Catch The Ghost (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Jealousy & Confusion

(All characters, organizations,
places, entities, and events)
(in this drama are fictional.)
- The avocado case.
- Avocado?
She used to post videos of herself
partying at clubs in Hongdae.
I look stupid.
This was two weeks ago already.
She has been missing ever
since this video was uploaded.
(Previously on Catch the Ghost)
Did she go missing?
I saw a weird one.
He had a weapon,
and took the victim's
wallet and not jewelry.
Maybe that petty thief had something
to do with Avocado's disappearance.
He only robs people on the
first train after Club Day?
He pickpockets women on the first train
from Hongik University Station,
then goes to the woman's house.
He only stole my wallet.
There was nothing else.
How did you know Avocado was
a victim of sexual assault?
After we talked,
I noticed the signs of a rape victim.
She'd flinch if a strange man passed by.
It would've been difficult
to live in the house
where the crime was committed.
Since they partially blamed
themselves to be guilty,
it would've been hard to tell others.
If you party all night in Hongdae
and take the first train, you disappear.
The rumor already had all the answers.
The hardest part of a rape case
is getting the victim's statement!
Metro Detective Division will lead the case.
Work with Subway Police to
solve this case right away!
Let's switch partners.
(Episode 7)
We're a joint investigation team now.
If we want to share the
information each team investigated,
I think it would make
sense to switch partners.
Officer Yoo, you should be my partner.
- Me?
- Hey.
- I'd like that.
- Woo Hyuk, watch it.
You're so rational. And easy going.
Fine, let's switch.
She seems to be a busybody.
Try to control her.
Let's go to Park Yoo Mi. You go to Avocado.
Yes, ma'am.
You look so cool. I'll drive.
No. I prefer driving.
You'll probably be uncomfortable
having me hold you from behind.
You don't like me.
Then You drive.
What? She's letting him drive?
Get in.
What's the benefit of riding a scooter?
Let's weave through the cars.
We'll get there tomorrow at this rate.
We're not in a rush.
Police officers should abide by the law.
We're not in a rush?
Avocado is a rape victim.
I'm worried about how she feels
and scared that she may think
about doing something drastic.
Plus, we need to persuade her
quickly and catch the scumbag.
He may flee.
Here we go. Hold on tight.
Okay! Speed up! Go!
Why is he driving like that?
He's being controlled.
When do you think my mom
will ever approve of me?
How long must I work
to gain my mom's approval?
It's because she cherishes you,
and you have ambition.
You were the first person
I received approval from.
That's not true.
You just accepted me
without even thinking about approving of me.
Hey, it's me. What's up?
Yes, that's right.
Yes, it's me, Myung Chul.
I'm very busy right now. I'll call you back.
Okay. Bye now.
- What was that?
- What?
- Just now.
- Hold on.
The GPS I was using my phone.
I missed the turn because
I couldn't see the GPS.
Darn it.
We're going the wrong way.
Myung Chul's always busy.
Myung Chul!
Ae Shim!
You have a son, right?
Of all the crazy things
How could I have a son?
I'm so young.
Excuse me. Just a minute.
She has dementia,
so she doesn't remember her son.
What? Even if she has dementia,
how could she not remember her son?
It breaks my heart too.
Her son is such a good son.
He visits her every other day.
He's a detective.
- A detective?
- Yes.
What now?
I don't need to find my wallet.
We know what happened to you.
You're not the only victim.
That jerk is a serial rapist.
If you want to rest
Yoo Mi. You must be strong.
We have to catch the perp.
We can't identify him right now.
What you remember may provide a big lead.
I don't remember anything,
and I don't want to remember.
Yoo Mi! Hold on. Yoo Mi!
She seemed very anxious.
Is it okay to just leave?
Just as you bruise from physical trauma,
your brain gets damaged
from psychological trauma.
You get nervous, depressed,
and have negative thoughts.
You can't even think
about solving the problem.
But the degree varies by person.
Some are strong and overcome it,
so let's go see another victim.
It'll take too long to persuade Park Yoo Mi.
Taking time isn't the problem.
Her life is at
What if Choi Do Chul is
in danger right now??
How could we ignore it
when we have a victim?
Let's just do it.
- Ji Seok.
- Yes?
Give me the contact information
of the other victim.
Ye Na.
We came to tell you something.
We came because we want to help you.
If you tell us everything
that happened that day,
we promise to catch him.
I said nothing happened.
He was caught in your video.
That was
I was just
I didn't lock my door that day,
so I think someone came in by mistake.
I drank a lot that night
so I can't remember very well.
It isn't your fault.
Cry if you want to.
The helplessness, fear,
and rage that you felt that day
Don't replay it over and
over and torture yourself.
Ye Na.
Catch that jerk with me.
We need to catch him in order to heal you.
Why must you hide?
That jerk who did this to
you is out there living well.
You blame me too, don't you?
You can't catch him because I won't talk,
so you're being persistent to
get your arrest numbers up.
That's not true. We
Get out.
Get out now!
Go. Get out!
- Ye Na.
- Get out.
- Ye Na.
- Get out!
Get out!
(Should I report a rape?)
My family found out because I reported it.
Seeing my parents hurting
was the hardest part.
I should've just dealt with it on my own.
I reported it and kept having
to go in for questioning,
so everyone I knew found out.
(Rooms for Rent)
Are you really going to stay here all night?
You go first.
I can't leave my partner behind.
What you said to Avocado earlier
Fear, helplessness, rage
That's about you, isn't it?
Looks like Ye Na can't sleep.
It's late. You should go.
I'll leave once she turns off the light.
I'll leave once I see you leave.
Why won't they cooperate
and help us catch the perp?
We can't do anything without
the victims' testimonies.
Do you still sleep only a few
hours at a time on the couch?
It's more tiring going all the way home.
I'll drive you. You should rest tonight.
Wasn't that your mother
on the phone earlier?
I have some files to go over.
See you tomorrow.
Okay, then. Don't work too hard.
Hey, Woo Hyuk.
You're going to stay with her all night?
All night? Together?
Okay. See you tomorrow.
Darn it.
(Rooms for Rent)
She should report to her superior
if she's staying up all night,
or going home.
Newbie, where are you?
Report in regarding the investigation.
(Newbie, where are you?
Report in regarding the investigation.)
I can't tell her to report in at this hour.
Is he drunk? Should we call the cops?
I fell asleep.
How could Ryung just leave me?
She's colder than she looks.
You're denser than you look.
How could you sleep so
well on those hard steps?
I always sleep well when I'm
with a woman that I like.
What's that? Our breakfast?
I'm going to see Ye Na for a minute.
I thought it would help you.
I'm back.
I heard you got a new partner as you wanted.
Yes, I did.
What about Avocado?
Did staying up all night pay off?
Not yet.
Did you forget you were on
probation until this case is closed?
Nothing has changed yet.
Don't get some delusion of
grandeur about your position,
and report in regularly
regarding the schedule
and status of the investigation.
- Yes, sir. I'm sorry
- I'm going to Metro.
(Rooms for Rent)
You had your light on all night.
They say you get more anxious
and depressed if you don't sleep.
Why don't you try to sleep with a candle on?
Candles helped me.
Yoo Ryung.
I'm sorry.
- There's been an update!
- What do you mean?
Avocado's vlog.
A new video has been posted.
(Investigation Team 1)
(Avocado's Shocking Confession)
(Avocado TV)
haven't gone missing.
I am
a victim of rape.
At first, I was afraid
he'd come back for me
and hid.
But as time passed,
instead of fear,
the helplessness I felt back then
and rage
weighed me down.
Why couldn't I do anything then?
Why did I let something
like that happen to me?
I started blaming myself
and began to hide even more.
But now,
I'm going to overcome it.
Since it's not my fault.
I'm going to the police to file a report.
I'm going to catch him
and become better.
I admire your courage.
It's not your fault.
Stay strong.
I'm sure he will be caught.
It must've been hard to make this decision.
It's all thanks to Officer Yoo.
- What?
- She protected me
all night long.
All night long?
She saw the lights stay on in
my room through the window.
I guess she thought I was
anxious and unable to sleep.
So she
stayed in front of my house all night long.
That's the Newbie I know.
When Officer Yoo came to see me
for the first time, she said
we need to catch the culprit
in order for me to be healed.
At first, I thought detectives were
only interested in catching perps
and doubted she cared about
whether I was healed or not.
But after that night,
I realized how Officer Yoo truly felt.
This way.
Ye Na.
Thank you for mustering up the courage.
No problem.
It seemed like he worked
at the subway station.
He said he was working at the station
and saw me passing by with thick makeup on.
And he also saw me drunk
in the early morning.
He said the reason I had
fun at clubs all night
was just to flirt with guys.
I remember him saying that.
The light bulb at my house was flickering
and he said he was familiar
with electric wiring.
He said he'd fix it for
me and opened his bag.
I saw tools inside.
So I thought he worked in that field.
Electric work at the subway station?
Ye Na, is there anything you remember?
He had hurt his ankle.
It was wrapped up in a pretty thick bandage.
- Right, I remember that too.
- Me too.
Then he must've limped
or had trouble walking.
He didn't look uncomfortable at all.
Right, he didn't limp.
He had a thick bandage around his ankle
but didn't limp?
- Hold on.
- Don't tell me
- An ankle monitor?
- An ankle monitor?
Let's check with the control center.
We already know the time
and location of the crime.
Let's check the records of ankle monitors,
and if there's someone who
was there at that time,
that will be him.
- I'll call them.
- Okay.
Let's go.
It must've been hard for you.
You made the right choice.
Now, we'll catch him by all means.
We found a match.
Name, Hwang Chi Wol, age 32.
He is currently at Dodang Station.
Let's move.
Hey, did you see this?
It's Avocado's confession video.
Yes, I saw it.
It seems like there are more victims.
That's so creepy. I hope he's caught soon.
- I feel so bad for her.
- That's so scary.
Where is he right now?
This way, through the entrance.
- The signal just stopped.
- Where?
It's around here.
What are you doing?
I'm sorry.
Woo Hyuk, here.
What? He cut it?
We were blocking this exit,
and the other exits are far away.
He probably didn't make it out yet.
What use is that? There are 10 exits here.
We can't block all of them.
You can't go out right now.
It's a civil defense drill.
Then the exits are probably blocked.
How long will the drill last?
20 minutes. We can find him before it ends.
All right, let's split up.
Inspector Ko take exits 1 to 3,
Officer Yoo take 4 to 6,
and I'll take the rest.
The train is arriving in four minutes,
so you can stay on the platform.
- Okay.
- Wait.
He probably knows the exits are blocked.
He'd use another route.
If he works at the station,
that means he knows this place well.
We need to find a place where he would hide.
What is she saying?
What are you doing
First, behind the vending
machine at the platform.
If you go down, behind platform 1-3,
there's a small storage room that
stores vending machine items.
It's hidden behind a pillar, so check there.
Next to the stairs past the
turnstiles toward Isu Station,
there's a small room used by janitors.
Please check there too.
If you pass the elevator and go downstairs,
there's a machine room on the right.
- Machine room.
- Check there too.
I'll go check any other secluded areas.
Where are you getting all of this?
I know, what are you saying?
Just follow my instructions
No. Let's do as Newbie says.
Let's go. Move.
My goodness.
He's not here.
We only have a minute left. What now?
Newbie, think carefully.
Is there any place you missed?
If the Commissioner finds out
we missed him like this
Woo Hyuk,
we need to search this entire area.
Call the station for backup.
- That place.
- What? Where?
If he really does electric
work at the station,
there's a place where a
sign was about to go up
and the walls were
drilled for electric work.
But that place became a storage
room after the work was canceled.
Hey, can you finish your sentence?
You are under arrest for serial rape
Come on. You want a piece of me?
The electric currents
are pretty strong here.
Raise your hands.
Turn around and get up against the wall.
Against the wall! Hey, you!
Do you want to kill us all?
Well, I really don't care.
Get up against the wall now.
Move, now!
Are you awake? Here, look at me.
That was self-defense.
You threatened an officer first.
No matter what excuse you make later
on, it'll be no use.
Let's see.
Get up. You won't die from
being electrocuted for a second.
We're not responsible for that.
What are you doing?
We're sometimes billed for
stuff we didn't even break.
Let me see.
Get up, before I electrocute you again.
Come on, get up.
Chief, here you go.
It was very wise of you to
lower that switch quickly.
Thank you.
No need to thank me.
Let's go.
How dare you mess with electricity?
We thought he was a
pickpocket, but that wasn't it.
Excuse me, Chief.
Yes. I'm Officer Yoo,
who came to see you before.
Oh, yes. Can I help you?
About that wallet you
said was stolen before.
I remember you saying
someone found it for you.
Did you get it back?
No, I'm on my way to get it now
What? Hello?
I'm here to get it now. What is this about?
There's a pickpocket case
that turned out to be
for a different purpose, and it worried me.
Yes, I remember you saying you
thought you were pickpocketed.
Okay, Officer.
Get in.
Get in.
I'll leave him to you guys now.
- Okay, good work.
- All right.
(Authorized Personnel Only)
Last time, what you said
about you wanting to switch partners.
I thought about it
Let's go, Partner.
- What?
- What are you doing?
We still have some investigation work left,
so she's still my partner.
Take care of it on your own.
We also have work to do.
You can come with me.
Come with me.
Just keep
being my partner.
To be honest,
I really had a hard time working with you.
Instead of you,
it'll be much more comfortable
working with an obedient officer.
I don't know what's wrong with me either.
Whether it's because of a
ridiculous sense of responsibility,
or if I'm just being stubborn.
I really have no idea.
But let's just
remain as partners.
I'll return after solving this case.
Let's go.
Can I help you?
Oh, I've been transferred
to Wangsoori Team Two.
- Transferred?
- No It's me.
Chief Inspector Gong.
I respect you.
I hear that all the time.
Wait a minute. Where is your partner?
There's something I ordered her to do.
She'll come back after that.
Is that so? She's really good.
Good luck.
Oh, is there someone who'll buy the house?
But the buyer has a special request
and is asking if you can
move out within a week.
Of course. I can move out immediately.
That's great.
Let's sign the papers today then.
All right. I'll call you
later before I visit. Okay.
I don't even have a home now.
(Seoun Metropolitan Police Agency)
You have 12 previous
convictions, including rape,
inflicting bodily injury, and assault.
You were teased for being short
and insulted for being uneducated.
That's why your anger
for society grew larger?
Jerks like you stay at the
victims' homes as long as possible.
To enjoy the feeling of superiority
you can't feel in society.
That's why catching punks like you is easy.
The longer you stay,
the more evidence you leave behind.
That's interesting.
Why don't you write a novel?
You have such a huge imagination.
Why does he sound so confident?
I heard you even fixed
the electric wiring
at someone's house.
We just lifted the
fingerprints from the bulb
and we have a very clear fingerprint.
Whether it's your body hair or skin tissue,
I'm certain there's some
of it left in the room.
Usually, the victim sweeps
and wipes the room
and cleans the whole house,
so it's difficult to find.
I don't know how much you
humiliated and scared them,
but the victims left without
cleaning their homes at all.
Thanks to that, the evidence will
have been preserved perfectly.
No matter what you say,
you're just speculating.
(CSI, Detective Park Jin Cheol)
Yes, this is Ha Ma Ri.
Oh, I see.
Yes. Take good care of it.
I told you. I wasn't just speculating.
You'll receive additional punishment
because of your ankle monitor.
You'll receive the maximum sentence.
They asked for it!
They wear those skimpy clothes
and look for guys all night.
How perfect.
Evidence and a confession.
Call me if it gets too hard.
If you can't sleep or have a nightmare
Even if you call at 3am, I'll pick up.
"The serial rape case that
almost went unnoticed"
"was uncovered thanks to the
police's tenacious pursuit."
I told them
to add Lieutenant Ha's
name to the headline
Check the facts before writing articles.
- Pardon?
- The name that belongs there
is Officer Yoo Ryung of Subway Police.
Yoo Ryung?
Madam Commissioner.
Lieutenant Ha. Don't you know how to knock?
I'll go
check the facts.
Nothing I do satisfies you, right?
What's gotten into you?
When I was little, I worked hard to
meet my successful mom's standards,
When I grew up, I worked hard to
avoid being compared to my mom.
Ma Ri.
I'll never satisfy you anyway,
so I kind of want to quit,
but then,
I want to succeed and show you.
I don't know.
Here's the report on the
Hongdae Club Serial Rape case.
Please review it.
What's wrong with you now?
You knew why Ji Seok dumped me, didn't you?
What are you talking about?
When we were dating,
you liked him more than me.
You said you'd make him
the next head of Metro.
But when he dumped me and said
he'd join the Subway Police
out of the blue,
why did you let him go without a word?
Why? Why did you do it?
Since your mother's sick,
I won't stop you from
joining the Subway Police,
but why are you asking me to
keep it a secret from Ma Ri?
I have no money and no future.
I feel too bad for Ma Ri.
You're so stupid nice.
Did Ji Seok tell you?
So it's true.
He's pretending to be his late dad.
Goodness, Ji Seok
Took you long enough, detective.
I'm sorry.
You keep paying me late,
so I can't keep working for you.
I sold my place,
so I'll be able to pay you soon.
Just a few more days.
I use that to pay rent and pay for expenses.
I feel bad always paying late,
even if it's by a few days.
- I'll do
- Here you are.
The management office is throwing a fit.
The machine your mother fried
They say to pay for the machine right away,
or you'll get in trouble.
Okay, then. Thank you for everything.
Wait. Ma'am. Ma'am!
(Raise Dementia Awareness)
Come in.
Excuse me, can we talk?
Can you really start right away?
I feel bad for you.
I have a child too,
but as a mom,
I just couldn't ignore your situation.
Thank you.
You can pay me late, as long as you pay me.
Don't worry. I'm a cop,
so I can't stiff you or I'll get in trouble.
Please take good care of my mother.
May I?
Here's my number.
Call me
whenever you want.
If you'd tell me how she's doing,
how her health is, what food she ate well,
any little thing,
I'd really appreciate it.
I'm looking for a place right now.
I'll put my things in
storage for a month for now.
If I can't find a place to live by
then, I can extend it, right?
What the
Let me call you back.
(Moving Equipment Rental)
When I look at you
I remember
You must drive once the light turns green.
Either go straight or turn.
Even if you haven't made a decision,
you must still drive.
The times we shared
That's how my life has
been the past two years.
I drove without knowing where I was going.
I had no time to be hurt,
so I kept driving not
realizing I was hurting.
So why does the wound on the
palm of my hand suddenly hurt?
Why now,
do I want to know where I'm going?
(Wangsoori Station)
Sorry I'm late.
Chief, what happened to your hand?
Good news.
There's an opening in another team.
Hi, Officer Yoo.
I look forward to working with you.
I saw firsthand how hard you work.
Let's see.
Pick up some makeup tips from me,
then you'll be the ace of the Subway Police.
I'll bring some outfits and wigs tomorrow
that will suit you. See you tomorrow. Later.
We alternate shifts with them,
so even if we share an
office, you'll hardly see me.
I understand.
I understand why you don't
want to be my partner.
Chief, it's not that I don't want to
I had this thought today.
I don't know where I'm going either.
You must have been so anxious
following someone like me around.
Sorry about everything.
The night duty room must have been
so uncomfortable. I've been so busy.
I'm sorry for so many things.
(Ha Ma Ri)
Let's meet.
It's not about work, so let's meet outside.
Just us two?
Yes, I know the restaurant.
(Ha Ma Ri)
I'm going to head out.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Goodnight.
- Bye.
It's the first time they're meeting
alone since they broke up, right?
What does his first love
and ex-girlfriend want?
First love.
What's it to me?
(Chief Inspector Ko Ji Seok)
Yes, Chief.
I forgot to tell you what you
need to do before you leave.
I'll tell you now, so record the call.
First, go through the
cases you need to pass on.
Case files for the Grasshoppers
and the Avocado case.
Separate the victims' statements.
- The socks are a dollar each.
- Finally,
go through the items you were issued
and check what you must leave.
Especially the team's
equipment must be left behind.
I'm almost at my destination.
Please take care of that stuff.
Yes, sir.
Ma Ri.
Mi Hyun!
When are you done today?
Not yet. I need to check her.
I'm Ae Shim, I'm kind of close
with her.
Hello. I'm Yoo Ryung.
What a scary name.
Go on.
- Okay.
- Wait for me.
Ae Shim.
It's time to go home.
She looked young. What a shame.
She thinks she's 18 and
doesn't recognize her own son.
But her son is amazing.
He visits his mom every other day.
What a good son.
Don't you have anyone who
can eat noodles with you?
And go grocery shopping
and cook some real food.
You always eat instant foods.
Grocery shopping? That just a pain.
You're lonely, right?
Yes, I'm lonely.
I'm lonely too.
I have work to do later.
Just one.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Ever since we broke up
until yesterday,
I wondered every day
why you dumped me.
Did you find another girl?
Or did you get tired of
hearing people say that
you were dating the Commissioner's
bad-tempered daughter
because you were blinded by ambition?
Or were you sick of me
with my nasty temper?
Sorry for
not telling you.
Was I that untrustworthy?
If you said you were going
to the Subway Police
because your mom was sick,
I would've understood.
Our breakup was a misunderstanding.
Ma Ri.
I have nothing to do for you now.
I can't promise a future.
It's not a misunderstanding.
Yes, it is.
I never asked you to promise me a future.
Whether you get sick of me first
or I get sick of you first,
let's break up again
when we get sick of each other. Not now.
You asked him for a new partner?
He was so good to you.
You should've made an excuse.
If you suddenly say you
don't want to work with him,
of course, he'd be hurt.
Do you think he got hurt?
Of course.
Call him right now and apologize.
"It's because of something else."
"It isn't your fault, so don't be hurt."
- Now.
- Okay.
Let's see.
- Hurry.
- Okay.
He isn't picking up.
He's with his first love,
so I'll try again later.
Leave him a voicemail.
You were horrible to him.
How dare you put it off? Do it.
- A voicemail.
- Go on.
- Your call is being forwarded
- Voicemail.
to voicemail. Please
I'm sorry.
When I asked for a new partner,
it was because something happened.
It wasn't because I don't like you.
I want to keep being
your partner.
I mean it.
I want
to stay by your side.
But if I stay by your side,
I keep wanting to depend on you.
Maybe I should tell you
why I joined the Subway Police
and what I've been doing
behind your back.
I want to just tell you everything.
Hey. End it.
I've lost my mind. What did I just say?
Delete it.
- Your message was saved.
- It was saved.
- It was saved.
- Oh no!
I need to delete it.
I need to find the chief.
Do you know where he is?
No, I don't.
I have to find out.
(Recorded call, Chief Inspector Ko Ji Seok)
First, go through the cases
- you need to pass on.
- The train to Ogeum
The train to Ogeum
Ogeum! Then it's line three!
- Case files for the Grasshoppers
- Of the stores in the station
Separate the victims' statements.
- Finally
- Come take a look.
The socks are a dollar each.
- Dollar socks!
- Especially the team's equipment
- must be left behind.
- Which station has socks stores
one floor above the platform?
I'm almost at my destination.
Please take care of that stuff.
Found him.
Yes, I know the restaurant.
I'm almost at my destination.
Please take care of that stuff.
His destination
is a restaurant by the station.
I have to find him.
Is this it?
I'm drawn to it for some reason.
Officer Yoo?
I don't think she can see in.
Hello, Chief. Where are you?
In front of you.
I'm where
you were looking.
Come in.
Did you listen?
To what?
What are you doing here?
I have plans.
- Here?
- Probably.
Were you drinking?
With dinner.
With dinner.
You were meeting your first love.
That's right. His first love.
Oh no.
I'll take this to the bathroom
and dry it right away.
Newbie! New
Please work.
It worked.
(New voice message)
Please enter your password.
Incorrect password.
That's not it.
1, 2, 3, 4.
Incorrect password.
Hold on.
Who checks their voicemail nowadays?
He won't know if I delete the notification.
(No messages)
I can just bring this back to him.
The phone works. Please give it to him.
You said you had plans here.
My friend says this isn't the place.
Officer Yoo.
Ji Seok doesn't know yet
why you joined the Subway Police, does he?
That you stole the screen door
key, that you go into the tunnel
He doesn't know how shamelessly
you've been deceiving him,
does he?
Give it a rest.
I'm using superhuman strength
to keep myself from telling him.
Why are you keeping it from him?
Don't get the wrong idea.
It's not for you.
It's for him.
Feeling of betrayal by his
partner, skepticism of people
It'll only upset him if he finds out.
There's no need
for him to feel that way because of you.
Officer Yoo said she had
the wrong meeting spot.
Let me know once you decide.
Ma Ri.
Our breakup was a misunderstanding.
First love.
It's for the best.
It's for the best.
(Catch the Ghost)
- Your sister was
- Let's go.
autistic, right?
I wish you'd disappear.
Please help me find my sister.
How did you get separated from her?
The Grasshoppers robbed everyone
while passing through Wangsoori.
- Those punks. Here again?
- Chief.
Fire Chief Ko.
Both Wangsoori and the Grasshoppers
are his responsibilities.
We don't need to fight
over things like this anymore.
I need you by my side, Chief.
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