Catch The Ghost (2019) s01e11 Episode Script

Going After the Grasshoppers

(All characters, organizations,
places, entities, and events)
(in this drama are fictional.)
(Episode 11)
Ryung had just one family member.
Her twin sister who had autism.
A twin sister?
I never knew.
But that sister
was murdered by the Subway Ghost.
She took care of her by herself
ever since they were 10.
She never had a life of her own.
Her sister, for whom she
sacrificed her life went missing,
but the police ignored her.
But if the police look away,
those families
will be tormented all their lives.
You want to join this department
and memorized every corner
of every subway line
Why did you memorize them?
She didn't eat or sleep and walked
until her feet blistered up.
she memorized everything,
down to where every vending machine was.
I want
to stay by your side.
if I stay by your side,
I keep wanting to depend on you.
(Seoun Metropolitan Police Agency)
Maybe she wants to join Metro.
My point exactly.
She must not feel anything looking
at her dead sister's pictures.
If you're done putting them up,
return this to the file room.
And write down the details regarding
the victim Yoo Jin's actions
on the day of the incident by time.
Yes, ma'am.
Ji Seok.
Is that
Is that dead woman
Officer Yoo's sister?
Ma Ri.
But putting those up like that
is a bit cruel to her.
And you think you're not being cruel?
I'll take that as the answer
I was waiting to hear from you.
If you're done here, please leave.
And Officer Yoo
isn't your newbie anymore,
so stop telling me what to do.
Don't you feel sorry for her?
Hey, Ko Ji Seok!
You said you pretended not to know.
You're doing this
because you're sorry.
Stop it.
I'm trying my best
to behave myself in front
of you two right now.
You probably don't know what I mean.
It's better not to know.
What does that mean?
- Tell me.
- I can't stand this any longer.
Are you trying to tell us
we're the cruel ones right now?
Here, take a good look.
See for yourself who is really cruel.
I don't feel sorry for her
nor am I sorry.
So you should stop pitying her too.
Since this is who she really is.
I don't pity her.
Do you know why I couldn't tell you
the real reason we broke up?
Even if the whole world
knew how much of a loser I was,
I didn't want you to know.
if you left me after knowing the
truth, it would hurt more
than you leaving without knowing anything.
Although I was all grown up,
after hearing my mom had Alzheimer's,
I gave up on everything.
My dream
and you as well.
Everyone becomes a loser during hard times.
And it takes time
to overcome that.
You sacrificed yourself for your mom
and she just ran away for her own sake.
How could that be the same?
could have been the
justification that I hid behind.
Because it's hard.
Thinking that this was
the only thing I could do.
It could've been self-justification.
Even a grown-up like me
crumbled down like that.
But Newbie had to look after
her sister when she was 10.
At that moment, she just
acted like a loser
because it was too hard.
And she didn't want
anyone she cared about to
see her act like a loser.
I don't pity her.
I just
understand her.
Goodness. Darn it!
I'm sorry.
Why are you even here?
This isn't a place for
someone like you. Got it?
Don't ever touch her again.
Let's go.
I'll leave this here.
This belongs to the Subway Police.
It's not mine anymore.
No, thanks. It's yours.
I mean, it's all right,
since we can take the subway.
I'll be going then.
Do you want some instant noodles?
It's just You seem hungry
and I think I heard your stomach growling.
When we were on the motorcycle?
Yes. Where was it?
I think it was around Yangwha Bridge
- I'm not sure.
- When we were crossing the bridge?
I was starving,
and I was literally in tears.
Do you have eggs?
You have eggs?
Oh, no.
It's the top floor.
- Oh, the top floor?
- Yes.
Is she hiding something
precious in there or what?
Leaving me waiting outside like this.
Here you go.
This is the best place in
Seoul to eat instant noodles.
Well then Thank you for the meal!
Is it good?
By the way, when did you steal my key?
I mean, I'm certain I
had it hooked on my belt,
when and how did you take it?
I didn't take it off of you while
you were asleep, so don't worry.
That key just
flew across the air like this
and landed
right in front of me.
You're such a liar.
I mean it.
Your lying has even improved,
always trying to deceive me.
It flew across the air?
Your lies are mind-boggling now.
I'm really sorry.
Don't worry about it.
Anyone can lie in urgent situations.
It's better than not doing anything
like an idiot.
I'll make sure you get reinstated
and try anything
- Beer?
- Sure!
That's a week's worth of beer,
but I'll share it with
you since you forgave me.
All right.
Since someone told me
this is the best place
in Seoul to drink beer.
Here you go.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
You know last time
If I think about that time
How could I know about it?
You should always stay alert.
What an amazing view.
I don't know
if it's okay to ask you this, but
- What is it?
- I heard
you memorize everything down to the
locations of vending machines
because you walked around
the stations so much
looking for your sister.
Is that true?
It was better than
being home alone.
That's not true. You didn't let go
because you wanted to abandon her.
There was another reason.
Tell them. They're getting the wrong idea.
She just acted like a loser
because it was too hard.
And it takes time to overcome that.
And she didn't want
anyone she cared about to
see her act like a loser.
I don't pity her.
I just
understand her.
You're cool, Ji Seok.
(Subway Ghost Evidence)
Do you know why I couldn't tell
you the real reason we broke up?
if you left me after knowing the
truth, it would hurt more
than you leaving without knowing anything.
I'm the cruel one.
Hold on.
(Where Hwang Soo Young's body was found)
(Where Hwang Soo Young went missing)
(Where Hwang Soo Young's body was found)
(Gwanghwamun, Yeouido, Singil)
(Hwang Soo Young, Park Ji Yun,
Choi Jin Kang, Kim Min Jae)
When did I come in?
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Chief, we'll be forever
Did he see it?
Where are you going?
I'm so late I should get to work.
Where are you going?
Why is this here?
I'm not saying don't look at it.
But close this at times
and look at yourself.
I bought some rice and side dishes.
Don't just eat cup noodles.
Eat rice once in a while.
Let's go. I'll drop you off.
(Welcome! Working to keep citizens safe)
That victim, Yoo Jin.
You didn't find a wallet or anything, right?
No, we didn't.
Maybe we should check that tunnel again.
I doubt we'll find anything.
Isn't she dead?
I know. I wonder if we'll find anything.
Are you two dating now?
Not yet.
I didn't ask her yet.
Then why are you holding her hand?
It's just that the Metro
guys are such jerks.
Newbie looked uncomfortable.
I wanted to take her to the office.
If someone swears at you
or shoves you around,
call me right away.
You can tell me first since
I'm right next to you.
You didn't ask, did you?
And she didn't answer.
Are you going to the office?
Let's go.
Why are you so tall?
Goodbye, Chief.
Darn it.
That jerk, Woo Hyuk.
Good morning, everyone!
Good morning!
We didn't find any DNA
from the clothing or shoes.
Still, since we found DNA
from the piece of cloth
that Officer Yoo found in the tunnel,
we can compare it when we find a suspect.
That day,
the perp was about to kill
you, but he stopped.
Then he left this piece of cloth behind.
There was something he wanted to say.
A dress was torn.
And he let someone find it.
Why do you think so?
"You tore my dress. Pay me back."
Don't you think it'd be something like this?
The person the Subway Ghost targeted
was Yoo Jin.
He must've had a grudge
against her to kill her.
And Yoo Ryung was after him
Are you saying my sister
is also responsible
for the serial killings?
If the DNA from that torn piece of cloth
and your sister's DNA match,
my assumption will be proven.
Identical twins have the same DNA.
Let's compare them then.
Are you afraid your sister's
wrongdoings will be revealed?
I guess your priority is
trying to hide things again
instead of trying to catch the perp.
You can take my DNA.
Let's talk later when the results come out.
(Wanted Subway Pickpocket Suspects)
These are 200 wanted posters.
Don't put these up on the wall.
Hand them out to the passengers
of Wangsoori Station
one by one.
- Hand them out?
- What kind of officer
hands out flyers?
If necessary, we can request
help from the duty police.
You said you wanted to catch
the man who killed your sister.
You want to find her body at least.
Then you should do everything you can.
Here you go.
(Wangsoori Station)
Take this too.
Thank you.
- Detective Yoo.
- Hello.
I didn't see you around these past few days.
I don't work here anymore.
Did you change your line of work?
Are we rivals now?
These are wanted posters.
I need to hand them out.
My gosh, no way.
How could our country waste
someone's talent like this?
You're the detective I respect the most.
Stop flattering me.
Give me those.
Leave these with me,
and you should go and catch
another bad guy when you can.
It's okay, give them to me.
- Just go.
- No.
It's okay, don't worry about it.
If you order a dish of spicy tripe,
you get a free rolled omelet.
Thank you, sir.
If you order a dish of spicy tripe,
you get a free rolled omelet.
Thank you very much.
Thank you, sir.
Here you go.
I don't need it.
- Ma'am.
- What?
Can't we all just get along?
What is wrong with you, lady?
Be nice, ma'am.
If you order a dish of spicy tripe,
you get a free rolled omelet.
You know, right?
Who the murderer is among us.
I don't know. I really don't know.
I know.
It's Hyung Soo. Hyung Soo!
It's that punk, Hyung Soo.
You remember that stray dog
that used to bark every night?
I woke up from my sleep one
time because of that noise.
I woke up,
and I saw Hyung Soo sitting up too.
And he had these strange eyes.
Something looked murderous about them.
Anyway, I asked him why he wasn't
sleeping, and he said,
"Where is the knife?"
He took the knife and went outside
And the dog didn't bark anymore?
It's not that, is it?
It is.
But do you know what's even scarier?
The next day,
Hyung Soo didn't remember anything.
I think he becomes someone
else when he loses his mind.
That could be a murderer.
Bong Man.
We should talk about you first.
Since you've really killed someone.
Yes, this is Metro Detective Division.
- This is Metro Detective Division.
- Yes, this is Team 1.
- Yes, what is it?
- This is Metro Detective Division.
- Yes?
- Where did you see him?
He looked similar to the
person in the wanted poster?
- Where was it?
- How tall was he?
Could I please get your name?
What happened to the tip?
Some kids pulled a prank.
We may have to leave the office
to check on incoming tips
so forward all your
calls to your cellphones.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Okay.
Your calls will be forwarded.
Lieutenant. I received a tip,
so I'll go check it out now.
I'll go. Tell me the address.
You should take a short nap at least.
You'll faint at this rate.
Yes, Madam Commissioner.
You found the Subway Ghost's
hideout from an anonymous tip?
Why did you hide the fact that
Officer Yoo made that tip?
Were you jealous of her performance?
Of course not.
I just thought it would
put everyone in trouble.
Why do you think
Officer Yoo did something that
would put everyone in trouble?
That is
the part I cannot understand
at all about this incident.
Why didn't Officer Yoo
request for support from the
Metro Detective Division?
I know why. I didn't accept
her request for investigation support.
Excluding Officer Yoo's sister
as a victim back then
was a reasonable decision as a detective.
The lure pattern was different,
we didn't find a body,
and her sister went missing, Officer Yoo
Even if all the evidence says no,
Officer Yoo was so desperate.
When I said I was proud of you before,
I was speaking as a mom to her daughter.
But today,
my daughter has really
disappointed me.
You know the Pyeonghae-dong Zombie Gang?
They're notorious for being cruel.
Zombie Gang?
He was a member of that gang.
I heard he was fighting
against another gang
and killed someone.
What about that night when you
had that knife in your hand?
- What was that?
- I know.
I become someone else from time to time.
But when I change,
I become a teary, innocent,
and young little boy.
My mom told me.
That night, I probably cut that dog's leash.
That dog was whimpering
because its collar dug
into its skin all the time.
Us turning against one another
is exactly what the police want us to do.
Captain, I've found a boat.
It's a smuggling boat headed
to China at 6am tomorrow.
We're probably forbidden to fly anyway.
- A boat is safer.
- Safe.
Safety is important.
Okay. It's too dangerous to wait here.
Let's split up for the night
and meet up at the harbor
first thing in the morning.
- What should we eat?
- Something spicy.
- Spicy? Like chicken feet?
- That sounds good.
Buying refrigerators.
washing machines,
Buying used household goods.
Buying stereos,
broken pianos,
and used books.
Buying refrigerators.
And used books.
washing machines, stereos
Long time no see, sir.
You punk.
Just for tonight.
I got a studio nearby.
- What?
- I have three months off,
so I can come visit you every day.
For real?
You're the best!
My gosh.
Sorry for getting mad.
What? When did you get mad?
In my dream.
My gosh.
Ma'am. My honey is here,
so you can go see your son.
- What?
- Son?
You have a son.
Yes. She said her son has
an illness of the heart.
That's why she works here.
- That's not it
- Really?
Is your son at this hospital?
Your mother must be confused.
I don't have a son.
Don't you remember? You told me last time
that you're working here
because of your son.
I'll get going now.
Okay. Have a nice day.
That's right.
- I'll be right back, okay?
- Okay.
Come back quickly.
Who are you to dump my daughter?
I'm sorry.
She can't eat or sleep lately.
It's killing me inside.
Ma Ri works very hard and
is a skilled detective.
Please acknowledge her skills
and let her know often.
What's this?
Are you saying it's my fault
that she's having a tough time?
Are you turning the blame on me?
No, that's not it.
You big fat jerk.
You little
I can't hit you again since
you're suspended already.
Sorry, ma'am.
How's your mother?
She's okay.
With the nursing home and caretaker,
I'm sure you spent your
entire salary to pay for them.
What will you do now that's gone too?
Is Officer Yoo that special to you?
The more people you want to protect,
the more you must protect
yourself first, got that?
You frustrating idiot.
Dong Man.
No one's as good with a knife as you are.
If you come back,
I can make sure you make a lot of money.
If I do, the Ax Gang
will come after me again.
I don't want to burden you.
Your family needs money.
Your mom still does janitorial
work at the hospital, right?
Yes, that's right.
Come back anytime you change your mind.
I don't have small bills. Just a minute.
Where is it?
I'll just charge it.
This is insane.
Why won't they pick up?
- This is Newbie's.
- Newbie?
Hello? Officer Yoo Ryung's cell phone.
I'm positive. He just left.
- He paid by credit card.
- Okay. Thank you. Okay.
I just got a tip from Pyeonghae-dong
regarding the Grasshoppers.
- I need to go.
- Okay.
No, you can't go.
- Call Lieutenant Ha.
- Why?
I'm suspended.
She isn't picking up.
I'll call Woo Hyuk.
(Our Chief)
The day I graduated from
the Police University,
everyone asked the same thing
because I graduated top of my class.
"How high do you want to go?"
Back then, my goal was clear.
I will catch all the bad guys
in Korea.
I will catch all the bad guys
in Korea.
But I ended up avoiding the bad
guys instead of catching them.
I'm ashamed of myself.
I want to catch the Grasshoppers
No, I want to catch the Subway Ghost.
He's after Newbie too.
If you investigate a case
while you're suspended,
you may lose your badge.
Even if my police career
ends right here and now,
let me end it
as a police officer that
I'm not ashamed of being.
I'm begging you.
If you can't catch him after all this,
that is what you really
should be ashamed of.
Cuff him no matter what.
Thank you, Madam Commissioner.
Thank you!
Officer Lee.
I'm heading to Pyeonghae-dong.
Trace the credit card number I sent you,
and get his cell phone
number and locate it for me.
Name Koo Dong Man, age 28.
His number is 010-469-8331.
Please locate a cell phone.
The number is 010-469-8331.
The Commissioner is so awesome.
This is right.
The Grasshoppers belong to our Chief.
That's right.
(Yoo Ryung)
Hey, Ma Ri!
What's going on?
Why are you answering Officer Yoo's
What? A tip about the Grasshoppers?
Okay. Send me his cell phone number.
We identified one of the Grasshoppers.
Ji Seok is on his way to him now.
How did Chief
Name, Koo Dong Man.
Cell phone number, 010-469-8331.
Track all the areas where
this phone was used,
and see if any other phones
were used in the same areas.
The Grasshoppers always travel
together, so they're the others.
We found two other cell phone numbers.
The account holder is someone in his 70s.
It must be a burner.
Did you locate it?
Yes. One is in Haseo-dong,
the other in Daegil-dong.
Those punks split up.
We'll split up too.
Where are Detective Kim and Detective Lee?
They went far to follow up on a tip.
I'll call them.
No, we need to go now.
Woo Hyuk, you go to Pyeonghae-dong.
Ji Seok is suspended, so he can't do much.
You'll have to catch him by yourself.
Send the two Subway Police
officers to Haseo-dong
since they know what the
Grasshoppers look like.
Then I'll go to Daegil-dong
I'll go to Daegil-dong.
I'll go with you.
Cops travel together in
order to protect each other.
How can I trust someone like
you who stabs her partner
in the back?
I will catch him!
I wasn't speeding.
I wasn't speeding.
Ji Seok.
Woo Hyuk, why are you here?
I see. Are you here to provide back-up?
You're my back-up. Follow me.
Darn it.
I was sent by the Commissioner.
You follow me.
Darn it.
Okay, my baby. Good going!
Darn it.
Darn it. Why won't it go?
A little more.
A little more.
Darn it. Hey!
Darn it!
So why did you speed until the tire blew?
since it's an emergency.
You were nervous, right?
Because your rival was so tough.
Hey! Why you
Drive slowly.
That's a residential area.
Who are you?
I'm so out of shape.
He wouldn't attack me, would he?
No. It'll be a bigger pain if he runs.
He's close, Dad.
Check everyone nearby.
He's around here. Check.
- Okay.
- It's that way, right?
- Yes.
- Okay, good.
A tall guy.
He's somewhere around here.
Hold on.
- 1.
- 2.
- 1.
- 2.
- Who are you?
- Let's talk.
I don't want to cause trouble.
You're cops.
Hey! Loosen up.
- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!
Loosen up.
Now, now! There's no need for that.
We came for Koo Dong Man.
We'll just take him quietly.
You won't just take me quietly!
They're trying to frame
me and get their stats up.
They'd tack things on to you guys
and send you away for life.
Why you
Take out your gun.
Ji Seok, just stand back and watch.
Hey, what you learned in school won't cut
I boxed since I was five.
You started early.
Sounds good.
Get them!
He's within a 100m radius.
This way.
If you make a sound,
you die.
Freeze! Move, and I'll shoot.
Get him!
Let go.
Koo Dong Man!
Where is he? Koo Dong Man.
Darn it. I think he turned off his phone.
We lost the signal.
Woo Hyuk, how did it go?
- Koo Dong Man!
- We lost him.
Officer Lee, what about you?
He hid completely.
I just have to last four more hours.
Four hours.
It's 2am.
I'm so tired.
Don't come.
Don't come.
Don't come.
- What did you do?
- What?
The cops came after me.
Why did you resist so much?
What was that?
I mean
Hey, Hyung Soo!
Did you go to a salon?
- What?
- You're wearing glasses too.
What are you talking about?
What's this? My hair looks so tacky!
What's with these glasses?
You talk as if someone else did it.
Well A broken computer?
I remember that he annoyed
me like nobody's business.
But once I came to,
I was in a small warehouse.
When I checked my watch,
I had only 30 minutes left.
Darn it. I almost missed the boat.
His memory came back in a rush.
- What?
- What?
No, nothing. So
I need to run to the bathroom.
If I get on the boat with them,
I won't make it off it alive.
I'll go with you.
Darn it.
Get out. Get out here!
Police? I'm about to die.
Two murderers are coming after me.
They're the Grasshoppers.
They might be the Subway Ghost.
Send all the cops!
What are you doing?
What is it?
There's a tip that guys
suspected to be the Grasshoppers are
attempting murder at Incheon Harbor.
Get there now.
(Restricted Authorized Personnel Only)
Freeze! Move, and I'll shoot!
Arrest them!
Darn it.
Get them.
All I did was lend them my boat.
The three of them said
they were going fishing.
Where did one of them go?
I am
exhausted too, now.
(Catch the Ghost)
1, 2, 3. Clear!
Choi Mi Ra just died.
The fact that you ordered
a suspended officer
to investigate a case privately
Ji Seok is being transferred to an island.
I don't want you to get in trouble
because of me anymore.
I like you. A lot.
Please reinstate our chief
to the Subway Police.
I'll catch the Subway Ghost within the week.
I'll do everything I can.
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