Castlevania: Nocturne (2023) s01e08 Episode Script

Devourer of Light

I am Sekhmet.
Goddess of war.
Mistress of dread.
Lady of slaughter.
She who mauls.
What the fuck has happened to the sun?
It's an eclipse.
It's just the moon. It happens.
No. It's magic. It's Erzsebet.
Yes. The devourer of light
who will eat the sun.
She summons an eclipse,
plunges the world into darkness,
and gives her vampires eternal night.
Ugh. Shit.
While her Forgemaster, Abbot,
makes an army of night creatures.
But one thing at a time.
First, you blast his machine
right back to hell
while I rescue Maria.
Stand aside.
You're doing the devil's work.
Put down your swords and pray with me.
Pray to God for forgiveness.
We can end this madness.
Don't burn the place to the ground.
Good point.
And try not to reduce it to rubble.
"And God said, 'Take now thy son,
thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest,
and get thee into the land of Moriah'"
'"and offer him there
for a burnt offering.'"
"And Abraham
took the wood of the burnt offering,
and he took the fire in his hand,
and a knife."
"And Isaac said, 'My father.'
And he said, 'Here am I, my son.'"
It's not God you've surrendered to,
"And Abraham stretched forth his hand,
and took the knife to slay his son."
God spared Isaac.
Where is the ram, Tera?
Why didn't God
send a ram to die in her place?
The monsters you create
aren't serving God.
I'm sorry.
You're safe.
That's what matters.
You think this will save your church?
A pact with the devil?
The revolution will raze
all your churches to the ground
and salt the fucking earth.
That book does not belong to you.
This blasphemy will not go unpunished!
We can kill every one
of your pets, or you can surrender.
Let us do what we came here for.
It's you that should surrender.
There are powers at work here
of which you can only dream.
Yeah? Well, all I see
is a whole load of dead night creatures.
And dead monks.
And I haven't even broken a sweat.
Annette, go!
Blasphemy upon blasphemy.
Pray with me.
Pray to God for this horror to end.
You should have taken Maria and run.
I wish you'd stop talking.
Have you forgotten the eclipse?
Did you think it meant nothing,
the eating of the sun?
I thought it might just be for mood.
It is pretty spooky.
I warned you, Richter Belmont.
Oh, look.
The little girl and the boy who ran away.
- Let's break you out of this place.
- No.
My work here isn't finished, Annette.
I'm not ready to leave.
When I sing,
there's light in this darkness.
It touches souls.
But yours,
your work is down there.
There is evil everywhere.
Papa Legba! Papa Legba!
What is that noise?
One of his demons.
Apparently, they do that.
Make it stop.
You can't let her kill our daughter!
Emmanuel, please.
Turn your night creatures on her.
Fight her.
Together we can defeat her.
You're wasting your breath.
She defeated him long ago.
Everything I do is for God.
I don't want to kill her.
Did you think I wanted to kill her?
What primitive minds you people have.
It never ceases to shock me.
Of course, yes,
back in the mists of time,
longer ago than your primitive minds
can imagine,
when the Earth itself was young,
back then, I was honored many times
with human sacrifice.
A virgin, obviously.
Are you a virgin?
But no, I don't want to kill her.
On the contrary.
I'm going to give her eternal life.
We have to go back.
Coward! Let me go.
You can't fight Erzsebet.
Then you fight her.
You're the powerful vampire.
Not powerful enough.
She'll kill them!
If you go back, she'll kill you.
And I don't want you to die, Mizrak.
You wouldn't understand.
You're an animal
which lost its soul centuries ago.
I promised her paradise. Not this.
But this is even better.
Paradise on Earth.
Take me.
It has to be someone he loves.
- He loves me. Ask him.
- What are you doing?
Maybe he does.
The holy man,
tempted by sins of the flesh.
But it wouldn't be any old temptation,
no, no, no, no, no.
It would be something
worth risking damnation for.
But the virgin. Shouldn't I have a virgin?
I'm a Speaker. A sorceress.
I remember you.
You killed your own sister.
Think what a vampire I'll be.
Powerful. Devoted.
Mum, please!
Do you love her?
- I'm the ram, Emmanuel.
- What are you talking about?
- What are you doing?
- Do you love her?
God has given you the ram.
I love her with all my heart.
- No!
- Maria, don't!
You can't stay here.
Demons from hell don't scare me.
Warriors in arms,
family in hearts.
Get her out of here!
I promised you someone I love.
You have that.
Let the others go.
You need me. This is an alliance.
You can't crush the revolution without me.
Oh, yes.
You and your army of night creatures.
Though lots of them seem to be dead.
You need me.
Did you send the machine to hell?
You mean it was all for nothing?
We have to go. Now.
Where is Tera?
She wanted us to go.
We had no choice.
Did we?
You're not going to let them go, are you?
They're revolutionaries, Father.
We're here to crush them.
I thought we agreed about that.
I am Alucard
son of Dracula.
And if you fight me, you will die,
like thousands of vampires before you.
Who's Dracula?
Are you really Alucard?
I thought you were just a myth.
You must be Richter Belmont.
Complete with whip.
And on the brink of utter defeat.
I hope I'm not too late.
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