Carter (2018) s01e10 Episode Script

The Ring

1 HARLEY: Here's the category! - What is the title of my biography? - (OTHERS GROANING) What would be the title of Harley Carter's biography? - Put it in the hat.
- I got this one on lock, kids.
Let's go, Koji.
Come on, you're not writing the biography.
Put it in there.
- Here we go, first answer.
- (DRUMMING ON TABLE) Harley Carter: A Worse Actor Than Me.
(LAUGHING) Okay, that's obviously Dot.
- Nope, Koji.
- Koji! - What? - It's funny 'cause it's true.
No, it's not true! It's not true.
Okay, moving on.
Harley Carter: Remember Him? Didn't Think So.
That's dryly acerbic, I'm going to go with Dave.
Uh, wait, no.
Dot is acerbic, too.
- Yeah, but Dot always signs hers.
- (OTHERS LAUGHING) Answer number three, Harley Carter (SIGHING) That's Dot's! I can tell from the sigh.
That is definitely Dot's.
"Harley Carter: The Day He Found a Spider in His Shoe and Ran Away From Home.
Dot Yasuda.
" That's a very specific biography.
- SAM: She really signs it! - Here we go.
Harley Carter: The Defective Detective.
- That's funny! - No, it is.
It's really funny.
Yeah, well, I should have gone with "The Dick-tective.
" - (ALL LAUGHING) - Now, that is a good one! I considered that, too.
Oh, there is this great board game/cafe called Monopuccino in Santa Monica.
We should go next week.
Um, when you're back at work.
Thanks, Captain Buzzkill.
End of hiatus.
Hey, it's the Call Carter table read on Monday.
It's a big day.
Oh, man, Vijay.
I don't really want to get into it now.
Can we save, like, - the work stuff for a little bit later? - (SAM'S PHONE BUZZING) Hello.
Pardon me.
HARLEY: New category! Uh what would be the title of Dot's action movie? (LAUGHING) I'm-I'm actually with him right now, so I will tell him.
What happened? Tanner Ellison is dead.
He's dead? Who's Tanner Ellison? Tanner Ellison is the animal who killed Harley's mother.
Your first case.
The guy you caught when you were 12.
The guy we caught.
What happened? Uh, he was murdered.
And there was something written on the floor of his cell in his blood.
Are you sure you're up for this? Like I have a choice.
I can handle it.
You don't have to come in.
All right, let's do it then.
His name's Hennessy Cole.
He was a model prisoner, until now.
- Can we talk to him? - I thought you might want to.
That's why we haven't moved him yet.
(CLEARING THROAT) How do you know Tanner Ellison? - Didn't really know him at all.
- Then, why'd you kill him? - Well, somebody asked me to.
- Who? No idea.
I got a letter.
No return address, and it had an offer in it.
To do what? Well, my dad, he's sick.
Yeah, hellacious pain like 24/7.
And there's a treatment, but health care doesn't cover that.
And it wasn't cheap.
So, you kill Tanner Ellison and your father gets his treatment.
Yeah, well, kill Tanner and write "Call Carter" on the floor.
Nothing personal.
I was just the sharp edge.
You're a real hero.
Where's the letter? I tore it up, flushed it down the toilet.
Why you? He's a lifer.
Aha! Can't keep me here longer than forever.
Though I got to say, I thought you'd be happy he's dead.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You don't care one bit about my happiness.
Hey, this deal wasn't personal, okay? Hell, I'm a big fan! (OFFICER TALKING, INDISTINCT) I checked the visitor's log for Cole.
I checked the hospital where his father is.
They received a bank draft from a numbered corporation.
Easy to do, impossible to trace.
We'll check everything for prints.
I think we need to look at my fans.
- You think one of your fans did this? - Fans do crazy things.
Well, having a man murdered is about a mile and a half past crazy, Harley.
One of them sent me an ear once.
- Somebody sent you their ear? - Yeah, it wasn't theirs.
- It was old.
It was, like, mummified.
- What did you do with it? I put it with the others.
I gave it to the police.
My point is, maybe one of them read this new book that's coming out.
The one that's about the killings.
- Yeah, A Darkness in Bishop.
- Yeah.
It talks about how Ellison killed my mom, and the killings made him famous.
Maybe one of them read that and they hated it.
I'm going to take you home.
You need to stay put.
How has "you need to stay put" worked out for you these last few months? Come on, partner! We need to stick together.
- (PHONE RINGING) - That way, when I do something stupid you're close by to rescue me.
Hey, Dot, what's going on? What? (SIGHING) - Okay, I'll be right there.
- What? Cassidy is here.
Cassidy? Your boss, Cassidy? You're on your own with this one, partner.
Look, I'm not arguing with you.
Harley absolutely has to be back to work on Monday.
- I am agreeing with you on that.
- And two weeks ago, you promised me Harley would be back in L.
for wardrobe fittings, which were last week.
Yeah, but then he had a case.
Dead guy on a snowmobile in the summer.
Come on, classic Call Carter.
Maybe I'm not being clear, Mr.
I don't care.
I'm not here as Harley's friend, I'm here as the showrunner of Call Carter and Harley has two years left on a three-year contract.
He is legally obligated to be working for me again on Monday.
Okay, well, I give you my word as his agent.
Do you know how much the word of an agent is worth? I'm guessing you're thinking of a very low number.
- Guess lower.
- Yeah.
HARLEY: Cassidy! Harley Carter.
You still exist.
Sorry I haven't been answering your calls.
Or texts or emails.
We're supposed to be partners.
No guilt tripping, okay? I was on hiatus.
I needed a break.
Break from reality is what I've been hearing.
And there it is, right there.
The reason we split up.
You two were a thing? Like, you hooked up? Once, a long time ago.
It didn't last.
At least we got Call Carter out of it.
Are you okay? No.
But I'm good to go.
What do you think of the crazy fan angle? Hmm, I hate it, but we got to start somewhere.
I put a couple of guys on Harley's social media swamp.
His Instagram account is a freak show.
I was a patrolman back then.
I know.
I was at the scene when they found the fifth victim.
Lindy McLoud.
I got cornered by a reporter, from the Bishop Spectator.
Annie Carter.
She was writing about the women.
She was asking a lot of smart questions.
Well, yeah, she was something.
She said that she'd been talking to some of the cops who were working the case, and she asked me if I had any gut feelings about it.
- Like that's how all cops work.
- (CHUCKLING) - Sound like anybody we know? - Yeah, they're a lot alike.
They were.
Two days after that she was gone.
And a week later, Tanner Ellison killed his final victim.
You tell Harley I'm sorry.
This can't be easy.
I will.
I worked pretty hard to get my own office.
Harley, I want you to know I get it.
I understand how this is weird for you.
Are you talking about next season, or the murder? Both, I guess.
You told me you were finally ready to do the storyline where Charlie Carter finds out what actually happens to his mother.
Neil Patrick Harris is 90% on board to play Tanner Ellison, but he will bail if you do.
I said I was gonna read it, and I did.
And? Look, Cassidy, you're a great writer.
You know you are, but The whole thing about Tanner Ellison escaping from prison, knowing it's going to be played by NPH in crazy old man makeup? It's just sort of kicking my ass right now.
It's supposed to! You know we had a leak? The first script to next season ended up online.
Everybody loves it.
Everybody but you, obviously.
I'm sorry, Cass.
It's just too weird for me.
You know I love you, but I can't protect you.
If you're not back on set in three days, the studio's ready to bring down the hammer.
And Harley, they've shown me the hammer.
I just feel like going back to L.
right now would be a totally different kind of hammer for me.
I don't even know why you invited me up here if you were just going to tell me this.
I didn't invite you up here.
What're you talking about? What are you talking about? You sent me a letter.
A letter? What is this, old timey cowboy times? It's your handwriting.
I don't have handwriting anymore.
I guess that's what my handwriting used to look like.
"Cass, come up to the Great White.
I want to game plan next season in person.
Bring the ring.
I'll explain it when you get here.
" What ring? Hey.
Hey, Harl, hey.
You sounded weird on the phone.
What's up? Cassidy came up here because she got an invite from me, except it wasn't from me.
And also, someone sent her this.
Is that what I think it is? Is that your mom's? But we never found her body.
Well, somebody did.
Okay, so let's assume that Tanner's death and the ring are connected.
Because they are.
And Cassidy getting lured up here, as well.
Because she's writing about Tanner Ellison for Call Carter maybe.
So, maybe whoever this is got the ring from Tanner.
Okay, so what? He had the ring all these years? Maybe Tanner had an accomplice? Maybe he wasn't acting alone back in the day? But why the game? Why now? It's the 25th anniversary of the killings.
That book A Darkness in Bishop is about to come out.
The first episode of my show's new season got leaked online.
And you know who all of next season is about? Tanner Ellison.
That's the "why now".
All right, you know what we have to do? We have to look at all the old case files.
All the killings from 25 years ago.
You know, friends, accomplices, acquaintances.
Let's just start there.
Yeah, I was also going to suggest that we look through some of your mom's old research.
Did she keep any of her notes? I'm sure the newspaper has all of her articles, but I don't want to start digging through her stuff.
- I'll just get lost in there.
- That's me, then.
I'll go down to the paper, see what they got.
Thanks, man.
A lot of her stuff is also in boxes in the garage.
I'm on it.
And dude, whatever's happening, whatever this is? We're going to shut it down.
Count on it.
Hey, Cassidy just told me that this whole thing has gone Twilight Zone.
I want to help.
- Okay, you're with Dave.
- All right.
C'mon, little buddy.
We're on digging duty.
Okay, bear in mind I have very weak shoulders, and I'm mildly allergic to dirt.
Are you okay? No.
You? Not in the slightest.
Let's go do something about that.
DAVE: Thanks for helping us out, Mr.
GERARD: No problem.
Our locker's just over here.
I apologize in advance for our lack of organization.
We never had a large staff, and time has not been kind to print media.
You've managed to stay in business when a lot of small-town papers haven't.
I like to think folks up here still appreciate facts over the gossip and innuendo that passes for news online.
Here we are.
Okay, please tell me there's a system to all of this.
Older stuff on the bottom, newer on top.
Oh, and say hi to Harley for me, will you? He probably doesn't remember me, but Anne Carter was bar none the best reporter I ever had.
If Harley needs anything, he just has to ask.
Harley always said if his mom hadn't gone missing, she would've cracked the case herself.
Of that, I have no doubt.
- Holler if you need anything else.
- Okay, thank you.
Well, these boxes aren't going to search themselves.
Yeah, okay.
I'm gonna get a coffee.
Of course.
Okay, the first five victims all fit the same profile.
Right? No kids, single.
Dark hair, similar glasses.
All stabbed.
All taken from their homes and found in the woods.
CHIEF: All that changed with Lindy McLoud.
- You okay? - Yeah, thank you.
Your mother didn't fit the pattern.
And neither did Donna Sanchez.
The police didn't find any personal connection between Tanner Ellison and the first five women.
No connection with your mom, either.
But he knew Donna Sanchez.
They were neighbours.
He didn't even bother hiding their bodies.
Just dumped them in the woods.
Except for my mother's body, which was never found.
We scoured the area, son.
Night and day for over two weeks.
The Chief had to tell us to go home to get some sleep.
I know.
We read it in the files.
But it was three 12-year-old kids who went into the sewers and came out with the murder weapon.
We went through all the old case files.
Tanner Ellison was the classic loner.
No friends, no girlfriend.
Working parents.
Survived by his brother, Aaron Ellison.
- Who is still in town.
- It's worth a revisit.
So, what changed after Lindy McLoud? Your gut telling you something, Carter? - It's trying to.
- Well, keep listening, because we didn't find any usable prints on that letter your Hollywood buddy got.
Or on the ring.
Just hers and yours.
Okay, thank you.
It's weird having him be so nice.
You wanna go talk to Aaron Ellison? - I do.
- Let's do it.
Hey, could have been worse.
These could have been in the last box we looked.
Yeah, third-last box is so much better.
Hey, were you were you scared? You know, back then? What? When we were creeping around the spooky sewers looking for a murder weapon with a killer on the loose? And I had just discovered Stephen King? What do you think? Like, how well did you know Mrs.
Carter? Man, Sam and I, we slept over almost a whole summer just because she was reading Lord of the Rings to Harley.
The next day, we'd run around the forest acting it out.
You were Samwise Gamgee? Uh, Legolas, thank you very much.
Don't stereotype.
- Wow.
- But Anne? Man, Anne was just cool.
Ah, okay, you had a crush on her, obviously.
Okay, I'm gonna punch you for that later.
But this is interesting.
What? It's a newspaper article about the last victim.
Donna Sanchez.
That's Tanner Ellison's brother, Aaron.
I'm sending this to Harley.
(CAMERA CLICKING) All right, guys.
Come on, let's see one more good lap, okay? We're just trying to get some insight from you about who may have wanted your brother dead.
Hundreds of people.
Start with the families of all the women he supposedly killed.
They're all stirred up again because of this book.
Yeah, we're looking into that.
Charlotte Khyber.
The woman who wrote this book, A Darkness In Bishop, you know that she was coming to town? We had heard that, yeah.
She had the nerve to invite me to this book signing she's going to do.
Well, you were interviewed for the book.
She twisted all my words.
Made it seem like I never loved my brother.
She turned him into a monster.
Your brother confessed to murdering seven women.
I know.
I know! Do you have any idea what it's like to have a sibling you grew up with, that you love, slowly change into someone you don't even recognize anymore? That has to be difficult for you.
I read an article that said that your show was going to turn my brother into the next Hannibal Lecter.
Again, that can't be easy.
Says a man who's getting rich off another man's story.
Hey Your brother's "story" ended the stories of seven women.
So, before you say one more "boo-hoo, poor me" thing, remember that you are talking to two people who lost a woman that they loved deeply because your brother chose to tell the story that he did.
(PHONE DINGING) How well did you know Donna Sanchez? Donna Sanchez, your brother's last victim.
She went to my high school, I-I really didn't know her.
Well, the badminton club didn't socialize much, because this is you and Donna Sanchez, right? 25 years ago someone killed my mother.
I do not think it was your brother.
I think your brother killed exactly one person, and that was Donna Sanchez.
Maybe we should continue this discussion downtown.
I was kind of in love with Donna Sanchez, but then, she shot me down hard in front of a bunch of my friends.
So, I told my brother, and he said he'd show her.
I honestly I honestly thought he'd do something dumb like slash her tires or break a window or something.
Or something.
He came home one night and said he'd taken care of it.
He He was covered in blood.
Then you know the rest.
Why didn't you tell the police? I was 17.
I felt sure I'd go to jail, too.
Why did Tanner confess to all those other killings? My brother had no friends.
He-he just couldn't connect.
All of a sudden, people were paying attention to him, actually wanting to talk to him.
The first time you see yourself in the newspaper, it's intoxicating.
You'll say or do anything to keep that going.
So, yes, he said he killed all those women and he'd go to jail for the rest of his life, but at least he was somebody.
I'm so sorry.
We're going to need you to make a full statement.
Rafalski, this is Aaron Ellison.
He wants to make a statement.
- I'll be right in.
- Yeah.
Hold it.
I'm still playing catch-up here We caught the wrong guy? He for sure killed Donna Sanchez, but that may be it.
Wait, so, whoever killed Harley's mother might still out there? Okay, we have to stay focused on what is happening right now.
Who killed Tanner? Who sent the ring? Who is trying to play us? But it's all sounding like the same case.
He says he never stopped the killings.
Bishop is a small place, Harley.
We don't have much in the way of cold murder cases.
Maybe he just got smarter.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! I think I got another one.
Okay, here we go, August 2011.
Disappeared after running up massive debt.
Friends say she talked all the time about skipping out.
Just walking away.
All right.
July, 1994.
Went missing hiking.
Never found.
October, 2001.
Her clothes were found neatly folded by the Parish Bridge.
Presumed suicide.
Every single one of these women had a plausible reason as to why they would just disappear.
And these are just the ones that were reported.
There were probably others.
He never stopped.
I don't know what to say.
We thought Tanner Ellison did it, which is why we stopped looking, which is exactly what the real killer wanted.
Well, he took advantage of Tanner Ellison's confession to lay low.
We have to get the profiler up from Toronto.
I don't like him, but he's good.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You know what? We have an expert way closer than that.
(EXHALING) You know I'm a TV writer.
We're aware, yeah.
You're better than a profiler.
You write the words the profilers say.
And you won a Peabody! For my work on TV.
In fiction.
I've learned, slowly and definitely the hard way, that not all TV wisdom is foolish.
What's in it for me? I will give you a definitive answer on Call Carter.
No more dancing around, no more stringing along.
But not necessarily a yes.
A definitive answer.
Well, he has a type, but you know that.
TV likes the idea of pure evil but in reality, serial killers are rarely born, they are made.
Which often starts young, points to family, trauma, abuse.
Guys, this is ridiculous.
I'm just remembering stuff from the show.
I have saved a few lives this way.
Yeah, keep going.
Most of these are women of a certain age, so mommy issues? Are there breaks? Dormant periods? We're still digging into it, but it appears so, yeah.
Classic build and release.
These guys can look perfectly normal but all the while, it's building up inside them until they finally have to act on it.
Why all this stuff with me? Why's he playing this game? Well, killing is often about power.
Power is often about ego.
If this guy has been getting away with it for a while, he probably has a pretty high opinion of himself.
And suddenly, this book comes out, Tanner Ellison gets all the credit.
It's going to drive the real killer nuts.
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) Hey, you wanted to know when that lady got to the hotel.
- Yeah.
- She just arrived.
- Thanks.
- Who's here? Our last player.
True crime writer Charlotte Khyber.
Feel like getting somebody's autograph besides your own? Not really, but let's go.
All right, you should maybe stay here.
You'll be safe.
Make notes, anything you can think of.
And thank you.
Hey, hey, I think I found something.
- What? - The date.
July 10th, 1993? That's the day Harley's mom went missing.
(CHARLOTTE GASPING) Okay, everybody, Charlotte's just going to take a quick break but she'll get to everyone shortly.
Harley Carter, right on cue.
What does that mean? It means that I've been expecting you, and here you are.
Why were you expecting Harley? You must be Detective Shaw.
Charlotte Khyber.
Again, why were you expecting Harley? Tanner Ellison is murdered.
Harley Carter is in town.
My book signing.
Harley and I meeting just seems like the inevitable next beat in the story.
What story? And please, drop the whole meta "I'm an eccentric writer and the world is my story" crap.
Okay? You've caught me in a very not-in-the-mood kind of moment.
Playing for the fans.
What were you hinting at about the story? I'm talking about what's happening here, now.
Tanner Ellison's murder.
Your mother's ring.
How did you know about the ring? I have my sources.
I am an investigative journalist.
Who, I might add, just got an extremely attractive offer from my publisher to do the sequel to A Darkness in Bishop.
You know what (ASSISTANT COUGHING) (CROWD GASPING) Yeah, okay, all right, thanks.
Well, Nicole is fairly certain that it was poison.
Charlotte and Cassidy are at the station.
They'll be safer there till we know what's going on.
Okay, that's all good, but Vijay and I have had what we call in the business a little bit of a breakthrough.
We found a tape in your mom's stuff.
It's from an interview she conducted when Right, um, Harley It's from the day she went missing.
Let's hear it.
WOMAN ON TAPE: I'm sorry, Anne, it slipped.
ANNE ON TAPE: Oh, that's okay, don't worry about that.
Just tell me why you're so scared.
WOMAN: It's the killings.
ANNE: What about them? WOMAN: It's my son.
I think he's involved.
ANNE: Why do you say that? WOMAN: I went into his bedroom.
I found a garbage bag.
It had clothes, dirty clothes.
I think there was blood.
Does he know that you found them? No.
No, I don't think so.
I left everything right where it was.
And I think it's my fault.
Carter, when he was little I did things.
I was trying to make him a good boy.
I tried to make him strong.
How did you know that she was going to say that? Because I was there.
Oh, hey, Harley, I'm almost finished working here.
Sorry about that.
WOMAN: It's alright.
I should go.
Don't say anything to your son about this.
I'm going to try to make a few phone calls first.
Okay, do you remember that woman's name? - And who was her son? - We weren't introduced.
And you couldn't find part one of this interview anywhere? We went through all the boxes.
And then, we went through all the boxes.
It's not there.
I don't know who this woman is or was, but if I saw her, I would know.
Sam, she had short dark hair and glasses.
Okay, okay.
So, at the beginning, she said, "It slipped.
" And then, Annie said, "Don't worry about it.
" Do you remember what they were talking about? She broke a tea cup.
You want to talk about tea I made 25 years ago.
She broke one of your tea cups.
I remember! I don't know her name.
But I have a picture.
- HARLEY: Her.
- Koji used to bowl with her.
What is her name? How should I know? Bowling is stupid.
Ask Koji.
- Koji! - Yes? Have you been listening? Of course.
What is this woman's name? Oh Karen something.
Maybe Kaplan.
- Karen Kaplan? - No, Karen or Kaplan.
No, not Kaplan.
Definitely Karen something.
Karen something - Karen - Karen something? She was on the team, and then she just dropped out.
Okay, well, Karen something.
That's more than we had an hour ago.
I will send someone to the bowling alley.
See if we can put a name to Teacup Karen.
How am I just supposed to get on an airplane with all this going on? It's the right move, Cass.
This psycho wanted you in town for Charlotte's book signing.
So, we're gonna be proactive and make sure you're not in town.
You call a cab? The organizers of Charlotte's event gave her a limo, so she's offered me a lift to the airport.
Come back to L.
with me.
You're in danger, too.
I can't leave my friends alone to deal with this, You're sending me back to L.
to handle stuff on my own.
Cass, it's a TV show.
I can't walk away from this.
I think we can go.
You promised me a definitive answer.
(CHARLOTTE TALKING, INDISTINCT) Give me two seconds with Sam and I'll be right out.
Two seconds.
Thanks again, Detective.
Hey! - We sure this is the right move? - Absolutely.
Let's see how the killer likes the game when we take a couple of pieces off the board.
- I'm still a piece.
- I know, and we may have to play the bait card.
- But in the meantime, let's just - (HARLEY'S PHONE DINGING) Harley! What? (PHONE DINGING) Help! (MUFFLED SHOUTING) Help! (CASSIDY SHOUTING) (MUFFLED SHOUTING) Hey, you okay? - He's got a gun.
- Yeah, they usually do.
Harley! Hamilton Gerard.
You ate at my house.
My mother was your friend.
She trusted you.
And this beautiful spot is my homage to her.
All these years, haven't you wondered where your mother was? She always did love the water.
You killed all those women.
And no one even suspected.
Until now.
When my mother came home and told me she'd spoken to Annie, I had no choice.
So, now you want to set the record straight? As editor of the town paper where these horrific events were occurring, how could I not cover this story? They'll know it was you.
I'll print nothing that Harley and his little friends haven't so conveniently uncovered in the last few days.
The true story of this unknown killer.
I am not a character in your story.
My mother is certainly not a character in your story.
You are pathetic, you are second-rate.
And, "come alone"? I don't think so.
KAREN'S VOICE: When he was little, I did things.
What? What things, Hamilton? 'Cause that's what this is all about, isn't it? KAREN: I was trying to make him a good boy.
He was weak.
I tried to make him strong.
She called me weak.
All the time.
She locked me in Do I look weak to you?! Okay, hey, hey.
Just stop, just stop - (GUNSHOT, CASSIDY SCREAMING) - No!!! (GUNFIRE) - Argh! - Ah! Go, Cass! Go, go, go! (GRUNTING, FIGHTING) Ugh! Argh! Argh! - You all right? - Yeah.
- Go help Cassidy.
- All right.
Hey, you okay? - Are you okay? - Are you okay? Yeah.
Oh, yeah, I mean, I got shot, so - Are you okay? - Am I okay?! Harley, I've been gagged, tied up I had a gun pointed at my face, I saw a woman get stabbed, and I saw you attack a guy like you're the frigging Rock! That was pretty cool, wasn't it? (DAVE LAUGHING) Well, there's my definitive answer.
If somebody doesn't buy me a drink, I'm calling the cops! It's beautiful here.
This was one of her favourite spots.
Do you want me to get the divers out? No.
Let her sleep.
Okay, okay, you guys are going to love this! Right up here, come on, come on! I hope this surprise isn't a new truck 'cause I like my truck, Harley.
Yeah, and I hope it involves bacon because I am starving! I did not ask you guys to get fancied up for a bacon-related occasion.
I asked you to get all fancied up for this! - The Perk and Pawn? - HARLEY: Yeah! You always talked about owning a pawn shop-slash-antiquey type place.
Plus you get to keep doing your coffee thing.
DAVE: "Harley Carter, Private Eye"? What, you didn't want to use "gumshoe"? HARLEY: I could throw a desk in there, set up shop.
Harley, I'm gonna need seed money for this.
No! You know, whatever money I have left over after the studio sues me for not going back to their show is all yours.
So, I guess it's official.
You're staying? Hey, I just spent $140 on this sign, okay? We're not walking away from that.
- (SAM LAUGHING) - I think we need to celebrate! - Oh, yeah.
- Here we go.
- (CORK POPPING) - ALL: Whoa! Yeah! Get in there! - The eye.
- In the eyes.
To the Perk and Pawn.
Yes! SAM: But you're not serious about the private eye thing, right? Harley?