Carter (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

Happy Campers

1 Been hiding out on the mountainside I haven't come around for a little while Wow.
They made it look just like a camp.
Bro, it is a camp.
It's just for adults and families.
Real camp, not a facsimile.
Welcome to Camp Wenebosho! So, we are that way.
Our cabin is Wendigo.
Hang on, hang on.
Hey, hand it over! We all agreed! No phones, no devices, no tablets.
I thought we were doing a thing where we say "Oh, yeah, great idea" and then, don't do it 'cause it's a terrible idea.
People need to reach us.
You have 72 hours off work.
You're 90 minutes from home.
Unplug and unwind, baby.
Dave's right.
Just the three of us.
When are we ever gonna get that chance again? Well, you and I work together, and Dave has taken to parking his coffee truck at crime scenes.
I'd say this chance could come as soon as Monday.
Come on, disconnect to reconnect.
I set this up so we'd have one weekend that doesn't involve dead people, chasing that people that make the dead people, or preventing people from becoming dead.
Deal? Deal.
Thank you.
This is gonna be just like when we were kids! Dibs on bottom bunk! Whoa, whoa, it's bunk beds? Okay, well, not glamping.
But clean, and pioneer-ish.
SAM: Yeah.
- Welcome to Camp Wenebosho! - Tom! (LAUGHING) Tom, these are my friends.
This is Sam and Harley.
- Sam, Harley, hey.
- Hi.
You guys settling in okay? - Yeah.
- Great.
- Hey, the renovations look amazing! - Thank you, thank you.
You know, we haven't quite got to the cabins yet.
That septic work cost a bundle.
It's been a real journey, all right.
- But then again, the journey - Is the destination, I remember.
You! (CHUCKLING) Hey, I didn't see a lot of people around.
- Are we it for the weekend? - Oh, no, no.
Most of guests show up on Saturday, and then, they stay till after the talent show on Sunday night.
- Yeah.
- I hope you're going to favour us with a song this year? - I don't know.
- Oh, come on! Come on.
Hey, Dave brought his ukulele a couple of years back and he tore through a version of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" that had the whole place going crazy.
Well, aren't you full of surprises.
- I'm kind of amazing.
- Nothing drives the ladies crazier than Dave whipping out his ukulele.
Okay, a little disturbed by your phrasing on that.
As you can see, my friends are kind of jerks.
Some of them, not all of them.
Well, I'm sure they grow on you.
Listen, I got to get back to the office, but I'll catch up with you folks at the campfire tonight, okay? - Yeah.
- Ah, so glad you're here! (LAUGHING) All right, all right, have fun.
I'll see you in a bit! All right.
So, are we jumping in that lake, or what? Yes oh, but first! Before I forget, I have something for you, Harley.
I hope you don't think this is a bathing suit.
This is a snoring chinstrap.
You wear it on your face.
Okay, two things.
One, I don't wear face underwear, especially your face underwear.
And two, I don't snore! - Do too.
- Don't.
- Do too.
- Don't.
Do too.
Snorers say don't! - Oh! - Yes! You're right.
This is going to be exactly like when we were kids.
My bunk! Mm! Like this? (CAMPERS CHEERING) (FIDDLE MUSIC PLAYING) (WHOOPING, CHEERING) (CHEERING) Feet of flame! Feet of fire! Go, go! Go, Dave! Yeah! (CHEERING) (SAM LAUGHING) Whoa! Okay, I have a vague memory of Dave riverdancing last night.
Did that happen? Because that was on my bucket list.
It happened.
And then, it kept happening for almost three hours.
Oh, great, well, I can die happy now.
In fact, right now, I just feel like dying.
Yeah, I think that, um Jack Daniels slushies were maybe the bridge too far.
I think the Jack Daniels washed out the bridges too far.
Good morning, campers! The dawn has graced us, and the wonders of Camp Wenebosho await.
What are we up for today? We have paddle-boarding.
Ooh, archery! I'm pretty good with a bow, actually.
Let's just do whatever activity is the quietest, and involves the least amount of movement.
And is the quietest.
- That would be rock painting.
- Oh, great.
I cannot tell you guys how many times I've thought to myself, "Gee, I wish I had more time for rock painting.
" - DAVE: You guys are lame.
- WOMAN: Help! We need help.
It's awful! Do you have a phone? There's one in the rec hall.
Are you guys okay? - No, um - They probably just saw a bear.
- Yeah.
- Uh, you might I suppose you want your phone back.
Remains have been transported to the lab.
Scavengers have been picking at it for so long, it's going to be tough to get a read on what happened.
Nothing screams foul play at me, though.
- I'll have more for you in a bit.
- All right, thanks, Nic.
Uh, do you have a ballpark on the TOD? Well, based on the level of decomp and predation, I think our snowmobiler died maybe about 8 to 10 months ago, sometime in the winter.
Is it science that tells you that, or the fact that he was on a snowmobile? Morning, Chief.
So, we haven't ID'd the victim yet, but it's just looking like a snowmobile accident.
All right, thanks, Sam, I got this.
Okay, 'cause I was I was going to have Rafalski run through some missing persons reports.
He's already on it.
Look, Sam, it's probably an accident, like you said.
There's no need to involve another detective in this.
Okay, are you sure you can Handle it? I was a detective long before you had the job.
Before you had any job.
Off you go, all of you, it's your weekend.
Kick back, relax, stop working at my scene.
- That's an order, Sam.
- Okay.
Nicole, I'll need an update.
NICOLE: I'll just get my bag.
Bye, Chief.
(SQUEAKING) Yeah, but a snowmobiler gone missing in the winter, that would have resulted in a search.
Oh, yeah, but how could a snowmobiler be murdered in secret? Maybe he had a heart attack.
Or-or-or maybe somebody put poison in his gloves, and then, when he started to sweat Guys, stop being compulsive mystery solvers.
There's no mystery to find here, bloodhounds.
Move on.
Sam, you're up.
What if he was impaled on the branch of a tree but then, the scavengers destroyed the evidence? Don't make me stage an intervention.
Because I can guarantee you it will be poorly planned and completely unhelpful.
- Throw your dart.
- Okay, here we go.
- (SQUEAKING) - Oh! No, it's not on.
Anything yet? Uh, found this very close to the remains.
Could have been his, could have been used against him.
Cause of death will determine that, meanwhile, we'll analyze it at the lab.
Now, here's a pièce de résistance you don't see every day.
A hidden compartment.
Kind of thing used in cars to smuggle illegal drugs across borders.
Never saw one in a snowmobile, though.
You think we stumbled on a contraband route? No contraband here, unless there's an underground market for dead cell phones I don't know about.
I found this inside.
Can you get it going again? Odds are good we can get something off it.
Now, between the gun and the secret compartment, I'm thinking our snowmobiler didn't just have an accident while out joy-riding.
HARLEY: Maybe it was a vendetta.
Or a turf war.
A snowmobiler turf war? That's the best you got? Please, can we talk about something else? Sorry.
You are totally right.
What do you want to talk about? DAVE: Spiderman.
The new Spiderman movie! - HARLEY: There's a new one? - DAVE: Isn't there always? Creek's dried out.
You can't launch from there.
DAVE: Oh, great! So, now I'm just walking around with a boat on my head.
I knew I should have picked archery.
You good, Dave? You need any help? Don't.
You'll make it worse.
You finish that up, and then I'll see you by the water.
Folks finding everything okay? Oh, Tom, it's great.
Thank you so much.
Yeah, really good.
Thank you.
No, thank you, thank you all for keeping the police presence next door so low-profile.
Of course.
It helps them do their investigation, too.
We've just been so busy with the reopening, and it's already so late in the summer.
I'm afraid it's gonna really ruin our bookings if everybody starts to hear.
DAVE: You've done a great job, bud.
Waterfront looks amazing.
I love this new music corner.
It's great.
Yes, thank you.
How do you two know each other? - Um - Dave and I did some work - together a few years back.
- Right.
- Okay! - (ALL LAUGHING) I better get back to it.
Let me know if you need anything.
- Thanks.
- Okay.
You know what? I'm gonna catch up with you guys in a bit.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Uh, thanks for not saying anything.
Harley and Sam don't really know much from that time of my life.
And I suppose you want to keep it that way.
- Exactly.
- Okay but when we let our loved ones in on our secrets, our secrets lose their power over us.
- You know that, right? - You're right.
And you still got that Yoda thing goin' on, huh? (CHUCKLING) WOMAN: Excuse me.
Do you know where the hospital is? Uh, it's about 20 minutes west of here.
What happened? I'm just an idiot.
I dropped my glass on the patio - and cut myself picking up the shards.
- It's bleeding a lot.
I'm not sure if he needs stitches.
Why don't you see if they have a first-aid kit? I'm trained in first-aid, so let me see how bad it is.
- Are you sure? - Oh, that's so kind of you.
SAM: Yeah, yeah, have a seat here.
- Wait, aren't you? - Harley Carter, yeah.
Good, I thought I was hallucinating from blood loss.
I'm Greg Karmazin.
I'd shake your hand, but Ah, there we go.
Boop! (LAUGHING) This is my wife, Jenna.
Wow, you really know what you're doing.
- Are you a nurse? - No, a police officer.
I heard that Harley Carter was doing some detective stuff in this area.
Are you guys are here, like undercover? No, no, we're just hanging out.
Uh-huh, right.
This looks like a pretty clean cut, it's superficial.
So, if the bleeding doesn't stop, then I would definitely have somebody look at it.
What cabin are you guys in? You want to grab a drink later? Not if you're bartending, bro.
Yeah, go easy, Greg.
Weapon found near the body was a Sig Sauer 225.
Discharged one round.
So, it's a possible murder weapon.
There were no casings found near the body site.
Where's Nicole with the cause of death? She's still working on it.
Up to her elbows in snowmobiler.
Now that's a calling I'll never understand.
You and me both.
Speaking of calling, there's something you need to see.
A printout of the text messages from the cell phone we found.
Sorry to interrupt your fun and games.
- Hey! - What the hell are those? These are water bikes.
Because why just go in the water, when you can look like an idiot on top of it? Hey, Chief, we have an extra bathing suit up at the cabin if you'd like to join us.
Yeah, another time.
We ID'd our victim.
I have some important questions, like why your friend Dave Leigh here was the last person to send him a text.
It'll take a little while to determine the cause of death.
In the meantime, can you identify this man? Yeah, it's Phil Delorme.
But I think you already know that.
And your last text to him said, "Don't do anything stupid.
" What does that mean? What it sounds like.
I was cautioning him.
Against what? Look, you want to make this official, haul me downtown? Oh, it wouldn't be the first time.
Let's keep it semi-friendly, - for the moment.
- "For the moment"? That really helps the semi-friendliness.
So, what was Phil involved with? Phil was a bag man.
He would take money from one location, usually somewhere remote with no surveillance, to another location, like a casino, where they would launder the money.
And how do you know all this? HARLEY: Objection! You don't have to answer that, buddy.
You should answer it.
I just know.
You were a bag man? Look, this is ancient history.
Give me a history lesson.
How did the money get from A to B? Um, if you were a bag man, now is about the time you want to lawyer up.
Would you get him out of here, please? All right, but if he pulls out a phone book, you just holler.
Okay? We'll be watching.
Just play nice, you will be fine.
I guarantee it.
What are you doing? We were just getting somewhere.
The Chief will get a lot further without your help.
- I'm trying to help Dave.
- He's an adult.
We both know he had some rough years.
Yeah, but I thought we were talking ill-advised piercings and stuff.
A little rougher than that, Harley.
Hey, when the Chief mentioned Dave's run-ins with the law, he looked at you.
Why? I arrested him a bunch of years back.
You did not tell me that.
Well, I wasn't sure that it was my story to tell.
All right, well, Dave doesn't seem to be holding a grudge.
Well, actually, we didn't talk for a very long time.
And it was pretty frosty until you came home.
What did you arrest him for? Just being drunk and causing a disturbance.
Disturb you arrested him for a disturbance? Sam, come on! Why didn't you just let him off with a warning? Well, what do you think arresting him was? I looked the other way too many times.
Anyway, where the hell were you when all of this was going on? Dave's best friend? Let me remind you we're here to solve your friend's death, possibly murder.
So, explain to me again, what does "Don't do anything stupid" mean? Phil was paranoid.
He kept saying he thought the cops were closing in on him, and he was going to get swept up in it.
I knew Phil was impulsive.
So, I was just trying to get him to think things through.
What were you scared he'd do? Maybe something that would get him killed.
Look, he was worried he was gonna lose his chance to do something good with his life.
But I guess he did.
You seem to know a lot about the money operation.
So, who ran it? Honestly, the only name I heard? Tony Combover.
Oh! AKA Antonio Bonaventura.
People who piss him off live to regret it.
Yeah? I wouldn't know.
I only took part once.
And when you did, how did it work? There was a hidden compartment on the snowmobile, okay? Look, here.
Here's the casino.
Normal route would be to go all the way around here, to a hunting cabin here.
Yeah, but Phil's body was found over here.
This is Crown land, it's pure wilderness.
So, why the change? Was he coming from the casino? How the hell would I know? Fine, sure.
It's possible he was coming from the casino.
So, where was he taking the money? Did Phil have an accomplice? Listen I really have told you everything I know.
I got out of the game a long time ago.
I've turned my life around.
No, no.
You're a bad apple.
And bad apples don't turn good.
They spread the rot.
I wish I knew more.
I really do.
So, I could keep it from you.
Am I free to go? - Hey, Dave.
Hey, Dave! - No.
Let him go.
Let him go.
You lecture me about not being there for him, - and then, you tell me to let him go? - Did you see his face? That's not Dave's "I want to chat" face.
Okay, he'll stomp around for a bit, and then, we'll turn around and he will be there.
If Dave is mixed up in this, we have to help him.
Of course we have to help him.
But when he's ready to talk, then we will do something.
Where are you going? - Following them.
- The lovebirds? No, two sneaky sneaks who are headed toward a crime scene.
Come on.
Working hard or taking souvenirs? Making progress.
Blood on the inside lining of the suit told me I might be looking for a projectile.
The suit and remains were too degraded to show any exit or entrance wounds, but (RIB CRACKING) .
this rib here might be the golden ticket.
Well, I'm no forensic pathologist, - but that looks like a bullet hole.
- Mmm-hmm.
We found a gun, but no bullets around the body site.
Which makes me think it's still in there.
If it didn't exit, the bullet would have eventually fallen to the lowest point of gravity.
So, you're going hunting.
In there.
After lunch.
Hey, you wanna grab a burrito with me? Wow.
You're really able to compartmentalize, aren't you? It's kind of my superpower.
You coming? Let's walk slowly, I'll decide when we get there.
Body discovered nearby, and possibly a whack of cash missing.
Suddenly, you start to see your fellow campers with new eyes.
They look like a couple out for a nice walk in the woods, or do they look like they're looking for something? Uh, like they're looking for something.
(TWIG SNAPPING) Uh, like a place to get busy.
Oh, we should definitely not be bearing witness to this.
Let's go, let's go.
- GREG: Who's there? - Oh, sh Oh! (LAUGHING) Hey, guys.
Hi! We, uh We were just wanting to see if you guys wanted to go rock painting.
Yeah, sorry.
We really didn't mean to interrupt.
Oh, no, no.
We're just having a little fun in the great outdoors, you know? Well, we'll let you get back to it.
Thank you so much for your help before.
The bleeding stopped within a few minutes.
Yeah, I would have hated to spend a bunch of hours in the hospital just for that, you know? Hey, we saw what we thought looked like a police officer going into your guys' cabin.
Is everything okay? Oh, yeah.
Just fine, thanks.
Come on! I can keep any intel totally on the DL.
I promise, I'm good.
Greg, I know it's hard for you, but honey, please be cool.
Oh, that's a bad-ass scar.
Oh, yeah.
I caught myself with a fish hook.
What an idiot, right? GREG: Yeah, such an idiot.
We had to spend our honeymoon in a Belizean emergency room.
Just so romantic.
All right, well, we don't want to ruin any more honeymoons.
We'll see you guys later.
- All right.
- Bye.
Does it look like she got that scar from a fish hook to you? I'm not really up on my fish hook wounds.
Well, I've seen loads of them, and you can only get those from bullets.
You just noticing that now? Yeah, right before you did.
Don't even try to play it like you noticed it first.
I'm not playin', I'm just sayin'! Oh, my God.
And they're sure the snowmobiler was Phil? This is my fault, Dave.
I should have been harder on him.
Don't take that on, Tom.
It looks like Phil was still in the game.
Police think he was transporting money.
Although they didn't find any.
So, they think Phil was killed for the money? Or do they still think the money's out there somewhere? Mr.
A moment of your time? I'm kind of on my way somewhere.
Just a couple of questions, Mr.
Or should I call you Tony Combover? You know, I chose that nickname myself.
On purpose.
I knew that's what people would call me, so I chose it myself.
- It's called getting ahead of it.
- Be that as it may.
Wondering what you can tell me about this man.
Don't know him.
Crap picture, though.
He looks a lot worse now.
This man has been dead for several months.
We know he worked for you.
Well, if you say so.
Lots of guys work for me.
Seasonal landscaper stuff.
Not my job to keep track.
This guy ran deliveries.
We think he died delivering money for you.
Dirty money.
I had Mounties surveilling me for months.
Months, and nothing ever came of it.
You know why? Because I'm clean.
Yeah? How about this guy, Tony? When was the last time he worked for you? Hey! I'm thinking for the talent show tomorrow, how about I challenge you to a dance-off? No.
Come on, we all know you'll wipe the floor with me.
No, thank you.
- Harl.
- It's okay.
I know what he's trying to do.
And I appreciate it, really.
I'm okay.
I'm just thinking of Phil.
That could have been me.
Come on, man.
We all know you're too smart for that.
Phil wasn't dumb, Harley.
He was trying to get his act together.
I tried to help him, Tom tried to help him.
Tom? I didn't tell you guys this, but this camp is where I met Tom and Phil.
In the off season, he opens this place up to people who need space, fresh air.
Addicts in recovery.
Tom sounds like a great guy.
A former addict himself.
Now, all he wants is to pay forward the kindness he received when he was recovering.
I love that.
It's not an official rehab, but it's helped a lot of people.
Like Phil.
And me.
Hey, Dave, if you don't mind me asking Painkillers.
From your old football injury? That's where it started.
After a while, you start to find all kinds of pain to kill.
I'm so sorry, man.
Don't be.
I really didn't want you guys around for that.
Well, how can we help you now? You know, Tom started to act really weird when I told him about Phil today.
And you know, the way things are going on around here, this grand reopening I think he came into a lot of cash recently.
You think he killed Phil for the money? No.
No, Tom's one of the best people I know.
That doesn't scan at all.
Okay, well, let's figure out how he's involved.
And then, we can figure out how to help him.
(PERSON GRUNTING) (PANTING) Now just remind me what I'm looking at.
Victim's leg, sir.
I x-rayed the remains once I found bullet damage on one of the ribs.
That's when I found these.
So, as the body decomposed, gravity pulled the bullet down into the leg.
That's right, sir.
We can now say for certain our snowmobiler was shot with a semi-automatic.
The location of the wound tells me he probably died soon after he was shot.
All right, this is excellent.
You find them and get them to Wes as soon as you can.
Yeah, we're getting close.
What? Oh, I'd forgotten how much I enjoy this.
You know, the legwork.
No pun intended.
What the hell, pun intended.
It's really beautiful here.
Must be a great place to work.
How-how long have you worked here? On and off, a couple years.
Um, have you ever seen this man? No.
Really? Because Tom said that he was here a few times.
- Are you a cop? - Well, not a real cop.
- But you play one on TV.
- Yeah! Look, irregardless of why you're asking, I didn't see nothing.
You know, I don't know the guy.
I never saw him.
Plus, the place is closed in the winter, you know, so you can't get in here.
Anyway, I gotta get back to work.
You know, I don't just play a cook on TV.
Right, thanks.
Hey, I just got bitch-slapped by that cook over there.
- How about you? - Uh, well, my friend at the bank said that Tom just paid off a big pile of debt and that the rest of his finances are looking pretty suspect.
Like he's got a pile of money somewhere? Yeah, just like that.
- Whoa! Super impressive, man.
- Thank you.
Any other hidden skills we should know about? Blacksmithing? Your envy is so transparent.
I'm guessing that this isn't a social visit.
I did a little more digging.
Tom Waters acted as a surety when Phil was released on a recognizance.
When Phil failed to appear before a judge, Tom had to cough up a hefty sum.
That'd tick me off, how 'bout you? Well, our investigation found that Tom's financial situation suddenly got a whole lot better this year.
I thought I told you to lay off? Don't you know me even a little? I don't think Tom's good for the murder.
He was with us when we found the body.
He was genuinely shocked.
But Tom is tied to this money somehow.
- Right, I'm going to go talk to Tom.
- I'm coming.
All right, I'll dig around for some other suspects, but I'm telling you, this cook and that couple, super fishy.
(ARROW WHOOSHING) I'll take "Hunger Games" with me to keep me safe.
I have a signed court document making you Phil Delorme's surety.
When Phil failed to appear, you had to cough up a lot of money.
How is that relevant? Well, it's relevant because suddenly, we have motive.
Phil caused you serious financial hardship.
But I have an alibi.
I wasn't even here for the winter.
How do you account for your sudden windfall? I mean, you renovated this place without a loan.
You even paid some off.
The last call on Phil's phone record was to you.
You needed money, you knew he had access to lots of it.
You told him to come up here and then he died.
Now, maybe you didn't pull the trigger, - but you planned his death.
- No! No, I didn't do anything like that.
Then, tell us what you did do, because we all know you did something.
SAM: Where did the money come from, Tom? I got it from Phil.
Lay it out for us.
He was using.
He was using, he was in and out of jail.
And after the surety thing, yeah, we fought, and I cut him off.
I mean, nothing else was working, so I tried for tough love.
And then, what happened? And then, I went away for the winter.
The camp was closed.
And Phil did call me.
And I'm ashamed to say that I ignored the call.
And what happened then? Well, then, I guess he came to the camp, and he left me this note.
But the money wasn't his.
Why would he think that he could leave it for you? Well, he knew that I had big plans for this place, and I wanted to turn it into a proper treatment centre with proper counseling, proper medical staff.
He just wanted to do one good thing with his life.
You know, and this was his opportunity.
Where did he leave the money? It was in the dining room under the floorboards.
And then, what happened? And then, I never heard from him again.
I mean, I tried calling him many times.
But then, his phone line just went out of service.
After a few months, when nobody came for the money, I just started to put it into the camp.
You know, my friend died thinking that I hated him.
I mean, how are you supposed to live with something like that? By honouring Phil's last request.
TOM: Right.
You make the dream come true.
And did you spend all of the money? No, no.
There's still easily 600 grand left.
I moved it all out to the woods after you guys started asking questions.
- I'm going to need to see the money.
- Yeah, yeah.
It's not far.
I buried it next to an old fence on the east shore of the lake.
CHIEF: Okay.
Let's go treasure hunting.
So, what are we looking for exactly? Anything suspicious that will throw light on our other suspects.
Suspicious like a hastily planned getaway? Hey! Excuse me! Derwyn, right? Hey, can we talk to you for a sec? Where are you really? Derwyn! Stop! - Freeze, mofo! - Argh! Was the tackle necessary? Was the "mofo" necessary? Okay, fair point.
Derwyn, why are you running? Because I was there the night Phil got shot.
SAM: You are taking us to the money, right, Tom? TOM: On my word.
All right, so if Tom didn't kill Phil, then who? Someone else who was looking for the money but got to Phil too late? Tony Combover, or someone from his organized crime group? Maybe they found out that Phil was going to give Tom the money, - and killed him? - Well, it's possible, but who else knew about the money? Well, Combover said the cops surveilled him, - and nothing came of it.
- What cops? Wouldn't we know about an investigation like that? RCMP.
You know, Combover is 20 kinds of dirty.
I don't think "nothing" is coming out of that type of investigation.
Unless he had some dirty cops in his pocket.
- Much further? - Yeah, just here.
It's just a few feet down.
The camp was closed.
Nobody was supposed to be up here.
You know, but it was my girl's birthday, so I knew we could be alone.
I just didn't figure out on it being a freaking blizzard.
So, you didn't tell anyone about this - because you were trespassing? - I just figured if I shut up about it, it wouldn't come back on me, you know? So, what happened? Well, it was real quiet.
Then, we heard a snowmobile.
You know, and after a while, we heard another one come along.
When we heard the shouting, that's when we took a peek out the window.
What did you see? Aside from a crap ton of snow, three people standing there in snowmobile suits.
Then, one of them runs for his snowmobile and that's when we heard the gunshots.
- Anyone get hit? - Yeah, the short guy.
Where? In the arm.
Then, the other guy who ran away got plugged, too.
I guess that was Phil.
You know, they fired after him.
Is it possible that the short one, the one who got hit, is it possible that he was a she? Well, yeah, sure, I guess.
(WHISPERING) Separate bedrooms.
I told you they weren't a couple.
Yeah, well, maybe he snores.
Which, by the way - Me? I don't snore! - Like a buzzsaw.
Oh, come on.
What do you got? The weapon used to kill the snowmobiler was a Smith & Wesson 40-calibre semi-auto.
Right, a standard issue RCMP weapon.
Yes, the shooter could have been a cop.
CHIEF: And since there's no record of that shooting ever having happened, probably a dirty cop, too.
Thanks, Wes.
So, maybe a Mountie deep-sixed an investigation into Bonaventura, - so he could rob one of the bag men.
- And followed Phil, but Phil managed to bury the money and get away but not before being shot.
The couple at the camp, asking nosy questions and searching the woods.
She had a gunshot scar.
Those are the people that Harley and Dave were going to go check out.
What is this, surveillance? TOM: There's still easily 600 grand left.
I moved it all out to the woods after you guys started asking questions.
I buried it next to a little wooden fence on the eastern shore of the lake.
Do you know where this old fence is? No, but I know where east is.
They don't have their phones.
I have to warn them.
I'd worry more about us.
Throw the money over here, and step back.
You don't want do this.
Listen, Chief, of whatever podunk town you're from, I do want to do this.
And you want to listen to me.
You guys are cops, right? Mounties? You do not want to spend time in a federal pen.
I'd give my left nut to be in a federal pen right now.
You think that's where this ends for us? Tony found out we tried to rob one of his mules.
Phil wasn't a mule.
He was a person.
A citizen you are honour-bound to protect, which means Which means we're giving this money back to Tony, and this whole thing ends right here, right now.
So, hand over your fricking weapon.
Like I said, you're not gonna get any trouble from us.
Ahh! - (GUNSHOT) - Ow! Ah! Put the gun down! Do not make this worse for yourself.
(CHIEF GROANING) - Now! - Okay, all right! On the ground! On the ground! (CHIEF MOANING) Go, Sam! Go! Stay with the chief.
Don't let that piece of crap get away with this! Shots came from over here.
- There's Sam! - Go that way! Cut him off! Stop! - (ARROW WHOOSHING) - Ah! Ha ha! Whoo! Ha ha! Yeah! In the butt! What did I tell you? (GREG GROANING) Hey, stop it! You doing anything for the talent show? Hmm, I don't know.
I'm a professional.
It doesn't seem fair.
Yeah, you're right.
It'd be rude to rub all that talent in their faces.
That was both mean and unnecessarily sexual.
- Hey.
- How's the chief? Oh, he's doing fine.
He insisted on going back to the station after they patched him up, where, I hear, he got a standing ovation and his wife read him the riot act.
Hmm, good.
How are the dirty Mounties? Oh, that's a new cocktail name.
(LAUGHING) Well, Jenna will be in lock-up for a very long time, as will Greg.
Luckily, his wound was superficial.
Hey, I was just catching the bad guy who also killed my friend.
Agreed, which is why you're getting off for shooting an arrow into a human being.
That felt so good! Chief told me to tell you "not bad for a bad apple," whatever that means.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey! I just want to thank you folks again for all your help.
How did things go at the station? Well, my lawyer said the good news is technically, I didn't break any laws, but I still got a few things to iron out with the tax man.
That's great, brother.
Hey, Harley, can I talk to you for just a second? - Yeah.
- Okay, thanks, man.
I'm happy everything worked out with Tom.
He's a good man.
He probably saved your life.
No, you did.
That night you arrested me.
I was totally off the rails.
A mess.
I had been doing some pretty heavy "hate myself" drinking that night.
And what you didn't know is I had signed on to do a job that was in no way going to end well.
I knew.
What? I mean, that's why I arrested you.
Well, that and you were acting like a dangerous idiot.
But you know having you in jail kept you out of play for a critical day or two.
You never did take that job.
Well, aren't you full of surprises.
I'm kind of amazing.
Yeah, come here.
(LAUGHING) I really appreciate it, but there's no way I can accept such a generous loan from you.
I'd never be able to repay it.
Well, it's not a loan.
It's a charitable donation.
You know, for your camp, and all the plans you have for this place.
Yeah, but it's so much money.
Well, it's just money.
I mean, you're the one doing the work.
The important work.
You know, helping people get a chance to fix their lives.
And let's face it, it's only partly because of you.
Well, thank you.
Thank you so much.
(CHEERING, APPLAUSE) Yeah! Where's Dave? I don't know, but I think he's next up in the show.
Really hoping for "Smells Like Teen Spirit" on the bagpipes.
I know.
Oh, here he is.
(WHISPERING) Go get 'em, Dave.