Case Sensitive (2011) s02e02 Episode Script

The Other Half Lives (2)

A long time ago, I hurt someone.
Well, we've all hurt someone in the past.
She died.
In my experience, if a man's hurt a woman in the past, he'll usually do so again.
Jason Blacksmith was found dead in his house this afternoon.
You think I did this? Ruth, you've only known him for six months.
Aidan! All I'm asking, please, is don't keep anything back from us.
If you are, and we find out you're covering for him, you'll be in deep shit.
Nobody saw or heard anything on the day.
Nothing? I think we'd all be grateful when you start doing your job, DC Williams.
You lied to me.
Just let me in.
You lied to me! Open the door, Ruth! He's trying to get in! Who? Aidan.
He's round the back.
I'm arresting you on suspicion of the murder of your husband, Jason Blacksmith.
This is Ruth Blacksmith.
She has been arrested on suspicion of the murder of her estranged husband, Jason Blacksmith.
She has been brought straight here from her current address for questioning.
Now I've issued you with a caution, I'm going to search you.
Are you carrying anything that may hurt me? Address? Date of birth? We should let her stew overnight.
Buy herself some time.
If we go in hard now, we'll get a confession.
Are you OK? I'm fine.
Yep? Great.
Brief's here.
You remember the last time we spoke, what I said to you? I told you to tell the truth, didn't I? And that if you didn't, it would be very bad for you.
Did you understand what I meant when I said that? Yes.
For the benefit of the tape, I am now showing the witness exhibit number CZ08.
Do you know what that is? No.
This is a letter to Jason from his solicitor about the divorce.
Have you seen it before? I don't remember.
It's dated the day before Jason died.
He would've received this letter the day he was murdered.
We know you were in the house that day, Ruth.
But you told us you hadn't seen him for three or four weeks.
You lied to us, didn't you? Didn't you? Why did you go round? My stuff was there.
And what happened? When I got there, he was in a really bad way.
He was talking about suicide.
And I felt really guilty about what I'd done to him.
And then I I know I shouldn't have, but What? I couldn't bear to see him like that.
I still loved him.
So I er I gave him a hug and You had sex with him? I'd been with him for 10 years, for God's sake.
But then I was terrified Aidan would find out.
He was jealous of Jason, scared that I'd get back with him.
Had this happened before? No.
No, never.
When I met Aidan, it was erm That was it.
We had to be together.
But I hated myself for what I'd done to Jason.
So, what happened after you had sex? He thought I'd changed my mind.
That we were gonna get back together.
It was like leaving him all over again.
He was sobbing and it was awful.
That was the last time I saw him.
Jason threatened to tell Aidan, didn't he? That you'd slept together.
Is that why you killed him, to stop Aidan finding out? I didn't kill him.
Heat of the moment? No! OK.
That's enough for today.
Interview terminated at midnight 15.
Start again tomorrow.
Just cos she slept with him doesn't mean she didn't kill him.
I know! Just go home, get some rest.
Morning, darling.
Fuck off, Sellers! Zailer, what's going on? Yesterday it was all about the bloke, now you've arrested the girl.
Is she guilty? She says that she went to the house the day that he died, but they had sex and then she left.
Sex with the ex, eh? Can't make up her mind, can she? What does Waterhouse think? I don't know, sir.
I'll ask him when he gets in.
Good copper, Waterhouse.
Don't take him for granted.
I'll bear that in mind.
Well, we can't hold this woman for ever.
Why aren't you in there now? Because I'm talking to you, sir.
Looks like it's you and me, Sellers.
Did you get some sleep? Not really.
OK, Ruth.
I I really need you to start helping me.
And you really need to help yourself.
That day at the gym when you told me about a friend who'd mentioned a partner who'd hurt someone.
I've spoken to Aidan, and I know you were talking about him.
He said he'd hurt someone a long time ago and that she had died.
It was like he needed to get it off his chest.
But then he wouldn't say any more about it.
Eventually, I got a name out of him.
Mary Trelease.
And who was that? It didn't mean anything to me.
But then, last night, I followed him into town.
And I saw him with another woman.
I couldn't believe it.
I got back and I went through his stuff and I found a photograph.
For the tape, I'm showing the suspect a photograph that was in her possession when she was arrested.
DC Sellers? No, it's not that one.
The one at I'm sorry.
Was it this photo? It says Mary on the back.
And you think this is Mary Trelease? Well, I I don't know.
But if it is, she's very much alive.
I saw her with my own eyes.
And this is why you were arguing with Aidan when we arrived last night? Yes.
Everything he's told me has been a lie.
What's going on? I thought we were going to interview Ruth.
Just did.
You weren't around.
I was in the evidence room.
Why didn't you call me? Sorry, Simon.
I've got a murder to solve.
Where's Ruth? She's all right.
She's at the station.
So it's your recital at the college tomorrow.
Is that right? How's it going? You can't really think Ruth did this, can you? She's not capable of killing someone.
Ruth has admitted to us that she was at Jason's house the day he was murdered.
What? And they had sex.
I don't believe you.
She admitted it to us under caution.
Ruth also told us that she saw you last night with another woman.
And that woman is Mary Trelease.
Is that true? Yeah.
She's my sister, my stepsister.
That's not the impression Ruth got.
Well, it's the truth.
That's what I was trying to explain to her last night.
So, you told Ruth that you hurt this person? And that she died? And now she's very much alive? She made assumptions that she shouldn't have.
I would never hurt my sister.
You can ask her yourself.
We intend to.
We're gonna need her address, telephone numbers and place of work.
I'll wait outside.
He's hiding something.
It was clearly news to him that Ruth slept with Jason.
Doesn't rule him out.
I still think he's deeply jealous of Jason.
Why are you dreaming up theories and trying to make facts fit? Focus on evidence.
We're gonna have to let Ruth go.
Human beings have things called emotions, Simon.
Ring any bells? Ruth? We're releasing you on bail, pending further investigation.
Thank God.
And I should also tell you that we went to talk to Aidan this morning.
You told him.
I've really fucked everything up, haven't I? But I can tell you that he claims that the woman you saw him with, Mary Trelease is his stepsister.
Well, why wouldn't he tell me he has a sister? What HAS he told you about his family, Ruth? Both his parents are dead.
I thought he was an only child.
There's a lot you don't know about Aidan, isn't there? While you're both under investigation, I suggest that you do not go back to Aidan's house.
But I have to speak to him.
It's for your own safety, Ruth.
She's ready to go.
Has anything you told me been true? I was going to explain about Mary.
I don't know who you are any more.
What about you, Ruth? You swore there was nothing left between you and Jason.
Did you kill him? What?! How can you even ask me that? I think you'd better leave.
Aidan, please! Mary Trelease? Hello.
Detective Sergeant Charlie Zailer.
Thank you for meeting me.
Er do you want a cup of tea or anything? No, thank you.
Do you know why I'm here? Aidan told me all about the murder last night.
He said he thought that you suspected him.
But you just have to know it couldn't have been Aidan.
He's the most gentle and artistic soul.
So you were with him last night.
Where did you go? We met up for a drink on the South Bank to help get his mind off it all.
Have you met his girlfriend, Ruth Blacksmith? Yeah, he's mentioned her, but we've we've never met.
He hasn't mentioned to her that he has a stepsister.
Which is unusual.
Have you any idea why that might be? They'd they'd only been going out a few months.
I don't know.
Ruth also said that he says that he hurt you and and that you were dead.
Can you think why he would say that? God.
Aidan has a tendency to overdramatise things.
We have a complicated history.
What does that mean? My mother was a single parent.
When I was eight, she met Aidan's father.
His mother had died when he was little, and we became a family, of sorts.
You might call it dysfunctional.
Dysfunctional? My mother was an alcoholic.
And when she'd drink, she'd become violent.
Er Aidan was always protecting me from her.
But it meant that he bore the brunt of her abuse.
Er and then when she died, I think he just wanted to put his whole past behind him.
And that involved cutting ties with me, which which was painful.
We haven't had much contact until recently.
Recently? So what happened? What changed? Well, I think I think having Ruth in his life made a big difference.
Made him happy again.
I know how you feel about the importance of motive over evidence.
But I still think Aidan's our man.
Even his stepsister, Mary, says they've been estranged for the past 10 years, but recently they've been building bridges.
And that's all thanks to Ruth's influence.
So everything, his whole stability - his music, his professional rehabilitation, even his relationships, all thanks to Ruth.
Now, if that's threatened by Jason trying to get her back I reckon that would be enough to push him over the edge.
Don't you? Sorry.
Can I have a word with you, DC Waterhouse? What are you doing with that girl? We're looking into break-ins and aggravated burglaries in the area.
Amber thought it would be a good idea - Are you sleeping with her? What? I don't care if you are.
It doesn't matter to me! It's just it's affecting your work.
You're distracted, unsupportive.
You're not even listening to me! I'm trying to hold the team together and you're being totally unprofessional! I think you're the one being unprofessional.
What about you and this business with Sellers? That was a dare.
That was a joke at an office party! I'm not talking about that.
I'm talking about you taking him into an interview completely unprepped.
Because you were too busy chatting up Little Miss Sunshine! You know something? I think you're losing it.
You're completely losing the plot.
You are becoming impossible to work with! I'm not gonna listen to this conversation.
And another thing.
Go fuck yourself! Morning.
You OK? Yeah, I just couldn't sleep.
What time is it? Um Just before six.
We should probably get off.
Gotta get some clean clothes.
Yeah, whatever you need to do.
I probably should do that.
Do you want tea or coffee or anything? Oh, shit.
There's no milk.
No, I'm fine, I'm fine.
I don't think we should rush into - No.
Definitely not.
I'm gonna go.
I can't take your call at the moment.
Please leave a message.
" How are you doing? Yeah, I'm at the station.
I'm on my way.
Got it.
Thanks for that, Amber.
Great work.
And nice top.
Oi, Willie! Nice top! Shut up, Sellers.
This is the house where Aidan and Mary grew up.
When you said the mother died 10 years ago, I realised it's the same time Aidan suddenly left college and stopped playing the piano.
So I looked for death certificates for a Trelease.
It's not a common name, so it wasn't hard to find.
Here she is.
Mary Trelease? Same name as her daughter.
So when Aidan said he hurt someone and she died, he was Talking about his stepmother.
I've been talking to Mr and Mrs Nesbitt next-door.
They remember the family vividly.
The father was always away on business.
The mother was a heavy drinker, just like Mary said.
They said they felt sorry for the kids, having to put up with her.
On the day she died, the first the Nesbitts heard about it was that Aidan turns up on their doorstep in the middle of the afternoon.
He's in a bad way, says his mother has fallen down the stairs.
Mrs Nesbitt phones for an ambulance.
While Mr comes back over here with Aidan.
So Mr Nesbitt finds the mother lying at the foot of the stairs.
She's got a cushion underneath her head.
Now, Mary is trying to resuscitate her.
Mr Nesbitt got down and tried to give her mouth to mouth, but it was no good.
None of that is in the coroner's report.
So what you're saying is, did she fall or was she pushed? Yeah.
What was mentioned in the coroner's report is she had a high level of alcohol in her bloodstream, liver damage and pleurisy.
They conclude death from heart failure following trauma.
So, after she fell, or was pushed, she landed here.
So, I'm Aidan, this is mother.
She's unconscious - And drunk.
I reach for a cushion to put under her head.
But before I put it under her head I put it over her face.
Which is understandable.
She's been making your life a misery for years.
Maybe it wasn't just Aidan.
Maybe they were in it together.
Mary was here all the time.
So, when Aidan went to get help, he left Mary alone in the house with the mother.
But Mary didn't see fit to mention any of this.
Sellers? Mary? I'm Ruth.
I'm Aidan's girlfriend.
Oh, hi.
Can I speak to you? Anything? I reviewed the door to door witness statements, and no matches.
Good work.
Keep trying.
It's all set up and ready, Sarge.
Get in here! I will, sir.
Please, excuse me one minute.
This is Jason leaving.
Can you slow it down? Stop! Back a few frames there.
Zailer, what's going on? It's the CCTV, sir.
From the pub, the night Jason was killed.
Forward again slowly.
Freeze! We need to find her.
Sorry for turning up like this.
That's OK.
I can't believe Aidan didn't mention he had a sister.
That we haven't met before.
He's told me a lot about you.
Really? Sugar? No, thanks.
I'm sorry about your husband.
Thank you.
You know the police still think it was Aidan? He told me.
Is that what you think? No.
I wanted to ask you um Well, Aidan had said something about hurting you.
I'm just trying to make sense of it.
Aidan would never do anything to hurt me.
No, I didn't think so.
We've always looked out for each other.
You know he has his performance today? Performance? Mm.
At his college.
Didn't he tell you? I expect he wanted to surprise me.
He knows how nervous I get on his behalf.
He's been practicing for weeks.
But everything that's going on, I don't think he'll manage it.
Are you going to watch him? I'd like to be there to support him.
Don't think he wants to see me right now.
I understand.
You're worried about whether or not you can trust Aidan, aren't you, Ruth? I do trust him.
That's not the question, though, is it? Sorry? The question is, can Aidan trust you? We don't know Mary killed him.
All we know is she and Jason left the pub at the same time.
And three hours later, he's dead.
We have her arriving five minutes before he did.
She knew who he was, she followed him, chatted him up.
There's no sign of forced entry at the house, so she must've been let in.
Do you think he was chatting up some random bird, or did she say who she was? Maybe Aidan was there at the house waiting for 'em.
He had access to a key.
We have absolutely no evidence putting Aidan at that house.
Don't get me wrong.
Aidan really thought he was in love.
He fell for you in a big way.
Yes, well, I fell for him too.
It was very - And so, of course, it was only natural that I wondered what you were like, what made you so very special to him.
And so I came to look for you.
What? I saw you at the school.
I could see that you were very pretty.
You saw me at school? But Aidan's not just interested in looks.
You were watching me.
I wanted to know what you were like as a person, a woman, a partner.
Oh, my God.
And the man you'd married, whether Jason was anything like Aidan.
Funnily enough, I had this idea that Jason might be more like me.
And he was, in a way.
You spoke to Jason? I really felt for him.
The pain that he must've felt when you walked out on him.
When the person that you've dedicated your life to abandons you for someone else.
We got on well at first.
But then all evening, all he talked about was how much he hated Aidan for stealing you.
He got drunker and drunker and he was showing me all these photographs of you on the computer.
And he said that he wanted to kill Aidan.
To kill him.
My Aidan.
And he said that you'd been around there and you'd spent the afternoon in bed with him.
You betrayed Aidan.
Good to meet you.
You stole Aidan away from me and then you betrayed him.
I have to go now.
Goodbye, Ruth.
Anything? No.
Mary? Mary Trelease! No sign of her.
Still warm.
She's not long gone.
She's pretty fond of her brother.
Run a check on the car.
And call the hospital.
See if she's due at work today.
Come and look at this! Mm.
Look at this one.
Bit more than a brother sister relationship.
I mean, they're not blood relatives, but you're right.
And look.
Two lonely kids, thrown together into this new family.
With a violent, alcoholic mother and a absent father.
'He protected me, ' she said.
Huh! And in return, she worshipped him.
He's good-looking, talented.
The only person in the world she can trust.
There's no recent photos.
Maybe Aidan put an end to it.
And Mary couldn't let go.
Ruth comes on the scene, Aidan falls head over heels.
Mary gets jealous.
He didn't even mention Mary to Ruth.
She's been relegated to guilty secret.
But why would she go after Jason? Yeah.
If she's in love with Aidan, she'd want to get rid of Ruth.
Maybe Jason was getting in the way of Aidan's happiness.
Maybe she'd do anything to keep him happy.
She wants him for herself.
This is an obsession.
She's not at the hospital.
Didn't turn up for her shift.
Simon, that's Ruth's car.
Charlie? Blood.
Shit! Shit, shit, shit! Pick up, Ruth! Come on.
Pick it up! Mary'll be with Aidan.
Let's go! Stairs! There she is.
Mary! Mary! Mary, wait! Mary! Where's Ruth? What have you done with her? What are you talking about? What's happened to Ruth? I don't know.
Mary's never met Ruth.
You're covering for her again.
That's not true.
Just like when she killed your stepmother.
No, it It was my fault.
It was an accident.
I pushed her away and she fell.
We know she was smothered.
Did you smother her? What? No! When you went for help, she was still alive.
Think about it! I think so.
Tell him what happened when you were alone with your mother, Mary.
I didn't kill her.
What about Jason? How did you kill him? You were with him the night he was murdered, weren't you? No! We have you on camera.
Your DNA and fingerprints are all over that house, aren't they? Am I right? Mary.
What have you done? He said he was gonna kill you.
I was trying to protect you.
Oh, my God! Is that why you killed your mother? To protect Aidan? Mary, no! Well, she she hated you! You let me think it was me! Why didn't you tell me?! I just thought you wouldn't love me.
We're not kids any more, Mary.
You know I can't love you like that.
We know you saw Ruth today.
We found her car.
She's bleeding, isn't she? Mary.
Have you done something to Ruth? Please help us.
Just tell us where we can find her.
Have you hurt her?! Charlie! Ow! Mary! Mary, where's Ruth? Please! Please tell me where Ruth is.
Did you bring her with you? Is she here? Is she still alive? - I love you.
- Mary! No, Mary! No.
We need to find her keys.
Urgent assistance required.
Ruth! Ruth! Where's your phone? Left pocket.
Ruth! Ruth! Shhh! I can hear it.
I can hear it.
This way.
It's somewhere here.
It's this one.
Ruth! She's alive.
Ruth, if you can hear me, squeeze my hand.
I need an ambulance immediately.
The ambulance is coming.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
You're gonna be all right.
You're gonna be all right.
You're gonna be all right.
Stay with me.
Don't go.
Don't leave me.
On the left.
I'm here, Ruth.
They reckon Ruth's gonna be OK.
How did you get that coffee? I know the right people.
We make a pretty good team.
Yeah, well.
You know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
What? Last night.
I was talking about this.
The job.
Are you bleeding? Let's get you to Casualty.
No, it's fine.
I've gotta sort out this mess with City Police.
Can you wrap up here? Yeah.
No problem.