Catch The Ghost (2019) s01e15 Episode Script

The Subway Ghost's Method

(All characters, organizations,
places, entities, and events)
(in this drama are fictional.)
Ms. Choi Kyung Hee.
We know you're inside.
If you don't open up,
we'll force the door open.
Ms. Choi Kyung Hee.
Newbie, step back.
(Episode 15)
Do you think she got the same ones
because she couldn't forget Sae Rom?
Then they'd be children's shoes.
Darn it.
She fled.
- Search the place.
- Yes, sir.
It looks like she got far away already.
It's strange, isn't it?
Kim Yi Joon was her only child.
That's right.
Whose room is this?
The guy the police pegged
as the Subway Ghost
was the Subway Ghost's victim.
How does the media look?
They have reporters camping out at Metro,
so word already spread that we
went to the mental hospital.
They're calling dozens of times a day,
asking what happened there.
It's so hard avoiding
answer their question
If that gets out,
the police will fall apart.
That's what he's after.
We'll tell them the
truth after we catch him.
So you must stop it from
getting out until then. Okay?
Yes, ma'am. Understood.
We'll chase Choi Kyung Hee
once we get the lab results
of the items from her house.
First, let's focus on Kim Yi Joon.
He met with Kim Chul Jin,
his target, at the mental hospital.
I'm sure he killed him right there.
He killed Kim Chul Jin at the
place the police gathered
to catch Kim Chul Jin.
It's the best way to humiliate the police.
He'll display the body after murdering him.
Do you think he'll put it
under the subway bench again?
No way.
It's obvious the police
would focus on the subway.
And we know what he looks like.
No. He'll display it in the subway again.
That way, his message will be complete.
On face value,
it's the subway that killed Sae Rom.
But when you look inside,
people were involved.
The people who caused her death,
and those who didn't stop it.
He put their bodies on the
subway and made it race along
to say this to the world.
"It wasn't the subway that killed my child."
"It was these people."
He'll show up on the first
train tomorrow morning.
There's no way he can load the body
onto a train where people are already on it.
An empty first train.
That's his only opportunity.
People start boarding as soon
as the first train stops
at the first stop.
We checked
every surveillance video of
passengers on the first train,
and he never appeared on the platform.
There was no one suspicious
holding a suitcase
big enough to fit a body in it.
There was no way to move the
body onto the first train.
We'll find out how he did it this time.
Since he'll come back to dump the body.
All right, then.
Let's head to Wangsoori Station.
Stop right there!
Darn it.
Hey. Stop
Shall I start working out again?
They were the punks Metro failed to catch.
My gosh.
- Dad.
- What?
Chief Ko didn't call, right?
He's probably busy.
I guess.
Shall we call him and
ask if he needs any help?
- Shall we?
- Yes.
- Chief.
- Chief.
Yes, sir. I'll be there right away.
I'll go with you.
Chief! Newbie!
Did you have dinner?
Do you know how late it is?
Well, is the investigation going well?
Let's hurry.
Line Two heading to Sindang
and Hanyang University.
Line Five headed towards
Haengdang and Majang Station.
As for Gyeongui–Jungang and Bundang lines
- We will
- Us.
Metro Team Two will provide support.
We need to blend in with
the passengers naturally.
- The basic rule of a stakeout is
- Disguise.
Those belong to Chief Inspector Gong
of Team Two, so keep them clean.
There's no need for this.
- Well, then
- Hold on.
- Hold it.
- Okay.
You can wear this and sell hotteok.
"Buy some hotteok!"
- A hiker.
- Here.
Take this.
Well then,
I'll take this.
Let's see.
I'll take this one.
We will
know once we catch him.
If Jin is alive.
(Wangsoori Station)
(This is not a boarding location.)
There's no one with a suitcase.
The train to Sinorim is now approaching.
Yes, Ma Ri. How's it going?
No? We didn't find anyone either.
They didn't find anyone suspicious either.
It's impossible if it isn't the first train.
Let's get on. You can search from here.
I'll go to the front.
- Anyone suspicious?
- No.
- Let's keep searching.
- Okay.
(Car 7)
What's wrong?
That boarding location sticker we saw.
It's used when six-car trains approach.
Since there aren't many
passengers in the morning,
I thought six-car trains would be running.
But this is a 10-car train.
He put up stickers intentionally
so people won't get on
the remaining four cars.
Let's go.
(Car 7)
(Car 8)
(Car 9)
There he is.
Open the door!
Open it!
My sister.
Where is my sister?
Tell me! What did you do with my sister?
My sister.
Is she alive or dead?
Just tell me that.
Do you think she's dead or alive?
That's what I want to know too.
You punk.
- Newbie.
- Let go!
I said let go of me!
- Newbie!
- Let go of me!
Let go!
Newbie, look at me.
Look at me.
When he looked you in the eye,
I felt my blood boil.
When I lost him, I thought I'd lose my mind.
But the only reason I can hang on now
is because I've found hope.
He doesn't know either.
We sent a team to the vent
that goes from the tunnel
to the surface.
I made sure the train
can go to the rail yard.
He ran into the tunnel? The tunnel?
Are you okay, Ryung?
I'm fine.
He disappeared between the
platform and the turnstile.
I think I understand how now.
The night before the murders,
after the Subway Ghost
prepared for the murder,
he entered the station
and awaited his target
in a restricted area.
(Restricted Area)
After he murdered his target,
he waited for nighttime again.
He went back into the tunnel,
and went to Wangsoori Station
through which all four lines passed,
stuck a notice not to board
on the door of the car where
the body would be displayed.
He waited in the tunnel
for the first train
and opened the door from the
tunnel to place the body inside.
He probably released the emergency
door look the night before.
He stayed up two nights straight
and walked in the tunnel for hours.
We're learning more and more about
him, so we'll catch him soon.
Hello? Do you have the lab results?
Please send this to NFS
and have it compared
to my DNA.
Your DNA?
Are you saying the person here
Just in case
Please, sir.
The hairbrush we obtained
at Choi Kyung Hee's house
The DNA from it
and your DNA matched.
- What?
- Choi Kyung Hee
had Jin.
She's alive.
Then he tried to murder her and failed.
He didn't know where she was after that.
That's why
he was curious whether
she was alive or dead.
That's why
Jin has a burn scar on the back of her neck.
He realized I wasn't her, and backed off.
She's alive.
Jin is alive.
Jin is alive?
We got the DNA test results.
The woman living in Choi
Kyung Hee's house
was Jin.
I'm so glad.
We'll look for Choi Kyung Hee.
We'll take Kim Yi Joon.
We'll check every surveillance
video of passengers
at stations within a
10km radius of Wangsoori.
We didn't find anything in the vent
leading from the tunnel to the surface.
If that's not it,
I'm sure he exited through the platform.
We'll track Choi Kyung
Hee's credit card usage
and locate her cell phone
to figure out where she is.
Make sure
to find Jin.
We'll make sure to catch Kim Yi Joon.
Yes, ma'am.
I'm sure it rolled in here somewhere.
- Did you find it?
- No.
- Did you find it?
- How did I lose something this big?
Don't you know the details of an
investigation are confidential?
I thought maybe I could help.
It's not like I can trust you.
I'll be blunt.
I asked you to guard the hospital exit.
But you lost Kim Yi Joon because
you ran after the Grasshoppers.
You're Subway Police,
so you saw them as the Grasshoppers.
But to me,
they would've looked like rats
trying to get Kim Yi Joon out.
We need to check the
surveillance videos here,
so go to the platform and gather the videos.
Yes, ma'am.
Hello, this is Chief Inspector
Ko Ji Seok of the Subway Police.
Thank you for your cooperation.
You worked with Choi Kyung Hee recently
- at a hospital, right?
- Yes.
Did you hear her say she
was going to meet someone
or heard about any of her friends or family?
(Wangsoori Station)
Choi Kyung Hee turned off her phone
and isn't using her credit cards.
We can't find her with these.
Then we'll have to take the analog route.
- Pardon?
- I found
every one of her distant relatives,
and there aren't many.
I'm sure we'll find something.
Okay. How should we plan our route?
You can go here.
It's near your mother's hospital.
It may take a few days.
You should go see her.
I will.
We won't get anywhere like this.
People keep pouring out,
but all we see are the top of their heads.
These cameras are there for looks,
not for people to watch.
What are you doing?
Not there. Not there.
Not there.
Not there.
- Wait. Right there.
- No.
His build is different.
The security cameras here
normally make people look bigger than usual.
And look at his hair
sticking out from his hat.
The length is different.
You can actually see that?
When you're watching the tape this fast?
Detective Lee, please help us.
What if I ruin your investigation?
I'm sorry.
Well, you know,
- it's partially our fault too.
- Right.
Sit down.
My Ae Shim. I'm here.
Ae Shim, are you asleep?
Mom, I won't be able to come for a few days.
I need to find the woman who
used to be your caretaker.
I need to catch her
for Newbie to smile again.
That's why I'm going to catch her.
is very precious to me.
And I want to protect her
as much as you.
Myung Chul, was that you?
It's been a long time since
I lost touch with her.
Well, if you get in touch with
her, can you please call me?
(List of Addresses for Questioning)
(List of Addresses for Questioning)
The houses I visited
said they haven't kept in touch
with Choi Kyung Hee for 20 years.
How is your mother?
I visited her, thanks to you.
Grandma will protect you no matter
what, so don't worry.
Something like that will never happen again.
Ryung. Ryung!
Ryung! Ryung!
Ryung! Ryung!
(Searching for Missing Person)
What are you drawing?
Oh, it's nothing.
What is it?
Let me see.
Wait, is this
a drawing that has my name
and hearts next to it?
(Our home, Real Estate Agency, Chicken shop)
Youngshin Station exit two,
pharmacy, alteration shop, chicken shop
What is this?
A map that leads to our home.
A map that leads to your home?
No matter where you ride the subway,
it can take you to the station near my home.
So in case my sister got lost,
I told her to get off Youngshin Station.
After coming out of this exit,
(Pharmacy, Alteration shop)
and passing the pharmacy
and alteration shop,
there will be a chicken
shop after the restaurant.
(Restaurant, Chicken shop)
And if she takes a right
here, it leads home.
It's a map that leads to our home.
I made her draw this every
night before going to sleep.
I was worried in case she forgot.
If she drew it every day,
she probably still remembers.
But why didn't she come back?
Jin will be all right.
I'm not sure if this will reassure you,
but you saw that house too.
There were no traces of
her being locked inside.
She might've been protecting her
in case her son tried to kill her.
Protect the person who
killed her granddaughter?
For two years?
If Jin was really alive,
I thought there would be
nothing else to wish for.
But now that I think she is actually alive,
I keep wondering how she lived,
and if something bad happened.
There is
something Woo Hyuk told me.
They were often seen
grocery shopping at a
nearby traditional market.
Everyone just thought she
was her granddaughter.
I think
Jin has been doing well.
Now, all we have to do is find her.
She remembers me
letting go of her hand.
What if we find her,
and she doesn't forgive me?
Say it was a misunderstanding.
From the moment you let go of her hand,
tell her you've been searching for her.
That's what you have to say.
Would she believe me?
I'll be your witness if she doesn't.
"Your sister bugged me to no end,"
"trying to find you."
"She tied me up on the subway and ran"
"when we first met so that she
could join the Subway Police."
"At nights,"
"she didn't sleep"
"and went into the subway tunnel."
"How could she go there?"
"There's more."
"She was cursed out at Metro,"
"but she put up with it
so she could find you."
she dragged me into Metro as well"
"and is making me suffer."
It would take all night.
You're right.
You're the best witness.
Let's see.
There are two places left.
Let's go to Choi Kyung Hee's aunt's place.
See if there's pus oozing out of my eyes.
If we catch the Subway Ghost,
you should get a special promotion too.
A special promotion
would pay for my eldest's piano school.
Let's go. Special promotion!
(We race today for tomorrow)
Found you, Yi Joon.
My gosh. Kyung Hee.
How long has it been? 10 years? 20 years?
I'm sorry for not visiting.
Please let me and her stay for a few days.
Stay as long as you want.
- Come in.
- Okay.
- Come in.
- Let's go in.
(Youngshin Station,
Pharmacy, Alteration shop)
(Real Estate Agency, Our home)
(Youngshin Station, Pharmacy)
(Our home)
(Our home)
How's Yi Joon doing?
He's good.
- Auntie.
- Yes?
I have a favor to ask.
If Yi Joon calls by any chance
The phone is ringing. Hold on.
Hey. I haven't heard from you in so long.
Your mom's here.
Do you want to talk to her?
We're almost there.
Did I hurt your feelings?
You said you'd stay a few days.
If Yi Joon comes, tell him I came alone.
Just do that for me.
If you're not in a rush, eat before you go.
Did you hear me?
You have to tell him that I came alone.
You can't tell Yi Joon
that you saw her, okay?
- Please get out of here.
- Okay.
Just a minute, sir.
Go to your sister now.
Little girl.
It's okay.
It's okay.
My baby.
You're okay, baby. It's okay.
It's okay.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Grandma will stay with you,
my dear Sae Rom.
Whatever happens,
I'll protect you.
I'm sorry
I kept calling you Sae Rom.
Go on now.
I'm fine. Go on. Go.
Who is it?
Are you in?
Would you please let us in?
Should I just keep going straight?
Please take us to Chungrim
Mental Health Hospital.
Yes, ma'am.
(Restricted Area)
Come to Sunil Motel.
Turn yourself in.
I I saw everything.
I told you to keep quiet.
Pretend you didn't see anything.
But The detective
will catch you and that man.
I have someone I must protect.
You may not understand things like that.
Someone you must protect.
is very precious to me.
And I want to protect her as much as you.
That detective out to catch me,
the guy you call "Sweetie,"
is your son.
Recognize him already.
Stop breaking your child's heart.
Excuse me.
How old are you?
My sweet Ae Shim. Sorry I'm late.
- Mom.
- Get out!
It's me, Mom. It's me.
It's me, Ji Seok.
Ji Seok.
I'm so sorry.
I need to find the woman who
used to be your caretaker.
I have someone I need to protect too.
My son said
he wants to catch you so
he can protect someone.
Let go.
You know my son, right?
The poor thing.
He gave up everything he had because of me.
His dreams, his future, everything.
I can't take her away from him too.
The person my son cherishes
I must protect her.
If I don't go now,
my son will kill the girl named Yoo Jin.
Then my son
My son will kill himself too.
Then I
I'd lose two children. So, please
Please let go.
Please let me go!
Ms. Han.
Ms. Han.
What happened?
She has a concussion.
We called the police.
She had a scuffle with her caretaker.
The caretaker was running away,
and Ms. Han held onto her
and fought with her
when the caretaker pushed her away.
The caretaker
She was here?
Yes. I think so. Okay, then.
why did Mom and that woman
Ji Seok.
Do you recognize me?
I'm sorry
for not recognizing you for so long.
No, no.
It's Sunil Motel.
Auntie Kyung Hee said she was going there.
Sunil Motel.
I'm sorry
this is all I can do for you.
Why did you stop her?
Why did you do it? Why?
Why did you stop her?
My son said
he wanted to protect her.
Ji Seok.
When you were first born,
your chest
was this big.
When I leaned
against that tiny chest,
it made me feel so secure
and comforted.
Now, it's
Well, it goes without saying.
To me,
your chest
is the broadest in the
world, and it makes me
feel secure.
don't try so hard because of me.
My son doesn't need to do that.
Police. Did two women check into a room?
I just started my shift, so I'm not sure.
Let's split up and check.
Police. Your cooperation is requested.
If you don't open up,
I'll have to force my way in.
Don't come closer.
I'm not here for you.
I came to find my sister.
Where's Jin?
If you want to find your sister,
catch my son first.
When Yi Joon goes to meet Sae Rom,
the last person he wants
to take with him is Jin.
So tell me right now before he finds her!
He knows that I'm running with Jin.
Obviously, he knows
that I'll give her to you if I'm cornered.
It's more dangerous for
her if she's with you.
You know
how frightening Yi Joon is,
and what he's capable of.
Stop talking as if you care about Jin.
What you did was kidnapping.
For the past two years,
my life has been pure torment.
I'm sure it was
the same for Jin.
I'm sorry.
if even Jin dies now,
I'll have no reason to live.
You were good
to Jin, right?
She ate well, slept well,
and was well, right?
I can't do that anymore.
If I tell you where she is,
can you make sure
Yi Joon never finds her?
Where is she?
Jin is
I don't know where she is.
Why did you stop talking?
(Catch the Ghost)
Should I tell you how your sister
looked when I last saw her?
I'm so sorry, Jin.
I know your sister abandoned you.
But she has been waiting for you
without resting for a single minute.
If you don't kill me now,
your sister will die.
Because as long as I'm breathing,
I will find her and kill her.
This is my final warning. Drop the knife!
New drama, "Black Dog".
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