Castle Rock (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Local Color

[music playing] AMITY: Henry Deaver is in town.
- So? - Oh, please, Ms.
Pre-teen Voyeur 1991.
Apparently he's a lawyer.
I wish I could help you find your client, Mr.
I can't very well call up a ghost.
- Got a condition.
- Forty gets you eight fives.
MOLLY'S SISTER: You know, the best cure for social anxiety? Sunlight.
- Well, I don't have social anxiety.
- Right.
Your undiagnosed psychic affliction.
MOLLY: There are nerves in the brain, they're called mirror neurons.
And they're responsible for empathy.
- Are you high? - What? No.
I take half a pill once a day just to muffle other people's noise.
- You're Henry Deaver, right? - Excuse me? Beloved local preacher opens his home and his heart to poor screw-up orphan.
You lure him out to Castle Lake, push him off the rocks bye-bye, Pastor Deaver.
He died at home, not at the lake.
MAN ON TV: Six days into the search, authorities are increasingly doubtful that the 11-year-old Deaver boy will be found alive.
His father, Matthew Deaver, local reverend at Church of the Incarnation, is recovering from his injuries at home and is in stable condition.
With highs still hovering around zero [wind whistling] [hinges creak] [respirator hissing rhythmically] [respirator powers down] [gasping] [music playing] MAN: Why? I was saved.
My body fell to earth, my bones were broken, but I asked my Lord for mercy and He saved me.
Who are you to overrule the will of my Lord? Friends.
We have let a sinner into our house.
[congregants murmuring] Behold, I will tell you a mystery.
Not all will sleep, but all will be chained in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet, for the trumpet will sound and the dead will be raised, imperishable, and we will all be changed! [alarm beeping] [chatter] TV: Local coverage is what we give you, it's what we are.
We're on the scene delivering the news when it happens, as it happens.
We bring you right up close to events, local politics and more.
Not to mention the fast-changing foliage - of the county - WOMAN: I can't believe you're going to be on the show tomorrow.
It's absurd.
Stay glued.
What is that? It is a gazebo.
Every revitalized downtown needs a gazebo.
- What's it for? - I don't know.
Peaceful contemplation.
The only thing people contemplate in this town is suicide.
That's because there's no job base if you don't want to work in a prison.
There's no local business hub to encourage social and economic cross-pollination.
- Yet.
That's phase one.
- Wow.
You're not gonna say that on TV, right? - What? - Nothing, it's just that the camera guy's gonna slip into a coma before you hit phase two.
So, what happens when I get there? I just tell 'em I'm your intern? Say "executive assistant.
" The producer's name is Charlene.
She's gonna meet you outside the studio.
Please, just try to avoid potholes.
Why do you care what happens to this hellscape, anyway? Just keep it under 40.
[starts car] [door bell rings] Molly Strand.
- Yes.
- It's Henry Deaver.
North Prospect? We were neighbors back in dinosaur times? Of course.
I didn't, um - It's been - A lot of years.
Yeah, I don't get back much.
Why are What are you doing here? I have a client over at the prison.
- A real mess.
- RUTH: Smells like Cheerios.
HENRY: Gene Pitney, "24 Hours From Tulsa.
" RUTH: Does the tape get erased? HENRY: Hey, I'm her witness! Good luck.
Sorry, that was Um, yeah, I would love to hear more, but I have, um, I have an open house.
Actually, that's why I'm here.
I've been seeing your signs all around town.
You want to sell your mom's place? - Yeah, I - RUTH: Do you know Alan Pangborn? - she needs full-time care.
- Isn't Sheriff Pangborn Yeah.
We're making some changes.
Um[sighs] I can't help you.
I'm sorry? I am I'm just so overwhelmed here, I can't take a new client.
Also, with my parents' house being directly across the street it's probably a conflict of interest.
So, um, I can refer you to someone else.
No, I'll just [sighs] Did I say something wrong? No.
Of course not.
You It was really good seeing you.
You too.
[door bell rings] [deep breath] YOUNG HENRY: Fuck you, Dad.
You wanna see my room? It's a lot cooler than it used to be.
YOUNG HENRY: I go to Catholic school now.
- My dad made me.
- I know.
What are Violent Femmes? A band.
"Femme" is a girl.
In French.
You know, he's not my real father.
[laughs] Yeah.
I know what you do in your room.
Touching your thing.
Feels like fireworks.
- I ain't never - I can't explain it, but I can hear what you're thinking and feeling.
When you're brushing your teeth, and when you're out in the woods, it's like I'm out there with you.
MAN: Henry! Henry, where'd you go? Son, I want you back in this house right now.
Henry! P.
: C block, count time in 30 minutes.
[bell ringing] ZALESKI: You tell Valerie yet? Fuck no, I didn't tell her about the money.
She'd blow it on the mortgage.
I'm buyin' an Xbox and a pound of weed.
You gonna spend your bonus on fuckin' Fischer-Price Jumperoo? It's not a bonus, it's a bribe.
So they don't talk.
About what? Hey.
Hey! Mickey boy! - Sit the fuck down! Yo! - Hey.
You better sit down.
Hey! Sit down! Sit down.
Look, he's scheduled a hearing, he's gonna get you out, but you gotta help yourself.
Come on, sit down.
ZALESKI: Dude doesn't eat, except for Wonder Bread.
Barely sleeps.
Just kinda walks in these little circles.
Guys watch him on CCTV now.
Nick at Nite.
Some of the COs call him Nick now.
Like Nick Cage, 'cause we found him in a cage - HENRY: I get it.
- Yeah.
Look, I can pull the security footage.
All right? That would look real good on CNN.
Let's hold off on that.
Listen, you gotta earn his trust.
Get him to tell you how he got there.
I know how he got there.
Shoulda seen him eye-fucking Warden Lacy's picture.
I need more.
You gotta tell him, all right? Onus probandi, right? Burden of proof.
Oh, just Wikipedia.
Funny, man, you work in law enforcement, nobody knows shit about the law.
Hey, how long does it take to become a lawyer, anyway? I was thinkin' I don't know, maybe when all this is done, I go back to school.
You can write me, like, a recommendation or somethin'.
[both chuckle] Uh yeah.
Sure thing.
What the fuck? Ohh.
Really? I'm tellin' you, this town ain't for shit.
My mom's boyfriend's house got broken into last month.
He came home and two Oxy fiends were carrying his microwave out the back door.
It's probably the same assholes.
- Aw.
Yeah, maybe.
- What'd they take? I I don't know, I-I don't think anything's missing.
Squatters? But you didn't see anybody.
Yeah, there's property damage MAN: Please hold, ma'am.
JACKIE: You know, if you hired me full-time, I could clean up this whole place for you.
- Cool murder basement.
- Mm-hmm.
Is that what I think it is? Oh, shit! You lived down the street from him, so you had like a front row seat.
Did he do it? Did he whack his father? I have such a crazy day tomorrow.
Um, you know, I didn't sleep last night, and I think right now I need to focus on my Local Color presentation.
Thanks for asking, Corey.
Phase one in any community revitalization - Phase one - You gotta know the community.
You've gotta know the community.
Thanks for asking, Corey.
- I was born in Maine - I was born in Maine Thanks for asking, Corey.
I was born in Maine I am a proud, fifth-generation Maineiac.
When I say Castle Rock has excellent boats Don't say "boats.
" [disembodied voice speaking, indistinct] Okay.
Pull it together.
Pull it together.
[voices continue] [electrical crackle] [respirator powers down] [exhales] Shit.
Damnit! [car door opens] Well, well, if it isn't Old Miss Layaway.
You followin' me now? I asked around at the school, and they said to try here.
Said I was your college counselor.
And how are my chances? - I've got money.
- Well, looks like we've got a real free market tragedy here.
Demand, but no supply.
- What? - My, uh, Gran brings the pills down from Skowhegan, and her gout took a bad turn, they have her on bed rest.
So check back next week or whatever.
I'm having a really bad fucking day.
This guy I used to know came back to town, and it's really fucking me up.
And I'm gonna be on TV in the morning.
I need my pills.
How many Minions you kill to make that jacket? Six.
Listen, if you really need a fix that bad, you could always try your luck at the motor court.
- Huh? - Timberland Motor Court.
Ask for Derek.
YOUNG MOLLY: I can't explain it.
I can hear what you're thinking and feeling.
YOUNG HENRY: You know, he's not my real father.
YOUNG MOLLY: Obviously.
PASTOR: The trumpet will sound and the dead will be raised, imperishable.
[groans] [distant car starts] [engine idling] [car doors shut] PASTOR DEAVER: Do you hear it? Do you hear it now? Henry! [panting] [tires squeal] Hello? [sighs] Hi.
- Are you okay? - Yes.
Where's Derek? Okay.
MAN: Bring her up here, Bailiff.
WOMAN: We don't have to help? MAN: You have to follow the court's rules.
That means I am to escort you.
Sit still, witness.
You have to be sworn in first.
BOY: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? - GIRL: Yes.
- MAN: Tell the court what did you see? GIRL: Her sneaker was full of blood.
MAN: What was the cause of death? GIRL: Holes punched in her stomach.
Her head was bashed against a rock quarry stone.
And in your professional opinion, Coroner, how would you categorize this murder? Was it a crime of passion? The wounds on the body were deep and red, so we believe the murderer was someone she knew.
Could it have been someone in her family? Maybe.
We can test the blood for that.
Or maybe it was her best friend.
MOLLY: I'm I'm looking for someone.
Go on with your testimony.
I don't care about your your game, okay? - Sit down.
- Just tell Derek I'm here.
If you want what you came for, then sit down! I won't tolerate any further interruptions.
I will have order in this court.
- The court appreciates - MOLLY: Where are your parents? They're out drunk.
Our moms are out drunk, but our daddies are at Shawshank.
- All of them? - JUDGE: You understand that you are on trial for murder? Yes, Your Honor.
You understand that these charges carry the penalty of death? - It wasn't me.
- Say "Not guilty" if it wasn't you.
I'm not guilty, Your Honor.
But the person who murdered is in this courtroom.
- JUDGE: Point to him.
- What is this? MOLLY: Okay, I don't know what this is, but somebody take me to Derek right now.
Appeal denied! What does the jury say? ALL: Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! - Guilty! Guilty! - Order! - Guilty! - Order! [pounds gavel] You are remanded to the death house.
- Let go of me.
- I'm Derek.
The kids don't know about the Oxy, just pretend you're still playing the game.
Sixty for three pills.
And I want to see your tits.
Fuck you.
I'll give you 100 for ten.
Okay? [siren approaching] Fuck! - [siren continues] - DEREK: Fucking cops.
[siren continues] MAN: Duffle bag containing one collapsible walkin' stick, one Bible, two rubber kitchen gloves - couple of Moon Pie wrappers.
- Moon Pies? Little going-away present for himself.
That's everything that was in the warden's car? - No note? - And about 30 gallons of water.
Couple of trout.
- Where'd you send the DNA? - DNA? - You didn't take samples? - For a suicide? Listen, you gotta test the rubber gloves.
Everything that was in the vehicle.
Little cop wisdom for ya: Suicides solve themselves.
I appreciate that, I do, but I'm actually looking for my client's DNA? The one Lacy kept in a bear cage? If you say so.
Well, fine.
Court order it is.
Practically everybody in this county's got family workin' at that prison.
I'm sure Janice at the courthouse will make it her top priority.
Hey, Carl.
The real estate queen is demanding her own cell.
They're havin' a cat fight down there.
Fuck her.
[police radio chatter] [shuts and locks door] HENRY: Sounds like you had quite a night.
Wanna tell me what happened? MOLLY: Not really.
Booking officer said you'll pay a fine.
I'm not sure what impound charges are in 2018.
Then there's my fee.
I'm only 700, but you can probably talk me down to a Grand Slam breakfast.
We can't do this.
- What? - I am more than happy to compensate you for your time.
Thank you.
I Maybe you have some kind of payment plan I'm sorry, did I miss something? I have a medical condition.
I feel things.
- People do that.
- No.
I feel things that other people are feeling.
And some people are louder than others.
Okay, you know when you get a song stuck in your head, and you can't think about anything else what you were doing five minutes ago, what you wanted for dinner all you can think about is the fucking Bee Gees, or whatever.
When we were kids, you were that song for me.
And I'm not saying you're a bad song.
You're obviously a very handsome song, and charming and smart and you dress better than the rest of the songs in this town, - but - Yesterday you barely - remembered my name.
- That was a lie.
I was lying.
Things happen when we're together, - When we're - and it can be overwhelming.
And sometimes I can lose track of myself, and I cannot afford to do that again.
I had a very important day today.
I signed a five-year lease on the mill downtown.
I had a whole plan, whole plan, and I was supposed to go on Local Color this morning to talk about it.
- The TV show? - Yes.
You know, and then I spend five minutes with you, and the next thing you know, I'm a jail cell with some prostitute who can unhinge her jaw like a python What time were you supposed to be on TV? Like ten, but I was supposed to be there at nine for the - [Henry whistles] - for the HENRY: Hey.
Right here.
We gotta get a cab.
- Local Color? - Yeah, over there.
HENRY: Yeah, I can hold.
Hey, David, thanks for returning my call.
You are not gonna believe what's going on up here.
We're two degrees from the state of nature.
Kept him in a cage! Yeah, yeah, like a circus type.
No charge, no trial, no arrest.
And habeas isn't proof.
He said "This, don't pretend if it doesn't exist.
" No, no, I wouldn't put it past them.
That's why I'm calling you.
It's L-A-C-Y.
[overlapping disembodied voices] - MAN: Five minutes to air! - [voices continue] HENRY: history of irregular activities PROGRAM HOST: An old adage goes, "If you want something done, ask a busy person.
" No one these days is busier than real estate agent Molly Strand.
I believe she's the go-getting gal Castle County needs in its revitalization HENRY: We're two degrees from the state of nature.
Kept him in a cage! [no audio] [no audio] HOST: She understands the importance of collaboration new vision, embraces tech, job opportunities, and, oh, those ethnic fusion restaurants.
Mm-mm! Molly, why don't you go ahead and tell us what we're looking at? Sorry, I, um HOST: Well, the town's future's so bright she has to wear shades.
Can I get a cup of coffee, please? HOST: You've made a beautiful diorama depicting the hamlet known as Castle Rock, although it's grown a pedestrian mall.
- Uh-oh.
- MOLLY: Obviously, the economy's not what it used to be, but our downtown core still has great bones.
Some folks might question whether Castle Rock requires such a radical transformation.
Now, what would you say to neighbors who, well, like things the way they are? [overlapping voices] You're his lawyer, he asked for you.
HOST: Molly? I'd tell them to wake the fuck up.
- Ho! - There's a young man right now in a cell at Shawshank State Prison whose constitutional due process was never respected, who was locked in a tiger cage, no trial, no arrest, and this is just the latest in a pattern of abuses by our local authorities that stretches back decades.
So, yes, I think Castle Rock is ready for a little change.
- Uh - MAN: Cut to commercial.
WOMAN: And we're clear.
HENRY: Truth is, this guy could actually have a record, so ordinarily I wouldn't have gone to the press.
Risky, but I guess we'll off-road.
Listen, I don't know how you know all that about my client, but I appreciate you trying to help.
I know.
HENRY: Well, it was good to see you.
MOLLY: You too.
[phone chiming] - [walkie-talkie chatter] - [door buzzes] [door unlocks] [door buzzes] [door buzzes] Mr.
Do you remember that old toothpaste commercial "You never get a second chance to make a first impression"? I think we got off on the wrong foot.
I'll be honest, I was surprised to get your call.
Didn't think anyone watched cable access anymore.
The press might not be so good for your client.
I'm sure you know.
Finally acknowledging my client exists, then.
It's the maximum settlement under state law.
For wrongful conviction, which this isn't.
This is kidnapping.
Also, "Plaintiff shall hold harmless prime contractor, all directors, officers and employees.
" This isn't a settlement.
It's an indemnification.
The actions of one rogue ex-employee don't reflect the values of Northeast Correctional or its shareholders.
Throwing the old warden under the bus.
Where you throw dead perverts.
This is a turnkey solution.
He signs the NDA, he walks away with more than he'll make in his lifetime.
We both know that the longer he stays in here, the longer we have to prove that he's not just some victim.
In my experience, there aren't a lot of victims on the inside, no matter how they got here.
- Hmm.
- What? The commercial.
It was dandruff shampoo.
Let's see what he says.
[door buzzes, opens] [footsteps approach] You're Deaver? HENRY: Are you okay? Physically? Has anyone threatened you? Hey.
I want you to listen.
I'm your lawyer now, and your lawyer is telling you that we have a brand-new strategy.
From this moment, you want to keep saying my name, great, just don't tell anyone yours.
If you've got no name, you've got no charge, no crime, no story.
As crazy as that may seem, that's the best thing you have going for you.
So I won't ask, and you don't tell.
You understand? Has it begun? Our new game plan starts now.
Okay? Okay? Okay.
There's an offer on the table.
The prison wants to cap punitive damages in exchange for letting you walk.
I say we employ the tried-and-true legal strategy of "Go fuck yourself.
" Sounds better in Latin.
In about a week, a circuit court judge is gonna hear our habeas request.
There'll be about half an hour of witness testimony, and then you're gonna walk out of that courthouse a free man.
They day after, we file for civil damages, and when that's over, you're gonna own the whole damn county.
Turn this place into your boat garage.
- Boats? - [chuckles] That's right.
How many years old are you? Thirty-nine.
Do you hear it now? [door buzzes, opens] GUARD: Time's up.
Let's go.
Come on.
[locks door] Hello? Oh, God, what a disaster.
[sighs] Hello? [glass crunches] [gasping] No! No! Stay away! Stay away! Fuck! Behold, I will tell you a mystery.
[screaming] No! [panting] [music playing]