Catch The Ghost (2019) s01e12 Episode Script

The One That Got Away

(All characters, organizations,
places, entities, and events)
(in this drama are fictional.)
Freeze! Move, and I'll shoot!
Arrest them!
- Darn it.
- Get them.
Get him!
All I did was lend them my boat.
The three of them said
they were going fishing.
Where did one of them go?
I am exhausted too,
(Episode 12)
Why did you come during your suspension?
Do you not care if you
can't be a cop anymore?
You said you can't join
Metro because of your mom.
That's why you gave up on me too.
So what are you doing?
Why did you drop everything and run here?
Explain yourself.
Ma Ri.
Ever since Newbie came,
it had been poking at me.
At first, it was uncomfortable and annoying,
and I didn't want to know,
but I realized I can't avoid it anymore.
Who I really was,
why I became a cop,
and where I want to go
made me realize them again.
You're back to your old self.
To the Ko Ji Seok that I loved.
You're back,
but you can't come back to me, can you?
- Get in.
- Chief.
We'll return the car and go back by subway.
Okay. Good work, Detective Lee.
Later, Soo Ho.
Okay. Bye.
You go too.
Just a minute.
I don't want you to get in
trouble because of me anymore.
You can't come while you're suspended.
I'm fine.
I'm not fine.
It's my fault you got suspended.
- No more.
- I'm really fine.
I don't like it.
I'll call you
after I catch him.
After you catch him?
I guess then
I won't see you for a while.
That's the most important thing for you.
Good luck.
don't skip your meals.
And sleep well.
- Also
- Okay.
I'll head inside now.
(Metropolitan Detective Division)
Get inside.
Aren't they the Grasshoppers?
They are.
But why did Metro
Why did they catch the Grasshoppers?
Yes, Mr. Choi. I have something to ask you.
- Yes.
- Hello? Detective Park.
We're under the Subway
Police's jurisdiction.
Send us to the Subway Police!
They're both not it.
Their DNAs don't match with the DNA
found in the Subway Ghost's hideout.
Let's go to the Subway Police.
Sit down.
Darn it.
You're saying the one who ran
away is the Subway Ghost, right?
His name, age, family relations.
Tell me everything you know.
His name is Captain. He's older than me,
and that's all I know.
Is that supposed to be loyalty right now?
He's a serial killer.
Serial killer, my foot. Come on.
Police? I'm about to die.
Two murderers are coming after me.
They're the Grasshoppers.
They might be the Subway Ghost.
My goodness, Han Tae Woong, that jerk!
Han Tae Woong?
Is his name Han Tae Woong?
Han Tae Woong.
He's 31,
He's 31, and
They really don't know?
Han Tae Woong, age 31.
And? What about his family?
I don't know.
- Where does he live?
- I said, I don't know.
We lived together.
"A man who attended the Subway
Police 30th Anniversary event"
"wearing a Podori costume
is the Subway Ghost?"
"People are in dismay?"
"Podori, the police's mascot,
was the Subway Ghost"
What is this article?
How on earth was this released?
Well I tried to stop it, but
We're not even sure if
one of the Grasshoppers
is the Subway Ghost.
How will we handle the consequences
if an article like this gets out?
- I'm sorry, ma'am.
- Take care of it now.
Darn it!
(Subway Police 30 Year Anniversary)
Hey, stop them from taking pictures!
Ko Ji Seok.
You need to disappear for me to live.
When that body was found during
the 30 Year Anniversary event,
Captain insisted on taking that subway
and robbing the cops.
Then after hiding the body under that seat,
he acted disappointed
because the Subway Ghost
was a more trending topic on the internet?
Gosh, that gives me the creeps.
Han Tae Woong's DNA
and the DNA found in the
Subway Ghost's hideout
Then we're sure he is the
Subway Ghost now, right?
I checked,
but he is not Han Tae Woong.
- What?
- He was using
the stolen identity of a
homeless man named Han Tae Woong.
For now, we can't confirm his identity.
We don't even know who he is?
Captain isn't Han Tae Woong?
We even saw his ID.
You guys know.
You lived with him for two years.
Tell me everything you can think of.
Tell me anything!
You're his mom?
1, 2, 3. Clear!
- Get the epinephrine.
- Yes, sir.
Her vitals are dropping.
We need chest compression.
Push harder.
(Emergency Room)
Choi Mi Ra
just died.
(Where Hwang Soo Young went missing)
(Where Choi Jin Kang went missing)
You broke the moped.
I closed my installment savings
to buy a new one for the owner
and got this one fixed to use as our ride.
Newbie, I blew a tire a while ago.
I was riding with that
jerk Woo Hyuk and it blew.
I was a bit frustrated at this thing,
but still, it's our ride.
I switched it to the most expensive tire.
(Organic Rice)
I bought some rice and side dishes.
Don't just eat cup noodles.
Eat rice once in a while.
It's yummy.
Ae Shim, how do you handle
it when you miss me?
I just
think about my memories with you.
The memories.
- Sweetie.
- Yes?
- I'm full. I want to stop eating.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- I want to sleep.
Lie down.
This is all I have?
I have nothing to remind me of our memories.
That's right.
Chief. Remember that guy who
followed Newbie last time?
That guy is the Subway Ghost.
It makes me nervous.
It makes me nervous.
I'd like to discuss Chief Inspector
Ko Ji Seok's suspension
with you.
Go ahead.
We did lose one of the Grasshoppers,
but he played a big part
in catching the other two.
The disciplinary committee
members are saying
we should reinstate him as soon as possible.
Of course, I agree.
- Is that right?
- Yes.
Then why don't you propose it?
Thank you.
Hello, Madam Commissioner.
Do you mean it?
Thank you.
Is there a chance I can
return to the Subway Police?
Yes, ma'am. I'll wait.
Yes, ma'am.
She's probably busy.
I may return to the Subway Police.
She won't be there anyway.
Hi, Detective Lee.
Chief, you're coming back
to the Subway Police, right?
It's not for sure yet,
but probably?
Does Officer Yoo know?
I didn't tell her since she's probably busy.
What is going on
between you two?
Nothing's going on.
Hey. It's not like nothing's going on.
Then are you dating?
Did you tell her you like her?
I didn't.
See? They're nobodies.
Hey. Don't say that.
You'll hurt his feelings if
you say he's a nobody to her.
They have that sense of
camaraderie between them.
Of course.
Camaraderie. That's poison.
- Why?
- Even if
you sacrifice your body
to get beat up for her,
clean up her messes,
and even get suspended for her
To be honest, a boyfriend
Even most families can't
do that for each other.
But it's packaged vaguely
with the name camaraderie.
That's why, although you
should've dated 12 times over,
you became just comrades.
- Comrades?
- You're right.
Once a relationship hardens,
it's difficult to change.
- Yes.
- Love is
all about timing, Chief.
Your window of opportunity
is about to close,
so hurry up and ask her out.
Chief. Good luck.
Madam Commissioner.
About reinstating Chief
Inspector Ko Ji Seok
I found the perfect place to send him.
He can be reinstated within the week.
Really? Where is that?
It's as the chief of Narang Island Precinct.
Narang Island?
It's an island in the South Sea.
It became famous recently
with k-dramas filming there,
so it is very popular.
What are you talking about?
The local government there
wants to develop the island
as a k-drama tourism site
and is proposing it as a business.
But only the Narang Island
Precinct is filled
with old police officers
that are unsuitable for that new business.
Moreover, if we send Chief Ko,
who's as handsome as a
male lead in a k-drama,
fights well, and is smart,
we may be able
to create a k-cop wave
What stupid
nonsense is that?
I just
Chief Ko
has a mother that he has to look after.
He can't go anywhere far.
It takes six hours by car and more
by boat to get to the South Sea.
By the way, did I tell you this?
The members of the disciplinary committee
are curious as to how Chief Ko
arrested the Grasshoppers
when he was under suspension.
If they find out you ordered
a suspended officer
to investigate a case privately,
you'll be in quite a pickle.
Are you threatening me right now?
No, ma'am. I'm just concerned.
Chief Ko is currently under suspension,
and if he causes even the slightest trouble,
he'll be out for good.
When his suspension is lifted,
he'll be able to get paid monthly again,
so for his sick mother's sake as well,
won't that be a better solution?
I know what you mean,
- so get out.
- Yes, ma'am.
Newbie. I'll protect you from now on.
She's so dull,
so she won't even understand me.
Seriously, nothing is easy
when it comes to Newbie.
Can I stay by your side
and be your safety belt
from now on?
That was so lame. Gosh, how cringy.
Pull yourself together, Ji Seok. Ko Ji Seok!
Do you want to
go out with me?
Yes, Madam Commissioner.
I shouldn't have handed you
those handcuffs last time.
I'm afraid it was my mistake.
I'm sorry, Ji Seok.
No, it's all right.
Even if you didn't allow it,
I would have gone anyway.
I was too careless.
By the way, what about your mom?
My mom
doesn't know anything.
She'll be waiting for me, day and night.
If you hang in there for a year,
I'll do everything in my power
for your reinstatement. I'm sorry.
Here we go.
Open your mouth.
It's delicious.
I need to go on a business trip.
Where? For how long?
It's quite far.
For quite a long time.
Then I can't see you anymore?
I'm so good at my work,
and my company is begging me to go.
Ae Shim,
don't forget your meals
even if I'm not here,
and listen to Aunt Kyung Hee, okay?
Do you understand?
I'll visit as often as I can.
Promise me.
I have a week left.
The time I have left
to protect you, Newbie.
He was watching me
for quite some time.
(Seoun Metropolitan Police Agency)
Ma Ri.
You need to compare the DNA on these
to the Subway Ghost's DNA.
- What?
- I spent last night
at Newbie's house and
No, I don't mean I was with her.
I was just worried,
so I was lying on the bench
in front of her home, and
And some guy was watching Newbie's house.
I picked these up from where he was.
If he was after Newbie,
there's a possibility
he's the Subway Ghost
Look at yourself right now.
Someone was after Officer Yoo
and that could be the Subway Ghost?
Sure. You should report it to me. But
You should've caught your breath
before coming in at least.
At least you should wipe off that
concerned look on your face
Aren't you going to an island in a week?
Worry about yourself now.
- Woo Hyuk.
- Yes?
Stake out in front of Officer
Yoo's house all night.
I still have a week left.
You're seriously so annoying.
Woo Hyuk, you must be busy
because of the investigation.
I'm not working for a week anyway
Staking out is part of
the investigation too.
You should go now.
I'll go.
I'll begin staking out
starting tonight then.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Lieutenant, I'm reporting for duty.
What is that? Is it some sort of lead?
These were found near your house.
Since the Subway Ghost
came after you last time,
who knows?
Let's go to NFS.
You can come too.
The DNA comparison results with the
piece of cloth are probably out.
Yes, ma'am.
Are the results out?
The DNA from the piece of cloth
and the DNA on this cotton
swab show a 99.9 percent match.
The DNA from the piece of cloth
and Yoo Ryung's DNA match?
I was doubtful, but it was true.
Your sister really is responsible.
My sister doesn't know anything.
She has level two autism,
and she has the IQ of a little kid.
How could someone like that be responsible?
She's right, Lieutenant.
Ryung's sister is literally a child.
If a child does something wrong,
his or her guardian should
be held responsible.
So rack your memory.
Try to remember what on earth your
mentally ill sister was up to.
Even if it was something petty
as stepping on someone's foot.
Write every single thing
down and report it to me.
You don't need to guard me.
He has no reason to come after
me and risk getting caught
while he's on the run.
What if he does come?
I can't let you be in danger.
So you also think Jin is responsible,
so he'll come back.
Ryung, just denying it isn't the answer.
Regardless, we need to find
out why Jin's DNA was found
on that clothing to close out this case,
so let's confront it face-on.
You're home late.
Thanks, Woo Hyuk,
for walking Newbie home.
I said I'd stake out here.
You should go.
I'll stay with her all night long.
- What?
- You both should go.
I'll protect myself.
Ryung, we're in the middle
of an investigation.
Ji Seok, you can't be here.
He knows what you look like.
You'd be like a beacon telling him to run.
One week.
- Can't you give me that?
- One week?
It's meaningless anyway.
Don't worry.
Go on up.
Get home safely.
The more people you want to protect,
the more you must protect yourself first.
She was right.
You really can go.
If he shows up,
I won't lose him like
an idiot like last time.
I know.
I'm sure you'll catch him.
But I want to be with you when you do.
Did you know that when you were
standing in the rain two years ago,
I put an umbrella over you?
I held it there for almost an hour.
I got soaked.
You looked like you couldn't feel anything,
whether it was raining
or whether it stopped.
Back then, I just felt sorry for you.
But after that umbrella incident,
I kept getting curious about you.
It completely cleared up that afternoon.
As I looked at the sun,
I wondered whether you knew the sun was out.
It made me curious.
There was a cool breeze the next day.
And I wondered if you knew that there was
a nice breeze.
Detective Kim.
I've said many mean things
to you over the years,
but I wasn't saying them to you.
I was saying them to myself.
You are
a very good person.
If you make me sound like a good person,
it's harder for me to cheat.
To be honest,
Ji Seok found those cigarette butts.
He had been standing guard every
night without your knowing.
He did?
After he saw someone suspicious
loitering around your place,
he found that guy's cigarette
butts and brought them in.
That's why I'm staking out here.
Ji Seok is being transferred to an island.
An island? Why? When?
He's leaving in a week.
He can't come back for at least a year.
(Welcome! Working to keep citizens safe)
Did we have an appointment?
My apologies for showing up unannounced.
I need to tell you something.
What is it?
Please reinstate our chief
to the Subway Police.
What's your problem?
I'm not asking for it for free.
Within a week, Chief and I
You will
We'll catch the Subway Ghost.
Of all the
My gosh. The Subway Police
had a hidden superstar.
You should've caught him sooner.
Hey, you.
Drop your nonsense, and get out.
- Now.
- Hold on.
Do you have a plan?
Madam Commissioner.
The skilled Lieutenant Ha
couldn't catch him for two years.
What plan could a lowly officer have?
Excuse me.
It doesn't cost money to listen, does it?
No, ma'am.
You must know that the Subway
Ghost is one of the Grasshoppers.
We found out that the Subway
Ghost was one of the Grasshoppers,
and were able to get their pictures
and make the wanted posters
thanks to the Subway
Police's investigations.
That is why I plan to chase him
the same way the Subway Police
tracked the Grasshoppers.
So, you won't catch the Subway Ghost,
but the Grasshoppers.
Yes, ma'am. Please give us one week.
benefits me a great deal.
Chief Ko will be doing nothing
but packing for a week anyway.
We'll have him investigate
instead of bumming around.
And if by chance he
catches the Subway Ghost,
that would be tremendous.
Don't you agree?
That would be tremendous.
We want to send Chief Ko to Narang Island
for the police's PR anyway.
"We caught the Subway Ghost."
What could possibly be better PR?
But still, management has
already made the decision
It would be a bigger
problem if that gets out.
Police management stuck
a capable detective
who caught the Subway Ghost
on an island to look pretty.
Can you stop the backlash from the media?
No, ma'am.
Then will you give us the opportunity?
Give it a shot. What do we have to lose?
One week?
That's plenty of time to
someone who's desperate.
Thank you, Madam Commissioner!
Thank you.
Chief. Come to the Subway Police right now.
I hate coming in here now.
There's no family to greet me.
It feels so cold.
Detective Lee. Soo Ho.
- Chief.
- Chief.
Was your transfer to the island canceled?
No. I just came to visit.
Newbie's here!
Why are you here?
We won't empty out your
desk, so don't worry.
I said to focus on your work at Metro.
I'm no longer Metro's temporary support.
- Why not? Were you kicked out?
- Did you cause trouble again?
I did not. I quit.
To catch the remaining
Grasshopper with Chief.
The remaining Grasshopper? The Subway Ghost?
I made a deal with the Commissioner.
If we catch him in a week,
you'll be reinstated to the Subway Police.
Are you proud of me?
- Chief.
- Come with me.
Thank you for coming.
I like you. A lot.
I can't hide it anymore.
I need you
to be my true self.
Chief, but
You can answer me
after we catch him.
I wish I could say
you're my girlfriend
now, and stuff like that,
but that would be selfish.
I know we can't until we catch him,
so answer me
after we catch him.
Oh my gosh.
My heart is racing.
Why is my heart racing?
We're in trouble.
We're going on a stakeout.
We'll go far away.
It'll take a very long time.
Yes. Okay.
I miss Don Na so much.
That's right. This isn't my desk.
So, all we have to do is
catch the Grasshoppers?
Yes. Within a week.
We have to move quickly.
Then first
I should've just said
you're my girlfriend now.
No, sir.
Okay, let's start our investigation.
So, we're not catching the Subway Ghost,
but the Grasshoppers, right?
The Subway Police know
the Grasshoppers the best.
Okay, let's call our family.
Did you finish your coffee?
I just opened it.
Come in. Let's begin our
Grasshoppers investigation.
Gosh. One week?
It's do or die.
What tough investigation did you think of,
that you went to the Commissioner?
- Gather round.
- Okay.
Since he was chased by the police already,
he's probably hiding deep.
Since Han Tae Woong is a fake identity,
I thought it would be impossible
to find people he knows.
- But?
- Remember
chasing him in Seolleung Station?
I remember.
He had plans at Seolleung Station that day.
Who could he have been trying to meet?
It's obvious. His fence.
That fence.
You're saying he knows Han Tae Woong, right?
That's right.
You said before
that the leader doesn't go,
and sends the underlings
to meet the fence because
it's too dangerous.
That's why I thought he was just a peon,
but we found out he was their leader
when we caught the Grasshoppers.
You're right.
He met with the fence himself,
which means he knew the
fence well personally.
We know for sure he met Han Tae Woong,
so we have enough grounds to meet with him.
Newbie, you got super smart
after spending time at Metro.
do you think we can find him?
Newbie, there are about 100 fences
in the Subway Police's database.
It'll take time,
but if we check them one by one,
we'll find him.
Then I'll call each of the
Subway Police stations,
and get their lists of fences.
Good. As soon as we get the list,
we'll meet every single one of them.
(Subway Police)
What's your problem? It wasn't me!
My life is hard enough,
so don't come back. Got it?
- Don't come in!
- Wait.
- But
- Why you people
Why do you do that to
every single one of them?
Definitely not.
- Of all the
- Darn it.
I guess not.
Get lost!
Who does it like that?
This is how you do it.
Like this.
You used to be good.
Okay, let's go.
Let's go.
I don't know.
I left that line of work long ago.
What is this? Is it super scary?
I really don't know.
You need to be honest if
you want us to believe that.
You say you left that line of work long ago,
but that was stolen, and so was that.
You scratched off the initials
because it isn't yours.
You don't look like you'd use a
pink phone with a heart sticker.
Okay. If you cooperate now,
I may look the other way if you
return these to their owners.
Or I can open a case for each of them
and send you to jail
for about seven years
if you'd prefer.
That's right. You have a prior.
So you'll get an enhanced sentence.
They say the mountains change in 10 years.
Darn it.
Promise you won't hold me
accountable for the crimes
I'm about to tell you about either.
What else did you do
Tell me who the Grasshopper's fence is.
She has
a talent.
What talent?
A talent for creating new identities.
She'll use stolen IDs
and make fake IDs and fake passports.
They are flawless.
Everyone bought a fake ID
from her at one time or another.
Everyone is connected.
That's why they stay quiet.
She may have given him
the identity Han Tae Woong.
He'll need a new identity
if he wants to run away.
Those two will meet for sure.
Where can we meet that fence?
What is it?
Who are you people?
- Darn it.
- Freeze!
We're cops.
Let go of me!
Stay still.
How could a cop barge
into someone's place
without permission and
without identifying herself?
We're cops,
but we don't want to be right now.
She's a real master of her trait.
They really are flawless.
Darn it.
Listen carefully.
If I'm a cop right now,
I'll collect all of that,
take them to the station,
and look up each picture and ID number,
investigate each one and
write them up one by one,
and arrest you for each one separately.
I'll be working my butt
off for about a week.
I don't have the time or desire to do that.
So I plan to ask just
one question and leave.
And what is that?
The Grasshoppers' leader, Han Tae Woong.
What is his real name?
Where can we find him?
This one. Look.
If we open a case for each fake ID,
she'll get at least 30 years
in prison for forging government documents.
That's right.
You have a prior too, right?
Then you get an enhanced sentence.
The mountains will change four
times while you're in the slammer.
Oh no.
He's just one of my clients.
I don't know his real identity either.
Meet him yourself and ask.
You know how we can meet him?
I'm supposed to give him a passport
at Hwagok Station in 30 minutes.
He'll be at Hwagok Station
30 minutes from now?
Let's go.
The DNA on these cigarette butts
matches the Subway Ghost's DNA.
What's this?
So he really did go to Officer Yoo's home?
I didn't want to believe it.
But going to a police officer's
home voluntarily while on the run
is very dangerous.
Why is he taking on such a risk?
What does he want to say?
What's up?
The Subway Ghost will be at
Hwagok Station in 30 minutes.
How do you know that?
It's a long story.
I have solid proof, so please get going.
We'll go now.
We have a tip that the Subway
Ghost will be at Hwagok Station.
We're leaving now.
Yes, ma'am.
The train to Banghwa is that way.
Look for him.
Where are you?
This train is going to Banghwa.
This train is going to Banghwa.
He got off on the other side.
- Newbie!
- Over there.
This is Jin's.
I'll catch him.
- What in the world?
- Stop!
Got you.
is Jin?
Your sister
is alive.
(Catch the Ghost)
- Happy birthday to you
- She's alive.
- Just think about that.
- Happy birthday, dear Jin
I'm a witness, not a murderer.
Don't give me that garbage. You killed her.
- You killed her!
- At Wangsoori Station,
a mentally unstable homeless man
pushed a kid onto the track.
I was too scared to tell you.
That will never happen again.
Tell me what it is.
It was Jin's fault.
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