Catch The Ghost (2019) s01e16 Episode Script

Finally Catching The Subway Ghost

(All characters, organizations,
places, entities, and events)
(in this drama are fictional.)
If I tell you where she is,
(Final Episode)
can you make sure Yi Joon never finds her?
Where is she?
Jin is
I don't know where she is.
Why did you stop talking?
I'm really sorry
about Sae Rom.
It was my fault
since I'm Jin's guardian.
it really was an accident.
It's easy when it's not about you.
An accident?
If your sister died instead that day,
would you have said the same thing?
I know you felt bitter
and resentful towards the world
and wanted to die from the pain.
But the moment you chose to kill
people in order to heal your pain,
you just
became a murderer.
I don't care about anything like that.
If I'm healed,
it would be as if nothing happened.
If I forget about it too,
what about Sae Rom?
I'd feel too sorry for her.
You miss your sister too, right?
Should I tell you how your sister looked
when I last saw her?
I was strangling her,
and it was probably hard to even breathe.
But she said something,
so I thought she had something left to say.
I let her breathe briefly.
- "Ryung!"
- Stop!
Are you going to shoot me?
Go ahead.
I'll give you a chance.
What are you doing?
You wanted to kill me too.
You thought I was the one
who killed your sister.
Didn't you chase me because
you wanted to kill me?
I don't kill people.
If you want to turn yourself
in, raise your hands.
If you don't kill me now,
your sister will die.
As long as I'm alive,
I'll find her and kill her by all means.
If I meet Jin again,
"You're going to die now because
your sister couldn't kill me."
Should I say that to her?
This time,
"Ryung, Ryung"
she won't say that.
Stop it.
Shoot me.
Shoot me!
You want to kill me, don't you?
Kill me. Kill me!
I knew it.
You're the same as me.
No, Yi Joon! Stop!
Mom, why are you always
not on my side?
Where did you say Jin was?
Come to Sunil Motel.
Until the Subway Ghost is caught,
please hide Jin for me.
He knows that I have Jin with me.
I beg you.
We need to go.
Jin, please listen to me just this once.
Let's go.
Tell me where Jin is.
I don't know.
I don't know what you're talking about.
That's because you're
not in your right mind.
You must've taken her in after
going mad from Sae Rom's death.
She's not Sae Rom.
She's the one who killed Sae Rom!
I really don't know, Yi Joon.
Please believe me.
How could you protect her?
How could you, when she killed Sae Rom?
All this time,
I thought I was protecting
my pitiful son who lost
his daughter and went mad.
But I was wrong.
Where is Jin?
I didn't want to admit the fact
that my son was a serial killer.
I couldn't accept it.
So I justified your murders
and turned a blind eye. But
now I understand clearly.
You and I are just
I should've
tried to stop this misery myself earlier on.
It's all my fault.
Ms. Choi Kyung Hee!
Ms. Choi, come back down. It's dangerous.
Come back down.
I'm sorry about your mother.
That little
What happened?
I'm okay, so go after him.
That punk.
Drop the knife!
- Jin.
- This is my final warning.
Drop the knife and put your hands up.
Let's go.
Let's go home, Grandma.
Grandma. I'll be Sae Rom.
Grandma. I'll be Sae Rom.
Grandma. Don't die. Don't die.
- Grandma!
- Sae Rom.
Grandma! I'll be Sae Rom!
Jin. It's me, Ryung.
Jin. It's me, Ryung.
Stay right there. I'll come to you!
Stay there.
(Drive through if you
are caught in the middle)
(Police Arrest Subway Ghost)
(Finally Caught
Suspect of Subway Serial Murders Arrested)
(Police Arrest Subway Ghost)
(Commissioner Kim Caught the
Subway Ghost and the Grasshoppers!)
(Yoo Ryung)
(Seoun Metropolitan Police Agency)
You're with the Subway Police,
not Metropolitan Detective Division.
How did you end up arresting Kim Yi Joon?
Do you have a special know-how
for investigating and catching
a notorious serial killer?
There's a rumor of a special promotion.
Tell us how you feel.
How do you feel right now?
Please. One question at a time.
Please raise your hand and
ask one question at a time.
The Subway Ghost
had displayed the bodies
under the subway benches.
Did you find out why?
We think he wanted
to tell the world of his
daughter's wrongful death.
His daughter wasn't killed
by the moving subway,
but by the apathy of the subway riders.
That's what he wanted to say.
If that was his goal,
although he was caught,
he pretty much accomplished his goal.
What do you think about that?
Just because this case became famous,
I don't believe
people agree with or understand him.
Because no matter what,
murder is not justified.
We hear Ms. Yoo,
the sole survivor of this case,
was found at the scene. Is that true?
We hear Ms. Yoo is missing again.
Is that true?
Where is Ms. Yoo now?
Can you tell us who Ms. Yoo is?
- Please tell us.
- What happened to her?
(Youngshin Station, Pharmacy,
Real Estate Agency, Our home)
(Youngshin Station,
Pharmacy, Alteration shop)
(Real Estate Agency, Our home)
It's me, Ryung.
Stay right there. I'll come to you!
Stay there.
(Drive through if you
are caught in the middle)
(Searching for Missing Person)
Commissioner Kim Hyung Ja of Seoun Police.
With her charismatic leadership,
she caught the notorious serial killer.
Articles praising you are flooding the web.
Take a look.
- the reporters back.
- Pardon?
Three months ago,
I made a promise,
putting my pride as a police officer
and my position as Commissioner on the line.
That if I don't catch the Subway Ghost,
I'd step down as Commissioner.
I called you all here to keep that promise.
(Kim Hyung Ja)
As of this moment,
I will step down as Commissioner.
- What do you mean?
- Madam Commissioner.
Isn't Kim Yi Joon the Subway Ghost?
Although we caught the Subway Ghost,
we haven't solved the case yet.
During the investigation,
we found out there was
actually an initial victim.
Although she's the only
survivor of this case,
we failed to save this
victim for a long time
and still, we haven't been able to save her.
Her sister reported to
the police numerous times,
but the police
did not listen to her enough.
I will take responsibility and resign.
We've been assigned our next case.
It's a serial robbery.
Yes, it's time to take on our next case.
But let's take care of this case first.
I'm going to find Jin.
Who wants to join me?
Is there a mosquito in here or something?
I haven't done anything for Officer Yoo.
Me neither.
Me too.
Count me in.
Then we'll go question people
in the buildings nearby.
I'll pass out the missing person posters.
- Let's go.
- I will
check the security cameras nearby.
- All right, let's move!
- Yes, sir.
Welcome, ma'am.
You're my daughter after all.
You look really cool, you know that?
Jin, please show yourself.
Your sister is worried sick.
Newbie must be so upset.
She searched every single
corner of the subway
and even went into the
tunnels to find her sister.
Tell me about it.
She's feeling more pain than
when she thought Jin was dead.
You and I should find her.
- Okay.
- Look closely.
(Searching for Missing Person)
You can't take that off like that.
Do you know how much trouble I
went through putting that up?
(Searching for Missing Person)
Yoo Jin.
Jin. Jin!
I'm a detective who works with your sister.
I'm not a bad person. Look at this.
Look at this.
I was posting up your missing posters.
Can you
talk to me for a minute?
It'll only take a minute.
You can do that, right?
I know your sister abandoned you.
that train she left you on that day.
Ever since that train left,
she has been waiting for you.
Without resting for a single minute,
she has been waiting for you.
I know you actually want
to go back to your sister.
But if you go back,
you're afraid you'll be abandoned again.
Please meet your sister and ask her
just once.
Meet her just once
and ask her
how she truly feels.
(Youngshin Station)
(Youngshin Station)
First of all,
get off at Youngshin Station
and come out of Exit Two.
After passing the pharmacy,
pass by the alteration shop,
(Alteration Shop)
the restaurant,
(Kimchi Stew, Beef)
(Chicken and Beer)
and the chicken and beer shop. Okay?
No, no.
After passing the chicken shop,
make a right into the alley.
Goodness, I'll draw it for you again.
You won't be able to
come home if you forget.
(Real Estate Agency, Chicken shop)
Even if we get separated,
as long as you memorize this,
you'll be able to find our home, okay?
Actually, it's pretty interesting.
Some may say
they can't dunk and can't play in the NBA,
but they're pretty
talented around this area.
I guess you could say that.
(Youngshin Station, Pharmacy,
Real Estate Agency, Our home)
(Youngshin Station, Pharmacy,
Real Estate Agency, Our home)
I miss you.
Me too.
I've missed you too.
I've missed you so very much.
so sorry.
Who are you?
Who are you?
Wrong room.
I'm sorry.
I don't think I did my hair well this time.
I remember you.
You sat here before
and asked me how old I was.
That was you, right?
You have good taste in girls.
That's right. I did. I asked you
your age because you were pretty.
We meet again.
But do you have a family member here?
My mom has dementia,
so she doesn't recognize me.
You must be so sad.
No, not at all.
My mom
is happier now
than when she remembers me.
Still. You must be sad.
No, I'm fine.
To me,
your chest
is the broadest in the
world, and it makes me
feel secure.
From the moment you were born until now.
don't try so hard because of me.
My son doesn't need to do that.
That day,
you did everything for me
that you could possibly do.
I'm fine now, Mom.
You're still as pretty today.
Thank you.
We got a vacation as a reward.
Dad, we've succeeded, haven't we?
Of course. We got plaques too.
What a nice view. And there's a nice breeze.
Newbie, you know some great spots.
Jin always stayed home
because she got scared
if there were too many people around.
So I used to bring her here.
Then I realized, that even
here, she only looked at me.
That's when I realized
that I was the reason she never left home.
Actually, I'm the one that
hates being in crowded places.
Because when Jin screamed,
people tried hard not to look.
Jin always felt how I felt,
so she hated it too.
But I like people looking at us now.
She really does
feel everything you feel.
You're okay, so she's looking
at things she wants to look at.
Poor Jin must have had a hard
time looking after her sister.
You're right.
- I was the problem.
- That's right.
- Jin!
- Go get her.
- I'll get her.
- Okay.
It must have been tiring.
Let's go.
What a great vacation.
The water is so clear.
- Hey! Stop it!
- Dad.
Stop that! Hey, you punk!
It's so clear!
- Hey.
- Look.
- It's cold.
- Jin.
Where are you going?
- There's more.
- Hey.
Let's show Jin.
Jin, look. Soo Ho caught a fish.
For real. Do you want to see?
- Look at the fish.
- Fish.
Did you decide where to send Jin?
There's a group home near our place.
People like her live together,
work on social skills,
and learn how to be independent.
She can sleep there when
I'm working the night shift.
That's great. I hope she likes it there.
I have something to give you.
What is this?
Open it.
(Yoo Jin)
I actually wanted to give it to Jin,
but she doesn't even look at me.
Your number is here too.
I should become friends with Jin as well.
So if something happens,
she can trust me enough to call me.
That's so cold!
- Take that.
- Stop spraying water at me.
(We race today for tomorrow)
(Investigation Team 1)
Aren't you going to wash up?
What? No, I won't.
Oh, right. You're not washing up.
You haven't changed a bit.
I know.
What a bad habit.
Well, then. Let's go to sleep.
- Newbie.
- Yes?
That answer
you promised to give me later.
I want to hear it.
I wish I could say
you're my girlfriend
now, and stuff like that,
but that would be selfish.
So answer me
after we catch him.
An answer?
Do you want to
Do you want to go out
with me starting today
Let's do that.
What What did you say?
Let's go out starting today.
I should've asked sooner.
Thank you,
I'll make you happy forever. No
I mean, I'll make you happy from now on.
Thank you.
Thank you more.
Then Shall we go to sleep now?
What's wrong with this?
(Wangsoori Station)
(Employee Lounge)
It's time for our morning stakeout, Chief.
Goodness. You say that as if
we're going for a stroll
in the park or something.
It sounds really
I know you're my boyfriend,
but I don't like you meddling with my work.
Don't cross the line at work.
That's what I wanted to say.
Don't cross the line at work.
I know you're my girlfriend,
but I won't tolerate you disobeying orders.
How could a detective catching
perps be disobeying orders?
Come on. He had a weapon in his hand.
How could you fight him bare-handed?
I ordered you to bring the taser gun.
What if something bad happens?
What would happen when I'm watching him?
Is it that hard for you to trust me?
She shot that gun only because
she wanted to save the victim.
Please show her mercy just this once.
I will make sure
to train her well.
I got this for my future partner.
I finally get to give it to someone.
Thank you,
Shall we get started?
Newbie. You should only watch me.
Officer Yoo Ryung of
Shinmok Patrol Division!
I'm here for my interview!
It's so thrilling when the subway
runs through a black tunnel
It'd be so amazing to have the
entrancing experience every day.
Is she a pervert?
Newest member reporting for duty!
I thought you were dead!
Don't touch my partner again.
I'm a martial artist too!
I got a cut here too.
I'll be more cautious.
Can I trust you?
Trust me.
From now on
don't hurt your pretty face.
Look at this. Let me see.
- Doesn't it hurt?
- No.
You're early.
I was excited since it's our first date.
Where should we go? What do you like to do?
Outside of catching bad guys.
- Doing nothing.
- What?
I thought you couldn't stay
still even for a second.
That's why.
People always want to try
something they normally can't do.
That sounds good.
I like doing nothing too.
Okay. Then why don't we
do absolutely nothing today?
This is nice.
What were you like when you were a kid?
I bet you were a total leader.
I was the chatterbox.
You know
how in grade school, the class
president writes down the names
of the kids who talk in class?
I was always one of them.
- What about you?
- Me, well
I was the one catching the ones talking.
I was the class president.
What was little Chief Ko's dream?
It was my dream to catch
even the villains in space.
What a big dream.
Back then, I thought I could
fly if I practiced a little bit.
So I jumped down with such passion.
So? What else? The results were miserable.
I got ripped up here and
there and broke things.
But it's because I got used
to the beatings back then,
that I could endure you.
Am I that bad that I must be endured?
This is nice.
This seems like someone else's bench.
Someone else's
- What? What do you mean?
- Well
I sit here all the time,
but being with you,
it feels like someone else's bench.
Do I make you uncomfortable?
No, no.
It's just
I wonder if the sky from our
bench was always this pretty.
And I wonder if our neighborhood
was always this sparkly.
That's what I'm saying
Since you're with me,
even if you do nothing,
even if it's nothing,
it's nice?
Me too. Wangsoori Station,
which I've been sick and tired of,
seems like someone else's station lately.
What is that?
(Wangsoori Station)
I saw him.
- What? Who?
- Knife.
I chased him but lost him
because of the rush-hour crowd.
Knife? Are you sure?
We've been chasing him for so long.
I'm positive.
- Who's Knife?
- A petty thief who carries a knife.
About a year ago, the victim fought back,
and he stabbed him and fled.
He went silent after that,
so it had remained unsolved.
That jerk. I'll catch you.
But since he uses a knife,
it's armed robbery, not petty theft.
So Major Crimes got on it,
Chief. Shouldn't we pass it on to them?
We have the authority to
investigate violent crimes too.
We'll do it.
We have the authority and the skills.
There's no reason why we can't do it.
Okay, then.
Shall we start staking out today?
From the first train to the last.
Let's go round and round!
Hey, mister.
Hey, mister.
Long time no see, Knife.
- You haven't changed your hair.
- Why you
Who are you?
What's this?
- When did you get here?
- Three stations before you.
Why did you go to him?
I was wearing so much gold.
This is all my special know-how.
He's a serial robber.
It's within our jurisdiction.
We were investigating him too.
And I already cuffed him.
Yes, whoever cuffs him first gets him.
- Good job, Newbie.
- Yes, sir. Let's go.
- Let's go.
- Hey. He's ours.
Yours? Where are we?
- Subway.
- Thus, our jurisdiction.
- Let go!
- Hey.
- Let go!
- Newbie, don't hold back.
Hey! Let go!
- Gosh!
- He's ours!
- Let go.
- Let go.
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(Catch the Ghost)
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