Castlevania: Nocturne (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

Blood Is the Only Way

No longer shall we be trapped
on the edges of the world
in pitiful shadows.
The skies will break into obsidian black,
and my glory will cover the Earth.
And yes, she was once the humble girl
who they called mad.
But see?
She was the Messiah the whole time.
And now she has the blood of Sekhmet
in her veins.
All will see, and all will bow.
She stands here, not only as your queen,
but as your god.
Feast for your goddess! Drink! Dance!
Look at you.
I have some good news.
I know how you can secure
the Abbot's loyalty forever.
He has a daughter.
A daughter.
How delicious.
You'll have to speak to me
sooner or later.
You know there are stepping stones
right over there.
I know this is hard for you.
But if I would have told you,
everything would have changed.
People would have found out.
You would have been the whore's daughter.
I knew if he and I kept it secret,
we would keep you safe.
Maria, I loved him.
Perhaps if I had insisted
he stayed with us and been a father,
he wouldn't have
betrayed himself like this.
I don't know.
I'm sorry, Maria.
You're all right.
So, you can do magic now.
Yes. It happened
when I met my grandfather.
- I've got a lot to tell you.
- So have I.
Wait. You're wearing a headband.
Behold, the one before whom evil trembles,
Devourer of Light,
Taker of Souls, Vampire Lioness,
She Who Mauls, the Messiah of
Yes, charmed to meet you.
You're meant to bow.
Her Magnificence has heard much about you.
I'm flattered.
For a god to have heard of me.
A god should know
where all her dragons are.
Your voyage to Europe
has not been in vain.
I've been told about the nauseating
little revolution in the New World.
Watch how we will get them
to eat their own vomit here in France.
Then you will see how to deal
with your American upstarts.
The time for compromise is over.
We will not only extinguish
their dissent
But start an empire.
And once they see my beauty,
all will worship me.
Forgive me, but you want to
accomplish this through an alliance
with a man who will never worship you?
I'm a goddess.
Of course.
Bow, I said.
I will make the Abbot worship me.
Everyone has a weakness.
Once she conquers Europe,
you will be her guide into America.
And you will deliver it to me.
Your Messiah.
I told you to bow.
I should have told you about Juste.
It's all right. I understand.
He was kind of
Wounded? Withdrawn?
Bit of a dick.
Oh, yeah. Yes.
Annette, look.
Oh. You're back, are you?
Ah, shit.
Those were Edouard's?
Look, about everything
I just want to, uh, apologize
personally to you and swear I'll
I knew you'd be back.
I was more concerned than I wanted to be.
The muscles, huh?
There's so few of us left.
We're going to get Edouard out.
How did that happen?
A bunch of vampires tracked me,
hunted me down.
I don't know.
I was helpless, like I was a child again.
But we're not children anymore.
When I had nothing to hold onto,
and everything was gone,
I remembered the things
that make me who I am.
The hopes, the pain, and the shit.
The love in this house.
And, I suppose for the first time,
I really made a choice
about the kind of person I want to be.
A Belmont.
I left all six of them in a pile of ashes.
I won't let myself be afraid ever again.
But we are afraid.
It's not always bad.
It just means we have something to lose.
I suppose we'll be needing
a new plan, then.
Does he use all the mouths to eat?
We're concerned you still have limitations
on the number you can make.
Soon, we'll have
many more corpses for you.
Be assured you'll have enough.
If I may, Countess.
I've been thinking our first move
should be on the city of Nantes.
With that revolutionary stronghold gone,
we'll have a fortified position
from which to take Rennes.
And then, of course, onto Paris.
Before we make any plans,
Her Magnificence needs to know
she can trust you.
He's a man of God.
I am a god.
What will you give up
to prove your love for me?
What do you want?
What do you mean, "submission"?
Tomorrow, the Vampire Messiah
will come to the house of your God
to seal the alliance.
In blood.
A sacrifice?
Someone you love.
Your daughter, perhaps?
That would seal our union, wouldn't it?
A daughter? The Abbot has no daughter.
Men, led by their balls.
And now I have yours in my hand.
How did you
Prove your loyalty, Abbot.
What was she called again?
We should assume
we can't use the tunnels now.
I suggest two of us
attack the Abbey head-on.
Create a distraction.
Mm. Easy.
Maria, you and I go over the west wall
and through the orchard.
Can you use your birds
to fly us up to the tower window?
From there, we can work our way down.
We attack from both inside and outside
at the same time.
We will separate them out
by attacking at daybreak.
The vampires will be at the Château.
Only night creatures will be at the Abbey.
We will have the advantage
of sunlight and distance.
What will happen to my father?
He's made his choice.
My only question is how he's turning
those bodies into night creatures.
A Forgemaster usually has
a talisman or tool.
We need to find it.
He has a machine.
Annette, the road.
Maria, take the garden.
I'll take the back.
I'm ready for you now.
Don't make me have to fight you.
Why won't you face me?
Just make sure
you destroy the machine.
You do it!
Right now,
I can't be seen to be doing anything.
Besides, there's a need for a human hand
in the business of forgemastery.
This is why Erzsebet needs the Abbot.
And why you need us!
You expect me to trust my mother's killer?
I could have killed you
three times now.
Ironic, I think, for both of us,
that now I need a Belmont.
If you want to defeat Erzsebet,
you've no choice but to trust me.
There is always a choice.
Just read the fucking book.
He was telling the truth.
This is some sort of a guide
for the machine.
There are spells in here,
instructions the Abbot has been using.
If I can decode it, maybe I can find out
how to destroy the machine.
See here? It's written in Enochian.
The language of hell.
To you, O Lord, I call.
Hear the voice of my supplications,
when I cry unto thee.
And hide not thy face from thy servant.
For I am in trouble.
Hear me speedily,
when I raise my hands to thy holy oracle.
Lift up thy feet
unto the perpetual desolations.
They have defiled
the dwelling place of thy name.
Rise up, O God,
and defend your cause.
Though my steps
have well-nigh slipped.
O Lord, do not be silent.
I'm here to warn you.
There's going to be an attack.
You need to get out of here.
I don't want you to die.
I am safe in the House of God.
House of God?
This place is just a heap
of bricks and stone.
The Church is more than that, child.
Without it,
society loses its soul, its meaning.
It is the structure through which
morality itself is upheld.
The Church only upholds itself.
A power-hungry den of thieves
spreading intolerance and hypocrisy.
Happy to live on the backs of the poor
in their extravagant buildings,
rather than take on injustice.
But without God,
there's no justice of any kind.
No matter how complicated you make it,
evil is still evil.
Everything you're doing is built
on the blood of innocent people.
Sometimes blood is the only way.
If you ever cared about me,
you should leave with me now.
And maybe
maybe you can be my father.
I'm not going without you, old man.
Sweet, sweet Maria.
God has truly sent you.
Your sacrifice here
will send your soul to heaven.
Seize her.
We've got them!
We've got them!
What is it?
The machine cannot be destroyed.
It has been made in hell,
forged by a powerful, powerful evil.
And you're partying because?
Because even though
we can't destroy the machine,
it can be sent back to hell.
This book will enable me
to create a portal.
And then we just need you, Annette,
to use your powers
to push the machine through it.
So, we need to open a door to hell
to save everyone.
What could possibly go wrong?
The Abbot has Maria.
He's going to sacrifice her to Erzsebet.
Behold, the Devourer of Light!
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