Castle Rock (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Habeas Corpus

1 HENRY: You knew Dale Lacy a long time, right? Why'd he do it? [tires screech] [crash] JACKIE: You're telling me that my predecessor left an entire wing of this prison unoccupied for 30 years? Oh, fuck! JACKIE: Young man, who are you? - What's your name? - Henry Deaver.
DEPUTY WARDEN: That's not Henry Deaver.
Whoever you've got isn't my client.
My clients are all dead.
ZALESKI: They found a kid in a cage.
Who is this? DEPUTY WARDEN: Henry Matthew Deaver.
Grew up 20 miles that way, Castle Rock.
Big mess when he was a kid.
I'm Alan.
I'm a friend of your mother's.
Pulled some stunt, ran away from home, kid comes sashaying back from the dead like Tom Sawyer.
Claimed he couldn't remember a thing.
Mom? Henry, did you know Alan Pangborn? ALAN: What brings you home? JACKIE: I wish I could help you find your client, Mr.
I can't very well call up a ghost.
HENRY: The thing is, a ghost called me.
JACKIE: Right.
Your anonymous caller.
[baseball game on radio] [sportscast continues] RADIO: [crowd cheering] [panting] Shit.
shit! [alarm blares] [alarm continues] [men shouting in distance] [shouting continues] What the fuck are you doing?! Are you fuckin' crazy?! Zaleski! Put the fucking gun down, man.
What the fuck is the matter with you? - Fuck! - GUARD: You guys okay? WALKIE-TALKIE: All clear, it was a false alarm.
Repeat, false alarm.
All clear.
GUARD: What's the matter with you? S-Sorry.
: Clear.
Staff, return to your posts.
Repeat, the whole floor is cleared.
Staff, return to your posts.
LACY: People think we're just one of those dead towns they've heard about.
A run of bad luck, worse judgment, broken promises.
We know different, don't we? [siren wailing] It's not luck.
It's a plan.
And not God's, either.
Remember The Dog? The Strangler? Sure you do.
How about all the others that didn't make headlines? [crowd cheering] LACY: Nineteen sixty-one.
It was the fall after they found that boy's body out by the train tracks.
[crowd goes silent] [cheering] I took a hard hit.
Almost didn't make it home.
Turned out, I wasn't the one people needed to worry about.
My younger brother was.
That was my first taste of what this town could do to someone.
Take any house in this town.
Hell, take mine.
Every inch is stained with someone's sin.
[water running] [big band music playing on radio] I lie awake at night thinking about all the blood spilled under my roof alone.
[TV, indistinct] [engine revving] [revving] People say, "It wasn't me.
It was this place.
" And the thing is they're right.
Parole board may run long.
I wouldn't wait up.
[starts car] LACY: I used to get down on my knees and ask God to show me my purpose.
With all the guile of hell arrayed against this town, what can one decent man do? "Let me stand athwart the doorway," I told Him.
But God he doesn't take requests.
So I waited for years.
for instructions.
And then, one day one beautiful day TV: The answer is clear.
The world can wait no longer.
LACY: God answered.
- [Henry sighs] - [knocks on door] - Yes? - Um, hello.
- I'm an attorney for - Northeast Correctional.
Someone suing Northeast Correctional, then? Yes.
As far as I'm concerned, private prisons should be outlawed.
I hope you'll take this all the way to the Supreme Court.
I'm with you on that.
I'm actually here about a particular prison.
An inmate your husband may have taken a special interest in? Dale believed in rehabilitation.
Off the clock, he called it grace.
He knew his Romans 2.
"Goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance.
" Exactly.
Well Martha, frankly, I worry Northeast Correctional doesn't have this young man's best interests at heart, the way your husband did.
They can't even find the man's file.
Did your husband ever bring any work home with him? When he did, it stayed in his office.
House rule.
Would you like to take a look? Admiring Dale's art? He painted these? Oh, Dale could have been a professional.
- Everyone says it.
- [phone rings] I'm so sorry.
You'll excuse me.
[continues ringing] MARTHA: Hello? [Martha talking, indistinct] MARTHA: Are you black? Uh [clears throat] - I'm sorry? - That was Sally from next door.
Are you black? [chuckles] Last I checked.
You're Henry Deaver, aren't you? Last I checked.
We knew your father.
We were members of his congregation.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to offend you.
I just want to After what you did? And now you take advantage of a blind woman? There's a special place in hell.
What's in the basement? Don't make me call the State Police.
[church bell ringing] MAN: There are two new inmates that have requested prayer partners.
Ignacio James Jursik, 23 years of age, aggravated robbery, possession of narcotics with intent to distribute.
Paul, I saw your hand first.
Bruce Lee McNamara, 57 years old, one count indecent exposure, six counts murder, two counts wow desecration of a grave.
- Jackie Torrance.
- All God's children.
You'll collect your engraved Bible Sunday at ten.
Hello! Have a seat.
All are welcome.
Are you new to the incarnation? No.
Do you ever get the sense there was something he was hiding, something weighing on his conscience? Me? [laughs] Oh, no.
Warden Lacy wouldn't have confided in me.
But this was his church.
Before my time.
I got the sense he preferred to, uh, pray alone.
He'd drop Martha off on Sundays, drive out to the woods.
I think he considered nature his chapel.
Died doin' what he loved.
[humorless chuckle] Um last time I bumped into your mom she told me you represent death row inmates? - That's right.
- Wow.
Thank you for your time.
Uh, no, um, I just mean I find it really inspiring.
We work with some colorful characters in our Prayer Partner program here, and for you to be involved with that kind of work after what you came from What I came from? Your history in this town.
It's just, well, it's nice to see redemption in the flesh.
You know? [door buzzes, unlocks] You didn't, like, leave here last night, did you? Wander out or something? 'Course you didn't.
Um I'm I'm I'm screwed up, and and I got You know, fathers get this thing called sympathetic pregnancy mind fog, nausea, it fucks with your sleep and stuff, it's All right.
[door buzzes] [sighs] [door buzzes, unlocks, in distance] [soft chatter, music] WOMAN: Welcome to the Hilton Augusta.
Thank you.
Oh, God.
- Let's try the $6 Coors.
- Yes, sir.
You mind? Shawshank, huh? Rough month.
Not everyone's cut out for corrections work.
Some guys just [snaps fingers] I was a lawman myself.
Could I have the check? They're namin' a bridge after me.
Hundred and fifty tons of steel and concrete.
'Course back then we didn't have the Buck Rogers shit body cams, computers it was just you in your cruiser makin' a call.
I remember one night this Towncar whips past, bat out of hell.
I pull the guy over.
Turns out to be your predecessor, Warden Lacy.
Well, that night he told me he had finally figured out what was wrong with Castle Rock.
He said he had always thought the devil was just a metaphor, but now he knew the devil was a boy.
And old Dale said he caught him, had locked the devil in a box.
And from here on out, it was blue skies and butterflies.
How long ago was this? ALAN: Don't let that fuckin' kid out.
DEPUTY WARDEN: The fuck do you say to something like that? So is it time to call Pruitt? And tell him what? [sighs] That he can add criminal conspiracy to I don't even know what this was.
DEPUTY: [groans] Fucking fingernails.
A decent man.
- Who? - Lacy.
Everyone says it.
Good man.
So he must have had a good reason.
You want me to make it all go away? [door buzzes, opens] DEPUTY WARDEN: Get up.
[inmates shouting, indistinct] [door buzzes] - [shouting intensifies] - [banging on cell doors] Go ahead and stop.
What the fuck's this little prick? Looks like you gentlemen are double-booked.
Austerity measures.
[door buzzes] LACY: Only a few others knew those terrible things we did for our town.
For our home.
And, well, I pray they've long since forgotten.
- Morning.
- Oh! There's maple syrup in here from the Bush administration.
The good Bush.
[sighs] This is as close as I had to Betty Crocker.
Your birthday's still the 27th, I assume? - [laughs] - Yeah.
My age, you get a grace period.
Happy birthday, Henry.
You know I'm older than he was.
- Who? - Dad.
Older than he was when? Ever.
Is that why you're here? I was thinkin' about when you turned seven.
I made a big batch of that buttercream frosting.
That was before we knew about your lactose thing.
Never seen a cake disappear and reappear that fast.
[chuckles] You probably don't remember that.
[car engine revving] MAN: Henry, quit draggin your feet! Let's go! [car starts] [sighs] [pool balls clack] I know, I'm late.
Sorry, it was a whole thing.
Daycare wouldn't take Bryce for medical reasons.
You know I can't leave him with Dan, so - Is he okay? - He has pinkeye.
I swear, he gets it deliberately just to spite me.
Oh! Well, you know what I heard from Candice? Henry Deaver is in town.
- So? - Oh, please.
Miss Pre-teen Voyeur 1991.
Apparently he's a lawyer.
Represents murderers.
Isn't that ironic? - This is filthy.
- WAITER: Here you go.
I ordered for you just to save some time.
You know, when you called about lunch in an actual restaurant or snack bar, I assumed that you were doing better.
Oh, I'm doing great, actually.
I've sold two houses already this month.
I hope you take your blue blockers off when you meet with clients.
You know, the best cure for social anxiety is sunlight.
Okay, well, I don't have social anxiety.
Your undiagnosed psychic affliction.
There are nerves in the brain, they're called mirror neurons.
And they're responsible for empathy.
- Are you high? - What? No! No, I'm not some junkie.
Right, so the Percocet for my root canal just stole itself.
I take half a pill, once a day, just to muffle other people's noise.
Forget it.
I called you because I'm going to be on Local Color next week.
- The TV show.
- I'm going on to talk about the revitalization of historic downtown, starting with the yarn mill.
So I need $40,000 from the equity on Mom and Dad's house for a five-year commercial lease.
- A lease on the mill? - Mm-hmm.
This town is not Great Barrington, okay? It's Fallujah.
So this is your big plan? You're gonna mortgage the only security you have so you can freeze up on live television and flush your entire future down the john.
Do you know how many people in this county - watch Local Color? - Fortunately, the house is not yours to mortgage, okay? Mom and Dad left half of it to me so that I could make sure that you don't burn it down and die in the gutter.
You might have to move back in to that house someday.
I signed your name and filed the papers this morning.
Thank you for lunch.
[indistinct voice over P.
] Shut the fuck up, will ya? What are you, a pederast? "Judge not lest you be judged.
" - [whispers] - What? Don't want to touch me.
[chuckles] [rockabilly playing in bar] TV: Five minutes remaining here in the third Do the Shawshank guards still drink here? Only drink in 37 miles.
Only burger, too.
What happened to Nan's Luncheonette? You want the cover story or the real story? Nan was running a fuck club in the back room.
- What? - Like a swingers party? Since the nineties.
Nan needed money for a titanium leg for her nephew, so she blackmailed one of her regulars, the governor's chief of staff Governor of Maine? Anyway, it backfired.
They burned Nan out.
No more fuck club.
No more Nan's.
No metal leg, I guess.
What's the cover story? She packed it in when the town voted to unincorporate.
When was that? Two, three years? Castle Rock is literally no longer on the map.
Can I ask you something? Can I see your feet? - Excuse me? - You're Henry Deaver, right? I heard you lost three toes.
No you didn't lose the toes, or I'm not going to show you my feet.
I'll show you mine.
You know, kids used to dress up like you for Halloween.
But then somebody Instagrammed a photo and it became a whole thing.
- The blackface.
- Okay, let's hear it.
What's the story? Beloved local preacher opens his home and his heart to poor screw-up orphan.
Weirdo kid gets weirder.
Ninety-one, mega-snowstorm, Guinness Book shit, you lure him out to Castle Lake, push him off the rocks bye-bye, Pastor Deaver.
Wander out of the woods eleven days later and pretend you can't remember what happened.
That the cover story, or the real story? You tell me.
MAN: Zaleski, tell me more about that Hallmark movie about the retard.
Oh, you mean Action Jackson? Hair trigger on the line? He died at home, not at the lake.
[clears throat] Tan jacket, at end of the bar.
Excuse me.
[shoveling in distance] LACY: Give a man the keys to the dungeon tell him to lock up the monster.
Or pin a star on his chest.
Call him "Sheriff.
" Maybe he succeeds a while a year, a decade or two if he's lucky but evil outlasts us all.
Burying the evidence? Diggin' it up.
Your mom's been leaving food out for the neighborhood mutt.
We buried it New Year's Day.
" [sighs] She loved that bitch.
She's got it in her head it's been nosin' through the garbage again.
Said she'd feel better if I checked.
Make sure it's still dead.
This morning she seemed fine.
Yeah, they call it sundowning.
Real common.
Nights are hard for your mom.
Have you told Doctor Uh the the Portland guy.
We go to a clinic in Boston now.
Next appointment's in November.
Come on by, tell 'em yourself.
You free in November? [grunts] HENRY: Jesus Christ.
[camera clicks] Don't worry about your mom, Henry.
I'm sure you're real busy in Texas.
Court made me my mother's conservator three years ago.
It means they needed my permission before they moved my father's grave.
It also means that I say who comes in and out of this house.
[approaching footsteps] Molly? Deputy Ridgewood needs to talk to you.
- About the Deaver boy.
- Hi, Molly.
We found Father Deaver.
He was barely alive, at the bottom of a cliff at Castle Lake.
Did you know that? There's a lot of folks out in the woods tonight trying to find Henry, and we could use all the help we can get.
Did he ever say anything about running away? Did he, uh did he talk about wanting to hurt his father? - It's not his father.
- MOM: Mr.
Deaver is half-dead, frozen, fighting for his life.
They need to know, if that boy did it, why he did it.
This isn't a manhunt.
It's a search-and-rescue operation.
We're just trying to find Henry.
It's nice and warm in here, but it's a cold night outside, and it's only getting colder.
If you know something where Henry might have run off to? MOLLY: I don't know anything.
Okay, then.
[Henry sighs] [phone chiming] [chiming stops] ZALESKI: I really can't talk to you.
Then you shouldn't have called me.
That was you, right? ZALESKI: I haven't seen him since yesterday.
That douchebag from corporate took him out of the infirmary last night and walked him down to solitary.
Jesus Christ.
This town, they they should pave over the whole damn county.
I'll file habeas in the morning.
State's attorney.
Actually, no.
Governor first, and then the S.
We'll make sure you have whistleblower protection before they depose you.
Wh Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Depose me, like, to a judge? Oh, no.
It's-it's-it's-it's anonymous.
- You're protected.
- I'm barely sleeping as it is.
I almost discharged my weapon on a C.
- Listen - I'm gonna lose my job! I'll lose my fuckin' healthcare.
There's a breast pump in the back, my wife is giving birth in a month.
Do you think I would be working at a prison if there was a fuckin' Walmart within 60 miles of here? I did my part, I am done.
He asked for you.
I need proof he exists.
[scoffs] Forget getting in there.
You are on every kind of list.
It would take an act of God to get you in that prison.
Thank you.
PASTOR: Watch your step.
Thank you so much.
God bless you.
God bless you.
Thank you.
Guten Morgen, Adolph.
Fuck me.
You sure he's dead? He was just lyin' there.
GUARD: All right, let's go.
Watch your head.
Was it his heart? DOCTOR: Heart, liver, lungs.
He's riddled with metastatic cancer.
What the fuck? Cancer? DOCTOR: I'm amazed he walked into that cell on his own two legs.
LACY: "Never again let him see the light of day.
" That's what God told me.
He told me where to find him how his prison should be built how to put an end to all the horrors we've seen in this town.
HENRY: Hey! I can be your lawyer if you want me to be.
But you have to say it.
Henry Deaver.
- [alarm wailing] - [doors slamming] [camera clicking] LACY: What he didn't tell me was how full of doubt I would be about what we did or where I'd wind up in the end.
I fear for this place.
I fear what's to come, Alan.
But I also know Castle Rock still has a defender, even in the dead of night.
[flicking lighter]