Cardinal (2017) s03e05 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Cardinal".
If this man can find her at school, he can find her at home.
They can stay with me.
You weren't supposed to kill them until after you had the weapons.
They said that they're in the storage.
Don't know where it is yet.
What are you doing? I'm just gonna check these last three lockers, boss.
Do you doubt that Catherine took her own life? I believe I knew my wife.
I thought that this was something he needed to get out of his system.
You don't believe she did it? And that should be enough.
No, it's not.
Take the weekend, and come back when you're ready to work with me.
Stop! Police! What happened with the civilian? He's dead.
The car was reported stolen from Pearson airport a couple weeks ago.
There must be security footage somewhere.
I need your help.
I messed up.
Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack! Lloyd Kreeger.
Where's Henry? He left.
You're out of your mind.
Feel better knowing the truth? you and I you and I do or die You have no idea who this man was.
What he went through.
I doubt you did either.
Please don't say anything.
I won't.
I didn't mean to get so drunk.
It just happened.
It's all right.
No, Dad, it's not alright.
She left us.
She just left.
I know.
I know.
Come on.
I hate what she did to us.
Shh shh shh shh.
I don't want to see you anymore.
You must be cold.
Thank you.
They've been gone all night.
The boys can take care of themselves.
But not each other.
Where's your brother? Where is Lemur, Jack? He robbed another ATM.
I don't know why he did it.
I think for you, Nikki.
That woman cop from the news, she shot him.
He's gone.
I tried to help him.
No! No! I'm really embarrassed.
I don't even remember what I said last night.
No need to apologize.
So, we're okay? We're fine.
- You want some breakfast? - Nope.
Please no.
Is that hers? Yeah.
I'm free today so I thought maybe it was time we, pick out some photos for the exhibit.
Don't you work this weekend? Not anymore.
Is everything okay? I don't know.
I might have made a mistake.
You never make mistakes.
Mom always said that she was the screw-up.
Uh, everyone was asking me what I was doing for Thanksgiving last night.
What are we doing? Do you want to just skip it? Should we go out to eat? Or maybe I can cook.
What? How hard can it be? Just promise you won't judge me if I burn anything? I promise.
Hey, does cranberry sauce go bad? Dad? Uh, I have, I don't know.
I know you killed him.
Lemur messed up.
We weren't supposed to hit anymore ATMs, it was too hot, Stop lying! I'm not.
Nikki, Lemur was he was my brother, Nikki.
Don't! Stop! Two and a half minutes, Nikki.
Stop! Jack! Are you okay? Are you okay? Stop! You can take lives, you can hurt your sister, but inside you're just soft! Get out of my sight! I opened Catherine's computer.
A message popped up.
Somebody who knew her, somebody I want to talk to in Toronto.
Why are you telling me this? Because it's not enough that I believe it.
I need you to look at the same things I'm looking at.
I need you to tell me if I'm wrong.
What is it you think that person in Toronto is going to give you, John? Where does it end? I know how this sounds.
But I'm doing it.
I just wanted you to know.
I'm driving down there.
You can tell me about it on the way.
Found a match on your car thief.
I'm confident it's him.
Here he is in the airport travelling with the same woman from the garage.
I looked at their manifest from the flight from LaGuardia and your car thief's name is Liam Rouse.
That's him.
But who's she? That is Sharlene Winston.
Any relation? She wrote 'mother' on the customs form.
Can you show me the other passengers on that flight? Stop.
Jackson Michael Till.
So Jackson Till flies into Toronto with Liam Rouse and Sharlene Winston.
They're set up to buy guns from the Barstows, Rouse robs ATMs to collect money for the deal.
But instead Jackson Till kills the Barstows.
And then last night, he kills Rouse.
This Sharlene Winston.
What's she doing with all these kids? And why do they need all these weapons? I can't stop thinking about what Michel Pilowski said.
Enough guns to fight an army.
So what happened? What is that? It's a birthday gift from Catherine.
I guess she never picked it up.
The woman from the bookstore, she told me things about Catherine.
Her treatment wasn't working, she said that she felt like she was under water.
Before I left the Bay, I was seeing the same doctor.
And you were seeing Dr.
Yeah, if I'm being honest, he's part of the reason I left.
What about him made you want to leave? I don't know.
But the thing that really got to Catherine was having to write that note.
He got me to do one too.
It's supposed to, you know, uh, exorcise our demons.
A suicide note.
He had you write a suicide note? Once you write something like that, it's hard to unthink those things.
She got this for you.
She said you two were planning a trip to Dublin.
She was so pleased when she found it.
Why would she buy this for me if she were going to kill herself? Why would she do that? I don't know, John.
What do you see? In the fire, what do you see? I only see flames.
I'm going to get us our guns.
And when we get up north, I'll be your best lieutenant.
You can trust me.
You're going to have to prove it.
How? The cop who killed Lemur.
I want her to pay.
I want her dead, Jack.
Did Catherine see any other psychiatrists recently, other than Dr.
Bell? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, I think she, she saw one that she, she liked at the hospital.
Her name was Dr.
Jones I think.
You said you wanted to let me look at this.
So let me.
Okay? Lay off.
Are you doing this just so I'll stop? Does it matter? Stop! Stop! Would you rather me take you back out to the bunkhouse with your friend? - No.
- Good.
Sit down.
Take it.
Is this the blindfold and the smoke before you shoot me? No, it's just a cup of tea.
I know what you really need and I'm not going to help ya.
It doesn't matter what you do to me.
Except, it's not just you.
What does that mean? That means, 2214 Forest Road, Halifax.
The home of Layla Sable, formerly Layla Kreeger.
Your daughter? The one who doesn't visit? I have a friend watching her home and if I don't call, he will put a bullet in her and one in your granddaughter.
So, What I'd really like to talk about is how far north you can fly us in that plane outside.
See, you are a good father.
Come on in, John.
He's right through there.
Thank you.
John, hello.
I hope it's all right I stopped by.
Of course.
It's good to see you.
You remember those cards that I showed you? Hard to forget something so vile.
Well, I started thinking that the person who sent them, Might somehow be responsible for Catherine's death.
I see.
But, taking a step back, I realize that I was acting irrationally.
Rational grief would be quite a feat.
Do you blame yourself for what happened? Sometimes.
Sometimes is better than all the time.
But not as good as never.
How many of your patients do you lose to a suicide? It happens.
No matter how hard I work, it still happens.
But how many? In a month or a year.
This year, say.
How many? What's this about, John? What are you really doing here? I just want to know what happened to my wife.
If you're still looking for someone to blame, I hope it's not gonna be me.
I did everything I could to help her.
Did you? When you really wanna talk, let me know.
A Sunday visitor.
I feel sorry for him.
I don't want to see John Cardinal again, love.
Not in the office, not around the house.
He's just not in a good place right now, I'm afraid.
Jerry? Do you have breadcrumbs? The bottom of the toaster? Well if you go get some, I'll make you a plate.
I'll check with Nicole up the street.
It's me.
Everything alright? This Sharlene Winston barely existed before she was 18.
Birth certificate, a few other documents, but no real records until her military service.
She seems like a fake.
You think she assumes a fake identity and the first thing she does with it is join the army? She serves five years and then she's discharged for 'other designated physical and mental conditions'.
Followed closely by jail time for transporting weapons.
Her prison psych assessment mentions complex apocalyptic delusions.
End of the world stuff.
So how'd she pick Jackson Till up? Colorado State Police said Till's mother made friends with Sharlene Winston in the state pen.
Where was Till at the time? He was in the system.
But already a suspect in the death of a girl from a previous foster family.
After the girl transferred to a new home he found her, started stalking her.
But no evidence? Just witnesses to the stalking.
And John, he had her phone.
He's doing the same thing to Sam.
Let's go.
See everyone around you, and everyone you know, they're all doomed.
All of this will be destroyed.
I'm here to save you from that.
Please, I-I-I don't want to be saved.
The first time I saw your art I knew that you were someone who could see me, that you were someone who could understand what's inside me.
I don't know you.
You know, Mama won't like it at first, but, I could take you to Driftwood Perch.
You could stay there until I explain to her that we need to be together.
Sit down.
You think I've done bad things, huh? But none of that will matter anymore.
Once you meet her, she'll make you understand.
Wait, wait.
Just tell me where to meet you.
Tell me when and where, and I'll meet you.
You're lying.
Sam? Is everything okay in there? It's fine, Jerry.
I'm just changing.
I'll be out in a second.
Sam, get down.
This isn't how it's supposed to be.
Just give me, give me time.
One day.
And you'll see.
Hey this is Jerry.
I need some backup.
My house, right now.
I think I do see.
I think I do.
I do.
But-but-but I-I, I just need time, okay? I I've been hurt, and it's-it's hard for me to trust people.
And-and so, just, just give me some time, okay? And tell me where to meet you.
You're just like the rest of them.
You'll be sorry when the end comes.
He's gone.
You okay? Are you okay? You sure? Okay.
Everything's gonna be alright.
He said they were headed north, that they were going to rebuild society.
It was crazy, everything he said.
Did he say where up north? He wanted me to know that everyone else was gonna die.
That he was going to take me to a, a place called Driftwood Point.
No, um, Driftwood Perch.
But you don't know where that is? He told me that he loved me.
And the weirdest part was that, he wouldn't stop talking about his Mama.
News travels fast.
How are you holding up, Jerry? Not bad.
Be even better if I can salvage my dinner.
I'll catch you later.
Does the name 'Driftwood Perch' mean anything to you? No.
It sounds like a, a cottage name.
That's what I thought too.
We have uniforms searching cottage roads.
What are you doing here? I went to see Dr.
Bell today.
You shouldn't have done that.
You were supposed to let me handle this.
Listen, I did a search of all the recent suicides in Algonquin Bay.
Narrowed it down by who was having psychiatric care.
And of those, who was seeing Dr.
In under two years.
For all we know that's normal.
Not in Algonquin Bay.
You've talked to Dr.
Jones? I talked to her about the suicide notes.
She couldn't believe he'd have his patients do that.
She's going to track down former colleagues, and see what they have to say.
You're going to finish this case with me? Do you think you can do that? Yeah.
Go back to sleep.
Sorry I missed it, Kel.
You didn't miss it.
We're doing it now.
So these are $7.
Thank you.
It's okay, keep it.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Do you want to say something? No.
Let's just eat.
Your Aunt Noelle is in here.
What are you doing here? It's not a good time, Janey.
You look sad.
Well, you know what, I am sad.
Me too.
I saw his picture on the news.
There was just something about him.
What kind of something? Like the way he looked at me, the way he talked.
I had nightmares about this guy.
And what do you need to rent a locker at one of these places? Uh, photo ID, credit card.
That's it.
So if we call around, we should be able to find out if the Barstows rented space anywhere? Well, I checked for a record of them at our other facilities.
They didn't rent from us.
There's only three other places they might've gone.
So, our suspects Jackson Till and Sharlene Winston, they now have a large quantity of weapons in their possession.
Cameras at the storage space caught Till loading three large cases into a silver pickup with stolen plates.
We have BOLO's out.
Roadblocks set up on every road leading out of town.
Units posted at every point of exit- airport, bus station, municipal dock.
We don't know why they're in Algonquin Bay or what they intend to do with their arsenal.
But Sharlene Winston is ex-military, and they've killed four people so far.
We've got names and pictures.
It's time to stop playing catch-up and find those guns before someone else dies.
Right there.
Thank you.
Alright, Just got word.
We lost touch with Swanson.
You know that kid we posted over on the 17th line.
He was shot.
By Jackson Till, looks like.
Thank you Ian.
I'll notify the family.
Detective DELORME? Yeah.
You know that Driftwood Perch Jackson Till was talking about.
I found the place.
You are not going to believe this.
It's the old Scriver house.
They were here.
The people who lived here, the Scrivers.
They were that missing persons case, whole family disappeared.
Yeah, uh, Frank, Dorothy, daughter Amy.
There was blood in the house but no bodies.
Their boat was missing too and they never even found that.
If we assume the Scriver bodies ended up in this water, it's basically the same MO as Island Road.
How old was Amy when she disappeared? Mama, look.
I got 'em.
Did you kill that cop? I tried, I did.
That old cottage you took us to, she's there right now.
I tried to take her down but, it would have brought them all down on us.
Lemur was right, we should have burned that house to the ground.
It's like you said, enough to fight the war.
Enough to win.