Catch The Ghost (2019) s01e14 Episode Script

The Subway Ghost Reveals Himself

(All characters, organizations,
places, entities, and events)
(in this drama are fictional.)
I'll catch the Subway Ghost within the week.
I'll catch him.
(Previously on Catch the Ghost)
Got you.
Where is Jin?
Your sister
is alive.
I'm a witness,
not a murderer.
Don't be ridiculous.
You killed her. You killed her!
What are you doing?
Was Jin
really breathing?
Write down everyone who
bought your stolen goods.
He has stolen goods shipped
to him at a mental hospital.
This guy is suspicious.
This is where Ji Seok's mom is.
Kim Yi Joon.
About three years ago,
a mentally unstable homeless man
pushed a kid onto the tracks
at Wangsoori Station.
I think Metro found that homeless man.
I think the Subway Police found that case.
So you're saying Kim Chul Jin,
who's in a mental hospital
is the homeless man
who pushed a girl onto the
tracks and killed her, right?
It's dangerous,
so please don't leave the room.
There's a murder suspect in that hospital.
(Episode 14)
Make a left up ahead,
and we'll be at the hospital.
(Chungrim Mental Hospital)
You can't let him out.
We're from the police. We need your
cooperation in an investigation.
Which way is the closed ward?
It's this way.
Don't follow us.
This way.
(Closed Ward)
Where did he go?
Darn it.
Who opened this door? When?
Who opened this
I don't know either. About 20 minutes ago,
when I came with his medication,
Kim Chul Jin was here.
If it's 20 minutes, there's a good chance
he's still in the hospital.
Guard the front and back gates.
I'll request for backup right away.
- Front gate? Back gate?
- I'll guard the back gate.
Woo Hyuk, check the security cameras.
Officer Yoo, check his visitor records
for people around him.
If he already left this place,
we need to find the people around him.
Yes, ma'am.
We'll search this area now.
I'll check the second floor.
- I got floor 3.
- I'll take floor 1.
He's not here.
(Inspection Point)
What is going on?
Excuse me, can you show us your ID?
Thank you.
Good day, sir. There's an inspection
in progress. May I see your ID?
- Here.
- Thank you.
Medical records.
All doctors, nurses,
and therapists are recorded here, right?
(CT Room)
Are you looking for Ae Shim?
Mom's not in her room?
Her caretaker was running
somewhere in a rush earlier.
Ae Shim followed her,
and they went somewhere.
I guess something happened.
It's dangerous,
so please don't leave the room.
There's a murder suspect in that hospital.
I told her not to go out.
She said her son has
an illness of the heart.
That's why she works here.
Your mother must be confused.
I don't have a son.
A son with an illness of the heart?
I'm in the Subway Police.
If you're in the Subway Police,
you must investigate the
Subway Serial Murders too.
The subway serial murders?
Where is the warehouse
they store wheelchairs in?
It's next to the pharmacy
on the first floor.
Oh, thank you.
Did you see anyone suspicious?
Where did she go?
(Restricted Area)
This way.
It's okay now.
I'll protect you.
(Prescription List)
There are no visitor records.
Art therapy twice a week.
Park Sun Yeong.
Physical therapy once a week.
(Physical therapist: Kim Yi Joon)
Why is his name in here?
I told her not to follow us.
Kim Yi Joon.
Kim Yi Joon.
Detective Kim,
did you get Kim Yi Joon's family record?
I just got it. I'm looking at it right now.
Did he have a daughter by any chance?
A daughter who died.
Kim Yi Joon's daughter was the one
pushed onto the tracks at Wangsoori.
What? What do you mean?
We just got the case file restored
for the Wangsoori Station case,
and the victim
Kim Chul Jin pushed onto the tracks
was a 10-year-old girl named Kim Sae Rom.
Kim Yi Joon's daughter
(Children, Kim Sae Rom, deceased)
is Kim Sae Rom.
She died when she was 10.
Then Kim Yi Joon
He's the one who made the police
go after Kim Chul Jin.
You know how Kim Chul Jin
was transferred out
because he had an episode
whenever the Subway Ghost struck?
I checked the records,
and he always got physical
therapy just beforehand,
and the therapist's name was Kim Yi Joon.
Detective Kim.
Start questioning Kim Yi Joon right away.
Okay, I'll start
Detective Lee.
Detective Lee!
Why? What's wrong?
Kim Yi Joon escaped.
Kim Yi Joon wanted to frame
it all on Kim Chul Jin,
so he planted his fingerprint
on the coin in the payphone,
and even copied his shoulder tic.
Because of that alibi
The Grasshoppers said they saw
the suitcase and the necklace.
It didn't seem like a lie.
I think he formed the Grasshoppers
who traveled through the tunnel to
create an alibi from the get-go.
The day they all saw the
suitcase in the tunnel,
it was probably not a day
when he murdered anyone.
He left an empty suitcase
there and created an alibi.
He was the only one who saw
inside the suitcase anyway.
If he was that thorough,
why did he leave his real
name in the hospital records?
I framed Kim Chul Jin
and set it up so that
we'd find him in the end.
Once he killed Kim Chul Jin as well,
he planned to tell the world
the truth about his
daughter's wrongful death.
Kim Chul Jin is his last target.
Kim Yi Joon took Kim Chul Jin.
No, he didn't.
the person who took Kim Chul
Jin was caught on camera.
- Auntie.
- Do you know her?
my mom's caretaker.
- Choi Kyung Hee.
- Hold on.
Choi Kyung Hee.
(Mother, Choi Kyung Hee)
Kim Yi Joon is definitely here somewhere.
Focus on the outpatient ward,
closed wings, convalescence ward,
and restricted areas.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Yes, ma'am.
Your mother followed Choi Kyung Hee,
Kim Yi Joon will look for her,
so there's a good chance they're together.
If we find Kim Yi Joon,
we'll find your mother.
I'm begging you.
Please stop now.
Out of my way.
Look at his eyes.
He's scared.
He's trembling in fear in case he'll die.
You're scared of dying,
but it's fun when others die?
My baby.
Sae Rom!
Oh my gosh.
Why that
What's his problem?
- You're under arrest for theft.
- Let go.
I saw everything.
- It won't be easy this time
- I said let go!
The train to Sinorim is now approaching.
- Let's go.
- Let go of me!
You punk!
The train to Sinorim is now approaching.
Hold on!
Hold on.
Hold on!
Sae Rom!
Why are you here?
Are Sae Rom's murderers
helping each other?
Yi Joon.
You took Sae Rom, saying you'll raise her,
but you always left her
alone to go make money.
That day too.
She died because you sent
her out all by herself.
I told you
that when I was young,
I hated being alone more than anything.
That I'd make money,
so please don't make Sae Rom lonely.
Why are you protecting this jerk?
In case the cops take him?
When he's innocent?
When I'm the one who killed people?
In case he takes the blame?
Why on earth are you here!
To save you at least.
The police searching for him means
that everything is going
according to your plan.
Because I know
how that plan ends.
This is
the last step of your plan.
After taking care of him,
you'll follow in Sae Rom's steps. No.
No, you can't.
I will never let you go like that.
I can't. Please, Yi Joon.
Yi Joon.
(Authorized Personnel Only)
What's going on?
Oh, sorry. We're in the
middle of an investigation.
Are there any more restricted areas
like this, besides the duty room
or the storage room?
- That's all.
- Then
is there any place people don't
know about and have no access to?
Oh, there's a machine room in the basement.
But since the building's been
renovated, it's used as a warehouse.
There's a bunch of unused stuff,
and I haven't been there either.
The basement? Let's go.
Wait, Ryung.
Is this investigation
about the Subway Ghost?
Are the serial murders
related to Kim Chul Jin?
Do you know Kim Chul Jin?
Oh, no. The detectives were looking for
him, and I overheard.
Let's talk later.
I have something to ask you.
See you later.
"The defendant, Kim Chul Jin"
"suffered from schizophrenic
delusions during the crime"
"and perceived others
as a target to attack."
"According to the Criminal
Procedure Code 10-1,"
"due to a mental and physical disability,"
"he was incapable of
making his own decisions,"
"so the defendant, Kim Chul Jin"
"is found innocent."
I still don't understand what this means.
I don't agree with it either.
I didn't do it
I'll sentence you again.
The defendant, Kim Chul Jin
pushed Kim Yi Joon's only daughter,
Kim Sae Rom
onto the tracks and killed her brutally.
And he's sentenced to death.
Yi Joon!
No No!
No, Yi Joon. No, stop. Yi Joon, no!
Please stop.
No, stop
Yi Joon, please stop. No
Yi Joon.
I was the one
who killed Kim Chul Jin.
I will confess. So
So run away now and live.
Please, Yi Joon.
Don't worry.
I won't die.
I can't die.
I still have something left to do.
Something left?
(Chungrim Mental Hospital)
(Restricted Area)
Chief, over here!
I'm scared.
What are you doing here? Come on, follow me.
Let me see you. Are you okay?
Are you hurt? Let me see your face, Mom.
What's wrong with your hand?
Mom, are you all right? Say something.
It's me. Look at me.
Look at me. Look at my face.
Don't you recognize me?
It's me, Mom. It's me.
My sweet Ae Shim. Sorry I'm late.
Here, open your mouth.
Please try to remember me. Mom!
I'm all grown up now.
I'm your son. Mom, I'm Ji Seok!
Mom, what's wrong?
Mom, please say something!
Mom? Please look at me. Mom.
- Chief.
- Let go of me!
- Let go!
- She's not your mom right now!
Young lady.
Are you all right?
Are you hurt?
Gosh, what a relief.
By any chance, did you meet anyone in here?
I remembered.
You didn't see anyone else?
No, I didn't.
I got lost.
Take her to her room.
She needs to rest.
Let's go.
I will
take you to your room.
Lieutenant Ha.
I think they were in the
basement storage room
of the convalescence ward.
Please set up a police line.
(Lightning Deliveries)
This is the best week of my entire life.
I was suspected of being the Subway Ghost
and escaped from a police holding cell.
when did Captain steal this?
He must have felt bad after turning us in.
Not bad.
He went to get my meds for me too.
Okay, Captain. I forgive you.
He said to go to the garage.
It won't be a problem going in, but
(Inspection Point)
(Chungrim Mental Hospital)
(Lightning Deliveries)
(Lightning Deliveries)
(I am the victim.)
"I am the victim."
(I am the victim.)
(Inspection Point)
(Inspection Point)
Excuse me. I need to check something.
Okay. Thank you for your service.
Hold on. Let me check the back.
- Darn it.
- Thank you.
You Grasshoppers!
Hey! Hey! Stop!
- Hey!
- Stop the car!
Darn it.
- Hey. Give me the keys!
- Where are you going?
What's wrong?
The victims.
They were all there.
(Lightning Deliveries)
(Eldest Son)
No, no. He's with Ha Ma Ri.
(Eldest Son)
Hi, Dad.
What? The Grasshoppers?
- I need this.
- What are you doing?
Darn it. What now?
The light. Should I lose
them when the light changes?
Yes. If we get a yellow
light, just step on it.
If the car gets wrecked,
we'll get Captain out
and run into an alley.
Hey, what's wrong?
Calm down!
What is this?
You punk. Hyung Soo.
How do I drive this?
Hyung Soo.
Hyung Soo!
Those Grasshoppers have guts.
Come on.
Forget that. Dad's going to cause trouble.
I used to be tough back in the
day when I was in Major Crimes.
Darn it.
Oh my gosh.
If you want to live, run!
Hey! Stop right there!
Stop right there!
Darn it.
Hey. Stop
Move, and I'll shoot.
My gosh. I'm getting so old.
Darn it.
What is it?
I love this feeling of protection.
Son. My son caught the Grasshoppers.
But why did they go to the mental hospital?
Turn back!
(Lightning Deliveries)
What's this?
The train to Sinorim is now approaching.
(I am the victim.)
(I am the victim.)
I am the victim.
Mi Hyun.
Mi Hyun.
That day. The day I had an interview
and asked you to watch Jin.
Nothing happened that day, right? Right?
I'll be right back.
Wait for me right here, okay? Right here.
I'll be right back.
What's your problem?
- I think someone died.
- How?
Oh, no.
She looks like a child.
- Did you see?
- When did it happen?
I don't know.
I'm so sorry.
I was too scared to tell you.
I'm sorry.
What is it?
Tell me.
It was Jin's fault
that Sae Rom died.
Kim Chul Jin pushed Jin,
and Jin grabbed Sae Rom as she fell.
And Sae Rom
fell in.
(Yi Joon's Release)
(Yi Joon's Release)
I never want to see you again,
He'll go first to the
spot where Sae Rom died.
The train to Sinorim is now approaching.
(Authorized Personnel
Only Engineer's Office)
(Authorized Personnel
Only Engineer's Office)
(Authorized Personnel
Only Engineer's Office)
I'm sorry, but I lost my sister.
She looks just like me. Have you seen her?
No, I haven't.
Thank you.
Sae Rom.
I punished her for you.
They killed you but still lived freely.
The crime wasn't intentional?
When I'm living in such a miserable pit?
Daddy's going to punish all of them.
That crazy homeless jerk
and everyone else who
stood by just watching him.
(Screen door, use only in emergency)
I promise
to return this.
That hurts.
Little girl.
Sae Rom.
Sae Rom.
Sae Rom.
Sae Rom.
I still have something left to do.
Grandma will protect you, Sae Rom.
Don't worry.
From now on,
nothing bad is going to happen.
I'll go get the money and come right back.
So don't open the door for anyone.
- This is it.
- Let's go in.
Police! Open up!
Is anyone home?
Is anyone home?
We know you're inside.
If you don't open up,
we'll force the door open.
Ms. Choi Kyung Hee.
Ms. Choi Kyung Hee.
(Catch the Ghost)
She remembers me letting go of her hand.
What if she doesn't forgive me?
Say it was a misunderstanding.
Tell her you've been searching
for her all this time.
He'll abandon the body in the subway again.
That's how he'll complete his message.
The first train when it's still empty.
That's his only chance.
When Yi Joon goes to meet Sae Rom,
the last person he wants
to take with him is Jin.
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