Casual (2015) s04e07 Episode Script

All About You

1 Shit.
What do you want for breakfast, Care Bear? Pancakes.
Mommy's not making pancakes.
How about some applesauce? Oops.
That's honest mistake.
I'm, uh, I'm very kissable.
- Yep.
- Can we just can we maybe not do this in your pantry/panic room? Totally.
Let's do it on a date.
- Smooth.
- Think about it.
We do everything backwards living together, sex, children.
A date is just the next step in our natural regression.
- I'm hungry.
- Uh, yeah, I'm coming.
Come on.
If you don't like it, I'll never ask again.
For at least two weeks.
You're not giving up, huh? Nope.
Okay, fine.
Just no beach bars, craft beer, or Hootie.
- Rae, I'm not a bro.
- You're a dad bro.
That's what happens when bros have kids.
Did you hit snooze or off? - Off.
- Really? Maybe I hit snooze.
Can we talk about setting realistic alarm goals? Huh? Like, if you wanna get up at 7:30, could you maybe not set the alarm for 6:45? Yeah, but I like to ease into my morning.
But I wake up and then I can't get back to sleep and then I move, and then you wake up, and you think it's intentional, and then my first feeling of the day is guilt.
Also, can we spend the night at my place, like, once in a while? 'Cause Malibu is so far away.
Of course.
I'm so sorry, okay? I didn't know about the alarm thing.
- Mm.
- All you had to do was ask.
Thank you.
All right, well, I'm up.
Let there be light.
Ova, turn up.
Good morning, John.
That is the word for when someone shows up at your door unexpectedly.
Um, I got you this.
It's stupid and small, which is coincidentally how I feel right now.
- How are things? - A little busy at the moment.
- Is that her? - No, it's my ex-girlfriend.
- Why? - I don't know.
- Is she tall? - Uh, no.
How about skinny? She's skinny, right? - She's - Uh, what's going on in there? Our fit model is a no show, and we have a critique tomorrow, and Henry's about to have an aneurysm.
Fuck it.
Does she have legs? If she has legs, I'll put her on a box.
I can stand on a box.
Pajama day.
That's fun.
I slept on your couch.
- Leia and I are splitting up.
- Very funny.
Hey, where do you take someone on a date when you actually care about them? This is all very new to me.
We're going to see a mediator.
Hopefully it'll be amicable.
Wait, seriously? Oh.
You two are the paradigm, the pinnacle The I can't think of another p word.
- But this feels wrong.
- Maybe it's right.
We moved so quickly that we didn't consider that we might have wanted different things.
So, what, you're just gonna find another woman and have a child with her? Maybe.
I don't know.
Worked for you.
- Leon.
- Oh, I'll be fine.
Go on, enjoy your date.
Take her somewhere that she likes.
No breathing.
You are one with the pin.
One with the pin.
Little breath in.
Yes, there we go.
And out.
This will work.
I think that if we pin in the back a little bit so that it's a little tighter.
The hardest thing will be shared assets.
Receipts help.
And if there are certain objects or pieces that you want, make it known.
You don't wanna move into your next place and realize you don't have your favorite chair.
I don't have a favorite chair.
- Me neither.
- I have a favorite plant.
You can keep the plant.
What about bank accounts? Anything in both your names? Just a checking account.
Cut it in half.
Easy peasy.
And you said no children? - No children.
- Great.
That makes this all very easy relatively.
Pew, pew, pew, pew.
- You guys heading out? - Let the mystery date begin.
It's gonna be fun.
We'll have fun.
There are kid snacks in the pantry if she gets hungry, but she'll probably just go down any minute.
I let her run around the park off leash.
Also, our phones will be off for a few hours, - so if anything happens - We will handle it.
I know, it's hard to believe, but there's actually people walking around who were raised before cell phones, right? Millions of them voted for Donald Trump.
Actually, text me hourly updates.
Okay, you.
We're off.
Bye, love you.
- Okay.
- All right.
Have fun you two.
You look adorable.
After you.
So where are we going? Third Eye Blind show.
Sister Hazel's opening.
I'm glad we're doing this.
Yeah, me too.
Is she asleep? Mm-hmm.
You know what I think we should do? What's that? I think that we should raid Alex's wet bar Mm-hmm.
And then take ourselves a hot tub.
- Ooh.
- Mm-hmm.
- That's perfect.
- Yeah.
I wanna go for a quick run, then come back, soak my muscles in the tub.
Wait, you're gonna go for a run? Yeah, it's Thursday.
I always run on Thursday.
Isn't it sorta dark outside? And you don't really know this neighborhood.
The streets are very, very windy.
It's the Hollywood Hills.
It's not Aleppo.
- I think I'll be okay.
- What are you gonna do? You gonna run in your jeans? No, of course not.
I have shorts and shoes in the car.
I'll be fine.
I'll be back before you know it, okay? - Okay.
- Fire up that tub.
You hate horror movies.
Generally, yes, but you love them.
And just this once, I'm willing to overlook your questionable taste.
And who knows? Maybe I'll like this one.
World looks different every day, right? I mean, five years ago, you were my Airbnb guest.
It could've been anyone in the world, but it was you.
- Hey.
- Yeah? I'm really glad that we're a family, with our perfect little girl.
What's that they say in "The Road"? "We're carrying the fire.
" I like that.
"Carrying the fire.
" I still think it's too much.
Make it thinner.
I don't want it to dominate.
So maybe do it Just do it like that.
Oh, thanks.
You don't have to stay.
Well, he's gotta do a final fitting.
Yeah, but he can do it on me.
It's fine, really.
I I wanna be here.
Why? I like standing in silence, playing out what I'm gonna say to you as soon as we're alone.
That's a long time to practice.
It better be good.
He got offered a job in Austin some teaching thing with a tenure track.
The film scene's growing.
They need crew.
And he could transition, and I could maybe become a department head.
I wanted to tell you, but, you know, you said all those wonderful things, and I thought, maybe I could stay.
Maybe nothing has to change.
Maybe, you know, we could just be together and it'd just be really easy and good.
But I do think I wanna go to Austin.
And I want Carrie to come with.
But I don't know what that means for you.
I'm really sorry.
Wine or whiskey? Okay.
Rae's in love with Jeff, and Jeff wanted them to move to Austin, and she freaked out, which is why she slept with me, and now they aren't speaking, and she and I are I don't know what we are, but it doesn't look good.
You okay? I don't know.
Are you angry? Surprisingly not angry.
Anger would be the obvious emotion, but no.
I'm definitely sad.
I'm really, really sad.
Yeah, you can be sad.
It's okay to be sad.
- You know what's weird? - Why don't you tell me? Like, I'm sad for me, obviously, because it's sad when the person you love tells you they're in love with someone else.
But, I think I'm more sad for her, because she's in pain, and it's my fault.
- It's not your fault.
- I could've just said nothing.
I could've put those feelings onto other relationships, until they went away, and I didn't.
Well, sure, but would've felt it every time you saw her.
- You always would've wondered.
- Okay.
But now I'm wondering what happens to us, because this is the one I couldn't fuck up, and I fucked it up.
You'll find a way.
You always do.
I don't know about that.
How was your night? Not as eventful as yours You two have fun playing house? Where is John, by the way? He better not be going through my shit.
- Oh, holy shit.
- What? Thank you.
Hey! So I take this corner down the hill, and of course, the shoulder is narrowed down to nothing.
And I'm feeling good, you know? I'm pacing at 6:45.
I'm running strong.
So I make the push, I try to burst out of the turn, and then all of a sudden, headlights.
The guy was driving dead center.
Oh, no.
Probably bridge and tunnel, lost on his way to Sunset.
Anyway, I didn't have any time to think, so I just took a leap off the side of the road, and I must've clipped a rock or something.
Oh, my God.
When I woke up, I was in an ambulance.
Honestly, I'm grateful that they called it in, 'cause I could I could still be out there.
I knew it.
I mean, these canyon roads at night they're a real death trap.
It was a freak accident for sure, but I guess we have to accept that some things are out of our control.
But running in the dark, that's in your control though, right I think it would've happened regardless.
I think it was fate.
Okay, so, how long do you have to stay here? We can go now.
They discharged me.
- They did? - Yeah.
Hey, is it okay if we stay at my place tonight? I just really need to be in my bed, with you.
Yeah, of course.
Thanks Do you feel ready for tomorrow? Not even close.
You are ready.
Thank you, Laura.
You're a passable mannequin.
You're welcome.
Did you hear that? "Passable mannequin.
" A new career path reveals itself.
Yeah, put it on my resume above "turnip polishing.
" I guess I should open this, huh? It's nothing.
One more for the wall.
You could've texted or called.
You didn't have to stand around all day.
Text apologies aren't real apologies.
So, yeah.
I'm sorry.
I just I was really immature about everything.
I reacted poorly and I'd like to make it up to you.
Can I take you to dinner? I'm seeing someone.
It's early, but it's something.
Oh, okay.
But if you're okay with that, I could do dinner just maybe when it's not six hours from a critique.
Yeah, that would be great.
- You sure? - Totally.
Just let me know when, and, uh, good luck tomorrow.
Okay - Okay, bye.
- Bye.
I don't wanna say I saw God or anything.
That's too much, but I felt something while I was lying on the ground waiting for the ambulance to come.
There was this spirit or this aura.
It was just willing me to go on, endure.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How'd you sleep? - Great.
Well, I'm sorry about the alarm.
My head feels like Swiss cheese today.
I'm gonna go out for a quick run, and then I'm thinking maybe we could do a late breakfast.
Oh, and don't worry I'll watch out for headlights.
- Mommy.
- Hi.
You ready, Care Bear? - My jacket.
- Okay.
Let's go to Austin.
Okay? Is Jeff here? Hey, bud.
Look, I know I'm the last person you wanna see right now Are we okay now? I think so.
All right.
Are you trying to hurt yourself, 'cause that's what it feels like lately.
Agreed, you've been acting particularly stupid.
Well, it's better than trying to drive into a bloody wall.
Thank you all for your unwavering support.
It'll get good light there.
Hey, at least we get a pity dinner.
Hey, will you - will you chop these for me? - Oh.
Thank you.
How's John, by the way? He's good.
He should be here soon.
- I heard he almost died.
- Is that what he told you? Yeah, he posted this weird Instagram story with a bunch of religious iconography.
I'll pull it up for you.
Oh, my God.
He got four stitches.
He didn't even spend a night in the hospital.
God, I'm gonna go insane.
I really am.
One of these days, I'm just gonna snap and I'm gonna go crazy and you're gonna have to visit me in the asylum 'cause God knows nobody else will.
I'm just gonna - I'm just gonna cut these.
- Okay.
It it was life-changing.
- Life-changing? - Absolutely.
Honey, would you say I'm someone who's generally in control of his life? I guess, I - Exactly.
I'm an answers guy.
How much will it cost to remodel? What's our turnover rate? It's my bread and butter.
- Pun intended.
- Ha.
Then something like this happens, and you're not in control, and there are no answers, it starts to make you think.
Excuse me.
What Oh, a cheese plate.
What are we in control of? Anything? Deep breaths.
- Please, put me to work.
- We're basically ready.
Oh, my God, Laura, this looks amazing! No, we'll see how it tastes.
I'm a little rusty.
Teach me your ways, daughter.
Um, will you bring these out to the table? Yes.
You got this.
- Yes.
- Okay.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Mm, come in.
Oh, this is intimate.
Oh, well, um, you sort of caught me off guard, and I didn't wanna miss my window.
But hey, compared to them, I'll seem totally sane.
Tathiana, you remember Alex? Hi.
Sorry about my face.
Oh, nice to see you again.
- This is Leon and his plant.
- Hi.
And John is my mom's boyfriend.
- Hi.
- Hi, perfect timing.
We need a new perspective.
Just to catch you up, I got in a little bit of a running accident.
Hence the stitches.
They're under here, I could show you Okay, I think we're ready to eat.
Mm, great.
I'm so ready.
Come on.
- After you.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Oh, my god, this looks amazing.
So, uh, where was I? Uh, did I say I was running? - So, I was running - Sweetie.
And there's a bit of a visibility issue.
John, sweetie, I think we've all heard enough of this story.
You fell and you hit your head.
But you're all better now, and that's the important thing.
Yay, so, let's, uh, now enjoy Laura's amazing dinner.
Let's start uh, bread.
- Yay - Mushroom mélange.
How was your critique? Well, the dresses held together, - so that's something.
- Mm.
Did Henry do okay? Henry got in a screaming fight with the fit model, and they had to be physically separated.
- Oh, wow.
- He says hi, though.
Tell him I say hi back.
Oh, excuse me.
- What's up? - Um, nothing.
I may have to leave early.
All good.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Leon? It's gonna be okay.
I know right now it feels not okay, but I think that's gonna pass.
Thank you, but I don't know if that's true.
Excuse me.
Hey, Val.
Can I can I talk to you for a second? In private? The mushrooms are great.
I hit my head, and I'm better now? - What? - That's what you said that I hit my head, and I'm better now.
Is that not how you would describe your current state of being? No.
No, it's not.
Do we need to go to the hospital? John, I don't know what you expect from me right now.
- A little empathy - Really? Would be nice yeah.
Instead of diminishing my experience.
You had four stitches, and you went running the next morning.
And I rushed to that hospital in a state of panic after telling you not to run in the dark.
And when I got there, you were hanging out, taking a selfie.
I had a traumatic experience, okay? I don't know if it was technically a near-death experience, but it's the closest thing I've ever had to one, and it affected me profoundly.
And I'm doing my best to share my emotions - Mm-hmm.
- With you.
The least you could do is meet me halfway.
- Meet you halfway? - Yes.
I don't think that's too much to ask.
And now you're laughing at me.
No What is that? Leon? - Hi, Leia.
- Is he here? Oh, yeah.
I think he's in his office I'm not doing it, okay? All my life, I have been surrounded by people who have given up on me, but you don't get to do that, not like this.
- Can we, uh, do this in the - I don't wanna have a baby.
I wish that I did, but right now, I don't.
But also, everyone says when you hit 35, your biological clock turns into Big Ben, so Big Ben is silent now.
Ugh, whatever.
I have all of these new clients, and all of our friends that need our emotional support, and all the alerts on our phone that tell us every single time we auto-pay a bill we can barely afford.
I don't know if I'll ever hear the clock.
Or maybe I'll change my mind.
I don't know, but I just need us to take this one day at a time.
I know you want a family, and I want you to have everything, but I need you to hang in with me, okay? We are a family.
I love you.
That's all that I know.
I love you too.
Do you want some food? I do.
- I really do.
- Okay.
Um, there's some mushrooms that are very, very tasty.
Mushrooms? I know, but they're really good.
- She's gotta head out.
- All right, nice to see you.
- Bye again, good to see you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
I didn't even know you could do probiotics.
- You do probiotics, exactly.
- You do them? You were not kidding.
We're an acquired taste.
I liked it.
And I liked eating your cooking again.
Yeah, yeah.
Um Listen, I kinda do this thing where I cycle through people.
Like, we dance to song, and when the song ends, I move on.
But I really don't wanna do that with you.
I want you in my life.
And if that's as a friend, okay.
But please don't be a stranger.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Good night.
Let me help you? Let me help you, help you with it.
- I don't know.
- What? I don't know.