Catch The Ghost (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

A Petty Thief?

(All characters, organizations,
places, entities, and events)
(in this drama are fictional.)
What's wrong with them?
(Episode 6)
Once, I caught someone
doing something perverted.
I checked his transportation card history,
and he had taken the first
train from Cheonan at 5am.
They're so diligent.
Yes. But he claims he came to see a friend.
Who meets a friend at 7am?
And two guys at that.
I may be diligent,
but I'd never get up to catch
a 5am train to meet a friend.
Soo Ho and Officer Lee are close,
but they don't even make
eye contact in the morning.
That's true.
Last time, I went all the way
to Incheon and caught this punk,
and he
It got cut again.
I rolled down like 10 steps,
so it's to be expected.
Another time, I followed him
to Incheon and arrested him,
and I realized he was wearing our handcuff.
So I asked him while I was arresting him,
and he had gotten loose and run away.
Didn't it hurt?
Hye Jin told me.
Oh, well
I wanted to try fighting him.
We both did martial arts.
I wanted to see if he was better.
He seemed to need a sparring
partner too. So I
What? What are you doing?
Open up.
It won't heal if you don't treat it.
I got a cut here too.
Okay. I see. You got a cut there too.
Darn it. He hit me for real.
It hurt so much.
Seriously. You're such a crybaby, Chief.
Pro fighters are different.
Don't do that again.
Here comes the first train.
The train to Seongsu is now approaching.
If you party all night long
in Hongdae on Club Day
and take the first train, you disappear.
You're a natural-born detective.
Let's get on.
Let's see whether or not we disappear.
- Okay.
- The doors are opening.
Take a nap if you're tired.
I'll wake you when we're there
I'm Chief Inspector Ko Ji
Seok with the Subway Police.
May I see your bag?
That punk isn't just a petty thief.
That jerk.
Please stand clear of the closing doors.
(Ewha Womans University Station)
Chief, why did you leave me
- Yes?
- There's a petty thief
with a knife on that train.
- What?
- He's dangerous,
so follow my orders exactly.
At the left end of the
seats across from you,
there's a woman with short hair
in a black dress, sleeping.
She's his victim,
so tell her you're an officer
and exit at the next stop with her.
What about the thief?
Leave him.
I have my handcuffs.
Is he wearing a black cap and
Get off with the victim.
I can catch a petty thief.
He isn't just a petty thief.
I told you why I came here, right?
Because the most I get are petty
thieves with nail clippers.
That's true.
That's your conviction, not mine.
That's not it.
Weapon possession increases the sentence,
so subway thieves do not carry knives.
And he didn't touch her gold jewelry.
Because most people use credit
cards, the petty thieves
go after jewelry first before wallets.
Something is off about him.
I'm on the next train,
so get off at the next stop.
I promise to catch him again.
I'll get off with the victim then.
Stand clear of the closing doors.
I even took off my heels.
It was so hard holding myself back.
Aren't you proud of me?
Good job, Newbie. You're all grown up.
We'll call you as soon as
we recover your wallet.
- Thank you.
- Get home safely.
Get home safely.
Officer Lee.
See if he was caught on camera
at Hongik University Station.
Yes, sir.
If we catch him,
we can take the lead this quarter.
Hello, Chief Gong.
I'm sorry, but may I see complaints
regarding petty thieves
on the first train at
Hongik University Station?
Why? That's my station.
I saw a weird one.
He had a weapon, and took the
victim's wallet and not jewelry.
He's short, wore a cap with an eagle
Oh, him. He's so quick. I lost him once too.
But yes, he is weird.
He always targets the first
train after Hongdae Club Day.
He only robs people on the
first train after Club Day?
Probably because there
are so many drunk people.
If you lost him once,
you must have checked
his transportation card.
Do you know his identity?
If I did, I would've caught him already.
He always uses a single-ride
card, so we found nothing.
I see.
Then may I meet the victims
whose wallets he stole?
There are many victims,
so we'll find a clue once we meet them all.
Why is Chief Gong actually helping us?
He said he saw us dancing
last night.
He felt like he was too mean.
So you don't remember anything
about the thief, right?
No. I completely blacked out.
Were you wearing any gold jewelry
or anything valuable that day?
I was since I went clubbing.
And yet, he only took your wallet.
For all three, he left the valuables
and only took their wallets.
We need to find a lead.
Hong Ye Ra.
Hong Ye Ra.
Don't waste your time, and go home.
No one has lived there for a while.
- Hello.
- Sure.
I'm Chief Inspector Ko Ji
Seok of the Subway Police.
So you're cops.
You look different from the
ones who came last time.
Were the police here?
Would you please tell us what you know?
This lady What did they say? So
she does an Internet broadcast.
She's super famous here.
But they said she suddenly
disappeared during a broadcast.
So detectives came by and
asked me all sorts of things.
She disappeared while doing a broadcast?
Is this her?
Yes, that's right. Yes.
Based on the list of victims,
Avocado had her wallet stolen on the 26th.
The last day she posted on her vlog.
She went missing the day
her wallet was stolen.
Maybe that petty thief had something
to do with Avocado's disappearance.
I'm not sure. It's too soon to say.
You said so yourself,
that he isn't just a petty thief.
And Chief Gong said
he only goes after people on
the first train after Club Day.
Maybe he has something to
do with the ghost story.
We should investigate
Avocado's missing person case.
Not those eyes again. Watch it.
No I'm saying we should
investigate Avocado's case
so we could catch the petty thief.
We should bring up our arrest numbers
so you won't get any disciplinary
I told you an adult shouldn't fib, right?
If I knew you'd be like this,
I should've arrested that thief.
"I promise to catch him again."
I trusted your words.
I'm not saying I won't catch him.
All right. Fine.
You're always threatening your boss.
Metropolitan Detective Division
is investigating this case,
so I'll ask if they can share
the information they have.
But can we get some rest first?
We've been up for 30 hours.
Metropolitan Detective Division
Yes, sir. Salute.
You always salute, then rebel against me.
Chief, wait for me.
- Aren't you sleepy?
- Me? I'm fine.
(Avocado TV)
My makeup smudged all over.
I'm so thirsty.
The criminal was caught on camera here.
You see the dim reflection on the
window, don't you?
I thought it was Avocado's shadow.
Look at it from the angle of
the light shining through.
It's not Avocado.
Take it to the video analyst
to get a detailed analysis.
The window in her home is
about 1m above the floor,
so get an estimate for his height
by taking that into account.
How do you know how high the
window is from the floor?
Isn't it a given?
Her house is the crime scene.
Of course, we should know
everything about the scene.
- Go and get it.
- Okay. I'll be back.
We have two months left.
(Bring down the Grasshoppers, D-75)
Making more arrests isn't the priority.
I'm going to get fired.
About our investigation
on the Grasshoppers
Are you sure we checked
all the costume companies?
(List of Costume Businesses)
- Your delivery is here.
- That way.
It's here.
It's not like someone can
make their own Podori costume.
How did they get their hands on it?
All right, let's eat.
- How much is it?
- It's 15 dollars.
15 dollars.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Did you see that?
That was withdrawal symptoms.
Oh, gosh! Hang in there, Boss.
- Soon
- Your delivery is here.
(Subway Pickpockets, the Grasshoppers)
Shall we see how far Chief Inspector Ko got?
(Subway Pickpockets, the Grasshoppers)
"Checking costume businesses"?
That makes me a little nervous.
Be quiet, Baldie.
Bong Man. I
even made myself an autograph
because I thought
I'd get big after this job.
But I was trending on the
Internet just for 10 minutes.
Thanks to that murderer,
people forgot about us.
My pride was badly damaged.
When you go to retrieve the dishes,
put this document back. Okay?
The possibility of making a secret deal
with a costume business
Officer Lee, did you take
the file on the Grasshoppers?
That's strange.
- Soo Ho.
- Yes?
I have to go somewhere,
so can you look for it for me?
- Okay.
- Great. Thank you.
I'll get going.
- Bye.
- See you later.
I haven't been able to go home,
let alone change my socks.
This job is so ridiculous.
She's so young,
but she's always bossing us around.
- Exactly.
- She thinks she's the best.
I worked at least 10 more
years in the field than her.
She only became a lieutenant
because of her mom.
You're wrong.
She got her job because she's capable.
She's the Commissioner's daughter,
and the youngest lieutenant at
the Metro Detective Division.
Are you jealous?
If you are, then just say you are.
It'll make you look less pathetic.
(Estimated time of the crime, August 4, 2pm)
(Estimated time of the crime, August 4, 2pm)
Ma Ri.
What brings you here?
You shouldn't drink coffee at night.
Have some tea.
Thank you.
So? Why are you curious
about Avocado's case?
I found a suspicious
man while investigating.
I wonder if he might be related
to Avocado's missing person case.
Who is the suspicious man?
A petty thief.
He stole Avocado's wallet
on the first train from
Hongik University Station.
That's the day
Avocado disappeared.
On the first train from
Hongik University Station?
Lieutenant Ha!
You were right. He's on the clip.
I need to try going in there.
Who is that?
It looks like he's tailing Newbie.
(Konkuk University Station)
(Konkuk University Station)
My neck
My neck hurts so much.
I can't breathe.
What's the matter, Jin?
The one who took Jin
also tried to kill me.
(Safe Room: Guns and Ammunition
Must be Stored in Safe Room)
(Gun Locker)
I'll find him no matter what.
They brought up the resolution
and zoomed in. Look.
We calculated his height by
using the window's location,
- and he's about 160cm tall.
- It's that petty thief.
He was about 160cm,
and he had this mark on his hat.
I'm certain. Even this morning,
he pick-pocketed on the first train
from Hongik University Station.
I could've arrested him.
He pickpockets women on the first train
from Hongik University Station,
then goes to the woman's house.
He must've stolen wallets of
more than just a couple of women.
It's highly likely that
there are more victims.
The ghost story about the first train
needs to be investigated.
(Gyeongseo-dong Missing Vlogger Case)
(Investigating family and acquaintances)
I'll go study the petty
thief's victim list again.
You have a partner.
Call her and ask her to find out.
Actually, I have to go back because of her.
She's alone right now,
and it's scary when the shutters are down.
do the suspect's composite
sketch before you go.
Call the sketch artist.
It's 2am right now.
Just ask him to see you again
Go and get the sketch artist right now.
Yes, ma'am.
But I think I better go.
Newbie is by herself. I'm worried.
Let's work on the composite
early tomorrow morning.
I'll call you.
What is this?
Did the power go out?
Who are you?
I have to catch him.
I have to catch him.
I have to catch him.
What are you doing down here? Are you hurt?
Why did the power go out?
I'm sorry.
Are you sure
you didn't get hurt?
Did something
By the way, Newbie.
Are you hiding something from me?
You look a little anxious.
Also, someone was tailing you last time.
No one was tailing me.
I checked,
and he was just a pervert.
I'm just startled, that's all.
I'm scared of the dark.
I'm glad it's nothing serious.
Just a second.
I thought you were fearless.
Sleep tight.
If you get scared, you can wake me up.
I'll leave this open.
I think I need to get stronger.
I'm sorry.
Why didn't you kill me?
(Employee Lounge, Authorized Personnel Only)
They fixed it quick.
- Hello. Did you sleep well?
- Hey.
Good morning.
- Did you eat?
- Yes.
- Chief.
- Did you get some sleep?
I'd like
- a new partner.
- A partner
You want to swap me out?
What's this all about?
Did you two fight again last night?
Who wants to be my partner?
Do you want to be my partner?
Partner, I'm going to
order an expandable baton.
Should we look together?
- Of course. We're partners.
- You're so mean.
I'm not an infectious disease or anything.
Nice. I like silver.
- Silver?
- That's right.
Should I go with pink?
There's no pink.
Is it
because I left you all alone
in the dark last night?
I didn't know the power would go out.
I already apologized.
- Why are you
- That's not why.
I don't think we're a good fit.
Come with me.
When were we ever a good fit?
I said from the get-go
that we weren't a good fit
and that it wouldn't work.
From the first time we met.
We met with you handcuffing me.
I'm sorry about
But you insisted on joining us.
I really didn't want to say this,
but the past month that I worked with you
was more exhausting than
my past two years combined.
It's better if we switch.
It would be less exhausting.
Are you kidding me? Seriously?
We're finally starting
to work well together.
I worked so hard to get this far.
Exactly. I'm saying stop
working so hard now.
Who can put up with you other
than me in the Subway Police?
Were you "putting up" with me?
- That's not what I mean.
- You should've said you hated me!
I never said
It's not that I hate you.
You said
I was your seatbelt and stuff before.
How could your feelings change so quickly?
And overnight too!
They're talking about
switching partners, right?
They're not breaking up, right?
I'm not sure.
Let's not be emotional.
Let's take some time to cool off.
Until we solve the Avocado case.
What did Metro say?
There's a connection between
Avocado and the petty thief.
He was caught on her vlog.
Metro is taking him and Avocado,
and we'll meet the other
victims he robbed
- Let's go.
- Wait.
Wait for me.
Is it jammed?
- Yes, I think so.
- See you later.
See you later.
What's going on?
Where did you find it?
So that's where I dropped my wallet.
Okay. Just a minute.
I'll go there to pick up my wallet.
Thank you.
May I help you?
Did you find your wallet?
We're detectives with the Subway Police.
You had reported that you lost your wallet.
I thought someone had stolen it.
I had expensive concert
tickets in my wallet,
which was why I reported it,
but I guess it wasn't a pickpocket.
Please cancel my report.
Why did you think it was a pickpocket?
Since I scanned my card
when I got on the train.
when I checked when I got
off, my wallet wasn't there.
I guess I dropped it somewhere
since he said the tickets
and money are all there.
I see.
It's late. Let's go to the next one.
Park Yoo Mi.
Park Yoo Mi.
Is anyone home?
It looks like she hasn't
been home in a while.
I guess you didn't know.
No, no. She reported her wallet
stolen, so we came to talk to her,
but we couldn't reach her.
Park Yoo Mi's mother
thinks she still lives here.
So her family doesn't
know where she is either.
Hi, Soo Ho.
- Did you meet the victim?
- No. She isn't home.
Her friends say
they haven't been able to reach
her since they went clubbing.
I see. It's the same as here.
Get all the surveillance
videos from near her place.
Okay. Bye.
That means two more women went
missing on top of Avocado.
The ghost story is real.
What happened?
What? Why?
- We'll find a clue inside.
- That's breaking and entering.
Newbie. Snap out of it.
Snap out of it.
Stop it.
I thought you finally grew up.
I'm doing this because I grew up.
I should do what I must at all costs.
Are you rebelling because you
don't want to be my partner?
That's not it. Darn it.
Officer Lee and Soo Ho,
check the surveillance cameras.
If the victims are alive,
they'll be on them somewhere.
Newbie and I'll check their credit
card uses after their disappearance.
Hello, this is the Subway Police.
I'd like to see
Park Yoo Mi's credit card transaction list.
Please fax it to me. Thank you.
(Credit Card Transaction Details)
(Credit Card Transaction Details)
Check this.
I'll check these.
What's this?
This woman is fine.
She's buying something
at a convenience store.
Then she used her credit card herself.
The other victims are going
around perfectly fine too.
They were caught by every camera.
- Then all the victims
- Are alive.
I know we should be happy, but
what were we doing all this time?
The ghost story is not real.
That is a relief.
- But
- Lieutenant.
We found Avocado.
I checked the surveillance cameras
near where her card was used,
and I think she's staying
at a studio apartment.
I knew it.
What a waste of time.
Isn't it great she's alive?
Call the studio and ask her why she moved,
and close the case.
We started this investigation
thinking they went missing,
but none of them did.
But none of them are going home.
They're not minors. Must the police
investigate why they don't go home?
The convenience store Park Yoo
Mi goes to isn't far from here.
- Can't we just go and
- And what will you say?
"We called after you
reported your wallet stolen,"
"but you wouldn't answer
your phone and weren't home,"
"so we checked your credit
card transactions"
"and the convenience store you frequent"
"and were staking out in secret.
We didn't expect to see you."
Is that what we should do?
Because of one wallet?
- That's a stalker, not a cop.
- Yes.
It's weird that both of them won't go home.
Something may have
happened like with Avocado.
Even with Avocado,
we don't know exactly what happened.
I still need to check.
This isn't ours to investigate.
They say you can't change people.
Your bad habit is coming back!
That's what I'd like to say.
You keep backing down while investigating.
It must really be an illness.
What? Why
Is this the Narcotics Unit?
This is Ko Ji Seok, Subway Police.
I'd like to report a narcotics case.
Call the lady
and tell her we can't investigate.
About the Kim Won Tae case.
Let's drop it.
Is that why she doesn't
want to be my partner?
What is it?
It's late. Let's go tomorrow.
Let's go.
Have a good day.
That stings.
Let me see.
I'm fine.
That stings.
Park Yoo Mi, right?
He only stole my wallet.
There was nothing else.
Is that really true?
Sorry. Excuse me.
Hi, Ma Ri. Yes.
Okay, I'll check.
Replay the surveillance video of Avocado.
(Seoun Metropolitan Police Agency)
Park and come in. I'll go in first.
- Ji Seok.
- Hey, Woo Hyuk.
When do you suddenly lose
all respect for a supervisor?
Are you asking me about your ex-girlfriend?
Why? Did Ryung say she doesn't like you?
She doesn't want to be my partner.
Not wanting to be your
partner is different
from disliking you.
How is that different? It's the same.
You seem to be overreacting.
Take it purely professionally.
Of course, I take it professionally.
How else would I take it?
Detective Kim.
- Do you have a minute?
- Sure.
Are you really okay? Are you not hurt?
Are you really okay? Are you not hurt?
I'm not asking for your concern.
I told you in case it would
help with the investigation.
So you're positive the
guy who came that night
is the Subway Ghost, right?
That's right.
Who else would roam around
the station at that hour?
I know it's hard to believe,
and you don't have to believe me.
Just run an analysis on this for me.
I found it in the tunnel,
but there's no case number
and I can't request an analysis.
It's a bit clean for
something found in the tunnel.
I thought that was suspicious too.
I'll let you know as soon
as I get the results.
And when we investigate suspects on our end,
I'll make sure to check if any
of them has a shoulder tick.
Thank you.
And let me ask you for one more favor.
Please don't tell Lieutenant Ha.
She won't be interested, anyway.
If she finds out I've been
going into the tunnel,
it'll put Chief Ko in trouble too.
How come you don't want to
be Ji Seok's partner anymore?
Because I don't want to ruin this.
You like him, don't you?
It's not that.
I keep on wanting to rely
on him when I'm with him.
I'll get going.
Then, do you want me to help you?
How did you know Avocado was
a victim of sexual assault?
After we talked,
I noticed the signs of a rape victim.
She'd flinch if a strange man passed by.
- What about you?
- She'd wipe things incessantly,
like the coffee ring on the
table and dust on her sleeves.
She feels like her body was spoiled,
so she showed compulsive symptoms.
Yes. She can't look at stains
because it reminds her of herself.
That's why
I didn't know.
How would an officer like you know that?
First of all, all of the women had bob cuts.
That means he has a particular taste.
Out of them, only the women
who live alone were attacked.
That's why he stole their wallets.
He already saw that they're his taste.
He needed the addresses on their IDs
so he could check if they lived
in multiplex studio apartments
which are easy to break into.
That explains why he
didn't steal their jewelry.
He targeted women who went
clubbing all night because
He probably thought they deserved it.
He must've said what he thought out loud.
That would make the victims get timid
and blame themselves,
leading them to hide even more.
If you party all night in
Hongdae and take the first train,
you disappear.
The rumor already had all the answers.
It would've been difficult
to live in the house
where the crime was committed.
Since they partially blamed
themselves to be guilty,
it would've been hard to tell others.
That's how they disappeared.
Does Officer Yoo not know
that we used to be partners?
We were partners when I was in Major Crimes.
No wonder you two work well together.
Okay, then how about you?
Are you two good together?
Why did I even ask?
You need to think the same
and be on the same level to be partners.
Woo Hyuk.
One person only makes trouble,
and the other one resolves it.
What should we call such a relationship?
The one resolving it
must really like the troublemaker.
There's no other reason to keep someone
who always makes trouble.
The first train ghost story
can be categorized as a serial rape case.
Get all the documents and
forward them to Major Crimes,
then have them contact the
victims to get their statements
before they report it.
Wouldn't that be forwarding
the case to them?
We started it, so why
We have other things to do,
such as the subway serial murders.
People disappeared between the
platform and the turnstiles,
then they were found as corpses
under the train's seats.
- You know it, don't you?
- Lieutenant Ha.
Everyone knows that case.
You left it as a cold case for two years.
- What?
- Newbie.
What do you mean, she "left" it?
Let her be.
You must have a problem with our case.
Say it. I'll listen to it right here.
I don't have a problem.
But, I'll be
meeting all the victims for this case.
She's just so passionate.
Sure. If you're ignorant,
you should at least be passionate.
Go. Go and meet them.
Madam Commissioner.
What are you doing?
We're investigating the
first train case like you
Exactly. Why aren't you investigating?
Lieutenant Ha.
What does the Metro Detective Division do?
When the subject of investigation
influences a wide area
The serial rape case
happened all over Seoun.
Isn't this your case?
That's why the Major
Crimes team in charge
can just collect the
statements for us to review.
The hardest part of a rape case
is getting the victim's statement!
Forwarding it to someone else
means you won't investigate it!
Madam Commissioner.
Us police only have two months left.
If we don't catch the serial murderer,
you have to step down.
It's what you promised.
Lieutenant Ha!
It doesn't matter if we
have 2 months or 1 day.
As long as we're in this uniform,
we can't look away from a rape case!
On top of that,
you're in the Metro Detective Division!
Even a mere officer is willing to do it.
You're the officer who shot the gun, right?
Yes, ma'am.
I was worried you might be too rugged,
but you're gentle at heart.
What? Are you unhappy?
- Do you want to catch Grasshoppers?
- No, ma'am.
Metro Detective Division will lead the case.
Work with Subway Police to
solve this case right away!
We only have two months to catch
the serial murderer and Grasshopper.
Maybe I was trying too hard to look cool.
I'll keep to my principles
even if I die tomorrow.
Let's switch partners.
We're a joint investigation team now.
If we want to share the
information each team investigated,
I think it would make
sense to switch partners.
Officer Yoo, you should be my partner.
- Me?
- Hey.
- I'd like that.
- Woo Hyuk, watch it.
(Catch the Ghost)
- Hold tight.
- Okay!
Speed all the way.
The serial rape case was
going to be covered up.
I don't want to remember it.
You're blaming me too, aren't you?
I came because I want to help.
Ji Seok doesn't know yet, does he?
Why you joined the Subway Police
Newbie, just keep being my partner.
Let's break up again
when we get sick of each other.
This turned out for the better.
It's for the better.
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