Cardinal (2017) s03e06 Episode Script


1 CARDINAL: Previously on Cardinal.
Why would she buy this for me if she were going to kill herself? VALERIE: What really got to Catherine was having to write that note.
He had you write a suicide note? I did a search of all the recent suicides in Algonquin Bay, who was seeing Dr.
Bell, nine, in under two years.
I did everything I could to help her.
Did you? I don't want to see John Cardinal again, love.
DYSON: Perry's dead.
He shot himself two hours ago.
DELORME: Our suspects, Jackson Till and Sharlene Winston now have a large quantity of weapons in their possession.
LLOYD: Money, is that what you want? MAMA: I'm not interested in your money.
You've got one thing I want.
I need you to set some traps on the perimeter of the property.
Her prison psych assessment mentions, 'complex apocalyptic delusions'.
End of the world stuff.
JACK: Just like you said, enough to fight the war, enough to win.
("FAMILIAR" BY AGNES OBEL) Took a walk to the summit at night, you and I To burn a hole in the old grip of the familiar, you and I And the dark was opening wide, do or die (PULSING SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) CARDINAL:So what do we think? DELORME:I think it's her.
I think Sharlene Winston is Amy Scriver.
Okay, let's say you're a seventeen year old girl who just killed your parents.
How do you get rid of two bodies? MCLEOD: Well, she couldn't have carried them far.
But she could get them on a boat.
Same thing that happened at Island Road and Amy Scriver would've known the deepest parts of Black Lake, where to sink 'em.
Might explain why they were never found.
DELORME: But now you have a sonar scanner.
Deepest channel runs right along here.
Dragging hooks would never have reached that low.
Okay, run the sonar.
Already running.
Get comfortable, it's a big lake.
(SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) Are you watching this, Amy? (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) I am the old man who lives down the lane I sing for pennies To help ease the pain Hey old man, whatever you have to do to get that plane ready to fly.
It's time.
Shut up.
NIKKI: They have us surrounded.
MAMA: No, if they knew we were here, we'd be dead already.
We're never gonna get past those police boats.
We're not going anywhere.
We're gonna make a go for it.
We're gonna shoot our way past them.
And then a bullet hits our gas tank and we all go up in flames.
Well then maybe we should just wait.
Maybe they'll just go away.
If we want the enemy to go away, we have to make them go away.
Come on.
Hey, Dr.
Jones, thank you for getting back to me.
Any luck finding background on Dr.
Bell? DR.
JONES: Well, he's moved around a lot, which in and of itself is not of concern.
But he's gone from New York to Toronto, to Ottawa and then finally Algonquin Bay.
DELORME: Each city smaller than the last.
JONES: And less prestigious.
Jones, I need to know facts.
JONES: In Toronto he was sued on several occasions by families of patients who'd killed themselves.
All of the cases were eventually dropped.
Proving psychiatric malpractice is complicated.
So there's never been a medical investigation into his methods.
Like into the suicide note business? Yeah.
JONES: No, not that I know of.
What would it take to launch one? More than you have, I'm afraid.
I wish I could do more to help you.
No, it's okay.
KULAR: Cardinal, there's a woman here to see you.
Wouldn't say what it was about.
Uh-uh, I-I hope it's all right that I came by.
Of course.
Frederick, um, he was quite upset by your visit, with you and with me.
Oh, I'm sorry about that.
HELEN: I worry about him sometimes, when he's in a mood, the way he talks about his patients.
He's frustrated.
He's, he's just taken on too much.
He ever talk about Catherine that way? I'm sorry, it's hard for me to think about her.
It doesn't make any sense.
I don't think he helped her at all.
So I took a look at some of the videos he makes of his patient sessions.
What I saw was, Well, I think you should look at them too.
(SUSPENSEFUL INSTRUMENTAL) HELEN: You know both of his parents killed themselves when he was a boy? Unforgivable, really.
I hope you understand, it's not his fault.
But somebody needs to know.
I should go.
(SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) A woman came to see me yesterday.
She assumed I knew John had been paying her to keep quiet about what I did.
BELL: And what is it you did? I made a call when I was manic and I blew an officer's cover.
BELL: John never told you? CATHERINE: He risked his job for me.
BELL: And how did you feel when you learned this? A man is dead because of me.
How do you think I feel? (SOBBING) DR.
BELL: And what did John say? CATHERINE: I haven't told him.
BELL: Why not? CATHERINE: He's heading a difficult investigation right now and he's already had to step away once.
BELL: You feel you're a burden? I don't feel it, I am.
I have been for twenty years.
BELL: So you're going to go home tonight and sit next to your husband and not tell him that you know this secret.
Of course I'll tell him.
If we're going to get past this disaster I have to.
But not tonight, John's working late and I just need to clear my head.
I'm going to take some pictures.
BELL: Your work is important to you and I think that's very healthy.
So, what are we shooting tonight? CATHERINE: The Harrow Building.
(SUSPENSEFUL INSTRUMENTAL) He knew she was there.
Yeah? CARDINAL: I want to show you something.
BELL: But I think, and this is me being very blunt, Catherine, I think you crave the attention you get when you're not well.
Do you disagree? (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) Dr.
Bell, I think we're done here.
Hey, how'd you get this? His wife.
She's afraid of him.
CATHERINE: Every time I come here, I leave feeling worse.
It wasn't like that in the beginning.
But since my last depression, you've been after me.
BELL: Lately, Catherine, every time I get close to the truth you lash out.
You used to welcome our sessions.
I've been warned about you, now I'm going to warn others.
It's troubling, yes.
But she was upset.
She went to the roof to take photos.
Her mind went to a bad place.
Catherine didn't kill herself.
Believing that doesn't make it true.
I talked to Dr.
What Dr.
Bell's been doing with his patients is wrong but now what you're talking about is first degree murder.
She told him where she would be the night she died and her threat is motive.
BELL: We talked about getting these feelings out of you, about writing a note.
It's just- if she walks out, I'm done.
I quit.
BELL: You've said all this before, Perry.
I don't know why you think anyone should take you seriously.
No, I could not be more serious.
I'll show you both just how serious I am! DR.
BELL: I doubt that.
I think it's always gonna be more of the same with you.
It always is.
- The son of a bitch.
- Mhm.
He all but told him to go and do it.
So, do you think we have enough to bring him in? It's hard to prove inciting suicide if he's not actually using the words, kill yourself.
DELORME: He also knew where Catherine was going to be the night she died.
CARDINAL: And I'm worried about his wife.
Helen brought me these videos.
They could ruin his career.
I don't know where this goes, but we have to question him.
Well it can't be me.
He'll claim I'm harassing him.
No it can't.
I'll have him brought in and I'll, I'll interview him myself.
I'm reopening the investigation into Catherine's death.
(DRAMATIC INSTRUMENTAL) (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) Did she tell you I found him? Found who? LLOYD: My friend, Henry.
They left him to rot in the bunkhouse where they cut his throat.
It was a kindness.
He would've died worse when the end comes.
LLOYD: You don't know anything's coming.
She's out of her mind.
She's going to kill me too.
Probably make you do it.
- You're her favourite.
- Don't talk about her.
Until you disappoint her.
Until you end up dead like your friend.
Maybe you're not Mama's little girl.
If she asks me to, I will kill you.
(DOOR CREAKING OPEN) We need loaded weapons by every window.
We have to defend this position until we can fly that plane.
Come on.
They'll be coming for us, get moving.
Yeah, yeah.
After you do that I need you to do me a favour.
Whatever you need, sir.
Catherine always carried two cameras.
One film, one digital.
I only got the film one back.
See if you can find out what happened to the other.
Yeah, sure, I'll check the evidence log.
(SUSPENSEFUL INSTRUMENTAL) (BEEPING) Detective, we have a target.
(BEEPING) OPD OFFICER: It could be the Scriver boat.
CARDINAL: Thirty years under water, it's amazing there's anything left.
COMMANDA: Deepest part of the lake, it's cold down there.
And they were both still in the boat? They're still strapped to the seats just like the Barstows, but no Amy.
Boat was scuttled, probably an ax through the hull.
She executed her parents.
(SIGHS) Amy Scriver was seventeen then, imagine what she's capable of now.
(SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) DELORME: These are our suspects, Jackson Michael Till and Sharlene Winston, who we now believe is Amy Scriver, missing from this area since 1987.
Till was last seen driving a silver pickup, look out for that.
COMMANDA: We're knocking on doors around Black Lake, marine units are checking the shoreline.
Amy Scriver used to live here.
She knows these waters and these woods, there's a good chance that she may be hiding out here.
- And if you think you've spotted them, - (BUZZING) do not attempt arrest.
These people are well armed, - they will kill you.
- Yeah.
DELORME: I know they shot a cop, but keep a level head, wait for backup.
COMMANDA: Okay, partner up and keep in contact at all times.
They're picking up Dr.
You should go.
I'm with you.
BELL (ANGRILY): Those tapes were private between me and my clients and you just handed them over without any thought to the consequences! Do you know what you've done to me? To us? (BANGING) FOX: Police, open up! (DRAMATIC INSTRUMENTAL) FOX: Dr.
Bell, you need to come with us, please.
You can call your lawyer on the way in.
That won't be necessary.
Bell didn't even do anything when he said he was going to go out and find a gun.
I should have told somebody, right? This is not your fault, Margaret.
You were there when he died, you said.
I bet you tried to help him.
I did too.
What is all this crap? Oh the dumpster at the scene was overflowing.
Nobody looked through this before? The Coroner ruled it a suicide.
Alright? Alright.
- (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) - (CLANKING) What does this look like? My digital camera takes these cards.
We got a computer that can read that? Yeah.
You said the cops are close.
They're all over the roads.
I know how we're gonna get that plane in the air.
And how do you propose to do that? (CHUCKLES) We're gonna take a cop as a hostage.
(EERIE INSTRUMENTAL) I need you to hit him, hard enough to draw blood.
(SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) COMMANDA: We're doubling back at the dead end here.
Why don't the two of you start at the far end and we'll see where we meet up.
Yeah, okay.
Commanda and Solak are at the other end of the road.
We'll keep checking properties until we meet up.
You were right to doubt me.
Was I? (SUSPENSEFUL INSTRUMENTAL) Drop your weapons! Drop 'em! Now.
(EERIE INSTRUMENTAL) MAMA: You too, drop it! (EERIE INSTRUMENTAL) Nikki, go hide their car.
Is she the one who killed Lemur? That's her.
MAMA: Let's get them back to the house.
(EERIE INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC) (DRAMATIC INSTRUMENTAL) MAMA: In the kitchen, in the corner to your right.
(GRUNTING) I'm gonna stop the bleeding.
You don't want a dead cop on your hands.
You have no idea what I want.
CARDINAL: I know more than you think, Amy.
Did you see the boats out there when they found your parents? - MAMA: Shut up.
- (GROAN) Or I'll shoot her again.
(GROANING) It's not true, what Mr.
Till said.
I didn't kill Liam Rouse, he did.
Jack wouldn't do that.
Would you, Jack.
JACK: No Mama, I wouldn't.
You want me to finish her now? Not yet.
NIKKI: Mama, there's someone else here.
Should I call for backup? Yep.
(BOOM) Got one.
No, no, no, no, no, no, let me call my people off.
Nobody else needs to get hurt.
Jack, if he says another word, kill her.
To me.
Think about your training.
Everything you need's there.
So what do we do now? JACK: You keep that cop pinned down out there.
MAMA: Mhm.
JACK: I'll flank the vehicle and take him out.
MAMA: And then you meet us at the plane.
It's so clear.
The end starts with us, okay.
You can count on me, Mama.
I love you.
Good boy.
Now go.
(GUNSHOT RINGING) (DRAMATIC INSTRUMENTAL) Least I can die knowing that you're not getting out of here either.
MAMA: It's time to go.
CARDINAL: Leave them behind.
They'll only slow you down when you get north.
They're gonna track that plane, You're not giving the orders, I am.
Come on, get her up.
COMMANDA: Don't move.
Drop your weapon.
Stop! (SUSPENSEFUL INSTRUMENTAL) LLOYD: We need to leave someone behind.
With the guns on that plane, there's only room for four passengers.
So who's getting left behind? Nikki, it's your moment.
We can only take one hostage, shoot him.
Now, do it.
- Mama.
- If you want to come with us, and be part of this family, shoot him.
CARDINAL: Nikki, she is not, Shut up! She's not who she says she is.
- Nikki, listen to me.
- She doesn't give a damn, DELORME: Nikki, she's an imposter.
- MAMA: Look at me, shut up.
- DELORME: And a murderer.
MAMA: Nikki you can do this.
I need a warrior, not a helpless little girl.
- Do it now.
- I can't, I can't! I can't do it, I can't! (BOOM) (DRAMATIC MUSIC) (GASPS) (EERIE INSTRUMENTAL) COMMANDA: Stop moving! I'm not gonna warn you again.
Sam should've come with me.
She'll die now and it'll be your fault.
Jackson Michael Till, stop moving or I will shoot you dead.
Hands on your head.
Hands on your head! (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) MAMA: This is your fault.
Nice and easy.
Get down on your knees.
(SCREAMING) (GROANING) MAMA: Move away from her.
- (THUDDING) - (GRUNTING) - (PULSING SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) - (GRUNTING) CARDINAL: Amy, stop, it's over! Amy, drop the gun! DELORME: Hey John, shoot! CARDINAL: Please.
Right now! (EMERGENCY PERSONNEL CHATTER) I'm riding with her.
I'm going with you.
No no no no, I'll be fine.
CARDINAL: No, listen Lise, - No, John, you have to go.
(SIGHS) (GENTLE INSTRUMENTAL) (GROANING) Take it easy there, Bernice.
(GENTLE INSTRUMENTAL) DYSON: I've been watching your videos, Dr.
Patient videos made without permission.
Please, feel free to call the College of Psychiatry about my methods.
I'll deal with them directly.
We've already been in touch with your supervising body.
Out to ruin my career over your colleague's broken heart.
DYSON: I'm not out to ruin anything.
I just want to talk to you.
I believe that you've been counselling some of your patients into harming themselves, which in fact carries a criminal charge.
It would if it was provable in any concrete way.
But it isn't.
This is about John Cardinal.
A man who has come to my house on several occasions.
A man whose grief in my professional opinion makes him too unstable to be a police officer.
Hm, is that so? Well surely you can see that.
No, I don't see that at all.
John, there's something you need to see.
I'm watching- You're going to wanna come right now.
(SUSPENSEFUL INSTRUMENTAL) There wasn't a second camera on the scene.
At least not one we could find.
We think it may have been removed.
(SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) But there was an SD card that got left behind.
It was mixed up with all the other electronic debris.
Um, it was partially corrupted but we were able to recover these images.
CARDINAL: Yeah, that's photos.
(SUSPENSEFUL INSTRUMENTAL) I'm, uh, so sorry, John, I didn't want to believe it but when I read the note, It's alright Ian.
All the evidence pointed to suicide.
I would have thought the same thing.
Her whole history pointed to suicide.
But I knew her.
You decided to unburden the world of these poor helpless people.
So you pushed them to end their lives.
But it didn't work with Catherine.
And you couldn't handle losing that power, couldn't risk her telling anyone else about your methods.
You had to be sure.
I don't know the sorts of people that usually sit on the other side of this table from you.
You're very persuasive, I'm sure.
But do you think I'm going to confess to something so absurd? It's been really nice talking to you Dr.
I suppose you've come to apologize.
This doesn't prove anything.
I'm not going to say anything else.
We don't need you to.
You don't have Catherine's problems as an excuse to hide from your own darkness anymore, John.
You'll never outrun it.
So this is what you are now, The most dangerous thing in the world.
A broken man with power.
Frederick Bell, you're under arrest for the murder of Catherine Cardinal.
Get up.
- Hey.
Are you leaving already? Yeah, I gotta get Jane to her swimming lesson and, uh, maybe clean the back of my car.
It's like a crime scene.
How's she doing? She's better, I think.
Actually, I've been thinking that I should probably take some time away.
I'm wondering who might fill in for me when I'm gone.
John's a great investigator, but there's meetings and paperwork.
and I don't think he has the patience for it.
Do you want me to do your job? Just for a couple of months.
I mean, I have a family now, so I have to figure out how all that works.
Anyway, think about it.
(SOFT PIANO MUSIC) I really like this one.
Yeah, me too.
It's beautiful.
Seeing all of her work here like this.
She was good.
Are you still gonna drive me back to the city on Monday? Of course.
And you're going to call me more.
That too.
Can I stop worrying about you? Please don't.
("SMOKE & MIRRORS" BY AGNES OBEL) Oh my one, I am so happy That you've got so far I know the good, the great Is working you like a charm.
Oh my one, rushing away With a bag full of bones CARDINAL: You're okay to drive that way? Are you going to arrest me? CARDINAL: Chili.
What? Well, you know, French Canadians make the best chili.
Is that right? That's a fact.
So? Hm.
("SMOKE & MIRRORS" BY AGNES OBEL) The crow, the cat, the bird and the bee I'm sure they would agree That my one is falling for tricks, Smoke and mirrors playing your wit.
A hue and cry waiting to blow Under your skin, wherever you go Still I wish that I knew The taste of something that good