Catch The Ghost (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Club Day

(All characters, organizations,
places, entities, and events)
(in this drama are fictional.)
(Nuclear Fist Kim Won Tae)
He was chosen as most desired
to be their bodyguard
when riding the subway.
- I'm Kim Won Tae.
- Hello.
I think Kim Won Tae is abusing his fiancee.
It turns out the PR
Ambassador for the police
beats his girlfriend?
- Bury it.
- Bury it?
Stop it. I'll really report you.
Report me?
Wait, what are you doing?
Are you all right?
You're under arrest for assault.
You have the right to an attorney
and you will have the
chance to defend yourself.
Hye Jin!
Stop it.
Hye Jin! If I go down now,
my life and our future are both over.
I'm sorry. Please forgive me just this once.
- Come out!
- Stop it.
- Hye Jin!
- I won't report him.
Hye Jin. Domestic violence has over
a 70 percent chance of recurring.
- Please reconsider.
- I'll be better.
I got hit because I messed up.
This is how he loves,
and I love that too.
Assault is not
a method of love.
- Hye Jin!
- Hye Jin.
I'm really sorry. Hye Jin.
- Stop.
- Hye Jin!
Here, Chief.
(Episode 5)
Kim Won Tae was a witness nine years ago.
What was the case about?
It's Hyun Mi Young's robbery and murder.
She was 20 years old and
was murdered in an alley.
She was Kim Won Tae's
girlfriend at the time.
Kim Won Tae's past girlfriend was murdered?
The cause of death was brain hemorrhage,
but the medical examiner said
it was probably a result of an assault.
She died due to an assault.
Was Kim Won Tae the murder suspect?
No. He had an alibi,
so he was just a witness.
Muggings happened often in
the alley where she died,
And her ring and wallet were missing,
so they closed the case as a robbery-murder.
Here's the case file.
(Hyun Mi Young Robbery-Murder)
(Hyun Mi Young Robbery-Murder)
(Stolen items)
You should've been more careful.
Hye Jin was rushing to leave to take
care of an urgent matter and fell.
Hye Jin has
this stolen ring.
Hye Jin.
Let's go.
I won't report him.
Uncuff me. Now.
Thanks, Hye Jin.
I won't do it again.
Let's go.
Hye Jin, just a minute.
Just let them go.
We shouldn't touch this.
Just one minute.
Not a second longer.
Kim Won Tae, come with me.
Take your time.
Where's the ring you were
wearing the other day?
Won Tae gave it to you, didn't he?
Kim Won Tae's previous
girlfriend was murdered.
That ring
disappeared from the murder scene.
Hye Jin,
let's go home.
If you submit it as evidence,
we'll just check and return it.
He's not like that.
Hye Jin, you may be in danger as well.
You can't return to the same house as him.
Imagine how sad your family
would be if they found out.
I don't have that ring.
Maybe you're wrong about the ring.
No, I'm not.
It was definitely the same ring.
She's hiding it.
We said it could be evidence of a murder.
She'd hand it over if she had
it, if anything, out of fear.
She says she loves him.
I don't get it.
No way. I'm sure he has videos
or something to blackmail her.
It's clear as day.
Transfer the case.
I'll call the detective on
point for that murder case,
so give a statement that you saw the ring.
We can give them the murder
case, but what about Hye Jin?
She's still a victim whom we must save
We'd just be aggravating Kim Won Tae.
She can only be safe if he's caught.
Let's have faith in the detectives
working the murder case.
- Chief.
- Newbie.
That's enough.
That's my final warning.
Thanks for trusting me earlier.
I see now just how much you love me.
- Hye Jin.
- Yes?
I'm craving your beansprout soup.
No, no. I'll clean that up.
Then I'll go grocery shopping.
- Thanks.
- Sure.
Then at least notify her family.
They may be able to convince
her to leave his house.
She doesn't have any family.
She has no family?
Not at all? No parents, no siblings, nobody?
No, nobody.
Chief. I need to step out for a minute.
Don't go there.
Don't go.
I'm sorry.
What She isn't going to
Kim Won Tae again, is she?
He beats up his own girlfriend.
And his fist is no joke.
I'll go with her.
Don't you do it too. She's ruining our team.
- We can't focus on the Grasshoppers.
- Let her be.
I've decided not to care anymore.
How could you not care? She's your partner.
I know how you are.
That's why I'm sending her away
somewhere else.
- What?
- Sit down.
Where is it?
Hye Jin.
What are you doing?
I'm hungry.
Give me a few minutes.
Hye Jin, it's me. Officer Yoo Ryung.
I'm outside.
Come out and talk to me for a minute.
I told you, I don't have the ring.
Please leave.
I'm not doing this to catch a murderer.
Then why?
My little sister is the only family I have.
I don't know whether or
not she's even alive.
Some jerk
I swear I'll catch him.
I'll catch him
and make him pay for his crime.
But if
my sister is dead,
it won't bring her back
even if he pays for his crime.
Even without the ring,
we'll catch Kim Won Tae,
and he'll pay for his crime.
However, if something
happens to you before then,
that can't be undone.
Hye Jin.
I know why you want
to protect him
When I said
that your family will be worried
when they find out about your situation,
you told me you don't have the ring
and protected Kim Won Tae.
That's because he is
family to you, isn't it?
I know very well
how lonely it is to be without a family.
this isn't the way to do it.
You should move into my house.
We can eat together, go shopping together,
and go for walks too.
There isn't much to being a family.
I'll help you free yourself
from Kim Won Tae.
- Yes?
- Come back right now.
I have something to say to you.
Chief, I'm on my way.
I'm just two stops away.
I'm sorry.
Forget it. We'll talk face to face.
Yes. Then I'll see you in a bit
- Newbie!
- This station is
Did something happen? Hello?
- Newbie
- What about her?
- Chief.
- Chief?
Which stations are two stops away from here?
On line 2, it goes to Sindorim,
on line 5, it goes to Gunja.
Gyeongui–Jungang line
will be coming in soon.
Officer Lee, take the Gyeongui–Jungang line.
I'll take line 2,
and Officer Kang can take line 5.
We can't miss Newbie here.
Yes, sir.
(To Gunja Station)
Newbie. Newbie.
Newbie. Newbie!
Why What happened?
It was Kim Won Tae.
Kim Won Tae?
Did that jerk do this to you?
Newbie. Newbie, wake up.
Newbie, can you hear me?
Newbie. Newbie!
Just a little Wait just a little, Newbie.
Just a little bit. You have to stay with me.
Hello, there has been an
accident at Wangsoori Station.
Her head is bleeding.
She's unconscious. Yes.
Here? Sangwangsoori Station.
Please send an ambulance to
exit number one right away.
Please hurry!
Sangwangsoori Station.
- Sangwangsoori Station.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Screen doors are opening.
Doctor, we have an emergency patient.
The wound is quite deep,
and she lost a lot of blood.
We'll get a head CT first.
Hurry and get her ready.
We have an emergency patient,
please move out of the way!
It was Kim Won Tae's doing.
Please secure all the
security footage of him.
Zoom in on the evidence
He's a clever one.
He beat her on the train because
he knew there weren't cameras.
We have to find evidence of him
boarding the same train as Newbie.
There's Newbie.
Hey, this guy He doesn't have
the same build as Kim Won Tae.
Look closely.
You're right.
(Konkuk University Station)
Found him.
(Hospital Entrance)
Yes, Officer Lee.
Chief, we found the guy
who went after Newbie,
but it's hard to tell if
it's Kim Won Tae or not.
We might not be able to
arrest him if we're unlucky.
(Officer Yoo)
(Officer Yoo)
Won Tae.
It looked like that female
police officer was bothering you.
You don't have to worry anymore.
What did you do to her?
Is that so important?
If the police come,
tell them I've been practicing
here all night, okay?
I love you.
I know very well how lonely it is
to be without a family.
You should move into my house.
We can eat together and go for walks too.
There isn't much to being a family.
I'll help you free yourself
from Kim Won Tae.
(Hyun Mi Young)
(Hyun Mi Young)
Hye Jin.
People who love each other
shouldn't have trust issues.
Am I right?
I need you beside me, Chief.
Whenever we rode on the scooter,
having you in the backseat
felt like a seat belt for me.
Can you hear me?
Can you tell me how I can reach your family?
I also need your guardian's signature.
I'm her guardian.
You're up.
I'll take care of everything in a moment.
Sleep a little longer.
By the way, what happened with Kim Won Tae?
Don't think about anything else.
Just get some rest.
Thank you
for saving me, Chief.
Just because you're a police
officer doesn't mean
you can jump over someone's
fence as you please.
What is it this time?
I'm sure you don't have
anything to blame me with.
You startled me.
Hit me.
Isn't it a sparring partner you need?
I'll be one for you, so hit me.
What are you scheming?
I should've
been there earlier today.
All police work in groups of two.
I shouldn't get separated from my partner.
That's why
I should've been there.
I should've been hit along with her.
Just assume I was there too, and punch me.
I'm not sure what you're talking about.
Instead, let me hit you too.
It's going to hurt a lot when you get hit.
Well, it won't matter to me.
Just don't go back on your word.
Get up.
Get up.
- Get up!
- Darn it.
- It hurts.
- I told you
it'd hurt when I hit you.
Hey. This is boring.
Get up. Get up!
Come on!
No, not that.
It breaks my heart.
It breaks my heart!
touch my partner again.
I'm a martial artist too!
You jerk.
Hye Jin.
Hye Jin.
Hye Jin.
I'm sorry, Won Tae.
Hye Jin. I'm a police officer.
- What in the world
- I know, right?
What happened to his face?
Chief, are you okay? Why do you look
Did you two
Did you really fight?
If I were a woman,
I would've fallen for you. For real.
Don't go back on your word.
Get in.
Stop smiling.
- Here.
- Hey.
Get in.
Hold on.
(Seoun Police Hospital)
Have a seat.
I'm sorry. It's my fault.
Are you okay?
When I got hit,
looking into his eyes
scared me the most.
There was murder in his eyes.
I thought
I may really end up dying.
being alone again
scared me much more
than dying.
No one has ever
reached out to me like this before.
This woman
was probably very lonely too.
I'm sure even after she died, no one
(Hyun Mi Young)
found out
why she died.
Thank you so much
for being so brave.
I heard you were going to a secure facility.
let's take walks together and eat together.
You have family, though.
Get well soon.
You too.
That's why I should've been there.
I should've been hit along with her.
Just assume I was there too,
and punch me.
Hit me too!
Get up!
It breaks my heart.
It breaks my heart!
Your bruises keep getting bigger.
Does it hurt anywhere else?
What's wrong?
What happened
to your face?
I was in a good mood after
catching the bad guy,
so I got drunk and fell.
That's right. I need to go
do paperwork at the office.
See you.
Okay, so
Me too.
It breaks my heart too.
Domestic violence is unacceptable!
Punish him!
- Punish him!
- Punish him!
There's a ton of reporters outside.
We get to be on TV thanks to Newbie.
Will you really send her somewhere else?
I can't dump her on someone else.
They'll chew me out if I do.
She's my burden to bear.
Let's go.
He's coming!
Kim Won Tae must be punished!
- Punish him!
- How do you feel right now?
- Do you admit your crimes?
- Domestic violence
is unacceptable! Punish him!
- Punish him!
- Punish him!
- Kim Won Tae
- Please give us a statement!
- must be punished!
- Do you admit
Nuclear Fist Kim Won Tae
was named the prime suspect
of a murder nine years ago
and is being transferred
to the Gangnam Precinct
in charge of the case.
He was accused of assaulting
police officers, domestic violence,
and now, he's in the news
after being accused of murder.
Kim Won Tae refused to
answer any questions
and went straight inside for questioning.
(Commissioner Kim Hyung Ja)
Madam Commissioner, you should watch this.
It was found out that he
was a repeat offender
He was selected to be the PR
ambassador for the subway police,
but I caught on early before
things got out of hand,
and ordered Chief Ko to
investigate the case.
Ko Ji Seok?
Why isn't he catching the Grasshoppers?
Ji Seok?
What happened to his face?
He must have gotten into a
scuffle while catching him.
From what I hear,
Ko Ji Seok and Kim Won Tae duked it out.
Kim Won Tae assaulted Chief Ko's partner,
which got him very worked up.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Congratulations on your discharge!
Thank you.
Hospital food was so bad.
- I can eat now, right?
- You were eating so well.
You ate three bowls of rice.
Stop that. Enjoy.
Thank you.
My partner. Here.
Eat up.
- Let me make you a wrap.
- Sure.
You eat.
- What was that?
- Did you see that?
I got this for my future partner.
I finally get to give it to someone.
You know what this is, right?
Of course, I do.
This is the top of the line.
The 26-inch expandable baton!
I really wanted one of these.
Thank you,
- partner.
- That's how
women react when they
receive a designer bag.
I've always wanted that too.
Me too, partner.
I'll buy it for you.
Thank you very much.
Here. Let's drink.
- Okay.
- Cheers.
- I can drink for you if you want.
- Bottoms up.
Darn it.
(Wangsoori Station)
(Konkuk University Station)
What is this?
We forgot this when we sent
over Kim Won Tae's case file.
It's surveillance footage of him.
I'm going to send it over now.
No, no. Not that.
Who's this?
It looks like he's following Newbie.
Following me?
Hold on.
Do you know him? Or can you guess who he is?
Not really.
Come out.
I said, come out here!
Come out and tell me where my sister is!
Does someone come to mind?
No. I have no idea.
Hey. Copy this for me.
I'm late.
- I'm clocking out.
- Okay.
- Goodnight.
- Good work everyone.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
Someone is watching me. I'm sure of it.
Your mother is in the
equipment storage room.
I guess it's because she's a
girl, but she's so curious.
She tours the hospital every day.
Her caretaker said she'll bring
her right in, so wait in her room.
- Okay. Thank you.
- Sure.
I'm sorry. Are you okay?
My gosh.
It got dirty.
It's okay. I'll do it.
We've narrowed it down to
everyone within a 3km radius
of the payphone the perp
used, including all ex-cons
and anyone who has ever been
questioned even as a witness.
These are the addresses to visit.
Divide up the region geographically.
Get started.
I need to stop by somewhere first.
It's time for the call.
See you later.
Nine o'clock.
He called the fourth victim from here.
What did he say to call her out?
The number you have
dialed is not in service.
Please check the number
It's a secluded stream,
so there aren't many people walking by.
There are no lights,
and they're hidden by the trees.
It definitely would be hard to
find unless you live in the area.
I'm sure he lives around here.
A passageway not in the blueprint?
Where does this lead?
Finally, they're coming tonight.
The possible areas for the crime are
here, here, and here.
They get eviler by the day,
so we'll be had if we aren't well-prepared.
How many of them do you think
there will be this time?
At least 50, I'm sure.
What do you do at night instead of sleeping?
What will there be 50 of?
(Hongdae Club Day Pervert Sweep)
They're gathering from all over the country.
Okay. It's almost the end of the quarter.
They'll be evaluating performances
soon, and we're short.
If we come in first,
will it be considered in calculating
your disciplinary action?
Well, a little
A lot.
They look at an officer's usual
actions, performance,
and things like that when
deciding on disciplinary action.
Then I'll give my life to catch them.
You were so annoyingly disobedient. Loyalty!
Is this the power of the expandable baton?
Well, I owe the chief a lot
I'll repay you with this, sir.
Okay. I look forward to it, Newbie.
At ease.
Okay. After our strategy meeting,
here are our chief and newbie,
happy and filled with energy. Say hi.
- This is such a great partnership.
- Come on.
Who are you talking to?
This is a vlog.
V What?
A video blog.
I post videos of me working, eating,
hanging out, things like that.
I can make money if I get a lot of viewers.
You punk. Are you leaking
police strategy to make money?
I edit out classified information.
Plus, my only viewer
is my mom.
Actually, I do it in hopes women
would watch, not for the money.
I want
to date too.
- What?
- If you don't know vlogs,
- you must not know that either.
- What?
The avocado case.
Her ID was Avocado.
She used to post videos of herself
partying at clubs in Hongdae.
But, the last video she
updated is a complete mystery.
Let me show it to you.
(Avocado vlog)
(Avocado vlog: club video)
(Avocado TV)
This is Avocado.
She stayed until the club closed,
then took the first train.
Just a second.
I look stupid.
I feel so sick right now.
- I
- It'll come out now.
Something really annoying happened to me.
- What is this?
- This was two weeks ago already.
She has been missing ever
since this video was uploaded.
Did she go missing?
Yes. She has a lot of fans,
so some people think a fan abducted her,
while others think it's a
show to get more followers.
Anyway, it'll be investigated.
They're assigning someone soon.
Let me watch it again.
Snap out of it.
It's going to be investigated.
Let's go to Hongik University Station.
The basics of a stakeout,
it's to sneak in like a shadow.
Let's prepare for it first.
Chief Inspector Gong.
Look at how ready you are.
But this is my turf.
It's club day.
It's like a holiday for Subway Police.
Okay. I'll let you off since today is huge.
I like your rock band concept.
Watch it!
You sound like a talented group.
Are you saying we're not pretty to look at?
Hey, you're the same one
from last time, right?
Yes, that's me. Hello!
Since we're in the same area today,
make sure you follow our trade ethics.
Yes, sir.
- Good day, sir.
- Good day.
Good luck.
Look at that wig.
also disappeared after
taking the first train
from Hongik University Station.
I know. That first train
ghost story is really true.
A friend's friend went clubbing
all night on club day
- then took the first train,
- Avocado.
but now she's out of reach.
She's never home either.
She went completely missing.
There's that other girl too.
The one who practically
goes to S Club every day.
She also took the first train
after going out on club day,
- and I haven't seen her these days.
- What is this?
- Isn't it scary?
- Let's hurry.
There's even a rumor going around now.
Snap out of it.
It's almost the end of the quarter.
If I can hear their story a little longer,
we might find out there
are more missing women.
Snap out of it! We're here to
bring up our arrest numbers.
Right. Arrests.
I'm sorry. Let's go.
I'm going to kill all the perverts.
That was close.
You heard about the Avocado case, right?
- Yes.
- It's been turned into
a ghost story, so I looked into it.
The ghost story makes me
feel a little uncomfortable.
I saw the video as well,
and Avocado disappeared from home.
It has nothing to do with the Subway Ghost.
How are you so sure?
Are you serious?
An officer should investigate
before coming to a conclusion!
Mom. Why should the police
look into ghost stories?
Lieutenant Ha,
Metro Detective Division
will take this case!
Find out if it really doesn't
have anything to do
with the Subway Ghost and then report to me.
Yes, ma'am.
All right. We'll set up camp here.
- You two should cover the exit.
- Okay.
- Let's go, Dad.
- Stop calling me that.
- I'm not that much older.
- Come on.
Okay. Shall we get started?
Newbie. You should only watch me.
That dinosaur has impure eyes.
- Inspect!
- Okay.
I'm Yoo Ryung of the Subway Police.
I'd appreciate your cooperation.
This is a present for my kid.
You're under arrest for
possession of and using a camera.
Congratulations. It's your very
first hidden camera arrest
in three weeks after joining Subway Police.
But Chief,
you have really good eyes
It's not my eyesight. I'm creative.
Anything in this world can
be used for hidden cameras.
That expanded my way of thinking.
It's creativity!
You can't find it if you search
just for the hidden camera.
You have to look around while
keeping all possibilities open.
Earlier, this man was like
Give it to me. He was smiling.
Right? He walked like this
because the camera has
to capture his subject.
He was walking strangely
while focusing on that.
When you find someone strange,
then you start looking closely.
The seal looked open,
and the tyrannosaurus' eyes
looked more sparkly than usual.
- Salute.
- Creativity.
- Officer Lee, we arrested
- You deserve it.
a hidden camera at exit eight.
- Please come and get him. Okay.
- You're horrible.
- Mobilize!
- I'm off.
Wait. I'll get him.
Are you okay?
What is this? Get him!
Hey, you jerk!
Come here!
They stole him from us.
What's with you two?
You barely gave us a chance to catch anyone.
Officer Lee,
take them to Wangsoori Station
and write the reports.
We'll keep on looking until the last train.
- Okay.
- Good luck.
- Do your best.
- You were cool.
- All right.
- We'll move now.
Come on. Let's go.
We'll take the lead at this rate.
Then maybe they won't take any
disciplinary action on you.
- Let's get back to work.
- Are you bullies?
I told you to keep to our trade ethics.
I said I'll be taking the exit area.
Why did you arrest a pervert there?
I chased him since the square.
I don't care!
This is my area,
so I'll pick the stakeout spots.
You two
are now at exit number seven!
Chief Inspector Gong!
(Hongik University Station)
Is this really Hongik University Station?
It'll be over if we don't
catch anyone else today.
Should we move to Gangnam-gu instead?
No. We'll miss the peak
time even if we leave now.
Ko Ji Seok?
- Ma Ri?
- What is this?
We're on a stakeout.
It's Club Day, so
You look pretty.
- Sorry?
- What are you doing here?
A woman went missing.
She calls herself Avocado.
I heard about it.
Are you handling that case?
People are saying things like
it's the curse of the first train,
so it's making the Commissioner nervous.
Do you perhaps
She said to find out if the
Subway Ghost is involved.
Ryung, can we talk for a minute?
What is it? Talk here.
It'll be quick.
We're on a stakeout right now.
I'll be right back.
What is it?
Are you really going into the tunnel?
I wish you wouldn't.
What did you mean when you told me
to join the Metro Detective Division?
Two years ago,
you ignored everything I said.
Do you finally believe me now?
To be honest,
I think it's impossible to
transport bodies through the tunnel.
The way your sister went missing
- is the same, but
- But there wasn't a body.
Then why?
You won't believe me anyway.
Why did you tell me to join
you and catch him together?
I know you won't stop.
Get her out of here.
If you won't stop anyway,
let's take it all the way together.
Once we do,
you'll be able to become free from this.
need a detective who will find my sister.
Not a detective who will pity me.
Ko Ji Seok and Kim Won Tae duked it out.
Kim Won Tae assaulted Chief Ko's partner,
which got him very worked up.
I hope you catch a big pervert
since you're all dressed up.
Bye, Ji Seok. Take care, Ryung.
Why does Lieutenant Ha
always disrespect you?
I thought you were classmates at university.
You should've gone to Metro too.
You graduated top of your class.
If you had gone to Metro,
you'd be much higher up than Lieutenant Ha.
It's just a bigger burden.
I like being with the Subway Police.
Why do you like it here?
Metro catches vicious criminals,
so you can get stabbed.
Major Crimes catches gangs,
so you can get beat up.
Primary Investigation and
Patrol have too many cases.
here at the Subway Police,
the most we get are petty
thieves will nail clippers.
Although the Grasshoppers
are a headache right now
That's why you came here?
Because nail clippers are the most we get?
Can't a cop want a stable lifestyle?
Let's go home.
Like this?
We're off duty now.
Even if we stay here longer
It's your first time at a club, right?
You stand out like a sore thumb too.
Do you envy them?
No, not at all.
I just
wonder what they're so excited about.
Why is it so hard for us
to cross this little street at this age?
I have no desire to cross the street.
Let's cross the street.
Let's party too.
- It's okay.
- I mean it.
Come on.
Let's go.
What is this?
I don't know.
Let's go, Chief. I don't think
Why? We already crossed the street.
Try it.
You looked like nothing scared you!
Why are you so stiff?
I am not!
What are you doing?
Are you a chicken clucking?
I said I didn't want to do it!
Chief. Seriously.
I can't dance either.
Neither of us can dance,
so there's no pressure.
Come with me.
(Catch the Ghost)
Don't go.
You like him.
I want a new partner.
You want to switch me?
You said I was your seatbelt
and stuff before.
How could your feelings change so quickly?
There's a petty thief in
that car with a knife.
I can catch petty thieves too.
He's not your average petty thief.
Something is weird about him.
Who are you?
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