Catch The Ghost (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Facing the Harsh Truth

(All characters, organizations,
places, entities, and events)
(in this drama are fictional.)
Ji Seok doesn't know yet
why you joined the Subway Police, does he?
That you stole the screen door
key, that you go into the tunnel
He doesn't know how shamelessly
you've been deceiving him,
does he?
Give it a rest.
I'm using superhuman strength
to keep myself from telling him.
Why are you keeping it from him?
Don't get the wrong idea.
It's not for you.
It's for him.
Feeling of betrayal by his
partner, skepticism of people
It'll only upset him if he finds out.
There's no need
for him to feel that way because of you.
And your sister's disappearance.
The reason why I excluded you
from the Subway Serial Murders
was not just because there wasn't a body,
but because I wanted to focus
solely on the case without sympathy.
- What?
- Your sister was
autistic, right?
Guardians of autistic people
would never leave their side.
How did you get separated from your sister?
It was just the two of you in your family.
And you were the same age.
Your sister
must've been a huge burden for you.
By any chance,
did you
Officer Yoo said she had
the wrong meeting spot.
Let me know once you decide.
Ma Ri.
Guardians of autistic people
would never leave their side.
How did you get separated from your sister?
By any chance,
did you
Detective Kim.
What brings you here?
That piece of fabric you
asked about last time.
This is the DNA Analysis Report.
- It's the DNA of a woman.
- A woman?
(DNA Analysis Report)
So the clothing probably
belongs to this person, right?
I compared it with the victims
of the subway serial murders
but found no match.
I searched the criminal database
but didn't find anything either.
- Okay.
- I'm sorry I wasn't of much help.
It's all right. Thank you.
Put this on.
It will feel less scary in
the tunnel with this on.
We're geared up,
and the number one marksmen of
the Metro Division is here too.
Let's go.
Since line three doesn't
pass through Wangsoori,
so it doesn't explain how Park
Ji Yun's body was found
in Jeonggil Station of line three.
But all the lines from which
the other victims disappeared
or were found passed through Wangsoori.
That's why you thought he moved
the bodies through the tunnel.
Then did you find anything yet?
A passage not in the blueprint.
This is it.
I came this far, but couldn't get through.
How did you
I saw this before for an
underground gambling site.
The fact that old metal bars
like this can be taken down
means there's something
suspicious behind them.
Over there.
It was shut down in 1992.
I feel like we'll find what I'm
looking for behind this door.
(Choi Mi Ra)
(Choi Mi Ra)
(Friday, September 20, 2019, 8pm)
(Wangsoori Station)
- What's your name?
- Lee Kyu Jin.
Lee Kyu Jin.
What's your occupation?
What's your address?
Close the door behind you.
The day after Newbie left,
I caught one on my way in and take my seat.
It's your first time filming
people in secret, right?
It's nice to meet you.
I'm Chief Investigator Ko Ji Seok.
How long has it been?
Not a single knife fight,
no chasing after him.
No handcuffs necessary.
I'm sitting across a petty offender
who sits in front of me nicely.
The surveillance videos!
Excuse me. Who do I talk to
about checking the videos?
What is it?
Look at this.
There are so many people
during the morning rush hour.
How could someone do this to me
for walking into them a little?
Officer Oh? This is Ko Ji
Seok of the Subway Police.
Major Crimes?
I press a few buttons,
and violent crimes cases
are handed off to Major Crimes.
Thank you.
As soon I get off work
The hidden camera perp asks for
kindness so he can get to work.
Thank you.
They're doing performance
reviews or something.
I said to stop by after work and let him go.
He has a solid job,
so there's no need to worry.
Okay, then. What should I do now?
Once Newbie left, work became nice and slow.
This is nice.
I've been awake for 40 hours straight.
How could someone do this to another person?
You wanted to save yourself,
so you didn't tell me she
was a complete psycho?
Where's Newbie?
I don't know.
I saw her jump out the second-story window,
and I ran.
You must be in shock. I'm sorry.
Calm down, and Hold on.
Take this.
When Newbie tries to break down a door,
open it with this first.
This cuts down on the cost.
Really? Thanks.
If she tries to break down a glass door,
remove all fire extinguishers, rocks,
and things nearby immediately.
Feed her on time.
She gets more vicious if she's hungry.
She eats everything,
so just make sure she's not hungry.
Don't make her hungry.
And if you work with her,
you'll eventually
need to get beat up pretty badly.
Like a 10-week recovery.
Just accept it. It's not that bad.
Once you get beat up,
she'll behave for about a
week because she'll feel bad.
She'll listen to you too.
10-week recovery and a 1-week good streak.
- Thanks.
- That's not a bad trade-off.
Let's go home, Chief Gong!
Oh no.
Wait. Sir. Hey.
What is this?
Are you okay?
That hurts.
(Let's run today for tomorrow)
Remember, from not long ago?
- Which case?
- The guy with long hair.
- Remember?
- Yes, that's right.
Call the victims, okay?
- Call them?
- Yes.
- Yes, sir.
- As for the pervert
See you tomorrow.
- Bye.
- Let's go.
- See you tomorrow.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Hurry.
- Hey!
- It's the last train. Hurry.
Let's take a look.
Yes. Okay, sir.
Look at the time. I'm going to go home.
- Okay
- No need to say bye.
Good morning.
- Hello.
- Hi.
I'm going on a stakeout.
- Alone?
- Yes.
He left this.
(New voice message)
Why is there another notification?
Does it keep popping up
until he listens to it?
This is driving me nuts.
Deleting the text was useless.
I need to delete the voicemail itself.
The password.
(Ghost Band Subway Concert)
There must be a performance.
Aren't you going home?
I have some work left.
When is your birthday?
I was your partner for over a month,
but I still don't know, and I got curious.
There's no need for Officer
Yoo of Team Two to know that.
The password!
Pay the balance in cash?
Okay. I'll withdraw the money later
and meet you at the real estate agency.
Okay. Thank you.
That will be three dollars.
- Please come again.
- Please come again!
I told you to stop messing around.
Can't you hear me?
You little
Why do you keep following me?
I'm going to eat morning bread.
Morning bread?
Hey, it's cake!
I'll buy you a cake on your birthday.
- When is your birthday
- What is the matter with you?
I was just asking about your birthday.
Why are you getting so mad?
It's not that
Park Jung Hoon!
I told you to stop messing around.
Mine. That's mine!
Mine! Mine!
I told you to stop.
I'm scared.
You make my life miserable.
I should just send you to a mental hospital.
I'm back
Just send her to a mental hospital!
Oh, no.
Do you know how much trouble
your sister causes whenever
you go out on delivery?
I felt sorry for you since
your grandma passed away,
- but I can't stand it anymore.
- I'm sorry, sir.
I'll make sure this never happens again.
- I'm sorry, sir.
- Just leave.
Sir, please give me another chance.
- My gosh!
- What on earth?
I'm sorry.
Leave now!
I'm scared.
This is abuse.
- I'm going to file a report.
- What?
Newbie, wait
Jung Hoon, are you all right?
Jung Hoon. What were you making?
I'll find it for you.
Here it is.
It's mine.
Hiding it makes me want to see it more.
Can't you show me?
You can't?
Officer, don't butt in when
you don't know anything!
Autistic people
also have emotions.
Newbie, that's enough.
Goodbye, sir.
Jung Hoon, I'll come next time.
Please come again.
- We're back.
- Hey.
Why are you covered in flour?
You're a teacher at
Daeyeong Girls' High School.
You squeezed a student's buttocks twice
and were arrested on the spot.
I want to call my lawyer.
Go wait over there.
Let's talk when your lawyer arrives.
- He seems afraid.
- Don't run away.
How could he be a teacher?
I regret asking her to meet
me at the subway station.
- It's full of perverts.
- Who? Ma Don Na?
Is Ma Don Na pretty?
I don't know how she looks
yet, but she seems pretty.
Her hobby is arranging flowers,
and she's good at cooking.
I'm finally meeting her today.
At 3pm, near exit number
3 at Seolleung Station.
Don Na's lucky number is 3.
So it's 3pm at exit 3.
Is that why you're taking the afternoon off?
Then let's catch up on the investigation
on the Grasshoppers until 3pm.
We tracked down the companies
that made Podori costumes
and received a delivery
list and met everyone,
but we didn't find a
match and hit a dead end.
If they didn't order the Podori
costumes, did they make them?
Come on. No matter how fast
they are with their hands,
how could they make that?
But it's true they have fast
hands, so isn't it possible?
Fast hands.
- What?
- What?
They stole them.
The way they obtained Podori
costumes without ordering them.
They can steal from the
people who ordered them.
That's right. Then among the
people who ordered Podori costumes,
we can check if there's anyone
who was a victim of theft.
- Let's make the calls.
- Okay.
Yes, sir.
Come on, let's hurry.
Hello. This is Chief Inspector
Ko of the Subway Police.
- Yes, hello.
- Hello, sir.
Hello, this is Officer
Lee of the Subway Police.
By any chance, did you have any
Podori costumes that were stolen?
You didn't? I see.
- Well, if there is
- Did you by any chance
- have Podori costumes stolen?
- Sorry?
Yes, thank you, sir.
A kindergarten was robbed.
The kindergarten that ordered
Podori costumes for safety training.
A month ago, there was a burglary
and they took everything
including the costumes.
The ones who took the
costumes are the Grasshoppers.
I'll go get the surveillance
footage near the kindergarten,
so keep making calls.
Send me the location by text.
- Good luck, sir.
- Okay.
- We're making progress.
- Yes.
This is good. We might catch them soon.
Let's catch those punks.
(Ghost Band Subway Concert)
(We love you, Ghost Band!)
Goodness, that's so loud.
I'll be out for half an hour,
so call me if there are any customers.
As if that's going to
help him earn a living.
100,000 dollars in cash at once?
Oh, I guess you're buying a house.
No. It's just a small bakery
inside the subway station.
I envy you.
There's no need to envy me.
I slave all day long and bake bread
but after all the trouble my son makes,
there's nothing left in the end.
(I can't live without your songs!)
Jung Hoon. Jung Hoon?
Where did he go?
Jung Hoon.
(Wangsoori Station)
Boss, you were aiming for that
spot, weren't you?
Chief Ko keeps coming after us.
We should entertain him.
But that place is too risky.
That's why we should go there, Baldie.
Secretary Kim,
print out the event schedules
for Wangsoori Station.
On an Excel file.
They were caught on a surveillance
camera on the road nearby.
Let's see it.
Are you still here?
- Turn this on.
- Okay.
The three of them are
holding Podori costumes.
All three of them wearing costumes
at the event were tall, right?
It's them.
So this is what they look like.
That bald dude seems familiar.
All right. Since we saw their faces,
it's just a matter of
time before we catch them.
All right.
That was great!
Boss, what time was it again?
At 3pm, near exit number
3 at Seolleung Station.
Okay, Boss.
The doors are opening.
Follow them
Train number 5938, reports of pickpockets.
Investigation Team One
of Wangsoori is on it.
- I'll go check.
- Okay.
There's been a mass pickpocket
incident on the train.
- Please send backup.
- What?
- What is going on?
- Attention, all officers.
There's been a pickpocket incident.
What is going on?
- This way.
- My gosh.
Someone stole my wallet.
- My wallet.
- My goodness.
I lost my wallet.
- Look at this.
- I can't believe it.
My purse has been torn.
What is going on?
- Officer.
- My bag has been ripped open.
Look at my purse.
- My gosh.
- The Grasshoppers.
Those punks are here again.
Officer Lee,
we need to check with the victims,
so print out their faces
- from the surveillance footage.
- Okay.
Everyone, please calm down.
We'll take your statements one by one.
Please wait for your turn here.
Sit over here.
I'm in a hurry. I have plans. What do I do?
Please have a seat here.
I even lost my phone. How do I call him?
Come on, please answer.
- Over here.
- Don Na,
I'm sorry, but do you
have time tomorrow at 3pm?
Please have a seat.
Soo Ho, give them a hand.
Get them some chairs.
Sit over here.
I'm going to kill those darn Grasshoppers.
Everyone, can you check
the faces of these men?
Madam Commissioner.
The Grasshoppers have raided a
train passing Wangsoori Station.
The victims have posted it on
their social media accounts,
and reporters are writing
articles in a frenzy.
Things are getting out of hand.
Those punks, how could they do it again?
This is all Chief Ko's fault.
Both Wangsoori and the Grasshoppers
are his responsibilities.
They must take him for a fool.
It's not only the Grasshoppers.
Honestly, wasn't the train
with the abandoned body
also Chief Ko's responsibility?
If I think about all the trouble I
went through handling the press
Fire Chief Ko.
Instead of a salary cut, suspend him
and if you place him on the
waiting list after that,
he'll give up and quit on his own.
That's not fair though.
But you said during the
disciplinary committee
that he was an incompetent man
who couldn't even fire a gun
when a citizen was in danger.
I didn't mean it like that.
For now, let's see how things go.
Oh my, Lieutenant Ha.
You must be working hard.
Hello, sir.
Are you on your way to
report to the Commissioner?
Yes. Why?
Go 30 minutes later.
She's not in a good mood right now.
Why? Is something wrong?
The Grasshoppers have appeared
at Wangsoori Station again.
My goodness. This is all because of
the incompetence of Chief Ko.
I just recommended that we suspend him
and replace him with a competent
officer for Wangsoori Station.
The Commissioner is probably
troubled because of that right now.
If you're that worried about her,
I think you should go
and stop the press first.
Why are you making such a mess?
You're going to be suspended.
They'll fire you for being incompetent
and replace you with someone else.
Oh, I'm sorry.
So, you said you lost your cellphone, right?
Did you see these guys pass by you earlier?
I'm not sure.
I saw that guy.
- You did?
- Yes.
I know where I can meet him too.
At 3pm, near exit number
3 at Seolleung Station.
I also have plans to meet a guy
at 3pm, near exit number
3 at Seolleung Station.
All we did was chat,
and I don't know what he looks like.
So I took a good look at his
face, wondering if it was him.
He was very handsome.
Wait, stop.
At 3pm, near exit number
3 at Seolleung Station.
A guy you only chatted with?
Are you perhaps
That guy in the red hat was totally my type.
He had a sharp nose with
no double eyelids
and an amazing jawline.
I don't consider guys as men if
they don't have sharp jawlines.
Where is that file?
Officer Lee, can you take
statements from the other victims?
I'll catch those punks by all means.
Those jerks.
I'll help too.
Don't cry.
Jung Hoon! Park Jung Hoon!
Park Jung Hoon!
Jung Hoon.
Jung Hoon!
Park Jung Hoon!
Is Jung Hoon missing?
It's nothing serious. Stay out of it.
I have your son.
Who are you?
If you want your son back,
I want 100,000 dollars.
I'll be in touch.
(Wangsoori Station)
Yes, that's right.
The call came from a burner.
Did anyone else know you were
cashing out this much money?
The money?
I don't know if anyone knew.
I need to get there by 3pm.
We checked the surveillance footage,
but there aren't any cameras
in the walkway to the bakery.
Turn it on anyway.
Officer Lee Man Jin is good
with surveillance videos.
We'll work with you if you want.
They won't even acknowledge me.
Chief, you know how things work
underground better than anyone.
Let's help them.
You're going to be suspended.
I need to go catch the Grasshoppers.
Work hard.
He shakes in fear if he sees his dad angry.
He gets scared if he hears shouting.
- How can we
- You can't leave
someone like that, but I can.
We don't need to fight over
things like this anymore.
Hi. Please watch the video.
You have the cash, right?
Good. Then 30 minutes later
Who took the surveillance video?
Why is Major Crimes
What's wrong with you?
You called the cops.
I guess you don't want to see your son.
What are you doing, sir?
Some people do that when they're in shock.
Wait a minute.
Jung Hoon may never come back.
Am I not supposed to run my store today?
- No.
- What now?
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
- Let's go.
- Fine.
We'll go soon.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
I think I should get going.
My sister's caretaker
couldn't make it today
There's no caretaker.
We met three times,
and she came with you every time.
If you won't come alone, let's not meet.
Why must I see your half-wit
sister every time too?
I never begged you to see me.
I never begged you to
see my half-wit sister!
Let's go.
Have a good life
with her.
Let's go.
Did you see that?
Aren't you curious?
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
We're going.
We are going.
We're going to that annoying
home where it's just you and me.
Let's go.
Let's go!
Let's go!
I wish you'd disappear.
- Is she crazy?
- Why is she doing that?
- What's wrong with her?
- Let's go.
- The doors are closing.
- Ryung.
I'm sorry. Ryung. Ryung.
Your sister
must've been a huge burden for you.
By any chance,
did you
Excuse me.
(Tunnel Evacuation Route)
Please find my sister.
Please find my sister.
Please find my sister.
Please help me.
Please find my sister.
Please find my sister.
I know what you're thinking right now.
I understand.
you'll regret it
before you finish packing these.
I'll find him.
Don't worry.
- Get out.
- Mister.
I can't give her this money.
I was locked in this bakery
and baked nonstop to save this money.
This is like my life!
So? You won't look for Jung
Hoon because of the money?
Have you ever raised a half-witted child?
Have you?
So are you saying you're
fine even if your son dies?
I don't want to find my son.
Is there a problem with that?
Get out. You're hindering my business.
Get out!
Get out!
Get out! Now!
The office is so cold, isn't it?
Thank you.
I guess it's taking a
while to find my phone.
Our chief is going after
the pickpocket, but
I have something important on my
phone, so I stayed,
but I have a more important appointment.
I'll come back for it.
Don't go.
Well You said there's something
important on the phone. What is it?
There was a performance
at the station today.
I'm their fan,
so I filmed videos of them performing.
I filmed them for a full hour.
You filmed their
performance for a full hour?
Didn't you go to catch the Grasshoppers?
Come with me.
But You should wear this
Where did you film them from?
Would you stand exactly where you were?
I was around here.
Around here?
The band was this way, right?
Yes. I was aiming my phone
like this toward the drummer.
(I only have eyes for
Hyosang, Ghost Forever)
(Freshly baked bread)
At this angle, she would've caught
the kidnapper leaving the bakery.
the Grasshoppers stole the phone.
Then we need to catch
the Grasshoppers first.
I need to see the Chief first.
What the
I'll catch the Grasshoppers
with you and then leave.
You wouldn't have left Jung
Hoon to catch the Grasshoppers.
So why?
All the Subway Police officers are out here.
I can't tell you everything,
but I'm really here to catch them.
Chief Ko?
Did they come after me?
Where are you?
Look! It's Jun Ji Hyun!
Once he gets on a train or
exits, it'll be hard to find him.
We must catch him before then.
Go up to B1 and go 10m to the right.
Then make a left,
and you'll see an escalator. Wait there.
Did you really come to
catch the Grasshoppers?
I told you said. Hurry.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
She really meant it when
she said she came
to catch the Grasshoppers.
Thank you.
Start the engine.
The cab made a right. Hurry.
- Sorry.
- For what?
That hurt. What was that?
What was that?
Stop right there!
- What?
- Did you see Newbie?
What? You knew she'd come here?
- You should've told me!
- Did you catch the Grasshoppers?
What about the phone
that recorded Jung Hoon?
Where is it?
Where is it?
Where is it?
Where is it?
Where are you, Jin?
Please help me find my sister.
Where is it?
(Tunnel Evacuation Route)
Where is it?
Please find my sister.
Please help me.
Please find my sister.
Please find my sister.
I was wrong.
I was wrong!
I lived only for you.
I wanted to live my own life too.
I'm so sorry.
You lived only for me.
You lived only for me.
It was just too hard for me back then.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I was wrong.
"I was wrong."
"I wanted to live my own life"?
(Catch the Ghost)
Do you think I'm like this
because I have no emotions?
Regardless, I'm here.
Chief. I'll take Officer Yoo back.
Ryung. Let's open that door.
Catching the Subway Ghost yourself.
Isn't that what you wanted?
You stayed with me after seeing
how pathetic and what a loser I was,
so maybe I misunderstood
- You want to go to Metro?
- I'd like to.
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