Castle Rock (2018) s01e01 Episode Script


1 law enforcement officials across the state, but with dangerously low temperatures, the search for 11-year-old Henry Deaver has been called off until the spring thaw, in what's now considered a recovery, not a rescue.
Meteorologists say the last time low temperatures broke minus-thirty Dearest darlin' I had to write to say that I won't be home anymore 'Cause something happened to me While I was driving home And I'm not the same anymore Oh, I was only 24 hours from Tulsa Henry? Henry! Henry! As the saying goes here in Maine, if you don't like the weather, just wait a minute The governor said private prisons bring Right here on WXIU, Brumberg-Castle Rock Don't tell me breakfast in bed? I wish you'd taken that buyout 30 years ago.
- After you, Mrs.
- Oh! - Will there be a cake? - No.
It's not really a cake crowd.
Penny's driving me to Portland.
I'm buying new shorts.
I told her, "Dale retires, we're gonna find out once and for all - if he's got knees.
" - Hmm.
That's easy for you to say, you won't have to look at them.
Last day, Mr.
Some folks aren't built for retirement, same deal as my old man.
Finished his twenty in the Navy, - dead in a year.
- That a fact? My point is, it wasn't the smoothest shift change, but we're damn glad to have you.
Little trivia.
Shawshank's actually lost four wardens in office.
You can still see the bullet hole where Warden - We can skip the audio tour.
- All right.
You know, they never found the head.
Heard they got a deal on the funeral.
Ten percent off.
If this were my office, I'd kill myself too.
It's yours now.
Boost enrollment by 20 percent, we can get an extra 1.
5 million a year.
We can always park non-violents in the gym.
Actually, the gym's already double-bunk, ma'am.
The whole prison is.
Thank you, Officer.
Of course.
Except for block F, but that's been closed since the Christmas fire in '87.
- Officer? - Zaleski, ma'am.
How many beds in block F? Sixty, seventy, at least.
But, I mean, nobody goes down there anymore.
You're telling me that my predecessor left an entire wing of this prison unoccupied for 30 years? Why? He had a severance package from Northeast Correctional that was six figures.
That's on top of his pension.
- So? - So? - Why did he off himself? - Who am I, Sigmund Freud? I don't know, sometimes a rope is just a fuckin' rope.
Holy shit.
Right here, that's where they stacked the bodies.
Fuckin' jailbird barbecue.
All right, bro, that's night-nights.
- Really? - Oh, fuck, yeah.
- Great.
- Do you want in? No.
We're supposed to count the beds.
Hey! Somebody's been here.
Hello? Ah, shit.
Hello? Oh, fuck! Counting! 8172, 8369, 8462, 8172, 8369 - Cell block A, full block.
- Holbeck? - Block B.
- All accounted for! I need a name, son.
Who are you? What's your name, hmm? We got no records of you.
Come on, what's your name? How'd you get inside this prison? Cat got your tongue? Who put you down that hole? You can tell me.
Nothin', huh? All right.
What did he say when you found him? The kid? Didn't say a word.
- He's like a mute.
- Hey.
It's a shower.
To-To clean? Water? It's okay.
It's okay.
Oh! What the fuck is this thing anyway? It's like a It's like an old water tank? Jesus Christ.
What do you think it does to a guy? What? Bein' here trapped, alone.
I don't know.
Saw a kid do two weeks in the hole, came out thinkin' he was the Easter bunny.
It's funny? Hey, there was a big coffee can full of cigarette butts right here.
Do you see that anywhere? Okay, one old perv in charge of a prison plus one fuck slave, in an oil tank, minus one head.
How's my math on that? He's never been processed, not even a jaywalking charge.
No fingerprints in the system.
This is a public relations disaster.
So, do we call the cops, or the board of directors? Why don't we take a beat.
Sort out what we're dealing with here before we make any calls.
If they can't figure out who he is, they gotta let him go, right? Yeah, I'm sure they'll make him the mayor of Castle Rock.
If he wasn't a psychopath before he sure as shit is now.
I'll tell you one thing.
I wouldn't want to be the new warden.
Young man, who are you? What's your name? Can he hear me? Have we checked out his ears? Or are we playing some kind of fuckin' charades here, because Henry Deaver.
That's not Henry Deaver.
Who the fuck's Henry Deaver? It's a long story.
Henry Matthew Deaver.
How much doubt is reasonable? Well, folks If I had to choose whether or not to take someone's life and that is the choice before you today, make no mistake I don't think any amount would seem reasonable.
Now, me, I had to kill someone? I'd need it etched in gold and signed by God Himself.
We're talking about an abused woman, linked to the death of her husband Richard Chambers by purely circumstantial evidence.
We're talking about a disbarred alcoholic who represented Leanne in her first trial, and a star witness who was a known drug trafficker with a sweetheart deal.
All that, I'd say, adds up to some doubt.
That was enough for a retrial, a do-over.
This sentencing phase, it's a do-over, too.
But after today, there will be no more do-overs.
Judge signs an order, needle goes into a vein, the body goes into a box, and in six hours, that body that body will be ashes.
And ashes don't get appeals in the state of Texas.
So I ask how much doubt are you folks comfortable with? who was sentenced to death in 1993 is the oldest death row inmate in the state of Texas.
The execution is scheduled for 6 o' clock this evening.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, you can't be here.
I'm the lawyer.
Fifth Circuit's gonna rule against us.
I'm sorry, Leanne.
The governor is a long shot.
- You know? - But I grew up downwind from a cereal factory.
A mile from home.
Smelled like Cheerios.
That was my first memory.
What's yours? - What? - Your first memory.
I was only 24 hours from Tulsa Gene Pitney.
"24 Hours from Tulsa.
" That's a nice song.
"24 Hours from Tulsa.
" My dad used to take me to a honky-tonk place on the south side of Dallas.
He'd get good and drunk and take me to the alligator farm just next door.
We'd sit there and stare at those gators for two, three hours at a time.
Sometimes I'd get to drive the car home at the end of the night.
What I keep wondering, all the smells we smell and the songs and pictures do you lose them all? I mean, wherever you go next, does the tape get erased? And if it does you're not really you anymore, are ya? Is that what you're afraid of? That's what I want.
Look at me.
Look at me.
I'm Alan.
I'm a friend of your mother's.
No frostbite.
You been inside somewhere? - What's goin' on? - She's alive again! What Hey! Hey, I'm her witness.
You don't get a fucking do-over! fuckin' witness! Hey! Henry Matthew Deaver.
Based out of Houston, grew up 20 miles that way, Castle Rock.
Bad reputation.
Big mess with the state police when he was a kid.
Pulled some stunt, ran away from home.
People thought somebody took him.
Half the state's out looking for him.
Middle of winter.
And what they find is his father.
Half-froze, and his back's broken.
Doesn't last three days.
Kid comes sashaying back from the dead like Tom Sawyer to find out he's got no dad, and the town blames him.
Claimed he couldn't remember a thing.
So, our anonymous friend says exactly three words, and we think that he's asking for his lawyer? I think we are not bringing a criminal defense attorney into an internal corporate matter.
We could take him for a drive.
Drop him over the border.
Yeah, then he pulls a Willie Horton and I spend the rest of my career in accounts receivable.
Or we could find him a roomie.
A psycho who collects life sentences.
Circle of life.
Hello? Yeah.
Yeah, Henry Matthew Deaver the attorney.
What? I-I can't hear you.
Whoever you've got isn't my client.
My clients are all dead.
Look, I shouldn't even be calling you, but listen, listen, they found a kid in a cage.
No one else is gonna help him.
Shawshank State Prison.
Who Who is this? The MILF.
Twice in one month? If I find out you've been subcontracting me What? You'll tell your homeroom teacher? It's for me.
I've got a condition.
Oh, yeah, I can get you rest on Thursday or a postdated check if you want.
Obamacare's been repealed.
No co-pays.
Forty gets you eight fives.
- You need kids, by the way.
- What? To be a MILF.
See you around.
Here you go.
by the power that is our Lord.
Hey, killer.
What the hell? 9-12 says, "But two are better than one, "because they have a good return on their labor.
If either of them falls down, one can help the other up.
But pity anyone who falls" It was minus-forty last night.
You know how cold that is? Freeze to death in an hour.
And you've been gone, like, 11 days.
So what happened out there? I don't remember.
Son, do you know what happened to your father? Okay.
Henry! Hello? Mom? Mom? Ruth? Oh! My, uh my white oaks are dead.
It's a miracle they didn't topple over and kill someone.
Did you bring your own chainsaw? Well, then, let's check the garage.
Come on now! We were all immigrants once.
Except Sitting Bull.
I'm not like the others.
- I adopted a black son.
- Mom.
It's me.
I'm Henry.
I called you this morning.
Yeah, of course you are.
I had to fly in for a a work thing.
But I wanted to see you.
Maris watching the baby? Wendell is fifteen, Mom.
What W-What happened to the nurse? - Who? - Your Medicare pays for a home health aide.
I arranged it all with St.
Oh! Constance.
Long gone.
Gone? Where? Well, I'd like to say heaven, but I have my suspicions.
Is someone in the house? Someone's in the house? Are we on fire? You know, there's easier ways to get a man out of the shower.
Henry, do you know Alan Pangborn? He's our county sheriff.
- Been a few years now, Ruth.
- Alan? W-What's going on? You boys must be hungry.
How about some bacon and eggs? Why don't you see if you can scare up some fresh sheets for your boy? - If he's stayin'.
- Yeah.
Few days.
What brings you home? - A client.
- Oh, yeah? You've burned through all the killers in Texas? So, what is this, Alan? You livin' here? Frequent flyer.
Your mother and I enjoy one another's companionship.
And my father's shirts, you enjoy those, too? I don't think he's gonna miss it.
Where is he? - Who? - My father.
- Oh - I stopped by the church, and the cemetery is is gone.
Yeah, the church made some wildcat investments, didn't pan out, had to parcel the land.
So they just paved over the bodies? No, they moved 'em.
To a yard up in Banner, by the airport.
My experience, the dead are not particular.
They can't do that without our permission.
You mother gave it.
Nobody thought to pick up the phone and call me? Did she even know what she was signing for? You signed for her.
I deposited the distress settlement for her, too.
What else you been signing for, Alan? Oh! The sheets! Family? - Client.
- Inmate's name.
I don't have it.
You're a lawyer and you don't know your client's name? I got a call.
One of your prisoners asked for me.
I didn't get all the details.
You got a name? Through the opening, please.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
I got a Henry Deaver here.
I'll find out who called him.
What did Pruitt say? You don't get on the board by springing problems on the board.
My job is to fix things.
We're moving to enterprise software, but the wheels turn slowly, even in the private sector.
I'm sorry to hear about your predecessor.
Always heard nice things about him.
My, uh, father worked here.
Visited a lot, anyway, back in the eighties.
- Oh, really? Corrections? - Ecclesiastes.
He led Bible study from time to time.
Any idea why Warden Lacey would have Forced buyout.
Some folks are just not cut out for the 19th hole.
And some people guillotine themselves with a Lincoln.
Guess everybody deals with retirement differently.
What about recent transfers? If he's in here he's in there.
I wish I could help you find your client, Mr.
I can't very well call up a ghost.
Thing is, a ghost called me.
From inside this prison.
Your anonymous caller.
And then you flew two thousand miles? Had some free time.
The average CO is a 25-year-old who makes nine dollars an hour.
These guys don't think much of lawyers.
And in a state as lily-white as Maine, is it possible that you were a victim of a prank? If this was a goose chase, I hope you'll accept my apologies.
And if you happen to find the missing page from your book, you'll get in touch.
I assume private prisons still fall under the purview of the Constitution.
This isn't Texas, Counselor.
Actually, it would be pretty odd if we did have one of your clients.
Maine got rid of the death penalty 150 years ago.
How'd you know I work capital cases? Sorry? I didn't say I work capital.
Oh, we don't have gallows here, but we do have cable news.
I was sorry to hear about your client.
All right, that's it, everybody, time's up.
Get in line, better get back in.
This way.
Three-and one to the hitter.
He's dancin' around out there at second base a lot.
He's got 'em really worried about him, but I don't think he's Whistle dry? I'm good.
You knew Dale Lacy a long time, right? The warden? We weren't exactly handball buddies.
Why did he do it? This might surprise you, given your line of work, but it's not always a happy job, carryin' the keys.
I got a call from Shawshank.
They found a kid in a cage.
Call from who? I don't know yet.
What I hear, prison's full of cells.
Not a cell.
A cage.
Huh? Henry, I'm just an old-school cop.
Corrections? That's a whole 'nother world.
Whole 'nother world? Same blue line.
You know where he did it? Castle Lake.
The bluff.
Right where I found you.
Damnedest thing.
Shhh it! Said it was minus-forty last night.
You know how cold that is? Freeze to death in an hour.
And you've been gone for eleven days.
So what happened out there? When they find you ask for Henry Deaver.
Henry Matthew Deaver.