Catch The Ghost (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Tracking Down the Grasshopper

(Episode 4)
It's a suicide note!
What a nice-looking family.
That jerk is telling me to kill a person.
I agreed to do it.
I had no other choice.
You've always believed in
me although I'm a loser.
I'm sorry for letting you down like this.
Please take good care of our son
Ji Hwan.
Your husband, Choi Do Chul.
Murder for hire?
He locked us up so he could go kill someone?
No way.
It's not easy for a
regular person to kill
It's possible
if they threatened his family.
Darn it.
Whom does he want killed,
and why?
I think he's the target.
It was with the suicide note.
Walnut Cake Shop?
Boss, everyone's asking for
a cut on their interests
because of that walnut cake store.
What do you plan on doing?
I told you to take care of it yourself.
- That's what they meant.
- What?
I think the loan sharks had an issue
with the Walnut Cake Shop owner.
They said they'd "take care of it".
Those rats.
But this shop
I think it's a chain that's
only in subway stations.
You have that subway search skill.
Can you see anything?
It's a chain, so the exteriors are the same.
(Walnut Cake Shop)
Plants in front of the door.
Things like that change often.
A wide walkway out front.
This isn't enough
If you knew that too,
you'd be really frightening.
(Day 2, 8pm)
Major Crimes?
He jotted down a time on the photo
of the target.
Chief, I think this is
the time of the crime.
- We have 2 hours.
- We have 2 hours. Yes.
Major crimes is coming here,
so hand him over to them.
We should
go our separate ways as
previously discussed.
Major Crimes doesn't know what
Do Chul or those jerks look like.
Exactly. Go your way. I won't stop you.
(Loan Application)
If you fire me,
I'll report you for going to
borrow money while on duty.
To an illegal loan shark, of all places.
Why you Do you think you scare me
- Give me that.
- Promise you won't fire me.
Give Give me that. Give
Fine, let's talk this out. Let's
Give it.
She's a freakshow.
Even if I find Do Chul in time,
I can't keep the perp and
victim apart on my own.
Police officers must always travel in pairs.
You know that.
How can we find him with
just one photograph?
We have to do what we can to find him.
Get over here.
Do you know this man or not?
I told you I don't.
I told you. All I know is this office.
I hand out the flyers,
get paid by Gold Watch.
Hand them out again, get paid again.
Gold Watch? What's that?
It's their nicknames.
The guy with a scar on
his face is Gold Watch.
The clean-cut guy is Bass.
All the money belongs to Bass.
He uses that money to get
all the small vendors
in the subway stations.
They call them disturbers of
the underground ecosystem.
Gold Watch. Bass?
Let's put those Gold Watch and
Bass guys behind bars this time.
What is "Gold Watch"?
Well, it's just
There's a new shop selling gold watches.
I think vendors at our station
borrowed money from them too.
We couldn't say anything
because we feared retaliation.
That Walnut Cake Shop?
Bass beat up the owner for
not paying his interest,
but that was caught on camera.
So the store owner threatened to
have him locked up for assault.
Security cameras.
That's what I heard through the grapevine.
I don't know where the Walnut Cake Shop is.
Okay, I got it. By chance
they come back, call me right away.
Chief. I can find that Walnut Cake Shop.
I couldn't because I was
looking for clues in the photo.
It isn't what's in the photo,
but where the photo was taken.
The place where it was taken.
- The security camera?
- The security camera.
This store is in 37 stations.
Four have cameras facing
the Walnut Cake Shop.
Sillim, Singil, Cheonho, and Yongchon.
Sillim, Singil, Cheonho, Yongchon.
The cameras facing the
shops at this angle are
You even know the locations
and angles of the cameras?
(Walnut Cake Shop)
Yongchon Station.
We have one hour left.
(Goodbye Cash)
Hold on. It's okay.
(Walnut Cake)
This is six dollars.
I don't think he's here yet.
I'll bring the owner out.
Let's confirm before we move.
- Hello.
- Hello.
You're looking good.
It's the loan shark.
- What for?
- It's him.
The one who lent you money.
I didn't borrow
Anyway, he's the one who put a hit on him.
Let's arrest him.
If we lose Do Chul here,
we can't prevent the murder.
Yes, sir.
But this doesn't fit.
If he ordered a murder,
he wouldn't be here at the murder scene.
It's obvious he'd be the first
suspect given their relationship.
Wouldn't he go somewhere with
lots of surveillance cameras
to give himself an airtight alibi?
He came to the murder scene
at the time of the hired hit.
I'll explain one last time.
Don't mind Bass anymore.
I'll knock off the interest.
Bring me all you've got tomorrow.
If not, you die.
I borrowed the money from Bass.
So why are you suddenly
I said to bring it, so bring it.
I manage the money now.
Got that?
Chief Ko, Gold Watch is here.
He's harassing the general store
owner to pay up tomorrow
Okay. Go to the office.
Officer Lee should be there.
What's wrong?
Don't worry about Bass.
Gold Watch will manage
the money from now on.
Don't worry about Bass.
What does that mean?
It's Do Chul.
The target isn't the shop owner,
but Bass.
- Darn it.
- Let's go after him.
Gold Watch told the general
store owner to pay him now.
That's Bass' money. It makes no sense.
But if he was going to kill Bass,
it does.
Why would Gold Watch kill Bass?
It looked like Gold Watch
was after Bass' money.
I saw murder in his eyes
when he looked at Bass.
Why did he give him a photo of
the shop owner? And the time?
It's the time and place
for when he'll find Bass.
Because Bass would show up here
at this hour to collect interest.
So he told him to use that window.
Hurry. You'll lose him.
Hurry up! Catch up!
(Relief Items)
Why are you following me?
You must have gotten your
interest ready sooner than usual.
What's this?
That's a fake, right?
I locked up the cops earlier
and took it from them.
I haven't shot it yet, so I'm not sure.
Should I test it out now to
see whether or not it's real?
Where is he?
Chief Gong, it's a murder-for-hire case.
Get all the videos from
near Yongchon Station
and find someone for me.
Yes, please.
Don't do this. Please.
This isn't right. Don't do this.
I said to jump.
Why are you doing this?
Don't do this.
Jump first. I'll be right behind you.
Why are you doing this?
We'll jump together.
Then my son
can live in a slightly nicer world.
Do you think if you and I
disappear, so will your debt?
People may die, but loans never do.
That's why I'm in this business.
I get it. You can't afford
to pay off your debt.
So let's stop playing
around and get down now.
Okay, I'll be generous.
You don't have to pay two
months' worth of interest.
Just jump!
If I die,
do you think Gold Watch will
let your family live peacefully?
He's the one who made me do this, you fool.
He promised
not to bother my family
if I take you with me.
So just jump!
Wait! Wait.
This is wrong.
I know you're doing this
because you were threatened.
Our officers figured it
out, so we'll help you.
Stop doing what you're
doing and get back down.
Were you a police officer?
These jerks
even went to my son's school.
Ji Hwan
never once got
a toy he wanted in eight years of his life.
He was afraid of hurting my feelings,
so he'd never whine or complain.
What did Ji Hwan do so wrong?
I I won't live as a shameful
father to my son anymore.
I'll end everything here.
- No
- So,
- please help me.
- No, don't do it.
What is this nonsense?
Officer, what are you doing?
An innocent citizen is about to die here.
Shut your mouth!
you said you're ashamed
to face your son, right?
The merchant who found your money
stands in front of people who
don't bother to glance at him
to win their pity.
He talks about his son, his
wife, and his circumstance.
He has no other choice if he
wants to protect his family.
I was humiliated enough to want to die.
I knew it'd be shameful,
but I had no other choice
if I want to protect my mom.
There are many police
officers in this world,
but to my mom, I'm the only family she has.
In order to become a
proud head of the family,
one has to do something shameful every day.
I think that's what it means to
become the head of the family.
But the most shameful thing the
head of the family can do
is to leave their family.
You should fight against them and win.
Then you can protect them.
you're the head of a family, aren't you?
Stop right there!
You just
made me drop my son's birthday present.
The gun
and that man too.
No, sir. Don't do it.
I lived my life the best I could,
but it's ending like this.
No Don't do it.
No, don't do it.
I thought she was
a freakshow.
A rookie police officer
trying to play the hero.
But I was wrong.
Newbie had been
sincere all this time.
Let's go see Ji Hwan.
- Mister!
- No!
- We made it.
- We made it.
I told you.
I need you beside me.
You were right, Newbie.
I should stay with you.
Hey, punk.
You should look where you're going!
I'm looking, that's for sure.
Chief Inspector Ko said you'd
run this way like crazy
and told us to stay on
guard with our eyes open.
Gosh, you guys must be hard at work
That hurts.
Step on it!
This is so much fun.
Don't hold me so tight, it's disgusting.
Gosh. Hey, you!
By the way, how do Chief and
Newbie ride on this together?
I wonder who holds onto whose waist.
Get off me. Get off me.
There he is.
Hold tight.
(Sungil Police Station)
I helped you live like a human
when you had nowhere to go,
and this is how you repay me?
How can you betray me!
How can I live like a human when
you never treated me like one?
- What did you say?
- Am I wrong?
I treated you so well!
What did you ever do for me?
What did you say, you jerk?
- I'm the one who provided for you!
- It must be uncomfortable in there.
- Yes.
- You learned everything from me!
If I didn't teach you,
you wouldn't know anything!
Good for you!
You'll get an extenuation
for the attempted murder charge.
You were unilaterally assaulted,
and evidence shows they
threatened you using your family.
Please cheer up.
Thank you for saving me.
It'll take some time,
but I'll be able to see
Ji Hwan and my wife again.
That makes me happy.
Thank you.
That guy has a scar this big on his face.
His dad hangs out with a
guy with a bunch of tattoos.
No! My dad is a good man! You're wrong!
- Liar!
- Liar!
- You're wrong!
- You're a liar.
You're wrong.
- You're wrong
- Ji Hwan!
He's so cool.
Police officer, did you find my dad?
- We did.
- Really?
By the way, where was he?
I shouldn't actually talk about this, but
- What is it?
- What?
There were some very bad men,
but your dad taught them a lesson.
- Along with me.
- Amazing.
- Really?
- Of course.
Your dad wants me to pass this to you.
- What is it?
- What is it?
- I'm so jealous.
- That's so cool.
You're so lucky!
By the way, Ji Hwan.
I really need your dad's help.
So could I
borrow him for a while?
Yes, I'll lend him to you.
Next time, I'll come over
and barge in to see you.
- You can play the officer then.
- Okay!
How many times have you shot a gun?
- I want to see it.
- Can I see it too?
- Can I see your gun?
- I want to see it too.
Be nice to Ji Hwan, okay?
- Okay!
- Okay!
Don't get into fights.
- Come on.
- Okay.
- Let me see it.
- Can I touch it?
- Do they sell it?
- Can I buy one?
(Be careful when handling the shutter.)
I burned the loan application form.
I'm sorry I threatened you with it.
It's fine. Go to sleep.
- Chief.
- I said it's fine.
Whenever I go to a crime scene,
my heart races for sure,
but I don't get excited.
I know that.
By the way,
are you not interested
in getting a promotion?
You graduated with the top
marks from the police academy,
so why did you come to Subway Police?
I hereby pledge
- I hereby pledge
- I hereby pledge
that I will abide by the
legislation and the constitution,
protect the nation,
and faithfully serve as volunteers
for our citizens.
I swear with the utmost solemnity.
- Salute.
- Salute.
(Police Academy Graduation and Appointments)
I'll catch all the bad guys
in Korea.
Just because
I heard Woo Hyuk asked you to join
the Metropolitan Detective Division.
Are you going to leave?
No, never.
I like it here. It's perfect for me.
Go to bed now.
Firstly, the victims answered
calls made from payphones
and went to the crime scenes on their own.
This is Park Ji Yun of Eunkwang Bank.
They were either threatened
or lured into a trap.
We investigated their assets, acquaintances,
and their whereabouts,
but we couldn't find anything that
could be used to lure them in.
The victims didn't have
anything in common either.
(Location of victims' last phone calls)
The last three calls were made
from payphones ordinary people could access.
But this time,
it's near a desolate brook
and it's hidden by a tree too.
Most people wouldn't be
able to find this place.
The suspect
might be someone who lives nearby.
This person is meticulous.
Would they use one near their home?
It's the fourth murder already.
They might have been careless.
(Alarm: 2am)
(Use only in emergencies)
I already told you.
We'll both get fired once they
find out we went into that tunnel.
I'll take all the punishment
I deserve in due time.
Right after I catch the criminal.
This is when I was on night duty.
The stationmaster wasn't here that day,
so it was just Chief and me in the station.
Same as today.
Does that mean
someone is hiding inside the station?
The Subway Ghost moves the dead
bodies through the subway tunnels.
He isn't the Subway Ghost,
but a Grasshopper.
But that can't be
Back then,
it felt like someone was there.
Could it be the Subway Ghost?
Jin, where are you?
Where on earth are you?
I'll make sure to find you.
Come out.
I said, come out here!
Come out and tell me where my sister is!
Where is Jin?
("DFC's Nuclear Fist, Kim Won Tae!
On a Winning Streak with 10 Wins!")
("DFC's Nuclear Fist,
Korean Fighter Kim Won Tae")
I think wedding planning is a
lot harder than working out.
But I'm so happy to become
a family with you soon.
Me too.
(Wangsoori Station)
Won Tae!
(I'm knocked out by your gaze!)
- My gosh!
- Over here!
Won Tae!
Nuclear fist!
- Won Tae!
- This is crazy.
- Please look this way.
- We love you!
Won Tae!
(Kim Won Tae PR Ambassador
Appointment Ceremony)
Why Kim Won Tae of all people?
I heard he makes really good money.
I doubt he takes the subway.
He was chosen as most desired
to be their bodyguard
when riding the subway.
He's got a nuclear fist.
He has 18 degrees combined
in several martial arts.
Hey, Newbie.
You've been weird lately.
Why don't you listen
when people are talking?
She doesn't obey either.
I heard everything.
He has 18 degrees combined
So do you.
Who do you think would win if they fought?
- Well
- That's obvious.
I know Kim Won Tae is bigger,
but Chief is nimble.
If Chief fights Kim Won Tae,
you'll never see Chief
again in this lifetime.
- Never ever.
- Amen.
Still, he has 18 degrees. Right, Chief?
Well, I learned them as a
sport, not to fight.
That's right.
Chief Ko isn't the type
to get into fistfights.
He's like a classic scholar. Right?
A classic scholar
What's taking him so long?
Here he is.
Excuse me.
Here he is.
The 18th-degree black belt in the
art of living, the Chief of PR.
Excuse me.
- Hello, sir.
- Hey.
This is Kim Won Tae.
This is Subway Police
Chief Inspector Ko Ji Seok.
It's nice to meet you. I'm Jo Ki Seok.
- I'm Kim Won Tae.
- Hello.
I'm Kang Soo Ho. It's an honor.
I'm a huge fan.
Is she your fiancee?
Isn't she pretty? Say hi.
Hello, I'm Ma Hye Jin.
Let's stop chit-chatting with busy people.
- You've prepared it, right?
- Yes. This way, please.
Excuse us.
The clothes are inside.
Go in and change,
and come out when you're ready.
Okay. Thank you.
What's wrong?
Are you okay?
You should've been more careful.
Hye Jin was rushing to leave
to take care of an urgent matter and fell.
You fell?
Ask my manager for a ride. Okay?
Go. Be careful.
Just a minute.
How do I look?
It's so awkward.
You look great!
You look so trustworthy.
- This way, please.
- Okay.
You look great!
- Please look this way.
- I love you!
I love you!
Please look this way.
You look great!
This way.
I think Kim Won Tae is abusing his fiancee.
I heard a scream while they were changing,
and when I went in,
Hye Jin was on the floor.
She claims she fell, but
Why are you doing this again?
If she says she fell, she fell.
She was shaking. I'm sure of it.
I think she's too afraid of him to talk.
And she was covered in bruises.
They were of different colors,
which means it wasn't just today.
- What?
- This way!
- No way.
- No way.
I'm going to go check the security footage.
I'm sure it isn't true.
they seemed to get along very well.
Look this way.
You're so handsome.
If you run into a bad person in the subway,
don't forget!
Call the police!
Subway Police is always there for you.
Is it true?
Look this way!
He used that fist? That psycho.
He's a total psychopath.
I'll go get the PR Chief.
(I'm knocked out by your gaze!)
Over here.
My gosh.
Please line up here.
What's this?
Did she report him?
No. She says she fell
She apparently had many old
bruises all over her body.
We should stop the event and
start an investigation
Are you mad?
Was finding a corpse in front
of reporters not good enough?
We hired Kim Won Tae
to try to fix the police's image
that you destroyed.
But what? It turns out the PR Ambassador
beats his girlfriend?
You want to go public with that?
My job
is on the line here.
- Bury it.
- Bury it?
It may get bigger if it outs out later.
How could it possibly become bigger?
She didn't report him.
She said she just fell,
so that's what we know.
We know nothing more.
How could we ignore it
when we have a victim?
Let's just do it. Reporter.
Stop doing this to me.
Let's just do our job.
I need to report to the Commissioner,
so you investigate the Grasshoppers.
You saw her get hit.
How can you ignore it?
I'll look for a way, but
when I get back.
Thank you, Chief!
(Seoun Metropolitan Police Agency)
A way to take on
Kim Won Tae's case
without causing trouble
Ma Ri.
Did you find the screen door key?
I've been too busy. I should look properly.
As in, you didn't find it.
Ji Seok, where's your partner?
Didn't you come with her?
Our Newbie?
She's focusing on Subway Police
matters and wouldn't come here.
She likes it there.
She says it's perfect.
- She does?
- Are you interested in her?
- Yes.
- What?
Did you tell Ji Seok that
we're interested in Yoo Ryung?
I didn't say we're interested.
I'm interested.
What? As a woman?
She hates you and me,
second only to the Subway Ghost.
You saw her coming at me like a madwoman
just because I didn't take on her case.
Do you think she'll be nice to you
just because you pity her?
We're focusing on looking
into the payphones.
Report as soon as you confirm.
Yes, ma'am.
I heard you caught an illegal loan shark.
He even hired a hitman?
How did you end up closing a case like that?
Well Vendors from our
station got caught up in it
What I'm saying is,
you have no time for that.
You should've handed that
case over to Major Crimes
and focused on the Grasshoppers!
I'm sorry.
We'll finish checking
the costume makers today.
How long will you just check them?
You lazy bums.
Finish quickly, and bring them all to me!
Yes, ma'am.
Menopause is really scary, Mom.
- What?
- He closed a big case.
Why are you so mad at him?
Maybe it's because he dumped my daughter,
but I get so angry.
That was ancient history.
It's a waste, that's why.
He was always top-notch
ever since university.
No one compared to him
physically or intellectually.
If he had gone to Metro Detective Division,
you would've lost the
promotion to lieutenant to him.
Gosh. What a waste of talent.
She doesn't even know why they broke up.
Hi there.
Let's go.
Ma Ri!
Why you
Let me see. Are you hurt?
I'll dress like a girl next time.
I'd rather dress like a
girl than send you in
and worry like crazy.
You'd make a pretty girl.
Ji Seok!
Hey, Ma Ri.
You must have been bored,
being in Subway Police for two years,
seeing as you took on a Major Crimes case.
I know, right?
If you want to come to Metro
If you want to come, let me know.
I can look into it for you.
Mom! Are you okay?
What are you doing here?
Ji Seok.
Are you okay?
I want to go home,
but I don't know
where I am.
It's okay, Mom.
It's because the roads are complicated here.
It's okay.
It's okay, Mom.
It's okay. Let's go. Let's go home.
It's okay.
Let's go.
Let's go.
It's okay, Mom.
It's okay.
Hold on.
Hold on.
- Hey, Ma Ri.
- We're getting a special promotion.
Let's go to Metro Detective Division.
Might as well take the fast lane!
You can't go. There's no way
you're going to the Subway Police.
Ma Ri.
You promised to go all the way with me.
You promised to go as high as we can!
Why would someone as good as you go there?
They catch petty criminals there!
You can't even dream of being promoted!
Since I'll be catching petty criminals,
I'll be able to go home every day,
and I won't get injured.
Were you always this big a loser?
Don't you want to come
- to Metro Division?
- I am
the same, Ma Ri.
Nothing has changed.
Sure. People don't change.
(Wangsoori Station)
I really
don't want to go in today.
These four places manufactured
Podori costumes
in the past two months. Correct?
Yes. If we can track down the
person who placed the order,
we can catch the Grasshoppers.
Newbie, are you still reading that?
I thought the higher-ups said to bury it.
We can't investigate it anyway.
Chief said he'd look for a way.
He did?
I'm back.
- Hello.
- Chief.
We found the manufacturers
that made the Podoris.
There are four.
As for Kim Won Tae
Are these the addresses?
Yes. We can visit them right away.
We don't have time, so let's split up.
Officer Lee, you go here.
Soo Ho, you go here.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Let's get moving.
Chief. I looked into Kim Won Tae, and
About that.
Let's drop it.
You said you'd look for a way.
It's the Commissioner's orders
to go all-in on catching the Grasshoppers.
Then let me just meet with
Hye Jin just once, and
I'm not the chief of Major Crimes.
I'm the chief of the Subway Police.
You said you won't go anywhere else, right?
Then focus on our work.
You go here.
Get going.
- Excuse me.
- Yes?
About the recent order for a Podori
I'd like information on the
person who ordered a Podori
It's so dark in there. I can't see a thing.
Anyway, I wanted to ask about
the customer who ordered
For training purposes.
If there were men who came with
- Hello.
- The Podoris were made
to teach safety to kids in kindergarten.
Mine was a bust too. Yes.
Come back. Okay.
I found them.
Three young men asked them
to make three Podoris.
They said they needed them by August 24.
That's the date of our
30-year anniversary event.
I got the address of the
person who placed the order.
Their address? Let's go.
Start the engine.
3 men ordered 3 Podori costumes,
and they said they must finish
them by the day before our event.
- Go faster!
- Yes, sir.
This is it.
Let's go right in.
I'll go in and say I have a package.
You wait outside and catch
whoever tries to run.
You're being reckless. It isn't like you.
What if we barge in,
and not all three of them are in?
That's not good.
You've gotten very cautious.
Let's get them in one blow.
This way.
This way.
- Get on.
- What?
What are you doing?
Hurry up.
I'm quite heavy.
I'll go up.
If it's too much trouble,
you can let me down.
No. Grasshoppers might be inside.
I can stand this much pain.
Do you see anything?
It's hard to see,
but there are two men.
- Really?
- But
there are only two of them.
Let's study them a little bit.
Why are they so friendly with each other?
Are they friendly?
Between men?
Will they fight each other if
things don't work out well?
Fight? Are they fighting?
I dare you to touch each other.
If you do, I'll catch you in the act.
"In the act"?
- Get down.
- Pardon?
I said, get down.
Now, report to me what you saw.
Who are the people inside?
If you don't tell me,
I'll go and find out in person.
Chief. I'll tell you, sir.
Kim Won Tae and Hye Jin are living together.
I'm really sorry.
I was really trying to control myself
I really was
Newbie, I know you're a righteous fighter.
That's why even when
you put handcuffs on me,
ran away with my gun,
investigated behind my back,
and threatened me with a loan application,
I let things go.
Because I know you're righteous.
how can you lie
to your boss when you're an adult? You lied!
Trust is key between partners.
Once that trust breaks,
the relationship breaks too.
The police
always work in groups of two.
Whenever we rode on the scooter,
having you in the backseat
felt like a seat belt for me.
I just thought we should move together,
so I lost my mind for a moment.
I'm really sorry.
You're not going to put the
costume company aside, are you?
No, I'm not that bad.
The owner of that company
was a little confused.
It wasn't a Podori costume. It was Posooni.
I'm really sorry I lied.
Are you serious?
If you do this one more
time, you'll be fired
I must be going insane.
You promised to never hit me again.
It's because you keep
on looking at other men!
You looked at someone on the subway earlier.
Isn't that text from a man too?
Hye Jin, you should only have eyes for me.
Is it that hard to only look at me?
To have a good life with you,
I earn money by getting beat up every day.
But is this
you can do for me,
Hye Jin?
Stop it.
I'll really report you.
Report me?
Do it. Go ahead!
You crazy
- What is this?
- Open the door! This is the police!
Hey, did you get the police to tail me?
No, it wasn't me.
Don't lie to me.
I know you're in there,
so hurry up and open the door!
You'll get it after this.
- Hye Jin.
- Wait, what are you doing?
Hye Jin, are you all right?
Let me see.
You're under arrest in
the act of an assault.
You have the right to an attorney
and you will have the
chance to defend yourself.
Newbie brought in a time bomb with her.
If it's going to explode anyway,
we should make it explode
as safely as possible.
What if the PR Chief finds out?
We should let him go.
We're already on their bad side
because of the Grasshoppers.
She's trying to persuade
the woman to file a report,
so once she does, make an official report.
Let's hand over the
investigation and bow out.
Sure, I guess we can do that.
Name. Kim Won Tae. Age, 35.
I'm the Subway Police's PR Ambassador.
Digging into these minor
things won't help anyone.
Profession, professional fighter.
You're so popular lately,
you make the news just by eating.
You'll make the front page tomorrow.
Hye Jin!
- Hye Jin!
- What are you doing?
- Hye Jin!
- Stop it.
Hye Jin. Ignore him.
Hye Jin!
- Let go!
- Stop it.
Hye Jin! You know what
I did to get this far!
No matter how much it hurt,
I dealt with it because of you,
and I was able to beat it because of you.
You know that.
People can't change overnight.
I tried really hard to
refrain myself this time.
I was trying very hard!
Hye Jin!
This championship fight is our future.
You know that.
Hye Jin.
He punched the wall
with his fist.
He almost hit me,
but he only pushed me.
I think he was trying to refrain himself.
That's assault.
You don't have to be hit
for it to be assault.
Hye Jin!
If I go down now,
my life and our future are both over.
Hye Jin!
Get up.
- Hye Jin!
- Get up.
I'm sorry. Please forgive me just this once.
Come out!
Hye Jin!
I won't report him.
Hye Jin. Domestic violence has over
a 70 percent chance of recurring.
Please reconsider.
I'll be better.
I got hit because I messed up.
He's like that because he doesn't know.
This is how he loves,
and I love that too.
This is something I must deal with.
Assault is not
a method of love.
- I won't hit you again.
- Calm down, and sit.
- Please trust me!
- You can't go in.
- Hye Jin!
- Hye Jin.
I'm really sorry. Hye Jin.
- Stop.
- Hye Jin!
Here, Chief.
Kim Won Tae was a witness nine years ago.
What was the case about?
It's Hyun Mi Young's robbery and murder.
She was Kim Won Tae's
girlfriend at the time.
Kim Won Tae's past girlfriend was murdered?
The cause of death was brain hemorrhage,
but the medical examiner said
it was probably a result of an assault.
She died due to an assault.
Was Kim Won Tae the murder suspect?
No. Her ring and wallet were missing,
so they closed the case as a robbery-murder.
Here's the case file.
(Hyun Mi Young Robbery-Murder)
(Hyun Mi Young Robbery-Murder)
(Stolen items)
You should've been more careful.
Hye Jin was rushing to leave to take
care of an urgent matter and fell.
Hye Jin has this stolen ring.
(Catch the Ghost)
No. He's not like that.
I love you. Don't worry anymore.
One person always causes trouble,
and one always fixes them.
I'd like a new partner.
How could you change your mind so easily?
You can't lose Newbie here.
It breaks my heart.
It breaks my heart!
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