Carmen Sandiego (2019) s02e05 Episode Script

The Boston Tea Party Caper

1 [theme music playing.]
Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Sandiego [vocalizing.]
Where in the world Is Carmen Sandiego? [seagulls cawing.]
I like it.
Even if it does need work.
I wouldn't put out the welcome mat just yet.
The idea of even having a headquarters may be a little too "VILE Island" for me.
Carm, the joint's wicked humongous! Gotta be enough room in there for a bowling alley, and a ninja training gym, for our private sessions.
[phone ringing.]
Hey, Red, how's San Diego? I'm feeling a little ganged up on at the moment.
I meant your location, over there on the sunny west coast of Cali-forn-i-a.
And Player can get his own room! Um, I have my own room.
I thought he lived in the cloud? Nope, though I am hearing voices again, from the internet.
And this time, they're telling me VILE's all abuzz about some kind of racing prototype.
Racing? As in a car? Why would VILE want a race car? [gasps.]
Maybe it's a flying race car.
Uh, those exist, bro, they're called airplanes.
Ah, remember our racer? She didn't actually fly, but, boy, could she - Vroom and zoom! - Booyah! I truly cannot fathom what possessed you to staff your crew with these unruly pranksters.
Oh, look who's suddenly taken an interest.
That is not what I meant.
Funny enough, it was our race car that brought us to Carmen.
Let us take you back.
Clear across the country on the east coast of the good old U.
of A.
Me and Ivy grew up in the south of Boston, or "Southie" as we locals called it.
Not exactly a hoity-toity part of town, though some kids knew ways to get quick cash whenever they needed it.
But me and Ivy vowed to use our superpowers for good.
[tires screeching.]
Behind the wheel and under the hood.
Booyah! Vroom and zoom.
Lydia, our racer, was totally custom.
Big sis pretty much built her with her own two hands.
[engine revving.]
Me and my little bro moved up one race at a time, from amateur to semipro, working our way all the way up to the professional league.
And that day was upon us, the final race of the prequalifying season.
All we had to do was place in the top five to make it to the upcoming regional championship, to kick our racing career to the next level.
And start collecting that prize money.
Okay, bro, stick close to the apron, it'll give you the fastest line.
Except here on the final hairpin turn.
They call it "The Muncher.
" It has a reputation for chewing up cars and spitting 'em out.
Yeah, yeah.
Keep it to the outside perimeter.
I got it, sis.
Excuse me, are you two lost? Just asking, 'cause you're a long way from the amateur track.
Meet Zack's nemesis.
Trey Sterling.
Rich kid, daddy's boy, and all-around jerk.
Should be fun watching you race against real cars.
You dare knock Lydia? [chuckles.]
You gave that shopping cart a name? Forget about Trey, you gotta keep your head in the game, bro.
You got this.
Yeah, I got this.
- [light beeps.]
- [engine revving.]
[engines revving.]
Go, Zack! - You're going the wrong way! - Huh? Amateur track's back there! [cackles.]
[tires screeching.]
Come on, Zack, stay away from that hairpin.
- No, no, no, no.
- [tires screeching.]
Whoo-hoo! Zack! Booyah.
Fixing Lydia so we could get back in the game was gonna cost us some dough.
So we went back to the guy who loaned us money to build our car in the first place.
Shark Head Eddie.
Being that we were supposed to pay him back once we won our first race in the big leagues, you know, with the car we no longer had, heh, Eddie suggested another way for us to get quick cash to pay him back.
Strongly suggested.
Darryl's Donut Hole.
The joint was notorious for having the worst donuts in Southie.
And Eddie said for a place with zero customers, it got a ton of deliveries.
Which meant, the deliveries were probably money stolen by - [gulps.]
- The Mob.
- You ready? - I don't know, Ivy.
Racing was supposed to keep us out of crime, not drive us into it.
Maybe you should have thought of that before you decided to ignore my advice and crash our car.
[groans, head thuds.]
Look, bro, it's one job.
We pay back Eddie and use the spare cash to fix up Lydia, then vroom, zoom, we're back in the races! We can't give up on our dream, not when we're this close.
Right, and besides, we're stealing from the bad guys.
[lock clicking.]
Ivy, how do you see out of these? [grunts.]
Eye holes in the front, that's how! [Zack gasps.]
What was that? That's how we met Carm! The end! All that, and now you stop? Eh.
We were all casing the same joint on the same night, the rest is history! Or "her-story.
" Things were a bit more complicated the way I remember it.
No kidding.
It'd been a few months since I escaped from VILE Island after stealing the hard drive.
I did some traveling.
While I did some decrypting.
I discovered that VILE stole a set of printing plates from the U.
They were printing money whenever they wanted to, which means they had their own printing press.
We just couldn't figure out where they were hiding it.
We decided to follow a lead on a VILE front that had been receiving regular cash drops, in the hopes of following the couriers back to their money factory and find the stolen plates.
So months of preparation were about to be put to the test, on my very first caper as Carmen Sandiego.
Locked onto your position, and security cameras disabled.
You ready, Red? Ready as I'll ever be.
But someone's either doing a late night donut run, or I have competition.
Other thieves who steal from thieves? [Carmen.]
They have no idea what they're stumbling into.
Player, change of plans.
Already? We're only five minutes into your first job! Who are you? What are you doing here? - [Ivy.]
Who are you? - [Zack.]
And what are you doing here? You need to vacate immediately, it's for your own safety.
Please, she just wants the donut dough all to herself.
Yeah, did Shark Head Eddie send you, too? [lock clicking.]
- [Zack gasps.]
Is it the Mob? - Trust me.
- [beeping.]
- [lock clicking.]
- [Zack.]
Holy guacamole.
- Shh.
Player, drop went down as scheduled.
Following bread crumbs.
You can crack that, right, sis? [Ivy.]
Uh Come on, we're following that lady following those bread crumbs to the dough.
For your own safety.
- [engine starts.]
- [Zack.]
My keys! [tires screeching.]
I got this.
[engine sputtering.]
- [engine starts.]
- [tires screech.]
Seriously? [gasps.]
- [tires screech.]
- [horn honks.]
I'm a master thief without a getaway driver.
Can't help you there, Red.
I don't even have my learner's permit.
Now we got her.
Huh? - Follow that van.
- Bossy.
[tires screech.]
They're taking 93.
There's only one place it goes, the harbor.
They've been printing money on a boat? No wonder we couldn't find the printing press, it's mobile.
And so are we, but I know a shortcut.
- [engine turns off.]
- [car doors close.]
Player, I'm in position.
Waiting for the Cleaners to arrive to tell me just what I need to know about Boston Harbor.
Listen, we can tell you everything about our fair city! What do you need to know? Um In the early days of our country's history, when America was still a group of colonies under British control, colonists snuck aboard some British ships, and dumped hundreds of boxes of tea into the ocean.
It was their way of protesting the British government, who'd been forcing them to pay high taxes on tea.
They called it the Boston Tea Party.
And it was one of the key incidents that led up to the American Revolutionary War, but Boston's not only about our history.
It has the best ball park in the world, that would be Fenway, home of the best baseball team ever! Let's go, Red Sox! Let's go! [Ivy.]
We also have the best clam chowder, not red! [Zack.]
If you like fish slop.
Give me Boston baked beans, or give me death! [Ivy.]
Just don't call Boston Beantown, Zack hates that.
As in, I really, really hate that.
Well, Red, their facts check out.
Wow, you two really know a lot about Boston.
[cart rattling.]
Whoa! That's gotta be more than enough dough to pay off Eddie and fix our car.
Heck, we can buy a whole fleet of cars! You're turning to crime to fix a car? Not just any car.
Our racer.
So we can get back into the regional championships.
Couldn't you get a loan from a family member? - Hey, could you loan me some? - Hey, could you loan me some? - Ah, never mind.
- Ah, never mind.
We're the only family we've got.
Time to follow that van.
It's for your own safety.
[both grunting.]
Come on, bro, we can't let her take our cut of the dough.
Ready? - One, two, hop.
- [both grunt.]
[both grunting.]
VILE needs another presence in the good old U.
of A, so you fellas keep printing that funny money so we can buy up some prime Beantown real estate.
- Oh, no.
No, Zack.
- Never.
- Call Boston - No, no, no, no.
Beantown! [both yell, thud.]
Oh, boy.
- Jackpot.
- Stop right there.
- Le Chevre.
Been a while.
- Black Sheep? I go by Carmen Sandiego now.
Black Sheep, for your own safety, put down the plates and leave, now.
And I will pretend I never saw you.
I told you, the name's Carmen, and I can't do that.
Seriously, if you do not put those down, I will need to - Always protect the face! - [screams.]
So, there we were, on a nighttime lobster run, when we got tripped up in this stupid rope.
Total freak accident, right? - You gotta be kidding me.
- Black Sheep? [Ivy grunts.]
- But I thought you did not graduate.
- [Le Chevre.]
She didn't.
Ah, friends of yours? Good work tying them up.
I didn't, they arrived this way.
The plates, or mon ami El Topo throws your friends overboard.
[Ivy gasps.]
Whoa! [grunting.]
Wait! Take 'em.
[both grunt.]
Throw her overboard! I am sorry, Black Sheep.
[screams, splashes.]
Catch me if you can.
- Thanks for untying us.
- Yeah, I need the rope.
A little help here, muscles? Sure thing.
Yah! Milady.
Something that retracts would be more practical, maybe attached to the wrist for easy access? [imitates gun cocking.]
Oh, Ivy? [imitates gun cocking.]
That a-way.
Okay, just one more.
Sis, we don't wanna let bad guys buy up prime Boston real estate, do we? [wind howling.]
What? [both grunting.]
[El Topo yells.]
- [grunting.]
- [crate splashes.]
It's like our very own Boston Tea Party.
- [Ivy.]
Yeah, boy! - [Le Chevre.]
No, no, no! [Le Chevre grunts.]
Whoa, whoa! [grunts.]
[both grunt.]
- [grunts.]
- [grunts.]
- [grunts.]
- Ooh! Whoa! [splashes.]
So, you're really gonna return the money-printing plates? Despite appearances, I don't commit crimes.
I'm out to take down a certain criminal organization.
Uh, don't we have something called the police for that? The police have no idea they exist, but I do.
It's technically stolen.
Get caught spending it, and the police could put you away for a long time.
It's - [Zack.]
Yeah, yeah.
- For our own safety.
Red, I just decrypted another set of data, and it's juicy.
Here's hoping my second caper goes more smoothly.
Once Eddie finds out that we didn't cook up the donut dough, he's gonna break more than breadsticks.
We gotta lay low.
Maybe even get outta Boston? Player, book me a red eye.
So, uh, we were wondering, got any room for us on your next job? We got a shark chasing our tail.
You did say you could use a getaway driver.
And they don't mind stealing from bad guys.
So, about this retracting wrist thing you mentioned [imitates gun cocking.]
I don't care if she's calling herself Josie San Jose, or Monica Santa Monica! I will crush her for betraying family.
[Shadowsan scoffs.]
Her actions tonight were a fluke! How much damage could one girl possibly inflict against VILE? At the time, we had no sense of the scope of your interference, and now we do.
- Catastrophic! - Whoo! Go, boss, it's your birthday It's your birthday, oh, yeah Though, I question why they haven't yet returned to pursuing their racing dreams.
We're along for this ride now.
We'll get around to fixing up Lydia and paying back Eddie.
- Someday.
- Someday.
Hey, gang! I dug up more intel on that car.
It's actually the world's fastest.
And VILE's plotting to steal it during a racing event in Dubai.
Then I guess we'll have to steal it first.
Chartering you a flying car to the Middle East right now.
Steal a race car! We're back in our element! [Zack.]
Vroom and zoom! [engine starts, revs.]
See? An HQ would be wasted on movers and shakers like us.
- [car door closes.]
- [tires screeching.]
[music playing.]