Catch The Ghost (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

The Hideout

(All characters, organizations,
places, entities, and events)
(in this drama are fictional.)
Stay still!
(Restricted Area)
(Restricted Area)
Open the door. We're the police.
(Restricted Area)
What is it?
I thought this was the maintenance room.
It was turned into the
cleaning staff lounge.
Where was the maintenance room moved to?
On the other side. Next to the turnstiles.
No. Choi Mi Ra.
Ms. Choi Mi Ra.
She's breathing.
We're in the maintenance room in
the basement of Munseong Station.
Send an ambulance.
Ma Ri, it's Munseong Station.
We need backup.
Ms. Choi Mi Ra.
What if he exited the station?
No, there are too many cameras outside.
This is the last train of the day.
The last train.
Please make your way
When we found her, she was barely conscious.
We stopped the bleeding,
but her pulse was weak.
Preserve the crime scene. Major Crimes
("Missing Bank Teller Found as a Corpse.
Suspected Grudge Murder")
("Why Does the Subway Ghost Hide
the Bodies Under the Seat?")
("Missing Female College
Student Found In Subway")
Sae Rom, are you still up?
Don't die.
You are
the only one who knows his face.
Five people died already.
You can't die
so irresponsibly.
She always takes everything on herself.
She doesn't realize it's wearing her down.
(Seoun Metropolitan Police Agency)
You had the Subway Ghost but you lost him?
Can't you do anything right?
This time, it ended as
only an attempted murder.
If the victim wakes up,
we can get information on the killer.
What about the media?
I think the reporters caught on.
We're saying it is unrelated to
the Subway Serial Murders, but
If that makes it on the news,
forget the three months.
The press will stomp on us and kill us.
You know that, right?
We finally took one step forward.
It'll all be over before we
can investigate anything!
Make sure to stop the
story from getting out!
Yes, ma'am.
If you can't find lead even after this,
you're unqualified to be a
lieutenant of the Metro Division.
How's Choi Mi Ra?
She's still unconscious.
Did you get the analysis results
of the coins from the payphone?
There were 22 coins in the coin box.
There were five fingerprints on them.
All but one have been identified,
and all four of those
people have been cleared.
Then find that last person.
It's a partial print,
so it's hard to search the database.
They say they can do a partial
comparison against a sample.
This has the best angle and clarity.
Let's make the wanted posters with this.
How many should we print? 1,000? 2,000?
Let's see. If we want to put
them all over all the stations
She's completely checked out this morning.
Newbie. Go wash your face.
I'm fine.
Hello, Detective Kim.
I'll be right back.
Just a moment.
Tonight is good.
What's "good"?
Yes. Tonight is good.
(Check! Remove lock before activating)
Let's go.
She wouldn't get up at
this hour to meet a guy.
No. No way.
Newbie wouldn't do that.
(Restricted Area)
(Restricted Area)
There's a platform.
Officer Yoo,
come look at this.
(Choi Mi Ra)
"Choi Mi Ra"?
(Park Ji Yun)
"Park Ji Yun".
"Hwang Soo Young".
"Choi Jin Kang".
"Kim Min Jae".
This is his hideout.
What about my sister?
What about Jin's wallet?
There aren't any more wallets.
What about Jin?
It means she could be alive.
Where could Jin be?
I bet he hides here until
the lights turn off at night.
Then he would climb up that way
to Wangsoori Station's platform.
That's how he avoided the cameras
on the platform and the turnstiles.
He used the tunnel to get in and out?
I had my doubts,
but you were right.
But why are there so
many wallets and phones?
I think he stole them first,
then chose the targets from these.
He stole so many.
The Subway Ghost
was a pickpocket.
(Restricted Area)
Why is there a girl's dress?
The piece of cloth I picked
up from the tunnel
was a piece torn from this dress.
It seems to be precious to him.
I doubt he dropped it by accident.
He put it there on purpose,
hoping I'd pick it up.
The day I picked up this cloth,
he attacked me.
He stepped back just before killing me.
He placed this piece of cloth in the tunnel.
I think the reason why he didn't kill me
might have to do with this cloth.
If he has something to say to
you, and that's why
he didn't kill you and
dropped this on purpose,
his message must be in this clothing.
We have one hour left.
Let's search the platform first.
Yoo Jin.
The receiver cannot be reached.
There's no way
she'd go out without taking this.
Let's call Forensics right away.
You mean
notifying everyone right now would
put Ji Seok in trouble, right?
He's the one who is responsible
for the screen door key.
Once trains start running,
no one can approach that area.
Please have Metro Detective
Division search the area,
and act as if your team was
the first to discover it.
I'll do that.
Where is the screen door key?
Let's go home for today.
We'll search for it tomorrow.
Woo Hyuk.
Ji Seok.
Let me explain.
I want you to explain. What happened?
Why are you
in the tunnel?
Since when did you start
going in the tunnel without telling me?
I said, when did you start?
I asked you. Since when?
Since when
were you pretending?
Was it from the beginning?
No, right?
You wouldn't do that to me.
Officer Yoo.
Just tell him.
He'd understand if you tell
him you did it for your sister.
Didn't you go home?
Did you have fun with Ryung?
I'm sorry?
I'm talking about
investigating behind my back.
I heard you talking on the phone yesterday.
I doubted myself when I did.
If there's a team you want to go
to, tell me.
I'm sorry.
I don't want to hear it.
Pack your stuff right away.
The criminal was really using the tunnel.
We found his hideout
in Wangsoori Station's tunnel.
There were pictures of the victims
he took without their permission,
as well as the victims' belongings.
Who else knows
there is such a place?
Just Ryung and me.
You're the first one I'm reporting this to.
But, please don't tell anyone
that we found this out today.
If people find out,
it'll put Ji Seok in trouble.
That's why I plan on contacting
the Subway Corporation today
to request an official investigation.
We can make it look like Metro
Detective Division found it first.
This is Officer Yoo's idea, isn't it?
Why does she have her chin up so high?
Who does she think she is?
How could she just give such a thing to us?
I spent two full years
giving my all on this case.
If she just hands it over
to me like it's nothing,
what does that make me?
Well, what?
Request the Subway
Corporation for cooperation
so I can go in there tonight.
(Title: Request for cooperation
with an investigation)
"Seoun Metropolitan Police Agency's
Metropolitan Detective Division".
"Requesting approval to search
Wangsoori Station's tunnel."
"An anonymous report came in claiming"
"the serial killer's hideout
is inside the tunnel."
"An anonymous report"?
She's 165cm tall. She's my identical twin.
She has level two autism.
I'm begging you.
Please look it over as a
Subway Serial Murder case.
Please help me
What is all this?
Does this mean we've been sleeping
underground with closed shutters
with the Subway Ghost this whole time?
Dad, I'm scared.
Be a man and don't be scared.
Then the first victim isn't Park Ji Yun.
It's the woman in that picture, right?
Where did the jerk hide the body?
Is there another victim?
Are you here to watch? Go back upstairs.
This isn't a show.
This is our turf.
Why are they acting like the boss?
- Wait.
- Yes?
These items were precious enough
for him to put into this crate.
Why do you think he left
it at the crime scene?
To look at whenever his drive to kill
got weak.
You're right.
Sae Rom, make sure to eat.
(Grooming, Adoption, Hotel)
("Former Police Choi Unconscious
After Attack at a Subway Station")
(Former Subway Police
Officer found unconscious)
Please, son.
Please stop, honey.
There was really a
hideout inside the tunnel?
What kind of person could he be?
By the way,
how did you find out?
We received an anonymous report
that there's something in the tunnel.
But, we have one more victim now.
What? Was there a body there?
No, there was a picture
beside the other victims who were killed.
We haven't found the body,
but it's likely she was
murdered by the perp.
Who is she?
A woman with autism in her 20s.
She's been missing for about two years.
her sister is an officer whom you also know.
Officer Yoo Ryung.
The bright officer with the Subway Police?
How could she work so
hard and not show it
when something so tragic happened to her?
That's why
I'd like to recruit her into
our team on a temporary basis.
Don't you know an officer is excluded
from investigating a case
if the victim is a relative?
Of course, I do.
Why do you need her so badly,
that you'd break protocol?
- It's not that I need her
- Lieutenant Ha.
I meant it as a humanitarian act.
Now that we all know it's
connected to this case,
she'd probably be interested.
I don't need her.
You did great the past two years.
Mom's very proud of you.
What do you want to have for dinner?
I'll make the reservation.
Read the room before you make a joke.
The other victim we found out about
after going into the tunnel
Why didn't he put her body under a seat?
Hey. He was probably not as good
at it since it was his first time.
It's not easy to do that under a seat.
She may not have died.
Major Crimes is investigating it secretly,
be careful about letting it get out.
Lieutenant Ha will flip
- Ma Ri.
- Officer Yoo,
come with me.
Officer Yoo,
report to our office starting tomorrow.
- Sorry?
- What?
You don't want to?
Isn't this what you wanted?
Catching the Subway Ghost yourself?
I guess you're scared,
now that I'm giving you the opportunity.
Forget it.
I'll go
to Metro.
Officer Yoo will report to
Metro starting tomorrow.
- Metro?
- Metro?
She'll be providing support indefinitely.
are you guys doing behind my back?
Ask your partner that.
She stabbed me in the back too.
We found
the Subway Ghost's hideout in the tunnel.
As you know,
I was interested in that case,
and I had been investigating it on my own.
If that can help Metro's
investigation in any way at all,
I'd like to go.
I asked during your interview
why you wanted to join the
Subway Police so badly.
You talked about loving the subway
but never gave me the real reason.
I asked several times since,
but as always,
you never gave me an answer.
Why did you
join the Subway Police?
You stole the key as soon as you joined,
and went into the tunnel without telling me.
Now that you found something,
you want to join Metro.
How am I supposed to take his?
The title of being in Metro?
Was that really it?
What is this all about?
(Subway Police)
I told you to go.
After the first case,
I said we don't mesh and told you to go.
When you caught me trying
to borrow from a loan shark,
I told you to leave
because I was humiliated.
When you lied to me that
a Grasshopper was there
and took me to that MMA fighter's house,
I told you to go because I was furious!
When you said you wanted
to go save Jung Hoon
when I had to catch the Grasshoppers,
I said to go because I looked like a loser.
You stayed with me after seeing how
pathetic and what a loser I was,
so maybe I misunderstood
But all of that
was to join Metro?
Is that all?
Was that really all it was?
I think
that was all.
I'm sorry.
(Subway Police)
(Metropolitan Detective Division)
I mean, Officer Yoo.
(First Victim, Yoo Jin)
She's here to help with
the Subway Serial Murders.
Officer Yoo Ryung.
I'm also the family of the first victim.
I heard you found that jerk's hideout.
Not bad.
How did you know he was in the tunnel?
This is the evidence that made
me sure he used the tunnel.
For two years,
I investigated it alone.
Let's see.
Talk about dedication.
You should've shared this with us sooner.
I wanted to share them.
Woo Hyuk. Bring me the Yoo Jin case file.
- Sorry?
- Right now!
Yes, ma'am.
Read aloud
Yoo Ryung's statement about how
she was separated from Yoo Jin
when she went missing.
"I was on my way home with my sister"
"and lost my sister in the crowd."
She lost her sister.
When you investigate a case,
there's a moment when a victim
looks like the perpetrator.
The moment the victim lies.
Just like when you said
you "lost" your sister.
You left your disabled sister,
but you cried and begged,
saying it was murder.
How could I not see that as a total lie?
What is this?
I didn't ignore your request to
investigate this from the start.
I looked into it and found this.
You looked like you went crazy
after abandoning your sister,
so I held back and didn't share this video.
You're the one who made me ignore this case,
and you're the one who
caused your sister to die.
It's all your doing.
No matter how hard it is,
how can you abandon your family?
Especially one who's disabled.
That's like a death sentence.
This is an abandonment case.
That's not true. You didn't let go
because you wanted to abandon her.
There was another reason.
Tell them. They're getting the wrong idea.
left her.
How dare she come here
after committing a crime?
People are the most frightening.
(Metro Team 1)
Never mind.
Let's recruit a new member.
Newbie is there only temporarily.
She'll come back
She has a goal.
She'll survive there somehow.
Otherwise, she'll find a
place suitable for her,
like Major Crimes or elsewhere.
Post the recruiting notice.
I'm going to NFS.
I'm sure the analysis results are
out for the Grasshoppers' bag.
We'll go pick up their wanted posters.
Woo Hyuk.
Did you find something?
It's the day Choi Mi Ra was attacked.
He was caught on camera.
You said he has a shoulder tic, right?
Yes. Officer Yoo said she
felt it when she was attacked,
and you said it was caught on
camera when you were followed.
We thought he may be the Subway
Ghost, but didn't have any proof.
We know for sure now.
He attacked an officer and stopped,
and left a piece of clothing in the tunnel.
That means that piece of
clothing is a message.
Why did he leave that for us?
Because I found out his method
Then he would've just killed you.
But trying to kill you and
stopping doesn't match up.
Maybe he's hiding something else.
We'll get a hint from the
clothing once we get the analysis.
We'll need a detailed analysis,
but looking at the screen
door, he's about 180cm tall.
See if any of the
pickpockets are that height.
Yes, ma'am.
There's a suspect.
The Grasshoppers.
All of them are above 180cm and fit.
They move through the tunnel too.
Hold on.
The Grasshoppers were also there
at the 30-year anniversary event.
They're the reason we found the body.
They robbed everyone in order to
uncover the body dramatically?
They both began their
crime spree two years ago.
I think one of the Grasshoppers
is the Subway Ghost.
Do you have a sketch of the Grasshoppers?
We got the analysis of the stolen goods
found in the hideout, and they found DNA.
A common DNA was found on 23
cell phones and wallets
that were stolen.
If the same DNA was found
on all those items means
it's the thief's DNA.
And that thief is the Subway Ghost.
If that DNA matches the DNA
of one of the Grasshoppers,
it'll be conclusive evidence.
We obtained the Grasshoppers'
bag of stolen goods recently.
Our chief said we may find their DNA in it,
and sent it in for analysis.
Ji Seok, did they finish
analyzing the Grasshoppers' bag?
They just finished, but it's clean.
They found nothing.
Why do you ask?
I'll go to your office. Let's talk there.
Something bugs me though.
The shoulder tic.
None of the Grasshoppers have a tic.
That's not something you can control.
It may only manifest when
he feels the desire to kill.
It may be brought on by extreme excitement.
Or he may have dissociative
identity disorder.
(Dissociative Identity Disorder:
multiple personality disorder)
When the other identity takes over,
their thoughts and actions change.
Do you still feel sick?
Yes. My gastritis just won't get better.
What about Vietnam?
What? Let's go have some pho.
Why? I don't like noodles.
It's better than going to jail.
I don't want to go.
Something good may happen if we go.
- What?
- If we're lucky,
we may get on Interpol's wanted list.
Pickpockets that Interpol is after.
That's much cooler than being
the most trending search term.
Who cares if there's no DNA?
We have this.
My pretty things.
They were such a pain in the neck.
Will they be useful now?
- Useful?
- Your punishment
is deferred right now.
If you catch them,
they'll cancel your punishment right away.
That's right.
We'll catch the Grasshoppers now.
Why are you taking our Grasshoppers?
One of the Grasshoppers is the Subway Ghost.
It's not good to alert them,
so we'll keep the wanted posters as is.
Give me the original.
What? Okay.
(Wanted Subway Pickpocket Suspects)
Did something just happen?
They suddenly showed up, took our babies,
and said they were actually theirs.
What? Is that it?
We chased them for two years.
Please return that screen door
key you took all the way home.
Sorry about that.
It's there.
Did you bring this from home?
Okay. Get back to work.
Why are they
taking everything?
Can you believe a serial
killer lived in the tunnel?
And at Wangsoori
People will avoid this station
if they found out, right?
I need to stop by somewhere.
Why is the head of security
of the Subway Corporation
Where did you get the tip
that the serial killer
had his hideout in the tunnel?
It was an anonymous tip
I'm a smart man.
I can see what the police are up to.
I went to the Subway Police at
Wangsoori for the screen door key.
Chief Ko Ji Seok couldn't give it to me.
right after the hideout was found,
he gave me the screen door key.
He couldn't give it to me before
he needed to use it that night.
So, what you're saying is,
the police found it first
but lied about the tip
in order to cover up an
illegal investigation?
Find out for yourself.
I'm sure there was no tip.
After I figured out their method,
I chased one down like
crazy in the tunnel
But, we have one more victim now.
Her sister is an officer. Officer Yoo Ryung.
I will check all the facts.
If what you say is true,
I will hold the responsible
party accountable.
Is something wrong?
Your accomplice will be here soon.
How long have you been
going into the tunnel?
You even made up a fake tip.
You probably thought it was a perfect crime.
Madam Commissioner.
I'm the one that went in.
I did it all by myself.
Ko Ji Seok. Tell me.
When you brought me my wallet,
you said a station worker
found it in the tunnel.
Was that true?
I'm sorry. I had
gone in.
That was only because I went in first
Why did you go into the
tunnel without permission?
I wanted to catch the Subway Ghost.
Every officer in Korea
wants to catch the criminal.
But, if they all went around
ignoring regulations
and deceiving others,
what would become of this organization?
Especially you.
You're a chief.
It's your job to manage your subordinates!
If you didn't know what was going on,
it means you're a lousy chief!
It's all my fault.
The disciplinary committee got
together to have a discussion.
Everyone agrees we should
keep it confidential.
I'll tell you
what disciplinary action
we'll take against you.
Officer Yoo Ryung.
What you did was bad enough
to get you a suspension,
but some thought that we should
take your performance into account.
You'll get a wage
reduction for three months.
Yes, ma'am.
Chief Inspector Ko Ji Seok.
Since we were holding off on
taking disciplinary action,
we decided to give you a harsher punishment.
You're suspended for three months.
A suspension?
- No, ma'am.
- Lieutenant Ko Ji Seok.
Starting this minute,
back out from all cases.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
We won't be seeing each other anymore.
Chief, you should file for an appeal.
My mom's friend's son is a lawyer, so
Forget it.
It's my responsibility.
They'll reassign you once
your suspension ends.
You won't be able to return here.
I'll come back.
Getting a suspension isn't a joke.
Do you just have to accept
it if they give it to you?
I won't be making any
money for three months.
Please buy me some soju from time to time.
(Investigation Team 1)
Don't see me out.
You make it look like I won't ever return.
All right.
(Subway Police)
(Subway Police)
(Wanted Subway Pickpocket Suspects)
I don't have anywhere to go.
Mister. Who are you?
- What is it, Ae Shim?
- What?
- What is it?
- Gosh. Who are you?
- It's me, Myung Chul.
- What?
- What are you, a pervert?
- What is it?
Get out. Nurse!
- You got it wrong. Wait
- There's a pervert in here.
Why are you
- Get out of here.
- Wait, Ae Shim.
- Ae Shim.
- I said, get out.
- Ae Shim.
- Get out!
Get out.
- I said, get out.
- Mom.
- Get out.
- Mom!
It's me. Look at me.
Look at me. Look at my face.
Don't you recognize me?
It's me, Mom. It's me.
It's me, Ji Seok.
Please try to remember me. Mom!
Mom, I'm Ji Seok!
Please look at me.
Can't you look at me
instead of looking for Dad?
I'm right here. Your son
Your son, Ji Seok.
Mom. It's me. Mom
(Investigation Team 1
Chief Inspector Ko Ji Seok)
I was putting up the
Grasshopper's wanted posters.
I came back to get something.
We already posted your
position as an opening.
- I'm sorry?
- You won't come back anyway, right?
We won't welcome you back.
You should take all of your stuff.
I didn't think you were like that,
but you even made our Chief get kicked out.
I'll get going.
No matter how hard it is,
how can you abandon your family?
Especially one who's disabled.
That's like a death sentence.
This is an abandonment case.
How dare she come here
after committing a crime?
People are the most frightening.
(Wanted Subway Pickpocket Suspects)
The Grasshoppers were the Subway Ghost.
How shocking.
Who knows?
Maybe they're stuck and just
blaming it on the Grasshoppers.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
the Subway Ghost?
How does that make any sense?
If you're
the Subway Ghost,
raise your hand.
No one, right?
This is a trick.
They're trying to start
a ridiculous rumor
to make us distrust each
other and to split apart.
They want us to report each other.
That's what they're going for.
Those jerks.
They probably wanted to catch us
and dump it all on us.
Let's go to Vietnam right away.
Okay. Let's go.
- It's him.
- Right?
I think so too.
Do you remember?
When we went into the tunnel to get
the wallet and saw that lady cop.
I do. That punk beat her up.
I almost died trying to stop him.
She was passed out,
but he was trying to beat her up even more.
You're right.
When he loses it, he'll beat up anyone.
Is he a psychopath?
I don't want to end my
life under a subway seat.
Me neither.
Captain. Let's leave him
and make a run for it.
Okay. I'll find the next available boat out.
I'll pack a bag.
This is why you need to
choose your friends wisely.
You found that photo in the tunnel?
How could you bear to look at it?
I asked the most recent victim not to die.
I said since she's the only person
who knows what he looks like,
she can't die so irresponsibly.
That's because you want to catch him.
Because you want
to find Jin.
I hate myself too, now.
Even if Chief hates me,
I can't blame him.
Tell him.
You said your chief thinks
you just wanted to join Metro.
Why won't you tell him?
that starts with me
letting go of Jin's hand.
Because both you and he
will think I'm a monster
if you find out I did that.
See you.
What's this? Soo Ho. Soo Ho.
Look at this.
Look. The guy who followed Newbie
looks like the Subway Ghost
who attacked Choi Mi Ra,
You're right, he does.
(Kim Hyung Soo)
Chief. Remember that guy who
followed Newbie last time?
That guy is the Subway Ghost.
The guy who followed Newbie
is the Subway Ghost?
Send me the video. Yes.
Did your dissociative identity
disorder manifest again?
it did not.
I need
a lot more of the medicine.
I'm taking a long trip abroad.
What's this?
What does your son do?
Is he good looking?
Auntie. Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Who was that?
I thought it was someone I knew.
Excuse me.
(You have an unchecked voicemail)
Press one to listen to the message.
Please enter your password.
New message.
Chief. When I asked for a new partner
It wasn't because I don't like you.
I want
to keep being your partner.
I want
to stay by your side.
if I stay by your side,
I keep wanting to depend on you.
Maybe I should tell you
why I joined the Subway Police
and what I've been doing
behind your back.
I want to just tell you everything.
"Maybe I should"
"tell you everything"?
I'll tell you everything.
Ryung had just one family member.
Her twin sister who had autism.
A twin sister?
I never knew.
But that sister
was murdered by the Subway Ghost.
She walked around in all the stations
over and over, to figure out
where the Subway Ghost went.
She didn't eat or sleep and walked
until her feet blistered up.
The police ignored her although
her sister went missing,
so she started to handle it all by herself.
I want
to stay by your side.
(Catch the Ghost)
Newbie, I'll protect you from now on.
You made me realize again
why I became a cop,
and who I really am.
Do you want some instant noodles?
Police? Two murderers are chasing me.
They're the Grasshoppers,
the guys in the Subway Ghost's gang.
Mom's exhausted now.
I will catch them!
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