Carol's Second Act (2019) s01e17 Episode Script

Plus Ones

What are you watching? Uh, Carol and Dr.
Lewis trying to say goodbye to each other.
They've been at it for 20 minutes.
I love watching old people flirt.
It was nice having coffee with you.
No, it was nice having coffee with you.
- Oh.
All right.
Have a great surgery.
Go save some lives today.
You save some lives today.
You know, you really shouldn't hold the elevator in a hospital.
Oh, Frost.
- Glad you're here.
- That backfired.
You still haven't RSVP'd to tomorrow's fundraiser.
- Oh.
- Ooh, a fundraiser? Uh, the hospital's building a new cardiothoracic surgery center.
Oh, it's just your basic cocktail party.
You know the kind.
Passed apps [GASPS.]
Passed apps? Well, then you're gonna love the silent auction.
If you tell me there's a chocolate fountain at this event, I'm gonna lose my mind.
Uh, would you like to come? Yes.
I'll see you later.
Not if I see you first.
- Goodbye.
- You can just say goodbye.
- Okay.
Another cocktail party where the apps are served room temp, so the surgeons don't burn their precious little hands.
Well, I wish I could join in with a colorful jab, but nurses don't get invited to these hospital fundraisers.
I have a plus-one.
Do you want to go? Oh, I'm so caught off guard.
Yeah, pick me up at 6:00.
And don't try to be a hero and show up early.
You'll just be waiting till 6:00.
Good morning.
I need help picking a dress.
Where's Daniel? I'm going to the fundraiser tonight with Dr.
- Ooh.
- Dang.
Whoa, Carol, he asked you to hospital prom.
- That's major.
- Mm-hmm.
But at this prom, I won't have to drive the drunk kids home early.
I skipped my prom in protest.
- Against what? - Not being asked.
So, you and Dr.
Lewis are moving pretty fast.
Oh, I wouldn't say that.
We've had a few dates.
You've been on seven dates.
That can't be right.
No, it is.
In the past two weeks, you've had four coffees, two lunches, and a trip to the botanical garden.
You're tracking my dates? Absolutely.
That's how you determine a trend.
LEXIE: And you guys are trending.
You are gonna have a couple's nickname very soon.
A nickname? No-no-no-no.
People are finally starting to call me Dr.
Kenney instead of "that old intern.
" Well, then, weird choice to go to the fundraiser with him.
It's basically telling the whole hospital you two are serious.
It is? I-I mean, I really like him, but I don't want to get serious too soon.
This is my first relationship since my divorce.
Well, maybe think about that before introducing him to your daughter tonight? Oh, no, Jenny's not coming.
Jenny invited me to hospital prom.
I need help picking my outfit.
Where's Dennis? Uh, guys? I-I just dropped off a patient.
I know she doesn't really belong here, - but I had to get her out of the ER.
- What's wrong with her? She'll be happy to tell you.
She's very vocal.
I owe you one, bye! Oh! The curling iron won't come out! You have to help me! Oh, boy.
I've tried everything, but it's stuck! Ma'am, I can see you're distraught, but I'm not sure what we can do to help you.
Have you considered cutting your hair? I can't cut my hair.
My wedding is tomorrow.
Oh, congratulations! [CRYING.]
: This is a nightmare! I understand.
Uh, it must be very upsetting.
Is there someone we can call for you? No one can see me like this.
That's why I'm here.
Please, please, please help me.
Just one second while I consult with Dr.
We need to help this woman.
We became doctors to help people.
Yes, this isn't technically a medical issue.
The word you're looking for is "remotely.
" This isn't remotely a medical issue.
Lexi, Eddie's death really shook me.
I need a win.
And there's a very low chance that we kill her.
Uh, I can hear you.
I've been feeling off since Eddie died, too.
Either that, or I need a new mattress.
Well, look.
Thanks to the heteronormative patriarchy, this is the most important day of her life, and we have a chance to save it.
I'm in.
Let's help this silly lady achieve her stupid dream.
Now did you try this? - Mmm.
Hi, Jenny.
Hi, Jenny's plus one.
How great is tonight? Senior docs everywhere.
One conversation and, boom, I get the fellowship of my dreams.
This is what medicine is all about.
- You find this attractive? - Mmm.
Hey, where's Dr.
Lewis? - Oh, I told him I'd meet him here.
- Why? You know, it was pointed out to me that things are moving a little more quickly than I realized, and I don't want to rush into anything, so I'm just slowing things down, playing it cool.
Holy moly, you look handsome.
- Real cool, Mom.
- Yeah.
You look beautiful.
Thank you.
Are you gonna introduce us? Yes.
Of course.
Um, uh, Dr.
Lewis, this is my daughter Jenny.
Jenny, this is Dr.
Lewis, my colleague and pal, my work pal.
And I'm Dr.
Daniel Kutcher.
Duke Medical School.
My interests include hepatology, hiatal hernias, and squash.
What a coincidence.
That's my bio on the hospital website.
Daniel, could you go get me another drink? - You have one.
- Dr.
Lewis, It is so nice to meet you.
I heard you two went to a botanical garden.
Yes, we did.
It was beautiful.
Yes, but it was winter, so, you know, lot of decay.
Good point.
We'll have to go back again in the spring.
Uh, spring? Mmm.
March is pretty brisk.
And then there's those April showers, which, yes, bring flowers but also bees.
Oh, and-and-and Jenny's allergic to them.
I don't have to go.
I-I guess it's for the best.
The hibiscuses don't even bloom until summer.
Oh, I love a hibiscus.
Those perennials are cold-hardy, but, boy, do they put on a show in June.
June it is, then.
I'll put it in my calendar.
Oh, I need to go say hi to Dr.
Give him my best.
I will tell her that.
Way to play it cool, Mom.
Yeah, nothing says "slowing things down" like making plans for next June.
That was awful.
And I lied.
Even in winter, the botanical garden is spectacular.
This olive oil isn't working.
Hear me out canola.
Do you have any non-oil-based solutions? MAYA [THROUGH DOOR.]
: Have you seen Dr.
Sommers and Dr.
Gilani? It's Dr.
She can't know what's going on in here.
Shh! Dr.
There you two are.
Why does it smell like olive oil? Oh.
Well, it is the perfect self-contained snack on the go, you know, glug-glug-glug.
So, it's not for a salad, it's to drink? - Mm-hmm.
- As a snack? - Mm-hmm.
- On the go? Yeah.
Vegans be crazy, am I right? [ALL CHUCKLE.]
This is truly your worst attempt at hiding high jinks from me.
So she has a curling iron stuck in her hair, and it is the day before her wedding.
Jacobs, I know that you won't approve Enough.
You've had this woman just sitting in a patient room with a curling iron in her hair? But in our defense, it was all Caleb's idea.
Well, then, Dr.
Sommers, to you I say well done.
You're not mad? No.
I'm happy that at least one of you had the humanity not to throw this poor woman out on the street.
I lied.
It was my idea.
I understand how you feel.
You'll have these wedding photos for the rest of your life.
- STEPHANIE: Thank you.
- MAYA: Now.
Have you tried this? Ow! Look at all these surgeons.
Patting themselves on the back.
And for what? Replacing one organ with the exact same organ? Uh-uh-uh.
Don't fill up on the spring rolls.
Rookie move.
The sashimi comes out in 20.
I'm sorry, I thought you'd said you'd never been to a hospital fundraiser.
No, I've never been invited.
I have, however, been a plus one to all of them.
Excuse me.
We couldn't help but notice that you're here with Dr.
I'm Carol.
I don't mean to seem forward, but do you like books about murder? Of course.
I'm a woman.
Then you have to join our book club.
We meet once a month.
And we're all second wives of doctors, so you'll fit right in.
Oh, no, no.
Lewis and I just started dating.
It-It-It's casual.
It's very casual.
We are not even thinking about marriage.
Well, you might not be, but I'm sure Dr.
Lewis is.
Why do you say that? You know, men of a certain age, for the first six months after the divorce, he's in bachelor heaven.
Then he realizes he needs a woman in the house.
Or he'll die alone eating roast beef in the tub.
That's true.
Single men actually die earlier.
And 60 Minutes did a thing on it, so they know that now.
I am married to Dr.
We got engaged six months after we started dating.
My husband proposed after one.
One month? Yep.
Took me to Mexico, got down on one knee, and the rest is history.
I was so surprised, I hadn't even waxed.
What a beautiful story.
But Dr.
Lewis and I are not in that place, not even close.
I'm actually also a doctor myself.
Oh, that's cute.
I do needlepoint.
Carol, I have a question for you: what do you think of Cabo? Classy or trashy? Classy.
It seems very nice.
They're auctioning off a trip for two to a beach house in Cabo next month.
I'm gonna go for it.
Oh, no.
Cabo's in Mexico.
I'd get a wax if I were you.
Why'd you pull me away in the middle of my story? Okay, reciting your résumé is not a story.
Lewis wants to take me to Cabo.
- San Lucas? - Yeah.
Wow, Mom, that's serious.
Are we sure? Is Cabo exclusively a romantic destination? Jenny, didn't you go there in high school and build homes for the underprivileged? Yes.
I went there to build homes.
Well, casas.
But I do think it's mostly a romantic destination.
This is exactly what I've been trying to avoid.
I got stuck talking to the second wives, and I'm not a second wife.
I'm an ex-wife and a doctor.
They were looking at me like somebody's plus one.
I'm not trying to get a ring.
I was half of a married couple for 30 years.
I've worked so hard to be my own person.
I am Dr.
Kenney, not Dr.
What if I don't want to go to Cabo? - San Lucas? - Yeah.
You both have to cool it.
I got to put a stop to this.
I can't go on that trip.
I am gonna talk to him and tell him that things are moving too fast.
At his event? In front of all his friends and colleagues? [SIGHS.]
You're right.
That would be inappropriate.
I'm gonna trick someone into outbidding him.
I hear the beach house in Cabo is fantastic.
Jennifer Aniston stays there.
She left some clothes, and you can wear them.
It has an infinity pool and, get this, towels, the big ones.
Hey Dr.
Frost, scoping out the silent auction? Lot of good stuff, lot of good stuff.
Oh, the Cabo beach house looks wonderful.
Oh, not for me.
I hate sand.
Fair enough.
Looks like Victor's gonna win it.
Hmm? Lewis is bidding on the house? Oh, yeah.
He can't stop talking about it.
You know those scalpel jockeys, they love to win.
Plus, he has surgeon money.
Well, I have an internist's spirit for besting surgeons.
And family money.
Plus, I'm a little drunk.
I've never been to Cabo.
Is $70,000 too much to bid? Comb.
Other comb.
Other comb.
Damn it, she's flatlining.
What? No, uh, sorry.
It's just that your hair's starting to look really flat.
- It's over.
We need to call it.
- MAYA: No.
There is a combined 24 years of advanced schooling in this room.
We can figure this out.
I'm a lawyer, so that's 31 if you add my seven.
This isn't about you, Stephanie.
It's no use.
We've tried everything.
This just isn't our specialty.
Well, then we need to call a specialist.
Smug bastard.
Let's see him beat this.
Frost, what happened to hating sand? Ah, well, sure, but a rivalry is a rivalry.
Plus, Dr.
Kenney made an excellent point about the towels.
It all comes back to Carol, doesn't it? What is that supposed to mean? Oh, this rivalry with Dr.
Is it just about surgeons, or are you maybe a little bit jealous of him and Carol? - Oh, no, Dennis.
- Hmm? That's No.
That's just silliness, utter silliness.
I daresay you've had too much of the champagne.
Oh, it's a charity event.
It'd be rude not to drink all I can.
Kenney is an esteemed colleague.
Sure, she's quite smart, a talented doctor, and, if pressed, I'd say she's attractive.
She's very symmetrical.
And to say she isn't is just Utter silliness? Exactly.
See, the nice thing about stepchildren is, if you don't pay attention to them, they don't pay attention to you.
I'm glad you found the silver lining.
Frost is really gunning for that beach house.
- Oh.
- I had to raise my bid three times.
He must be a big Jennifer Aniston fan.
What does that have to do with anything? Well, you know, the Cabo beach house, it's frequented by celebrities.
No, it isn't.
That's our beach house.
No one famous has ever stayed there.
Tina, why do you lie? I'm not lying.
You're the one that said Jennifer Aniston stays there, the sand is so fine, and there's a Target within walking distance.
None of that is true.
Carol, are you trying to get other people to bid on the Cabo trip? I was trying to win that.
- Listen - FROST: Ha! The silent auction is closed.
I got the house in Cabo for two weeks, holiday weekends not included.
In your face, Lewis.
Frost, let's get you some water, huh? He's taking the curling iron apart.
It's literally the first thing I thought of.
Would've been quicker without all that olive oil.
Stephanie, I wish you a lifetime of happiness.
Remember, don't just love each other, talk to each other.
All right, I got to fix a toilet on 13.
Thank you, guys, so much.
Now I can actually show my face at our rehearsal dinner.
What? Stephanie, you have to understand, there's a recovery period to every procedure.
Don't worry.
I know another specialist.
Why am I just now hearing about this? Stand back.
I need space to work.
Can I explain? Please.
You've been acting strange all night.
I have been having so much fun with you.
I started worrying that we were moving too fast.
We've had seven dates in ten days, we're barreling towards a nickname, then you started talking about Cabo, San Lucas, and naturally I started worrying that you were gonna propose to me, and I am not ready to join another murder book club.
Carol, I don't know how murder factors into this, but I was bidding on the Cabo trip as a gift for my sister and her husband.
Their 30th is next month.
- Oh.
- Mm.
Well, congrats to them.
30 is a real milestone.
I also don't want to move too quickly.
Honestly, I thought maybe I wasn't moving fast enough for you.
What would make you think that? Well, the lunches.
The botanical gardens.
Don't get me wrong, I loved those dates, but they were all at your invitation.
Well, yeah, I guess, technically, that's true.
And then, when the fundraiser came up, it felt like you were angling for an invitation.
You were so excited about the silent auction, I didn't want to disappoint you.
No, that is just my natural enthusiasm.
You tell me there's a party with passed apps, I'm gonna have a hard time containing my excitement.
One of the most charming things about you is your inability to contain basic human emotions.
So, actually, it sounds like maybe we're on the same page? Uh, it depends.
Would it be too forward to ask you to try a new gelato place this weekend? Okay, now you're smothering me.
I would love to.
I don't want to go to Cabo, and I could've spent the money on something else, but I bested him, that's what's important.
You know, nurses almost never get to go to Cabo.
Dennis, that's not working on me again.
"Not working.
" I wish I knew something about that.
Nurses are almost always working.
Ah, Dennis, pack your beach boots.
You're going to Cabo.
That's incredible.
Where did you find baby's breath? Oh, that was me.
I stole it from the next room.
She was sleeping.
I'm pretty sure she was sleeping.
You are a lifesaver.
Thank you so much.
Thank you all.
I'd ask you to my wedding, but I just gave my last invite away.
See you tomorrow, and there will be crying.
- All right, Lexie, your turn.
- That wasn't a request.
I don't need my hair done.

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