Case Sensitive (2011) s02e01 Episode Script

The Other Half Lives (1)

Aidan! Where are you? Aidan! Aidan? Are you there? Aidan? Aidan? Argh! I thought something had happened to you! What are you trying to do to me? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
What the hell are we doing here? I wanted to ask you a question.
What? Oh.
Ruth, will you marry me? I'm serious.
Yes, yes! Yes! I love you.
I love you.
Before I hear any protestations about who is and who isn't working on this case, I'm not interested.
It's a big fraud operation and that demands a big response, so you'll all be involved.
Anyone shirking that responsibility will have me to answer to.
Attention to detail is paramount.
Half the team will be out on the road to take witness statements and half will go through their bank transactions to match them to the records of the accused.
That information will need to be carefully collated It would be better if those taking statements were responsible for the bank records as well.
By DC Waterhouse A smaller team would be a more efficient one, that's all.
What DC Waterhouse is trying to say is that would be an excellent idea, sir.
Don't try to get out of it, Zailer.
This lot did it for the money.
You'll do it because it's your job.
Oh, 'Thank you for trying to help me out there, Charlie'.
'Oh, that's no problem Simon'.
How long will it take your divorce to come through, do you think? Oh, I don't know.
However long it takes, we've got each other now.
Listen, I I've been wanting to tell you something but A long time ago A long time ago, I hurt someone.
Well, we've all hurt someone in the past.
I'm sure you didn't mean to.
She died.
Who died? What happened? Whoa, slow down.
It's not what you think.
OK? It's just You have to trust me, please.
Aidan, what happened? I don't even know if I can talk about it.
Not yet.
I will, I promise.
What? What is it? You have to tell me what it is.
I Aidan! I I can't.
Aidan, please, you have to tell me.
She What? I can't, Ruth.
I'm sorry.
I can't.
All right.
All right.
It doesn't matter.
Look at me.
It's all right.
It's OK.
What do you make of this report? Fiver says he's shagged her by the end of the week, eh, Sarge? Don't be pathetic, Sellers.
And change! Come on, let's go! Let's go! Come on, let's go! Come on, more, more!! Punch! Punch! Come on, push! Come on! More! More! More! Oooh! I'm so sorry.
Are you OK? Did I hurt you? Are you OK? No, it's fine.
I'm all right.
Move your jaw, let me see.
Oh, God.
It's fine.
Listen, you've got to let me buy you a coffee.
It's all right, really.
No, it's the least I can do after dislocating your jaw.
OK, but I'll still get my revenge next week.
I'm sorry to take my stress out on you.
Bit of police brutality? Is it that obvious I'm a cop? No, no.
One of the other ladies said.
What do you do? I teach.
At St Mark's Comprehensive.
Well, that's a kind of policing, isn't it? Can I ask you a policey kind of question? Yeah, of course.
If someone had a criminal record, how would you find out? Well, if it's someone at the school, might be working with the kids No, it's nothing like that, no.
It's a friend of mine.
Her partner said something about hurting somebody once but didn't say, how, why If she's really worried she should go to the police and talk about her suspicions.
I don't think she'd go that far.
Ruth, in my experience, if a man's hurt a woman in the past, he'll usually do so again.
Yeah, actually, I don't think it's that big a deal but I'll tell her what you said.
Thanks for the coffee.
Hope the jaw's OK.
See you next week.
How you doing? Good.
Not at school? I'm on a break.
This thing's in a dreadful state, needs a complete overhaul.
Look, you know what you said the other day about hurting someone? I can't get it out of my head.
Could you at least tell me who it was? Ex-girlfriend? Aidan, please, if you tell me - Mary.
Mary Trelease was her name.
Are you happy? And she was? I thought you said you trusted me? I do trust you.
I have to finish this.
See you later.
She said he'd hurt someone before and it was pretty clear to me she was talking about herself so She's worried, I think we should follow it up.
Is this a poorly disguised attempt to get yourself off the fraud case, Zailer? No, sir.
I just think it would be worth somebody checking it out.
Zailer, our job is to investigate crimes that have already been committed, not to follow up gossip from your pilates class.
Thank you, sir.
For your time, your consideration, your limitless wisdom! Don't know why I bloody asked, it'll only take five minutes.
What will? Ruth Blacksmith? Married to Jason Blacksmith.
Who's she? 15 Elm Close.
Let's see if he's got any previous.
Against another man, Aidan Harper.
No charges brought.
It was only a few months ago.
I'm going to pay them a visit.
I can come.
I'll go.
I'm at the dentist.
Hello? Hello, Ruth? Ruth? Victim is Jason Blacksmith, 34 years old, worked with his wife at St Mark's Comprehensive.
Cause of death? Single stab wound to the neck, sir.
Break-in? No sign of forced entry.
Where's the body? Straight upstairs.
All right? No gloves, DC Williams.
Stay outside, please.
Weapon? Nothing yet.
Apparently not a knife.
Could have been scissors.
Maybe picked up from this desk, which suggests Wasn't premeditated.
Probably died on Friday so he's been here for a couple of days.
Would have been longer if I hadn't popped in, sir.
You thought your friend was at risk, not him.
She's more of an acquaintance, sir.
He's been dead for several days and she hasn't noticed? The neighbours say she moved out a few months ago.
They split up in the spring.
She didn't tell you that? Well, like I said, we're not exactly friends.
Who's this? That's her.
I'd better go down.
Just because she's a mate of yours, Zailer, don't go soft on her.
No, sir.
I know you must be reeling, but I do need to ask you some questions.
Did something happen between you and Jason? Did you have a fight? An argument that got out of hand? God, no.
Jason would never lay a finger on me.
When did you last see Jason? Three or four weeks ago.
I came around to talk to him about the divorce.
It was after school.
And when did the separation happen? Four months ago.
And who initiated it? Me.
Why was that? Because I met someone else.
Was the name of the man you left Jason for Aidan Harper? Yes.
Jason and Aidan had an argument here, didn't they, a few weeks ago? No, I don't think so.
Well, they did, because neighbours called police to complain.
Jason hit Aidan.
You didn't know that? No.
It was Tuesday the 3rd.
You live with Aidan now, yeah? Yes.
And you didn't notice he came home one night having been in a fight? Look, I don't know what you're talking about, OK? It's OK.
It's OK.
Was it Aidan you were talking about in the car park that day? No.
But there was some animosity between the two men, yes? Look, Aidan would never do anything to hurt Jason, all right? I didn't want to either.
I loved him.
You know, we can talk about this later, all right? Forensics have to take some fingerprints and some other things but then they'll drive you home, yes? I'm going to give you my numbers, home and at work and I want you to call me if there's anything that's worrying you or even if you just want to talk.
Thank you.
Can you get cracking on the door-to-door, DC Williams? No problem.
I should bloody hope it's not a problem, cheeky cow.
So she loved Jason so much, she left him three weeks after meeting someone else.
I still think it was Aidan she was talking about in the car park.
If she was lying about that, she could be lying about everything.
You know, it's not a crime to fall in love, Simon.
Great, thanks.
Aidan Harper.
No previous.
Mr Aidan Harper? Yeah.
Detective Sergeant Charlie Zailer.
This is DC Simon Waterhouse.
We're investigating a murder.
Do you live here with Ruth Blacksmith? Yeah, yeah, I do.
Why, has something happened? Her husband, Jason Blacksmith, was found dead in his house this afternoon.
We need to ask you a few questions.
Is it all right if we come in? Yeah, yeah, of course.
So does Ruth know? Yes.
We've just spoken to her.
How is she? Is she all right? She was understandably upset.
Where is she? Someone will bring her home shortly.
Did you know Jason Blacksmith? Er not really.
I met him once, briefly.
When was that? Couple of weeks ago.
Went round to collect some of Ruth's stuff.
The evening of the 3rd? Yeah, yeah, something like that, could have been.
That was when neighbours phoned to complain about a fight between you.
It it wasn't a fight.
He was shouting, he'd been drinking.
He took a swing at me.
It was nothing, really.
Did you hit him back? I pushed him, I pushed him off.
Did you tell Ruth about the row? No.
I didn't want to worry her.
Is it true that you told Ruth that you hurt someone once? She told you that? Just clarify for me what you mean by 'hurt', sir.
It was it was nothing.
You're taking this completely out of context But you did hurt someone? I was speaking about some friends, it was said in confidence.
It was It was a metaphor.
Where were you last Friday? Sir.
You think I did this? I had a job in the morning, yeah? And then I came back here in the afternoon.
In the evening, I was practising for a performance next week.
So you play professionally? No, it's it's in my old college.
And Ruth was here with you? No.
She was out with some friends, I think, somewhere.
What time did she get back? I lose track of time when I'm playing.
Sorry, do you mind? Is there anyone else who can verify your whereabouts? Er No.
We need you to report to the station for fingerprinting and DNA processing.
Are you willing to do that, sir? Yeah, yeah, sure.
Thank you very much.
Ruth joined us seven or eight years ago.
And when the PE vacancy came up, she suggested Jason.
I was a bit concerned about having a husband and wife working together at first.
You know, relationships in the work place.
Not usually a good idea.
Actually, it worked well.
Until a few months ago, when this guy Aidan turned up.
Did you meet him? Only that once, when he came to the school to tune the pianos.
What did you think of him? He did a good job, didn't say much.
But Ruth was knocked for six by him.
At first it was all about what a musical genius she'd uncovered, and then she just fell head over heels.
And then she left Jason? Within weeks.
Everyone was completely shocked.
Her and Jason had seemed perfectly happy.
How did he take it? The poor bloke was completely broken-hearted.
And of course, seeing her every day was crucifying him.
It became clear he was drinking heavily.
I had to sign him off, eventually.
When was that? Two months ago.
Seemed unfair, to be honest, he should be the one to lose his job but I have to think of the children first and foremost.
And Ruth, how did this affect her? Just the opposite.
Couldn't hide her happiness, her euphoria.
She was completely and utterly besotted.
Love that is not madness is not love.
What? It's a quotation.
Don't get it.
It means, it's not logical, is it, who we are attracted to.
I mean, haven't you found that? Sorry, why is this relevant? Well, we're looking for a motive here.
I think evidence would be more useful.
Oh, thanks for the advice! Hey.
You OK? I can't believe he's not here any more.
I'm so sorry, Ruth.
He was a good person, you know.
He was kind.
What have I done to him? Stop it.
You can't blame yourself.
I destroyed his life.
Come here.
I need to be on my own.
There's someone upstairs to see you, Sergeant.
Santa Claus, Archbishop of Canterbury, Attila the Hun? It's the sister of Jason Blacksmith.
The sister of Jason Blacksmith to see you, Sergeant.
I introduced them.
Ruth was my friend first.
I said, 'You should meet my brother'.
Wish I never bloody had now.
When was that? Over ten years ago.
Ruth was like one of the family.
Then suddenly out of the blue, she met this new bloke, turned her back on Jason and walked away.
Do you think Jason wanted to get Ruth back? He was obsessed with it.
I said to him, 'If she can do this to you after all these years, she's not worth it'.
He couldn't see it.
He kept phoning her.
Was Jason seeing anyone else, as far as you know? No.
It was all about her.
No-one else in his life he might have had a problem with? The only person he had a problem with was Ruth's new bloke.
He hated him.
I understand you were there the night Aidan came around to see Jason.
Can you tell me what happened? Aidan turned up, started saying some vicious things, taunting him, saying Jason meant nothing to Ruth now.
It was almost like he wanted Jason to hit him.
Of course, eventually he did.
Had Jason been drinking? He'd had a few.
He didn't used to drink and I never knew him hit anyone before.
He just made him see red.
And did Aidan hit him back? No.
He ran off.
I thought at the time, he'll be back.
Look, I'm sorry about last night.
I wasn't thinking straight.
It's fine, he was your husband, you were upset.
Do you have to rush off? Can't you stay for a cuppa? When the police came asking questions, they said you told them I'd hurt someone.
Oh, God no.
Something I've never told anyone before, you told the police? No, no, look, I met her at the gym and it was long before any of this happened, OK? I didn't say it was about us or you.
I said I was asking on behalf of a friend.
Look, you can't say something like that and expect it to have no impact.
I was worried.
Who is this woman Mary? I thought you said you trusted me.
I do trust you.
Christ, Aidan, look what I've given up for you! Yeah, wonderful Jason.
You made that quite clear.
What? I have to go to work.
Right, so Ruth's fingerprints are all over the house but that's not really surprising, she's lived there the last five years.
Also, Jason's sister and two other sets as yet unaccounted for neither of them matching Aidan Harper's.
Sellars, what have you got? Jason's computer shows nothing unusual.
Bit of football, bit of porn.
All very soft stuff.
Nothing I'd call out of the ordinary.
And his phone? In the last month, he called Ruth 64 times but she usually didn't answer.
Neighbours? I got nothing from the door-to-door.
Nobody saw or heard anything on the day.
In fact, none of them have seen much of Jason at all recently.
I'm sorry, nothing? You've got nothing to tell us? Well, I can't just invent evidence when there isn't any.
What do you expect me to do? I expect you to go to every house.
Did you go to every house on the street? Well, some people weren't in and I haven't had a chance to go back today yet.
You'd better get back there.
I think we'd all be grateful when you start doing your fucking job, DC Williams.
Anything from Aidan? Both parents deceased.
He studied at the Guildhall School of Music in London from 2001-2003 but failed to graduate.
He's been trading as a piano tuner and restorer since 2006.
I spoke to most of his clients, they only see him a couple of times a year, they don't know much about him.
Thank you very much.
That's great.
OK, come on, everybody, someone must know something about this bloke.
Sergeant Zailer? I'm Professor Fox.
This is DC Waterhouse.
Thanks for seeing us.
I'm afraid I only have a few minutes between classes.
I understand you want to talk about Aidan Harper? Yes.
He's due to play here in a few days, is that right? He'll be playing in front of a panel of tutors to see if he can be readmitted as a mature student.
Do you remember him when he was a student here originally? Of course.
He was exceptionally gifted.
I had very high hopes for him.
Yet he didn't complete the course, why was that? Well, he was due to play in a final year concert, his debut, if you like, as a professional soloist.
Been practising for months.
A few days beforehand, he just didn't turn up at college.
That was it, I haven't seen him since.
What happened to him? I presume his nerves got to him.
Being a soloist is not just about talent, it's about temperament.
It was a great disappointment to me that Aidan couldn't control his emotions.
So how did this audition come about? A friend of his came to see me, Ruth Blacksmith.
A few weeks ago.
She brought me a disc of him playing.
It was good.
She clearly has ambitions for him to resume his career.
And what are his chances? We shall see.
This is where he'll be playing, if he can handle the pressure.
If he does, and he plays well, then, maybe there can be a future for him.
I just love the German romantics, don't you? That's Russian.
Min! Thank you.
From the beginning.
Professor Fox was all heart, wasn't she? Full of sympathy and understanding.
What? This morning? She's not pulling her weight, Simon, she deserved it.
It's not like you.
I wasn't sure you'd be in today.
Gives me something to do.
Well, this isn't a formal visit.
I was just dropping by to see how you're doing.
As a friend.
As a friend? Thanks.
We went to see Professor Fox today.
She said you'd been to see her, hoping to get Aidan's career back on track.
Yes, well, he's a wonderful talent and it was just going to waste.
Why did he drop out of college, why did he stop playing the piano for all those years? Well, I think they were tough on him.
He needs encouragement, support, someone who believes in him.
Do you still have a key for Jason's house? Yes.
It's still half my house.
Does Aidan know where it is? Aidan did not kill Jason, OK? Ruth, I know how much you love him.
But you've only known him for six months.
All I'm asking, please, is don't keep anything back from us because if you are and we find out you're covering for him, you're going to be in deep shit.
I think you should go.
She's standing by her man but he's still our number one, sir.
Team all right? Yeah, they're good.
Because if it's not it's down to you, understand? I don't want you coming whining to me about weak links.
I'm not whining.
Women working together.
Cats in a bag, if you ask me, always someone's time of the month.
Sir, if you're implying - I'm not implying anything, Zailer, I'm telling you straight.
No more handbags, OK? Thank you, sir Have some cake, sarge! No, thanks.
Have you got that path report back from the lab? Oh, yeah.
Here you go.
It's time of death, some time Friday night between 10pm and 1am.
His blood alcohol's through the roof.
Equivalent to ten pints of lager or six pints and four doubles or two bottles of wine.
Yeah, all right, we've got the picture.
He drank at the George pub on Bank Street.
Owner says he was in Friday night and he's checking his CCTV now.
I'll come with you.
Watch him Sarge, two ginger beers and he's anybody's! Do you know who I'm talking about when I say Jason Blacksmith? Yeah, yeah.
Did he come in here often? He used to come in two or three times a week but recently it was nearly every night.
He used to sit at that table in the corner.
Did he come with friends or talk to other customers? It was mostly about the beer, to be honest.
I had to take his car keys off him a couple of times.
So you were friendly with him? I wouldn't go that far.
Although he did tell me that his wife wanted a divorce and that he was going to fight it.
Did you speak to him on Friday night? Just said hello.
And was he chatting to anyone else at all? We were really busy, I'm afraid, we had a hen party in.
Do you know the name Aidan Harper? Doesn't ring a bell.
Sorry, no.
Why, is he your prime suspect? Very good.
No, he's just helping us with With your enquiries.
I've got Jason on camera, if you want to have a look.
Thank you.
After you.
OK, here he is arriving at 9.
This is the only camera you've got, the one on the door? Yeah, that's it.
And there he is leaving again at 11.
There are your hens.
OK, no sign of Aidan.
I need to take this with us, is that OK? Yeah, of course.
Be my guest.
Thank you.
Aidan! Here you go, come on.
Come on! Come and have a drink.
Oh, come on, vinegar tits, loosen up for once, eh! Come on! Happy Birthday, Colin.
We're off down The Anglers, Sarge, you coming? Er Yeah, I'll catch you up.
Come on, Sellers! All right, Willy! I'm coming! Hi.
Is this the Blacksmith murder? Yeah.
That's the stuff we're still working on and those are the prints we've already matched so help yourself.
Excuse me.
Could you confirm this is correct? I need to be 100% sure.
Yes, yes, it has been checked and double checked.
I can assure you, it is correct.
It's me.
I think I've got something.
What are you doing? You lied to me.
Let me in and I'll - You lied to me! Let me in! No! Open the door, Ruth! Go away! Ruth, you have to let me in! He's trying to get in! Who? Aidan.
He's around the back.
Ruth, Ruth, Ruth! I'm arresting you on suspicion of the murder of your husband, Jason Blacksmith.
All right, let's go.
So what you're saying is did she fall or was she pushed? What are you doing with that girl? Are you sleeping with her? What?! Charlie! Blood.
Is she here? Is she still alive? Everything he's told me has been a lie.