead first.
But I'll leave the metaphors to the poets and detectives.
So why take the blood and the body parts? Little girlie, where are you? Come on.
Come on! Anybody comes around here asking about a little redhead girl, you give me a call, okay? - Okay.
- Hey.
Just me.
Sweet bike.
Yeah, I found it in the woods over there.
Man, we hit the jackpot.
I mean, free food, free rent.
You know? Ah, no thanks.
Shit, I forgot.
My bad.
Hey uh, they tell you anything else about how it's going down later? Leon doesn't tell me shit when you're not around.
He's not a big talker, huh.
What are you gonna do with your share? Head back west.
What like, for like for a holiday? No.
When I was using, I uh- I hurt people.
Leon's back with pizza.
Come on.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I had a talk with Commanda's Behavioural Sciences guy and he feels we're dealing with an Afro-Caribbean spiritual practice.
Voodoo or Santeria? He's never seen anything like it.
He suggests we consult an expert in the field.
Well, Dave Elhurst was in financial trouble.
Until about eight months ago.
And now he's in the black? Mhm.
Suddenly flush.
Cash business.
The biker intimidating Marci at the marina: Dave was laundering money for the Northern Raiders.
This is why NIS needs you.
Maybe Dave crossed paths with the bikers.
Stole his friend's gun and took off.
If the bikers killed Dave, why is one of them looking for him? Could be one of them went rogue, killed him without the club's knowledge.
Or they're covering their tracks.
Maybe Dave saw something he shouldn't have.
Maybe Red did too.
Dave's crime scene doesn't feel like bikers.
Shot to the girl's head.
To me, that fits.
Maybe we're trying to draw a line where there isn't one.
Is that the biker that threatened Marci? Mhm.
I know a guy at OPD.
Alan Clegg.
If this guy's with the Raiders, he'll know him.
That's Bryan Giblin.
Goes by "Wombat".
He's an enforcer for the Northern Raiders biker gang.
He killed those dealers in Mattawa last year.
What's he doing out? He never went in.
Scott Lasalle, who runs the Raiders, made sure that one of his low level initiates took the fall.
He was looking for our Vic, Dave Elhurst.
Owns the marina.
We think Dave was laundering money for the Northern Raiders.
I've been working the Raiders for three years.
I never heard of the guy.
Well Mr.
Elhurst is out of the game now.
Oh Christ.
Does that look like Raiders' handiwork to you? Well, if he crossed Lasalle I wouldn't put it past them.
Scott Lasalle? Yeah.
We're looking for a friend of yours.
Bryan Giblin, also known as Wombat.
Well I can't help you there.
But, um, we've got a new wheat ale on tap if you want a beer.
Its got a hint of honey in it.
He was looking for Dave Elhurst at the marina yesterday.
We want to talk to Dave in connection with a shooting.
But somebody got to him first.
Took his head.
And other parts.
Am I supposed to know this Dave guy? His profits have gone way up since your club started renting boats there.
Happy to support the local businesses.
We'll need your whereabouts between May 29 and June 4.
Yeah, I'll get right on that.
If you're talk to Mr.
Giblin, have him call us.
Who took him out? Not us.
I'll find 'em.
Set 'em straight.
We need a new cleaner.
Want me to find somebody? No, you gotta be with Crowchild.
I'll talk to ya later.
- Eyes open.
- Yeah.
Stay here.
Kevin, stay close to me.
Who the hell are you? Okay, Leon.
That's enough.
Tie him up.
Put the bag in the closet.
He's a full patch biker.
Ah, shut up, Kevin.
They'll kill us! They won't.
He works for us now.
Get the door.
Trust me.
Peter Crowchild.
I called your reservation.
I talked to your uncle, Chief Northwind.
He vouched for you.
Bikers are your problem, not mine.
Like I told you, you don't have to worry about them.
It's about eighty percent purity.
Good doing business with you.
This is crazy.
Ray knows what he's doing.
I'm not saying he doesn't but I didn't know we were going to be ripping off bikers! Just think about how much dough we're going to have, Kev.
Like, starting tomorrow.
What you boys talking about? The future.
Take him to the shed and hang him up.
Let's go, boys.
Get the wheelbarrow.
John, if you're going to ask if I'm- I'm not.
I'm not.
I booked an appointment with Dr.
Bell after I get back.
Yeah? No sign of Dave's boat.
We checked every dock and boathouse on Trout Lake.
Let me see if I can get the bird up, do a fly over.
I appreciate the help.
So how's it going in here? Rachel is losing focus.
Yeah, saw that coming.
Thought these kids weren't your thing.
Mmm, everybody enjoy their dinner? Yeah, it was amazing, man.
You could be on, like, Iron Chef.
So- Bet you boys want to know the plan, huh? - Hell, yeah! - Okay.
First off, Leon pass this around, stop using your old phones.
Okay? Just use these burner phones that I got you.
Most of our product will be reinvested into expansion.
Think of it as seed money to grow our sales territory.
You know, I like to say that there are three kinds of people.
Those who see.
Those who see when they are shown, and those who do not see.
I-I was, uh, an Arts major before.
So, all you boys are gonna need some cash up front, right? So each one of you will be given a small portion of our product to sell just for yourselves.
Whatever profits you make is yours to keep.
Good deal? Yeah.
Yeah, it sounds awesome, man.
You'll never have to worry about money again.
As long as you follow my three rules.
Number one: keep your mouth shut about our plans.
Number two: Never lose control.
And number three: No one at this table uses our product.
Break any of my rules and I kill you.
So- Who's ready for dessert? I am.
Let's make some money.
Pretty quiet during dinner.
You okay? Yeah.
Ray's something else, huh? Told you I'd hook you up.
Hey, Leon, uh- Isn't Ray worried about the bikers? Ray doesn't worry.
Okay, yeah, I-I know, but- It seems like the wrong guys to be messing with.
I mean, if they catch us dealing- Okay, look.
Ray is protected.
So we are, too.
And I know that you don't believe all the spirit stuff.
But I swear to God, he knows things, things that he can't.
It's gonna be all good, Kev.
I wouldn't have brought you guys in otherwise.
We cool? Yeah, man.
We're cool.
How long do you think you'll be here? I don't have anywhere to go.
Least you got a hot guy checking on you.
Code Blue.
Second Floor.
Room 237.
Bed Two.
Code Blue.
I'll come visit you soon, but it might be on the weekend.
Yeah, I'll bring you some real food.
Yeah, you must be getting tired of that hospital crap.
Love you.
So I hear that you're not losing your partner after all.
Delorme didn't get it.
I don't know who she pissed off at the RCMP.
Delorme, OPD busted a Raiders pick-up point last night.
House was rented online.
Clegg says that a few months back they busted another house that was rented through the same site.
Same renter? You tell me.
Are ya up for a round? I'll go easy on you.
I don't want you to go easy.
Let's get out of here.
My mom.
I gotta go.
- Now? - Sorry.
Maybe your battery died.
Maybe she never got her text.
That would only make things worse.
I'll call you tonight.
Hey! Are you okay? Yeah.
Ah, I couldn't- I couldn't sleep.
Are you getting your memory back? No.
It's me again, uh, just was thinking about you about how we- we both said some things that we didn't mean.
I don't want things to be bad between us.
So just- call me back.
Thank you.
Both the Raiders' houses had fake renters.
But the fakes used the same online payment system, linked to the same credit card.
That account rent any other properties? Different house, same account.
On the lake.
Worth a shot.
Whose blood was on that floor? Was it Wombat's? Does somebody out there have a beef with the Northern Raiders? What were you doing in the house? Did your ex Zackary take you there? The biker you said you left six months ago.
You told me you'd been clean.
Is that a lie too? I want to talk to Alan Clegg.
She's Clegg's C.
? I knew she was arrested on drug charges six months ago.
I guess she avoided jail time by agreeing to inform on the Raiders.
Rock and a hard place.
Go ahead, Rachel.
We were supposed to check on Wombat.
He wasn't answering his phone.
Wombat was supposed to get his shipment yesterday.
When we got there, the place was empty.
No cash.
No drugs.
Lasalle thinks Wombat ripped him off? No.
They came up together.
They're like brothers.
So if Lasalle thinks it's Wombat's blood.
Who does he blame? He didn't tell us.
Somebody moving in on the Raiders? A rival club? I don't know.
But Lasalle is freaking out.
You don't have to keep doing this.
Clegg will charge me for the drug thing.
I'll go to jail.
We can get you a good lawyer.
My parents would find out.
Is that worse than going back with the bikers? I want to help you.
You can't.