Catch The Ghost (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

Getting Closer to the Subway Ghost

(All characters, organizations,
places, entities, and events)
(in this drama are fictional.)
The Grasshoppers have raided a
train passing Wangsoori Station.
(Previously on Catch the Ghost)
Those punks are here again.
Park Jung Hoon!
I told you to stop messing around.
Mine. That's mine!
- Mine! Mine!
- I told you to stop.
You make my life miserable.
I'm scared.
I have your son.
If you want your son back,
I want 100,000 dollars.
Chief, you know how things work
underground better than anyone.
Let's help them.
I need to go catch the Grasshoppers.
You filmed their
performance for a full hour?
the Grasshoppers stole the phone.
Then we need to catch
the Grasshoppers first.
- Sorry.
- For what?
What was that?
Stop right there!
I was wrong.
I was wrong!
I lived only for you.
I wanted to live my own life too.
I'm sorry. I was wrong.
"I was wrong."
"I wanted to live my own life"?
Why are you doing this to me?
We almost had the Grasshoppers.
We could've chased them first,
and handed the garbage
truck over to Major Crimes.
I can't do it anymore.
Either you leave the
Subway Police or I will
I mean
You're the one who messed up.
Why do you keep crying?
It's not like Jung Hoon died.
Do you think I'm like this
because I'm heartless?
Anyway, I came here.
I found it!
Found it!
I found it!
The cell phone! Yes!
- Yes!
- We found it!
Leave already. Let me run my business.
With kidnapping, we must find them
even without the parent's consent.
- Chief Ko
- Detective Ko.
You found it?
The kidnapper was caught on this.
(Connecting to USB)
Jung Hoon followed the kidnapper willingly.
I think he knows her.
I don't know her.
If you don't cooperate,
we'll arrest you for child
abuse, so look carefully.
I don't remember her.
Keep watching until you do!
What's your problem, woman?
Why don't you both stop?
- Fine.
- It says something here.
Eve Sculpting School?
Look for Eve Sculpting School in Seoul.
There's a lot of Eves.
There are six in the search results alone.
Officer Lee. Look for videos of
where she came from and went,
and find out which turnstiles she used
to get the history of
her transportation card.
Yes, sir.
Once you do,
we can find out where she got off.
I'm sure Eve Sculpting School is near there.
it's time to part ways.
I'm scared.
I'm scared.
I'm scared.
Chief, I checked her card history.
She got on at Wangsoori and off at Hapjeong.
Hapjeong Station.
There's an Eve Sculpting
School at Hapjeong Station.
Okay, let's get over there.
You don't need to go with us.
Our people are waiting above.
There's no room in the car either.
It's fine. We have our own vehicle.
It's a scooter,
so it's good when there's traffic.
A scooter?
We'll handle it from here, okay?
It's really fine.
Police officers should help
out in times like these.
Okay. Thank you.
Chief. Chief. Why?
They're trying to claim the case.
Since whoever puts the
cuffs on get the case.
Who cares who handles the
case in this situation?
I'm going.
You've done all you could.
(Eve Sculpting School)
Darn it.
Where did she go?
Yes. I'm going now.
I'm giving you a chance only
because you lost the cops.
If you lose my trust again,
I won't give you another chance.
Don't worry.
I did as you said from the start.
You said to kick out the
cops, so I told them to leave.
And I told you that they
went to the art school.
My son Jung Hoon is safe, right?
Hapjeong Station, toward Gimpo Airport.
Platform 2-3 at 5pm on the dot.
If you're a second late,
you'll never see your son again.
Okay. I got it. Thank you. Thank you.
The train is approaching the station.
Please watch your step.
Please be careful of the opening doors.
Mr. Park.
Where's Jung Hoon?
I'll tell you after you give me that.
Return him to me first.
If this door closes,
you won't get another chance.
Return him to me first.
Jung Hoon.
Jung Hoon.
Jung Hoon!
Jung Hoon!
(Priority seating for pregnant women)
Whose is that?
Why won't they pick up?
(Officer Yoo Ryung)
You should answer if the phone rings.
Let go!
Oh my gosh.
Let go!
This is the end. The end of your life.
when the Major Crimes officers
went to catch the kidnapper,
you put this in the bag?
- Okay, let's get over there.
- Okay.
My hands are so quick, aren't they?
how did you know Mr. Park
would go to see this woman?
I saw Mr. Park and Jung Hoon for two years.
He may have yelled at him,
but he never looked down on him.
He responded to everything
Jung Hoon did and taught him.
And when he got frustrated, he got angry.
That was all because he loved him.
That's how I knew
he'd never give up on Jung Hoon.
Mr. Park
must be so happy to see Jung Hoon again.
Hold on.
I put this one on,
and our chief put this one on.
You know, right?
The case goes to the person who
puts the handcuffs on first.
Then why did you call us?
We don't have a holding cell.
We'll interrogate her later.
Okay, then.
Watch her well for us.
Yes, Officer Lee.
Jung Hoon?
He followed her because
of the art school sign.
He wants to become a sculptor,
but I didn't buy anything for him.
I'm sorry I misunderstood.
I had no idea you were being threatened.
You didn't misunderstand.
It's true I find him
to be a burden.
I sometimes run out of breath in my sleep.
When I die,
how will my son live by himself?
I want him to die
the day I die.
That's my prayer every night.
What happened to Jung Hoon
is all my fault.
It's not your fault.
Taking care of a sick family member alone
is like running a marathon
with no finish line.
Even when you're out of breath,
no one can take your place.
You can't stop running either.
In the end, you came back.
You're ready to run harder for Jung Hoon.
I will cheer you on.
Thank you, Chief.
We saved him together.
Jung Hoon.
Jung Hoon.
My baby.
I bet you were frightened.
Jung Hoon.
If you show this to your dad,
I bet he'll smile everyday.
Can I give it to him?
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'm sorry I'm returning it so late.
Evidence of a major crime case
was recorded with the performance.
I had to get Major Crimes
to review it first.
I could've gone to your office tomorrow.
Thank you.
Of course, I should bring it to you.
What do I do?
(Don Na, I'm sorry but are
you free tomorrow at 3pm?)
(Ma Don Na)
Why won't he pick up?
Don Na
Why didn't you tell me?
You! I heard you let the Grasshopper
go when you almost had him.
I'm sorry.
Don't you know what the Grasshoppers did?
The Grasshoppers stole my wallet.
I, Kim Hyung Ja,
am the commissioner who can easily fire you.
Good work.
If you went to catch the Grasshopper
instead of the kid who was kidnapped,
I would've really fired you.
I had them hold off on taking
disciplinary action for now.
We can't punish a police
officer who saved a kid's life.
Thank you, Madam Commissioner.
How did they find out
about Seolleung Station?
That's not important.
We were supposed to pass over
the goods at Seolleung Station.
We could've earned enough
to spend a whole month at the bar.
The problem is
that the police know our faces now.
- What are we going to do?
- Dong Man.
I should send you somewhere so
you could learn your manners.
You keep on losing your
temper towards your elders.
I'll look for a solution.
Just Just sit.
Is she not going home,
or is she not allowed?
I'm back.
Can't they just get past that divider?
- Chief.
- Hey.
That's the bag the Grasshoppers
used for stolen goods, right?
Yes. Please get it tested for DNA.
This handle is perfect to get
fingerprint readings from.
We have them now.
they'll hold off on my disciplinary action.
- Really?
- Really?
That's the same thing as
getting an exemption, isn't it?
Well, they haven't set a new date,
so they'll likely forget about it.
We're finally seeing some rays of hope.
We'll head over to the
National Forensic Service.
Okay, let's go.
Should we take the scooter, Dad?
Hey. You have Don Na now.
- Don't touch me.
- Come on.
- See you later.
- Okay.
- Bye!
- Bye!
(Investigation Team 1)
Commissioner Kim praised you too.
- I see.
- Yes.
The suspect who abducted an
autistic man named Park
was arrested just six
hours after the abduction.
Hwang, who was struggling
with credit card debt
heard about Park's
installment savings account
at the bakery on her way to work.
She planned the crime against Park's son.
- Credit card debt?
- The victim
temporarily lost consciousness
due to tranquilizer overdose,
but he regained consciousness
just two hours later.
Thank goodness Jung Hoon woke up.
33-year-old Hwang who was
arrested by the police
- had a debt of 60,000 dollars,
- If something happened to him,
and claimed that she committed
the crime on impulse.
Jung Hoon's father wouldn't
have a life anymore.
Hwang waited until Park was absent
before she lured the victim around 2pm
If the police look the other way,
the victim's family
will be tormented all their lives.
I was wrong.
I was wrong!
I lived only for you.
I'm sorry.
I'm asking out of curiosity.
Did one of your family members
Did someone in your family
(New voice message)
I keep getting these.
I want to keep being your partner.
I want
to stay by your side.
Don't check it.
Why not?
It's voice phishing.
They sent out an official document.
If you click it,
it'll charge you 500 dollars.
There is no such thing.
It's a new kind of fraud.
I think it erases all of your contacts too.
If you don't trust me,
you should click it.
Did you listen?
Oh no.
I'll take this to the bathroom
and dry it right away.
I erased it.
That was close. Thank you.
It's nothing.
How evil.
They're all liars and swindlers.
(Wangsoori Station)
Why are you down there?
A bag?
Were you kicked out?
I was kicked out by Chief Gong.
I don't care.
Gosh. You're just glued to your
desk, aren't you?
(Subway Police)
We'll miss the last train. Hurry!
- Wake up.
- What? What is it?
I'm going to get them all.
Chief! I'll go buy something
to help you wake up.
He's sleeping again.
He sleeps too much.
Let me sleep for just an hour.
I'm so exhausted, I might die.
Chief Gong.
I'll take Officer Yoo back.
Thank you.
(Free phone-charging station)
Hurry up.
Yes, sir.
- What?
- Grab his jacket.
- Okay.
- What?
- Gosh.
- Am I glad to see you.
- Hey. Watch it.
- Who do you think you are?
- Mister.
- Let go!
- You
- No, no, Mister.
Okay, okay.
Stop talking casually to us.
We're police officers.
- A horse?
- Giddy-up!
I enjoy this time the most.
Taking a night train
while crossing over water.
It feels like I'm getting complimented.
I've been knocked down by people all day.
It feels like I'm being
acknowledged for the hard work.
I diligently rode on the subway all day,
so it's finally giving me
a beautiful night view
as a reward.
(Wangsoori Station)
You looked really tired.
Your neck was tilting back like this.
Let's go straight home from here.
Yes, sir. Take care.
- I will. Goodnight.
- Bye.
Hey, Mi Hyun. What are you doing?
You asked me last time if I have a son,
so I thought you were a strange person.
I'm sorry.
I asked you instead of
telling you that I have a son.
You must have a son.
How old is he? What does he do?
My son
suffers from a broken heart.
That's why I work here.
Myung Chul.
Did you buy some egg bread for me?
- Ta-da.
- Gosh.
You have to sleep soon, so eat just one.
- Okay.
- Good.
Sweetie, I really like the new caretaker.
Look. She can braid hair really well.
Let me see. You're not kidding.
Are you a queen?
Where's your crown?
There it is. It was there.
Hey, eat slowly.
- I'll bring you some water.
- Okay.
I can take it for her.
Not at all.
you're a detective, right? In Major Crimes?
I'm in the Subway Police.
If you're in the Subway Police,
you must investigate the
Subway Serial Murders too.
No, that's not us.
You should go.
You may leave early once I come.
Okay. Goodbye.
Thank you.
- Should we go left?
- Chief
- Right turn.
- Should we go right?
Let's go left. Here we go.
Isn't he so handsome?
He's back.
What a waste.
She gave birth to a handsome son,
but she doesn't recognize him.
She doesn't recognize
So he's the chief you talked about?
What a small world.
Anyway, your chief struggled so
much, paying for the hospital
and a caretaker all by himself.
His mother caused trouble
big time not long ago too.
I don't know how he paid for that?
Chief, did you come here to get a loan?
I'm trying to buy a car.
I'm sick of riding the subway.
When the wife came with
her young child in hand
to beg us to find her husband,
you turned her away so coldly.
I thought you were a
man of your own beliefs.
But it turns out you're totally selfish.
Are you going somewhere?
Me? Home. Home.
I met up with a friend and am heading home.
- Do you want a ride?
- No, no.
- I'm fine.
- Get on.
- Where do you live?
- No, no.
Get on. Hurry.
I have work left to do.
Take me to the office then.
I think you made a wrong turn.
We'll take the scenic route.
Where are we going now?
We're almost there.
I'm really tired today, that's why.
I won't take you anywhere weird.
Chief, look!
The moon looks the biggest
here in all of Seoul.
You're right.
I come here whenever I feel down.
Sometimes, the moon is cut in half,
and sometimes, it's too cloudy to see it,
but when it's like this,
it makes me happy like I won a raffle.
You're right.
It does.
I never came here after
joining the Subway Police.
Why not?
Because you were too busy?
I don't think I need to.
I guess I called you
back so I could see this.
(Wangsoori Station)
- You have to make it quick. Okay?
- Okay.
- Ready?
- Now?
Okay. Hold tightly with your right hand,
and push.
Newbie. You should do that
only in dangerous situations.
Yes, sir.
- Okay.
- Excuse me.
(Detective Kim Woo Hyuk)
Hello, Detective Kim.
Woo Hyuk?
Yes. I'll go now.
I need to step out.
We're going to have
something good for dinner.
I'll be back soon. Wait for me.
We have to stand in line, so we can't wait.
- I'll be right back.
- But
I'll look for a restaurant.
- One where you have to line up.
- Okay.
I already found a place.
Detective Kim.
What's up?
I found out something about
that locked door in the tunnel.
(Change in Subway Route for the Line 3)
(Change in Subway Route for the Line 3)
30 years ago,
there was a plan to bring Line
Three to Wangsoori Station.
The plan got changed with
the change in government,
but the tunnels were already dug.
I think everyone buried it
because they spent all that
money but it was changed
just because someone high up said so.
I think that's why no one knew about it.
If they finished digging the tunnel
That means Line Three can
come into Wangsoori Station.
You were right.
It's totally possible that he moved
the bodies through the tunnel.
are you okay?
Do you think Jin
was also moved through the tunnel?
You don't think she's somewhere
in the tunnel, do you?
We're almost there.
Once we open that door
and confirm it connects to Line Three,
we can request an official
investigation by Metro.
Then we can find your sister.
Thank you.
Let's open that door tonight.
(Station Office)
(Station Office)
Hello, sir.
Is it ready?
Of course.
The Subway Police is in lower-level three.
Let's go.
I'm not too late, am I?
Okay, then. Shall we go eat?
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Hello everyone.
Stationmaster. Hello.
This is Mr. Cha, the head of
safety of the Subway Corporation.
I see. Hello. But what brings you here?
I'm doing a safety check
on the station's structure and equipment.
Your cooperation is appreciated.
I see. Thank you for your hard work.
Please take a look around.
Fire extinguisher is in place.
The smoke detectors are in place.
Why don't you have some tea first?
Coffee, buckwheat tea,
or Solomon's seal tea is good too.
(File cabinet 1, File cabinet
2, File cabinet 3)
Where's the screen door key?
Well, so
We decided to confiscate all screen
door keys from Subway Police.
We must control who enters the tunnel.
It should only be handled
by the corporation.
Where is the key?
left it at home.
I always carried it on my
belt since it's so important.
Go get it.
What? Right now?
By any chance
it gets into the hands of
someone with ill intent,
it may result in a big tragedy.
Go get it.
I'm on duty right now.
Look! The arrest warrant for
the murder suspect came in.
- Chief, you need to go right now.
- Yes.
Since when does the Subway
Police handle murder
He's a violent monster.
We must catch him right away.
I'll give you the key tomorrow.
I'll be back at this time tomorrow.
- Let's go.
- Get ready.
Get the gun and handcuffs.
I had completely forgotten. Where's my head?
Chief, we're detectives.
We find a single piece of
hair left in a crime scene.
Finding a key is child's play.
Thank you. Let's look for it.
- Okay.
- Okay.
We can keep questioning people,
but we won't find anything.
He kept flinching his shoulder.
I had a dream last night.
I saw the Subway Ghost
make a call at a payphone.
But he had a shoulder tick.
Like this.
You can call it my sixth sense as a cop.
A precognitive dream.
You punk.
Stop talking nonsense.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me. Just a minute.
You always run at this hour, right?
Do you always take this route?
Yes, I do.
On August 23,
did you see a man at that payphone?
August 23?
That was a month ago. I'm not sure.
Hold on. I don't remember the exact date,
but I did see a suspicious man.
You did? What was he like?
What was suspicious about him?
So, the thing is
I stopped briefly to tie my shoelaces,
and I heard a man's voice from the payphone.
The strange thing is
My phone's broken, so I'm getting it fixed.
That's why I'm calling from a payphone.
That sounded so suspicious.
Because he had
his phone in his hand.
Do you remember anything
else from his conversation?
He asked the other person to meet.
That he found a wallet
and wanted to return it.
He lured her out saying
he'll return what he found?
Return what he found?
Did you hear where he said to meet?
I didn't hear that.
Did you see his face?
Or anything unusual about him?
It was too dark to see his face,
but he kept flinching his shoulder.
His shoulder?
he had a shoulder tick.
Like this.
That punk
That's right. That man
was using the payphone a few days ago too.
A few days ago? 3 days? 4 days?
It was raining,
so I considered not going out.
But it stopped right
away, so I came out later.
It rained.
Did he say he found the
person's wallet again?
I ran right by that time,
so I didn't hear what he said.
Okay, thank you.
Whom did he call?
Did he find another target?
I came here every night too.
did I see that night?
(No cards - Out of Order)
The Subway Ghost always
used a phone card until now.
But he couldn't use his card that night.
Woo Hyuk. Call the phone company.
Ask them to empty the coin box.
Get the call history of
this phone on September 11.
Here's the list of calls from the payphone.
The number belongs to Choi Mi Ra.
Why won't she pick up?
So the Subway Ghost called Choi
Mi Ra five days ago already.
If she's the target,
we would've found the body by now.
There may have been a glitch
in his plan for some reason.
Find her address and go there right now.
Let's check her workplace.
Choi Mi Ra was a Subway Police
officer at Wangsoori two years ago.
Subway Police?
It's so late. All because of me.
Go home. Let's look again tomorrow.
Do you know her?
She used to work at Wangsoori Station.
She looks familiar.
Choi Mi Ra. She was on Team Two.
She worked here before you came, Chief.
I didn't see her here.
You had reported that you lost your wallet.
I thought someone had stolen it.
Newbie, isn't she the victim
we went to see before?
What about her? Did something happen to her?
I was nervous about her.
She was going to pick up her wallet,
but I had a strange feeling
She went to pick up her wallet?
She really was his target.
Choi Mi Ra
is the Subway Ghost's next target.
(Choi Mi Ra)
(Friday, September 20, 2019, 8pm)
Who is that?
(I'll just put your wallet in a mailbox.)
(It should get to you in a week.
Have a good day.)
What? It wasn't a weird person after all.
I almost wasted my ticket.
Hello. Something came up last
time, so I couldn't make it.
I'm sorry.
There's a ticket in my wallet,
and it's for a show tomorrow.
If you put it in a mailbox, I'll miss it.
If it's okay with you,
could I get it from you right now?
Yes. I'll see you later, then. Thank you.
Yes, Officer Kim.
I'm sorry?
They just met with Choi Mi Ra's family,
and they say she just
left to get her wallet.
- They don't know where she went.
- No
She'll die if she goes there.
We have to stop her no matter what.
It's the same number.
The phone is turned off.
She turned off her phone.
The criminal will lure the
target to a subway station again.
The last trains will stop
running in the next hour.
That means Choi Mi Ra
is meeting the criminal
within the next hour.
There are too many subway stations.
How will we find her?
We don't have to search all the stations.
All the victims went missing
within three stations away
from Wangsoori Station.
We just have to search the
stations up to three stops away
on the four subway lines that pass here.
Also, Line Three, since it's close by.
If he really does electric
work at the station,
there's a place where a
sign was about to go up
and the walls were drilled for
electric work. But that place
You mean he really did
have a shoulder tic, right?
That person kept on flinching.
What Officer Yoo said was right.
We'll search the stations
up to three stops away,
including Line Three.
I'll summon our team.
This is an emergency.
Please follow my orders from now.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Which line do you want us to take?
- Gyeongui–Jungang line.
Shinbundang line. Line 5. I'll take Line 2.
We'll start searching right away.
Mi Ra almost went out to
get her wallet before.
This is the record of our call.
Can we track where she made the call from?
Do you think he would've
called her to the same station?
The criminal is someone careful.
It's unlikely he would have
called her to the same place.
I'm not saying we should
go to the same station.
I want to know exactly where in
the station he called her to.
We have to get to him
before he realizes and runs away.
We can't figure that out right now.
We're tight on time!
I think I can do it.
If we lose the criminal because of you,
you're going to get it.
This is Ha Ma Ri of the
Metropolitan Detective Division.
The phone number is 010, 493, 0951.
A call was made on September 14th at 3:23pm.
Please track
- where the call was made from.
- Does Metro get answers this fast?
- Be quiet.
- Yes.
Seonheul Station.
Seonheul Station?
(Bring down the Grasshoppers, D-66)
There are two staircases with
wheelchair lifts installed.
He must have lured her to a place nearby.
First, the stairs to the
first basement floor.
There's a square at the bottom.
The criminal can't escape from
being seen by people there.
There are washrooms below the stairs,
but there are security cameras there.
Then, the stairs to the
second basement floor
There's a convenience store and a snack bar.
No, not there.
Above the stairs is
(Restricted Area)
A restricted area.
"A restricted area"?
The criminal was murdering
people in restricted areas.
(Restricted Area)
(Haengdang Station, Singeumho
Station, Cheonggu Station)
(Seoul Forest Station)
(Munseong Station)
There are 2 restricted areas
in the 2nd basement level
of Haengdang Station.
There's 1 in Singeumho Station
on the 1st basement floor.
In Cheonggu Station,
there's 1 on the 1st basement level,
and 2 on the 2nd.
At Seoul Forest Station
Everyone, focus your search
on these restricted areas.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Starting from now,
- we'll split up.
- Hurry up.
The screen doors are opening.
Doors are closing.
- Doors are closing.
- That way?
That way.
(Restricted Area)
(Staff Only)
(Restricted Area)
(Restricted Area)
(Staff Only)
Stay still!
(Wangsoori Station)
(Restricted Area)
Is this it?
Open the door. We're the police.
Open the door!
(Catch the Ghost)
You have to stay alive.
You're the only one who knows his face.
Hey, what does your son do?
This is his hideout.
Who else knows there is such a place?
Since when did you start
going in the tunnel without telling me?
Ryung had just one family.
Her twin sister who had autism.
(New voice message.)
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