Chad (2021) s01e07 Episode Script


CHAD: April 2nd got paired up
with Reid in Biology.
- He was psyched.
- Is this okay?
Do you want to be
with someone else?
No, it's fine.
April 12th
peed next to Reid.
Didn't start conversation.
Didn't glance.
I think Reid respected it.
April 30th got
a big-ass head nod in the hall.
Loved every second.
May 1st got a "Yo."
Watershed moment.
Then we walked through
the same door together.
It was fire.
May 15th Reid hit me
with his scooter.
I played it cool.
Don't worry about it,
All leading to today,
a day for
the damn history books.
After lunch, Reid came up to me
and changed my life forever.
So, uh [BURPS] Mm. Sorry.
Uh, me and my boys
head down to my parents
lake house every year.
So I guess if you
wanted to come,
that'd be cool.
I'm sorry,
to your parents' lake house?
- Yep.
- With all of your boys?
If you'd like.
Yes, please!
That was this morning.
11:15 AM.
So, yeah. Pretty much
friends with Reid now.
I knew this day would come.
I believed in you, Chad.
I believed in you.
Thanks for standing
by my side.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
this is gonna be sick.
I snuck a bunch of my mom's White Claws
into water bottles
for this weekend.
Oh, yes!
Sneaking things
into things.
- Wait, what?
- Hey, I'm I'm
actually not sure
if you guys know,
but I I was invited to
go to Reid's lake house too.
Oh, right.
Yeah, I think Reid's mom
was, like, super freaked out
you were gonna sue 'cause
of the whole scooter accident.
Yeah, and she actually
made him invite you.
- Yeah.
- Oh, well
I guess I have his mom
to thank.
- Two words worth it.
- Alright, well, yeah.
I guess we'll see you at
Camp Swag at Jizzwater Lake.
Camp Swag
at Jizzwater Lake?
Oh, my God.
That's awesome.
So it's a lot of words.
I can't wait.
As they say, "yeet."
- Yeah.
- They do say that.
Increase the peace.
Vote for Denise!
For what?
I'm running
for class president.
Follow as @rollwithdenise.
Oh. Cashing in
on your handicap.
Honestly not
your worst idea.
- Peter, I need to talk to you.
- Uh, can it wait?
Peter's helping me with
my campaign for class president.
Thank you so much
for asking.
- It cannot wait, no.
- It's okay. It's okay.
Just start
handing out the buttons.
- What is she running for?
- Class president.
- She's been talking about
- I don't care.
- Don't finish that sentence.
- Oh.
Oh, my God.
- Guess what?
- What's up?
Reid's friends call
the lake house
"Camp Swag
on Jizzwater Lake."
I'm not allowed to say
those words,
but I'm very entertained
by them.
I'm so excited.
I just need to freakin' stick
the landing now.
Good luck.
He's coming. Reid!
Oh, hey, man.
What's up?
Just realized I never really
talked to you
about the carpool situation
for the weekend or
if there's something
I could bring
to the
overall group dynamics.
Oh, shit. I forgot.
We all usually go there
together, so
Oh, that's awesome.
I'll cook up a playlist.
D-Do you like rap with swears,
or a more radio edit?
Oh, hey, what
about your dude here?
What? Peter?
You guys can ride up there.
You know, hang together.
Talk to each other.
You guys can be like
your own little unit.
Oh, I guess I would say to that,
thanks but no thanks.
Right, Peter?
Thanks but no thanks?
Actually, now that I think
about it, mountain air
is good for my eczema.
- Okay, boom. Pete's in.
- Cool.
- I'll shoot you the deets later.
- Yeah.
Mountain air is good
for your eczema?
Well, it is.
I read about it.
You still have eczema?
It's been like five
frickin' years.
Are we getting
a second opinion on this?
- Have the best time.
- I will.
Niki, do you swear
Crocs are back?
- Totally.
- Okay.
Hey, Mrs. A.Hi, Peter.
- Hi, Peter.
- Have fun!
- See ya!
- Be good.
- Bye.
- Bye.
What in God's name
is that?
A blue plastic bag?
That's what you packed?
You know I travel light.
You look like you live
under the damn freeway.
Peter, this is really,
really important to us, okay?
Let's just do
a little practice
run of things
you might talk about.Yeah.
Pretend I'm Reid.
Hi Hi, Reid.
I once saw you crying after
school, and I wondered why.
Oh, my God.
Don't talk about that.
Don't Don't bring up
that he was crying.
Why would you say that?
It was, like, really
he was trying to hide it,
- but he was
- Don't even Just never mind.
Just don't
don't bring that up.
Don't talk about Reid
a-and his emotions.
- Oh.
- Just talk about normal things, okay?
- Go.
- Okay, uh Hey, guys.
My dick smells like pizza.
Yeah, that works.
That's good.
- Sweet. Okay.
- You can also bring up ping-pong, okay?
They do a ping-pong tourney
every year.
Have you been practicing?
Have I been practicing?
Have I been practicing?
No, I haven't
been practicing,
and I'm actually
really nervous about it.
That was the coolest thing
I've ever seen.
- Thanks, Hamid.
- Yeah, thanks, Hamid.
Remember, just say no
to nothing.
Do all of it.
What up, playa pimps?
Is everyone ready to jizz?
Wow, that's so exciting.
A special, little thing
planned for us?
So, uh, this is it.
I figured you guys
would want to be together.
You just think
of everything, huh?
This, uh
This looks like a garage.
Yeah, it is.
It is a garage.
Yes. Yeah.
That's awesome.
I love all of the little cobwebs
and everything.
Would you also maybe be open
to us not sleeping in here?
I love it. Yeah
I'm just wondering
if I could be,
like, a lot closer
to where you're sleeping.
I think
I think this is good.
PETER: Why would you need
so many hammers?
You don't
You don't give notes
on a man's garage.
Oh, right.
I'm so sorry.
- But why do you, though?
- It
Please, Peter.
Oh, right. Okay. Sorry.
Chad, check out
this beaker.
We're doing
the tourney right
Okay, boys. Camp Swag is
officially underway.
- Sloppy salmon!
- Dude!
Sloppy salmon?
- That rules.
- Okay.
As is tradition, the winner
of the ping-pong tourney
gets the ultimate glory
the Golden Paddle.
- Hey, alright.
- Ooh.
Okay, uh. First match,
I guess me versus
- I'll I'll go!
- Okay.
- [CHUCKLES] Okay.
Oh, it's my it's my mom.
I gotta take this.
Hey, Mom.
Oh, no.
I understand.
I'll I'll talk to you later.
Yeah, love you too.
Pete, everything good?
My grandpa just had
a heart attack.
- Oh, man.
- Darn it.
It's probably just a light,
little thing, though, right?
I-Is your Pop-Pop okay, or?
Actually, uh
He's, uh
He's dead.
Oh, man.
Pete, come here.
Oh, um Oh.
- Pete, that really sucks, man.
- I'm sorry, man.
BOY: That's the worst.
Oh, no.
I can't believe
Grandpa Jim's gone.
Just yesterday, he
sent me a picture of him
and his new girlfriend
from Honduras.
That's so specific.
I was mad close
with my Gramps.
He use to teach me
how to salsa dance.
You know, me, Reid.
It was embarrassing at the time,
but now I'd give anything
for one last dance.
So many stories about grandpas
and Latin culture.
Well, I mean
at least he's in peace
with Grandma Rose now.
They met while he was
still in the Navy.
Whoa, Pete.
My grandpa was in the Navy, too.
Wow, that's crazy.
- What if What if they knew each other?
- Uh, maybe.
I mean, he didn't really like
to talk much about Korea.
I had a grandpa, too.
My grandpa
was from is from Iran.
So probably a lot going
on there, too.
Hey, guys.
You know what we should all do?
Reach out to a respected elder
in our lives
and tell them
how much they mean to us.
- Yeah, that's dope.
- Yeah, right?
Like as a joke?
P-Peter, can I talk to you?
Uh, oh, absolutely.
I need to talk to you.
Look, Peter, I'm really sorry
about your grandpa.
He bought me a churro once
and it was the best goddamn
churro of my life.
Thanks, Chad.
That That means a lot.
I just want you to know I really
am gonna rally behind you
and make sure you have
everything you need.
And, since obviously
you're balls-deep
in the grieving process,
I was wondering
if maybe we could do that
and also keep track
of what we came here to do.
- What?
- Ping-pong.
I think you know
what to do.
Uh, hey, guys.
So, I realized what I really
need most to, uh, heal
is to play
some ping-pong.
Peter with the random-ass idea.
But seriously,
if that's what he wants.
He's just been through
so much crap and pain today.
We should probably
give that to him.
I mean, sure.
If that's what Pete wants.
Oh, uh, yes.
That is
That is what I want.
Thanks for being
so nice, guys.
Yeah, your guys' moms
raised you right.
who's ready to die?
Sorry, that was disrespectful.
Ahh! Yes!
Yes! Yeah!
Oh, you gave it your best,
King Pong!
- PETER: Good job, Chad.
- Thanks.
Hey, man.
You know, Pete's been through
a lot today, so maybe you should
just, like,
let him have the paddle.
Oh, no.
There was a double bounce.
Yeah, but, I mean,
we've all been kind of losing
on purpose
so Pete would win.
Just cause of everything with,
like, his grandpa.
Oh, no.
I don't want to do that, though.
I know.
But it's
the right thing to do.
I know, but I'm not
going to do it.
Y-You know what?
I'm gonna do us one even better.
Check this out.
Can I have everyone's
attention, please?
- Peter?
- Yeah?
I'd like to dedicate
my King Pong win
to the man of the hour,
Grandpa Jim.
Oh, um.
Thanks Thanks, Chad.
That means a lot.
A wonderful man
who shopped at Costco,
loved war,
and did not let
your dead grandma
get in the way
of achieving his dreams
of hooking up with Latinas.
I I guess?
Let's remember him for that,
and let's remember me
for remembering him for that.
Thank you, Chad.
Peter, can you wake up
and talk to me?
- Peter?
- Yeah?
Do you think Reid
and his friends really like me?
They all said you were
really into ping pong.
Yeah, huh?
I really am.
Hey, Peter?
How are your emotions?
I'm sad, but that's normal.
Peter, you're my buddy.
Thanks, Chad.
You're my buddy, too.
Good night, Peter.
Good night, Chad.
Peter, I had a nightmare.
I was in an accident
with Sean Combs, Puff Daddy.
He was pissed.
What the?
Hello, Peter.
Oh, hey, Chad.
I've just been wandering
the woods,
wondering if my best friend
was kidnapped.
Or attacked
by a large bear.
And yet, you're out here,
just making a little s'mores
snack with some of
my new friends.
Well, I had trouble sleeping,
and, you know,
I didn't want to wake you.
I would have loved
to have been woken.
- For this?
- Dude.
S'mores plus Reid?
Are you
freakin' kidding me?
This is all I wanted,
was to not miss out
on these little moments.
Chad, I didn't do this
on purpose, okay?
I swear. You don't do
anything on purpose!
You don't care about
being popular.
You don't even care
that we're here.
You just got invited
'cause of me,
and now l-look
at what's happening.
You're the one they like.
You're the one who gets
to have a dead grandpa.
Yo, Chad.
Why you coming at my boy Pete?
His name isn't Pete, it's Peter,
and you don't even know him!
This is not how this weekend
was supposed to go,
and you
you knew that.
You knew how important
this was to me!
Dude, Chad, just relax.
Yeah, man. You got to chill.
It's bros' weekend.
It's bros' weekend.
You're right.
I'm chill.
I'm chill.
I'm just gonna give you
a Sloppy Salmon.
- Sloppy Salmon!
- What? Stop? Dude.
- Stop!
- Sloppy Salmon!
Dude, you're just
touching his nuts.
Stop, that's enough, okay?
You want to know
what the real problem is?
You try way too hard,
What did you say?
You just try so hard,
and it never works.
He's not wrong, dude.
what's wrong with you?
REID: Pete, you okay?
I actually can't swim
that well.
Come on, Pete.
Let's go.
I'm here.
Hey, guys.
Sorry, um
my shoes were still wet
from last night,
so I borrowed
your family's ski boots.
I hope that's okay.
Whatever, man.
Okay, so,
elephant in the room.
Last night was crazy.
I went crazy.
You went crazy.
I don't even remember
who was the first one.
Uh, Chad,
I just called you an Uber.
I think you gotta leave.
Reid, I know you're tempted
to make up your mind about me,
but don't do it.
I've never had friendship
feelings like this for anyone.
I would throw myself in front of
a dang overnight bus for you.
No! This is not how we act
at bros weekend.
It's time for you to go.
I'm serious.
I understand.
Are you Greg Orr?
MAN: Mm-hmm.
I'm coming with you.
It's a long drive back.
Thought you could use
some company.
Peter, get your butt
back in there.
It's Reid's boys' weekend.
This is a really big chance
for you.
I don't really care
about that.
You're my best friend,
I'm your best friend?
I promise.
Peter, do you think
I'm a good person?
Sometimes, yeah.
I couldn't
agree with you more.
I guess we really are our own
little goddamn little unit.
Dammit, Peter.
This life.
All I need is some sunshine ♪
All I need is some sunshine ♪
Black water ♪
Black water ♪
Black water ♪
Black water ♪
Black water ♪
Black water ♪
Black water ♪
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