Catch The Ghost (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Knowing you have a family who will return if you wait...

The only path the Subway Ghost can
take to transport dead bodies
without being seen
is the tunnel.
Subway Ghost.
I'll put an end to you personally.
Where's my wallet?
It fell out in that short time.
The Grasshoppers.
That's what they do.
Sir. Please turn the car around.
Newbie! Get out here!
Are you okay?
We need to catch him.
It was the Subway Ghost.
Stop right there!
(Kim Hyung Ja)
Did you lose him?
Based on what evidence do you
say he's the Subway Ghost?
The Subway Ghost moves the dead bodies
through the subway tunnels.
Who said that?
The SLA members.
You and your stupid SLA.
You're a cop! You need evidence!
He dropped this.
He isn't the Subway Ghost,
but a Grasshopper.
The wallets were there
before we got on the subway,
but they were gone once we were in the car.
That means they fell into the gap
between the train and the platform.
It was Podori.
The Podoris were Grasshoppers.
Podori? Of all the
I thought they came from the county office.
So, the Grasshoppers came
back to collect the wallets,
and Newbie kicked them out?
We're in big trouble.
I know you're a clueless rookie,
but don't you know anything?
Now that we know how they did it,
all we had to do was catch them.
But you ruined it.
Why were you in the tunnel?
I was patrolling and heard something.
Still, how could you open the screen doors?
I could get fired for that.
Do you understand?
Yes, sir.
Long time ago, a detective
went into the tunnel to catch a
vandal who was drawing graffiti.
But he forgot to close the screen doors,
and someone was hit by a train and died.
The tunnel is off-limits.
The chief inspector was fired
for not training him properly,
and so was the detective.
I'm sorry, sir.
If you act without permission
just one more time,
you'll be transferred to a local precinct.
Don't go into the tunnel.
(Screen Door)
(Knowing you have family who
will return if you wait)
There she is.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
He's so handsome.
Excuse me.
How old are you?
Why do you ask?
You're just so pretty.
I'm turning 17 this year.
What a great age.
What about you, mister?
I'm 33.
You're totally old.
I'm all grown up now,
Are you waiting for someone?
My boyfriend.
He must be busy.
Would you please tell Ms. Han Ae Shim
that her boyfriend will be here tonight?
Thank you.
(Wangsoori Station)
The rolled omelets are free.
Take one with you.
Check it out.
The rolled omelets are really good.
The spicy tripe is to die for.
Excuse me, ma'am.
We're conducting official government
business. Please go somewhere else.
Miss, I'm doing this to survive.
The police
are harassing a citizen
- Okay.
- Woe to me.
- Okay, ma'am.
- This is so unfair.
We won't
Please take one.
I told you. You cause trouble,
you'll go to a local precinct.
Should we look for people
looking at their phones to
catch people who sneak pics?
Newbies are pretty much community service.
It takes at least three months to catch on.
Although I don't know if
you'll last that long
No way.
I can see it now.
Gosh, I'm sorry.
- Thank you.
- Are you all right, sir?
Yes. Thank you.
Which floor did you say the lockers are at?
Yes, yes. I'll be quick.
Yes, yes. Please wait just a moment.
I'll be right up.
Yes, I'm here now.
Locker number six, right?
What's the password?
Take out what's inside,
and send it to the number I tell you.
Do I just call this number
and ask which address I
should make the delivery to?
Yes. Please make sure
you deliver without fail.
Those who didn't pay up
after taking my goods
all ended up paying me in the end.
Don't worry.
You'll be able to pay me back too.
It doesn't necessarily have
to be in the form of money.
(Locker Fees)
You're under arrest while
in the act of a crime.
What is this?
You shouldn't have committed a crime.
- Hey.
- I'm sorry, Chief Inspector Gong.
"Chief Inspector"?
- He's coming.
- What's going on?
You're under arrest for sexual molestation.
Hey, why did you let
someone untrained loose
during our peak time?
I'm sorry, Chief. I'm sorry.
This is Chief Inspector Gong of
Dangsan Station Subway Police.
I'm sorry.
But why are you wearing climbing gear
and holding a hiking stick?
Wearing a disguise is the
basic of being on a stakeout.
Forget it. Where are we right now?
Dangsan Station.
Stay in your own territory, okay?
Don't you know it's against
Subway Police ethics
to invade someone else's territory?
- I'm sorry.
- That's all you know how to say.
- Let's go. There's the evidence.
- Wait.
An officer should just be
able to catch a pervert.
Why is he bringing up ethics?
- I'll do my best!
- This is your problem.
Please don't do your best.
You know we have to report
the Grasshopper case to
the Commissioner, right?
Right, I almost forgot. Thank you.
Thank goodness we have this at least.
Keep this safe.
Yes, sir.
Hello, there.
Can I help you?
I lost my cell phone.
I need it to make my deliveries.
You're the delivery man from earlier.
Gosh, are you a detective?
Yes. Please come and have a seat.
- Okay.
- Take a seat.
Thank you. Thank you.
Gosh, thank you.
I'll call the station office
and the lost and found.
Please wait a moment.
While I wait,
would it be okay to eat my food?
Of course.
Gosh, thank you.
You should eat slowly.
You could get an upset stomach.
Okay. Thank you.
That looks a bit dry.
You should have this too.
Gosh. Thank you.
The thing is,
I have to run around all day
to earn maybe 10 dollars or so.
These days,
even rice soups cost 6 or 7 dollars.
You won't be able to make deliveries
until you find your phone.
I just have to go to Shinsegae
and Lotte department stores.
There's just one delivery
that's tying me down.
Gosh. I shouldn't have saved
that number on my phone.
You're giving me instant noodles.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
My goodness. I must be going crazy.
This is no time to eat.
- What is it?
- My customers are waiting.
I have to hurry up and make deliveries.
I'm so sorry.
I'll quickly deliver these
then come back here later.
- My apologies.
- No problem.
- I'm late. Thank you so much.
- No problem.
We should get going too.
Go grab the Commissioner's wallet.
Yes, sir.
No, no.
You haven't returned this yet?
What's with all this?
You broke the moped.
I closed my installment savings
to buy a new one for the owner
and got this one fixed to use as our ride.
"Installment savings"?
Are you sure you bought them a new one?
Isn't it illegal remodeling
to attach a siren?
Get on.
We're off.
We're analyzing the security footage
from the spots they went missing
to see if anyone looks
suspicious around the victims.
We're also figuring out
all possible routes
that lead to the outside.
Don't focus on the case,
and focus on the victims.
We're researching any hatred
relationships as well.
What I mean is,
don't try to solve the case with your head.
Use your heart. Okay?
We found a clue.
Come in.
- What is it?
- Please take a look.
Chief Inspector Ko, I think you overdid it.
No, ma'am. I don't mind going
to such lengths for you.
"Hot flashes, migraine, insomnia,"
"tinnitus, sudden heart rate increase"
"For menopause in your
50s, take Rejuvenamin".
What? What is that?
What are you trying to pull?
Are you crazy?
You insulted me in front of the nation
on our 30th-anniversary event.
What is this for?
Are you doing this on purpose?
I think the bags were switched.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry!
I'll switch them back.
(Public Order is Science and Strategy)
That woman
(Seoun Metropolitan Police Agency)
What did she say? Is she happy?
She was so happy
that I regret being there alone.
What is it?
I've got such bad luck with my partner.
Is the moped's engine on?
- I was going to
- Why didn't you turn it on?
What happened?
Woo Hyuk.
What are you staring at?
What is it?
That woman
I think she joined the Subway Police.
Subway Police? Why?
Last time, she mentioned that the
Subway Ghost is in the tunnel.
She said the answer is in the tunnel.
You think that's why she
joined the Subway Police?
No way.
But why is she following Ji Seok?
How did they get switched?
My gosh.
It makes more sense for him to
go to Lotte before Shinsegae.
Let's go to Yeongdeungpo-gu.
Gosh. Gosh.
My goodness!
- Did you say this is mine? This?
- Gosh.
How are you so fearless at your age?
Where did you hide my goods?
- Well?
- No, I didn't hide anything.
I'm an old man who earns
his living day by day.
This delivery job is my lifeline.
Why would I do such a thing?
Be quiet and just tell me
where my goods are.
He should be coming this way.
- Why is it locked?
- This is crazy.
Wait right here.
(Seoun Metro)
Is there anyone inside?
While I wait,
would it be okay to eat my food?
It's him.
Move out of the way.
No, that would be an act of vandalism.
Sir! Sir! What are we going to do?
Sir, can you hear me?
- Sir. Gosh
- What do we do?
- Try to open your eyes.
- Is this 911?
There's a first aid kit on
the third basement floor.
Please bring some bandages.
The third basement floor? Okay?
Shoot. Stop right there!
How did this happen?
I'm sorry.
Are you all right, sir?
Yes. Thank you. Which floor
did you say the lockers are at?
The subway lockers.
These contain narcotics.
Drug dealers store drugs in subway lockers,
then pass the goods using deliverymen.
It's a typical tactic they use
to avoid getting tracked by the police.
Those jerks.
Let's go catch him.
Is this the Narcotics Unit?
This is Ko Ji Seok, Subway Police.
I'd like to report a narcotics case.
Are you
An officer should try to solve
cases, not report them.
This isn't a simple assault case.
That's why we need to catch him fast.
Because it's not simple
and his crime is malicious.
Narcotics cases often involve gangs.
We could cause problems by
getting involved recklessly.
Until Narcotics catches the one in charge,
they'll use the man who
assaulted the old man as bait.
What if he runs away in the meantime?
I told you not to do your best.
Why do you keep on saying that?
All you do is your best
but without thinking!
A few days ago, you were dragged
along with your arm stuck in a car.
And yesterday you were
lying down on the tracks.
We can ignore the fact that
you're putting me in trouble,
but don't you ever think
about your family at home?
Do they not care if you get
hurt or get in trouble at work?
(Sorry for the shabby lunch, Dad.)
(I'll make your favorite for
dinner and wait for you.)
That old man
is someone's family too.
Have you ever thought
of the family members
who are being neglected by the police?
If my dad
carries bags around all day on the subway
to make 10 dollars a day,
then gets hit on the head
because he was unlucky
and got involved with a drug dealer,
where can I go to complain?
Most people have nowhere else to rely on
when such things happen except the police.
But if the police look away,
those people
will be tormented all their lives.
(Sorry for the shabby lunch, Dad.)
(I'll make your favorite for
dinner and wait for you.)
They're waiting for him?
Hello, this is Han Ae Shim's son.
Could you tell her
that her boyfriend can't make it today?
Let's go.
I'm sorry?
I said, let's go
to do our best.
Why are we dealing with a major crime
instead of catching the Grasshoppers?
Drugs mean gangs.
Please consider it an assault case
instead of a drug case.
This is the security footage
from Yeongdeungpo Station.
Can you look for the suspect?
Soo Ho, call the service
provider to get the call records.
- Okay.
- Let's get going.
- Okay.
- Okay.
What should I do?
Take a seat.
Stay still.
(Yeongdeungpo Station)
There he is.
Yes, please check right away.
Can you zoom in?
Okay. Gosh, I thought he
was wearing a turtleneck.
Okay. Just a second, Chief.
What is this?
He didn't take the subway,
so we don't have any records
of his transportation card.
He used a burner phone to call the old man.
We can't get his fingerprints
because he wore gloves.
He's a professional.
It'll be hard to catch him right away.
What about his tattoos?
Why don't we visit tattoo
parlors with this picture?
You're right.
Why didn't I think of that?
We'll be able to catch him in a year.
I wish your head would
run as fast as you act.
Let's look at all the footage
near the locker the drugs were in.
- Okay.
- I'll get on it.
(Station Office)
Isn't it too fast to catch anything?
I look at security
footage more than my wife.
I can catch it even if
it's sped up eight times.
I found it.
A mustache?
It's someone else.
These lockers are past the turnstiles,
so he must have used
his transportation card.
Let's catch this punk first.
Check his transportation
card to find out who he is.
Get the transaction history
of his credit card
- to see what he did where.
- Yes, sir.
It's your first time at a club, right?
You stand out like a sore thumb too.
Why haven't you been to one yet?
What about you?
I didn't because
it's not my scene.
I was busy too.
Hi sweetie.
Nice to meet you.
Who are you?
You're so cute.
Sweetie, let's go play.
- Where?
- Let's go!
You see, I'm on a stakeout.
I'm sorry. I'm a cop.
Let's put this on.
Come on, play with me.
- Give me that.
- What are you doing?
What's this?
Give me that. Please.
Give it to me slowly.
Okay, slowly now. Okay.
Hey, you! Why you
Give me that. Scram.
That must hurt so much. Oh no.
It doesn't hurt.
It looks like Mustache.
Hurry. Hurry. It's Mustache.
We'll just confirm it's
him and call for backup.
Are you mad?
Pull your foot out. Now.
Let go.
What's going on out there?
Hi there.
- Who are you?
- Nice to meet you.
She's cute.
Sit here, babe.
I don't want to.
Sweetie. Sweetie patootie.
Play with me.
I don't want you either. Go over there.
I heard you have something good.
Take your pick.
I came to the right room.
How about my sweetie's?
That's pretty strong. Are you sure?
Let me try.
You're so cool.
You crazy little
What's your problem?
- Go.
- What?
What's going on?
Take this and run to Cheongdam
Station, exit number nine.
- What are they?
- They're
Get her!
- Just run. Please.
- What are these?
Where are you going?
Get over here.
Get him!
Get him!
Get back here!
Get him!
Hey, you!
Cheongdam Station, exit number nine.
Go downstairs and make a right.
Go through the turnstile, down the stairs,
and make a right at the end of the walkway.
Just get there safely.
Hey, you!
What are you up to?
- Go down and make a right.
- What?
Get him!
Take two flights down past the turnstile,
and make a right at the end of the walkway.
- What?
- Wait for me there.
Stop him!
Hey! Stop!
Get him.
Right. Stairs. Left.
Why you
- Sorry!
- Hey, you!
(This walkway is closed
due to construction.)
Darn it.
Got him.
Just kill him.
Hey, you. Did you run like mad
so you wouldn't get beat up
in front of people?
Newbie, you little
Listen! I'm a cop.
If you assault an officer,
it's obstruction of justice.
as well. Got that?
What is that punk saying?
Hey. Give me that.
Hand it over.
7 to 1.
What the
Stop glaring.
Hey. Where's your freak of a girlfriend?
Hold on.
Where is she?
Over here!
Where is she?
Over here!
Yes, ma'am?
Move it!
Shape up.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Yes, ma'am.
What's the name of the guy with
the tattoo on the back of his neck?
- Darn it.
- Over here!
Do you want to take another shower?
Do you want to take another shower?
Want me to spray you so you can cool down?
So your mouth will open automatically?
I'm lacking sleep. That's what it is.
- Spill it.
- I don't know him.
Why not? You're in the same gang.
I'm not in a gang.
Why you little
Interrogations are about mind games, Newbie.
You You can't do this.
Hey. If you're not with a gang, who are you?
He said to put it in the locker,
and he'd pay me 50 bucks. It was a side job.
- A side job.
- A side job.
What are you doing?
Call him and tell him you want to meet.
Give me that.
- You can't call him.
- Why not?
Tattoo was the one to call him every time.
If he suddenly calls,
it'll be like a warning to run.
You're the transporter. What's his role?
Are you awake?
You can't take what belongs to
me and lie comfortably in bed.
He abducted someone?
A nurse saw the guy with the
tattoo take him in a wheelchair.
For what?
Thank you.
Listen carefully.
This is about your life.
You'll lose five years
for transporting drugs.
It's my first offense.
They won't give me time.
Dealing drugs.
You took some too,
so there goes another five years.
If you forced drugs onto someone
else, tack on another five years.
The intent of forcing drugs on
someone was probably quasi-rape.
That adds up to 20 years No.
There were several of you,
so it's aggravated rape.
(30 years)
Hey. How old will you be 30 years from now?
Look, so
We have security footage of you
putting the drugs in the locker
and a witness of the crimes at the club.
There are tons of cameras
in front of the club,
so it'll be a piece of
cake to find the victims!
Our nation
doesn't officially allow plea bargains.
Pardon? Plea What?
Cutting a deal.
However, it is permitted in drug cases
in order to catch those
higher up the food chain.
Tell us what your system is.
Tell us the role of the guy with the tattoo.
Then you can get out before you're all grey.
Call the Narcotics Unit and Major Crimes.
- Yes, sir.
- Hold on. Hold on.
- Is this Major Crimes?
- Hold on, detective. Okay. Hold on.
Every few weeks,
a Chinese vendor brings
goods to Incheon Harbor.
You made it. Hurry it up.
Then I take it and wait.
That guy takes all the orders.
Once he takes the orders and gets the money,
he contacts me.
How does he get paid?
I'm sure they don't wire him drug money.
I heard they tape the money
under the blue vending machine.
Then he'll go to the blue
vending machine for the money.
Where is it?
I I don't know that part.
I only overheard him talking
with someone through the phone.
I mean it.
We must find the blue vending
machine before the next drug deal.
There are about 300 stations,
so each of us has to search about 75.
This is insane.
He's an old man in his 70s,
but he's in good shape.
Come on, give me more.
Fine. I'll bring him right over.
Even some kids in their 20s die.
Don't be so upset.
Let's get ready and go.
It's him.
Act natural.
He'll be at the blue vending
machine within the hour.
Even if we ask for backup
and get 30 people looking,
it'll take time to find
that vending machine
Blue vending machines in the 330 stations
You know where the blue vending
machines are, don't you?
There are too many.
We can't check them all in time.
Just tell me where they are.
I'll take it from there.
Yes, sir.
Gangbyeon, Gwanghwamun, Oryu-dong,
Ewha, Jeungsan, Noryangjin,
Samgakji, Sangbong, Dodang Mangu,
Sosa, Eungam, Seoul Grand Park,
Doksu, Hapjeong, Isu, Sinchon, Hoegi,
Daebang, Boramae, Sang-dong,
That's all.
Is there a way?
She knows this off the
top of her head? How
An old man who delivers packages
via subway was abducted.
The abductor will appear by
a blue vending machine
at one of the stations marked above.
I need help from the
Subway Police detectives.
I'll go to Ewha Station.
I'm three stops away.
I'm five stops from Jeungsan.
Heading over now.
Ewha and Jeungsan are taken.
Isu, Sinchon, Samgakji.
We're good.
Soo Ho, you go to Gangbyeon and Doksu.
- Okay.
- Detective Lee, take Gwanghwamun.
- Yes, sir.
- Let's get moving.
Money found under blue vending
machine at Ewha Station.
Found it.
(Ewha Womans University)
It's him.
- Stay still.
- Stay still.
Sir, you can't lose him.
Go faster.
Where are you going?
My arm!
A little faster.
You can't shoot this.
You'll be disciplined even
if you hit him perfectly.
Why are you giving it to me
if I can't even shoot it?
To threaten the perp,
since it may get dangerous.
Please let go.
- You'll shoot, won't you?
- I will not.
You'll kick me out if I get disciplined.
The first is a blank. The rest are live.
If you really can't hold back,
shoot just once.
Got that?
Yes, Chief. The first bullet is a blank.
Hey, Gramps.
Wait long?
It's time to pay me back.
Come on. Let's go.
Have mercy.
Let's go.
Why is an old man so strong?
After you pay for your crimes!
Hands up.
Stop right there! Move, and I'll shoot.
Hey. Shoot.
Does that even fire real bullets?
Korean cops' guns are all just accessories.
Just leave him. I won't chase you then.
Please, leave him!
The first is a blank. The rest are live.
If you really can't hold back,
shoot just once.
Got that?
Darn it.
The second bullet is live.
Hey. Go ahead and shoot.
Just like a cop.
I said not to shoot!
I said not to shoot.
It was kimchi. Kimchi.
I didn't know.
I thought you were dead!
I really thought you were dead.
I thought I was dead too.
I'm not though.
It smells.
This is Oh, this.
You thought it was blood.
I thought it was blood and
You must have been scared.
I'm okay.
Let go.
- Let go!
- Go quietly.
- Stay still.
- Stop whining.
Get in.
The vendor will bring more goods
into Incheon Harbor next week.
Please catch them all,
including whoever's at the top.
Thank you.
Thank you for being alive.
I'm the one
who's thankful.
I told you to stay home.
Why did you go out and
have this happen to you?
Why did you come here? It's dangerous.
How do you expect me to live if you die?
Did you save my dad?
Are you his daughter?
I had no idea. I'm so sorry.
Thank you.
It wasn't me. It was our newbie.
(Sorry for the shabby lunch, Dad.)
(I'll make your favorite for
dinner and wait for you.)
Cook him his favorite dinner.
I will.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Did you really cry?
- No, I did not.
- Hello?
I'll be right there. Okay.
I need to go.
- Is something wrong?
- I want to go see my family.
Me too.
I'm going to brag to my girls
that Daddy caught a villain.
I'll go to my mom.
Spend time with your family
today and get some rest.
- Let's go.
- Goodbye.
How about a team dinner tomorrow?
Pork belly and soju.
That sounds good.
I told you, I don't want it!
My boyfriend said he'd bring
me my favorite Samguri Chicken.
Still, you can't starve
yourself for two days.
When is he coming?
Myung Chul.
My sweet Ae Shim. Sorry I'm late.
Come give me a hug.
My favorite Samguri Chicken.
It's delicious.
(Ko Ji Seok)
How many husbands receive this much love
even after they die?
Especially as how you looked when
you were young in your prime.
You are so blessed, Mr. Ko Myung Chul.
You're so pretty.
Wait, give it to me.
Open up.
Yoo Jin.
Can you leave it alone?
Stop it.
Stop doing that.
Give it back! Give it back!
You're unbelievable.
- Is it fun?
- Yes.
Once the trains start running,
it's impossible to load corpses
without having anyone notice.
I'm sure he loaded the
corpse from the garage.
But we could only find
footprints and cigarette butts
that belonged to employees.
I think she joined the Subway Police.
Subway Police? Why?
Last time, she mentioned that the
Subway Ghost is in the tunnel.
She said the answer is in the tunnel.
You're thinking about Yoo Ryung, aren't you?
"Did she really join the Subway Police"
"because of the tunnel?"
"Is the answer really in the tunnel?"
No. We searched the tunnel too.
How can he load a body by
entering through the tunnel?
It's not like he can board a running train.
Had he taken the corpse into the tunnel,
he'll end up exiting this way anyway.
But no one was seen on security cameras.
It's not the tunnel.
Kim Woo Hyuk.
Bring me all the documents
we collected in the last
two years for this case.
Let's go through them again from the top.
All of it?
We have over 2,000 testimonies.
Even if we have more than
10,000, I'll look at them again.
(Catch the Ghost)
Why are you acting like
we've never met before?
Are you the one who
shattered the screen doors?
I told you not to mind me.
A disciplinary committee?
You need to draw the line and
say it's Officer Yoo's fault.
They went missing?
People have such nerve after
borrowing someone else's money.
Please don't hurt my son and wife.
- Hey!
- What?
I think he's the target.
Why is he trying to kill?
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