Castle Rock (2018) s01e05 Episode Script


1 HENRY: I'll be gone in a week.
Your mother'll miss you.
- Taking her with me, Alan.
- What? She barely knows what year it is.
Take off your shoes.
You know your father won't abide any click-clacks in the house.
ALAN: They call it sundownin'.
Nights are hard for your mom.
ALAN: Warden Lacy, he told me the Devil was a boy, and old Dale said he caught him.
Had locked the Devil in a box.
LACY: To put an end to all the horrors we've seen, that's what God told me.
How long ago was this? ALAN: Don't let that fuckin' kid out.
Is it time to call Pruitt? Hey! I can be your lawyer if you want me to be.
But you have to say it.
ZALEWSKI: We're both gettin' out of this shithole.
[door unlocking] [alarms ringing] - Sit the fuck - [gunshot] [explosion] WOMAN: I'm gonna read you a list of five words.
I'm gonna ask you to repeat them in any order.
Once now, and then again in a few minutes.
You ready? Boat, family, church, dog, white.
Boat, white, church dog family.
[machine whirring] [beeping] [machine clacking, vibrating] [door opens] WOMAN: You okay? Yeah.
I'm not supposed to tell you this, but your scan looks clear.
To me.
Doctor Green will walk through your results.
So, what is it? Do you listen to loud music in your earbuds? It could just be tinnitus.
- Do you hear it right now? - Comes and goes.
Used to bother me when I was a teenager.
Where you from? I know you're not a Texan.
New Yorker.
That's nice.
Flat houses, snow on Christmas.
[chuckles] Yeah.
Not exactly.
You get back there much? No.
I guess everyone thinks they grew up in the worst place on earth, huh? [sirens wail] MAN: Five days after the massacre, we still have so few answers.
Why did the much-liked corrections officer unleash on his fellow guards? Along with the shocking [voice fades] WOMAN: privatizing of the prison, along with the suicide of its beloved warden, the tragedies at Shawshank keep piling up.
MAN 2: In other news, the wildfires continue to spread across Black Mountain, engulfing as many as 200 acres.
Firefighting teams from across the state are pitching in, but the residents of dozens of houses between Castle View and Castle Lake have already been evacuated.
[sirens wail] I know.
I already had a hearing scheduled.
They pushed it three weeks after That's what I'm trying to tell Look, look I-I left two messages with the judge.
I have a client who's stuck in Shawshank, and I Hello? - Fuck! - [distant shouting] Sorry, Father.
- Thanks for coming down.
- Yeah, sorry for the delay.
Um I spoke to the cemetery, they said they should have a plot for my dad ready by tomorrow.
That's not why I called.
[water dripping] It's called exploding casket syndrome.
Uh, when there's no oxygen to dehydrate the contents, the casket becomes a pressure cooker.
Wouldn't think remains this old would be susceptible, but, maybe when they resealed the casket for transport - [Henry grunts] - Are you all right? [muffled explosion] [muffled gunshot] [muffled] Of course, with the recent trouble at Shawshank, there is a bit of a queue, if you still want a service.
MAN [on speaker phone]: Let me understand this.
You found the Count of Monte Cristo in a septic tank.
He asks for his lawyer, lawyer shows up, you stiff-arm the guy to cover your ass, one of our own guards doesn't like this miscarriage of justice, not one bit, so he does the only logical thing and pumps two clips into his coworkers.
And voila! Our very own Times alert.
And yeah, I'd like to take a moment of silence, mourn the dead, be human for a change, I really would, but I can't because I'm so busy getting fucked in the ass by your incompetence.
I don't care if you make him vanish into thin air like Harry fuckin' Houdini, I don't care if you bury him under the yard or buy him a ticket to Mallorca whatever happens in there, however it gets handled, I knew nothing.
The board knew nothing.
And if things go wrong, Theresa, there's always room under the bus for one more rogue employee.
[phone disconnects] - [alarm chimes] - AUTOMATED VOICE: Front door open.
ALAN: Who the fuck's that? HENRY: New system.
So we can keep an eye on Mom.
Both doors are rigged.
Had to get creative with the cameras.
Four upstairs and four down.
As soon as I'm done at Shawshank, I'm leaving.
Meantime, we can both keep an eye on her with a smartphone app.
Listen, until we figure out the long-term situation, I need to know she's safe.
Why not just put a chip in her, like a golden retriever? [phone chimes] Hello? Wait, what? How soon? NARRATOR: Three challenges will face you, the newly paroled, as you reenter society.
What do I do? Where will I live? And, finally, who will I be? The good news is, you can be almost anyone you want to be if you adapt to your new surroundings.
You will face questions about your time in prison.
When you meet a potential employer, a potential landlord, or even a new friend, don't be afraid to reframe your narrative.
The person you were when you went in, that's not the person walking out today.
You can tell your own story, be your own hero, choose the life you want to live.
I'm Lou Hadley, who are you? [door buzzing] [distant siren wails] Look at that.
Free man.
[chatter, laughter] There's a burn on Black Mountain.
State uses inmates during fire season.
Why don't we Why don't we start from scratch? I'm Henry.
I'm I'm just asking your name.
[theme music playing] "Make thee an ark of gopherwood, and this is the fashion thou shalt make it of.
" So I built my ark and when his voice came into my dreams for six nights in a row, he told me exactly where he would stand at the quarry.
The reason, the stain, the curse on our town, dragging evil behind you everywhere you went.
And when I brought you down here, I was on fire with the Holy Spirit, righteous, and so strong.
And-and you looked you looked so small next to my faith.
And now now you still look small.
But I look old.
I am old.
After all these years, I still don't know what you really are or if I did the right thing.
Do you remember that crazy story you told me your first night in here? Face.
No face.
WOMAN: Pure retrograde amnesia.
No sign of impairment to the short-term memory or structural damage to the brain.
A purely emotional phenomenon.
Now I'm going to read you a list of five words, I'm going to ask you to repeat them to me in any order.
Ready? Face, velvet, church, family, red.
Face, velvet, red, church, family.
So, uh how do you treat it? There's no magic bullet.
Sometimes it's a gradual process, other cases, you put someone back in their own home with their own junk and it's just like flipping a light switch.
Best medicine's to get him home.
Restore the context, restore the memories.
But don't push it.
These things take time.
Oh, no, no.
No, I'm just his lawyer.
I brought him here so you all could take care of him.
Well, we're not an inpatient facility.
I could pull some strings at Juniper Hill, might be able to get him a bed by Monday.
By Monday? What's he supposed to do until Monday? [whirring] MOLLY: So the bathroom is back that way, there's no shower, just don't drink the water.
HENRY: You should really stay in here this weekend, okay? Nobody in town knows you're out.
Let's keep it that way.
I don't think this is a good idea.
I appreciate you trying to help, but He needs a place to sleep, and I've got one.
Look, we have no idea who he is.
He could be the Bangor Strangler.
First of all, you made that up.
Second, you're the one who got him out of prison.
Yeah, because I believe in due process.
Doesn't mean I want him bunking up with my friend.
[exhales] Listen, I'll feel a whole lot better once he's out of your hair.
And I'm out of this town.
I'm gonna drive him up to the hospital tomorrow and check on that wait-list.
[door opens] - [alarm beeps] - ALARM: Front door open.
[door closes] Ruth, you shouldn't have waited up for me.
Where in God's name have you been? He's got a fever.
You're gonna kill him out there.
Ruthie Let me take you back to bed.
Everything's gonna be fine.
You're just having a bad night.
Something terrible's gonna happen.
[bell rings] SHIRLEY TEMPLE: The grocer is so big and fat He has a big moustache He looks just like a walrus Just before he takes a splash Animal crackers in my soup Monkeys and rabbits, loop the loop Gosh, oh, gee, but I have fun Swallowing animals one by one In every bowl of soup I see Lions and tigers watching me I make 'em jump right through a hoop Those animal crackers in my soup When I get hold of the big bad wolf I push him under to drown Then I bite him in a million bits And I gobble him right down When they're inside me SMALL CROWD: Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday, dear Gordy Happy birthday to you - ANGELA: Yay! Good job! - DAD: Yay! Nice job, buddy.
Big brother's birthday! Look.
Ready? ANGELA: All right.
Now, do you want an end piece or GORDY: End piece, please.
- ANGELA: Ready? - DAD: There you go, buddy.
- DAD: Open your presents? - GORDY: Yes! - DAD: I wonder - ANGELA: Of course you do, - because I bought it.
- Jesus, Angela, not in front of the kids.
GORDY: Mommy, don't get mad today.
- DAD: Yeah, Mommy.
- ANGELA: I'm sick of this.
- Gordy, open your presents! - GORDY: Mom! DAD: Go to your room, Gordy.
Your mom and I have to talk.
Gordy, open your present.
- [clatter] - [baby crying] - DAD: There! It's open now! - ANGELA: Daddy opened it.
DAD: A baseball glove! How fuckin' original, Mommy! - Go to your room, Gordy.
- ANGELA: Don't touch me.
DAD: You're the one who has to make today about you, huh? - ANGELA: Just shut up.
- DAD: Or what, Angela?! - What are you gonna do? - [chairs scraping] I'll stuff this fuckin' cake down your throat.
- GORDY: No, Daddy! - ANGELA: I'm gonna kill you some day.
DAD: Why not today? Huh? Happy birthday, son.
ANGELA: Say it again, I'll cut you open right now, - you son of a bitch.
- DAD: Why not today? - [shouting, screaming] - [glass breaking] - [baby crying] - ANGELA: Gordy, run! - [angry shouting] - ANGELA: Get off me! [shouting, screaming continues] - [stabbing] - [violent pounding] - [screaming] - [fighting continues] - [baby crying] - [woman moaning] [baby screeching] TV: As the blaze continues to engulf more and more acres of forest, Castle County Fire Department still can't explain how it began or why traditional methods to extinguish the fire aren't working.
The unusually quick spread has many convinced it's a harbinger of much worse to come.
And now, back to the hits you love.
[big band music plays] Lady on the internet said they were made by Vikings, - so I figured - [gasps] Oh! The Lewis chessmen? Oh! You know, the originals, they were carved out of walrus ivory by the wife of a priest, Margret the Adroit.
You're still the smartest person I know.
Well, smart enough to know what you're up to.
- [dog panting] - Come on, girl.
Come on.
What else did the internet teach you? Chess is good for the demented brain? [door closes] [bell rings] [light thumping] Hello? Hello? [sniffs] [sighs] [grunts] The rabbit goes into the hole.
No, the fox chases the rabbit.
Oh, please.
What's the difference? One's a carnivore, the other's breakfast.
God, I haven't had a tie on since the day I turned in my badge.
You're so sweet.
It's not sweet I can't tie my tie.
- It's arthritis.
- [chuckles] Oh, the speech.
You tossed and turned all night.
That's what kept you up.
There's no shame in it, Alan.
Stage fright'll jelly up anyone, even an Adonis like you.
You'll do fine, you'll do fine.
- Just picture me naked.
- [laughing] ALAN: God, I love you.
Uh [clears throat] I, uh, just need to borrow the car a few hours.
Oh, sure.
You can take it after Alan's ceremony.
- I wasn't planning on going.
- It's okay, he doesn't have to.
I wasn't askin'.
Now, before we get started, please join me in a moment of silence for our fallen heroes at Shawshank.
- I wanna testify.
- [gunshot] [ringing] Thank you.
Well Pangborn Bridge.
Get used to the sound of that.
Here's a man who has served this county with honor for decades, who saw us through some of our most challenging times who never asked for anything in return, even when he faced his own tremendous challenges.
A man who epitomizes the very soul of the great town of Castle Rock.
A man that needs no introduction from me.
Alan Pangborn, everybody.
[audience clapping] I guess I oughta thank the wildfire for smoking you all out of your houses.
[mild laughter] Um I wanted to be a magician when I was a kid.
They always seemed to have a lovely assistant hanging around.
But, a magician has to tell a little story.
Something to distract you while they palm an ace off the deck.
I was never any good at that.
Never any good at the patter.
- And - [dog barking] [growling, barking] WOMAN: Quiet! ALAN: If I've done any good in this town - [clears throat] - [dog continues barking] If I've done any good, it's because of the gift of faith you people have given me.
- [dog barking] - ALAN: Good people.
I just hope I've left Castle County a little better - than I found it.
- [dog barking] Ruth? Ruth! [dog continues barking] Mom! [crowd gasping] [splashing] WOMAN: Oh, no! Somebody help! [splashing] [siren wails] [bell rings] Hey.
I'm back.
Hello? [sirens wail in distance] [sirens continue] Hey, I don't know where you are, but I thought I should tell you, the kid, um, wandered off.
So, call me when you get this.
JACKIE: Okay, so then the next-door neighbors got gassed in their house.
Just a freak accident, supposedly.
Cracked furnace case.
They all died in their sleep on Christmas Eve.
Shit you not.
[music playing] Lined up the body bags right on the lawn.
Plus the dog and cat.
This is before I was born.
Just like everything interesting that's ever happened here.
I mean, they say write what you know, but this town is so blah.
I mean, people bitch about the bad old days when there were, like, serial killers and psychopathic dogs, but I would give my left tit to go back there.
The eighties, man.
I had this uncle, though.
He was a writer, too.
And then, one winter, he just flipped his lid and tried to ax-murder his wife and kid at some fancy ski resort.
And my folks will never talk to me about it.
So I took his name just to piss them off.
My real name's Diane.
WOMAN: We have breaking news.
Less than an hour ago, a firefighting helicopter exploded near Castle Lake, killing the pilot and two firefighters onboard.
- They were attempting - JACKIE: This fucking lighter.
that originated on Black Mountain with flame retardant when the pilot - apparently lost control of the aircraft.
- [Jackie speaks indistinctly] This tragedy means five people have now died as a result of these powerful fires.
Multiple others are at County Hospital being treated for burns, many of whom are in critical condition.
It was all they had left in the machine.
[grunts] She's usually okay in the mornings.
[sighs] I bought her a ring in '91.
She said it'd be confusing to her boy.
And she didn't deserve it.
Eventually I quit asking and moved south.
[clears throat] Live free or die.
By the time I moved back, I figured we'd missed our shot.
I was an old fuck anyway.
Then I get a phone call.
Somebody heard gunfire up at your mom's place.
I wasn't sheriff, but folks still rang me up time to time.
Gunfire? What happened? Your mother came to the door looking like she'd been to hell and back, threw her arms around me, begged me, "Don't leave.
" [exhales] I thought I could keep her safe.
She's awake.
[knocking] Oh.
You gotta get back to them.
The naming.
I ruined the party.
ALAN: No, you didn't.
You didn't ruin anything.
It was the damn dog.
Nothing stays dead in this town.
[sighs] It's like I opened the book and all the pictures someone tore them out.
Rearranged them.
You know how it feels, don't you? To forget your own story.
[brakes squeal] I don't know what happened.
We were just shooting the shit.
Where is he? - [couple screaming] - [dog barking] - [baby crying] - [car strikes object] - [mysterious whispering] - [woman moaning] ZALEWSKI: We're both getting out Make a fist and bump it against mine.
MOLLY: I didn't know where you went.
I was I was worried about you.
- [dog barking] - [woman screaming] SHAWSHANK PRISONER: I shouldn't be here.
I should still be in the hole.
No, listen to me.
Warden Lacy was just a sick old man.
Whatever he said to you, it wasn't true.
- [panicked shouting] - [flames erupting] - [gunshot] - [indistinct speaking] LACY: the stain.
- You're just a kid.
- [screaming] - [baby crying] - [people screaming] - MARET: You okay? - HENRY Yeah.
Just I want Wendell to be able to remember her when she's gone, and I don't know how much longer she'll be able to recognize him.
I guess he could take a bus up there.
I really appreciate it, Maret.
- [beeps] - Front door open.
MOLLY: Henry.
I tried calling you.
I'm sorry, my phone is [sighs] It's a long story.
How did you get in? There's a key under the frog.
So I found him on top of the old shirt factory on, you know, I thought he was gonna jump.
[sighs] Had to give him an Oxy just to get him in the car.
He's still in there.
He's sleeping it off.
He feels wrong.
Well, thank you for getting him settled down.
I think maybe we just need to get some rest, and Okay.
Um, so I'm not explaining it right.
Um Everyone broadcasts at their own frequency.
Sometimes it's deafening, you know, like with you.
Sometimes it's so faint I can barely hear it.
But after years of this, I've heard it all.
With him, it's just it's like I was listening to the pain of everyone in this town all at once.
- [sighs] - Oh, you don't believe me.
No, no, no, I do.
I do.
I just Look, I don't know what to say to that.
Your right ear is ringing.
So loud you can barely hear yourself think.
You feel guilty about the clients you couldn't save, about those dead prison guards, about your mom, and your father, and your son, who barely has a father.
And you haven't eaten yet today.
I'm telling you, there is something wrong with that kid.
- [door opens] - Front door open.
Maybe you should stay here tonight.
Hmm? Come on.
HENRY: My dad spent a lot of time out here.
It's not the Ritz, but it has a pull-out.
At least it used to.
Make yourself at home.
Now you need anything you just cross the yard.
[plays single note] [plays simple melody] [plays classical cadence] [continues playing] You play piano.
That's somethin'.
It'll all come back to you before you know it.
[Alan grunts] A fuckin' bridge.
[splashes] RUTH: Well, I may be half bombed, but I coulda sworn ALAN: You're still the smartest person I know.
[Ruth and Alan laughing] [phone buzzing] ALAN: Hey, asshole.
Do you know who I am? Don't look at me like that, fucker.
You know me.
You remember.
[siren bleating] That's right.
I pulled him over in the middle of the night.
[banging, muffled shouting] Wear a badge long enough in this fuckin' county, guy with the Devil in his Lincoln doesn't sound half bug-shit crazy.
He asked me to trust him.
God help me, I did.
I used to dream about you.
I can't remember my own dead wife's face, but I never forgot yours.
Not for 27 fucking years.
Don't think I didn't wonder.
Should I let a monster drive off with a boy in his trunk? [muffled shouting] [banging on trunk from inside] Now I'm an old man, and you haven't aged one goddamn day.
Are you the Devil? No.
Then what the fuck are you?! I tried my best.
[clatter] I tried to keep the people of this town safe.
Where's it land you? You wait 30 years for the woman you love and finally you get her, and she slips through your fingers.
And here you are, fuckin' Rip Van Winkle.
Where's the justice in that? [cocks pistol] I asked you a fuckin' question.
I can help her.
You have no idea what's happening here, do you? [music playing]