Catch The Ghost (2019) s01e13 Episode Script

The Grasshoppers Are Behind Bars

(All characters, organizations,
places, entities, and events)
(in this drama are fictional.)
Got you.
is Jin?
Your sister
is alive.
Where is Jin?
Tell us!
I said, tell us.
Where is she?
Tell us!
Where is she?
Don't you know the procedure?
Mirandize him first.
Ma Ri, Yoo Jin is alive.
He just said that she's alive.
- What?
- You punk.
Where is she? Tell us!
If she's alive,
we can take him with us and find out.
You are under arrest for
committing serial murders.
You have the right to an attorney
and refuse to answer questions.
Let's go. We can go back and find out.
She's alive.
Just think about that.
Please give me three months.
We'll catch them.
We'll round up all the criminals
including the serial killer
as well as the pickpockets
who ridiculed the police.
All I ask for is three months.
There's one month remaining
in my life as a police officer.
What? You caught him?
Who is that?
You really caught him?
- You caught him.
- Yes.
- I can't believe it.
- Bring him over here.
You really caught him?
Well, you finally caught him.
The notorious serial
killer, the Subway Ghost.
I can't believe what I'm seeing.
(First victim, Yoo Jin)
What are you looking at?
Eyes down.
Take his fingerprints first
and check his identity.
We'll begin questioning him soon.
I'll report to you shortly.
You really did it. Within a week.
Now is the important part.
We need to make him confess.
Can you get a confession from him?
- Sorry?
- Ko Ji Seok.
Join Lieutenant Ha and question him.
That's Metro's job
Ji Seok knows the details about
how we chased and caught him.
In order to bring him down,
the detective who knows him
best needs to pressure him.
As of this moment,
report back to the Subway Police,
and until you completely bring him down,
provide support for this investigation.
Yes, Madam Commissioner.
Your sister
is alive.
Name, Kim Hee Joon.
Date of birth, June 7, 1989.
Do you want to know?
What happened to her?
I want to know what happened to you.
I know you're upset about something.
And that there's something
you want to tell us.
We'll hear you out.
There's a lot
I want to tell you.
I guess I'll start with
that officer's sister.
I still remember it vividly.
Start talking.
really like tunnels.
Inside a tunnel,
any light from outside,
any sound,
or any attention
can be shut out completely.
It's such a secret place.
So it's the perfect spot
to do something without anyone knowing.
But that day,
What is this?
something unexpected happened.
How could a person be in there?
I was totally shocked.
What on earth are you talking about?
Did you think I came to confess?
Did I seem like the real Subway Ghost?
It's just that you two were
so immersed in my story.
I felt sorry to let you guys down.
I'm a witness,
not a murderer.
You punk. Do you think this is a joke?
A witness?
Why does a witness have this necklace then?
And what was that about Yoo
Jin still being alive then?
My gosh, Chief Inspector Ko.
You and your temper.
I'll explain everything one by one.
Look at all this. There's so much!
On that day, we went inside
the tunnel to work as usual.
And when I say work,
I mean collecting the stolen goods.
We were about to leave
when I had to pee.
Then I heard a sound nearby.
So I went to check
and saw something shocking.
But even in that situation,
I acted like a professional.
And then, I found out
that she was alive.
She was still breathing.
I clearly felt her breath against my hand.
Captain, what's going on?
But I had no intention
of becoming some hero.
And I didn't want to be framed or something.
So I just ran away.
Anyway, I'm not a murderer.
I'm a witness.
Don't be ridiculous.
You killed her. You killed her!
- What are you doing?
- Newbie!
Calm down.
You lunatic.
You stole a necklace from a
girl who was close to dying?
How could you call yourself a human being?
When I saw you at Seolleung Station,
I thought to myself that the
girl in that suitcase survived.
I actually felt relieved for you.
Then why
did you come to my house?
We found cigarette butts
you smoked near my house.
That's just because
we kept being blamed as the Subway Ghost,
so I did some research about
what the big fuss was about.
And I found out you weren't
the girl in that suitcase,
but her older sister.
So I was
thinking of leaving the
necklace there for you.
Leave the necklace?
Leave the necklace?
- Newbie, please.
- The necklace?
Was Jin
really breathing?
She was.
It was hard for me too!
Every night when I tried to
sleep, I saw her face!
Darn it.
Get out right now.
Get out right now.
Newbie, go out for now.
Ji Seok.
This is an interrogation.
Woo Hyuk, take her out of here!
I'll do everything
I can.
These are just your assertions.
Hyung Soo and Dong Man were there too.
They may not have seen the dying girl,
but they saw the suitcase.
And this.
I said I got this from the suitcase,
so go ask them.
I'm sure they remember.
Captain found that in the tunnel.
- Did you see him?
- Yes, we did.
When was it?
It was a really long time ago.
It was
We went into the tunnel to work
It was then.
- Let's go.
- Let's go, Captain.
- Hey.
- What?
- Go on.
- He needed to pee,
so we left first.
- That night.
- This is awesome.
We were leaving but went back
because we heard him scream.
Captain! What's wrong?
He said there was a random
suitcase in the tunnel
and tripped over it.
But he was happy he found a necklace there.
What about that necklace, though?
Were you together the entire time?
Of course.
When we work,
we look for a good spot, keep a lookout,
rob people, then find a
fence to hand over the goods.
There's a lot to do.
is Captain really the Subway Ghost?
It doesn't match.
He is a bit of a freak,
but he's a scaredy-cat.
He's a coward.
Even the little details are consistent.
They say all three of them
were together the entire time.
If Kim Hee Joon
abducted Jin, tried to murder her,
and moved her into the tunnel,
he would've been alone
for at least two days.
Is he really a witness?
Since he traveled through the
tunnel like the Subway Ghost,
he witnessed the Subway Ghost's crime scene.
That makes sense too.
But some things don't make sense
if he's just a witness.
So you confirmed.
If you're a witness,
why was your DNA found
on the victims' wallets?
On their wallets?
My DNA? Why?
That's for you to explain.
Yes, I grab people's wallets.
That's what I do, but
Did I steal their wallets too?
You stole them,
called them to say you'd return them,
and then you killed them.
did the Subway Ghost steal them,
lure them out
saying he'd return them, then kill them?
Then is the Subway Ghost also a pickpocket?
So that's why
That's why you thought
we were the Subway Ghost!
And since you found my DNA on them
That totally points to me.
How are the police so bad
at reading the evidence?
Yes, I may have stolen the wallets.
I stole about 90 percent of
the wallets on the subway.
I sell them right away after I steal them.
You know that, Chief.
I went to Seolleung right away
to sell the goods I stole from Wangsoori.
You must take the money.
why would they buy wallets
without any money in them?
The IDs. They're worth good money.
Who do you sell them to?
We change fences all the time.
If we stick to one and
that fence gets caught,
they'd tie us to that fence right away.
I have about 50 fences
that I work with.
Fine. We can verify that
by finding everyone
you've sold to.
The Subway Ghost lives in Pyeonghae-dong.
How do you explain the fact
that you guys live there?
How could I explain that?
It's not like we're the
only people who live there.
Plus, I don't even know
that neighborhood very well.
Hold on.
Come to think of it
We saw the suitcase together,
so it's obviously not Hyung
Soo or Dong Man either.
I got scared and looked like a coward
and destroyed our friendship.
Why did I get scared?
Hold on.
I was here, and Dong Man was here.
We saw it together.
Lieutenant Ha is being swayed.
Yes, Detective Kim.
(Interrogation Room)
What's up?
The fingerprints from the
coins from the payphone
don't match Kim Hee Joon's.
That isn't evidence that
he isn't the Subway Ghost.
Even if he isn't the Subway Ghost,
Kim Hee Joon
has the answer.
Write down everyone who
bought your stolen goods.
This is the only way you can get out of it.
It would be in your best interest
to remember every single one.
How can I remember all of them?
She was alive.
She was still breathing.
I clearly felt her breath against my hand.
She was breathing.
I'll just think she somehow
escaped and survived.
That's what I was already thinking.
She's your sister.
I bet she's not your average girl.
That's exactly what I was thinking.
She escaped, but it was difficult
to find her way back home.
We can find her.
You really did it. Within a week.
Officer Yoo.
From tomorrow, don't come to work here
and go collect all the wanted posters
of the Grasshoppers.
Are you telling me to back
off this investigation?
Ma Ri.
Lieutenant Ha,
this involves Ryung's sister
It's protocol to exclude
the victim's family members
from the investigation.
Since they tend to get too emotional.
Yet I still made an exception.
But as you all saw,
she barged in during an interrogation.
- That's
- That was
really Newbie's mistake.
Newbie. Apologize to her and say
this will never happen again.
This will never happen again.
Go collect
every single wanted poster.
Since it's a waste of time
to receive tips now
Then I'll go collect them.
Let Newbie follow up on
go collect them together.
I'm the head of this investigation,
so don't talk back and do as I say.
Lieutenant Ha.
(Wangsoori Station)
I'm here.
Gosh, you actually went out
and collected all the posters?
Seriously, she was just being
stubborn, and yet you obliged?
Ma Ri probably doesn't want anyone
to know she was being stubborn.
- Oh, my.
- Since she keeps getting hurt.
Chief, that's not what's
important right now.
Do you know what day it is today?
What day is it?
Where's Newbie? When is she coming?
She's collecting around Gangnam,
so it'll take some time. What is it?
Today is
Newbie's birthday.
Really? Today?
The day I decided to consider
Newbie as my own sister,
I marked her birthday on my calendar.
You know that family members
never forget birthdays.
Newbie doesn't even have a family.
She almost spent it alone.
Ryung must be having a tough time lately.
So how about a small you-know-what?
That sounds good.
- That?
- Yes.
Oh, that?
(Subway Police)
- Happy birthday to you
- Happy birthday to you
- Happy birthday dear Newbie
- Happy birthday dear Newbie
- Happy birthday to you
- Happy birthday to you
Newbie, is this
strawberry cake not your taste?
Well, we could've gotten red velvet
- Newbie! Soo Ho, here.
- Yes.
Happy birthday, Ryung.
Newbie. What's the matter?
Did I do something wrong?
Both of you did nothing wrong.
It's just that
I don't know if I can receive
flowers or eat cake
and be congratulated like this.
Today is Jin's birthday too.
I'm sorry, I better get going.
Newbie. Wait!
(Wangsoori Station)
Isn't this place nice?
Since it's your birthday,
I found this place for you.
Blow out the candles with
me after the song, okay?
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Jin
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday.
Let's do it again, Ryung. Again. Again!
I'm sorry.
I know you just wanted to congratulate me,
but I was being too selfish.
No, I really wish you
become more selfish now.
On days like this,
you can tell us firmly not to bother you
since you're feeling down.
Or you can ask for consolation
and whine that you're sad.
How nice would it be if you
became a bit more selfish?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry too.
I had no idea about what
scars you had in your heart
and I acted out of line.
By the way,
did you get me any gifts?
Oh, a gift. Darn.
I prepared things in a hurry.
Is there anything you need?
Just ask, and I'll get it for you.
Ji Seok, that's so lame.
What she needs?
Are you going to get her a
toothbrush and toothpaste or what?
Gifts are not about
giving things people need.
It's about giving something
they don't need but want.
A bag? Shoes? Ask me anything, Ryung.
That punk, Woo Hyuk. There he goes again.
I thought we called a truce.
You really lack sense.
I was just joking.
I already received my gift.
On my birthday,
I wanted to smile again at least once.
Thank you.
Are you going to keep that on?
Yes. To celebrate your birthday.
(Seoun Metropolitan Police Agency)
Why isn't Lieutenant Ha reporting in?
She doesn't realize how
crazy her mom is going.
I'm not a fan of Yoo Ryung either
but making her gather the wanted posters
Lieutenant Ha is so cold.
You know how greedy she is.
She can't stand that Officer
Yoo is doing better than her.
Seeing Officer Yoo unable to
participate in the investigation,
I do feel sorry for her, don't you?
If you feel so sorry for her,
collect the wanted posters for her.
That's right.
Come in.
Did you want to see me?
Sit down.
Lieutenant Ha.
Why did you remove Officer Yoo
from the investigation team?
Her inability to control
her personal feelings
interferes with the investigation.
So? You kicked her out
of the office completely,
so she wouldn't know how
the investigation is going?
If you had an ounce of
kindness, you couldn't do that.
All she wants is to find her sister,
even if it's finding her body.
When I look at her,
it hurts right here.
I want to hug her and pat her on the back.
Don't you feel that at all?
Can you sleep at night
after doing that to her?
As the lieutenant,
I made a decision that would
help the investigation.
Ma Ri.
What's the point in running
hard and coming in first,
if you don't even realize
the person next to you
fell and is crying in pain?
If you stand all alone past the finish line,
what do you have left?
You're already the best.
You're doing well enough.
Then you should be able to look
after people who are hurting.
I'm the best?
I'm doing well enough?
Why are you only saying that now?
It hurts here when you look at Officer Yoo?
You want to hug her and pat her on the back?
What about me?
Didn't you feel that way
when you saw me running hard?
You always said I was lacking
this, that wasn't enough,
and treated me like a disappointment.
You should've patted me on the back too.
"You're the best."
"You're doing well enough."
You should've said that to me at least once.
Ma Ri.
Ma Ri.
Come in.
Ma Ri is crying.
Is she crying a lot?
It's all my fault.
Everyone needs just one person
who will accept them
for who they are.
I was that person for Ma Ri,
but I'm
no longer by her side.
Now, please be
that one person.
accept Ma Ri
as she is.
(The late Choi Mi Ra)
Mi Ra!
Take me with you!
- No!
- Mom.
Please, Mom.
- Don't do this.
- Let's go.
I'll go too. You should stay and eat.
I'll go with you.
You look like police officers.
Did you work with Mi Ra?
I'm a detective. I was on a different team.
I work with Dad
I mean, I'm a detective and
I work with Detective Lee.
She quit almost two years ago.
Thank you for coming.
Of course, I should come.
Mi Ra worked very hard.
When I heard she had resigned,
I hoped she was doing well since she left
the difficult cop life.
why did she quit the force?
Well, she suddenly quit
without any specific reason.
I scolded her a lot for it.
But after I heard her story,
I couldn't tell her to keep working.
Why? Did something happen?
The people at Metro asked too.
Well, it's stuff I've already said anyway.
My daughter
had caught a perp filming women secretly.
You are under arrest for
recording people without consent.
I didn't do anything.
I recorded you doing it on the subway.
You shouldn't record people secretly
and lie when you're so young.
Detective, please let me
go just this once. Please?
I swear I'll never do it again. Please?
Please let me go.
Darn it Did it get deleted?
Hey, lady.
- What?
- You were caught
trying to frame an innocent person,
someone with his future ahead of him too.
You admitted it yourself,
by asking me to let you go.
When did I say that? Do you have proof?
Hey, lady.
My dad's a head judge at
the Seoul District Court.
How should I handle this?
I'm going to have to report you
for defamation.
I admit I made a mistake. You can go.
I can't just go.
You should apologize!
Happy? Now go.
Get on your knees.
Get on your knees. Then I'll let you go.
If I get you for defamation,
quitting the force won't suffice.
I know the law since my dad's a head judge,
and criminal cases are
a real pain in the neck.
It's a waste of time, money,
and you'll lose your job.
What's going on?
She was humiliated by that young punk.
That jerk. Please let me catch you.
Hey. What's wrong?
I need to go somewhere right away.
I'm sorry.
What? But
You never run. What's wrong?
What's wrong? What is it?
What is it?
This was too humiliating,
so I didn't tell anyone
for the past two years,
but I will today.
It was about two years ago.
You are under arrest for
recording people without consent.
I did not.
I recorded you doing it
on the subway right here.
You shouldn't record people secretly
and lie when you're so young.
Detective, please let me
go just this once. Please?
I swear I'll never do it again. Please?
Please let me go.
Darn it Did it get deleted?
Darn it.
- Hey, mister.
- What?
You were caught
trying to frame an innocent person,
someone with his future ahead of him too.
You just admitted it, didn't you?
You asked me to let you go.
When did I say that? Do you have proof?
- Why you
- Hey, mister.
My dad's a head judge at
the Seoul District Court.
How should I handle this?
I'm going to have to
report you for defamation.
I admit I made a mistake.
- You can go.
- I can't just go!
You should apologize!
Sorry. Happy? Now go.
Get on your knees.
Get on your knees. Then I'll forgive you.
If I get you for defamation,
quitting the force won't suffice.
I know the law since my dad's a head judge,
and criminal cases are
a real pain in the neck.
It's a waste of time, money,
and you'll lose your job.
I thought of
my wife and three kids
and needed to survive, so
Hey. What are you doing? Seriously.
I hoped no one saw,
Mi Ra saw.
is why she quit the Subway Police.
I saw it in the case file.
She used someone else's story
as her own to quit the force.
What's this?
It was because she couldn't say
the real reason for leaving the force.
Something else happened that
she couldn't talk about.
You're right.
When she suddenly said she was quitting,
her parents and colleagues
probably bugged her to find out why.
She couldn't give the real reason,
so she told them the most humiliating
and degrading thing she had seen.
That's right.
Detective Lee.
Even when Metro was investigating,
they asked why Choi Mi Ra
quit the Subway Police.
But her colleagues and
family said the same thing,
so we never doubted it.
Because she and I
were the only ones who knew that was a lie.
I think
something happened to her.
I know the detective who
was her partner at the time.
Hold on.
Hi, Detective Song. It's been a while.
I need to ask you something.
Can you stop by my office?
Is this really everyone
you sold your goods to?
- Yes.
- Yes.
I I missed someone.
You're in no position to protect someone.
He has the same pain I do,
so I want to protect him.
I'll put him down.
(Kim Chul Jin)
(Chungrim Mental Hospital
Room 206 Kim Chul Jin)
A mental hospital?
- Is he a patient?
- Probably.
We shipped the goods to
him, so I never met him.
This guy is suspicious.
He has stolen goods shipped
to him at a mental hospital.
I checked with the shipping company,
and they were all immediately
before the Subway Ghost cases.
The account he sent the money from was fake,
and he's hiding his identity thoroughly.
Let's go.
If Kim Chul Jin really received the package,
there's a good chance he's our guy.
This is where Ji Seok's mom is.
I'm Lieutenant Ha Ma Ri from the
Metropolitan Detective Division.
May I see the record of packages received
by Kim Chul Jin in room 206?
Please, sir.
Give me a minute.
Okay. Here you go.
Kim Chul Jin received and
signed for them himself.
The dates are immediately before the cases.
Does he have a shoulder tic?
I wouldn't know.
May we speak with his doctor?
He's at a seminar.
Then would you give us his
government ID and description?
I can't do that.
That's his personal information.
Please, sir.
Then we'll just see him and leave.
Another reason why Mi Ra would've quit.
I'm not sure.
Detective Song. Did you ever see her
having a hard time or something
when you were with her?
Not particularly.
Some detectives get traumatized
after seeing a dead body
while investigating a case
and quit because they can't forget it.
Was there a case that
may have traumatized her?
You know how it is for the Subway Police.
They're minor violations,
and the perps cooperate.
We rarely even see blood.
I know it's been long and
it's hard to remember,
but please try remembering it one more time.
Yes. Please do us a favor.
There was a big incident
once at Wangsoori Station.
But Major Crimes takes
care of cases like that.
It didn't involve us.
They closed it down with police-lines,
and we weren't even allowed to go near
it, as you know.
What was it about?
About three years ago,
a mentally unstable homeless man
pushed a kid onto the tracks
at Wangsoori Station.
Just five minutes.
Say it's your fault.
Don't make noise. That's bad.
His condition seems bad.
And he doesn't have a shoulder tic.
Hello, my name is Ha Ma Ri.
What is your name?
The sky and ground, sea and river.
When the almighty rules the world,
bow down and welcome him.
Ask him to save you.
He was homeless for a long time.
He has no family either.
If we let someone like him leave,
he causes trouble outside, so we just don't.
I think he hasn't left this place for years.
- That's all I know.
- You can't make noise.
Let's go.
It's hard to even talk to him,
so you won't find out anything.
By any chance, do you like coffee?
I'll throw it out for you.
Lift his fingerprints.
Compare it with the partial prints
from the coins from the payphone,
and ask if it's the same person.
I'll send you the warrant
as soon as it's issued
so wait in front of his room.
- Okay.
- Also,
check if there are any medical records
or records of him leaving,
and send them to me.
Also, please check the hospital's
security camera footage.
Check if Kim Chul Jin really
received the packages
and the records for the last month.
- All right.
- Okay.
It smells nice.
Ms. Han.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
It smells lovely.
Ae Shim.
Ae Shim.
Why did you run away?
- You shouldn't wander off.
- Was it a girl?
- Yes, I think so.
- How old was she?
Maybe in elementary school?
What if
the clothes found in the
closed-down platform
belong to her?
Then those clothes that
were inside that crate
must've belonged to that dead girl.
Come on.
Although Major Crimes handled the case,
as long as Choi Mi Ra was working here,
she could've been somehow involved.
The homeless man who pushed
that girl onto the tracks.
We need to find him.
(Pyeonghae-dong payphone,
Choi Mi Ra's phone call)
The results from Kim Chul Jin's
fingerprint analysis aren't out yet?
No, not yet.
If the partial print from the
Pyeonghae-dong payphone
matches with Kim Chul Jin's fingerprint,
there's a high probability
he is the Subway Ghost.
But still, how on earth did he
He may be pretending to be mentally ill,
but he's been locked up for two years,
and he was homeless before he was admitted.
There's no reason to fake being homeless.
He placed the body under a subway seat.
And the clothing that was found
in a crate inside the tunnel.
That could've been the motive for murder.
Among cases where girls were
injured or killed in the subway,
let's check if there's a case
related to a homeless person.
- Let me check.
- Okay.
Yes. It's Seoun-ro 120-2 in Incheon.
- Yes, the number
- Wait.
Hold on.
I think Metro found that homeless man.
I think
the Subway Police found that case.
So you're saying Kim Chul Jin,
who's in a mental hospital
is the homeless man
who pushed a girl onto the
tracks and killed her, right?
Yes, we checked the database,
but didn't find any search results
and couldn't confirm his identity.
I think someone deleted it on purpose.
the homeless man, Kim Chul
Jin, who pushed a girl
onto the tracks in Wangsoori Station
was locked up in a mental
hospital after this incident,
and after that, he received the wallets
stolen by the Grasshoppers
through packages
and used those wallets
to contact the victims
pretending to help them,
but actually killed them, right?
We're not certain yet.
We need to see if the partial
print from the coin bin matches,
and furthermore, that ward is a closed one,
so he can't leave as he pleases.
(Metro Kim Yong Do)
- Yes, Detective Kim.
- Lieutenant Ha.
Each time a subway serial murder occurred,
he was transferred to another
hospital due to fascioliasis.
I'm at the hospital
where he was transferred,
but this ward isn't locked down.
Anyone can leave freely.
- All right.
- It's a match.
- The partial fingerprint?
- Yes, they match with Kim Chul Jin.
- Let's go to the hospital now.
- I'll get the car.
Lieutenant Ha.
May I go too?
- Follow me.
- Thank you.
Call your mom.
The hospital Kim Chul Jin is at
is the same place she's staying in.
The receiver cannot be reached.
Why isn't she answering?
Your mom isn't answering?
No. There's a lady who takes care of her,
but she's not answering her phone.
This is so frustrating.
Then is Jin
not related to this case?
The owner of those clothes
was pushed by Kim Chul Jin
onto the tracks and died.
And your sister's DNA was found
from that dead girl's clothing.
Your sister is probably
responsible for that death somehow.
If she's responsible for that death,
she had to have been present
when that girl was pushed.
But I was always by her side.
She's not related to this case.
Saying she's responsible
seems inappropriate.
But there could be a
connection, so think carefully.
Was there never a time
when you left her side?
When there was something I
really couldn't get out of,
my friend Mi Hyun looked after her.
Nothing happened.
Mi Hyun is my friend and
she won't hide anything.
Sir, about Patient Kim Yeong Ho.
You still didn't check
his insurance benefits?
Oh, right.
Some detectives from Metro Division
suddenly came looking for someone.
- I forgot.
- Metro Division?
That's where Ryung works.
Are they still here?
I don't know.
I think a few of them left and some stayed.
Darn, it's bugging me.
The patients will get concerned
with cops coming in and out of here.
I'll go check. Where are they?
Will you? It's room 206 in the closed ward.
- Tell them they can go now.
- Okay.
I guess they left.
Yes, Auntie. Are you with my mom?
We're in the room right now.
It's dangerous,
so please don't leave the room.
There's a murder suspect in that hospital.
Don't let my mom
wander about until I arrive.
(Chungrim Mental Hospital)
You can't let him out.
(Catch the Ghost)
There's a good chance
he's still in the hospital.
Did Kim Chul Jin have something to do
with those serial murders?
Don't be too bitter.
I'm the victim.
Isn't my mom in her room?
Where did she go?
I'll get you back for all of it.
Step on it.
My sister. Where's my sister?
What did you do with my sister?
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