Chambers (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Bad Inside

1 [jaunty music playing on radio] [thunder rumbling] [emergency alert system squawks] [operator] This is the emergency alert system.
This is not a test.
Dangerous winds and lightning have caused hazardous conditions.
The National Weather Service urges all civilians in the cities of Mariposa, - Crystal Valley, Sedona, and Cottonwood - [phone buzzing] Get outta here, shit! This is not a test.
Yeah, this is Frank Yazzie.
What? Is she okay? What do you mean? Yeah.
I'm on my way.
I'm on my way.
I'm coming right out.
[door closing] [mouse squeaks] [muffled weeping] Are you okay in there? Hello? [faucet turns on] Miss Schwartz? Morning, Sasha.
Didn't I see you at the releasing ceremony? It was so inspiring.
That's why I made these.
To keep Becky's memory alive.
You want one? Of course.
That's a wonderful idea.
I thought so too.
Hey, maybe leave some for the rest of us, dick! [Sasha] Elliott.
Wait up.
I have a bag of Becky's things to give to you after school.
It's just stuff from the car, like sunglasses and Chapstick.
But I found this journal stashed in the trunk, - and there's these strange masks and - [headphones blare music] Elliot, do you know someone with a weird scar on their arm? [mouths] [Sasha] Asshole.
What's "BLFF"? "Becky Lefevre Forever.
" I have this opportunity because of Becky.
I just wanna do something to pay homage to her.
I think that's really beautiful.
Losing Becky was like losing an arm.
I just hope she knew how much I loved her.
- Do you have one for me? - Sure.
Come on, boo.
We're going to be late.
[Elliot] My sister's not a fucking cause.
I know it might be really hard for you to grasp, since you're so comfortable being one.
I'm not a cause.
How are you liking my sister's car, by the way? I didn't ask them to give it to me.
You still took it.
I thought you were smarter than that.
So smart is taking a bus for two hours every day? Smart is not letting my parents buy you off.
That car seems free, but it has a price.
You accept it and they own you.
You're right Maybe I should just pull myself up by my bootstraps.
No handouts.
Good, old-fashioned hard work.
Like you.
- Mow a lot of lawns, Elliot? - That is not what I meant.
You don't have to say it.
I'm sorry about your sister, and if me having her car makes that worse for you, then I don't want it.
But don't ever talk to me like that again.
[recorded female voice] Your guided meditation begins now.
Prepare yourself for what you are about to receive.
As you zone out from alpha into theta, bless this house and bless this body.
As a highly sensitive warrior you are an energy sponge to everything around you.
Your home your body your family.
May the smoke of the sage collect anything that needs to be released.
Emotion memory guilt.
[Ravi] A little help here? [teacher] Okay, everybody Please get settled with your partners Clean off your brushes.
A safe voyage into the past begins right between your own fingertips.
Do you need me to move or something? Mr.
Thomys paired us up.
[Thomys] dust the dirt Sorry about Elliot, by the way.
I heard what he did.
Flipping out on you.
You know, he's just been through a lot.
Now with you having Becky's scholarship.
[Thomys] Keep chatter to a minimum and continue to slowly Anyway, I told him that's why you made them in the first place.
- What do you mean? - Just that if people were distracted about Becky, maybe take the pressure off of you.
That's really sweet.
Thanks, Ravi.
We're switching partners.
Penelope keeps brushing dirt onto my shoes.
Maybe she'll be nicer to you.
[teacher speaking indistinctly] Hey.
I have enough dirt on my shoes, okay? Well, she thinks that's bad.
Wait till she looks in her purse.
- What's that? - I don't know.
- An urn? - Not that.
"Becky Lefevre Forever.
" You want one? Um, no, I'm good.
I don't think I need a bracelet to help me remember her.
I have this.
What the hell? Okay, that's a little bit rude, but You put the camera in Becky's room.
Sasha? I need to see you in my office.
Crystal Valley has strict rules about selling merchandise at school.
I didn't sell them.
I gave them away.
So you didn't make a single dollar off of these? I swear.
Then how're you gonna pay the Maker Club back for all the materials you stole? Mr.
Simmons filed a complaint.
How much do I owe? A couple hundred dollars, but I'll settle for an explanation.
I just wanted to do something to help people remember Becky by.
That's commendable, but it's also concerning.
Because at this point, I'm starting to think you might be remembering Becky a little too much.
You signed her name.
It was an accident.
There are no accidents.
This kind of thing tells me that you're fixating.
I want you to focus on your transition here instead.
Forget Becky.
How am I supposed to do that when the only reason I'm here is because she died? Starting tomorrow, I want us checking in every day.
Deal? Deal.
[door clicks closed] [man] This week on Body Mysterium, we'll be talking about cellular memory.
One of the first to experience this strange phenomenon was Mary Grace Kaiser, of Akron, Ohio.
She was a woman terrified of heights until she got a new pair of lungs in a last minute transplant.
- [Elliot] Starburst? - Two months later, - she was climbing Mt.
- Come on.
It's a pink one.
Everybody loves the pink ones.
[sighs] You know There are only three pink ones in a pack, so Well, this is a pretty significant sacrifice I'm willing to make in the interest of peace, love, and understanding.
You know, you don't have to take the bus to prove anything to me.
I'm not trying to prove anything.
I'm taking the bus to get home.
You should try it sometime.
[sniffles] You actually have to say it, you know.
I'm sorry.
I am.
My voice just isn't really built for sincerity.
No - It really isn't.
- [scoffs] But I will take the rest of your pink Starburst.
Peace, love understanding.
Hey, do you think I could get a ride home? Hey, boss, can I talk to you for a second? What's up? I fucked up.
All right, I I thought it was fish food, okay, Frank? I would never, ever open one of your packages.
I didn't know what it was.
Now I know what it is.
I could go back to jail, all right? I'm on probation, Frank.
I can't be around your drugs, man.
- I didn't know you were a drug dealer.
- Are you finished? Are you finished? Yeah.
Smell it.
Why am I going to smell that? It's dried cedar.
You burn it to cleanse your spirit.
My family's been sending it non-stop ever since Sasha had her heart attack.
Cedar, huh? Is it, uh - is it working? Does it help? - No, of course not.
Just stinks up your house.
You see that address? Shiprock? That's my dad.
You ever see any packages come from there, you put that shit straight in the trash, understood? Got it, Frank.
Fuck 'em, Frank.
I am on the job.
I'm sorry.
About the ["I Wanna Be Adored" playing faintly] Hey, so what's up with that Penelope girl? Fowler? Well, she's my next door neighbor and a total stalker.
Do not walk away from that one.
I thought her and Becky were friends though.
Penelope wasn't Becky's friend, she was Becky's shadow.
You know, like, when they were kids, I guess it was kind of cute, but later on Penelope was so into Becky, it was borderline 5150.
What happened? Nothing.
No matter what anyone tells you.
This was Becky's? Yeah.
[music increases in volume] I want to be adored [music continues increasing in volume] [music drowning out dialogue] What? [music drowns out dialogue] I can't hear you.
- Can you turn down the song? - [music stops] Are you stoned? You didn't hear that music? What are you talking about? The radio's been off this whole time.
Thanks for the ride.
It's been wild.
Do you know what those drawings are about? [scoffs] I have no clue.
I don't know, maybe they're some weird art project or something.
This shit freaks me out.
Hey, don't forget your sister's stuff.
You're gonna have to make that hand-off in person.
[door closes] Like new.
Also, the the zipper got caught when I was trying to take it off and it ripped.
It's fine.
I can pay for it, really.
Just let me know an amount and I can.
It looks fine.
Also, um, I found this in Becky's car, and I thought you might want it.
I don't know if it's junk or anyting.
No, it's not junk.
Thank you.
[unzips] I used to put these in her Easter basket.
We used to go together.
You ever had a blowout? No.
Frank used to date this chick that worked at Supercuts though.
So I usually just go there.
We could go together.
You know, it's good for two.
Why don't you take a friend? Oh, and um take these too.
I used to make B keep them in the glove compartment.
Girls got to stay safe.
Are you sure? What are moms for? I should go.
[chuckles] Frank wants me to pick up corn for dinner.
Go to Sunacre Farm in town.
Fresh from the field.
Hey, there.
What are you doing here? I'm just dropping off stuff for Nancy.
That's a hell of a bowline there, sailor.
Frank teach how you to tie that? Um No, I just kind of knew how.
And you've never been sailing? Like on a boat? Um No.
- Well, I have to go.
- Yeah.
See ya.
See ya.
[whispering] The rabbit comes out of the hole, goes around the back of the tree, jumps back down the hole, and that's how we tie a bowline.
[knocking] [knocking] Penelope? [Penelope] Pardon our dust.
We're remodeling.
I know you were spying on Becky.
Why did you do it? I'll tell you why if you tell me why you want to know.
Thanks for coming by, Sasha.
I have her heart.
That's why I have the scholarship.
Does anyone else know? Why not? 'Cause I don't want to be looked at like a freak.
You would be.
Trust me.
Did Becky do that to you? Um, Becky and I grew up together.
We were like total weirdo sisters.
And then last year she suddenly became really good at sports and school and boys.
And I tried to hang on for as long as I could, but it was like she closed the door on me.
So I confronted her about it In the steam room after gym class.
And honestly I was the one who should have been upset.
and then she ran out and locked me in, and then she did something to the vents.
I don't know how, but they were shooting hot steam right into my face, and [steam whistling, water bubbling] Obviously I got my arms up in time, but [thud] [panting] Are you okay? [Sasha] So you put the camera in her room to show she was messed up? I put the camera in her room because I needed to know how she could do that to me.
Did you ever find out? Everything you recorded in that room can you send it to me? Why? I want to know who's inside of me.
I don't know that you do but I'll send it to you anyway.
Watch out for that family.
[female voice over phone] If the energy of a deceased loved one still lingers, cleanse your own energy.
Your emotional trauma is a magnet that can draw all sorts of negative energy to surround you.
It is one of the simplest principles of energy transfer.
The bereaved keep the deceased spirit from continuing its journey when the gravitational pull of their grief is too powerful to escape.
Pain can be replaced with pain.
[panting] Change the polarity of your magnet.
[gasping] Use your body to transmute one feeling which attracts negativity to one which repels it.
Let your grief become the dull ache in your stomach born of fasting.
Reverse your polarity and remember Pain can be replaced with pain.
[muffled screaming] [grunting] [Yvonne] You'll take the word of a stalker? She's not a stalker.
And Anyway, I saw it happen.
I don't know about that.
That sounds like some shit you saw on Reddit.
If you're seeing shit, you need to go to a doctor.
What if it's true? You saw that psycho-ass sketch book.
- That girl is part of me now.
- Whoa, kid.
Take it easy, girl.
Don't tell me to take it easy.
Oh, my God.
No, it's Jen.
- It's all Jen.
- I know, it's [laughing] Jen I can't with her anymore.
Yo, what are you doing in my car? Come on.
- Stop! - Hello? - Sasha? What's happening? - Hey, I gotta go.
Pretty necklace for the pretty lady? No, thank you.
[laughing] Marnie? Penelope? [woman] Can I help you? Did did two girls just walk in here? Honey, you're the only girl to come through that door since lunch.
My bad.
Excuse me? What are those? Aura photographs.
Very popular on Instagram.
I usually charge 30 bucks, but for you, 9.
I don't even know what an aura is.
It's the unseen energy that surrounds your body.
Someone like me can read that energy, see your spirit tell you who you really are inside.
That little camera can see who I am inside? It's actually the plates that read your energy.
Your aura is revealed.
Do you have a twin? No.
What? Here's your photo.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to close up.
What did you just say back there? I didn't say anything.
Yeah, you did.
You said, "Iinziin.
" Please leave.
But you didn't even read my photo.
Here, take your money back.
I don't want my money.
I just want to know what my photo means.
Please just get the hell out of here.
- Frank! - I'm in here working my meat.
Seasoning my meat.
I'm making dinner.
What does iinziin mean? It means like like bad omen, or bad inside.
I don't know.
It's not good.
A little rusty.
Why? Wait.
What's wrong? What's going on? The woman who read my aura, she said I was iinziin.
Wait a minute.
What woman read your aura? She was Diné like us, and she She said your aura shows who you really are inside, and Sasha, listen to me.
Look at me.
There's no such things as auras.
I'm seeing bad things.
It's the heart.
It's messed up.
Becky's bad and she's inside of me.
Listen, I'm taking you to the doctor first thing in the morning, and we're going to get to the bottom of this the right way.
Come here.
You're up early.
I wanted to hit Chimney Rock before the Real Housewives of Crystal Valley.
What? Nothing.
It's just been a while since I saw you Out of bed before noon without a Chardonnay hangover? Is that Becky's hairband? Sasha brought it over.
I realize it's been three months since I since I ran.
Three months.
I'm proud of you.
Baby steps.
Let's see if I make it a mile without puking before you get too proud.
It's good to see you taking care of yourself.
Your body at least.
That spirit though Please.
- I'm just saying.
- Don't.
You know There's a discovery workshop at the Annex tonight.
- Ruth and everyone will be there.
- Oh.
Well, say hi to them from me.
Because I'm not going.
That's your thing.
"My thing" has been helping me to heal.
Why don't you just try it? Because it's a fucking joke.
You used to believe.
Yeah, I used to have a daughter, too.
Things change.
I'm I'm sorry.
- I just - It's okay.
Baby steps.
Baby steps.
[Sasha] This is her heart? [doctor] It's your heart, Sasha.
- It couldn't be healthier.
- What about her cellular memory? Her what? There was this woman who was afraid of heights, and she got a new set of lungs And two months later she was climbing Mount Everest.
See? Even he knows the story.
Except there's one important detail you're leaving out It never actually happened.
It's an urban myth.
It's not a myth.
I I'm seeing things, things that she saw.
What you're experiencing is severe anxiety.
- [Sasha] It's more than that.
- [doctor] Okay.
Are you sleeping? Because anxiety and sleep deprivation can cause hallucinations.
He knows what he's talking about, kid.
[doctor] You want those things you've been seeing to go away, right? This is how you do it.
[doctor] Frank.
- Quick word? - Yeah.
[door closes] Samples I gave her are regular anti-anxiety benzos, which can be habit-forming.
And with Sasha's unique history, I'm afraid I can't prescribe them long-term.
The only pills she can take are experimental.
- But they're safe, right? - Yeah, perfectly safe.
But they're not covered by insurance.
Our clinic does offer some limited financial assistance.
We'll be just fine.
All right.
Lots of business at Wet Pets lately.
Desert folks and saltwater fish, you always want what you can't have.
[panting] [Ben] You've reached Ben Lefevre, leave a message.
[Nancy] I just really wanna share this.
I ran I don't know how many miles, but I didn't puke.
But, Ben there was this fawn this beautiful little creature.
I wish you'd seen her.
She was running right beside me, right beside me.
And it was like It was like I was running with Becky.
The air, the fawn, the sun.
I could just feel her all around me.
Oh, shit.
Maybe that's why nobody shares their dreams, because when you say it out loud, you just sound really dumb.
I just wanted you to know.
If she was saying hi to me, then she was saying hi to you, too.
What happened to Penelope was an accident.
I thought there were no accidents.
I saw her burns.
I know what Becky did.
Those burns made her family two million dollars.
They sued the manufacturer of the steam machine and won.
Because it malfunctioned.
An independent investigation confirmed that.
But I'm guessing Penelope left that part out.
You seem disappointed.
Did you want it to be true? Why would I wanted Becky Lefevre to be a psycho? You said yourself.
She had to die for you to get this opportunity.
Maybe if there was something wrong with her, you wouldn't have to feel so guilty about that.
Maybe you guys are right.
You guys? My doctor, he says I have anxiety, but I don't know.
You deserve to be here, Sasha.
You know that, right? Yeah, sure.
It's natural to feel guilty.
And that doesn't go away because some doctor writes your prescription.
But the only ultimate cure for something like this is time.
And what do I do until then? - Live - If you say laugh and love I'm dropping out.
Take these.
They're worry beads.
Anytime you feel yourself getting anxious, just roll them between your fingers.
Think of it as an old-school fidget spinner.
And they actually work? They did for me.
My weird aunt gave 'em to me when I hit a rough patch in college.
What're you gonna do without 'em? Drink.
Or, you know, just buy some more.
Thanks, Coach.
"Depressing thoughts about the future," check.
Ooh, "muscle tension," check.
"Restlessness" check.
Shit, maybe I have anxiety, too.
[laughing] Those pills are working though? I haven't seen anything since I took them.
Thank God.
Though I guess anxiety is no joke either, right? No, but at least I can do something about it.
They don't exactly make the cure for a psycho dead girl heart.
I can't believe she really burned that girl.
Maybe she didn't.
If it really was just, you know, the anxiety or the malfunction, like Jones said Either way, Penelope still hasn't sent me that footage.
Do you even want to know anymore? Sash, let it go.
Seriously, I never should have started you on that shit.
The electrocution nonsense.
- You were just being honest.
- No, I was making drama.
I guess that's what I do when you're not around.
I should've been talking you down and not playing detective and scheming with you.
I'm sorry, I got to go home and take care of Mom.
- See you tomorrow? - Hey.
Even when you are starting drama I'm glad you have my back.
Front, back, both sides and the middle, girl.
[both laugh] Hey, Cheddar.
[Sasha gasps] [Cheddar squeaking]