Castle Rock (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

The Box

Warden Lacy, he told me he had always thought the Devil was just a metaphor, but now he knew the Devil was a boy.
Shit! There's an offer on the table.
The prison wants to cap punitive damages in exchange for letting you walk.
I say we employ the tried-and-true legal strategy of "Go fuck yourself.
" I adopted a black son.
It's me.
I'm Henry.
'Course you are.
- Where is he? - Who? - My father.
- They moved him to a yard up in Bangor by the airport.
Henry Matthew Deaver.
Big mess with the state police when he was a kid, pulled some stunt, ran away from home people thought somebody took him.
No frostbite.
You been inside somewhere? Henry? Henry, where'd you go? Where'd you go, son? Would it kill you to smile? It's downright roomy in here now that you got the place to yourself, huh? Oh, your, um, your lawyer friend filed some papers in district court.
We'll see how that goes.
See, we're the biggest employer in the county.
We got a lot of friends, too.
It's really too bad you didn't take our deal.
Mind if I sit? You know, we're a subsidiary of a big multinational.
Private security, combat solutions.
I spent eight months in the sandbox after they pulled Saddam out of his hole.
We were on cleanup duty all the old-timers that weren't ready to see Saddam go.
We had this one guy, Republican Guard, no name, just like you, everybody thought he was mute.
So what we did is we fed him his own teeth.
Real slow.
Clean Plate Club.
And by the time we got to his molars he had a name.
List of other names, too.
He has a name.
What? He has a name written on him which no one knows except himself.
He's clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and his name is called the Word of God.
Back up.
Hey, I said back the fuck up.
Hey! Lieutenant! Lieutenant! So, you've got a hearing scheduled.
Who's the judge? Not assigned yet.
- This your only tape? - Damn thing's stuck in there.
These liberals just don't get it.
In fact, let's just - Better? - call them socialists once and for all and be done with it.
And we, the taxpayers foot the bill What you want to do is, skip rows A through C that's just chockablock still-births.
Keep on goin' down till you see row T.
Your father is there.
Once I find it, what do I do? I need a John Handcock from the original signatory.
Beautiful spot you picked out here.
This whole thing's fuckin' pointless, if you ask me.
My father deserves better than this landfill.
He should be at his church.
When are they gonna deliver him? They've got a week.
I'll be gone in a week.
Right after the hearing.
Your mother'll miss you.
- I'm taking her with me, Alan.
- What? There's a facility.
Not too far away, in Houston.
- Facility? - A home.
Elder care.
Castle Rock's her home.
She's my responsibility, not yours.
I'll marry her.
Make it legal.
She barely knows what year it is.
You gonna sign the marriage license for her too? - Fuckin' ungrateful.
- What's that? Ungrateful? For what? For pulling me out of the woods? Let me ask you something.
What were you doing out in those woods that morning, anyway? The day you found me, wh what were you doing out there? My job.
I had been missing since Christmas.
Eleven days, presumed dead.
Lucky for you I didn't see it that way.
Fuck that Gary Cooper shit, Alan.
You were out there for her.
My mother.
How long has it been going on with you two, anyway? - Thirty years? - Leave it alone.
Maybe that's why you sent him up here.
Did he know? About you two? Help me! Please.
In the name of mercy, help me.
You're not one of them.
There he is.
It's the missing person.
I would have called 9-1-1, but you're it.
We stopped off at my trailer after we got back.
- "We"? - Yeah.
- Henry and me.
- Oh! Well, I'm glad you're both makin' the effort.
How'd you get him in the boat? He's not exactly an outdoorsman.
No, we weren't fishin'.
We drove up north to Augusta.
You remember.
Yeah, 'course I do.
You know the Bonsans out on Pine? They lit out for Georgia last month.
Had enough New England winter.
Del Bonsan never shovels his own walk.
I don't know.
Might be nice.
Go someplace warm, I mean.
Where we don't have to fight so hard.
I like fightin'.
I thought I'd ask Henry about Houston.
Maybe you'd like to be closer to your boy.
Fine right where I am, thank you.
I'd rather just fall in my traces.
Like the skjaldmaen.
Okay, like the skjald Shield-maidens.
From the sagas.
Fearsome warriors.
I love it when you talk Viking to me.
The prison offered 300,000.
Dollars? And they just let him go? - You're not taking it? - Nah.
Take their money, you gotta take their version of the story.
And just like that, it goes from being a kidnapping to a clerical error.
- Kidnapping? - Mm-hmm.
Nothing else to call what they did to that kid.
But, I mean, people thought maybe you'd been kidnapped, right? Do you think that's why you came back? Because it reminded you.
You okay? You know, you'd make a good lawyer.
It's just you kinda went somewhere.
Oh, I've just been having these, uh I really don't know what to call it, these little daydreams.
Well, I, uh, I see things sometimes, too.
Well, shit.
I guess there's something in the water over on North Prospect, huh? What do you see? It's hard to explain.
Um pictures from the past people.
Guilty just for daydreaming.
What in the world do you have to feel guilty about, Molly Strand? Yeah, there's actually there is something I think I should tell you Hey.
There you are.
How'd you know I'd be here? Well, you weren't home, so just process of elimination.
I I need to talk to you.
I'll just be a minute.
Hey, yeah.
Know I used to work here, in high school? - Six twenty-five an hour.
- Listen, Dennis, until the hearing, you really don't want people seeing us together, okay? All right.
I just Look.
- What's this? - Had to draw it from memory 'cause the fucking cages are gonna be sank at the bottom of the Atlantic, most likely.
Looked like that, though.
Come on, it's evidence.
Listen, listen, Lacy Lacy's the tip of the fuckin' Ice Capades here.
The other night I saw one of our LTs blind a prisoner with delousing powder on purpose.
The place is You don't know what it's like hearin' those doors lock behind you.
I didn't even see it until I found that fuckin' tank, but I'm a I'm a prisoner in there too.
And the jury needs to see what's happening in there.
- But there is no jury.
- What? It's a hearing.
There's a judge.
No jury.
And we need to focus on the facts of this case.
You get emotional, you're gonna seem like a disgruntled employee.
I am a fucking disgruntled employee.
You cannot be a disgruntled employee at the hearing.
One week.
I'll see you there.
All right.
You know how they always say that Castle Rock has some kind of luck? Not really luck, though, is it? Bad shit happens here 'cause bad people know they're safe here.
How many times can one fuckin' town look the other way? What'd I do?! What'd I do?! That ain't right.
He didn't even say it, man.
Hey, bro.
Goin' up top, Gray.
Cover for me.
As soon as I testify, we're both gettin' out of this shithole.
There's a whole world beyond these walls.
You see those cameras? I got eyes on you.
You M-Make a fist out of your hand, like that.
Yeah, like that, and bump it against mine.
Yeah, that's good.
Be all right.
Smiling is cheaper than plastic surgery, you know that? They're just outside here.
They want to bring in their delivery.
They're at the loading dock.
They want to know if they should bring it up now.
Hey, Mom.
Oh! Alan had a good day.
Three brookies.
You know, he gets 'em for me 'cause he thinks I like trout.
Truth is, I just like gutting 'em.
Did you ever hear the name Vince Desjardins? Lived out on Remo Road? Yeah.
"The gardens.
" Still have a little of my French.
What do you remember about him? People used to say they were Nazis, hidin' out in the forest like that.
But you know how folks talk.
They used to say Esme Howard was a Satanist just because she slaughtered her own pigs.
Are they still around? Hmm, let me think.
As I recall, his wife died in childbirth.
Baby too.
And then it was just him.
Peculiar man.
Vince has a felony conviction.
Late eighties.
Record's sealed, but he got released from prison less than a month before I disappeared.
You know what I'll do? I'll smoke 'em.
Give 'em away for the holidays.
Where did you think I was those 11 days? Why didn't we ever talk about it? Damn it, Mom, look at me.
You want to talk? Okay.
Let's talk about you sending me off to to fuckin' Texas.
That's what you and Alan talked about up in Augusta, isn't it? Well, I may be old, but I'm not stupid, Henry Deaver.
This is my home.
I'll leave it in a box.
Don't you try to take me to Texas.
Don't you dare.
Well, better get this cleaned up.
So, the living space is just under 3,000 square feet.
Plus, you could finish the basement and turn it into a mother-in-law suite.
- My husband's mother's dead.
- Thank God.
It's certainly priced to sell.
As you can see, the the backyard showcases all native flora.
Actually, dandelions came over on the Mayflower.
- Gordon teaches history.
- Oh.
I like to say, "History teaches me.
" He says that constantly.
- Where do you teach? - Des Moines.
Well, we're looking for a change of pace.
And you picked Castle County.
- It's nice hard water.
- Mm-hmm.
Um Double-pane.
You'll appreciate that come January.
- Is that a? - Cremains.
It was in the freezer.
He didn't kill himself in the house.
Technically, we don't have to disclose since nobody died on the property.
I mean, a serial strangler died in my house, and I sleep like a baby.
Look, there is a lot of history in this town.
Not all of it good.
But there's no Masshole summer tourists in Castle Rock.
The average cost of a three-bedroom is 39% lower than the next zip code over, and as soon as Main Street is redeveloped, property values are gonna shoot through the roof! Which, by the way, was just reshingled last year.
Would they consider including the art? That's Castle Lake, isn't it? Hello? Hello? Shop's closed.
Come back tomorrow.
You live here? Not from the IRS, are you? Technically this is my place of business.
When did you buy it? If you don't mind me asking.
I inherited it from my brother.
All right, you drove all this way what the hell.
You look like a three! What? Gave, uh, Sonny Liston a high-and-tight after the prize fight in Lewiston.
Used to be colored barbers for colored, white for white.
But we all got follicles, hmm? You want a Dr Pepper? Is your name Desjardins? Josef.
Your brother was Vince Desjardins? You're not here for a high-and-tight.
Your brother had a criminal record, a felony.
I assume you know that.
I tried to track down the case file, but Just the thumb and forefinger.
Far as I know.
W-What? He took the pointer and the thumb clean off, for a loss claim.
Paid out, let's see, 270,000 before they caught him.
Insurance fraud? That's the felony? What's this all about, anyway? There was an incident.
Boy went missing out at Castle Lake.
Less than a mile from here.
It's you.
The Deaver boy.
Come with me.
- January 1991.
- Yeah.
These are Why do you have my police file? I hold onto things.
Called the county clerk, they said these were destroyed.
They wound up in Pat Kelly's basement.
She thought it was a shame, all that history lost.
Then Pat's pipes burst, papers wound up at the dump.
I saved them.
- Did he have a dog? - Who? Your brother.
When he lived here.
That wooden crate out back.
Vince never lived here.
You said you inherited the house.
Well, he owned it, technically.
Moved south when his sentence was commuted.
I live here.
Always have.
I can see the little boy in your face.
I never did get my bones back.
- What bones? - Vince's.
- Thumb and forefinger.
- You kept them? Yeah.
They saw the bones floating in the jar, thought: "So strange, so suspicious.
" "Run the tests," I told 'em, "You'll see.
They're Vince's.
" You've heard of radio carbon-dating? They can take the finger bone, tell you when it got lopped off the hand down to the minute.
Because of the bomb tests in Nevada filled the atmosphere with carbon-14, and we've been breathing it in ever since.
God's perfect clock.
Why did you save my file? I wanted to see what they said about me, of course.
Pounding on my door making insinuations, taking my bones.
You know I never touched you.
Deaver, Matthew.
Church of the Incarnation.
Take off your shoes! You know your father won't abide any click-clacks in the house.
Went out to Remo Road today.
By the lake? Yeah, I know where it is.
Spoke with Josef Desjardins.
I thought you were here on business.
He had the case file from when I went missing in a box under his bed.
- That's strange.
- Yeah, I thought so too.
He didn't have an alibi for the day my dad fell.
For most of the week, in fact, according to your report.
Man lived out in the middle of the damn woods.
There were a lot of alibis to go around out there.
You did a search of his house.
Just you.
No forensic team, no dogs.
I'm sure you can see where I'm going, Alan.
No, I'm not sure I can.
Guess I'm trying to figure out why you didn't do your fuckin' job.
Or we could just cut the shit, 'cause I'm gettin' pretty goddamn tired of it.
What the fuck are you talking about? I know, Henry.
I've always known.
- He told me.
- Who? The day before he died, right up there in that room.
- My father? - He was half-dead, but still awake.
Had that fuckin' tube down his throat, so he wrote it out for me on a goddamn bank slip.
All capital letters.
"Henry did it.
" - What? - Just the two of us in that room.
Next morning, the good Reverend is dead.
Of course I had to look like I was doing my fuckin' job.
Gin up a theory or two, keep the D.
guessin', make sure he didn't get the balls to charge with everybody lookin' at you the way they did.
That's a lie.
Fuckin' unbelievable.
This is about my mother, isn't it? - And the home.
- "Home.
" You're gonna dump her in a parking lot for half-wits, and you call that a home.
You're just a bitter old man.
You're the one dug up Desjardins.
I'm just out here trying to keep this fuckin' fence from fallin' down.
He was half-dead, but still awake.
Henry did it.
Next morning, the good Reverend is dead.
A little kid, call him a goddamn killer? Maybe I did it.
My father.
Out at the lake.
Pangborn said that Back then, did I ever say anything about Whatever happened it wasn't your fault.
You were just a kid.
I I shouldn't be here.
I should have never come back to this place.
Come on.
It's Dennis, but you already knew that if you're calling me.
Hey, Dennis.
Henry Deaver.
Listen, uh there's been a change of plans.
Hey, Dennis.
Henry Deaver.
Listen, uh, there's been a change of plans.
I can't stay in town.
Things have gotten complicated for me.
There's some family matters, and I need to leave as soon as possible.
Best thing for everyone is, we take the settlement offer so he gets out, then I can get back to Houston tomorrow.
I know you were ready to go to court, and I know there are other problems in that prison before today.
We just gotta get that kid out of If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands.
Open 13.
Sit the fuck d I want to testify.