Catch The Ghost (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Subways Transporting Ghosts...

(All characters, organizations,
places, entities, and events)
(in this drama are fictional.)
(Subway Police Now Hiring)
(Minimum 3 years investigation experience)
(Hiring: 1)
(Applications Received: 0)
(Episode 1)
(Euisun Techno Valley Renovations!)
Is everything clear there?
It isn't clear, but
I took care of it.
(Subway Police Now Hiring)
(Applications Received: 1)
(Subways transporting ghosts)
Among the 10 million residents of
Seoul, 8 million
In other words, 8 out of 10 people
go underground at least once during the day.
That's because with 15
lines, and over 300 stations,
Seoul has the third largest
subway system in the world.
But given the situation,
there are many criminals
targeting straphangers.
Did you know that there are
designated police officers
who protect the people underground?
Today, that very agency,
the Subway Police,
celebrates its 30th anniversary.
(Wangsoori Station)
(Subway Police)
At ease.
(Subway Police 30 Year Anniversary)
There are four investigation teams
and 24 patrol teams.
Thus, our Subway Police
captures about 50 criminals in the act.
Okay. We will let you see
what they do for yourself today.
Chief Inspector Ko.
Chief Inspector Ko Ji Seok
of Wangsoori Subway Police
will demonstrate how to catch a pickpocket.
Watch carefully.
Thank you for coming.
Please write nice articles for us.
Thank you.
Chief Inspector Ko.
As you can see,
thanks to the hard work
of our Subway Police,
my wallet is safely
My wallet.
Oh no. Mine's gone too.
Mine too. Where's my wallet?
Where did it go?
What happened?
- What's going on?
- Everyone,
please don't move.
Don't move.
(Are Seoul's Subways Safe?)
Hold on.
Hold on.
Chief Inspector Ko.
Stop the train!
That's right.
Madam Commissioner.
Pulling the emergency brake may
result in a punishment of
Chief Inspector Ko.
Yes, ma'am.
Darn it.
Stopping the train! 1, 2, 3!
Oh my head.
What's going on?
- You can't do this.
- Everyone.
I had my wallet before I got on the train.
No one got on or off since.
Thus, the thief is in this subway car.
This is no longer a simulation.
We will apprehend the thief for real.
Chief Inspector Ko. Begin the inspection.
I'm Chief Inspector Ko Ji
Seok of the Subway Police.
We'll need to search your bags.
I'm a victim. Why are you searching my bag?
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Where is the key?
Excuse me. Let me search your bag.
What's that?
- Excuse me. Please stand up.
- What
Please move over for a minute.
(Subway Serial Murders)
(Police Holds a Celebration
In Front of Corpse)
(Police Incompetence Reaches New Level)
(Real-time Trending Search
Terms Subway serial murders)
(Subway Serial Killer Claims Fourth Victim)
The Subway Serial Killer
has claimed another victim.
I will take full responsibility
and step down as Commissioner.
However, not now.
Please give me three months.
We'll catch them.
We'll round up all the criminals
including the serial killer
as well as the pickpockets
who ridiculed the police.
All I ask for is three months.
If I'm unable to keep my promise,
I'll step down from my position then.
How do you plan on
figuring out the suspects?
Do you guarantee you'll
find them in three months?
I'm sorry. I checked
underneath the seats yesterday.
It's really entertaining.
We gathered every reporter in Korea
and showed them the dead body.
Metropolitan Detective
Division's Lieutenant Ha Ma Ri.
You heard me, right? You have three months.
- Yes, ma'am.
- You couldn't
solve this case although you had two years.
If you're not confident,
form a new Special Investigation Team.
This isn't the only case I
worked on in the last two years.
The Hangseo-dong abduction case,
the Namchun serial murder case,
and the Moogil-dong female
serial murder case
were all resolved by me.
Do you think you can solve it if
you focused only on this case?
I'm confident.
Fine. Starting from now,
Metro Detective Division One
will only work on this case.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Yes, ma'am.
What are you still doing here?
Go and find that Grasshopper or
whatever and get my wallet back!
Yes, ma'am.
Make direct reports to me with
every progress made on this case.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Gosh, I'm burning.
(Seoun Metropolitan Police Agency)
Ma Ri.
Since I work at the station,
I'll share the security footage
of the turnstiles and collaborate
with Metro Detective Division.
Not collaborate, cooperate.
And only when I ask for it.
I'll now start the briefing on
the Subway Serial Murders Case.
In the last two years,
three people were abducted
and killed at subway stations.
Today, the fourth victim was found.
Whenever they appear,
they pickpocket the whole train.
That's why the media started to
call them "Cloud of Grasshoppers".
Because of this nickname,
they started to make cuts resembling
the hind legs of grasshoppers.
The security cameras on our platforms
captured the victims getting off the trains,
but there are no records of them
exiting through the turnstiles.
Just like that, the victims
disappeared somewhere between
the platforms and the turnstiles.
Despite being in a public space
where many people are around,
they were able to abduct,
murder, and abandon the victims.
However, the criminal
was not seen by anyone.
That's why the media calls the criminal
"the Subway Ghost".
It's not like we can collect
the thousands of fingerprints.
When there are massive crowds,
security cameras won't help.
(Pickpockets, Cloud of Grasshoppers)
So our strategy is
(First train to last train)
We'll do rounds starting with
the first train to the last.
(Sea Eagle Trio)
I started staking out on the last train.
I'm on the 3rd car on line
2 at Wangsoori Station.
There's a corpse.
She shouldn't be sleeping here.
Someone's here to play,
"I'm helping her up".
Are you okay?
I guess not.
- This is my territory.
- Are you with him?
Excuse me. You're making a mistake
Wait. You don't know who I am.
- You're making a mistake.
- Hey!
Hey, uncuff me!
Circle around the subway line once.
I'll come back to get you.
- Hey!
- Doors are closing.
- Doors are closing.
- This is the last train!
Please step back.
What is this?
Was her gold necklace a bait?
After he turns that corner,
there's a 100m-long hall.
At the end of it is an escalator.
After another hall, there are 12 steps
which will lead him to a
shopping area that's 500m long.
At the end of it is exit number two.
I can't catch him if we run
a straight line for 500m.
I need to catch him at the
start of the shopping area.
I'm currently in front of
the central staircase
in Wangsoori Station.
After 22 steps, there is a 50m-long hall.
More stairs follow at the end.
At the top of the stairs is exit number six.
Then I should
go out exit number three
and cross the intersection.
Are you a ghost?
I'm Yoo Ryung.
The victim disappeared
after getting off here.
Ask Ko Ji Seok to hand over a
copy of the security footage.
You know what happened
isn't his fault, right?
I don't care.
I think you do.
I got it.
I got it.
Anyone there?
Doors are opening.
- Ko Ji Seok.
- Ji Seok.
Please step back.
(Wangsoori Station)
Gosh. Hey, do you have that
We better clean up.
It's almost time for the interview.
Chief, you said you'll carry your
partner around on your back
once they start, right?
Yes. After working without one for a month,
I need a partner more than a girlfriend.
I even got us expensive
matching expandable batons.
Let me see
Is Chief Inspector Ko Ji Seok here?
Yes, that would be me
Officer Yoo Ryung of
Shinmok Patrol Division!
I'm here for my interview!
A woman? I vote yes.
Who is this man you brought with you?
I don't have much experience,
so I decided to show
you what I'm capable of.
Should I call it a bribe
to help me get the job?
This is Grasshopper?
Here's the proof.
She's right.
Chief, it's Grasshopper.
- Is he over there?
- Yes. Over there.
Hello, Chief Inspector Ko!
Are you feeling ill?
What's the matter, Chief?
I'm sorry?
I said, leave.
This is my territory.
Wait. You don't know who I am.
Yesterday with the handcuffs
Chief. Hey, Chief.
Are you okay?
This line wasn't plugged properly.
Forget it. Let's start the interview.
When will we start the interview?
Go bring the printouts.
Yes, sir.
"Reasons for Disqualification"?
"Made an arrest in another territory
without supervisor's approval".
"Violation of Article Six"
"of the Regulations for
Law Enforcement Officers."
(Reasons for Disqualification)
"Handcuffed innocent individual".
"Misuse of police equipment,
The Police Duties Execution Act".
"Neglected the handcuffed.
Violation of the Human Rights Act".
"Used bribery for personnel matters.
Violation of the Kim Young Ran Act".
(Reasons for Disqualification)
Can't you give me a good beating
and forget about what happened?
I made a mistake with the
handcuffs because I didn't know.
Also, how can you call an arrest a bribe?
It's what you said with your own mouth.
You said it was a bribe
to help you get the job.
I understand that you're
uncomfortable with what happened
Yes. I'm uncomfortable and embarrassed
to work with a new
officer who handcuffed me.
But, that's not the only reason.
You're too much.
You disguised yourself as a
corpse to arrest a pickpocket
so you could secure a job here.
Honestly, you scare me.
Is there a different reason
why you want this job?
Those eyes
They look suspicious. Tell me.
There's no such thing.
I knew it. There's something.
This isn't the kind of place
where you can pocket money.
Why here?
If you don't talk, I'll look into it.
I'm the president
of the Seoul chapter for
Subway Lovers Association.
- What?
- All of us
have at least one thing we love.
To me, that one thing is the subway.
It's so thrilling when the subway
runs through a black tunnel
at 110km per hour.
It'd be so amazing to have the
entrancing experience every day.
Is she a pervert?
You can enjoy your hobby
when you're off duty.
You can travel from Incheon to
Chuncheon, all the way through.
It'd be thrilling.
I know every corner of
the Seoul subway system.
Please use my ability to catch perverts.
I'll just use that big map over there.
It's the tiny hole that will sink a ship.
"A hole"?
You might think all the violations
that I wrote down are trivial,
but you could bring down
the whole team, not just yourself.
I'm off to stakeout.
What? Aren't you going together
with your partner?
She doesn't mix with us.
He can't be Grasshopper.
- What?
- He was released yesterday.
Why did you copy Grasshopper?
Because it's cool.
They stole from the cops,
including the commissioner.
Watch your language.
Not anyone can catch the Grasshopper.
All right. Keep your guard
up while staking out.
I'm heading out first.
Okay. Bye.
For your safety,
please hold onto the handle.
If you order a dish of spicy tripe,
you get a free rolled omelet.
It's for free
Let go.
Mister! This is my territory.
- How many times has it been?
- Quiet!
I'm on a stakeout.
Now a policeman is stealing
from ordinary citizens.
All right, all right.
Why do you always scream?
Get a free rolled omelet.
Rolled omelet with spicy tripe.
If you order a dish of spicy tripe,
you get a free rolled omelet.
Come and eat some rolled omelet.
We have spicy tripe.
Come and eat spicy tripe.
If you order a dish of spicy tripe,
you get a free rolled omelet.
That jerk.
Come and eat some rolled omelet.
We have spicy tripe.
Come and eat spicy tripe.
If you order a dish of spicy tripe,
you get a free rolled omelet.
That jerk.
If you order a dish of spicy tripe,
you get a free rolled omelet.
Excuse me.
Thank you. We give away rolled omelet.
If you order a dish of spicy tripe,
you get a free rolled omelet.
Come and have some spicy tripe.
We give away rolled omelet.
If you order a dish of spicy tripe,
you get a free rolled omelet.
I'm Chief Inspector Ko Ji
Seok of the Subway Police.
Could you take off your shoes?
How original.
As of 9:30am, you're under arrest
while in the act of a crime
for possessing and misusing a camera.
You have the right to have a lawyer.
But you don't have evidence.
We all carry things like this these days.
Look. Evidence?
(SD card empty)
Where did you send the file?
You can't arrest me without evidence, right?
Next file.
This police lady looks great on camera.
- Isn't she a cop?
- This is new.
- I've never seen a cop on here.
- Who is she?
- This makes me so happy.
- I send you my utmost respect.
This is crazy.
Amazing. Will they post
something similar again?
She has better legs than my wife.
I better share with my friends.
Oxford Shoe Man, you're amazing.
I never felt like this before.
Please hurry up and invite me.
Who should I invite first?
Show us their faces so we can decide.
Okay, here they come.
(Cop vs Red Skirt Girl)
Cop. Die.
There's a huge difference
when you compare the two.
Cop isn't that great.
Red Skirt Girl is a fairy.
She makes Cop look ugly.
Okay. Ugly girl, you're out.
It's so annoying!
- Quiet down!
- Get out!
Get out of my way!
Hey lady, back up.
(Chief Inspector Ko Ji Seok)
That petty jerk.
Hello, Chief Inspector.
I'd like to speak to the victim.
I'd like you to file a report as the victim.
A report?
(Subway Police)
You must file a report so we can catch him.
A police officer can file a report
after being secretly photographed. Sure.
But you want me to find my photo?
You know we can't get a
warrant without evidence.
I doubt he'll look at it in secret.
I'm sure he'll share it
here and there and spread it everywhere.
In that industry,
the police uniform is very
I understand. Fine.
I'm going to kill him.
I'll delete them once the case is closed.
There's a folder for
secretly taken photos
Don't look.
I won't look. I mean it.
Just save it into that folder.
- Save it??
- I won't look. I promise.
See? I'm not looking.
Chief. Look at this.
You said not to look.
Not mine, hers.
(You Are Invited)
(You Are Invited)
(I'll bring her during the morning commute.)
People are lining up already.
The address for the party
will be shared secretly
with the guests who are selected.
That means they're
inviting men to rape her
after they drug her up, right?
It's the same user ID as
the jerk who posted my pic.
Let's go
break up the sick party.
Subway Police don't handle violent crimes.
- Pardon?
- We have other duties.
Arresting Grasshopper.
Cyber Crimes? An invitation was posted.
We can't respond to every
little prank like that.
Major Crimes?
There's an invitation.
They're doing it tomorrow.
No one was attacked yet, correct?
Call us after a crime was committed.
After a crime is committed
Isn't that too late?
These punks
When is it?
Hold on. Whom do I call?
(Safe Area: Guns and Ammunition
Must be Stored in Safe Area)
(Gun Locker)
That's not mine, is it?
I'll borrow it for a bit.
As president of SLA's Seoul chapter,
I can't just sit back and watch.
Give me my gun!
You can't use that.
We're supposed to carry
it only as a formality.
I'm bringing it only as a formality too.
Fine. Fine. We'll take on the case,
so give me the gun
Ms. SLA, please return to your home
Do you even know where they are?
Please find out!
I'm sure Cyber Crimes will know.
You're breaking the speed limit. Slow down.
We don't have the time.
Red light!
You crossed the line. Back up.
Back up.
Just come slowly in a patrol car.
We don't have patrol cars.
We take the subway.
Slow down! Please!
Don't you know mopeds have
to stay in a lane too?
Don't you know that?
I know!
Put this on.
- Chief.
- Put it on.
Give me your shirt instead.
What's going on?
We're investigating a suspect
for secretly photographing women.
A few people were here
earlier, but they just left.
Darn it.
Those jerks.
That freak show.
Hold on! Hold on.
Hurry it up.
Okay. Let's go set things up for the party.
Come on. We almost got into an accident.
This is a one-way street.
(Sehwa Station)
Hey! Why are you going that way?
Are you mad?
Do you even know where you're going?
(One-way Street)
Please bring the moped.
Darn it.
Who is that?
That cop from before?
Get out.
No, wait.
Made it.
Where could they have gone?
You jumped down like this
from the second floor,
went down the stairs on a moped
Do you plan to die soon or something?
I won't die.
That's not the problem.
If we add up all the fines you owe
- How much is it?
- You make mistakes
when trying to catch a perp.
It's better than regretting it later.
I'm already regretting it.
We'll do it my way from now on.
If you don't like it, we can split up.
Oh my gosh.
That's the cop you
photographed earlier, right?
No wonder.
I thought they were chasing
us way too diligently.
She's a feisty one.
I'll drug the woman in the station
as she shuffles through people.
Stand by in the car and put her in.
Do you know what station she
gets off at in the morning?
Don't you fret.
Our members are helping very aggressively.
Here's her social media page.
I have her phone number. 010-177-2289.
I just texted her a text wishing her luck.
(I just texted her a text wishing her luck)
I'll send you some lingerie.
Handeul Mansion Unit
201, Sindang-dong, right?
If you call the cops,
I'll come to you.
I'm sure they found out
everything about her.
It was there just a minute ago.
(The website has been deleted)
This is what they do.
They delete websites
and open new ones constantly.
It's better for security.
Code Zero. Sea Eagle Trio, please mobilize.
Where's the key?
Probably with the owner.
I was in a rush, so I borrowed it
since it was parked by the station.
Did you steal this?
This isn't my way.
It worked. Get on.
Let's go.
Are we finally getting our
hands on a violent crime case?
They'll abduct the woman on her way to work,
but we don't know whether it'll
be where she gets on or off.
Then we'll have to split up.
Let's start with the surveillance videos.
We can confirm what time she
passed through the turnstile,
and check the details of her transit card.
Call and wake up the person
in charge of the records.
Say to process it as soon
as the request is in.
- Okay.
- Request?
We need to submit requests
to view surveillance footage
and turnstile records.
There's someone on night duty now.
Let's ask him to do it now. We're in a rush.
We must follow protocol.
We need approval first
Do we need approval to save a person's life?
What now?
What is that? Why are you taking that out?
- Hey.
- What
Are you going to threaten him?
If you bring a weapon,
it becomes aggravated intimidation,
and officers get increased punishment.
You'll go to jail for sure
Darn it.
(Station Office)
That's breaking and entering
This is the hole that sinks a ship.
You're the hole.
So are Major Crimes and Cyber Crimes.
I'm trying to seal those holes.
Step aside.
She went in at 7:28am.
This is the station where she got on.
A single-use transit card.
She got off
at Oksu Station at 8:02am.
Why won't it open?
Is it jammed?
I'll take Oksu Station.
Stay here with Soo Ho.
Ms. SLA, you may go home
What's wrong with this?
Darn it.
Come on. Let's go.
- Hey.
- Hurry.
Why won't it open?
That rotten doorknob.
I've seen this cap before.
It looks like something they wear at events.
An event?
People without prejudice change the world.
- Please sign this petition.
- We're collecting donations.
Thank you.
Excuse me. I'm Detective Ko
Ji Seok of the Subway Police.
Do you know this person?
Yes. She volunteered here yesterday.
She doesn't work here?
No. She came just for the day yesterday.
Do you have her contact information?
I'm sorry.
The person you have reached
Do you have any other information on her?
Maybe like where she works
She said it was somewhere in Gangbuk
I know her social media account.
(Lee So Jin)
(Heading to work. Coffee over breakfast!)
She goes to work at 7:30am, not at 8am.
We have only 20 minutes left.
Eight. This is the exit number.
There's a coffee shop in the station
and a mirror between the
coffee shop and the exit.
Thank you.
Hey, Soo Ho. What's the update there?
We haven't seen her yet.
It's so packed. I hope we didn't miss her.
Got it. Keep looking.
The only stations in Gangbuk
with an exit eight
are Suyu, Mia, Nowon,
Gireum, Hanlim, Madeul.
Among them, the ones with coffee
shops inside the station
are Nowon, Sinchon, Hanlim, Madeul,
Hapjeong, Myeondong, City Hall.
How do you
A place with a mirror between
the coffee shop and the exit
My gosh.
Come on.
The exit splits into two after
where she took the photo.
I'll stand guard here. You go over there.
No, no.
That darn cop again. Sit her up straight.
Hey. Get up.
Sit up for a minute.
I need to inspect your car.
Hello. I'll pull out.
Hey, you
- Let go.
- It is you.
- Let go.
- Hey!
- My arm!
- Pull it out.
Let go. Let go first.
- That hurts!
- Let go first.
Hey! My arm!
You're the hole.
I'm trying to seal those holes.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- That hurts!
- Move!
Are you all right?
I don't think my heart is beating.
- Keep it down!
- That hurts.
Get in!
Darn it. Stop being so rough.
It's not like I killed anyone.
Yes, you did.
Posting photos and videos and
rape are psychological murders.
Should we take them straight to lock-up?
- Where should we leave their car?
- Should we impound it?
- Let's go.
- What should we do?
- What should we do?
- We're busy here!
Cyber Crimes, right?
There's a video of a
female officer among them,
so please look for it and delete it.
And I'll send you the
link to their new website.
Please check it
and could you call me
once you've deleted them?
Okay. Thank you.
(Investigation Team 1
Chief Inspector Ko Ji Seok)
(Lee Man Jin, Kang Soo Ho)
Doesn't it look good?
Looking forward to
working with you, partner.
Ryung, you have a strong sense
of duty and are a great cop.
Thank you. I'll do my best.
we really don't mesh.
To be honest, yesterday felt like a year.
I can't do this daily.
I can't handle it.
What's this?
A few speeding violations,
red light violations,
and some complaints too.
I hope they get resolved well.
Get home safely.
Let me ask you something.
You want to join this department
and memorized every corner
or every subway line
because you're a member of SLA.
Is that really it?
Why did you memorize
even the locations of
mirrors in the stations?
I'll tell you if you hire me.
Get home safely.
The screen doors are opening.
I didn't memorize them.
23-year-old Choi, who went missing
between the subway platform
and the turnstile yesterday
turned up dead inside a subway seat.
There are many speculations
regarding Choi's body,
but Choi
Please review my sister's
missing person case
as part of the Subway Serial Murder case.
I told you, there's no evidence
to suspect she was the victim of a crime.
The MO of how she went missing is the same!
My sister also disappeared between
the platform and turnstile.
She's 165cm tall. She's my identical twin.
She has level 2 autism.
I'm begging you.
Please look it over as a
Subway Serial Murder case.
Please help me.
We'll investigate again
once we find her body.
(Please find my twin sister!)
Get her out of here.
- Get her out of here.
- I'm sorry, ma'am.
(Please find my twin sister!)
(Please find my twin sister!)
Don't step on it. Seriously
(Where Hwang Soo Young went missing
Where Park Ji Yun went missing)
(Where Choi Jin Kang went missing)
I didn't memorize them.
They were burned into my brain.
(Where Hwang Soo Young's body was found)
(Morning Juice)
I heard Major Crimes and Cyber Crimes
ignored the case.
If you had ignored it as well, I would've
(Investigation Team 1)
If that female officer comes,
please tell her how thankful I am.
Get home safely.
Please tell her how thankful she is.
I'll take care of it.
We're so blessed with work in this lifetime.
It's overflowing. And streaming down.
Let's pull all-nighters for three days.
- I'll do everything.
- I'll work too.
Gosh. Of all the Let's work.
(Morning Juice)
(Officer Yoo Ryung)
You did well
(You did well)
The victim came by to thank
(The victim came by to thank)
You're on night duty tonight.
(Subway Police No longer
taking applications!)
Newest member reporting for duty!
Welcome, Newbie.
I'm younger, but I'm more senior, so
Hi there, Newbie.
I look forward to working with you.
You get nine.
You get one.
This is too much for just me.
Let's share.
Man Jin. Soo Ho.
Thank you.
I work here if I'm on
the night shift, right?
The shutters
come down like this.
No one can come in or go out.
It's like you're buried alive
four levels underground.
That's not all.
We have
the Subway Ghost in the basement.
According to the station manager, come 2am,
that ghost
Don't do that. Stop it.
Go home before you get buried alive.
It's late.
- Let's go.
- Okay, let's go.
Great work today!
- Thank you.
- Great work.
- Thanks for this.
- Thank you.
- Congrats on working late.
- Thank you.
- Get home safely.
- Sure.
- See you tomorrow.
- Goodbye.
Okay. Let's go.
- You should get ready for bed.
- Okay.
Where's the women's night duty room?
The thing is
we don't have one.
We submitted a request,
so we'll get one in no time.
I'll sleep out here. You sleep inside.
No, no. I'll sleep outside.
Go in already.
I'm okay. I'll sleep outside.
I need to review more surveillance
videos because of the Grasshoppers.
Go in.
Okay, then.
The murderer despised the victims.
There needs to be a
connection between you guys.
Why can't I find any?
Lieutenant Ha.
What if this woman
was the first victim?
(Wangsoori Station Autistic
Woman Mission Person Case)
You still have this?
If as Ms. Yoo Ryung says,
her sister, Yoo Jin,
was the Subway Ghost's first victim,
If we include her into the mix,
we may find the connection you want.
She's unrelated.
We didn't find her body.
There's no proof she was
murdered, and the MO is different.
How could this be included
as one of the serial murders?
The surveillance camera
by the stairs is missing.
Tell Ko Ji Seok to bring us that.
(Authorized Personnel Only)
Hey, Woo Hyuk.
The missing surveillance video?
Okay. I'll bring it right over.
(Night duty)
(Use only in case of emergency)
(Open PSD)
The only path the Subway Ghost can
take to transport dead bodies
without being seen
is the tunnel.
Subway Ghost.
I'll put an end to you personally.
(Catch the Ghost)
Stop right there!
Why did you go into the tunnel?
Did Yoo Ryung really
join the Subway Police
because of the tunnel?
Is the answer really in the tunnel?
That woman
Who is she to chase after Ji Seok?
- This is a drug.
- A drug?
The suspect will show up in one hour
at the blue vending machine.
We need to hurry up and catch them.
If you move, I'll shoot.
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